Cindy, Steve and Jenny Ch 2_(0)

Cindy, Steve and Jenny Ch 2

Clara said, “Steven thank you so much for setting me up for Richard Dreyer.” “He called me today and we talked for 30 minutes.” “I have date with him this evening and another date to come here tomorrow for dinner to see me naked.” “Richard told me he is looking for a wife.” “I want to thank you by offering this diamond ring to give when you propose to Jenny who loves you deeply.” Steven looked at the diamond and said, Thank you very much Clara I am sure Jenny will like it.” Clara said, “My husband died three years ago and it is time to resume marriage if it comes to that.” “I remember you taking my picture that you gave to Richard Dreyer.” Steven said, “Clara I am happy for you if this works out.” “Mr. Dreyer told me he was lonely without a wife.” “I cropped down your picture to eliminate your breasts and wrote your cell phone number on the back.” Clara said, “Steven can you print one of those pictures showing my breasts so I can show it to Richard?” Steven said, “Give me a minute and I will give you one.”

Steven went to his computer and found her picture and printed it as is showing her breasts. Clara looked at it before putting it in her purse. Clara said, “There is some TV dinners in the freezer for you and Jenny.” The doorbell rang and Clara said, “Goodbye Steven I hope this turns out.”

Steven looked the diamond ring in the box absolutely sure he would marry Jenny. Steven went in the bedroom where Jenny was and got down one knee and said, “Jenny I love you so much I want to marry you. He took the ring out and said, Jenny would you someday marry me?” Jenny who was completely naked said, “Steven I love you and I would marry you.” Jenny put on the ring that fit her perfectly and stood and kissed Steven passionately.

Clara looked at Richard as he was driving thinking how handsome he was. Richard said, “Clara you are an incredibly beautiful woman.” “When talking to you on the phone I wondered what you would look like and I loved the sound of your voice.” “I now love the way you look.” Clara said, “Richard tomorrow you can see all of me.” Richard said, “Clara just hearing that turns me on.” Clare said, “My daughter’s boyfriend printed another picture of me showing my breasts that I will give to you.” “I did not think it was appropriate at school.” Richard said, “Steven is an excellent student that will be valedictorian.” “I will never forget him giving me this picture of you with your phone number on it.” “If he marries your daughter he will be fine man for her.” “I have both of them in my class.” “Both are very intelligent and will go fine with scholarships to fine universities.” Clara said, “I gave Steven a diamond ring to give to Jenny.” “They both loved each other deeply.”

Jenny looked at her diamond ring and looked at Steven and said, “Steven I am not your wife yet but being your fiancé is big step up from only a girlfriend.” “Steven you gave me one more reason to love you much more.” Steven said, “Jenny I am serious about loving you more than you can imagine.” Jenny said, Steven next time you pee, do it in a glass and I will drink it.” “My love for you will make it taste good.” “Tonight just fuck me because I love you inside me.
Richard pulled the chair out for Clara and when she stood at the table he pushed the chair under her. Clara said, “Richard, I could easily slide my chair but I realize you need to make it easy for me.” Richard said, “Clara I want to impress you because you are so beautiful.” “I love your beautiful hair and beautiful face that impressed me so much.” “That short skirt you have on reveals you sexy legs.” “You are 100% of what I would like my wife to look like.” Clara said, “Richard thank you so much for saying such nice things about me.” “I married the man I met in college and three years ago he died in a traffic accident.” “I have been living on the settlement from that accident until now.” I have two daughters one got marred and left home and Jenny is still there in love with Steven.” “I gave Steven my engagement ring to give to Jenny.” “I looked at Steven wishing he had a father or older brother because he is so wonderful.” Richard said, “I hope I am good enough for you.” “I was so busy becoming a calculus teacher at the high school I became unable to find a woman until now.” Clara said, “I hope I am good enough for you Richard.

Clara opened her purse and took out the picture with her breasts revealed and gave it to Richard. Richard looked at the picture and said, “Clara you are still at 100%” “That is the same picture I have of you showing a little bit more of you.” “Clara you are incredibly sexy.” “I don’t mean to mean you are revealing too much but just enough to interest me.” Clara said, “I graduated from college at only 17 years Phi beta cum and was intending on going to graduate school but I became pregnant early in my life.” “I am only 14 years older than Jenny.” “With babies around it was hard to study because of the child care I had.” “Richard I am tiered of sleeping alone.”

Richard ordered the steak and lobster with bread and salad and Clara said, “I will have the same.”

Clara said, “Richard you are 100% of my vision of a husband.” Richard said, “Clara you also score 100% of my expectations.” “I hate to admit it but I have never had sex with a woman before. Clara said, “Richard tomorrow night you can have sex with me if you don’t mind.” “I don’t mind being easy for you Richard.” “You are looking for a wife and I am looking for a husband.” “I have an IUD to prevent pregnancy I had put in only yesterday.” Richard said, I will be there at dinner and I will bring some clothes to put on in the morning.

The salads and bread came and Richard looked at Clara thinking he would marry her after knowing her only an hour or so. Clara was thinking the same thing as she ate the salad using the same kind of dressing he did. When she was buttering the bread. Clara said, “Richard I never thought I would fall I love with you so soon.” Richard said, “Clara you are more beautiful than your picture that looked so good.” “I have a passionate feeling of romance and love and sexual desire that I did not expect before.” “Clara you are intelligent and well spoken and give me more reasons to love you.” “My emotions tell me I want to have you around all the time.” “I know that is not possible because I have to work at the school but I want you there to come home to.” “Clara I don’t like sleeping alone every night either.”

After dinner before getting in the car they embraced in a passionate kiss.

Richard again opened the car door for Clara and closed it when she fastened the seatbelt. Richard got in and started the engine and said, Carla you are so nice and I love you so much more than I could believe. Carla said, “Richard when you picked me up I had hope that my relationship with you would at least make you a good friend that would grow into love someday.” “When we got to that restaurant and we talked my hope for love began to develop until I was sure I love you now.”

Randy said, “Carla before I drop you off please give me your ring size.” Carla said, “Richard don’t worry about dressing up tomorrow except to hide your arousal” “It will be warm there and I will be naked for your inspection.” “The ring finger on my left hand is a size 6.” Dinner will be at 4:30 so come early if you want.” “Bring some clothes if you want to spend the night there with me.” Randy pulled into the driveway and kissed Carla passionately before leaving her here.

Carla watched Randy drive away before turning to get back inside the house. Carla went to her bedroom and took off the dress and hung it in the closet and put her panties in laundry basket. She lined up her shoes and was again naked. She walked into the family room and said, “Steven I have fallen in love with Randy who will coming to dinner here tomorrow.” “He asked me my ring size on the way home giving me hope he feels the same way I do.” Steven said, “I gave the ring you gave me to Jenny and now we are engaged.” “Jenny went from girlfriend to fiancé.” Jenny held her hand out and said, “Mom I love Steven so much and someday we will get married.”

When Steven and Jenny went in her bedroom Jenny pulled down Steven’s shorts and began sucking on his penis. After five minutes of this Steven used his fingers and tongue to give Jenny some orgasms that she vocalized. Steven then used some flex-cuffs and blind fold on Jenny before putting his penis inside her. Jenny was on her back not seeing Steven but feeling him inside her. I felt wonderful and she had another orgasm before feeling the warmth of his ejaculate. Steven removed the flex cuffs and Jenny kept the blindfold on her as Steven put his arm around her holding her breast.

Clara slept alone for what she hoped for last time as she used her vibrating dildo to orgasm before going to sleep. She could hear Jenny vocalizing her sexual pleasure knowing Steven was doing this to her.

Clara put on some sports bra and shorts for this morning’s run and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for her, Steven and Jenny. Steven had outlined her shorts and sports bra that she took off and Jenny was wearing only red body paint and running shoes still showing lots of naked skin.

They could now run a little more walk a little less covering more distance. Clara was thinking of Richard and how much she loved him and thinking what she would have for dinner for him.

Donna Elder caught her husband in bed with another woman and he moved out to take this woman instead of her. After knowing she would soon be in foreclosure Donna had no job skills and was depressed enough to want to kill her self. She was 24 years old and could not have children so there was no reason to live anymore. At only 5’2” she would hang herself with the noose she was making from the rope she had. She cried as she put on her neck pushing the knot to back of her head. Donna wrote a suicide note about what reasons she wanted to die. She carried the rope outside dragging the ladder behind her to the oak tree in the neighbors yard She put ladder on the wall and climbed over the wall taking the ladder with her so she cold climb down and moved the ladder again to tie the knot on big branch after taking up the slack by wrapping it around the branch. The robe she was wearing slipped off exposing her nude body. Holding the branch she kicked the ladder to the side. She felt cold now as Donna tried to reach the ladder with her foot but held the branch for as long as she could and dropped the short distance where she strangled in the noose she made. She flopped around because of panic for her last minute alive until Donna was unconscious. She was still her hands were to her sides as she hung in the noose having achieved her goal of death.

When Clara, Steven and Jenny came home they took cold shower and Steven put on his shorts and Jenny and Clara stayed naked. When Steven and Jenny were kissing Clara noticed out the window and went out in the back yard to see this woman hanging. Her face was blue from no blood flowing out but her body was attractive. Clara touched her leg and it still felt warm. Clara noticed this was the woman next door that looked like she killed herself. It felt chilly and she went back into the house and called 911. Carla said, “There is naked woman hanging from an oak tree in my back yard.” She gave the address and put on tee shirt and shorts so she would not be naked when they came here. “Jenny you should put something on because the police will be here soon because of dead woman hanging from the oak tree in the back yard. It looks like Donna Elder the woman that lives next door.

Clara let the police in when they came and said, “Donna Elder the woman that lives next door is hanging from my oak tree in the back yard. Clara watched as they used the ladder there to lower her body to the ground. One of the police called the coroner’s office to come and remove her body Soon there were other police that found her suicide note and the coroner came for her body.

With Donna’s body gone and the police gone Clara and Jenny again stripped naked. Clara made some sandwiches for herself Steven and Jenny for lunch. Clara said, “It is too bad Donna took her life by hanging in our oak tree.” “I cannot imagine why she wanted to kill herself.” “They left her ladder there.” “At one time I was very depressed when your father died but Jenny and your sister Joyce were there for me and saved me from doing the same thing.” “I don’t think Donna had any children.”

After lunch Clara could not think of anything but how she loved Richard.

Richard skipped his lunch hour to go to the jewelry mart to get diamond ring for Clara. He loved her so much more than he thought he could.
As he drove, with his ten-power magnifier in his pocket he could think of nothing more than Clara. Richard had a suit hanging from hook in the back seat because he wanted to spend the night there.

Clara decided on spaghetti with meatballs for dinner. She had the noodles and began making the sauce and the seasoning for the meatballs she had some muffins made that needed the oven. She was naked and barefoot in her kitchen as she mixed the tomato sauce. Jenny came in and said, “Mom I would like to help you in every way possible.” Clara said, “Jenny you can boil the noodles until they were soft.” Jenny also was naked as she poured water in container and turned on the fire under it. Carla seasoned the meat and rolled them in her hands in three quarter inch meatballs. Carla put the rolls in the preheated oven with the meatballs. With the meatballs in the spaghetti almost done the doorbell rang and Steven answered it and let in Richard. Jenny took over in the kitchen and Richard came to Carla and got down on one knee and said, “Carla I love you more each time I think off you.” “I want to ask you if you would marry me. He looked up at her perfect breasts as Carla said, Richard I will happy to marry you.” Richard stood and gave Carla the box with ring. Carla opened the box and put on the ring and they kissed. Richard could feel her breasts against him with his arms around Carla. While they were kissing Jenny was serving the plates with spaghetti and meatballs with salad she made.

Richard sat down next Carla as they ate the best spaghetti Richard liked better than any he ate before. It was five minutes before he noticed Jenny was also naked with only diamond ring on her finger. Richard asked, “Carla who is Jenny engaged too?” Carla said, “My daughter Jenny is engaged to Steven.” Richard said, “Steven and Jenny are my two best students.” Carla said, “Jenny and Steven sleep together every night.” “Steven told me he expects to be valedictorian.” “My daughter Jenny got sick and got a B in one class and all A’s in the rest.” “Steven and Jenny both are taking all honors advanced placement classes.” “Richard I am very proud of both of them.” “They are in love to each other.” “Like I am in love with you Richard.” “Jenny is cleaning up tonight so I can make love to you Richard.” “Richard you can suck on my tits at any time and I will like it.” Richard said, “Clara you are so beautiful with no clothing on.” “I have suit in my car so I can spend the night here.” “With your permission I would like to move here with you.” Clara said, “Richard you have my permission.” “ There is plenty of room in my closet for you to put your stuff.” “You will see the size of this bedroom you can put your desk and your computer.” “Unfortunately there is only a two car garage.” “I can have a car port built to keep the sun and rain off.” “Richard, Jenny and me are always naked in this house and back yard.”

Richard and Clara went to bed and closed the door and Richard looked at Clara’s beautiful nude body. Richard rand his hands down her body and sucked on each of her breasts. Clara sat down at the edge of the bed. Richard said, “I have viewed pornography but Clara you are my first.” Richard got down on his knees to look carefully at her bare pussy with her legs spread. He put two fingers inside her and began licking her clitoral hood Carla gasped with pleasure from this. “Richard please do not stop doing this it feels wonderful.” Carla looked down at his hair as he continued as she experienced the orgasm from this. Richard said, “Carla you appear to be well lubricated. Carla lay back as he put his penis inside her. Carla again vocalized her sexual pleasure.
Carla said, Richard you can cum inside me because I have an IUD. Carla had her second had her second orgasm as Richard continued to fuck her. After 12 minutes Carla felt the warmth of his ejaculate after her third orgasm. Carla said, “That sex was wonderful for me for your first time Richard.” “I love you more than you can imagine.” Richard said, “Carla you are beautiful and with soft skin and I love you so much.” “As I get more experience I hope to make it better for you Carla. Richard got up to turn off the light and went back to bed to hold Carla. He put his hand on her breast and Carla held it there. Carla loved having Richard in her bed. It had been a long time since she had love like this.

Carla woke up before the alarm and noticed Richard was again aroused and took his penis in her mouth and began stroking until he ejaculated in her mouth. Carla swallowed his cum and began to kiss him. Richard held Carla as they kissed. He continued to kiss her as he picked her up and took her to the kitchen. As Carla began breakfast she said, “Richard you are the best thing to happen to me in long time.” Richard said, “Carla you are the best thing to come my way ever.” “Carla I will always love you.” “I want to thank you for having sex with me last night and the blow job that felt so great this morning.” “I will be here tonight and move in on Saturday.” “I will marry you in the summer.” Jenny said, “Steven and I are getting married in the summer perhaps we can make it double wedding. As a married couple we can share a room in a dormitory at UCLA where we they notified both of us of our scholarship there. Richard said, “I have no objection to you two getting married with us.

After breakfast Richard was surprised to see Carla painting a sports bra and shorts on Jenny so she only wore shoes when she went out running. Richard went out with Carla jogging next to her watching Jenny knowing she was naked except for some water-soluble paint. Richard ran behind Carla and Penny knowing she was naked. Carla’s terrific legs were bare as was her midriff that Richard found sexy. Before they got home Penny was drenched with a sprinkler washing almost of the paint leaving her naked. Penny kept on running until she was home and stood there until Carla unlocked the door.
Carla and her daughter Penny were naked minutes later before dressing for school. Richard had his suit on as he saw Carla still naked that would stay that way. Richard drove to school passing Steven and Penny holding hands.

Carla looked in the backyard hoping not to find anyone hanging from that oak tree. She saw the ladder still there and behind the tree was the rope and noose that ended her life. Clara took that into the house. She put the noose on her neck pulling up the rope with her hands to feel what this woman did before she tied it to that tree limb. She took it the bathroom and shut the rope in the door giving her an idea of what it felt like to hang as she bent her knees. She could see in the mirror her face darkening until she stood and opened the door to unlock the rope. As she was taking off the noose she thought of Richard standing next to her getting married. She looked at diamond ring he gave her. She got on her computer check out what an orgasm was.

Richard was organizing his lecture today thinking of Carla as the students came in. His emotions for her was all he could think of.

Carla was researching what a man wants in a woman to improve her chances of marrying him. She loved him so much it would disappoint her if he lost interest in her. If Richard lost interest and that happened that noose my come in handy to end her life and suffering. Carla was now understanding why she chose to hang and the death that would be caused.

When Richard arrived Carla was relieved and embraced Richard in a passionate kiss. Richard was wearing only some trunks and Carla felt his arousal because they were so close. When the kiss was over Richard went back outside and brought in two suitcases. Richard said, “Carla I have been thinking of you all day about how much I love you.” Carla said, “Richard I have been researching how I could make myself more desirable to you.” Richard said, “Carla you cannot improve on perfection.” Carla felt his finger inside her as she stood there. When Steven and Jenny got home Richard took his finger out as he watched Jenny taking off her clothes. Carla could see Richard’s arousal and took his hand to their room where she pulled down his shorts and underwear and Richard pushed her to the bed where he used his tongue and fingers to Carla’s delight. As he continued Carla had her first orgasm. Richard could see this and stopped briefly before starting again. It was clear that Richard was now improved as a sexual legend. Carla had another orgasm and yet one more ten minutes later. As she held back her legs she saw and felt him still licking her with his finger inside her. It all felt wonderful to Carla who got yet another orgasm. Richard then put his penis inside Carla and that felt great to Carla who looked at Richard now fucking her. Carla loved this and said, “Richard you are a sexual legend to me now.” “I love you so much doing this.” Carla had two more orgasms before Richard ejaculated inside her.

Richard said, “I want to take you, Steven and Jenny out to eat tonight.” “I love you so much you deserve the best food money can buy.” “Carla if you or Jenny is able to win a beauty contest there we can eat at no charge. When Carla stood up she could feel Richard’s cum running down her leg. She scooped it up with her fingers and put it in her mouth.

Richard and Carla took a shower together before getting dressed for dinner out. Richard put on his suit and Carla put on a blue dress that was very sexy with top held back by her neck with slit down between her breasts and short enough on her thighs to show most of her legs. Jenny was putting on something similar. Steven dressed up in a suit. Steven said, “Carla you are so beautiful in that dress.” “You look as young as Penny” Carla said, “Thank you Steven for saying such a nice thing about me.” Richard said, “I agree with Steven about Carla.” “Even naked she looks so young.” Penny said, “I made the mistake about getting suntan last summer.” “Mom told me to stay out of sun but I did not believe her then.”

Richard and Carla were in the front seat and Penny and Steven sat behind them as they went toward this restaurant. Richard said, “I love Carla more than I ever expected.” “I thought you were the most beautiful woman I ever met.” “I am so glad you accepted my proposal for marriage.” “For me just a high school teacher to have such beautiful woman makes me feel lucky.” “I want to show you off like any man.” “I have reservations for this restaurant where I can show you off in a beauty contest.
Richard held Carla’s hand as Steven held Penny’s hand as they walked into the restaurant. Richard introduced himself to the woman at the desk and they were led to this table where they sat so Richard could look across the table at Carla. They all had menus to select what they wanted for dinner. Richard looked at Penny and at Carla convinced Carla was more beautiful than her daughter.

After making the order for the food they wanted Steven said, Carla you are truly beautiful in that wonderful dress that matches your eyes. Penny I will always love you and that red dress you have on makes you beautiful also. Penny said, “Steven thank you for saying such nice thing about me and my mother.

After ordering the menu item for each of them both Carla and Penny were entered in the beauty contest that would come after dinner. Penny being 17 now was just old enough to enter the beauty contest with the permission of her mother Carla.

When the food was delivered it tasted great for everyone with some unique items as a vegetable dish containing sliced onions and peppers and sauté in olive oil before going under the flame to finish making them the very best vegetable dish ever for everyone. Before the beauty contest Carla used some double stick tape to prevent anyone from seeing her breasts.

When the announcement was made Carla and Penny turned in the forms and stood next to each other with 16 other women in the line. The tree judges started at one end of the line and Carla and Penny stood up strait and smiled broadly as they inspected each of them. Carla was pleased when they gave her the trophy.

She set the trophy on the table before sitting down. Richard said, “I saw all these women standing for the judges and Carla you clearly were the most beautiful.” Carla said, “I am proud to be your fiancé.” Penny said, “Congratulations Mom for being so stunningly beautiful.” “You look more like my sister than my mom.”

When they got home Richard got his camera to take picture of Carla dressed and another picture of her standing naked. Richard then put his hands below her small breasts and sucked on each of nipples. Richard said, Carla you are beautiful in that dress or naked.

Penny was sucking on Stevens’s penis lubricating it and Steven then licked Penny’s pussy with his fingers inside her. Penny loved this and had an orgasm in about five minutes before Steven put in his penis in her to her delight.

Richard was still sucking on Carla who was enjoying it so much she had two orgasms so far. When Richard stood up he said, “I feel so lucky to be able to make love to a beauty contest winner.” Richard put his penis inside Carla who liked him being inside her. He had the staying power to extend it so she had two more orgasms so far. Richard said, “Carla after two children you are still tight.” “You still look like teenager at 30 years old.” Carla felt his ejaculation and then she got up and turned off the light.

Carla got up to prepare breakfast after dressed for morning run with shoes shorts and sports bra. Carla was pleased that Richard was in shape to go with her. Being almost six feet tall Richard was much taller at six foot and four inches. He seemed to be very strong to be able pick her up and carry her in his arms. Richard came in and said, “Carla you seem more beautiful every day.” Carla said, “Richard thank you for saying this, I would love to age in reverse.” Richard said, Carla you have wonderful firm small breasts that don’t sag at all.” “Your face has no wrinkles.” “For a 30 year old woman you look much younger.” Carla said, “I have taken the advice of my mother to stay out of the sun for anything more than few minutes.” “I was just lucky to not to have larger breasts” “I get plenty of exercise but that is in early morning before the sun comes up.” “Richard I love you so much for saying such nice things about me.

After breakfast they went out again before sunup and Richard ran behind Carla and Penny to see their legs and midriffs and to protect them if necessary with aid of Steven. Penny was still growing tall like her mother and looked something like her. Today they covered six miles before coming in the house. Everyone stripped for the cold shower. Carla stayed naked and Penny and Steven dressed for school and Richard put on his suit to teach the class he had. Carla and Richard kissed before leaving. Carla looked at pictures printed by Richard in her dress and after she took everything off. She held them together and looked down at her breasts as she jumped up and down and how little they bounced around. She remembered painting the top on Jenny as she ran were a lot like hers. She deeply loved Richard who commented on her breasts being so perfect. Carla thought most men liked larger breasts on women. She remembered Donna Elder who hanged herself had much larger breasts. Could that be the reason she killed her self.

Carla put on a short tee shirt and some shorts and walked next door and saw the foreclosure notice on the door and on the for-sale sigh in the yard. Clara wondered if her husband left her and saw this foreclosure coming up. She tried to put herself in mind of Donna if her husband left with her not being able to make payments on the mortgage that would result in foreclosure combined with depression would result in suicide.

Carla naked again went in the back yard in she shade of the oak tree where Donna died. She put the ladder on the wall and saw no tree with a branch thick enough to hold her weight. Carla went back in the house and found her battery powered dildo and used it to give herself some sexual pleasure and an orgasm.

Carla still naked went out to front mail box to get the mail and her luck was good because police car had just gone by and she was able to make it inside without being seen. Being Friday Richard got home a few minutes early along with Penny and Steven walking home would not be home for few minutes.

Carla met Richard at the front door and they kissed for a minute before Richard went to the bedroom to exchange his suit for some shorts Richard said, “Carla I love the cut of your hair so short compared to Penny with her ponytail.” “You have such beautiful blue eyes that go with much darker hair.”

“Carla I talked briefly to Penny and Steven and they suggested that we have an orgy tonight.” “Steven would like to have you Carla.” “We can go back and fourth between you and Penny.” “Carla it sounded exciting to me.” Carla said, “Richard I love you but I would love to have sex with Steven and you on the same evening.” “I will put sheet on carpet so we can be side by side.”

Carla started preparing dinner when Steven and Penny came home. Penny said, “Mom, tonight we both can make love to Steven and Richard.” “Steven want to and so do I” “Mom you can lick my pussy and I can lick yours.” “That way we can know each other tastes.” Carla said, “Penny you make some kind of sex game out of this.” Penny said, ‘Mom I am sure Steven and Richard would like to see us tasting each other.” “They can flip a coin to determine witch of us to fuck first or go five minutes with each of us before going back.” “That way we can feel a different penis in us every five minutes.” “Perhaps the we should be blindfolded to not know whom they fucked by.”

After dinner Carla put sheet on the carpet. While Steven and Richard watched, they did oral sex on each other until both had an orgasm. Next Carla and Penny spread their legs as both Steven and Richard used there fingers and tongues to give each an orgasm and went and changed women and to give her an orgasm. Penny and Carla vocalized their sexual pleasure. Now Richard and Steven were on their backs Penny and Carla sucked on each of their penises for about five minutes. Now Penny lowered herself on Steven and Carla on Richard that lasted about ten minutes before getting off and trading sex partners.

Richard watched Penny put his penis in her vagina. Penny was facing him as he held her breasts and pinched her nipples. Penny said, “Richard you will be sleeping with me tonight.” “You may cum inside me.” Steven was on his back with Carla going up and down on his penis. Carla said, “Steven you may cum inside me now and I will be in your bed tonight.” “I hope you don’t mind an older woman.” Steven said, “Carla you do not look older.” Carla said, “Steven I will give you a blow job in the morning so I can taste your cum.” “Steven this feels so nice to me, don’t cum yet so I can have one more orgasm. Ten minutes later Carla looked down at Steven as she felt the warmth of his ejaculation. A minute later Richard ejaculated inside Penny. Penny leaned over to kiss Richard.

Carla folded the sheet and put it in laundry before brushing her teeth their bathroom and then went to bed with Steven. Richard put his harm around Penny and she took his hand and put it on her breast. Penny said, “Richard I loved you having sex with me.” “I think we should do this every week.” Carla said, “Steven I loved making love with you tonight.”

Before breakfast Carla had Steven’s penis in her mouth after saying she wanted to taste his cum. It took about 12 minutes of sucking until Steven ejaculated in her mouth.

In Richard’s bed Jenny was sucking on Richard’s penis and 14 minutes later Jenny swallowed Richard’s cum.

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