Running late for school

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Me and a few friends were having a party one Sunday night, even though we had school the next day. We were all drunk and talking about sexual relationships we have been in, out of no where matts mom came downstairs and joined in on the conversation and the whole time I couldn't help but notice she kept looking at me and looking me up and down. Anyway later we said our goodbyes so me and Matt crashed in his room watching a movie, Matt woke up, realizing he was late for school rushed out the door and forgot to wake me up. A few hours later I awoke with matts mom (Beth) stairing at me little did I know I had morning wood. As soon as I realize what she is stairing at a roll over and grab a blanket and try to cover it up I stood up and just walked past her on my way to the door to go to school when I feel a hand on my shoulder I freeze in my tracks, turn and greet Beth. Acting like she didn't do anything wrong she asks if I would like some breakfast, seeing how late I was for school I refused but she kept on insisting I eat before school, so I give in and sit at the table. Little after leaving the room to get food she returned with only shorty shorts and a homemade daisy duke shirt on, my jaw hit the table just seeing that got me a little excitted you could see her c cups just perfectly through her shirt. She came and sat across from me at the table and poured me a glass of oj. I drank it in a hurry and bolted for the door again but she beat me to the door and she got close to the point I could see right down her shirt. She knew I was looking she smiled and asked "do you like what you see?" yes mam I replied. She untied her shirt and exposed her perfect breasts and said to me. Well go ahead you wanna feel em or not with no hesitation I grabed for her Tits and started rubbing them and rolling her nipples between my fingures as she let out a little moan. She looked into my eyes and started undoing my belt all while smileing at me. She got on her knees and pulled my cock out of my pants and just went crazy pushing it as far into her throat as possible. I lett out a moan and a fuck yes here and there. after about 6 min I pull her to her feet and started kissing her, after lieing her down on the couch I pulled those shorty shorts off revieling her tight pink shaven pussy. With no hesitation I started licking her cunt probing her soaked pussy with my tounge she grabbed ahold of the back of my head grabbed a fistfull of hair and shoved my face deep into her pussy. I began finguring her and she started letting out huge moans so I stood up looked at her and waited for her to say it. She looked at my cock then at me. Smiled and said fuck me hard. I got on my knees, took my shaft and just started teasing her with my head rubbing her lips up and down till she took matters into her own hands and shoved it in her pussy. I began slipping it in inch by inch making a good rythym all while rubbing her clit. She began yelling yes o god right there. Don't stop. I'm going to cum! So I picked up the pace she took a deep breath and held it for a few seconds and let out a moan like iv never heard before. She reached climax after climax, I flipped her onto her hands and knees and fucked her from behind. After one more orgasim she said alright. Your turn to cum for me. So I put her on her back and started fucking her. Our bodies slamming into one another then she asks where do you want to cum. In my tight pussy?? I said yes and I could feel the pressure building and I looked at her and said I can't hold back anymore She said ok cum in me baby so I pumped as hard as I could and she got out one last moan then I exploded inside my best friends mom I couldn't believe it. She sat up and gave me a kiss. There was an akward silence so to break the silence I asked for a ride to school she just smiled and said sure. To this very day I vote to hold the parties at matts house. He still doesn't know. Even now a couple years later after several more sexual encounters later we have kept it a secret from him. I am living on my own now, I lost contact with her for a while. But somehow she got my number she is married now but I think she is still into me because a couple months ago I got a text from her saying George gone for two days. You busy?? Wow I can't wait to return back home to see her I hear she got a boob job. Read my next post to see if it works out. I'm just wasting letters so I can post. JfjfjfjdhshshdhdhdjfjjjfhdhshhdhjfjfkfiigjjfhjfhfgsvdhfhsufhfjdhghfkdhdkdjghdkdhvhdlhhjggfmshfgghfkdjdhghfjdjdgghdkyrywtarwrarstdhxkcblhlhlhlhjfgkfjghgjfkgkfkfkdjxjxjdhchchchcmxjgjtdjzjfdmgdddkgdjgdjfzssjfzjfsjfznssjfsnfztnssngznjgzjfzgssmvxkgdnfsssjgsngzkgzssjgzngzmvzsdkgxmgxdlkydmhdlyudydkmydgkxydkydmydmydmydmydmykyxmgmgdkgmmyxmgdmydmydffjjngzngzngxkddngznxngxngxkgxmgxkgxddmgxjgJgxkgdkhdffkgdkgdkgxmgxmgxmgxmhdkycjtsjgdnvxmgdmgxmgxmgxnvxngxjtsnvz gdngx gdkgsngdjgdjtsjtsjtsntsjtsjtsjtsjtsjgdjgdjgdjtdjtdjgskgdjtsjgskgdkgdmgdmvxmgxmgxmhdmhdkgdkgxkgdmgdkhdd

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