The Babysitter Made Me Do It Part II

I quickly sat up on the couch when I heard the front door open and turned to see who it was walking it. I was naked from the waist down, my limp dick resting on my leg as I watched my wife walk into the house. She was wearing her usual work outfit, a dark button down blouse, with a matching thigh length skirt, and a white undershirt.

I froze in place unable to move or say anything. “Hi honey,” my wife when she saw me on the couch. “Hi sweetheart, your home early too I see.” I said as I didn’t know what else to say. She walked into the front room and look about on the floor, looking at my pants strewn, and Jessica’s shorts lying next to them. She walked up to the side of couch and looked down at me. “Why are you almost naked Aaron?”

I was dumbfounded for a moment, “the babysitter seduced me, and she made me do it.” She looked furiously at me, “what? I doubt that very highly. What am I not good enough for you?” I looked down at the floor, “you are sweetheart, I’m telling the truth. I told her to leave, but she said she wanted to see if it was true about black men.” That didn’t seem to appease her as she scoffed at me, “well you can get ready for some divorce paperwork then.” I quickly stood up and grabbed her arms, “I’m being honest honey, I swear, you can ask her yourself.” Tears began to well up in her eyes, “but that didn’t mean you needed to fuck her.”
At that time Jessica came walking back into the front room with just her bra on. My wife turned to her and yelled at her, “so was my husband good enough for you?” Jessica looked my wife in the eyes and slowly shook her head. My wife pulled away from me and walked towards Jessica, “so is what he told me true? You dirty little slut.” Jessica looked at my wife with a scared look in her eyes, “what?”

“That you seduced him and made him fuck you?” My wife yelled at her as she got up in front of the smaller girl. Tears began to flow from Jessica, “Yes it is true Mrs. Roberts, I wanted to see if what I had heard was true about black men, and when he showed me that huge dick, I couldn’t contain myself.” My wife was turning red with anger as she grabbed Jessica’s arms, “You dirty little fucking slut. Couldn’t contain yourself huh? What the hell is that?” Jessica wept as she looked up at my wife, “I… I’m sorry Mrs. Roberts.”
“Shit, sorry doesn’t cut it here bitch.” My wife yelled as she slapped Jessica across the face. “You need to be taught a lesson for being such a dirty slut, and fucking old guys.” My wife pulled Jessica towards the couch where I was still sitting.

I had never seen my wife this mad before, this was the first time I had ever cheated on her, and she believed me over Jessica. I kind of felt sorry for the poor girl, but she is the one that wanted to see my dick.
My wife threw Jessica down onto the couch next to me and grabbed the back of Jessica’s head forcing her head near my lap. “Can you see his black dick now bitch?” My wife yelled as she pushed Jessica closer. “Yes, yes.” Jessica wept louder. “Did it feel good in your pussy bitch?” My wife yelled again. Jessica wept even more as her face was right next to my spent cock, “Yes… Yes!”

“Look at that dick, it still has the evidence of your actions on it, it may be dry but the evidence is still there, I bet you loved his big black dick.” My wife spat at her as she pushed Jessica’s face into my crotch. I felt Jessica’s tears against my limp dick as her hot breath was coming on to my ball sack. “I think you need to clean that dick off now.” My wife yelled as she pushed Jessica harder into my crotch. She then pulled Jessica’s head back by her hair and told her to open her mouth. Jessica did as she was told and Lauren grabbed my limp dick guiding it into Jessica’s mouth.

As Jessica’s hot breath hit my dick, I felt it twinge a little from the attention. As Lauren pushed Jessica down on my dick, she still wasn’t able to get it all in her mouth, leaving about 4 inches yet as she began to gag on it. “Yeah that’s it you dirty bitch, you had better clean his dick up really good.” My wife said as leaned down over Jessica to watch her take my dick in her mouth. My wife pulled Jessica back off my dick for a little bit, then forced her to take it back in her mouth until she was gagging once again. “You have such a tiny mouth bitch, how do you please any guy.” My wife whispered angrily into Jessica’s ear.

I needed to stop this, “Lauren, she’s only been with one other guy.” My wife looked up at angrily, “I don’t give a fuck, besides you’re in just as much trouble as she is.” My dick was beginning to rise again in her tiny mouth as she wasn’t able to take as much in each time my wife forced her down onto it. I was beginning to get turned on again as Jessica’s saliva was running down my shaft to my balls. My wife exclaimed, “wow look at that you filthy whore, your exciting him again.” As she continued to force Jessica onto my cock until she gagged. I put my hand on the back up Jessica’s head as well, trying to get her to take more in her mouth.

When my wife noticed me doing this she yelled, “yeah make this bitch choke on that dirty cock of yours.” As she moved back away and began to undress herself. She unbuttoned her blouse and threw it aside, then took off her undershirt, revealing a black lace bra underneath holding back her D Cup tits. She unsnapped her bra and let it fall off of her arms, to the floor. Her huge tits sagging a bit from her age and having 2 kids. She slid her skirt to the floor and tossed it to the side as well. She was just wearing some bikini cut panties underneath, but I noticed a slight wet spot forming at the front of them. This was actually exciting her. She slid off her panties then came up behind Jessica again.

I was still forcing Jessica down on to, my now fully hard, dick, as my wife starting caressing Jessica’s tight ass. She slid her fingers up and down her ass crack until she reached the young girls pussy. “Damn he really stretched you out, didn’t he bitch.” My wife exclaimed as she must have been rubbing Jessica’s pussy up and down, because Jessica started moaning as she taking my cock into her mouth. “Holy shit Brian how much did you cum inside her? She’s still leaking your cum out.” My wife said as she looked at me. I could only smile at my wife as she lowered her head down behind Jessica.

I released Jessica’s head to give her a break for a bit as I heard her yelp a bit. My wife ran her tongue across Jessica’s still gaping pussy. “Mmmm your cum still tastes good, even in her,” my wife said as Jessica started moving herself back to my wife, wanting more. I slowly stroked my dick as I watch Jessica close her eyes and begin moaning louder as my wife delved her tongue into the girl’s pussy. I have never known my wife to do anything like this before, but it was turning me on more by the minute. Jessica started gyrating her hips into my wife’s face as my wife moaned into her pussy, trying to get all of my cum out of her. I started to caress Jessica’s tits through her bra as I felt her body beginning to tremble. “Honey watch out this girl’s a squirter.” I said, trying to warn my wife.

She didn’t seem to care as she pushed her face harder into Jessica. I would only see her eyes over Jessica’s ass cheeks, so I knew my wife was as far as she could get.

I stood up off the couch and decided I should probably start kissing up to my wife now. I got down on my knees behind my wife as lightly ran a finger across her bald pussy lips. My wife pushed her ass towards, telling me she wanted more. I began to push a finger into the folds of her pussy, feeling her wetness. I lowered my head down and lightly ran my tongue across her pussy lips up to her puckered asshole. I looked up to see my wife now moving her head up and down, I guess running her tongue across Jessica’s pussy. I moved my face back down and began to push my tongue into my wife’s pussy as she pushed into me harder, my face buried in her ass crack. I started to dart my tongue in and out of my wife’s pussy as fast as I could, as she started to move her hips forward and back into me.

I heard Jessica moaning even louder as my wife was beginning to moan herself. All of a sudden I heard Jessica cry out, “oh my god, I’m going to cum Mrs. Roberts, yes please don’t stop.” I stopped what I was doing to my wife and moved back and to the side of them. I watched my wife focus on the girl’s clit, flicking her tongue across it as fast as she could. I watched as Jessica’s body suddenly froze and a long slow moan began to escape her, “Ohhhhhhh fuck yes, here it comes.” Jessica’s juices suddenly shot out of her pussy, hitting my wife in the face and neck. My wife didn’t move away, she still kept working on the girl’s clit as the orgasm overtook the young girl. She grabbed onto the couch cushions as her whole body rocked with the intense orgasm. It was a really hot scene to watch.

As Jessica’s orgasm began to subside, my wife moved back, her face was dripping with the girl’s juices. She moved over to me and began to kiss me deeply. I tasted Jessica’s juices and felt it against my face as my wife kissed me deeper. It tasted a little weird, but not all that bad.

Jessica collapsed onto the couch, breathing heavily. My wife finally broke the kiss and looked at me smiling. I could only smile in return as she quickly grabbed my dick, squeezing it hard. “Now it’s time for me to get fucked.” She said as she tugged on my dick roughly. She turned herself around so she was kneeling up against the couch as presented her ass to me. I knew what to do as I moved behind her. I guided my dick into her wanting pussy and slid the head into her. She groaned as pushed almost all of the way in her. She never can take my whole dick into her either, but she can come close, when she’s really turned on.

I pulled back out of her fully, then guided the head back in, I grabbed her hips and pulled her back into me hard. Then I repeated the process, pulling fully out of her, then slamming back into her. “Quit teasing me and fuck my pussy baby.” My wife groaned as she moved her hips back into me each time I slammed in to her.

Jessica had finally recovered and sat up on the couch in front of us. My wife looked up at her and said, “did you like that you dirty bitch?” Jessica slowly nodded, still breathing a little heavy. “Well good cause now you get to return the favor.” My wife said she started moaning more and more. I was moving in and out of her as fast as I could. Her pussy was used to my dick, but it was still a snug fit for me. Her hips moving back into me faster and harder. “What do you mean Mrs. Roberts?” Jessica asked looking at her with a puzzled look. My wife reached up and grabbed Jessica’s hair again, “think about it bitch, you’re going to lie under me and lick my pussy while you watch his big black dick fuck me.”

This was really turning me even more, to hear my wife talking like this. I was already turned on from the events that had transpired, but with my wife talking like she was, it was an even bigger turn on. My dick throbbed as I pounded in and out of my wife harder. Jessica got up off of the couch as my wife turned to look at me. “Pull out so we can move back away from the couch.” We both moved back away and I guided my dick back into my wife as Jessica lay on her back underneath of us. I felt my ball sack hit the top of the girl’s head each time I slammed into my wife. My wife was franticly moving herself back into me harder as I felt Jessica’s tongue slide across the shaft of my dick as I slid into my wife. “Oh my god,” I moaned as I laid across my wife’s back and cupped her sagging tits.

“You like that honey?” My wife moaned to me as she held her head down between Jessica’s legs. “Oh fuck baby, your pussy feels so good, and this young girl’s tongue sliding against my dick is going to make me come soon.” I groaned as I squeezed her tits hard. “Oh yes baby, but I have to cum first, then I want to you to fill me up baby.” My wife said as she slammed herself back into me. “Oh yes bitch, use your tongue on my clit, oh god yes make me cum all over his dick.” My groaned as she dropped down to her elbows under me. I knelt back up as I grabbed her hips fucking her pussy hard.

I felt my wife’s pussy beginning to get tighter as I knew she was about to cum. She lifted her head up as her moans got louder and louder, “oh fuck, oh fuck, yes I’m going to cum, yes make me cum.” My wife’s body began to shake as long moan began to escape her. Her pussy clamped down on my dick making it harder for me to move. This was almost too much for me as my wife’s orgasm took over her body. Her body shook uncontrollably as Jessica moved her head under her, my balls beginning to tighten up for their release as well.

I was still somehow able to hold back from cumming as my wife’s orgasm began to slowly subside. She laid her head on the floor as she laid her chest on Jessica’s legs. Her breathing heavy, moaning as I slowly began to move in and out of her again. I didn’t know how much longer I could last. My wife was slowly recovering as she pushed herself back up. She turned her head to look at me, “are you going to cum in my pussy now baby?” I only nodded as I started moving faster in and out of her. Jessica’s tongue still scraping against the shaft of my dick as it slid in and out of my wife.

My wife continued to look at me and gritted her teeth, “yeah baby fill my pussy up, cum for me baby.” I grabbed her hips and slammed into her hard as I felt my dick throb, my cum quickly running up my dick and firing deep into her pussy. I grunted as my wife moved her hips slowly forward and back as my dick continued to fire into her. “Oh yeah baby, mmmm that feels so good.” My dick slowly began to subside, as I collapsed onto her back, Jessica’s tongue still licking at the shaft of my softening dick, buried still in my wife. My wife moaned as she still wiggled her hips under me.

I finally recovered enough to kneel back up. My wife looked at me, “pull out slowly honey, then this bitch can clean me out.” She smiled at me as I slowly began to withdraw. “You better not move slut,” my wife yelled as she began to kneel up herself. My dick slipped out of my wife’s gaping pussy as I sat on the floor behind them.

My wife put her hand down to hold her pussy open as she grunted trying to push my cum out of her. “Open that mouth of yours.” She yelled looking down at Jessica. “And you better not swallow all of it bitch.” I watched as a dribble of my cum slowly slipped out of my wife’s pussy and into Jessica’s open mouth. My wife starting digging her fingers into her pussy, trying to get more of my cum out. She looked back at me and smiled as she pulled more of my cum out and stuck her fingers into Jessica’s mouth. Jessica began gagging a bit as some of my cum escaped her mouth. “Oh you little bitch, you better not spit that tasty cum out.” My wife yelled as she pushed on Jessica’s chin try to close her mouth. I watched a little more of my cum trickle out and land on Jessica’s lips as my wife began to move off of Jessica.

My wife looked at me and said, “now kiss that bitch.” I looked at her with a stunned look. “What?”

“You heard what I said, kiss that bitch, taste your own cum.” She yelled this time. I shook my head. “Hell no I’m not doing that.” She grabbed the back of my head trying to force me toward Jessica’s face. I held back hard. “You better or you can expect the divorce papers tomorrow.” She said, trying to push harder. I relented, knowing that I didn’t want that. I leaned in and put my mouth over Jessica’s, tasting my cum on her lips. It tasted salty and had the taste of my wife’s tangy pussy juices mixed with it. It was a wretched taste, and I didn’t like, but I didn’t pull back. Jessica opened her mouth as she pushed her cum covered tongue into my mouth, making me taste more. That was enough, I quickly pulled back, that taste of my cum, making me gag.
My wife sat there laughing, “What’s wrong honey?” I couldn’t speak as I got up to go spit it out.

My wife was still laughing as she turned to Jessica, “Now bitch, you should get dressed and leave now.” Jessica sat up looking at her and nodded. “Do you want to come babysit again sometime?” My wife asked as she stood up. Jessica shook her head as she stood up picking up her clothes.

Should I continue? Let me know please. Constructive criticism please.

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