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I was sitting there in class as always staring at her backside, mind ridden with fantasies not on my Geometry. She was so beautiful and captivating, but the true center of attention was the fabric on her hips that was shown thanks to her low riding jeans. Her bright blue thong was shown quite vividly and that turned me on to such an extent. It was my constant in the day to be aroused in this class and sometimes I swear she pulled it up before she sat down just to please me.
This day was no different except for this fateful day, I was caught. She turned her head inquiring of a question she was on and I hadn't heard her or saw her movement my eyes glued to the lower portion of her body. What shook me of my daze was the giggle that came from her as my eyes darted to hers and my face reddened in embarassment.
Her look was telling me she saw, but she was not shocked, embarassed, or upset to what I had been looking at. I was then shocked as I saw through the thin fabric of her shirt two hard nipples poking through. Just then I heard the bell and in a rush to save any bit of my dignity left darted up from my chair not thinking about hiding or trying to rid myself of this hellish erection. I always wore heavy jeans which mostly helped aim it down a pant leg, but this time I wasn't so lucky. Not lucky in the slightest bit.
My penis was fully erect , I suppose getting caught was adding to my excitement. Well, my jeans were fully tented out , but being a quick thinker and being in the back of the room in the left corner gave me some ways out. She was the only one who had noticed my predicament and was giggling still as I was looking towards the wall focused on my upcoming test. I was looking for anyway to rid myself of the fucking rod trying to break through the denim.
I suppose I should explain myself a bit before I continue on with the story after that daring escape from humiliation. I am Daniel Jones and I am a senior in high school, and my sought woman of pleasure in class would be Samantha Waine. I have always slacked in high school and also never really gotten in socially either. I don't belong to any clique in the school and never really went into those friend making activities( sports, band, choir, etc.). I'm a 6'1" guy not too athletic, but not at all out of shape. I have a medium stature yet still sort of on the tall and lanky side, I have lean muscle as opposed to the normal bulked.
Well after that I went through the day without a hitch , however it was the next day that was the a great shock. That next day in Geometry she looked at me and took such a tug to her thong before she sat down I saw her flinch as the fabric must've went up her pussy lips. She then smiled seductively to me , with her crimson lips and took a seat and I noticed how much lower her pants were too as the beginnings of her butt crack could be seen showing me most of her ass that could be exposed at a time like this. I had a raging hard-on for the next hour until class ended and I had the same problem as before and evaded all eyes but Samantha's who smiled seductively once again laying a folded up piece of paper on my desk with in red pen said , Daniel.
As soon as I was able to walk without showing the student body my erection I picked up my books and the note and went on to my next class and my mind was filled with what it could contain. I didn't have a chance to read it until after class in the parking lot. It had a certain aroma to it as I then opened it and it read.
" Dear Daniel,
I saw your reaction to my thong yesterday and what a big reaction it was. I'm glad I finally got your attention and I will finally get to do something I have been trying to acheive for a while. If you haven't already guessed, the goal to achieve is your cock. Now that I saw your rather large shall we say " cause of alarm" after class I want it even more.
yours for the taking,
After reading it my cock seemed to yell with glee as the back of it I read a simple instruction with a time. " parking lot 4:00 " I looked to the clock on my radio and it said 3:54 and I looked up and saw her sitting on my hood looking at me. I was shocked as she then moved to the side of the car and jumped in and said " drive".
Well this virgin didn't more than that to get going as I had the engine already on I peeled out of the parking lot , heading for my apartment where I lived alone. She was placing her hand on my inner thigh caressing my flacid dick in my pants. Needless to say it was no longer soft after a few strokes. We reached my apartment after a few minutes and we went in as I showed her to my place.
I was a bit embarassed as since I lived alone it was quite messy and there were a few things left out that one wouldn't want another to see. She picked up one of these, a playboy issue, and started going through the pages and with her free hand slipped it inside her pants and that was it. I looked to her and she looked to me and our lips met that instant. My driving passion of finally losing my virginity making me wild. I had been told I was a good kisser and after a few minutes of making out Samantha retold that to me.
I was unsure what to do, but Samantha quickly solved that as she ripped me of my button down shirt (many buttons now on the floor) and then worked on my pants to get them off. My hands were at her waist pulling up on her shirt and she stopped for a second so it could raise above her and I marvelled at her breasts , an easy D cup , as they bounced from being released. Then she slowed the pace tremendously.
Her hands on my chest lightly pushed me towards the couch and I fell on it as she layed kisses on my chest and went further down. each time her crimson lips pressed on my body and then as they left a small flick of her tongue. She was exciting me more and more and as she finally reached my pants they were tented once again. She carefully removed the jeans as not to hurt me erection and quickly took off the boxers by the waist band. She kissed me before removing my boxers.
I had been shocked by all these events but now it was her time to be shocked as my cock sprang free of restraints. I never thought it to be that large and had never measured it but she described it as " by far the largest and thickest dice I have ever seen" . It meant something to me because from the reputation at school she had seen a lot of dick in her time. I heard her mutter "how will I deepthroat this, it'd be like sticking a ruler down my throat". She looked up and then licked her lips.
What happened next was the best feelings I had ever had. First the tip of her tongue flicked the head of my dick. Her next move was to grab the base of it and use her tongue to circle the head. My head was already back as I was in ecstasy , and when she then put her mouth on the head and began to still play with her tongue but move my dick in her mouth I was sent to another dimension. She was doing her best to take me in as her head moved down slowly and moving back up getting a rhythm and having her throat accustomed to my size. She finally made it to her own hand and let it rest like that and swallowed which made my cock jerk and if I wasn't holding back I would have came right there. As my eyes opened I saw a wonderful sight as her crimson lips moved up and down the shaft of my cock along with her hand. As her pacing quickened I felt my balls get tighter and I knew I was close but I could tell she was just starting the fun, so I tried to hold it. Her head , hair , and breasts were all bouncing up and down in unison, and the visual stimulation of her silky brunette hair and perfect D breasts heaving up and down I knew I was going to blow. After another minute of it I got out the words " i'm close" in a few short raspy breaths. She then place her other hand on my balls and squeezed gently, yet firmly. Then I jerked my head back and let forth my shot of warm , creamy seed into her mouth. I shot 5 times which wasn't much for me but must've been surprising to her because after the third she had pulled my cock out and it hit her face and the last hit her breasts.
I looked at her as she swallowed and licked her lips and tried to wipe the cum on her with her fingers and then licked her fingers. She went to kiss me but I didn't want my cum in my mouth and refused and she looked mad. She went to my shower and cleaned up and I drived her home, it was a very awkward ride to say the least. I wanted to go further , but she said ," if it was that hard for my throat I don't want to know what will happen to my cunt" but hey There is always tomorrow

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