Teacher gets taught! Nothin better than a Redbone with class!

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As an elementary school teacher, I put up with alot of mess from the
children. Im usually good at maintaining ny composure and handling the
children, but this one kid just worked my nerves. Darren was the worst
child I had ever taught even though I had only been teaching for 3
years, but he was the worst child I ever meet in my whole 25 years of
living. He swore out loud, fought frequently with the other children,
and when asked why he did such things he would simply and shamelessly
reply, "fuck you, suck my dick!" Where did an 8 year learn to talk like
that. Darren always worked my nerves and I had tried to set up
parent/teacher confrences numorous times but no one ever showed up. I
had taken all I was willing to take from Darren when the school had
career day. Darren was asked by a representative of the school board
what he wanted to be when he grew up. His reply was "Bitch I already
got money, when I get older Im gon' be a pimp and have plenty of hoes
on my joc". I was so embarrased and fed up with that little bad ass. I
marched to the principles office and told Principle Garrett that Darren
Lockhart could not return to school until I had a talk with his
parents. Darren didn't come to school for 3 days the next week and I
grew concerned so when I got off about 3:30, I got his address and
decided to pay his folks a visit. As stereotypical as it may be, but
from how Darren acted, I expected him to live in the ghetto part of
town and for his father to be off in prison while his mother worked at
a diner or something. To my suprise he lived near my neighborhood,
which was a very nice suburb area. When I reached his house I rung the
doorbell 3 times when I heard a deep sexy voice on the ther side of the
door "Who is it?" He sounded like he had been sleeping. Its Ms.Kurtlin,
Is this the Lockhart's residence. He opened the door and looked at me
as if to say what the hell do you want. "Hi, how are you? Im Darren
Lockharts teacher, and Im looking for his parents." "Im his daddy, what
you need?" He was a handsome man, Standing at 6'2, about 200 lbs, mocha
skin and deep brown eyes. My panties were wet just from the way he
stared at me. That thug appeal really turned me on. "Well Im here
b/c.." he cut me off and told me to come in and have a seat. he plopped
down on a leather lazy boy in front of me and looked so non-chalant.
"What was you saying?" He was being rude. "Iwas saying that Darren is
becoming a real problem in my class and he" the bastard cut me off
again. "Are his grades still good?"he asked. "Yes, his grades are just
fine but it's his attitude thats bothering me." "And what the hell is
wrong with his attitude?" he bursted out. I was starting to see where
he got it from and I was getting pissed off. "He has become very
disruptive during class and Id like for the matter to be handled at
home so that his attitude is better inside my classroom." "Sure Ill
handle him, he just need attention, thats all, he acts up every year
around this time, I can't undestand why you so bitter though." That
stupid ass called me bitter, I was not bitter, sure I hadn't had sex in
over a year but i wasn't bitter. "I beg your parton" "Your, bitter,
whens the last time you let somebody fuck you long, hard and good?" was
he serious? "I think Ill be going now, nice meeting you, good bye!" His
eyes were glued to my 5'5 ,156 lb, caramel coated frame covered by my
short but tasteful little black dress. I've got ass for days and
obviously he was an ass man b/c his eyes didnt let my behind out of his
site. I started for the door when he moved in front of me before i made
it too far. His hands gripped my small waste and he backed me against
the wall. I was so nervous, what was I to do? "Im going to give you
what you need before u leave" his thick lips covered mine before he
slid his tounge into my mouth. His hands gently unzipped my dress in
the back as he kissed my neck. "You like this baby?" Hell yes, i loved
it. I let out a moan to answer his question. My dress slid to the floor
as he slowly licked below my belly button. His firm voice turned me on
even more when he commanded me to lay down on the floor. I layed there
in nothing but my black thong. He climbed on top of me and began to
suck, kiss and lick my full caramel colored C cup titties. My nipples
hardened. He made his way down to my thighs and firlmy spread them with
his strong hands. His tounge was long and thick and felt so good as he
licked my click in a circular motion. It was then that I thought of how
much of a whore I was being, I wanted to moan his name butI didn'nt
know his first name. He looked up at me as he licked and must have read
my mind. "Call me daddy baby" I did exactly what he said. "Ummm daddy
that feels so good" I grabbed the back of his head tightly when I felt
myself about to cum. "Im gonna cum daddy" I warned him first not
wanting to surprise him. I thought he would slow up so I wouldn't cum
in his mouth,but he gripped my thighs tighter so that i stayed in
place, he licked faster and I came hard into his mouth. He smiled as if
it tasted good as he licked his lips.

He began to remove his clothes while I layed there trying to regain my
strength. When I finally opened my eyes he was kissing me passionately
and lifting my legs around his waist. His hard, big 10inch dick entered
my pussy partially, I gasp because it felt humoungus inside of my tight
pussy. He pressed my hands above my head with his and told me to be a
good girl and take it. It was painful as he pushed himself inside of
me, everytime i thought i had all i could take, he had more to come.
When I felt his pelvis rub against mine, I couldnt hold in my screams
"AHHHH fuck,daddy your so big." He stroked inside of me and I got
adjusted and it started to feel amazing. He stroked me good and
thrusted his hips and I could feel his dick hitting the bottom of my
stomach. He flipped me over on top of him and told me to ride him. I
was reluctant because of his size but he gripped my hips and started my
rythm. I was riding him good and my hips swiveled to their own beat
which lead me into another orgasim. His eyes began to roll into the
back of his head as I bounced up and down on his big dick. "Do you like
it like this daddy?" His grunting and manly moaning was all the answer
I needed. "Yea baby, thats a good girl, that exactly how daddy likes it
baby" I could feel him growing inside of me as he was reaching his
peak, when I felt him explode inside me I quickly hoped off and crammed
his cock into my mouth trying to intake as much of his cum as I could.
When I washed up, he wrote his number on the top of my breast and told
me to call him if I had any more trouble out of Darren. Fortunately and
unfortunately I had no more trouble out of Darren, but now I call every
time I misbehave!

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