Aunty Pam Chp. 2_(0)

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I woke up in a daze not realizing what was going on. I was lying naked on a mattress on the floor in an empty bedroom. I looked around and saw my clothes and someone else clothes in the corner. That’s when it all came back to me. I remembered last night and what happened. I remembered that I fucked my Aunty Pam.

I heard her in the kitchen talking. Oh shit I thought to myself. Was someone here with her? I grabbed my pants and put them on and peered out the door. I saw her standing over the kitchen counter looking out the window, talking on the phone. I let out a sigh of relief. “No I haven’t seen him. After he helped me last night, he said he was going straight home. I wouldn't worry too much; he probably just went to a friend’s house. You know how teenagers can be. If I see him I will call you.” She hung up the phone and kept looking out the window. She was wearing a t-shirt and some panties and every time she would lean forward over the counter, her shirt would rise up and reveal a little more of her large ass.

I snuck up behind her, and reached out and gave her left cheek a squeeze. I raised my arm up and started to rub her shoulder, and leaned my head in for a kiss. As I did she backed away from me. “I think you need to go home. That was your mother on the phone. She is wondering where you are.” I was confused. “Well I thought we could, you know,” I said with a smile as I pulled her closer to me.

She jerked away from me again, and walked away towards her room. She went in and slammed the door behind her. I stood there shocked, wondering what was happening. I walked over to her door, and knocked. “I thought we had a good time last night.” The door flew open after I spoke, and out flew my shoes and shirt. The door slammed back shut again.

In dismay I put on my shirt and shoes, and left the apartment, making my way back home. When I got home my mom asked me where I had been. I told her that I was at my friend’s, Andrew’s house. She believed me without any further questions. I went to my room and laid down. I tried not to think about it, but I couldn't get her off my mind. Last night was the most amazing thing I had ever experienced. I kept picturing her big, pale white ass in the air, pointing right at me. I started stroking my cock. Then I wondered why she didn't want more, like I did. Why she wasn't telling me. I needed to be with her again or at least a reason why she didn't want to.

Angrily I got up and put my shoes back on, and walked out of my room. I told my mom I was going back to Andrew’s, and walked out the door. I walked all the way back to my aunt’s apartment. I knocked on the door, but there was no answer. So I said fuck it. I grabbed the door knob, and to my surprise, the door flew right open. Then I saw her.

She sat on the couch, dressed in a short black night gown, with a garter belt underneath. Connected to it where, two long black stockings covering her legs all the way down to her feet, which were covered with black heels. Her large figure filled out the outfit, and her white skin complemented, the black. She had done her hair with slight curls reaching all the way down past her shoulders. She was sipping on a glass of wine, putting her beautiful, full lips on the glass. “I figured you would be back. She patted on the couch next to her. “Come here and sit next to me.

Without hesitation, I did. I sat next to her, real close, and she put her hand on my leg, and poured me a glass of wine. “Did you enjoy last night?” she asked me. “Yes Ma’am.” “I thought you did. After all it was your first time. I know since it was your first time you just wanted to get in there, and cum. I understand that, but I thought It was over to fast. Don’t you.” I nodded. “Good. Then I say let’s try it again.” Her face kept getting closer to mine. “But this time let’s take it slower. I will show you that it can be so much more enjoyable if we do. I will show you some things that will drive you wild, and some things you can do to me that will drive me wild. Does that sound like a deal.” “Yes Aunty Pam.” She handed me the glass of wine, and held hers up. “Then cheers to a night we will never forget.” We toasted.

She then stood up a grabbed my hand, and led me to the bedroom. As I walked behind her I noticed that there was nothing covering her magnificent ass. I could see it shake every time she took a step. I couldn’t help myself, but to reach out and slap it. “I thought you would like that.” We walked into her bedroom, and the mattress that was on the floor was now, in a bedframe, with fresh sheets and pillows. All around it were lit candles, giving off a dim light.

She kicked off her heels and lay down in the bed. I took off my shoes and shirt and lay down next to her. She grabbed the back of my head and put her lips to mine. I sucked on her bottom lip, and then slipped my tongue into her mouth, finding hers and playing with it. I started rubbing her back while we kissed. I reached down her back and grabbed her gown, and began pulling it over her head. It came off, and revealed her large, natural breasts, and chubby stomach.

I took my right hand and started to massage her right tit, as I continued to kiss her. I then moved my mouth to her neck and sucked down her body to her left breast. I licked her nipple, and then put as much of it as I could in my mouth and sucked, while massaging her other breast. She moaned with pleasure. She placed her hands on the top of my head, and pushed it towards her legs. I licked all the way down her stomach. I then found myself starring at an uncovered, unshaven, and beautifully mature pussy. She lifted her legs and spread them apart. She took her hands and split open her pussy lips, and pointed her finger at one spot.
“That right there is my clit. Why don’t you try playing with it with your tongue.” I started to flick it with the tip of my tongue and she moaned a little. I started doing it some more and faster. She started to moan louder, and started to twitch through her body. Her fat thighs were shaking around my head. I licked up and down her pussy lips and started to slide my tongue in and out. She was screaming with pleasure. “Keep going until I cum,” she told me. I went back to licking her clit and slid two fingers deep into her pussy, rotating them as I pulled back out. I was keeping both my tongue and my fingers going fast when she told me. “Oh fuck I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum. Just then juices started flowing out of her and down my face. Some got in my mouth and the taste was strange. Not bad, but not good. Watching her in pleasure turned me on.

I couldn’t hold back any more. I ripped my pants off and positioned myself on top of her. I looked at her face as she licked her lips, and then I looked down at my cock and grabbed it, and slid it into her pussy. I thrust my body into hers and back out, and again very slowly. She smiled up at me and moaned. “This is so good,” she said as she closed her eyes and cocked her head back. I started to go faster and harder, feeling the warm juices tingle the head of my penis. Her pussy tightened and loosened around me. I was trying to get as deep as I could go, and maintain the rhythm. Then I felt it again, The numbness in my legs and the tightening in my muscles. “Aunt Pam, I’m cumming again.”

Quickly she grabbed me and rolled me off of her. “What are you doing”, I said in the pain of not being able to finish. “Shhhh.” She took her finger and put it over my lips. “Just wait a second.” I was lying on my back, with my penis straight in the air, as erect as it had ever been, soaked in pre-cum. My aunt took her hand and grabbed my cock and started to stroke it. “Tell me when you’re about to cum again.” “why “ I asked. “Just tell me.” She started to stroke faster as she talked. “if you keep going until your about to cum and then stop right before you do, Then when you finally cum it will be better.”

I looked at her breast as she stroked me waiting to finally blow my load. She was staring at my cock, and then started to use her other hand to play with my balls. She looked at me and reached her head down and gave me a kiss, and then whispered in my ear. “I told you we could make this better.” Then I felt it again. Finally I was going to do it.I reached behind my head and grabbed the pillow. “Aunt Pam, I’m cumming.”
She then stopped again and put her legs around me and got on top of me, her huge ass facing me.

“Please, I need to cum. It’s starting to hurt.” Then she lowered her ass down and onto my dick. I could feel it go in, but it wasn't wet. It was dry, and very tight. I wasn't in her vagina. I was in her asshole. The weight of her fat body putting pressure on top of me, combined with the tightness of her hole gave me a pleasure better than ever. The sight of her ass bouncing on me, made it better. I closed my eyes, and screamed. “Oh thank you. I've never came this hard.” That’s when I felt it burst out of the tip of my penis. One after the other, I kept shooting more loads up into her fat ass. Some started to flow down onto my balls.

“Oh your warm cum deep in my ass feels so good.” She laid back still on top of me still bouncing her lower half up in down. When I was finally finished, I felt like I came enough to fill holes. It was the best I had ever felt. She rested her head on my chest, and I reached around her body with my hands. My her farm body laying on top of mine was like heaven. She twisted her head around, her face looking into mine, and gave me a kiss. I whispered, “I love you Aunty Pam.”

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