Cinderella chapter 2

Cindy turn and greeted the intruder happily as if she wasn’t giving another student a blowjob in front of him, it was the student teacher for the class that Cindy had just left “uh?? Cindy?? What is going on here?” Cindy quietly stood and explained “well James told me to meet him here” “What?!? She’s lying she told me to come here!” Cindy looked at James with a soft face and shook her head “It’s okay James Mr. Tucker is cool he meets me here too.” Mr. Tucker blushed beet red and smirked slightly Cindy smiled brightly “does that mean I have to do both of you?” Cindy frowned at the thought she had done some things since her younger days with Vera, but she had never been with more than one male.
She slowly walked over to Mr. Tucker but before she could drop to her knees he stopped her and forced her to turn around before pushing her down to her hands and knees where James cock stood at attention waiting for the rest of his treatment. As she took him back into her mouth Mr. Tucker had kneeled down behind her and positioned his own erect penis to enter her. He pushed forward and she moaned loudly onto James cock and he jumped slightly at the unexpected vibrating sensation at the same time Mr. Tucker started to saw in and out of Cindy “Oh! Cindy your pussy feels so good!” James grabbed Cindy hair as Mr. Tucker’s speed caused Cindy to bob faster on his dick “Yea Cindy suck my dick while you take that cock slut!” Cindy moans wildly as Mr. Tucker speeds up as he nears his climax “Oh Shit! Cindy im about to nut in your sweet pussy!” as Mr. Tucker speeds up he shoots his warm juices into Cindy which causes Cindy to cum and vibrate wildly on James’ dick which causes him to send three streams of cum down her throat which she gladly drinks up. James falls to the floor in a sitting position and Mr. Tucker and Cindy fall sideways to the floor close together with his penis still inside of her.
“Oh GOD! That was AMAZING!” James started off both Cindy and Mr. Tucker look at him as to say shut up “What!?!?” Mr. Tucker quickly moves away from Cindy and pulls his pants up “ Get the fuck up James and go to class,” James rises defensively “ or what teacher boy?!?! “ Cindy stand to mediate the situation “ Josh its ok this only happened this one time” “Who the fuck is Josh?” James asked looking confused he then realized she was talking to Mr. Tucker. Cindy turns to him “ he just gets a little jealous sometimes cuz he says he’s my boyfriend” James shakes his head and walked out of the janitor’s closet leaving them both standing there “um Cindy you should probably head back to class” Cindy didn’t look up from fixing her clothes but nodded and headed towards the door.
Later that day Cindy goes to the address that Lucy gave her and knocked on the door and is greeted by a middle aged women who looks half her age with firm C-cup breast and curves like a young girl she was about 5’7 by looking at her hair and eyes you can tell she’s Lucy’s mom but nothing else would tell you jus by looking. “Hi im Cindy im here to study with Lucy” Lucy’s mom looks at Cindy and slowly studies her body she feels herself getting a little turned on just by looking at her body “Hi im Ms. Lewis but you can call me Amy.” “ ok hi Amy” “ Lucy is upstairs in her room I’ll show you where it is” Cindy follows amy upstairs down a long hallway, she admires the art and photos on the walls. When they reach the end of the wall Amy opens the door to the last door on the right where loud rock music is playing then turns to leave Cindy thanks her and continues to walk in.
When Cindy enters she finds Lucy standing in front of her full body mirror on the far wall of the room lightly rubbing her pussy, her eyes are closed and she is fondling her breast Cindy feels her pussy moisten instantly and walks up behind her and kneels down to stick a finger into Lucy’s pretty pussy as she does this Lucy opens her eyes and jumps at the shock from Cindy’s sudden appearance “ Oh My God! How long have you been here?” “I just got here… Whats wrong? Don’t you want me to play with your pussy as she says this Cindy gets down on her knees and grabs Lucy by her tight ass cheeks and pulls her forward she pulls Lucy’s pussy lips apart and runs her tongue up and doen Lucy’s pussy she does this a few times before stopping at her clit and sucking it softly then more roughly.
“Oh! Cindy I never had anyone lick my pussy so good before! Yes Cindy Eat my Pussy! Oh Yea” Lucy’s words of encouragement caused Cindy to lick her pussy faster she had never tasted a pussy as sweet as hers as she ate her pussy she stuck a finger into her hole and began to pump fastly and as she sped up she put another finger in “Cindy im gonna cum all over your tongue keep eating my pussy right there oooooh im soo close please don’t stop oh don’t stop yes yes yes yeeeesssss” Lucy soaked Cindy’s fingers and mouth as the music stopped and Lucy slowly sat on the floor to catch her breath and Cindy turned to see who opened the door.
It was Lucy’s mom
“You girls just got me so HOT!” Lucy looked at her mother in surprise “ How would you like to play with mommy” she pull a strap on from behind her back and started to walk toward the girls

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