Amorous Brady Bunch Part 2

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When Peter woke up he felt hungover. His head thundered and his body ached in places he didn't know it was possible to hurt in. Looking in the mirror he saw teeth marks on his chest and long, vivid nail marks were still visible on his back. No wonder I hurt, he thought. Looking around he saw that Jan was gone, but the imprint of her body remained. So it wasn't a dream, he thought, I actually fucked my sister! Not that jerk off kid stuff, but a real, honest to God fucking! And sucking! And . . . shit, what didn't we do?

An image of his sister jumped into his mind: her body bouncing against the mattress, legs tight around his back, her hands gripping his ass. He saw her lust, her wantonness, her desperate desire; felt her tits under his hands; his cock plunging into her depths, stretching her cunt wide; her secretions glistening on his shaft, lubricating his way. He could feel the muscles of her cunt squeeze his prick in a death grip as her climax ripped through her churning body, his own following seconds later, their juices mixing together.

He shivered and shook himself to clear his head. The mental pictures were too vivid, too real. Just thinking about last night made his breathing ragged and stiffened his prick. He threw cold water on his face, dried himself then grabbed his pants and went downstairs. There was no one in the den. The television was still on; actually the VCR, but the tape had finished and the picture tube flashed a surreal image. He turned the TV off and hit the Rewind switch on the VCR, went to the kitchen and drank a tall glass of cold orange juice then poured another. He was beginning to feel alive again, but the revitalization began to focus his thoughts more coherently.

He had fucked his sister! And she had fucked him right back! Incest! He was rational enough to know it was not biological incest; the Brady Boys and the Brady girls were adopted, but it was moral incest; a relationship outside of contemporary community standards. To the world outside, it would be incest!

"Fuck it!" he said out loud, as he forcibly pushed the thoughts from his mind. What happened last night was a dream come true and he wasn't about to let this line of thought take that away from him. Not now, anyway. He grabbed the glass of juice and walked briskly to the living room.

He almost missed them. Cindy and Bobby were laying on the deep pile carpet, almost completely hidden by the large, formal couch. Only the tips of Cindy's feet protruded and that's what had caught his eye. He knelt quietly on the couch. His youngest sister lay naked between his brother's legs, her head on his thigh; her lips less than an inch from his flaccid cock. There were dried cum stains on her cheeks. Peter noted in passing that all the Brady men seem to carry substantial sexual equipment. However, he was more interested in his sister's body.

Cindy, physically, was the girl in the middle; shorter than Marcia, taller than Jan. Although flattened against her chest, her tits were perfectly round, larger than Marcia's, but smaller than Jan's. She and Jan shared one trait: large areolas and extended nipples. He wondered if Marcia followed suit. His eye was drawn to the vee at the base of her stomach. One leg was cocked to the side, giving him an excellent view of her cunt-mound. Leaning over the couch he gently brushed the hair surrounding her pussy. It was thick, like Jan's, but finer, less coarse. Lightly, he fingered an individual strand causing Cindy moved ever so slightly in her sleep.

Peter licked his lips. Cindy's lush, young body was turning him on. Heat was flowing to his cock, making it push hard against the rear of the couch. Wondering how close he could get to it without waking her up, he shed his pants and went behind the couch, his erection standing stiff and proud. Cindy's foot was cocked inward blocking his way.

Cautiously, He moved it aside clearing the way. Now Cindy's young pussy stared back at him, the lips slightly ajar, a tinge of pink, succulent meat clearly visible. He blew softly into the tangle of pubic hair. She stirred and her legs opened wider. Her thighs were firm and tan, a bikini line very evident. The tip of his tongue explored the leading edge of her hairy defense. It tasted tangy. Her cunt scent was now strong in his nostrils. He let his tongue snake through the hairy labyrinth, finding its own path.

Gently, ever so gently; careful that his face didn't touch her open thighs, he probed her thick cuntal lips. He was surprised when he saw them open of their own volition, her hooded clitoris winking seductively at him. His control was at the ragged edge. He wanted to ram his tongue into this juicy cunt, suck on that pleasure button, and feel her hot cum juices splash his face.

"Oh, Peter," Cindy moaned quietly, "You really know how to wake a girl up."

His head shot up at the sound of her voice. Her eyes were slitted; her smile, seductive and knowing. "Eat me, big brother!" she ordered, "Suck my pussy and make me cum. I want you, Pete! I really want you!"

With a strangled groan he pushed her legs apart and stabbed her cunt with his hard tongue, sinking deep into the hot pussy channel. She bit one hand to hold back a sudden moan, the other hand jammed his face into her squisky, hot box. Peter's hands reached for her full tits. He raised his eyes and saw the tip of her tongue flicking wetly over Bobby's circumcised cockhead; her lips pursed to suck his shaft into her waiting mouth. Suddenly he wanted to see her do it!

"Go for it!" he said, "Suck his cock! Let me see you take it all the way down your throat." he choked, not recognizing his own voice. Slowly, his brother's cock disappeared into Cindy's willing mouth.

"Hey, man, stick your finger up her ass," a now wide awake Bobby Brady said, "She loves it, and she'll cum like a race horse."

With a smile in her eyes, Cindy raised her legs, giving Peter easy access to her pink shitter. He slid his index finger in and out of her butterslick cunt, lubricating it, then slowly slid it past the tight ring of her oval asshole. The muscles contracted, then relaxed, and his finger slid in the rest of the way with ease; into the depths of her bowel.

Her climax was shattering!


Marcia watched as Jan, standing naked in front of the mirror, ran a comb through her long blonde hair. "Aren't you going to put something on?" she asked.

"What do I have to hide? You should take off that silly robe and face the world a-la-natural!" Marcia hesitated, then looked at Greg for an answer.

"Don't ask me," he said, "I'm prejudiced; naked women always look better than naked men."

"Is that why you're wearing shorts?"

"Like I said . . ."

"Yeah, I heard. Oh, hell, why not? I want to see the look on Peter's face anyway." Marcia said. Jan laughed and replied, "Is that really the part you want to see?" They all laughed, and left the bedroom surprising comfortable in their new relationship, and eager to expand it.

They heard the others before they saw them. Cindy's voice was loud, almost shrill, but there were no words, only noises. Hurrying into the living room, the reason for their sister's squealing became obvious. She was on her hands and knees and Peter was slowly, relentlessly, stuffing his heavy dick up her asshole! Her face was contorted and flushed with excitement, and her mouth was full of Bobby's, prick! Lustfully engrossed they were unaware of the others.

Marcia and Jan stopped so short that Greg ran into them. Gasping, their eyes opened wide in wonder. And all three felt the heat return to their loins.

"Oh, my God," Marcia said in a strangled voice, "he's fucking her in the ass!" As Greg's arms encircled her, his dick rubbed against her ass-cheeks, and a vicarious thrill run up her spine.

Jan's hot cum juice began to dribble down her thigh. Her legs were weak. Ass-fucking! The whole scene assaulted her mind. Her rear hole, like Marcia's, was virgin territory, but highly aroused she was suddenly intrigued by what she saw.

Crawling behind Peter, she watched in awe as his cock sank into Cindy's backhole, his balls bouncing against her wide open pussy, while her baby sister's fingers alternated between rubbing her clitoris and squeezing Peter's heavy ballsac. Wide-eyed, she watched her baby sister get assfucked by Peter's wonderful looking dick while Cindy's hips ground up against her brother's cock, trying to get every centimeter of pleasure up her ass.

Meanwhile, Marcia gripped Greg's hands; they were covering her tits, kneading the nipples. She moved one to her crotch, guiding it to her gaping pussy. Her juices were flowing richly and her cunthair glistened. His fingers needed no urging as he gently began to roll her clitoris between his fingers. The heat flowed through her body and her eyes went wider as she saw Jan's index finger sink to the first joint in Peter's ass. The sudden intrusion forced his dick further into Cindy's stretched rectum and she moaned loudly. Marcia urged Greg's finger to move faster.

Bobby held his sister's head tightly in his hands and pumped his large cock into her mouth. It was like fucking a live volcano with teeth. Through slitted eyes he watched his brothers and sisters join the tableau of lust; saw Marcia and Greg, their hands moving frantically over cock and pussy; saw Jan's tongue slide alone Peter's ass, her finger wedged in his butt. He saw her slide on her back, beneath Peter and Cindy, and without withdrawing her finger, begin to suck her sister's sopping cunt.

Jan's tongue was too much for Cindy. She jumped forward, almost strangling on Bobby's ready prick, its tip at the opening of her throat. She began to spasm, her body convulsed, and she started to suck Bobby's cock like a vacuum. She gurgled as she felt him erupt, his hot cum spurting straight down her gullet.

"Oh, Christ! I'm cumming! Suck my cock! Suck it!" he screamed as Cindy's pussy juice squirted in Jan's mouth. The invading tongue moved snakelike in its effort to lap it all up and frothy cream covered her lips and mouth.

Driven by the electrified lust in the air, Peter sank his cock in his sister's ass and exploded! His legs trembled violently as cum juice sprayed her insides and his wildly spurting cock popped loose to hose her asscheeks and her back. To Cindy, his cum felt like molten lava on her skin. With a deep groan he dropped to the floor, his body still shaking.

"Oh, make me cum, Greg, make me cum!" Marcia hissed violently, then bent her knees, giving everyone a full view of her blonde pussy, and Greg's hand freedom to completely satisfy her. Two strong, agile fingers were jammed up her hole, and his thumb was massaging her extended clit. She was on the verge of bursting.

"Make her cum, Greg," Cindy said in a hoarse voice, her face dotted with Bobby's love juice, "Finger-fuck her to death!"

"Com'on, baby, cum for me!" Greg said, "Feel my fingers! Feel the good times. Com'on, Marcia. Cum!"

Throwing an arm around his neck for support, Marcia squeezed his cock brutally. "Oh, yes, yes, yessss," she screamed as a thousand volts of electricity surged through her body.

"Aaaaaaaaaggg! Ughhhhhhhhh! Ohhhh . . . oh, God! Oh, God! Stop! . . . Stop! . . . Stop!" She pleaded. Gasping, unable to breath, her legs turned to jelly and she slid from Greg's grip to the floor, panting heavily. Greg grabbed his cock and in sure, swift strokes shot his pent-up cum all over her face and supine body. Then, he too, sank to the floor, exhausted.

No one moved. Time passed. No one cared. The Brady's were in a world all their own. There was no outside, just them but even as they lay on the floor, exhausted from lust, there was a need to touch, to be in contact with another so each Brady had a piece of their body in contact with one of their siblings. It didn't matter who, just as long as there was physical contact.

Sometime later, she didn't know when, Marcia saw Jan beginning to stoke Bobby's limp dick. "Oh, no you don't!" she said suddenly, "You're two up on me. Bobby and Peter are mine. Go play with Cindy for a while." She turned to Greg who was smiling at her, "Don't worry, darling, I'm saving my asshole for you."

"Oh, Christ," Cindy moaned, "I think somebody's trying to make up for lost time. Look out guys."


The Brady bunch sat around the pool relaxing. It was late afternoon, and the still warm sun caressed their sated bodies. In deference to the neighbors, the girls wore string bikinis that belonged to Jan and showed more than they hid.

The day had passed in a cavalcade of sexual delights, each more exciting, more thrilling, than the one before it. Marcia had caught up to Jan; first by double blowing Bobby and Peter, then fucking each one in succession while sucking the life force from the other's rock-hard cock.

Her hot searing pussy seem to have a life of its own; a desire that was almost unquenchable. Her cunt never stopped oozing pussyjuice. Then, with the aid of a bottle of baby oil, and a lot of family encouragement, she gave up her virgin asshole to Greg. With Cindy and Jan on either side of her, urging her; holding her until the initial pain passed, Marcia entered the realm of the Three Way Broad - one who fucked, sucked, and took it up the ass. Once Greg's cock was inside her ass, new sensations assaulted her brain; new pleasures, new desires; and once again she berated herself for her denial of her own needs.

Not to be outdone, Jan devised a three-way for herself. She sat on Bobby's hard cock - she loved that all the Brady men were hung - gave Peter her virgin asshole to fuck, and took Greg's still hard cock deep down her throat. Like the master conductor of a fine symphony, she coached, changed the tempo, fine-tuned the arrangement until, in one shattering climax the four lovers came in a simultaneous explosion that left them breathless, and Jan drenched with cum juice from head to toe. Her sisters helped her to lick it all up.

Much later, after all three Brady girls had fucked all three Brady boys, the girls indulged in a pussy-licking daisy chain. The voyeuristic pleasure of watching their sisters eat each other cunt, made the guys go from limp-dick to rigid steel in seconds. Minutes later the day's pleasures ended as they had begun with Marcia and Greg, Jan and Peter, Cindy and Bobby - all fucking.

Now they sat around the pool, quietly relaxing. The girls clustered on chaise loungers, talking softly, the guys at a table sipping cold beers.

"Would you believe," Greg said, "I almost didn't come. The head of surgery made me feel like a real shit, asking for the time. Can you believe it?"

"Well, I'm glad you did. I don't think Bobby and I could have lasted the day with those three," Peter said, jerking his thumb at the girls. "They're the ones I can't believe. Them . . . and Mom. I mean, did you see the size of that black dick? If that sonofabitch wasn't a foot long I'll kiss your ass in Macy's window at high noon."

"Yeah," Bobby said, "and Mom took every inch of it. What a pussy she must have!" He laughed. "Guess we know where the girls get their hots from.

"Hey, tell the truth, did you guys get horny when you watched Mom with that black dude?"

Smiling, the brothers slowly nodded their heads.

"Of course," Peter said, "that was before I got a look at the log that guy had for a cock. I felt like a midget with an inverted hard-on." They all laughed.

"Seriously, though, guys," Greg said, "we have to talk about this; us and them. I mean, we're talking some heavy shit. Incest!" He lowered his voice when he said the word. "We're one big fucking family, and I mean that literally."

Bobby and Peter laughed at Greg's unintentional joke.

"Yeah," he continued, "It would be funny as hell, if it wasn't so serious. What are we going to do about it?"

"I think I know where you're coming from, Greg," Peter said, "but I don't feel bad about what happened, not a bit. Maybe I feel that way because of what Mom and Dad are doing. I know all the legal and moral implications, but I don't give a shit. I've wanted Jan ever since I can remember. I'm glad it happened. I want it to happen again, and anytime from now on."

"That's what I mean! I want Marcia, too. All the time! The question is, what do we do about it?"

"Maybe we should ask the girls," Bobby said, "Here they come."

"I hope you were talking about us," Marcia said as she sat on Greg's lap. The bra of her borrowed bikini was too large and Greg could see all the way down to her nipples. They kissed gently, like lovers. There were no extra chairs so Jan and Cindy followed Marcia's example.

"We've been talking things over," Jan said, "and we want to make you guys a proposal."

"Hell, this sounds like a business meeting," Peter said.

"Hush up," Jan said, playfully pulling his hair. "Listen to what Marcia has to say."

"Okay, look. We've been talking about . . . things. We know how we feel about you, and we think the feeling is mutual." She waited for reaction. When she saw heads nod she continued. "Well, if that's the case, then everything we want is right here - in this house. So let's all come home, where we belong; where we want to be and with whom we want to be with."

"Wait a minute," Peter said, "We all have other lives. Hell, you're a married woman."

"He's an asshole," Marcia snapped. "I'm getting a divorce. I'm not in love with him. I knew that the moment Greg put his cock in me." She looked directly at her brother. "I'm in love with Greg!" she said softly. "And for the rest - chuck it! Greg can be a doctor anywhere, so why not here. The same goes for you, Pete. Jan can work for Dad's firm, and I can decorate houses here as well as back there. When Cindy and Bobby graduate, they can come back too.

"We think it can work. What do you say? Com'on, say yes. Please."

"Whoa, honey," Greg said, "Skip the hard sell. We were talking about the same thing. There's one small problem you may have overlooked - Mom and Dad! What the hell are they going to be doing while we're fucking our brains out? They certainly aren't going to be wearing blinders. Don't you think they'll tumble real fast - not to mention, we'll be cramping their style, too."

The girls smiled at each other. "I told you they were smart guys," Cindy said, beaming.

"That was part one of our proposal," Jan said, "Part two is that we make Mom and Dad want us to come home. We make them want to be part of our fun group."

"Are you saying what I think you're saying?" Greg asked.

"Why not?" Cindy piped up. "Would you throw Mom out of bed? No, you wouldn't! You all had hard-ons when you saw her take that black dick. Well, we think the same about Daddy."

Greg looked at his brothers. He shrugged his shoulders and Peter answered the same. Bobby's expression said, 'Why not.' Smiling at his sisters, Greg said, "I suppose you three have some lecherous plan to make this come to pass?"

"Oh, Greg," Marcia hugged her brother/lover tight, "I knew I could count on you."

"Okay, guys," Jan said in a serious voice, "This is the plan."


John Cummings put the phone down and stared at it for a moment, somewhat lost in thought. "That was Greg," he said to his wife, Mary. "They still want to have the anniversary party, even though Mike and Carol won't be there."

Mary Brady-Cummings didn't really hear husband. Her whole concentration was focused on the long, incredibly thick, black cock that was wedged deep in her hot, juicy pussy. She was straddling a large, muscular black man; feet firm on the floor, and she moved up and down in a deliberately slow motion; a sexual rhythm all her own. Her face was flushed, and a thin film of perspiration covered her tingling body. She was very close to cumming. A lovely black woman knelt on the couch beside her sucking her nipple and kneading her tit.

"Oh, yesss. Com'on, Leroy, put it all in . . . don't hold back. I want it!" Mary hissed as her hips began to move faster, twisting and gyrating up and down the huge, slimy shaft. Pussyjuice leaked from her cunt. The black man grunted, gripped her by the waist and pulled her down - hard, shoving his entire twelve inches of thick, black fuckmeat up her searing cunt.

"Awwww," Mary Brady-Cummings yelped as her face contorted with pain and pleasure. "Oh, God, yesssss. Fuck me! Fuck me! I love your black cock." Her eyes glazed and her mouth flopped open, as if to scream, but no sound came out. She grabbed the black woman for support just as the shattering climax rippled through her body. Her legs shook, her chest heaved and her arms jerked uncontrollably as wave after wave of pure heaven washed over her. Leroy pumped furiously, working his cock all the way up to the hilt, and back down to the very tip.

"Oh, momma," he yelled. "I'm cummin' white bitch, I'm cummin'. Take it all! Take it all!"

His cock exploded deep in Mary's vagina. She could feel the eruptions splash against her womb, each one hotter and more powerful than the one before it and it triggered another juicy orgasm. She bounced like a toy and she raveled in his rough treatment. Slowly, the tremors began to subside as thick, white globs of cum mixed with clear pussy nectar and leaked from her pleasure-raw cunt. The black woman quickly got on her hands and knees and began licking Mary's cunt and Leroy's balls, her agile tongue slurping up the droplets of cum and pussyjuice. She worked swiftly, hardly missing a drop.

Mary leaned back against the muscular black man and kissed him greedily. "Ohhhh," she sighed. "Your wife's tongue is almost as good as your cock, Leroy."

He laughed a deep laugh. "You're only saying that 'cause it's true. Marcy can blow the hat right off your head."

John Cummings stood there, naked, stroking his prick. Watching his wife get fucked always gave him his biggest hard-ons, but even his good size cock was no match for the huge weapon the black man carried. He moaned. Marcy, Leroy's wife, turned, saw his erection, and crawled to him. Her mouth ovaled around his dickhead and slowly his cock disappeared into her hot wet mouth. He grabbed her black, kinky hair and began to piston his hard fuckpole in and out. It felt almost as good as her juicy, black pussy. The suction was electric. Shock waves ran from his cock to his brain and back. Her mouth was a fiery vacuum, sucking the life from his dick as her head bobbed in rhythm to his vigorous thrusting. He felt the pressure building to the boiling point.

"Suck it, bitch!" he snarled. "Suck my white cock! Make it cum all over your black hide. Suck . . . suck . . . oh, shit, I'm cumming, Marcy, I can't hold it, baby. I'm cummmmmming!"

He felt Marcy Lincoln suck his cock deep down her throat with all the strength of her powerful jaws. It felt as if the tip of his dick was going to be ripped off. His body shuttered, convulsed, and he erupted in her mouth. It was a strong, powerful load.

She held his hips in support as his jism splashed down her throat; globs of it. She swallowed quickly, not missing a drop of the heavy onslaughts - she was a real pro at sucking cock. Then, as the eruptions began to subside she savored the taste of his tangy cum, rubbing it on her face and her tits.

"Good shit, man. Makes the skin shine," she said with a sticky smile.

Exhausted, John Cummings dropped to the floor while Marcy continued to rum his cum juice over her deep chocolate colored body, and her skin did, indeed, shine. Mary also dropped to the floor, her cunt still oozing, and kissed her husband tenderly. "Oooh, baby, watching you gets me sooo hot again," she said.

John laughed. "Fuck off, woman. That bitch ate my cock; ain't nothin' left."

"Never send a boy to do a man's job," Leroy said with a smile. He swaggered to the women and saw the lustful look in their eyes; his huge rod was hard again, stranding almost straight out and up. "Well, ladies, whatcha say?" he said.

"Whoa, you black bastard," John said conversationally, "We have a problem!" Quickly he related the phone call from his nephew, Greg.

"The phone rang?" his wife asked, "Where was I? I don't remember any phone call."

"You were on Leroy's big dick," John said with a smile. "An A-Bomb could have gone off and you wouldn't have heard it."

She giggled. "Well what are we going to do about his party? It's a little strange, isn't it? Mike and Carol won't be back until Monday at the earliest."

Before leaving for Sacremento, Mike Brady had called his brother to tell him what had happened, and to cancel the anniversary party.

"Maybe the kids just want to have a party. After all, they came in from all over the country; they're probably bored. Hey, why don't you and Marcy come along, Leroy."

"That's a great idea," Mary Brady-Cummings said.

"That's not the type of party Marcy and I had in mind, John."

"Oh, what the hell," Marcy said, "If we can't fuck, we might as well have a few drinks and some laughs. Maybe one of the boys will be cute."

"Hey," John said, "You're talking about my nephews."


Children have a tendency never to grow up in the eyes of adults. John and Mary Cummings were no exception; so it was a pleasant revelation for them when Marcia and Greg answered the door to realize that their nephew and niece were now full grown and very striking. Remembering them as children, John was actually embarrassed by the fact that Marcia wore no bra; her well-shaped, taut tits; nipples erect, were plainly visible through the thin summer material of her dress. His embarrassment turned to arousal when he saw that Cindy and Jan were in the same state. Jan's superstructure was really magnificent, he thought.

When Aunt Mary introduced Leroy and Marcy, the young Brady's immediately recognized them as the black couple from the home video. "I hope you don't mind us tagging along," Leroy said.

"Of course not," Marcia said, always the perfect hostess. "In fact, this may be a even better party than we planned," she said with a knowing look at her sister, Jan, who was eyeing Leroy with obvious interest.

"Let me get you a drink," Peter said, steering Marcy Lincoln to the bar. He gave his brother a sly wink as he passed.

Leroy stood with the other males at the bar watching the women across the room. Like most house parties the men and women had split into separate groups. He noticed that one of the Brady girls - Jan - kept looking at him. He knew that look. Another white chick with black cock fantasies. Okay, he thought, maybe not tonight, sweet thing, but some time and he filed Jan Brady away for future reference.

John watched his niece, Marcia, walk across the room to them. He noted her lovely tits, the way her light dress swished with the sway of her hips and he found himself wondering how she would look naked. Hell, he thought, she wasn't a girl any longer, she was a woman. Even little Cindy had a sexuality about her that triggered lecherous images in his mind. He smiled at his own horniness.

"The purpose of a party is to have the guests mingle," Marcia said, "not hide out in corners. Why don't you guys entertain Aunt Mary and Marcy while we kidnap Uncle John and Leroy. Wouldn't you like to see the house, Leroy," she said innocently. Her tit was leaning on his arm, and Leroy could feel the heat through his sleeve. "Er . . . sure, why not?"

"I've seen the house."

"Don't be a party pooper, Uncle John," Cindy said, taking her uncle's arm. "You've never had me as a tour guide." Her smile was wide and inviting. John shrugged at his wife as he was led off by his young niece. Marcia and Leroy led the way. Jan Brady followed. Her smile was wide and inviting, too; it was also very knowing.

Greg and Peter sat on either side of Marcy Lincoln and their Aunt. Greg, next to his aunt, had his arm draped on the back of the large sofa. Bobby stayed behind the bar, a silly smile on his face.

"I hope you don't mind my saying, Marcy, that you're a lovely lady," Peter said. "In fact you look like a movie star."

"Oh, listen to that blarney," Mary said.

Marcy Lincoln laughed. "You hush up, Mary. This boy has good taste," she said, patting Peter's knee. "You just keep it up, honeychile, flattery will get you everywhere."

"I hope so," he said and moved closer to the lovely black woman.

"I second what Peter said. Both of you ladies should be in pictures," Greg said. His arm went around his aunt's shoulders. With his free hand he traced a soft line from her neck, down her thrusting breast to its tip.

Her eyes flew open. "Greg! What are you doing?"

Marcy felt the pressure of Peter's leg against her and their eyes met in a knowing stare. Her hand rested on his upper thigh.

"I think," Marcy said in a low voice, "these boys have something on their minds besides conversation."

Mary tried, with difficulty, to control her breathing. Her nephew's touch had sent a jolt of electric excitement through her body. She could feel the warm juice begin to flow in her cunt. This was her young nephew she told herself, her sister's child. However, what she saw before her was full adult male; a lean hard body hiding beneath his clothes. And he had a hard-on! For her!

His arm tightened around her. "Yes," he said, "you should definitely be in pictures. X-rated pictures. Like the ones you make with Mom and Dad."

Her eyes widened and her mouth opened. She looked from Greg to Peter, who were smiling, and back to Marcy, who was laughing. She looked at Bobby. He still wore the silly grin, only now he held a camcorder in his hands.

"You bastard!" she said, but the tension had been broken, replaced immediately by forbidden desire.

"Think you're big enough, white boy?" Marcy asked, pressing her body to Peter.

"Try me!" he said, and pulled her to him.

Greg and Mary watched them entwine, hands searching. Her nephew cupped her full tits and squeeze the nipples sending a shivering tremor up her spine and a hot excitment erupted throughout her body. "The girls?" she said, suddenly remembering where she was.

"What do you think?"

"Oh, you bastard!" she said grabbing his hard-on. Her last words before his mouth and tongue found hers were: "Fuck me!"


"This is the bedroom," Cindy proclaimed, "And this is the bed. It's a big one!"

"Dad always believed in large rooms," Jan said. She had taken Marcia's place on Leroy's arm and was standing very close to the large, black man, who was trying valiantly to keep his erection in check. He wasn't having much luck since Jan's lush body constantly rubbed against his. He wished he could just throw this honky chick on the bed and fuck her brains out. She was really getting to him.

At six foot four, 230 pounds, and with rugged good looks, Leroy had little trouble enticing women, black or white, to his bed. This little minx was the first chick, in a long time, he'd go out of his way to fuck. Her full tits, and sweet round ass were even better than her mothers'. Christ, he thought, imagine fucking both mother and daughter; that would really be a kick!

Like Leroy, John was aroused; only the object of his attentions was his niece, Cindy. Following her up the stairs, he had watched her heart-shaped ass bob in front of his eyes. He had actually licked his lips in desire. Now she stood with her arm in his, her body pressed tight against his, and the heat of her almost naked tits burning his arm.

Marcia stood in the doorway of her mother's dressing area, her arms on either side of the frame, her eyes unusually bright.

"This is where Mom undresses," she said. Her throaty voice seem to caress the last word. "This is where she takes off her clothes. Ever wondered how she does it, Uncle John? Maybe she starts like this," she said then reached under her arm and pulled the zipper of her dress down. The top fell away. Naked from the waist up, the nipples of her firm tits thrust out stiff, enlarged with desire. Leroy and John lost their fight with their erections. The black man took a tentative step in Marcia's direction.

"No," Jan said sharply, "You stay here with me!" She placed his hand on the zipper of her dress. "Pull!" she ordered.

John's mouth had flopped open like a dead fish when he saw Marcia's bare her body. His cock got achingly hard and he felt a tight pressure surround his balls. His mouth opened even wider when he realized that Cindy - sweet, little Cindy - was squeezing his nuts. From the corner of his eye he saw Leroy pull Jan's zipper all the way down. The dress puddled at her feet. She wore flimsy black lace panties, dove gray hose, and high heels. Nothing else. She's beautiful, he thought. Stacked! God, what a set! What a body! Cindy squeezed harder. "Ouch," he yelped.

"Pay attention, Uncle John, your turn will come; but not before I'm through with you." Then she slid the zipper of her dress down revealing her lovely young body to him. In every direction John looked, semi-naked women filled his vision. His nieces! His brother's stepdaughters!

Marcia knew his mind was awhirl, and it excited and thrilled her to have him watch as she slid the silk panties down her legs. Smiling, she knew he could see the silky blonde thatch between her legs and the puffy cuntlips. Turning her head she saw Jan kneeling in front of Leroy, her hands cradling his big black dick, stroking it like something alive; her lips pursed in front of the huge dark purple head. Slowly it disappear in her mouth.

Pussyjuice dribbled down Marcia's thigh as she saw Cindy starting to suck on Uncle John's cock; the glistening shaft disappearing all the way down her throat, then slowly reappearing an inch at a time. The deep suction made her uncle's eyes glaze over and he wasn't unaware of her removing his clothes. Kissing him, she tongued him deep; her active hands kneading his bare buttocks. He tried to say something to her, but his voice was strangled and he could only make incoherent noises.

Her hand found the secret spot in her pussy and her index finger began to move over it, slowly and deliberately. She knew her uncle's eyes were following her, watching her finger play in her pussy. It heightened her pleasure. She wanted him to watch. She wanted him to want her . . . to want them all, and to have them.

Jan refused to concede defeat to Leroy's cock. It was immensely thick and long; heavily ridged with bulging veins. The pungent, musky aroma filled her nostrils and excited her to a fever pitch, but despite his encouragements, the constant thrust of his hips, she could only get his cockhead in her mouth. She gripped his shaft, tightly, with both hands; holding on in desperation. Her lips were stretched to the tearing point but her tongue kept licking his cockhead and the tender underside of his dick. She strained to get another centimeter of his ebony prick in her willing mouth but she couldn't.

Just the thought of fucking, sucking this huge black man had filled her with lust - lust! That was the right word! Peter was love, this was lust; the near fulfillment of all her wanton fantasies. Her lips strained, her body glowed with the flush of desire.

Marcia knelt beside her sister and began to lave Leroy's meaty shaft with her delicate tongue, her breath ragged with anticipation. She could see herself speared by this huge, black engine; Uncle John in her ass. Her mind reeled with erotic fantasies that she knew could - would - come true.

"Oh, yesss," Leroy sighed, "Oh, suck my cock, girl. Lick it good!" He grabbed each woman by their blonde hair, his black hands in shocking contrast to their fair color. He pulled tight, desperate to have them close. "Johnny, boy," he yelled at his friend, "You have some fine pussy in your family! . . . eat my cock, both of you!"

Marcia and Jan fought a tongue dual over his cockhead, with neither losing. Leroy released their hair but quickly substituted a firm tit from each sister, kneading and squeezing their soft flesh, sending new, more exciting, waves of pleasure down to their sopping pussies. Their very busy fingers frigged pulsating clits; keeping desire at a fever pitch.

John Cummings knew that something had been said to him, but he didn't hear what it was, nor did he care. Cindy's warm, moist, yielding mouth occupied his entire mind and all his concentration. He held her head firm, pumping his dick in and out of her sweet mouth. Her hands dug into his asscheeks; demanding, pulling his cock further into her oval-sucking machine. He felt like his prick was going to be sucked right out of his body.

"Do it, baby . . . oh, suck your uncle's cock! Sweet Cindy," he cooed, unaware of his own words. "I'm fucking you in the mouth! Oh, yesss . . . that's it . . .that's it!"

"Don't cum yet, Uncle John," Cindy said breathlessly. "I want you to cum in my cunt! Here!" She leaned back on the floor and spread her legs obscenely wide; pulling her cuntlips apart. "Here!" she repeated. John fell between his lovely niece's wide open legs. His cock stretched her cunt opening, then slid easily into her sopping pussy.

"Aaaaahhh," he sighed, and slowly he began to fuck sweet Cindy. In a moment, they were locked together, moving in sexual unison; her body moving up on his shaft to meet his powerful forward thrust. "Oh, yesss, Uncle John," she moaned, "Stick it in deep. Fuck me good. Ohhhhhh, that's so gooood."

Cindy's words floated across the room to Marcia and Jan, and Leroy. They turned and saw Uncle John's cock pumping up and down in Cindy's juicy cunt. It was too much for Leroy. His cum boiled up from his ballsac; he felt it coming. Two, sure, swift strokes of his large fist and he erupted over the girls pretty faces. He came in powerful spurts. "Agggggh," he cried, panting, as the tremors crashed through him, turning his legs to jelly, and causing his body to shake uncontrollably.

Fortunately, Jan turned her face, mouth open, just as the first glob of cum exploded from Leroy's wildly pulsing prick. She caught it on her tongue, the tangy alkaline flavor burning into her flesh. The next splashed on the bridge of her nose and began to dribble downward.

She lunged at the cockhead and successfully captured it as it began erupting in furious spurts. Jan gulped, swallowing a mouthful of cum. The slimy wads slid down her gullet like hot oysters. Marcia pulled Leroy's cock from her sister's mouth roughly. He winced but couldn't stop shooting his wad. He was cumming by the cupful.

A spraying droplet splashed on her cheek before she could get his cock in her mouth, then she began to swallow. Jan caught the cum that had leaked down her nose and chin and shoved it back in her mouth with her fingers, savoring the spunky flavor.

Together, the sisters rubbed the still-dribbling cockhead over their faces; sucking its huge knob, milking the last vestiges of jism from the pisshole, sliding their lips and tongues up and down up and down until Leroy's black cock was clean and shiny. As they did, it began to twitch again; began to grow from half limp to steely hard. Jan got up and laid on the bed, her face shiny with a sheen of cum-juice.

"Fuck me, Leroy! Put your big black cock in me! Stretch me wide! Com'on, fuck me."

Marcia licked his cockshaft, feeling it respond to her touch. "Do it," she said, looking up at the sweating, panting black man. Gently, she pulled him by his dick to where her sister lay, and guided his huge black fuckpole into Jan's blonde pussy.

"Awwww, oh, God. It's so big!" Jan said as her cuntlips were stretched as her mouth had been. How had her mother, her tiny mother, taken this cock? It was a beautiful fucking, killing machine. He paused.

"NO!" she screamed. "DON'T STOP! FUCK ME! DO IT!"

Leroy's chest heaved as he felt Marcia behind him, running her hands over his body, caressing his heavy balls.

"Yeah, sweet-thing, open up your pussy for my black cock. Here it comes, baby! Take it! Just like your Momma!"

Jan forced her hips upward, impaling herself on his rigid rod. She came immediately! Her eyes rolled, and her toes curled, clutching at the bedsheets. She pumped upward, fucking herself on his steel-like cock, while Leroy held himself up on his arms and watched the beautiful white girl do all the work. "Yesss," she yelled. "Fuck me like you did my mother. Oh, yesss, that's it . . . do it . . . hard! Please, please fuck me! I'm on fire."

Marcia sucked on Jan's hardened nipples and played with Leroy's swinging ballsac. "Stick your cock all the way in her, you black bastard," Marcia snapped at Leroy. "Fuck her," she screamed. He gave Marcia a dirty look, then rammed his cock into Jan's open white body.

He was brutal. And she loved it. Her orgasm exploded upward from her pleasure-raw cunt, and erupted in her brain. The intensity made her body convulse and spasm with involuntary tremors. Blinding colors flashed behind her closed eyelids as waves of unexpressive pleasure crashed over her. She was in heaven. Then she fainted.

Leroy pulled his still hard cock out of Jan's dripping pussy. It was slimy with her cum juices. "Your turn now, bitch!" he snarled at Marcia, who jumped back at the harshness of his voice. She wasn't quick enough. He grabbed her wrist and twisted it hard, forcing her down.

"On your knees," he commanded. "Let see if you're as good as your mother." He pushed her down on her hands and knees beside her sister's panting body.

"Wait," she said, suddenly scared. "What are you going to do to me?"

The big black man laughed. "What do you think I'm goin' do to you, honky cunt. I'm gonna fuck your pretty pussy ragged, then I'm gonna ream out your asshole . . . and you're gonna love it - just like your momma."

"Oh, no," she yelled and tried to squirm away, but he held her down in a vise-like grip. Fear spread through her body.

The last of Uncle John's cum was dripping in Cindy's wet pussy, mixing with her cum juice. His cock gave a final twitch and finally was still. Every ounce of morrow had been sucked from his body by his young niece's demanding, ever juicy, always cumming cunt.

Her body had squirmed beneath him; hips grinding, demanding. Her nails and teeth had torn at his flesh. He couldn't believe her wantonness; her lust. Her cums were so frequent and intense; her body so wild, he feared that he would be thrown off of her. Now they lay quietly, still entwined; Cindy's tongue tracing zigzag lines on his face and neck, the world slowly intruding upon them.

Voices, once just noise, became clear. They pulled apart and looked across the room. Leroy was forcing Marcia to her knees; describing in detail what he was about to do to her. Jan lay beside them; exhausted or unconscious, neither could tell. They could see the glistening droplets of cum dangling in her pussy hairs; the open, pink, inner walls of her cunt staring back at them.

Cindy raised up on her arm. Leroy's ebony cock, slick with pussy juice, stood up, straight and hard, and filled her vision. "Oooh," she said, eyes bright again with excitement, "Lets get a closer look. That fuckin' thing is huge!"

Leroy's left arm lay heavily across Marcia's buttocks and with his right hand he guided his thick cock up and down the crack of her ass; around her pussy, lubricating it with her flowing secretions. His words, his threats; his huge club, had actually stimulated her even more and her pussy was full of cunt juice. She could feel it leaking out, down her legs; feel it oiling Leroy's fat dickhead as he slid it over her fat cuntlips. Its very touch sent a shiver through her body.

Pleasure and fear of the unknown mixed together as she felt him place his massive dong at the very tip of her cunt, teasing her lips. Her body twitched, then with one smooth stroke he shoved his erect cock to the hilt up her hot, searing pussy.

"Aaaaaaggggggg!" she screamed; face contorted, hands tearing at the sheets. The initial pain of penetration by Leroy's huge shaft almost caused her to blackout. Sweat broke out on her brow and she shoved the bedsheet in her mouth to keep from screaming again. Kneeling behind her, hands tight on the white mounds of her ass, she felt the muscles of his large black body bunch into knots as he strained to hold himself in check.

"Oh, shit, hot white pussy! I'm in!" he proclaimed. "That's it baby, you can take it . . . easy now, that's it. Just like your sister; just like your momma."

By sheer force of will, Marcia controlled her ragged breathing. Leroy's huge, black fuckpole was buried to the hilt in her pussy, stretching her beyond belief. Slowly, she felt a strange warm feeling begin to take hold. The pain was no longer there. His mammoth prick begin to move. The strokes became longer, and the pleasure began to grow.

"Ooooooh," she moaned, as the warm glow started to wash over her. "Oh, yesss. Fuck me, Leroy! Just like you did my mother. Oh, yeah . . . harder, harder, Leroy. That's it! Fuck!"

Leroy's cock was slick with pussyjuice and now moved easily in the lovely white chick's cunt and he could see the thick, pale-white cream clinging, slimy, to his prick. He panted harshly as her cunt spread wide and accepted him, the thick lips sliding back and forth over his shaft as he drove his dong into her. "Oh, hot pussy. I love it!"

Marcia panted, grinding her hips back into him, wanting more of his exotic blackness. She heard him laugh, then he smacked her ass and shoved his dick in hard.

"I'm cunning!" she whined. "OHHHHHHHH, FUCK!"

The big black humped her wildly, slamming his cock in her spasming cunt until it felt like she'd faint from the intensity of her sensations and she would have collapsed if Leroy hadn't held her up by the hips.

"Now for the big one!" he huffed, pulling his cock from her dripping pussy. Droplets of cum clung to his shaft and her silken pussy hair.

"Look," Cindy whispered hoarsely to her uncle, "He's going to fuck her up the ass!"

John Cummings had seen Leroy Lincoln fuck a white asshole before; his own wife's, in fact. But this was something else; more stimulating, more erotic. These were his own nieces, and there was something more graphic, more lewd about watching this than anything he had ever seen before. His hard-on was back, and Cindy held it tightly.

Leroy ran his hand up Marcia's cunt, spreading slick cunt-juice up her asshole. Jan, now awake, Cindy, and Uncle John watched in passionate fascination as Leroy ran a finger up Marcia's asshole and pistoned rapidly as she squirmed, then suddenly yanked his finger out. Marcia jumped wildly, as if touched by live wire. Her eyes widened, and her mouth flopped open, but, so sudden was the intrusion, and its retraction, that no sound came out.

Leroy's attack on Marcia's asshole was so swift that everyone, including Marcia, was caught unaware. The surprise saved her, but she wasn't aware of it. Had her ass muscles tightened; fought back, Leroy's massive rod would have torn her apart. He had mounted her and in one swift motion, had guided his cock into her almost virgin butt, sinking it to the shank.

"Eeeeeeeeh!" Marcia yelled. "Oh, God! Oh, God!" she panted, suddenly feeling the full stretch of her asshole. Her eyes bulged and her eyeballs rolled until the whites showed. She was breathing so rapidly that she almost hyper-ventilated; her body swaying with dizziness.

"Ahhhhh, yeahhhhh! I love tight ass!" Leroy hissed. Then, slowly, with great care - he knew just how big he really was - he started to move his cock up her Marcia's ravished ass. She gritted her teeth, waiting for the pain; but it didn't come. Instead, a strange, exciting feeling surged through her body engulfing her brain.

"Oh, oh, yessss! Ooooooo! Oh, God, yesssss! It's great! It's great!" she yelled. Her body squirmed backward, head flopping from side to side. Her fingers probed her cunt; she was dripping again. Swiftly, they moved over her distended clit and blinding flashes of light began to explode in her brain. She rammed two wet fingers up her sopping pussy and her hot juices dribbled down her thigh.

Jan was on her hands and knees, straining to see her sister's pleasure. She felt a sudden pressure at her asshole; turning, she saw her uncle between her legs, his tongue licking and probing her sensitive third hole. He slobbered saliva all over her orifice as the tip of his tongue penetrated her ass. Her eyes closed in pleasure.

"Ooooh, yesss, lick my asshole . . . tongue it!" Her voice was hoarse with new passion. She lowered her head and raised her ass to give her uncle greater access to her treasure. The view from between her legs; her uncle's big cock and heavy balls, made her cunt boil over with new, hot cunt-juice. She watched as his cock disappeared from view; his balls now close to her cunt. Her asshole was being stretched - slowly, cautiously. She panted as the sensations she had seen in her sister's face began to take hold of her. His cock was halfway in, his ballsac now slapped her open cunt. Automatically, she began to play with her pussy; fingering herself, stabbing her cunthole with her index finger; running it over her super-sensitive clit.

"Oh, baby-love. I've got to fuck your ass! Relax, babe, I'm almost there. Relax!"

She leaned back, impaling herself on her uncle's joy stick, remembering the sensations that Peter had first introduced her to just days - hours? - ago. Her hands moved rapidly in her cunt. She was close to climax.

Cindy knelt between her two skewered sisters; both with their asses high, impaled with thick, wonderful fuckmeat, her body shivering with desire and voyeuristic pleasures. She lived the assfucking - both of them - by watching her sisters, sharing the thrills and pleasures that crashed through their bodies and brains. She got down between them; hugging each, kissing them; lips, necks, bodies; sucking their tits; heightening their joy. Her own pleasure threatening to crash through the dam at any second. Without conscious thought, she shoved her cum-rich muff in Marcia's face, laid back and offered her swollen tits to her sister, Jan.

Responding to their total abandonment of convention, the incestuous sisters added their younger sibling to the rutting group. Marcia's tongue spread her cuntlips apart and she sucked on Cindy's' swollen clitoris, while Jan laved the hardened nipples of her younger sister. Cindy's orgasm began the second Marcia started to suck on her clit. It triggered a chain reaction as, first, each of her sisters began to cum, followed by the ass-humping men. The screams of passion, of ejaculation, of orgasm echoed off the bedroom walls; mixing together to form a calliope of loud, disjointed groans, moans, and whimpers. As suddenly as it started, it stopped, and the exhausted quintet fell to the floor, panting.

"Mmmmmmmm. Oh, I feel so good," Marcia said.

"Me too," Jan sighed.

"I'm not talking while the flavor lasts," Cindy said and the girls giggled. John and Leroy sat on the floor, their chest heaving from the exertion of fucking two super-hot, young assholes. They smiled at each other in self- satisfaction.

"Like I said, man; you have some fine pussy in your family. Fine pussy!" Leroy's words came in gulps.

"Oh, yeah, that we do. And I didn't even know it until tonight." John looked at the girls. "What triggered this passion, anyway?"

They laughed in unison. "Your X-rated epic," Cindy said.

Marcia said: "Staring Mom and Dad; their brother and sister, and . . ."

". . . a all black supporting cast." Jan said, finishing her sister's sentence.

"You know about that? You mean all this was planned?"

"Oh, yes, very definitely," Marcia said, "And if our plan is doing well, Aunt Mary and your wife, Leroy, have, hopefully, been fucked and reamed as well as we have."

"Christ! I forgot about them. Are the guys fucking their Aunt Mary?"

"Of course," Jan said in a tolerant voice.

"What's the purpose?" her uncle persisted.

"Who gives a big rat's ass, John. They fuck like aces. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth."

Jan leaned over and kissed her uncle, lightly, on the lips; her hand caressed his flaccid cock. "Don't worry, Uncle John," she said, "we'll explain everything in good time."

"Yeah," Cindy said, "like right after I get Leroy's big dick in my cunt and ass."

"And after I get to fuck my mother's brother," Marcia said with a excited glow in her eyes. Jan waved her hand in the air. "Don't forget about me."

The two men looked at each other, then at the three lovely, very horny, young women. "Oh, shit!" they said together.


Much later, when the sated quintet returned to the living room only Greg was up and on his feet. He was standing at the bar having a drink and he looked like he needed it. Marcia walked to him, careful not to step on any of the bodies laying on the floor. "Hi, honey," she said, hugging him. "How do you feel?"

He held her tight, feeling the warmth of her naked body against his. The smell of sex permeated her skin, like a heady perfume. He kissed her, first lightly, then with more force and desire. "Hi, yourself," he said with a smile. "I missed you, believe it or not. And I probably feel about the same as you do."

"That good?" She laughed and looked around the room. Leroy had Marcy up and leaning against him. John was assisting his wife.

"Looks like you guys had a good time - a real good time," Jan said from the sofa. She was prodding Peter's limp cock with her bare toe. Everyone was naked.

"It was a draw," Greg said. "And we were damn glad to get it. Those two ladies can fuck!"

"Com'on," Marcia said, tugging Greg by the hand, "sit down. You look like you're ready to fall."

"Thanks heaps," he said.

"Oh, Christ!" Peter said with a yawn, "I am definitely pussywhipped. Where did you learn to fuck like that, Aunt Mary?"

Mary was sitting in an armchair, rubbing a cold washcloth over her warm body. Cum spots were still evident on her face, and in her hair. When she smiled, as she did now, you could tell that Mike Brady was her brother. The smile was the same.

"I'll take that as a compliment, Peter; but to tell you the truth, I'm a late bloomer. Of course, the way things are turning out, I'm not complaining. I have been thoroughly screwed, blued, and tattooed, tonight. Now would someone kindly tell me what's going on here?"

"We were fucking," Cindy said in all innocence.

"Before we tell you our part, we'd like to know how everything started between you all and Mom and Dad."

Mary looked at her husband for guidance. He shrugged. "That was a fortunate accident! A couple of years ago we, that is, your parents, John and I, went to Lake Tahoe for the weekend. We had connecting rooms at the hotel. That night we danced 'til the wee hours, and were pretty high, too, so we just fell into the first bed that was handy. Only, somehow, John was with his sister and I was with my brother.

"Chalk it up to the drinks, the atmosphere, whatever; sometime during the night we all got horny and wound up fucking each other."

"Did you know you were fucking your own brother?" Jan asked.

"Oh, no, I didn't. It was dark in the room. John wasn't aware of who he had in bed, either."

"That's right," their uncle said. "Carol and Mary are built pretty much the same."

"Yes, we are," Mary said, continuing her story, "but that night was different. It was like being first married again. We just tried to screw each other to death. It was really super-charged night of sex.

"We all woke up when the phone rang the next morning and we realized what happened. Well, I can tell you, we were four nut cases. Carol and I cried; the guys paced the floor. They didn't know whether to punch each other in the mouth or or what. It really was a mess."

"How did you settle it? How did you all get together?" Peter asked in his best attorney manner.

"Well, we each went off in different directions. When we got back we had a bottle sent up and we started talking seriously. After a couple of drinks, we started to tell the truth. We were horny again! Sex with my brother; John with his sister, was the thing that made us horny again. We'd been in a rut. And the truth of the matter was, secretly I'd always wanted to fuck Mike, even when I was a young girl; and Carol had always wanted to fuck her brother, too. We were naturally close to each other and he had been my first secret love.

"The guys finally admitted that they used to peek at us taking baths; Carol and I did the same thing. It just seemed that brothers and sisters are sexually attracted to each other but convention forces that sexuality to the back of the mind, but it's always there. We found that out. So, what we did was to admit the truth. We had enjoyed ourselves and, more importantly, we wanted to do it again.

"And we did. This time in the same room, and in the same bed!" Mary Brady Cummings leaned forward, hands together in her lap. She looked at her nephews and nieces; meeting the eye of each. "Want to know something funny? When I was fucking my brother, and watching John fuck his sister, I never felt move love towards him then I did at that moment."

Marcia looked at Greg. "I know what you mean, I really do. I felt close to Greg when Uncle John was fucking me; I didn't feel like I was cheating on him."

Mary smiled at her. She held her husband's hand and looked up at him, her eyes full of love. "What we found out; what your parents found out, was that sex was a great stimulation, a constant source of pleasure. Sharing it with others didn't detract from the love you had for one particular person."

"Amen to that," Leroy said, and held his wife, Marcy closer. "I think my wife has the sweetest, the workingest pussy in the world. I love watching her fuck. She can make rocks cum."

Peter raised his hand. "Shit, I'll swear to that."

And the Brady bunch laughed and hugged.

And they loved.


Mike and Carol Brady did not arrive home until late Monday evening. The house was empty, their children gone.

"Well," Carol said, her voice forlorn, "so much for our family anniversary party. They're gone."

"Yeah," her husband said gruffly. He didn't admit it, but, he too, had looked forward to the reunion. To make matter worse, the trip to Sacremento had been a bust. The building had not needed design modifications, Scivone had been running scared and just wanted to play the big man at their expense. They had spent almost three days in a constant yelling match until, at last, Scivone had relented, admitting he had made a mistake. Reluctantly, he apologized.

"Stick your apology up your ass! You're going to choke when you get our bill," Mike had yelled at him. They were home now, emotionally exhausted; their hard won victory over Scivone a sour taste in their mouths. All their personal plans had been ruined.

"Oh, look, Mike, a note from the kids," Carol said picking up an envelope marked: To Mom and Dad. She tore it open.

"What do they say?"

"I . . . don't understand, look at this," she said thrusting the note to him.

'Dear Mom and Dad,' he read, 'we've gone home to get our things in order. With luck, we'll all be back within a week or two. Then we'll have a real party. By the way, we left you a little something to remember us by. It's in the den.'

"I guess they're coming back; probably want to give us the anniversary party we missed. I think that's great."

"But arranging for them to get here for this weekend took weeks. And what do they mean by 'getting our things in order.' What things?"

"Carol, you're asking the wrong person. There's the phone, give Marcia a call. She's the one who wrote the note. Hey, lets see what they left for us."

"I don't see anything," Carol said looking around the den.

"Neither do I . . . wait a sec, there's a note on the VCR." He picked up the piece of paper. 'Just hit the PLAY button,' it said. Carol looked at her husband, a strange sinking feeling in her chest. "Mike, you did hide that tape, didn't you?"

"Of course, I did," he said punching the PLAY button. The screen whirred and the picture took focus. John and Mary Cummings stood by the pool, arm in arm, fully dressed, waving at the camera. Carol sighed in relief. The scene shifted to the den; to a close up of Marcia and Mary faces; their heads were together, smiling. Carol thought they looked flushed, excited; and they seem to be straining to control their breathing.

"The kids have asked me to narrate their present to you," Mary said looking straight at the camera. "It's really not what you think. It's a lot more. Seems they share the same outlook on life that we do, only they, fortunately, have discovered it much earlier then we did."

Mike and Carol looked at each other, perplexed. Her sister-in-law was panting. Marcia looked like she was in a trance. "What's going on, Mike?" Her husband just shook his hand at her to be quiet.

"I'm having trouble keeping my mind on what I'm saying," Mary continued. Beads of perspiration popped out on her brow. "Maybe, like the Chinese say, a picture is worth a thousand words."

The camera panned back to a full-angle shot. Carol and Mike gasped at the same time; their throats constricted and their chests began to heave. Carol clutched at her mouth. Her sister-in-law and her oldest daughter were naked! And impaled on two large cocks! The shock intensified as they saw who belonged to those cocks. Greg's thick prong was stuck deep in his aunts' wet, furry pussy, and John, Marcia's uncle, had his pole pumping in and out of their daughter's juicy cunt! The senior Bradys grasped at each other for support, for comfort; they didn't know which. Initial shock gave way to anger, then, slowly, to wide-eyed fascination.

It was like watching their secret fantasies come true before their very eyes. The camera came in for a close-up of the two stuffed pussies. Mike's eyes bulged when he saw the white, frothy pussycream on his brother's cock. His daughter's pussyjuice! He licked his lips in envy. He wanted to taste it badly. The camera continued to pan the room.

"Oh, my god!" Carol yelped as, suddenly, the screen was filled with her youngest daughter, Cindy, sucking on a very large, very black cock. Her jaws were stretched to the limit. Black hands imprisoned her blonde head, forcing more of the mammoth rod into her mouth. Even with eyes slitted with passion, they could see the euphoric look in them. The camera panned around to her back. Bobby Brady had his cock in his sister's pussy and was stroking it in and out, slowly. In close-up, they could see the cum-juice glisten on his meaty shaft. He gave the camera a thumbs-up sign and smiled.

"I'm glad . . . you haven't changed your hiding places, Dad," he said to the camera. "You were the greatest, Mom!"

Carol dug her fingers into Mike's arm and he yelped.

"Yeah, Mom," Peter's voice said off camera. "I can't wait to find out what you're like in real life." The camera swung in an arc. Peter and Jan were on the sofa. She was straddling him, the tip of his thick prick in her blonde pussy, his hands kneading her full, firm tits. They could see the residue of Peter's saliva around Jan's nipples. They stood out hard and erect.

"And I," Jan said breathlessly, "get first shot at your cock, dear Dad." She smiled at the moving camera. "We cut cards and you're mine!"

Mike Brady's erection was immediate and Carol's hand was there to squeeze it tightly through his pants. The camera continued to move around, recording the passion of each Brady member as they coupled together; with their aunt and uncle, and with Leroy and Marcy. Each scene triggered new, forbidden pleasures in their parents. Carol realized that the back of her skirt was wet with her own juices. She was pressing her hand against her mound trying to hold back the flood that threatened to gush out while her other hand squeezed her husband huge, erect, cock, straining to be released.

The screen went blank for a moment and she sighed with a sudden sense of loss. Then Marcia and Greg appeared on the screen. They were wearing robes, but their faces were still flushed with the glow of sex.

"Hi, Mom," she said smiling. "We hope all this wasn't too much of a shock."

"Actually," Greg said, "we're hoping, that after the initial shock you guys started to fuck your brains out. Like you were joining us."

Mike and Carol blushed and held each other tight. The first scenes had been shocking. Then, passion and lust; erotic fantasies had taken control of their minds and bodies. They hadn't jumped at each other, the way they did with other sex videos, they had savored this one, living the moments with each of their offspring. Love, lust and pride intermingling emotions. They couldn't, literally, take their eyes off the screen. The other Brady's came and stood behind Greg and Marcia. Even with the light robe on, Jan's magnificent tits were prominent.

"The reason for all this is simple. We want what you have; right here. We want to come home. Our lives, everything we want - and love - is here, under this roof. Your lifestyle - our lifestyle - may not be for everyone but it's what we want," Marcia said in earnest.

"What do you say, Dad," Jan said, "Would you like a good architect in the firm who could also blow the hat right off your head? Think about the fun we could have on a drafting table."

John and Mary Cummings stepped into the picture. "What the hell are you standing there with your mouth open, Mike. Move your ass. Get the house ready. The Brady bunch has united."

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