The Group- Erik and Beth, The New Couple

I woke up the day after the party and got a ride home from my dad, asking what happened like any curious parent, I told him about me and beth, but no specifics, and especially not about her and her shirt. My phone had died so it was no suprise when I got home to see that she had written me. She told me her parents weren't gonna be home today, and that she wanted me to go swimming with her. I told my parents that she had invited me, but nothing about the lack of supervision. I went off to get my other swim trunks(my mom was a clean freak, so she refused to let me wear them without washing them, and got showered and ready. I had two hours to waist so I spent it texting with Leah since Beth's phone died and she was without her charger. Leah was my best girl friend I had, and we were very close.
"Me and her are together now, and i'm going over later"
"Aww really, how cute, just be careful with her"
"With what?"
"Shes a flirty blonde, shes cheated before"
"I know, but I want to trust her"
"Just be careful,so what you guys gonna do now?"
"Swimming at her house ;)"
"Ohhh, have fun, use protection haha"
And with that, two hours had passed and it was time to leave, my mom dropped me off this time at her house, and said be careful, oh I would.
I found her sitting on her couch smiling watching tv, her favorite thing to do. I dropped my stuff next to her, and she gave me a hug, and asked me if I was ready to go, and I said yes. She said she had to get dressed and to meet her outside, which i did. I took off my shirt and jumped in her pool. It was freezing but I managed through it. She came out later in a red bikini top with red and blue stripes, and a red bottom. Yes I realize I'm a creep but I couldn't help but stare at her, she was so beautiful, she was dirty blonde, not to skinny, but not too chubby by any means, just the right size boobs that made her chest look amazing, she was amazing.
"What you staring at" She suddenly interupted my thoughts
"Uhhh..nothing" I said shocked
"Uhuh, sure, your such a creep, but your my creep" As she gave me a wet kiss
So we swam for a while, playing games, jumping into the pool, seeing who could do the best dives, and so on. Then she told me she had a special game to play.
"Ok, now for some real fun"
She then pulls off her top, and her bottom quickly follows, and she pulls off my shorts, my bulg already getting hard.
"Now its a tease, because you can't see me, and I can't see you, so, let's have a little fun underwater"
I didn't understand right away but when she went under I completely understood, she began sucking my rock hard cock. It felt amazing, you masturbate over 9000 times, and you can never match a blow job in a million years
"Ah shit that feels so good, don't stop"
But after a few seconds she stopped and came back up, much to my dismay.
"The game is, you get pleasure as long as the other person can hold their breathe, so the longer you last underwater, the more pleasure the other one gets, fun no?"
"That was fun i'll admit hehehe"
"Your turn, better make it good, or your gonna have a "hard" time today ;)"
With that, I slipped underwater and began pleasuring her, first running fingers along her crotch then just full out finger fucking her with one hand and grouping her boob with the other. It was hard to hear underwater, but I could tell she was enjoying it. I went as long as I could without passing out and re-surfaced.
"God that was fucking great, you know what, screw teases, I'm horny as shit right now"
"I couldn't agree more"
And with that, she lead up to the stairs of the pool, and I finally got a good look at her naked body. It was like seeing the sun for the first time, you had no idea what to do, but you loved every second of it. She pushed me on the steps and began sucking and blowing and everything the a good blowjob requires
"Ahhh fuck, don't stop it feels amazing"
I began to feel the sensation of my climax coming
"Beth Im gonna cum"
"I want to taste it, cum now cum now"
That was all I needed as I let out a huge burst of cum right after another on her face, I thought she might gag, but she just kept taking it over and over. Eventually it was finished, and I had to catch my breathe.
"My god, that was great"
"I want it back now"
She got up on the stairs and spread her legs for a clear opening of her pussy. I kneeled on a step below the water and began licking up and down her slit making her moan, then I started to finger fuck her and she lost all control it seemed, pulling my head from behind and begging me not to stop.
"Oh my fucking god don't stop don't you dare fucking stop, oh shit!"
And there her muscles tightened and she gave a load moan, a little to load for comfort as I worried one of the neighbors might have heard, but those thoughts were soon lifted by what she said next.
"I want you to fuck me, lets go over there"
She lead me to her trampoline, which was odd to me, but I let her guide it, I was about to get some, so I really didn't care.
"wait, protection, my parents keep some in their bathroom, let me go get one"
She ran into the house, still a little wet I might add, so I was suprised she didn't slip, she returned a minute later holding it, and opening it up, and started it down my shaft. It was weird at first, but I got used to it.
"I'm still a virgin, but I lost the "cherry" in gymnastics when I was 5, but I've never done it"
"I am too, but you seemed like a pro in there, you've seriously never done it?"
"Nope, just seen it online, you know, like everyone else"
And with that she got on top and slowly went down my shaft, making a moan each time, and speeding up just a bit each time. The feeling beat the blowjob by so much, it was like heaven on Earth. She started picking up the pace more and more until the slapping noise began and thats when she started getting into an ecasty voice.
"Oh fuck me, come on, keep going keep going oh my god don't stop ughh it feels so good"
"Oh shit that feels amazing"
I started to feel the sensation again, despite having cummed a few minutes ago, 14 year olds aren't exactly known for their stamina, and I could feel her getting close as well.
"Im gonna cum!"
Do it do it do it oh yes!
And with that I climaxed harder than ever and she fell right on top of me and didn't move for a few minutes.
"You okay?"
"Okay? I'm amazing, I love you"
"I love you too"
With that we got up, and got dressed. We spent the rest of the time watching tv or making out on her couch till it was time to go. That was the best night of my life by far.

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