Maria's Favor to a Geek - Chapter 4

Steve stirs in his sleep. He felt something which broke him from his rest; something that felt really good. He opens his eyes, and sees the side of Sarah's face who was kissing his neck, and rubbing her body against him.

"Ohh fuck Sarah" he whispers.

She crawls up to him, and kisses him softly on the lips. "Mmmm" She pulls away, and brings her mouth to his ear. "I set my alarm," she whispers, "we can do whatever we want." She sits up, and gently rocks her hips, rubbing herself against Steve's crotch.

"Ohh god" Steve moans. Sarah looked so hot. She was wearing just her panties, and a thin shirt. Her young, petite body sat on top of him, with her legs wrapped around either side. Her erect nipples poked out through her shirt. It was a delight to see her like this.

Sarah helps Steve sit up off his back, and pulling his shirt off in the process. She sits in his lap, and starts to slowly slide up and down, grinding her wet panties against his hard bulge. It was such a turn on, and it was making him hard. Steve puts his hands around her waist and pulls her into a passionate kiss. Their lips caress warmly, and their tongues dance in each others' mouth.

Sarah pulls away, and lifts her shirt off, throwing it to the floor. Steve gazes at her beautiful body, and admires her naked breasts. Then she pulls the pin from of her hair, letting it drape down naturally. She looked so stunningly beautiful to him in that moment. She then sits up on her knees, so Steve can kiss her belly. He then lowers her back down and kisses her all the way up her body to her breasts. He moves up to her neck, and then as he kisses her jaw, she loses it.

"Ohhh fuck!" she moans. She slides her fingers into her panties and starts to finger herself. She then leans into him, and whispers in his ear, "have you ever taken a girl's virginity before?"

Steve just shakes his head, no. So Sarah reaches down and gently rubs his aching bulge. She maintains eye contact with him and slowly slides down his zipper, pulling him out. Steve moans as he feels her touch. She slowly runs her fingers along the length of him; feeling his size in her bare hands. Her cheeks turn red at the though of finally having him inside her.

She sits up on her knees again, this time pulling her panties aside, and she positions Steve's erection to her moist, virgin pussy. She then wraps her arms around him and slowly begins to lower herself down. Steve's cock slides up inside her, passing through the perforation in her hymen, and stretching her open. Sarah grits her teeth as his manhood forces its way inside her.

"Ohhhh fuck!" she cries out.

"Ohhhh my god!" Steve moans. Her pussy tightens around him as she tenses up. She continues to lower herself all the way down, and holds herself in place while she tries to get used to the feeling of having him inside her. Emotionally she feels extremely happy that she's now officially lost her virginity to Steven. The physical discomfort slowly fades away as she relaxes her body.

"Are you alright?" Steve asks.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

Sarah then slowly starts to move her body up and down on Steve's cock. She was tight, and the sensation felt so good to Steven. They both moan as she starts to rides him faster. They continue to hold each other intimately, while Steven runs his fingers through her hair and kisses the side of her face. She really likes this, and she starts to move her body more erotically, and breathe harder and faster.

"Ohhh Sarah!" he moans, "This feels so good!"

He grabs her, and holds her in place while he thrusts upwards into her.

"HOLY FUCK!" she cries out. "Fuck me, Steve!"

She grabs him, and forcefully pulls both of them down as she lies on her back. Steve repositions himself over top of her, and Sarah lifts her legs up exposing her beautiful pussy to him. Steve lines his cock up, and pushes in, penetrating her once again. She then wraps her arms and legs around him, and Steve starts thrusting into her hard and fast.

"OH FUCK!" Sarah cries. "YEAHHHH!"

"Oh my god, Sarah!" he grunts.

He slams her hard, slapping his thighs against her soft body, and making the sofa shake and skid with each thrust. Sarah is unable to control her voice at this point, and she presses her face into Steve's shoulder. Her pussy clamps down on Steve's cock, and she screams out in ecstasy, as her orgasm hits her hard.

"Oh fuck, Sarah!" Steve cries. He could feel the pressure building, and was soon going to explode.

"Oh Steve! Cum inside me! Hurry!"

He starts to thrust into her harder and faster, and then a tingling sensation radiates through his body. "Oh my god baby! It feels so good! Oh yeahhh! Oh fff--uugggghhhhhhhhh!" He erupts, shooting his load deep inside her. His whole body shakes as spurt after spurt of cum fills her warm pussy.

"Oh my god" he softly moans. They both squeeze each other tightly, and kiss passionately as they reach the apex of their first sexual experience together. Then Steve collapses down beside her, and wraps his arms around her, pulling her into a cuddle.

"I love you, Steve" she whispers in his ear, still out of breath.

"I love you too, Sarah."

They both close their eyes, and slowly drift away to sleep.

Sarah wakes up two hours later, and panics. Morning had come, and she didn't want anyone to find the two of them lying naked together. She quickly grabs her shirt off the floor and runs back upstairs to her bedroom.

A short while after, Ericka emerges from the master bedroom, and prepares to wake everyone else up to get ready. She's in a real hurry and offers to buy everyone breakfast from the drive-thru on their way into town.

They all pile into the car, and head out. The tournament was taking place inside of a large gaming store downtown. There was always a crowd of people hanging out there, playing games, and organizing events. They have tables, a lounge area, and TVs to play games on, and lots of crap to buy.

After about twenty minutes of driving, they arrive, and Ericka drops them off in front of the building. She then leaves to go take care her errands for the day, and gives them some extra cash for a taxi later. Michael, Sarah, and Steve, all walk into the store together, and scout out the place. There were about eight or nine regular customers, and maybe ten or eleven others hanging out at the back near where the TVs were set up. Some of them were already playing practice matches and had people standing behind them watching.

"Hey guys," says a voice from behind them. They all turn around to see Ted approaching them. He had a cup of java in hand, and just got back from a coffee shop down the street. He explains that he's been here all morning, and was waiting for them to show up. He's played a few random matches, but mostly just watched others. "Oh Sarah, you're going to be playing too?" he asks.

"Mhmm" she responds nonchalantly. Sarah doesn't really like Ted that much. He's always been really cocky and rude, which she doesn't care for. She sees him as just an annoyance.

"Oh, well, sweet. Good luck. Anyway, you guys should register before it fills up. There's already nine of us, and they want to limit it to sixteen."

He takes them over to the registration table and they all get signed up. They then walk around and watch other people play practice games. Ted pulls Michael aside to talk to him, while Steve and Sarah continue to watch the other players.

"So what's the deal with Maria? Is she in love with you, or some shit?" Ted asks, condescendingly.

"Uhh, well, no. I mean, I guess she just wanted to help me out you know." Michael struggles with his explanation. He knows that Ted doesn't want to believe he had sex with Maria. How was he supposed to explain it?

"I just don't get it, Mike. What does a beautiful girl like her possibly have to gain from helping you. She must be trying to trick you, or something. I'd stay away from her if I were you." Ted warns.

That thought has crossed Michael's mind; even he was somewhat suspicious at first. But at the same time, Maria's been nothing but kind to him, she's helped him open up more, and, on top of that, she's given him the most mind-blowing sex ever -- twice. Frankly, he doesn't even care at this point.

"Yeah, I dunno, Ted either way, I don't really give a shit. It's just nice to spend time with her," he explains.

"I guess," Ted mumbles.

Over the next twenty to thirty minutes, a handful of people come into the store and register. They now have the sixteen people they need, and are ready to begin the tournament. So the tournament organizer seeds the brackets and starts to announce the match-ups for the first round. And wouldn't you know it, Michael's name is the first called. Ted is seventh. Sarah is tenth. And Steven is sixteenth. There's only four TVs that can be played on at any one time, which means that half the field has to wait, (at least during the first round.) So Steve and Sarah will both be sitting out until a spot opens up.

Michael takes his seat at TV #1, and Ted sits way on the other side at TV #4. All the other players, who are currently competing, also take their seats, and then the tournament organizer shouts, "Good luck!", as the first eight players begin their matches.

Michael navigates through the game menu, and then ***********s the space ranger as his character. His opponent then picks the warrior. Perfect, he says to himself. Michael has a lot of practice against the warrior, since that's what Steve mostly plays. They *********** the stage, and begin their match.

Michael quickly fires off two shots from his laser gun, and leaps forward towards his opponent. The blasts hit him just as he approaches, stunning him for only a moment. Michael grabs him, and throws him forward, jumping towards him once again. This time, he runs pass him, and grabs him from the other side, and does a rolling throw, launching him off the platform. He jumps off the side after him, and stomps on him, sending him hurdling down, into the lava pit below. He then air-hops and grabs the side of the platform and pulls himself to safely. One life down, and two to go. "Too easy," Michael thinks to himself.

Ted's opponent suffers a similar fate. He quickly, and effortlessly disposes of him, and claims his first victory. Both Michael and Ted wrap up their games in just under three minutes total. The two of them meet up at the registration table to record their wins.

"So, how'd your game go?" asks Mike.

"Oh you know, I pressed a few buttons, and counted the tiles on the ceiling. You?"

Michael laughs. "Yeah, same here." He looks around the room. "I don't recognize anyone. Does this place have regulars?"

"Yeah, this is like the sixth time I've played here, and I've notice there are mostly all the same people, give or take a few unknowns. Scott is the one you've gotta watch out for. He's pretty good," Ted explains. "But as far as everyone else goes, nothing to be too worried about, just don't play stupid, and you'll do fine."

Suddenly the whole room erupts with people screaming, and cheering, and loud roars of excitement. They both quickly glance over to see a bunch of people gathered around one particular spot, getting all riled up.

"What the hell is going on over there?" Ted exclaims.

They walk over to get a closer look, and to their total shock, they see Sarah playing -- well. She's up two lives over her opponent, and only one kill away from victory. Michael and Ted's jaws drop as they watch her play. She skillfully performs a series of impressive tricks, and combos, juggling her opponent, and pushing him towards the edge. She then does a vanish, followed by a reverse vanish, making him attack the wrong way. His back is now turned to her, and she kicks him over the side.

It's not over yet though; her opponent then turns towards the platform, and shoots out a grapple, hooking it onto the ledge. He uses it to launch himself upwards towards her. However, Sarah reacts with amazing speed, and dives off the side, suiciding into him, causing them both to fall to their death. The games ends 3-1.

Sarah throws her fist up, and leaps out of her chair, celebrating her first victory. The crowd goes nuts.

"What the f-- fuck!" Michael shouts.

"H-oh shit!" Ted exclaims.

Right then, Steve runs over and sweeps Sarah off her feet, and they kiss in a passionate, loving embrace. Ted and Michael's eyes open even wider, as they both do a double-take.

"W-w-what? -- Did I miss something?" Michael stutters. First he witnesses his sister playing the game at an expert level, and now he sees her and his best friend making out together. The whole idea of it was too much for his mind to grasp right now. For at least ten whole seconds, he could not comprehend anything that was going on around him.

"Uhhhh" Ted just stares.

Michael's chest then starts to rapidly heave back and forth as he becomes giddy and somewhat hysterical. "W-w-what the hell is going on here!" He laughs. "I must be losing my mind"

Just then, he feels a light tapping on his shoulder.

"Are you Michael-san?" a squeaky voice asks.

He turns around and sees this short, bubbly looking girl, with rectangular glasses, and a somewhat sprightly looking expression, while wearing an over-sized scarf, and multicolored flip-flops.

"Uh yep," he responds, trying to squeeze enough room inside his already shorted-out brain for one more oddity.

"It's you and me in round two, let's do this!" she yips, as her eyes fire up, and she launches her index finger forward, in an eccentric manner.

"Uhh Oh! Right! Yeah, you must beuhhh," he looks over at the board with the names of the players written on it, "uhhh, Natalie?" He looks back at her for confirmation.

"That's right, Michael-san. You and me are scheduled to battle, so let's get to it," she enthusiastically shouts.

Michael laughs, "okay," thinking that this girl is a bit strange. They both go over and get set up.

"Are you ready, Michael-san?"

"I'm ready."

The game begins, and Natalie immediately starts to charge up a fireball. Michael quickly runs in close, and tries and knock it out of her hand before it can finish, but she stores the energy, and rolls out of the way.

"Not today, Michael-san! HIYA!" She kicks at him, and he easily blocks it. Natalie gasps, "NO! Hmph! Go fireball!" She releases the stored-up energy, and Michael again blocks it. He can't help but crack a smile at how silly this girl is acting. They keep playing, and she continues to vocally announce all of her attacks, giving Michael time to react to all of them. At this point, he's not even trying anymore, and is having way too much fun, just laughing about it.

However, after several minutes of getting nowhere, he decides it's time to stop fooling around. Michael unleashes hell, and fury, and quickly takes her down.

"NYYOOOH!" she screams as her character dies.

"Sorry, but we need to finish up our game, people are waiting."

"Oh, okay, no more holding back then," she says, instantly changing her tune.

Michael's eyebrow raises. She respawns, and starts playing more serious. Immediately he could see an improvement in her play-style. She was much faster now, and a lot less predictable. She manages to put up a good battle, and Michael could see how she was able to get to where she was. However, Michael was in whole other league; way above her, and wouldn't go down that easily. She manages to kill him only once during their whole match, but only because he wasn't taking the game totally seriously at the time. He ends up taking the win 3-1.

"Awww nyyooohh" Natalie mourns the death of her virtual character. "Good game." She stands up, shakes Michael's hand, and then skips playfully away to the front of the store. Michael can't help but smile really big as he watches her caper off. This totally care-free person, carrying on as though nothing even happened.

"Took you long enough!" Ted shouts, as he slams his hand down on Michael's shoulder, scaring the shit out of him.

"Oh shh--! Ted! Yeah, uhh, well, it was her fault. Where you watching that? What's her deal?"

"Natalie? No fucking idea, man. She's fucked in the head, or something. Don't you recognize her from school?"


"Are you kidding me? How do you not remember her. She's the one who is always singing in Japanese, or whatever, and dancing around in the halls like a moron."

"Ohhh right Huh weird. I never really noticed her before."

"Anyway, looks like it's you and me in the semi-finals. Gonna be sick! Let's put on a good show. I wanna out-stage your sister, that shit was redicul"

Michael walks off, mid sentence, not even paying any attention to him.

"or, okay, whatever."

Mike goes to the front of the store, and looks out the window. Ted follows him and asks him what's he doing. "Hmm, she must've left."

"Uhhh" Ted murmurs, while giving him a dirty look.

Michael fumbles around in his pockets. "I'm going to go grab a coffee, do you want one?"

"No -- I just had one."

"Okay, I'll be right back." Michael leaves the store, and heads down the street about a block and a half to the coffee shop.

Meanwhile, back inside, where the action is about to get really serious, Steve sits down with Scott. The winner of their match will get to progress to the semi-finals. These are two very experienced players, and this match will be something to behold. A small crowd gathers around them as the game starts, including Sarah, who has already won her round two match, and enthusiastically cheers Steve on from the sidelines.

The in-game timer counts down to the start of the match, "3 2 1 FIGHT!" The two of them take immediate control, and jump around, cautiously approaching each other, trying not to get too close. Their spacing is amazing. They keep just enough distance between them to be safe, while still being close enough to launch attacks. It takes years of practice to master perfect movement and control at this level.

Neither of them have landed a single blow on the other yet. They continue to play cautiously, running in close, and running back out, trying to temp the other to attack. A player is most vulnerable right after attacking.

Scott runs past him a little too close, and tries to roll away. Steve swings his sword, and barely grazes him. Scott reacts with a low to the ground, wide attack, bouncing Steve up off the ground.

"Shit," he shouts. Steve knows this is a bad position to be in.

Scott slams him forward, and immediately runs after him while he flies through the air. Before Steve can even hit the ground, he gets slammed again, sending him really far off the side. The crowd gasp, expecting it to be a kill. But Steve aims a shock wave attack in the opposite direction, launching himself back towards the platform. Everyone starts to cheer. Scott is waiting by the ledge, and the moment that Steve comes into range, Scott smashes him straight down, and into the fiery pit of death.

"Fuck!" Steve yells, angrily. That's one life down.

"You got this, Steve! Hang in there!" Sarah shouts.

He respawns, and quickly gets back into action again. Scott was still damaged, so Steve uses this to his advantage. He runs straight into him and lets him attack. With a fresh life, it does very little damage, and so Steve is easily able to grabs onto him, and he tosses him over the side. Scott goes to air-hop and is met with Steve's sword, which slashes him full-on, and he gets knocked way far away from the stage, with no possible way to make it back. This evens out the score, one for one. The crowd claps.

"WOOHOO!" Sarah celebrates. "C'mon Steve! You got this!"

Scott respawns, and the fight continues, going back and forth for several minutes. They trade blows, and scrape each other up. They both get an additional point each, putting the scores at 2-2. The next point will take it. The crowd is sweating, and nervous as they watch. Both Steven and Scott are playing very cautiously. The room goes completely quiet -- to the point that all you can hear is the sound of them mashing aggressively on their controllers. Buttons were being pressed, upward to six or seven times per second. It was very tense.

Everyone starts yelling and cheering again when Steve gets off a massive hit, sending Scott far off-stage. It was now like a reversal of the first kill, except Steve is now the one waiting by the ledge to deal the killing blow.

Scott slowly drops down below the side of the platform, and fires off a grapple. It hooks onto the ledge and Scott begins to pull himself up. This is Steve's chance to end it right here and now. Scott launches himself up, and leaps right over Steve's head, who just stands there, not moving. The crowd gasps. Scott safely lands back into the middle of the platform. No one can understand why Steve didn't finish him off. Everyone turns their gaze away from the TV screen, and they look over to see Steve leaning forward in his chair, with his controller on the floor. He has his hand on his chest, and seems to be shaking.

"STEVE!" Sarah screams, as she leaps over everyone. She runs right up to him, and places her hand on his shoulder, and crouches down in front of him. "What's wrong?!" He starts to cough, and heaves his chest, gasping for air. "Oh no, Steve!" Her heart starts to pound as she has no idea what's happening to him right now. She then helps pulls him up, and walks with him towards the center of the room. Everyone moves out of the way, and watched him with concern.

While all this is going on Scott turns back to the game, and kills Steve's character, ending the game. "Hey! What the fuck, Scott?!" someone yells. Everyone then looks over to see Scott trying to claim the win at the registration table. Sarah sees this, and becomes furious.

She cringes in anger. Then Steve begins to wheeze, and Sarah turns back. Tears start to roll down her cheeks. Just then, someone hands them a bottle of water. "Here Steve, drink this." Sarah helps him to take a sip, and then Steve grabs onto the bottle and tilts his head back, chugging it down.

He stops coughing, but appears to be a bit dizzy. "Ugghhh" he moans. "I need my medicine But I left it at home."

"Oh no! Okay, c'mon." Sarah walks with him to the front of the store, and outside. She waves down a taxi for him. It rolls up, and she opens the door for him. "Okay, let's go, get in."

"Thank you, Sarah, but you should stay."

"What? NO! I want to go with you, and make sure you're alright."

"I'm fine, really. This happens all the time. I just need to take my medicine, and I'll be all good. But you should stay, because you can keep playing."


"Besides that Scott guy's a real dick, and I need someone to beat him for me. Do you think you could do that?"

Sarah looks down at the ground, and clenches her fists, then back up at Steve. "Okay" she reluctantly agrees.

"And, I'll tell you what else; tomorrow -- why don't the two of us go out on a date? We can hit up the beach, and grab some food, and spend the whole day together. How does that sound?"

The grimace on her face slowly dissolves, and then she gently wraps her arms around him. He holds her and kisses the side of her head. More tears start to pour from her eyes. She wiggle her face against his shoulder and pulls away.

"I love you, Steve."

"I love you too, Sarah."

They kiss, and then Steve gets into the taxi, and disappears down the road. Once he's out of sight, she turns back towards the store.

"Sarah!" Michael shouts. He walks over to her with his coffee in hand. "What are you doing out here?" He sees her eyes are red. "What the? Were you crying?"

Sarah sniffles, and breaks down. "Something happened to Steve! He was coughing and couldn't breathe, and I didn't know what to do, and, and he just left in a taxi, and"

"Ohh, hey, hey, yeah, it's okay, Sarah. I've seen that happen to him before. He has a medical condition, umm, I forget what it's called But don't worry about it. He'll be fine." Michael hugs her, and she digs her face into his shoulder. After a short moment, she lifts her face away, and wipes her tears.

"That reminds me, Sarah" Michael begins to ask. "What's the deal with you guys anyway?" He takes a sip of his delicious beverage.

Sarah awkwardly looks down at the ground, not really sure what he was going to think. "Well" she begins to blush, "we're in love."

Michael takes another sip of his drink. "Oh," is all he says.

"Are you mad?" she asks.

"No, it's just I never thought you guys my best-friend my sister heh you know? But yeah, no. It's cool. I wish you two the best. Just kinda shocked me when I saw you guys kissing. Wasn't sure if was tripping on that take-out breakfast or something."

Sarah laughs.

"Oh! And another thing! How in the fuck did you get so good at the game? Like, seriously! What the fuck!"

"Oh well, I play your game when your not home. I wanted to get good enough to play with you guys. Because, well, I wanted to spend more time with Steve. So I looked up some strategies on the internet, and practiced those."

"Wow! I'm really impressed, Sarah. That's awesome. If I had known you were serious about it, I would've helped teach you myself. And I still will if you want. But, by the looks of it, you seem like you're doing just fine." He takes another sip of his hot beverage.

"Thanks. So, ummm, can I ask you something about Steve?"


"What's his family like? Does he have any brothers or sisters?"

"Umm, no. It's just him and his parents. His dad is in a wheelchair, and his mom bakes for a living. And oh man does she ever make good stuff. I had some of her cake this one time when I was over there, and I would've killed for the whole thing. Mmmm-mmm-MMMM!"

Sarah smiles.

"You'd really like Steve's mom, she's the nicest person in the world. Like you wheeeeeen you're not being cranky -- Which is often" Sarah punches him in the arm. "Ow! See what I mean?" She smirks at him.

"What's with you, Michael? You're so outgoing and talkative now. I've never seen you like this. What did that girl do to you?"

"Maria? Well I guess she showed me that I'm worth it You know? She let me know that I don't have to hide myself. I feel like worrying doesn't matter anymore; that it's better to just enjoy yourself, and not worry what anyone thinks. I used to believe that I wasn't good enough But now I know that I am"

Sarah looks at her brother with complete respect. She feels really connected with him in this moment.

"Everyone is if they believe it. And so I guess she opened my eyes and my heart. I owe her big time."

Sarah just nods, not taking her eyes off him. His words made her feel really good. She never realized how smart and cool her big-brother was until now. She felt really lucky to have him in her life, and wished she could take back all the hard times they've had over the years. She leans on him, and he puts his arm around her.

One of the people who is running the tournament opens the door. "Hey guys, we need you inside. We're starting the semi-finals now."

Michael turns to Sarah. "C'mon sis. Let's go kick some ass."

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