The Harem Pt.3_(0)

Around 20 minutes and one glass of champagne later both girls joined me in the tub where I was already soaking, recuperating from my earlier ‘workout’. Kiran filled mine and Jen’s glasses and then looked at me waiting for permission to pour herself a glass as well. “Sure babe, go ahead, we’re drinking to your new sister in servitude, you’ll get tomorrow.” We clinked our glasses and I told them what had happened at the studio. Reliving these memories was enough to get me hard again. Kiran must have seen the lust in my eyes because I suddenly felt a soft touch on my rod but Jen had one arm around my neck and the other was holding her glass. Kiran had her glass in both her hands. That little minx was giving me a footjob below the swirl. When I didn’t stop her, she brought up her second foot and started to fuck me with her feet. I kept talking, enjoying this ‘secret’ treatment. Of course my wife had realized what was happening, but I still liked the idea. “…she’ll arrive tomorrow with her belongings. Now we should start looking for our next prey”, I finished my story.

Meanwhile my cock was between Kiran’s toes and she was jerking me as fast as she could. Now Jen turned to me and slid one leg over me, bringing her slit over my cock which Kiran was still jerking off. She lowered herself down on me and let my tip slip in, but only the tip, so Kiran was still able to rub me with her toes. It felt fantastic. Jen started to ride my tip while Kiran joined in on her rhythm with her feet. Then I felt her taking away one foot and seconds later Jen let out a surprised gasp “Hu, what the… how…?” and turned around to Kiran. I looked at her and saw a naughty smile on her face. Feeling around I found her second foot a little higher, with her big toe buried in my wife’s ass. Say dirty slut? Jen had meanwhile recovered from her surprise and resumed to move up and down on both cock and toe now. This was getting hotter and hotter and the parallel stimulation by pussy and toes was bringing me to the edge. I laid back, closed my eyes and enjoyed the last seconds until I blew my load up into my wife’s pussy, making her climax at the same moment. Our moaning and groaning echoed back from the walls as we shook through our shared orgasm.

“Thank you, slave. That was a very nice idea. But now back to the topic at hand. When we have our personal trainer the next we need is a cook. Honey, have we already received any applications on our job advertisement?”

“Yes my dear, 5 applications. But unfortunately, they’re all men. I’m afraid this might get difficult, most professional cooks are men.”

“Yeah, I know. That’s a real bummer. I mean, I don’t even need any sophisticated Michelin cook, I just want some regular, plain cooking by someone who knows what she’s doing.. You know what I mean?”

“Sure, basically you want Mom’s home-style cooking, don’t you?”

“Jen, THAT is THE idea! Mom’s cooking. I mean, I wouldn’t mind a little incest but neither your mom nor mine are hot enough to be our sex slave/cook. But in general, moms from rural areas know how to cook. We ARE living in a rural area. I could just find some hot stay-at-home mum and make her my slave. But how to find one like that?”

“Hmm good idea. Maybe you could just go to the local high school and make all kids who think their mom is attractive and a good cook come and show you a picture.”

“You know, that might just work. And in the best case I can even score a hot mother-daughter combo. I like that approach, that’s what I’ll try. Thanks babe.”

I leaned in and kissed her, then we finished our champagne, Kiran cleaned up and we went to bed, looking forward to another great day with a new slave to arrive and another one to be found.

The next morning, after my slave had sucked away my morning wood I called a moving company and ordered them over to Sienna’s place for the afternoon. Then I sent Kiran to prepare a single room on her floor so they could be ‘neighbors’. After a nice breakfast my wife and I decided to push my visit to school to the next day since we wanted to spend some one-on-one time before Sienna would arrive. So we gave Kiran some more chores to do after finishing Sienna’s room, made ourselves comfortable on the couch and started a Game of Thrones marathon. Around 4pm the door bell rang and we got up, following Kiran who was already answering the door. Sienna looked stunning once again, wearing her typical tight sports outfit. I sent Kiran to show the movers where the boxes had to go and invited Sienna into our living room.

“Welcome to your new home, slave. This is my wife and your Lady, Jennifer. You will obey her commands just like mine, except if they go against my commands or are meant to hurt me. You will be our personal trainer for our harem and prepare a training plan for each one of our girls, including your Lady and also myself. If you need any further education or seminars to fulfill this role, let me know. Moreover, you are our sex slave and will satisfy all of our needs.” Meanwhile, Kiran had come back down. “Kiran, good that you’re here, this is relevant for you, too: The other girls are your ‘sisters in servitude’, you will all treat each other with respect. Of course you are allowed to build closer friendships with some of them, but it’s important to get along with all of them.”

Looking at both of them I had another idea and added: “While in this house, you are not allowed to wear more than stockings and a garter belt. Unless your boobs absolutely need support, then you can wear open cups bras. If you don’t own the right clothes, talk to your Lady and she will order some with you.” Right away both girls stripped naked in front of us and the movers made big eyes upon carrying in the second load of boxes. “When they come down, give them a nice view at your tits and asses” They both nodded and got in position. When the movers came back down, they could hardly believe what was happening. Two beauties like that parading in their birthday suit just like that – that’s nothing you get every day. And my slaves didn’t miss their effect on the guys who were immediately tenting out their pants. “Well gentlemen, I hope that is a satisfying tip. Please, feel free to take photos before you leave.” Which they did right away and then I led them out the door.

When I came back Jennifer had joined my slaves in their nudity and I was looking at three beautiful women, naked like the day they slipped out of their moms blessed pussies. I couldn’t help but smile from one ear to the other and signaled them to come closer. Sienna got on her knees right away, pulled my pants down and started to worship my quickly rising member while Kiran approached me from behind, kissed my ass and started to play with my balls. In the meantime Jennifer drew me into a passionate kiss and I completely let myself flow with the moment, enjoying the treatment of all three women. I was in heaven! Sienna was working herself down on my hard-on and had finally managed to swallow it whole when I suddenly felt my ass cheeks being spread and a tongue touch my sphincter! I was so overwhelmed by the deep-throat and shocked from that rim job at the same time, I couldn’t even react. So far my ass had always been off the limits, never had I ever wanted or allowed any of my girlfriends to cross this border. But in this moment the girls simply had managed to blindside me and I let it happen. Kiran’s tongue played a little with my anus and then started to penetrate me. While Sienna was still bobbing her head up and down on my cock, Kiran managed to completely break the barrier and pushed her tongue as deep into me as she could.

This was finally too much for me and I shot a huge load down Sienna’s throat making her gag, but I didn’t care. The tongue in my ass had made me cum so hard my knees went limb and I sank to the ground with my also cumming wife. Tongue and cock slipped out at the same time making a loud squishy noise. Looking at Kiran I managed to whisper while panting heavily: “You dirty slut, who allowed you to rim me? Now go and make out with your sister and share your dirty mouths.” And so they did. My wife and I watched exhausted how the tongues that had just spoiled my ass and my cock started to dance with each other and our slaves began a hot make out session. Already heated from treating me they quickly got down to business and rubbed their pussies against each other in a mind blowing scissoring action I so far had only known from dirty lesbian porn. They twerked their hips on each other, pussy juices splashing around while sucking on each others toes.

This show was so amazing it was impossible to not get hard again despite having just shot my load seconds ago. So I turned my wife around and entered her doggy-style, facing our two slaves and started fucking her in the rhythm they were rubbing their pussies against each other. Quickly the noise level rose tremendously as I was hammering away into my wife’s willing pussy and our girls rubbed frantically towards their well deserved orgasm. My thrusts got so hard I started pushing my wife towards the girls and several thrusts later her face hit the exact spot where the two pussies were touching. One lick of her tongue and both girls exploded, screaming and shaking uncontrollably in the agony of their huge orgasm. I got up and out of my wife’s pussy and rammed my cock into the still shaking Sienna who taken by surprise rushed right into her second orgasm making her tremble and buck underneath me like a wild bull in a rodeo show. I was meanwhile so horny I couldn’t think of anything else but to satisfy my ever increasing raging lust and pumped into the frantically shaking body as hard as I could. There was only one thought left in my mind: “CUM, I WANT TO CUM” and with two more thrusts I felt my balls contract, announcing my climax. “All of you, cum with me” I still managed to shout out before my orgasm hit me “OH FUCK I’M CUMMING INSIDE YOU MY SLUT” I screamed and in the same moment a deafening uproar came from my three girls, when they were shaken by yet another unexpected orgasm at my command.

Collapsing from the ferocity of our common orgasm we fell into a tangled group cuddle and enjoyed the afterglow of our climaxes in each other’s arms. Once we had recuperated a little and our heartbeats were back to normal I kissed Sienna and said: “What a great welcome orgy. Now you two go get cleaned up and then Kiran will help you get settled in your new room. That’ll give you some time to get to know each other. Come back down once you’re finished then we’ll see what we do about dinner.” - “Thank you, Master. I’m glad to be here and serve you.” They both kissed me and I watched them walk out the room, admiring their very different but equally hot asses. I was the luckiest man on earth.

Then I turned to my wife, kissed the girls’ nectar out of her face and said “I love you, honey.” - “And I love you. I’m happy you made our lives so interesting and fascinating.” We got up cleaned ourselves off in the shower and then started to make plans for the next day, when I would try to find us a cook in a nearby school. When 3 hours later our two slaves came back down we ordered in some pizza and I turned to Kiran: “You’re our barkeeper, have you checked what is still left in the bar and what we need? Take that as task for tomorrow. Make an inventory of what is still left, what we will need for standard cocktails and then you’re Lady will order it with you. For the moment go and see what you can prepare with what we have in stock.” She left and soon came back with 4 cocktails that were surprisingly good and so we made ourselves a nice evening with pizza, drinks and ultimately some movies.

The next morning, after the obligatory morning blowjob, this time from Sienna, I started the day with a light workout, led by my new personal trainer slave, that got me really worked up since she was following yesterday’s command and instructed me naked. When I was finished I ordered her to put up workout plans for all of us and start with the other two girls as well. Then I got myself ready for school, kissed my wife good bye and drove to the next high school. During the ride I thought to myself that a VW station wagon really wasn’t the right car for someone like me anymore and that I definitely should find some time to look for a new and cooler car.

Upon arriving I went to the secretaries’ office and asked to see the principal. The very friendly answer was “No. Not without an appointment.” I smiled to myself, looked at the ugly secretary and said: “Get up NOW, go into the principals office, kiss their feet and tell them that someone really important needs to see them right away. When you return, masturbate in front of your colleague here” I turned to the other, not any less ugly woman: “You’ll like what you see and enjoy the show, even join it”.

30 seconds later I entered the principal’s office closed the door and right away heard moans from outside. On turning around I was surprised: the principal wasn’t some old, fat guy like I had expected but a pretty attractive lady in her early fifties, looking like a total cliché of a female principal: her dark hair was tied up in an extremely tight bun, a costume, glasses and a strict look that would make any student shiver rounded the image off. Nevertheless, I liked what I saw and decided to have some fun before my actual task.

I introduced myself and explained my mission to find a hot student with a hot mother to join my harem. She looked at me for some seconds in utter disbelieve and then asked if she should call the police. “I don’t think that’s such a good idea. Why don’t you just take off your clothes since you’re feeling so hot and flushed all of a sudden” I planted my will into her mind. Right away she took off her jacket and started to unbutton her blouse, all the while showing a look of disbelieve and fear but also rising arousal. Piece after piece she revealed a very tight and firm milf body that she had kept in a very good shape. I couldn’t help but get a huge boner and started to strip naked as well.

“Bend over your desk” I said when we were both naked. I didn’t want to waste much time on her but not fucking this hot milf simply wasn’t an option for me. So I didn’t hesitate and rammed my spear right into her once she was in position and got right up to high-speed. In the end I wasn’t here for her pleasure. I humped her like a rabbit and quickly approached an orgasm due to my speed. When I was at the verge I pulled out and shot my whole load over her back and ass. I put my shirt back on and made her explain how to make an announcement to the whole school over the speaker system. Then I took a seat in her chair – still bottomless – and ordered her under the desk to suck my cock clean and keep it nice and hard all the time but not letting me cum. Said and done, she hid under the desk and started to spoil my best friend.

In the meantime I got the microphone ready, cleared my throat and then pushed the ‘announcement button’: “Dear students, I’m speaking to you on behalf of your principal. She is currently otherwise occupied and can’t quite speak right now. All female students, who are at least 18 years old, think of themselves as cute or pretty and objectively would call their mom hot and a good cook, please report to the principal’s office immediately. All other persons forget this announcement. Over.”

I had never used my power to such a big audience let alone indirectly via speakers and was a little worried if it would actually work. The next two minutes stretched like eternity and I was already starting to believe that my powers were not big enough to influence a whole school when I finally heard a knock from the door. “Please, come in”, I said and the door opened, letting in 3 three petite young ladies. Seconds later another two came in and another pair until finally 10 girls were standing in the office. I waited 2 more minutes and decided that those were all girls who fulfilled my demands. “Thank you for coming down, ladies. Please line up next to each other so I can look at you.” With the principal still sucking my cock at a slow pace, I examined all girls from head to toe. This was really starting to excite me and my dick was throbbing in the milf’s mouth.

When I had finished my examination I pointed at three girls whose looks were not to my satisfaction. One was even fat – how could she think of herself as pretty? “You, you and you can leave, you’re not what I’m looking for. Upon leaving this office you will forget you were here. You’ll remember you left class to go to the toilet. Do that and then return to your classroom.” Alright, now I had seven girls ranging from petite and cute to raw sexuality and hotness. The next step was to check on their moms. “One after the other, starting to the right, come up and show me a picture of your mom. I’m sure all of you have some photo on your smartphone.” And that’s what they did. One girl at a time came up to the desk and searched her gallery for a mommy photo. The first one I sent right back to her class with the same toilet order as before. Her mom was at least 55 and looked like it. She must have been hot once but that was long past.

All in all, I declined three moms, sending their daughters back to class, which left me with a final of four girls. Next deciding point was their cooking and so I asked each of them what their moms usually cooked at home. This brought me down to two finalists since one mom was a strict vegetarian and only cooked vegetarian food and a second one only served instant meals and microwave food. And back to class their daughters went.

Well, two girls left. One was a petite, slender beauty with long auburn hair, green eyes and perky little tits. She was the absolute definition of cuteness and innocence. Her mom in return was an absolute bombshell, tight rack, shaped and trained body, probably C-cup breasts that didn’t seem to sag one bit and beautiful dark brown hair. She even seemed to have same Latin influence and reminded me of Sofia Vergara – or Sofia Viagra like I used to call her in my head. She looked amazing.

The other girl was the typical prom queen/head of cheerleaders. Tall, blond, blue eyes, big breasts and an aura of arrogance around her. She was fucking beautiful and exuded raw sexuality. She had definitely been around the block quite much. Her mother was basically the same type but her breasts were even bigger and she seemed to be in a really good shape as well, looking somewhat like Heather Locklear.

Both moms apparently were really good cooks as well and I had a really hard time to decide. Finally, I asked them about their family situation. Blondie had an intact family, and was living with her seemingly happy parents and her two younger brothers. Cutie instead was only living with her mom since her father had died years ago and she had no siblings.

That made the decision for me. I would feel a lot better if I didn’t have to destroy a family and so I decided to go with the cute little redhead and her Latina mother. However, I couldn’t quite bring myself to sending Blondie back. Back in my youth, I hadn’t actually been unpopular with the girls, but girls like her had always been out of my league. I just had to take this chance and finally bang a cheerleader, the prom queen, the hottest girl in the school. The one all other girls hated and all boys thought of when they wanked their wiener. I just had to.

I ordered Megan, the girl I would take with me to just stand and watch and then made the cheerleader bitch strip for me. A dream come true – the prom queen stripping naked for me. Slowly and seductively she got rid of her shirt and played with her bra. This was definitely not the first time she did a striptease. She unhooked it, let it fall to the floor and covered – or rather tried to cover her massive tits with her hands which she only managed rudimentary. Her huge knockers were too big for her small hands and I could already see almost everything. Now she turned around hooked her fingers in her skirt and in one slide pulled it all the way down, bending over in the act and presenting me her fantastic bubble butt. What a show! Next she sat down, spread her legs into the air and took off her panties giving me perfect insight into her holy depths, which were already overflowing with her juices.

I couldn’t wait any longer and motioned her to come closer. She got up hurried around the desk and winced as she saw her principal. “Principal Skinner! What are you doing?” True to my orders, the principal was not able to answer and just kept sucking. I pulled the cheerleader onto my lap and kissed her eagerly. “Milf slut, position my cock at this whore’s front door and then tend to my balls and her ass hole”, I managed to command between kisses and right away my cock left the warm moist of her mouth. However, it didn’t have to feel cold for long and I felt the next wet and warm hole at my tip seconds later. Without hesitation or further command the blonde girl pushed down onto my shaft and impaled herself with one vigorous thrust. The second my spear was all the way in I felt my balls get warm and knew the slut under the desk was now sucking my sack. It felt amazing having my dick buried deep in this beautiful young whore and at the same time having my balls sucked. Incredible!

The girl now started to ride me, slowly in the beginning but quickly getting faster. After 5 or 6 ups and downs she suddenly let out a startled squeak and momentarily I could feel a pressure against my cock inside her. I looked around her and saw that the ball sucking principal had somehow managed to bury her whole fist in the girl’s ass and I could now feel her trying to grab my cock through the wall between her ass and her pussy. The cheerleader was meanwhile moaning and screaming uncontrollably and was no longer able to actually ride me. She was only shaking on top of me. I turned back to her wonderful tits, started sucking on one of her nipples and then grabbed her hips to control her movements. I moved her up and down my cock that was still in the teacher’s fist and thus started to fuck the girl again. When I bit her nipple, the volume of her screams peaked as she was shaken by the most powerful orgasm of her life, completely losing control over her body. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, her body spasmed and she started to squirt and piss at the same time. She flooded my belly with what seemed like 5 liters of her liquids, all of it running down my body, over my balls into the principal’s mouth who swallowed all she could.

Her shaking and spasming combined with the pressure applied by the hand in her ass was now too much for me as well and I pulled her down hard one last time to drill into her as deep as I could. This was the last drop and with an animalistic roar I shot my load deep into her folds. Gush after gush I pumped up into her womb and felt like I would never stop cumming. She had meanwhile broken down on top of me and her head was resting on my shoulder, she had lost consciousness. When I had calmed down a little from my orgasmic bliss and my cock slowly went limb, the principal pulled her hand out of the girl’s ass with a loud ‘plopp’ and I could pull out of her myself. I lifted the still groggy teenager onto the desk and a whole load of my seed splashed out of her and right into the milf’s face. I smiled at this nice coincidence while the older woman started to lick her face and my cock clean.

Watching the shameful redhead who had obviously been masturbating furiously during our show, I got dressed and then turned to the two women I had just fucked: “You will not forget what just happened but you can’t talk about it to anyone except each other. Megan here is excused for the rest of the week.” Then, with one last look at the nude beauty I took Megan’s hand and led the confused and frightened girl out of the office past the still frantically masturbating secretaries. I took her outside to my car and only when we were sitting in the car I spoke to her: “I’m sure you’re totally confused about what is going on here. But you don’t have to be afraid. Your life is going to be so much better from now on. You and your mom will join my harem and be my willing servants and sex slaves. You will be living in my mansion and have no worries left in your life but to please me.” - “Yes, Master, I will be your servant. But I’m still a virgin, I don’t know if I can satisfy you sexually”, she said with a frightened tremble in her voice.

JACKPOT! A virgin, I had actually chosen a virgin without knowing. INCREDIBLE! This day was getting better and better. After a milf teacher and a cheerleader I would now even get to pop the cherry of this beautiful young girl. “Don’t worry honey, I’ll teach you. And the other slaves in my harem will teach you as well. Soon you’ll be an absolute expert. And by the way, I would like you to call me Daddy from now on” I said with a grin. However, this new fact made me rethink my plan. Originally I had planned to take her home, nail her and her mom together and then have them picked up the next day just like I had done with my other slaves. But her virginity changed everything. I didn’t just want to hump her like any other slave, I wanted to celebrate this. So I decided, I would wait until they had arrived in my mansion and then really make a ceremony of her defloration.

I took her home where we had a little lunch that we had picked up on the way until her mom would come home in the early afternoon. Megan told me her mom worked half day, her father had left them a considerable amount of money so she was more working for the occupation than for financial necessity. And every day after work her mom – Christine – would do some workout. Gym, yoga, go for a run etc. Well, I thought, it was no wonder she looked so amazing.

When Christine came home 2 hours later, Megan had fallen asleep in my lap and her mom was pretty shocked, seeing her daughter with a much older unknown man in her living room. I put her under my spell and she relaxed right away. Then I sent Megan to her room and admired her mother. The photo hadn’t lied at all. She was ridiculously hot. Being in her mid forties she still had a figure to kill for, big firm breasts, slim waist and an ass you could fall in love with, the perfect hour glass shape. Everything on her looked firm and tight but also authentic. No silicon or other operations to be seen. And her face with the Latin touch was simply a revelation. Dark hair, brown eyes, thick lips that were made for cock sucking… she really was a Goddess. And this woman would be my sex slave and my cook. I still couldn’t believe it.

When I was done staring her up and down, I had her suck my cock until I blew my meanwhile smaller load – it had been one exhausting day after all – right into her face. With this I called for Megan and told them both to pack what they wanted to bring along since they would be picked up the next day to move in with me in my harem. Then I turned to Christine: “Christine, your beautiful daughter is going to lose her virginity tomorrow night. Prepare her until then, so she is not to afraid” and turning to Megan I said “and you, honey, don’t be afraid, it’s going to be wonderful” - “Yes Daddy, I’m looking forward to giving you my virginity. I’m so glad I saved myself so you can be my first now, Daddy.”

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