Her New Career


by aliveinpr

My stories do not necessarily reflect my personal proclivities or desires, wants or fantasies. Read and enjoy.

Before serving her the divorce papers, I knew that I had to let Betty know that I knew of her years of cheating. I realized that my love for her was no longer there because of the evidence I had. There was no way to salvage a marriage that ended seven years ago with her constant deception. ‘Girls night out’ or spending ‘several days with a sick friend’ are no longer the excuses I would accept. This had gone on just too long under my radar and now was the time to end this sham of a marriage.

It was only a week ago that I learned, names, places and the seven year length that she had been cheating. She got her present job three years ago. She secured the position while spreading her legs and laying over the boss’ desk. That became an every day event, along with her Friday night’s out ‘with the girls’more like a night in a dive fucking all the male patrons. There were many days she would spend hours in cheap motels with the blessings from her boss, a bonus in a way. There were the several weekends she spent helping sick friends, usually the male hotel staff she ‘comforted’. Like they say, ‘the husband is the last to know.’ True, most of the towns people knew she was a fuck slut, but none had the guts to clue me in. I later learned that they didn’t want to hurt my feelings, or ruin what they thought was our ‘happy marriage’. It was a common misconception that I had condoned her sexual lifestyle by an open marriage.

All the information collected by an investigation firm was positive proof of her constant cheating. She had regular lovers, regular locations at motels and adult book stores. It turned out that her boss gave her half days off so she could have sexual rendevous. In return, she fucked her boss whenever he wanted her married white pussy.

I contacted an attorney, but after hearing his advice, I would loose the house, or half of the house. My savings, she would get half. As the law and courts saw divorce in this state, I was the one getting fuckednot by my wife, but by the state. The attorney pointed out that I was the loser as my wife would just continue enjoying her life with half my money and house. She wasn’t going to lose her job, after all her boss was helping her in her sexual cheating endeavors. She had a reputation in town as a slut, so there was no shame if she was brought into court. I might as well dig a hole and bury myselfyes, like many other men, I would be the loser all around.

It was hard to believe she had been cheating all these years. We had regular sex and she seemed to be happy. She turned out to be a great actress as I never saw the signs. She was being fucked every day and sometimes on the weekends while she was comforting her ‘sick’ friends.

As it turned out, she would change into very revealing clothes after I left for workshe was getting ready for HER work. I never saw any clothing in our closet that suggested anything sexy or revealing. No sexy panties, bras or lingerie. To me, she was just a beautiful ‘plain Jane’. Where she kept her revealing clothes, I had no idea.

I knew I was in the loser category as described by my attorney. What should I do? I felt that continuing with a divorce and making an attorney richer while destroying my own life was out of the question.

Thank God for the internet. I spent many hours ‘surfing’ and reading stories of cheating wives and how the husbands handled the hatred and revenge created by their cheating wives. Several were in states that were on their side involving evidence of cheating wives, but most of the time, it was the husband that was the loser and reduced to have to start his life over again. I found several men’s stories that, when I put together, gave me ideas as how to handle my situation.

I posted adds on the internet and had several emails as a result. The interest to help me with my cheating wife was overwhelming. I spent a couple of weeks sending emails back and forth until one seemed to be an answer to my prayers. His name was Larry. We made a time and place to meet to personally discuss my solution. Larry wanted pictures of my wife, preferable nude, for our meeting. I contacted a local photo studio and made an appointment to have a portfolio made, many of the pictures were to be nude in various poses. Like everyone in town, the photographer knew Betty and could talk her into the nude pictures.

I began prepping Betty. I kept telling her how sexy she looked and told her that she would make a nice model. I suggested making a portfolio at a local studio. I told her she was beautiful and should have a complete modeling portfolio. I told her the name of the photographer, she seemed to go into a trance and then smiled. She knew him intimately, I’m sure. She said, “Yeah, I think it would be nice to have a portfolio, even if I couldn’t get a job as a model.” Yes, I thought, my plan is working. I told her that I had made an appointment for her. She wrote down the date and time in her planner.

The studio did a great job. The nude pictures of Betty were exceptionally lust inducing and made my cock as hard as a rock. I also knew she was fucked by the photographer during the session. I purchased copies of the nude photos and had a great portfolio for my needs.

I met Larry for coffee and we discussed my situation and he was more than willing to help me after seeing the pictures of my wife. He was almost salivating as he kept looking at one picture, then another and another. He was mesmerized with the pictures. We shook on our deal and Larry handed me an envelope that contained money. I knew he would have given me more money, but I just wanted to consummate the deal as soon as possible. I’m sure Larry knew he was getting a good deal too.

Larry and I set a Friday night for a meeting with my wife. I insured him that he had my full permission to fuck my wife, in any position and in any way he wanted to use her. He grinned and put the pictures in his pocket. Larry left with a real hard erection in his pants. In my view, he was big and was going to really stretch Betty’s pussy.

My plan was in it’s final stages as I entered a ‘sleazy’ dress shop next to the adult theater. I purchased a sheer white blouse and a very thin bright red micro mini skirt that would show off her ass and pussy if she slightly bent over. The only accessories were a garter belt, black nylons and five inch heel ‘fuck me’ pumps.

I got home early and waited. Betty was an hour late getting home from work and I knew the extra hour was consumed by fucking her boss again. I informed Betty that we were going out and she had to change into the clothes I had laid out on the bed. She striped without paying attention to the clothes I bought her and started to enter the bathroom to take a shower.

I stopped her and said, “You don’t have time, just quickly change, we need to go.”

“John”, she said, “Why the rush? Are we going somewhere special? I just got home from work and need to get a shower and freshen up.”

I said, “Just get into these clothes. You will be perfect for the people you are going to meet.”

Betty eyed the clothes on the bed. Picked up the blouse, held it up to her breasts and noted her breasts would be totally exposed without a bra. She then pickied up the skirt and held it at her waist and said, “John, this will barely cover my ass you can see my pussy through it. I can’t wear this out in public.”

I said, “Betty, you won’t be in public, you will be in a friends house. Now get dressed, we need to hurry. It’s getting late, please hurry.”

I saw the confusion and questioning look in her face. With a little hesitance, she slowly began to don the outfit I had for her. As she freshened her make up, she kept looking in the mirror at her ‘slut’ outfit. Betty said, “John, this is just too revealing. It’s like I would be naked wearing this outfit, no panties or bra. I can’t even go into your friends house wearing this. What would everyone think?”

I said, “That is just the perfect outfit and I want my male friends excited to see you. I want them to dream of fucking you. You will be pleasing me by making my ‘buddies’ hard. I want to show you off, after all, we haven’t been out socially for a long time.” She acted like she would be embarrassed, but I knew inwardly, she was loving the idea of exposing herself for other men. She was a true slut, but didn’t know I was aware of that fact.

God, she really was beautiful and looked real hot. I was beginning to feel a bit of guilt at my plan, but then I remembered the fact that she was a slut for other men for the seven years we were married. I didn’t understand all those years of her cheating, I felt that I was a good husband and gave her anything. I also thought our sexual relationship was good and I would do anything in bed that she wanted.

The photos and videos from the investigation were overwhelming proof of her infidelity and our marriage was only a ‘piece of paper’ to Betty. There was no relationship in her mind, I was just providing a place for her to sleep and eat, free rent and board. Either I was blind or she was good with her deceptive practices all those years. I was wondering if maybe she even fucked someone else while we were on our honeymoon.

As I was driving, Betty noticed that we were headed out of town. She kept asking where we were going, and why I was being so mysterious about where we were going and what we were going to do.

I said, “Betty, I am not going to do anything. You are going to do everything.”

“John,” she said, “you aren’t making any sense. You say I’m going to do everything, what are you talking about?”

“Well, my dear,” I said, “I learned that you have been cheating on me for many years now. Since you have not been truthful about your affairs and not included me in that part of your life, I am taking you to a friend’s house so you can show me how you fuck other men. I’m going to watch.”

Betty sat quiet for a few minutes and began to cry. She then said, “John, I had no idea that you would have liked to see me fuck other men. I’m so sorry that I didn’t say anything. I’ve heard and read that many men have that fantasy, you should have told me your fantasy. It makes me hot to think of you watching me fuck other men. I wish you had said something a long time ago.” I just let her think her misconception that I had such a fantasy.

Betty sat quiet with ‘happy’ tears running down her cheeks. She thought about all those years that she didn’t have to cheat, she could have brought her ‘dates’ home for me to watch her fuck.

She thought that maybe I had the fantasy of watching her fucking other men by watching porn on the internet. The internet was her favorite tool where she could find her ‘dates’ and book cheap motel rooms.

Thankfully, she never thought about checking my internet history made on the computer. Maybe she would have known if I had any fantasies, then again she might have seen my emails asking for help with my cheating wife. That’s one thing in my plan that I didn’t think about. Again, I was thankful that she didn’t check my computer history.

As I continued the drive, Betty leaned next to me as best as the console allowed. She was smiling and running her hands over my crotch, but she didn’t realize that I wasn’t getting hard so I pictured in my mind the nude photographs of her taken just a short time ago. I got semi hard to deceive her again of my plan.

I pulled up to an unkempt older house. There were other cars parked on the street and in the driveway. As I pulled up to the house, a large black man came out and walked toward the car. There was no turning back on my plan now, it was in full force.

Betty said, “Whatyou want him to fuck me? What are you thinking?”

I said, “Betty, you have been fucking your black boss for the last 5 years, so why would this be any different? I also know you have fucked many black men in the past.” Betty began to bawl and balked at getting out of the car when my friend opened the door.

I introduced Betty to Larry. Larry watched Betty as she was getting out of the car. Her skirt was so short, he had a great view of her shaved pussy which had a hint of cum at her vaginal opening. I knew she had come from work after fucking her boss, the same as many evenings when she arrived home with her pussy full of cum.

Larry said, “I see that she has already been fucked”.

Betty turned red and said, “John wouldn’t let me clean up before our drive here. John didn’t know, but since he does know now, I confess that my boss fucked me about an hour ago. I’m not sure what John wants, he just said that he wanted to see other men fuck me. I guess it’s a fantasy he has had for many years.”

Betty was calming since she thought she was satisfying my fantasy. She seemed to be getting highly aroused. After evaluating Larry, she was beginning to soften and hugged him tightly. She then pulled his head down to her lips and gave him a long loving kiss.

Larry wasted no time and was grasping her bare ass that had no cover from her skirt. His hand struck gold when he rubbed his fingers between her labia making her gasp and squeal at the pleasure. Betty was really into an adrenalin rush. I had become invisible to her as she only concentrated on Larry. Her vaginal moist warmth developed and her moans of pleasure escaped her lips. Larry was now plunging his fingers into her pussy. I saw Betty rise to her tip toes to allow Larry’s fingers better entry.

Larry said, “You were right, she is a beauty and I will enjoy stretching this pussy. John, this deal seems to be too good.” Larry locked his lips to Betty again and she wasted no time in opening her mouth to him.

Their lips parted and Larry said, “I’m going to fuck you real good. Your white pussy is going to be used for your husbands pleasure. He wants to see you fuck a black man. He told me that you would love to have a big black cock in your white pussy. John said that you have fucked black men before, but not with what I have.”

I watched them walk the 50 feet toward the house with Larry’s fingers still in her pussy as her hips gyrated slowly with her sexual desire. She was definitely in the ‘fuck me’ mode. I never saw such passion in Betty in all the seven years we were married. Like I said before, she was a good actress and I suppose she faked many of her orgasms when in our bed. With Larry, I could see that her lustful emotions were genuine, no acting this time.

Inside the house, Larry gave Betty a glass of wine which she downed quickly. She turned down a second glass as she stared openly at his bulging pants. Larry laughed and said, “I see you are in a hurry to get started. Are you ready for a big black cock expanding your pussy? I know your boss. I know he doesn’t have a cock as big as mine, he has a puny black cock.”

Betty was lead to the bedroom licking her lips and smiling now. I watched her walking toward the bedroom with unsteady, rubbery legs, she was quivering from her sexual desire. I knew it wasn’t due to the glass of wine.

Inside the bedroom, Larry was quick to remove her blouse and skirt. She was presented in only her garter belt, nylons and shoes. I could see her vaginal juices beginning to seep out of her pussy. Larry told her to undress him and she was very anxious to get him naked. She undid his pants and pulled them down along with his boxers. His cock sprung up but was still somewhat flaccid but growing as she stroked his cock with one hand while pulling up and off his tank top with the other hand and throwing it on the bed.

Betty cooed when she grabbed his enlarging cock with both hands. She went to her knees and started licking the pre-com from the tip of his cock and then sucked his cock into her mouth. I was surprised that she was able to take his fat cock in her mouth with no problem. Betty became a wanton slut. Her eyes were glazed over with lust as she took his long cock down her throat. Apparently she had become well versed in deep throat over these years, I never got the deep throat treatment.

She put a hand between her legs and finger fucked herself with four fingers. Betty was making guttural sounds as she took his cock deep into her throat. She never gaged once taking him deep, that didn’t surprise me the way she was engulfing his meat. It was apparent that she did have many years of training and former experience.

Larry gave signs that his cum was boiling and ready to fill her mouth and throat. Betty began to vacuum his cock with wild abandon as she massaged his balls. His body began to shake and his seed spewed into Betty’s throat. She swallowed his cum as she moaned and groaned with pleasure. She continued to suck and lick his cock. In her excited ecstacy she was determined to bring that monster cock back to life, to feel his big black cock swelling as it plunged into her vaginal cannel. Another thing Betty didn’t afford me, swallowing my cum, in fact she never let me cum in her mouth.

Larry pushed Betty back on the bed while he was in a temporary lull before he would be erect again. He began to pay attention to Betty’s breasts. He went wild pinching her nipples and then sucking them into his mouth was causing Betty to moan as she was in the beginning of an orgasm. Larry showed signs of recovery and when releasing his lips from her breast, his sucking caused bruising and a very erect nipples. Betty was in the throws of a shattering orgasm while her legs shook and her back arched. She was now screaming that she wanted his cock, she wanted to be fucked for her husband to watch.

Larry then made Betty get on her hands and knees as he rubbed the head of his cock up and down her labia. Her vaginal moisture was causing cum from her boss to ooze more now and Larry’s teasing was causing her to emit more low guttural moans and vaginal juices. Suddenly, he thrust his cock deep into her channel causing her head to jerk upward. He didn’t seem to be causing her pain. He had the biggest cock I had ever seen and she accepted him willingly. She began screaming, but I think her screams were more pleasure than pain. Her hands grasped hard to the sheet as she was beginning a violent orgasm. Her eyes popped wide open as his cock was thrust deep punching hard into her cervix. Her body was now quivering and shaking in the dawn of another shattering orgasm.

Larry kept up his deep thrusting as Betty was now screaming with her climax. Beads of sweat were forming on her brow and her legs began to spasm. This was a side of Betty that I never saw in all the years we were married.

Betty began screaming, “YES, YES, FUCK ME, fuck me deep. I want you to fill me with your cum. FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARDCUM IN ME.”

Larry gave a final lunge and held his cock tight in her pussy. I could see his ass begin to spasm and it was clear that he was depositing his cum deep in her receptive vagina. Betty’s mouth was wide open and she kept screaming, “YES, YES, FILL ME,” as her klegal muscles began to milk his cock. Both were glistening with sweat as they stayed coupled together for a long time.

When Larry softened and pulled out, there was little sign of cum. Betty was now laying flat, legs spread wide and murmuring, “OH, GOD, that was so deep and fabulous.” She whimpered, “You’re right, Larry. You do have a better and bigger cock than my boss. I want you to fuck me regularly.”

I asked Larry why there was little cum oozing from her cunt. Larry said, “I burry my cock deep and seat the tip against her cervix so most of the cum enters and is trapped in the womb. After a while, it will begin to seep out.”

Betty took Larry’s cock back into her mouth, sucking and licking it clean and to get him erect again. She told Larry that she wanted that big black cock in her ass. Larry wasted no time and in one hard thrust, his cock was buried deep in her rectum. No lubrication, and Betty made no objection nor did she scream from pain. She was a pro at anal fucking too. Again, something I never got, she refused to even let me finger fuck her ass.

Larry’s cock was deep in her ass when he said, “You are my white whore now, you belong to me.”

Betty was groaning as another climax was building and didn’t say anything. Larry slapped her ass and said, “Tell me, tell me you belong to me now and you’re my white whore.”


It took Larry a bit longer to inject his cum deep in her bowels and she was in constant orgasmic bliss. Her screaming, “YES, FUCK MY ASS HARD, GIVE ME THAT BIG BLACK COCK, I WANT MORE CUM. FUCK ME, FUCK ME DEEP.” Larry uploaded his seed deep in her ass and when he pulled out, the cum from her pussy was mixing with the cum from her ass. She cooed as her climax calmed down. The look in her eyes told me she was having a very pleasurable coupling with Larry. She wanted him, no matter what, she desired his cock.

Betty calmed a bit more and then rolled over and began to get off the bed. “Whoa, not so fast,” Larry said, “you’re not done.”

Betty was starting to ask him what he meant when she saw another naked black man enter the room. Betty was still in ‘fuck me’ mode and laid back and spread her legs. Betty screamed, “YES, GIVE THIS WHITE SLUT YOUR BIG BLACK COCK. COME FUCK ME HARD.” Larry looked at me and said, “You should have asked for more money, She’s worth it. She wants it with every cock she sees.” Betty didn’t understand what he said, but she didn’t care, she just wanted more cock.

For the next four hours, I watched Betty being gang banged by many of Larry’s black friends. All had big long cocks and filled her with cum deep in her womb and bowels just like Larry did. The double penetrations were appreciated by Betty as she reminded her ‘lovers’, “YES, YESPUSH HARDER, FILL ME, FILL ME, FUCK ME HARD. USE ME, FUCK MY WHITE CUNT HOLES.”

They used all three of her holes, she and the sheets were cum soaked. Betty was uncontrollably aroused with animal lust as she welcomed all the big black cocks anywhere in and on her body. She kept screaming for more cocks as orgasm after orgasm rifled through her body. “FUCK ME, FUCK ME,” Betty was screaming over and over.

I saw all of her holes as she was filled with cum everywhere. Her ass and pussy were stretched wide and open. Larry was able to get a few pictures and videos of oozing cum from her open pussy and ass. “Advertising for the bulletin board for my customers,” said Larry. We both got a good laugh from his comment.

Betty was well fucked and just laid in the bed when another man entered. Betty spread her legs thinking this man was also going to fuck her, but he just walked up to her and handed her an envelope, saying, “You’ve been served.” He also gave her a second envelope containing copies of the photos and videos of the investigation.

Betty didn’t comprehend what the man said and gave me a questioning look. I said, “Betty, those are your divorce papers. You are no longer married to me, you now belong to Larry. You might as well sign them now, you know our marriage has been a sham. You are now Larry’s whore, he bought you.”

Betty looked at the envelope, jumped off the bed and began to look for her clothes. I informed her that she did not need clothes anymore. She was going to spend the rest of her life on Larry’s bed unless he sold her to another pimp. She was still naked with her legs spread wide. I let her know she was his whore and would be fucked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I said, “Larry made a good deal, he only had to pay me $10,000 for your beautiful white pussy. Remember, what you told him, you agreed with Larry that you are now his white whore. You said that you belonged to him. We even have your commitment on video. From what I just saw, he can double that in just two weeks from your customers.”

Betty yelled, “You bastard, you can’t do that!”

I said, “Oh, but I did. You see, we video taped your gang bang for more proof in court. A copy of the DVD and your resignation will go to your boss. If he ever wants to fuck you again, he will have to pay Larry. His wife was also made aware what was going on in his office, I even gave her my attorney’s card. Another copy of the DVD with your change of address, general delivery, will be delivered to your family so they will know what a whore you have been for all these years.”

Betty was really bawling now and beating her fists against my chest. “You bastard,” she kept screaming, “I have given you all my love and now you treat me like a common slut.” In her rage, it caused more cum to run from her pussy and ass and was pooling on the floor.

I said, “I didn’t treat you as a slut, you became a slut when you started cheating seven years ago. I am going home now, so lay back and spread your legs for Larry’s customers, he needs to recoup his financial investment.” Betty reluctantly signed the divorce papers, she knew there was no chance of reconciliation to stay marred, she would never change my mind.

What a deal, I would have a lot left over to restart my life after paying the attorney and court costs. It will take a long time if I ever think of or begin another relationship. All this time, I was thinking at all the women I saw, just how long they have been cheating on their husbands?

I shook Larry’s hand and he said, “I’ll make sure she’s well fucked.” As I was getting ready to leave, I watched four more big black cocks enter the room and ravage Betty. Her crying suddenly stopped and she began screaming to be fucked. I heard her joyous screams to be fucked as I was walking to the car, YES, YES, FUCK ME I kept hearing. She was in full nymphomania mode, a profession she knew and enjoyed best.

I sat in the car listening to her joyful screams to be fucked. I thought about the proposition Larry suggested. It sure sounded good, because of the way I felt about women in general. His idea was tempting. Larry told me that I had a way of attracting beautiful white women, that he would pay me $5,000 to $10,000 to seduce women and bring to his ‘stable’. It was really sounding like a good deal, not having to go into an office each day. Just going to bars and picking up beautiful women. Yeah, it sounded good. 5 to 10 thousand a week just to seduce white women. Larry was going to supply me with all the ‘date rape’ drugs I wanted.

No, not my thing. I thought that just returning to my boring rut job and staying away from women for awhile was all I needed. I knew as I drove away, I wouldn’t see Larry ever again.

I began my drive home, happy that Betty was in her sexual paradise. Little did she know that Larry already sold her to a pimp in another state.

Since she signed the papers, I knew the divorce would not be contested and I will still get screwed except for some unreported cash. As far as I was concerned and acknowledged by the court, she abandoned me and everything she had in the house. If anyone asks me where she is, all I can truthfully say, “I have no idea.”

I smiled all the way home knowing Betty was now in a recession free life long career. In what city or state, I had no idea, but you can find whores everywhere.

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