Highacre Dragon Breeders 5 - Damn Lizard

Viktoria sat quietly at her desk, a pile of application forms for a Dragon Handler position in front of her. One of her prize studs, Stallion, needed a new handler because his last had recently retired. Viktoria didn't want to hire a woman for the position; knowing Stallions temperment and demeaner he would not listen to a female handler. Sadly so far all the applicants had been young boys fresh out of college with no real experience. She put down yet another form on the rejection pile; which was quickly growing. So far she had rejected roughly thirty applicants. With a sigh of frustration she picked up the next application. The first thing to catch her attention was the name, Solomon. No surname, just Solomon.

Reading through his application form she saw that he had gained experience working with large lizards at Highacre's Country Zoo and Tyrok's Reptile Sanctuary but he had no prior experience with dragons. Viktoria decided that it was worth giving him an try.

Viktoria called Solomon and invited him in for an interview; the voice on the other end of the phone was dark and sensual. His accent was one she had never heard before; maybe he was from Jager, over the ocean to the west of Highacre. Solomon agreed to come in for the interview later that day. Viktoria decided this would be a good experience for Melody, whom she was mentoring so that the girl could take over from her when she retired.

Viktoria and Melody drove to the main gate of the hatchery to meet Solomon. Melody let out a whistle of appreciation as he came into sight. He stood about six foot six, was well built and heavily muscled. His head was covered in thin braided dreadlocks but his face was clean shaven and displaying a smile that would melt any womans heart. His skin was as dark as the purest dark chocolate. Viktoria thought to herself "Oh, just like how I like my coffee Strong and dark", she chuckled and the sound brought Melody back to her senses. Viktoria stopped their rover next to Solomon and as he climbed into the back he greeted them both. Melody felt a shiver run down her spine as his deep seductive voice wrapped around her senses. She caught Viktoria's eye and noticed that he was having the same effect on her Mentor; she hoped they would have chance to satisfy all their urges later.

During the drive back Viktoria asked Solomon to explain his experiences and why he had chosen to apply to the Hatchery when the Central Zoo was looking for experienced handlers aswell. He gladly explained his varied experiences and told them that he wanted to work at the Hatchery because he had worked with lizards from all over the world but had never worked with such nobel beasts as dragons. Melody nodded in understanding; working with dragons required skill and passion, if you had only one of these qualities the dragons would ignore you.

Viktoria slowed the rover to a stop outside the main male stable block. Climbing out of the vehicle carefully so as to not crease her suit, she led them into the building where the males were mostly resting from their earlier exercise. She walked at a slow pace so that Solomon had a chance to take everything in before they reached Stallions' pen. As dragons went Stallion was relatively small, about the size of a large horse. He was the only male Equis dragon in the Hatchery. Solomon looked the dragon up and down and whistled in awe. Stallion raised his head and looked directly at Solomon, holding his gaze and daring the man to look away. Solomon held the dragons gaze, refusing to back down. Viktoria and Melody watched in silence, both not wanting to interrupt the fight for dominance. Finally Stallion relented and with a snort and shake of his head the dragon came forward and bent one knee before Solomon. To show his respect to the noble beast Solomon lowered his head; he was to be a Handler; an equal to the marvelous creature, not dominant over it.

Stallion raised his head before stepping up to the gate of the pen; meeting Solomon's gaze once more. But this was not a display of challenge but of acceptance. The dragon had refused twenty handlers already; leading Viktoria to believe he was as picky as she was. With total confidence Solomon opened the pen gate and stepped through; Viktoria was about to protest when Melody gently placed a hand on her arm. The young girl shook her head and nodded at Solomon who was knelt before Stallion; running his hands gently over each of the dragons legs. Stallion lifted each leg in turn and offered his taloned foot; Solomon took each foot with great care, inspecting the tough, hardened scales and claws. Slowly Solomon worked his way around every inch of the dragons body until all that remained was his scaled cloaca. Knowing he should finish his inspection or lose the dragons trust; Solomon knelt down again and took a gently grip of Stallion's cloaca. Stallion turned his head to look back at Solomon before blinking in consent. With a firm yet tender grip Solomon eased the dragons penis from its sheath; fourteen inches of firm warm meat slid from the cloaca making the girls watching gasp in apprieciation. Solomon looked over Stallions penis and exclaimed 'Damn, lizard!' The dragon shook his head and snorted; mimicinig a horse with the action. Solomon released his grip on the cloaca and stood. Turning to the girls he smiled, winked and joked, 'He's almost as big as me!'

Melody blushed at Solomon's joke but Viktoria decided to call him on it saying ,'Prove it'. A smile crossed the new Handlers face as he nodded. Turning to the girls Solomon unbuttoned his trousers and pulled out his cock. Fourteen inches of dark man meat hung between his legs. Melody stood open mouthed in shock, she had never seen one so big on a man. Viktoria stared at the cock, her eyes filled with hunger. Taking Melody by the hand she opened the pen gate and stepped in; dragging the open mouthed teen with her. Solomon watched her every move, he still had hold of his cock and was gently stroking it.

Stallion watched the two girls with interest; like some of the other dragons he had fucked the female Handlers and he had enjoyed it. His penis still hung from his cloaca and it twitched when he caught the scent coming off the girls. The dragon flicked its tongue and tasted the air; lustful hormones were radiating around the pen. Stallion snorted and stepped closer to them, his penis growing firmer as their scent grew stronger.

Viktoria knelt infront of Solomon, taking a firm grip of his cock before gently stroking the length. Slowly the length of meat grew, firmed and throbbed; the veins bulging in her grasp. Solomon growled in the back of his throat, a deep gutteral sound that sent a thrill of anticipation down Viktoria's spine. The new Handler ran his hand over his new boss' head, her hair silky soft beneath his fingers. Melody watched with her breath hiking in her chest and her heart hammering beneath her breast. She had seen how Viktoria handled a regular man's cock and even some of the dragons; but never a monster like Solomon's. Taking a deep breath Viktoria sucked the head of Solomon's meat into her mouth. Her lips barely able to stretch around his girth. After a few seconds she pulled away while rubbing her jaw; this was going to be a challange for her.

While Viktoria and Melody's attention had been fixed on Solomon none of them noticed Stallion moving around the pen. He moved up behind Melody; nudging her shoulder with his snout and nibbling at her hair. The teen jumped at the nudge; turning she looked straight into Stallion's eyes. The dragon nudged her shoulder again and let a low purr rumble in his throat. Melody knew straight away what the dragon was after. Kneeling down by Stallions hind leg she gently gripped his penis and began working her tongue around the flared tip. Being an Equis dragon he resembled a horse in nearly every way, the only differences were the scales, wings and shape of his skull; even his penis was like a horses, long and firm with a flared tip. Melody knew she couldn't fit the tip in her mouth so she worked her tongue around it thoroughly. She had yet to be fucked by Stallion and knew just looking at him it was going to be a tight fit, if she managed to get it in at all.

Viktoria rose from her knees, her fingers still wrapped around Solomon's cock. She led him over to a stack of hay bales that were to be put in Stallion's pen. Carefully she climbed onto the first bale before turning round and laying on her back with her head hanging off the edge of the bale. She never let go of the monster meat in her grasp. Licking her lips she moved her hands round to Solomon's hips and gently pulled him towards her mouth. The new Handler saw what Viktoria was planning and took hold of his massive weapon. Rubbing the head of his cock over her lips Solomon grinned. Viktoria licked around the tip of his cock before opening her mouth as wide as she could. Slowly inch by inch Solomon pushed his meat deeper into Viktoria's mouth; after several inches he met the resistance of her throat muscles. Viktoria gagged as Solomon pushed the head of his cock into her throat; digging her fingers into the meat of his ass cheeks so he couldn't pull away. She closed her eyes, trying to relax her spasming throat. Spit leaked from the corners of her mouth as Solomon pulled back an inch so Viktoria could take a breath. Exhaling through her nose the Hatchery Mistress dug her fingers into Solomon's thighs and pulled him closer. The head of his cock passing the pulsing muscle that had resisted only a second before. Grunting and moaning in pleasure he pushed gently forward until all fourteen inches of his meat were buried in Viktoria's throat. He held it for a second before pulling back; his cock was slick with her spit. As the last of Solomon's monster left her throat Viktoria coughed, taking in a lungful of air before licking her lips.

Melody looked up from licking Stallion's penis and saw the new Handlers monster soaked in Viktoria's throat juices. The dragon stamped his rear foot and dragged his claws through the hay that covered the floor of his pen. Melody gently wanked the penis in her grasp with one hand while her other hand unbuttoned her khaki shorts. She tried to remove them with just the one hand but struggled. The teen stood and let her shorts fall to the floor before stepping out of them gracefully. All the while her fingers worked around the girth of Stallion's penis making him purr in pleasure.

Stallion turned his head and sniffed; his tongue flicking from his mouth as he tasted the air. He moved his head closer to Melody who watched him carefully. Gently reaching out Melody ran her hand over the dragons snout. A purr rumbled in his throat; his tail swinging gently and his wings twitching. The dragon sniffed at the teens crotch, his tongue tracing over the fabric of her panties. The feeling of the dragon's tongue against her crotch made Melody giggle; slipping her thumb into the waist band she pushed them down until they were loose enough to fall to the floor. Stallion licked eagerly at Melody's shaved mound; a ripple of pleasure running down his body and down hers.

Once Viktoria had caught her breath she sat up; looking over to watch what her protege was doing. She continued to wank Solomon, not wanting to lose the firmness of his monster. The feel of his cock in her hand was delightful and she was aching to have it filling and stretching her. But her curiosity of what Melody was doing was too great.

With her shorts and panties now on the floor Melody walked over to the nearest hay bale and bent over, resting her head on her arms as she looked back to see Stallion moving towards her. She saw his penis bounce with his stride and shuddered in anticipation. She quickly glanced the other way to see Viktoria and Solomon watching her intently. Melody could feel her juices running down her legs; the excitement and anticipation of being fucked by Stallion had made her aroused beyond belief. The dragon moved up behind her and licked the juices flowing from the teen's pussy. With gentle prescision Stallion mounted her, his forelimbs placed either side of Melody's shoulders. The flared head of his penis rubbed against her dripping slit making her moan in pleasure and longing. With a purr of pleasure Stallion thrust forward, the head of his penis straining to enter the young girl. With a grunt of effort the head popped in. Melody screamed in pain and ecstacy, her pussy was stretched more than it had ever been. She hadn't thought it possible but Stallion's penis was bigger than Hazard's, and she had barely managed to take that inside her. Her body shuddered beneath the dragon; she was surprised that he held still and didn't try to bury his full length in her like some of the younger dragons.

Viktoria watch with wide eyes as the flared tip of Stallion's penis sank into Melody. She kept Solomon's member gripped firmly in her hand. Moving round on the hay bale Viktoria opened her legs to Solomon; pulling him towards her. The new Handler saw the intent burning in her eyes and smiled. Taking hold of his cock he began rubbing the head over Viktoria's slit; her juices lubricating the tip. Looking into Viktoria's eyes Solomon gently applied pressure and pushed his monster into his new boss. Viktoria moaned as her pussy stretched to accomodate the massive cock. As the head of his cock sank fully inside Vitoria he massaged the length of his shaft. Slowly inch by inch Solomon sank deeper; He grunted when he met the resistance of her cervix. With eight inches of his cock buried inside Viktoria, Solomon wandered how much more she could take. Viktoria growled in pleasure; her hands running over the mans sides until she got to his waist. She dug her fingers into his sides and pulled him deeper into her. The tip of his cock pushed past her cervix making her cry out in pain and lust. Keeping her fingers firming dug into Solomon she pulled him deeper and deeper until she felt the head of his cock pressing against the roof of her womb. The sensation was almost more than she could bare; the pressure sending jolts of pleasure through her followed by waves of sickness. After a few minutes she had to stop him from thrusting, fearing the next thrust would make her lose her breakfast. Solomon pulled his length from her and massaged the shaft. Viktoria lay on her back and turned her head to watch Melody.

The young girl wailed and screamed in ecstasy as Stallion fucked her. Her wasn't burying his full length inside her and for that Melody was thankful. Her body shuddered as orgasm after orgasm flowed through her. Stallion started grunting with his thrusts. Slowly the spines along his back began to raise and stand firm. His wings shook and quaked as he slowly spread them. With a final grunt and a snarl Stallion buried nearly half his penis inside Melody; his tail twitching as he started to cum. Melody cried out in bliss as his hot semen flooded her insides. Stallion gently took a step back, his huge penis leaving Melody with a pop followed by a flood of cum. Melody lay shuddering as her last orgasm subsided.

Seeing Melody shudder Viktoria stood and went to her side. Gently she began stroking her sweat soaked hair; she whispered well done in the young girls ear before kissing her forehead. Solomon walked up behind Viktoria, still stroking his massive cock. Viktoria smiled back over her shoulder and wiggled her ass and said,
"stick that monster in my ass and fuck me till you cum!"
Solomon grinned and spat on Viktoria's anus. He pressed the head of his massive meat against her sphincter and pushed the head inside his boss. With a single thrust he buried nearly his entire length deep inside her. Viktoria screamed in orgasm as the new Handler began to pound his massive cock into her ass. Thrust after thrust making her orgasm again and again. The tighness of her ass had Solomon grunting with every thrust as Viktoria's ass muscles began milking his cock. He moaned and shook as he came, driving his cock fully into Viktoria. All fourteen inches of his meat filled her colon as he dumped his cum deep in her bowels. Viktoria shuddered as he slowly drew his cock out of her. As he pulled the head free she clenched her muscles as quickly as she could and waved at her bag sitting by the door to the pen. As Solomon picked up the bag Viktoria said,
"There is a buttplug in there, stick it in my ass!"
Solomon nodded and pulled out the plug. He had been expecting a tapered plug but this one was a large bulb. He spat on the plug before pushing it into Viktoria's ass.

The three of them slowly got dressed before Viktoria led them back to the rover. She had told them they were going back to her office to complete the paperwork and the job was his if he wanted it. Solomon had nodded smiling saying how could he possibly turn the job down if those were the perks. All three of them laughed as they drove back to the office. Viktoria called ahead and had one of the stewards prepare drinks for the three of them and
arrange accomodation for Solomon in the main dorm.

Viktoria sat at her desk with Melody sprawled on the chaise under the window and Solomon sat in the arm chair across from her. Melody had falled asleep in the car and Solomon had carefully carried her into the office; he would take her up to her room soon but wanted to get the paperwork done first. Viktoria squirmed in her chair, the plug in her ass now beginning to become uncomfortable. She handed the last of the papers over to Solomon to read and sign while she poured herself a glass of wine. A set of keys lay on the desk infront of her, they were for Solomon's room and for the garage. Once he had signed the last page Viktoria passed the keys over and said,
"welome to the family, I hope you enjoy working here"
Solomon thanked her before gently lifting Melody into his arms. Viktoria took her key to Melody's room and led the way.

As Solomon lay Melody on the bed Apollo climbed out of his box and clambered over to the young girl; curling up against her stomach. Solomon petted the small dragon before quietly creeping from the room. Viktoria led him to the kitchen so they could grab a bite to eat and discuss his duties as Stallion's handler.

Solomon knew it was going to be hard work but he relished the challenge; and only an idiot would turn down the perks of this job!

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