My wife and her friend part 1

Chapter 1: Friday night

"She's going to be here soon, so hurry up."

My wife's voice echoed down the hallway towards the open bathroom door. As I stood in the shower, rinsing the soap off my body. The hot water soothing my stiff muscles from a hard day's work. A nice hot shower after a long day at work typically helped my sore body. But today I rushed my shower more then usual.

It was about 6:30 on Friday and my wife's best friend, Sam, was coming over for the long weekend.

Kate, my wife, has been best friends​ with Sam for about 5 years now. We spend a lot of time together and we all became very close. Typically doing stuff together as a group of three, it felt more like a trio of friends rather then the feeling of Sam third wheeling.

As I finished my final rinse I reluctantly turned the shower off and began to dry myself. As I stepped out and headed towards my bedroom to gather my clothes for dinner. I glanced at our full length mirror that hung in our bathroom. At 6' I could see my whole body in the mirror. Now, I like to remain humble, but I am pleased at the reflection I see, as I clearly have seen more muscle definition to my body since I began working in construction a few years ago. I ussually keep my chest and lower region clean shaven, but due to my time constraints, short hairs covered most of my front. I am comfortable with my naked body. Actually all three of us are pretty comfortable with it. We've never done anything sexual together, other then my wife and I, but we have been attending a nearby naturist park for the past few summers. We have seen eachother nude plenty of times but never have we taken it any further then joking about seeing eachother naked, no jealousy or self conscious issues at all. As I continued down the hall the front door opened and Sam stepped in with her backpack in hand.

"Hey, just in time! I just have to go throw on some clothes before we leave." I responded as I walked towards her as she closed the front door.

"Unless you go like that." My wife responded cheerfully as she entered the hall, noting the fact that I was still stark naked.

"If only it was socially acceptable." I said with a smirk, as I passed Sam. I approched and kissed my wife along my journey. She reached low and fondled my penis and testicles for a split second, with my back towards Sam.

"Need a minute?" Sam spoke up jokingly as she must have seen where my wife's hand was.

"Maybe later." My wife responded with a giggle, I started walking toward the bedroom. My wife and Sam began small talk as I continued on my way.

I entered the bedroom and walked around the king-size bed towards my dresser. Opening the top drawer I shuffled through looking for some underwear. Finding a pair of blue and black briefs, I took them in hand and then to another drawer to grab a pair of dark jeans. I put on my underwear, jeans and belt then walked towards the closet and grabbed one of my many band t shirts to put on. Then to my nightstand I put on some deodorant and a spritz of Cologne and made my way back to the front hall.

As I walked around corner I look towards front hall. My wife was sitting on a bench tying her shoes. She was wearing a light grey summer dress, when standing, the hem came to mid thigh but since she was sitting on the low bench it raised up to reveal her hot pink panties visibly peeking out​ contrasting to the grey dress. Sam stood beside her wearing a green dress, a bit shorter than Kate's. They carried on their conversation about the most recent dating failure of Sam's. In no way is she a girl who 'gets around'. She is a very cute girl, but seems to have had bad luck with keeping a boyfriend. My wife and her joke about it being that she needs a good guy like me but can never seem to find one that measures up.

"He's just a jerk, he was only ever nice to me when it benefitted him." Sam scowled.

"You just need to stop going out with boys and find a man." I chimed in. Both girls looked towards me.

"Yeah, well, nowadays it's difficult to find!" Sam responded. But she was right. Being 19 years old, there aren't many mature guys out there her age.

"Well good thing you got us then! You don't need anyone else." My wife chimed in.

"Yeah I love you guys and I'm looking forward to a good weekend!" Sam responded cheerfully.

"Then let's head out and get it started!" I exclaimed, as we walked outside. After I locked the door I linked arms with both my 'dates' and walked them towards my car.

We tried a new restaurant in town and it was excellent. After good food and great conversations we left the restaurant in good moods and headed back to the house to continue the night. My wife and I lived in a nice country house on a side road just on the outskirts of town. Plenty of private land. The house was a bit rough when we moved in last year, just after we got married. But with my experience in contracting I have been able to work away and make the home perfect for us and our future plans of family.

As we were nearing the house, the sun began to set. We made the plan to use the hottub on our back deck. I said the jets would definitely help my body from a long week of work. We parked and I walked around back to get the jacuzzi ready. The girls went in the front door. Once I had removed the lid, and turned on the lights I heard the patio door slide open. I turned towards the open patio door, where both girls stood in the archway, fully nude.

"Looks like you two are ready!" I said as I smiled looking at both their bodies. As I mentioned before, we had seen eachother naked many times and always used the hottub nude. But in the golden orange sunset light, they both looked absolutely stunning. Due to the light emerging behind them from the house and the glow from the sunset upon their fronts, I couldn't make out much detail but they were sillouetted beauties for sure. Kate stood at about 5' 6" and Sam stood about 5' 4". Both pretty slim. Kate had smallish tits but perfect handfuls for me. Sam had slightly bigger breasts and a bit wider hips. They both struck a cute fashionista pose and tilted their heads back and exhaled.

A hushed 'ahh' escaped them and they giggled.

"Care to join us husband?" My wife whispered.

"Be right out!" I exclaimed as I rushed into the house, stripping down nude and grabbing a few towels from our linnen closet. I stopped by the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of sparkling cider from our fridge and three of our 'fancy glasses'. As I walked back outside with my arms full the cool summer breeze blew across my body. I placed the glasses on a table and tossed the towels on a nearby chair. I popped the cork as both girls cooed just loud enough to hear them over the jets. I poured three drinks and stepped towards the tub, handing them each a drink before stepping in myself. The hot water stirred up from the jets shocked my body but after a second of the warm burn, my body adjusted to the heat and as I sat I almost instantly felt relief.

"This is so nice. Mmmmm. This weekend is going to be so relaxing." Sam spoke up.

"Like a spa treatment." Kate added.

"Ugh I wish it was a spa, I really need a massage, this week was all demo, so I am so sore." I groaned.

"Well it could be" Kate responded.

"Yeah! We should totally do a spa weekend!" Added Sam excitedly. "We could do massages and facials and do our nails and everything!'

"Aside from the 'doing our nails and facials' part, that sounds pretty good." I retorted.

Both girls laughed.

"Well I think we still have a waxing kit if you'd prefer that, I haven't shaved in a couple days so I may need that." Kate replyed.

We all nodded and agreed a spa weekend was the plan.

"To the Spa au natural!" Chimed Sam and held up her glass of bubbling cider.

"Cheers!" We said and all held our glasses up to 'clink'.

As we soaked and sipped our drinks, our conversations led astray to whatever was going on in our current lives. I stayed as focused as I could but as per normal, my wife's hand found its way to my lap and cautiously fondled my penis and testicles underneath the water. The bubbles hid the view from the surface. As her hand worked its way slowly around my full package. As if she was looking for something in the dark. Her fingers and palm rubbed and tickled my whole area. From my pubic mound, down and around my 4 1/2" flaccid shaft, to my testicles and below to my perineum and as far under as she could reach without adjusting too much. My member began to harden from Kate's hand rhythmically moving and massaging multiplied by the warm jets against my whole body. My erection was now at my full 7". Sticking straight up underneath the layer of surface bubbles. I reached over and began the same rubbing motion on Kate's wet mound. Kate then slowly gripped my shaft and began to rub it up and down. My uncircumcised head slowly emerging from my relaxed foreskin. I could clearly feel the slickness and moisture from her slit compared to the surrounding water, as she relaxed and opened her legs wider. She began slow and gradually gained momentum and speed until she was stroking me at a steady but quick pace. If it wasn't for the jets and bumbling water our arm movements would have clearly been seen. I placed my middle finger at her entrance and slowly entered her most sacred area. I fingered her slowly and steadily. We made it that much better by keeping up conversation with Sam. I tried my best to not show any facial change to give any sign of what ectasy spell I was currently under. My throat groans were muffled by the sound of the jets and conversation. Then it clicked. Literally. The timer on the hottub clicked and stopped. Signaling the end to our 45 minute cycle we had set. Kate and I quickly moved our hands away and back to our own lap. We looked at eachother quick enough to share a moment of exciting acknowledgement. Then back to Sam.

"Guess that means it's time we go inside." Sam's voice broke the silence.

Knowing that I was still rock hard, I responded; "I'll close up the hottub and meet you two inside." As I slid over to the side to make room for Sam and Kate to climb out by the stairs. Sam stood up and stepped out. I was looking at Kate but then Sam's vagina moved into view and my eyes followed and reviewed her cute butt as she stepped outside the hottub. My eyes then turned back to Kate and I caught her eyes looking at Sam's behind aswell. Her gaze then shifted back to meet mine and I gave her a sweet smile. Her face glistening and slightly red. It could have been from the heat but I think she was blushing a bit. She smiled back and crawled towards me grabbing my hard dick and kissing me forcefully on my lips, moaning into my mouth.

"Ah! It's kinda cold out here!" Sams voice beckoned from the back door. She was wrapped up in one of the towels sliding the back door open as she stepped inside.

Kate then stood straight up and I leaned forward and gave her a kiss on her mound. Slowly ducking my head a bit to give a full lick up her snatch. She leaned back and gasped audibly, thrusting her crotch tighter against my mouth. Then stepping back. She knows how to tease me. She smiled again and stepped out of the tub, grabbing a towel and scurrying cutely into the open door. I threw my head back and groaned loudly. Not thinking they both may hear me. I stood up, looked down and saw my penis bob and drip water from the tip. At least I had a few moments in the darkness to have it subside as I climbed out and began to cover the hottub back up. I grabbed my towel, dried off, and took one last remaining gulp of the cider from the bottle. As I gazed down my dick was at about half mast. Close enough to flaccid that it wouldn't attract too much attention. I gathered up the glasses, empty bottle and my towel and walked inside the house.

"Wait a couple minutes." Kate's voice called from the bedroom, after sliding the door closed. I acknowledged I heard her and put the empty bottle and glasses on the kitchen counter. Finished drying the last of the wet areas on my naked body and saw that my penis was mostly calmed down. I ran my palm across it and breathed a reassuring breath, almost to say 'your time will come my friend'.

"Okay, we are ready for you!" Sam summoned from the bedroom.

"Ok, coming!" I responded.

As I walked down the dark hallway at the top of the stairs, I saw a flickering orange glow emerging from the bedroom. As I arrived to the doorway and stepped in I see both girls in short silk robes, sitting on the bed. The dressers and nightstands had lit candles on them and an aromatic atmosphere made the room seem so much different then what I always saw as just my bedroom.

"Welcome to the spa!" the girls chimed in unison.

"I feel a bit underdressed." I joked.

The girls responded silently by opening their robes and revealing their naked bodies underneath. I walked over to the bed sitting down in the middle of the two, placing a hand on one of each of their bare upper thighs. We sat silently for a few minutes.

"What's first?" I asked.

"Well we should probably do the painful stuff first." Sam replyed, leaning over the edge of the bed. Her short robe raising enough so I get yet another good view of her bum and the bottom of her vagina. My wife and I both stare unashamedly. Probably because we both are hightened sexually from earlier in the tub. Our curious minds got the best of us and we both stared right between her legs. Our focus directed at her most precious area. With a wiggle Sam then backed up and sat down a bit closer to me then when she left. Her bare thigh against mine. She placed a box upon her bare lap. Opening it, revealing a waxing kit. We all laugh nervously at what we are about to do to eachother.

"So how does this work?" I asked.

Both the girls then just start taking items out and organizing them on the nightstand and dresser. I just sat back and watched the girls scurry about in their revealing robes, admiring the two beauties. My mind racing about how lucky I am. Just the thought of being with them and feeling so comfortable made my heart beat a bit faster. I sat there smiling as the girls walked about opening packages and making sure it was all accounted for. Both their robes were untied so they fluttered behind them as they moved. Even in the low light I caught glimpses of their shadowed skin. Nipples, breasts, bellies, bums and mounds peeking out every so often. When they stepped quick, their light, loose robes would almost act as a cape, opening up to reveal their nude full frontals then falling to their sides and covering them up again. Since I haven't gotten relief yet, my penis began to tingle. I looked down and saw it raise a bit to semi hard. Almost defying gravity.

"Okay, who's first?" Sam's voice snapped me back into reality. I began to look up. She stood infront of me. Robe open wide. I finally get a close enough view of her to make out details. Her mound and lips are tucked neatly together, small sprouts of hair scattered about her puffy pubic area. As my gaze worked upwards, my eyes take in as much of her body as possible. Her flat tummy, a bit of baby fat right where needed to give her a healthy look. My eyes then make it up to breasts. Perfect for her frame and her pink nipples are sticking straight out. Probably due to the cooler air coming in from an open window. In her hands she held a few of the waxing strips. I looked up a bit more and viewed her face. A smile on her face, flushed cheeks and her eyes were looking slightly down. Lower then they should be to look me in my eyes. Her focus was on my penis. I quickly looked down to see my dick has grown more stiff. Not at full mast but enough to show my excitement. I look back up to her face and catch her eyes darting up to meet mine. Her smile grows bigger.

"Let's do your chest first." Kate's voice entered, breaking the moments gaze. She placed a hand on my shoulder and coaxed me backwards to lay down flat. I look towards her and she smiled a knowing smile. She must have seen where Sam and I's eyes were. She winked at me, calming my insecurity. Kate then got up on her knees on the bed beside me. Moving a knee over my arm. My left arm reached out flat between her legs so she could better reach my torso. As I look back forward Sam straddled my right leg and scooted up towards me. There was a few inches between her vagina and my thigh, but even with the distance I felt the warmth upon my thigh. The hem from the back of her robe brushed lightly on my knee. I closed my eyes for just a moment and took a deep breath, smelling the air as best I could. The scent of the candles caused a deep sensuous relaxation to overtake all my senses. Then 'slap'! The cool wax strip was plastered upon my chest. My eyes snapped open almost in a panic. Sam laughed deep almost sounding maniacally.

"Stay still." Sam commanded.

Both girls rubbed there palms on the strip making sure it was warmed and massaged into my chest.

Kate spoke up, "Okay, on the count of three, 1, 2-"

'RIP' Sam pulled the strip off in one fluid movement. My body involuntarily jolted stightly from the sting. Both my legs and arms rose up til my right thigh met Sam's vulva and my left arm met Kate's. As my body relaxed and dropped back flat on bed, both girls lowered their bodies with them. Not breaking contact with my skin, we came to rest back on the bed. Sam's warm vulva on my thigh and Kate's on my arm. Kate's pussy felt warm and even a bit wet as her lips pressed tightly upon my arm.

"That wasn't so bad." Sam responded half questioning and half statement. Both girls laughed.

"It burns a bit." I retorted.

Kate then lowered her head and lightly blew on my freshly waxed area. The cool breath was almost instant relief on my chest.

"Ah, that helps." I whispered. As Sam reached to the side and threw the used strip away and retrieved a new one. With the movement, her vulva broke contact with my thigh. Then, as she returned to her previous position, she came back into contact with it. Her bum and pussy rested upon my thigh. Almost hugging me with her legs. Her knee brushed my testicles softly. I looked down to signify that I felt it.

"Oops, sorry." She whispered and shrugged.

"It's ok, kinda tickled." I whispered back with a smile.

"Well, this won't." She responded mockingly and placed another waxing strip on my chest. Both girls began to massage the cool gel into my chest. Since they were both now sitting on a limb, as they rubbed the strip they also grinded their pelvis' against me ever-so-slightly. As much as I loved the feeling of both their pussies, it soon came to an abrupt stop as Sam ripped the strip off of me. Almost instantly Kate leaned forward and blew gently against the area and the burn subsided. As Sam readjusted again, tossing aside that strip and getting a new one, she placed her knee further up causing my testicles to be propped up above, and rested atop her knee. As she placed this strip a little lower on my chest, she leaned back as she rubbed, since she was a bit further up my thigh. Her buttocks clenched and flexed slightly as she rubbed the strip and moved her pussy and bum a bit more vigorously on my thigh. Kate did the same on my arm. It was getting much warmer and I could tell Kate and Sam both were enjoying themselves at the expense of my limbs. But I wasn't complaining. Another rip and Sam pulled the strip off. This one cause me to jump and flinch a bit more and the girls both squealed. They jumped a bit then came back down with a bit more force upon my arm and leg, I swear I heard them both moan a bit as their pussies and bums squeezed against me. Then Sam continued to grab another strip. Rubbing this one in again.

"You can pull this one" Sam says to Kate. Sam then sat more straight up. She placed her hands on my hips to steady herself. Gripping slightly, she also put more pressure onto my thigh. This time when Kate pulled the strip off I purposely jumped a bit more. Especially with my trapped arm and leg. Sam fell a bit forward, catching herself with her hands on either side of me. She leaned back to rebalance herself. She slid her hands accross my torso as she rose. Then her right hand brushed my penis as it laid accross my lower stomach. It was flaccid now due to the pain of the strips, but as her fingers grazed my member it was brought back to life. Not to mention I was reminded of the current position I was in. It began to harden. Causing it to 'twitch' Sam noticed and as I looked into her eyes she blinked a long blink and slightly bit her bottom lip. At this moment Kate crawled above my face from the side to get another strip. Her pussy was above my face for the pinnacle of her reach and it glistened in the dim light. I knew she was enjoying herself. She returned with a fresh strip and adjusted her squat on my arm so she could better slide her pussy back and fourth. And as her and Sam massaged this strip in, she clearly took advantage of her new movement freedom. She slid her pussy back and fourth a few inches while she rubbed the strip. This strip was about midway up my stomach and Sam ripped it off. Kate quickly bent downwards and blew gently over the area. The next strip was a bit lower. At my navel level. Sam ripped it off and leaned back. Kate again leaned forward and blew a bit stronger. Due to the angle, her blow teased the tip of penis. It rested pointing upwards on my pubic mound, semi-hard. I twitched it again and she said "Ooo" just under her breath very cute and quiet. Another strip was layed accross my lower stomach. Sam reluctantly moved off my thigh and to my side so it could be reached. I felt her pussy pull away from my thigh, a wet spot was left, as the air hit it, it cooled on my thigh and my dick twitched again. Both girls noticed and giggled quietly under their breath.

"Nervous twitch." I exclaimed, causing both girls to giggle more audibly.

"Almost done, then you can take a break." Kate responded, as she massaged the strip. As she pulled it away, Sam then leaned down and blew cool air on the exposed skin. This time more air hit my penis and felt great, growing a bit stiffer.

Kate now climbed off the bed and walked around the bed to get another strip from the table since Sam was in the way at my side. This time Kate returned and straddled my left thigh just above my knee. Sam was still blowing softly around the area and a bit beyond. Almost directly at my shaft.

"Last one for this phase." Kate said, followed by; "Sam, you can stop blowing my husband now." Both girls burst out laughing.

"He didn't seem to mind!" Sam said between giggles.

"No, he did not." Kate replyed winking at me and darting her eyes to my penis and back to my face, without Sam noticing.

Now a bit harder, my penis rested further up my lower stomach. Still laid flat, but clearly more engorged.

"I'll hold this." Kate said as she wrapped her hand lightly around my shaft, holding it upwards to make room for Sam to lay the strip below my navel and partially on my pubic mound. As Sam rubbed the strip vigorously, Kate's grip on my shaft shifted with the rubbing momentum and almost seemed as if she was lightly rubbing my shaft up and down. Within the 15 seconds of the strip, and my shaft being massaged I got quite hard. Sam's focus was mostly on the strip making sure every bit of the gel was worked in. But she made sure her massage was used in a manipulative way to allow Kate to continue the massage of her own. She now, not-so-subtly, grinded her pussy against my leg.

"Okay, that should be good." Sam concluded, and with a quick pull, removed the strip. She then leaned down and blew softly. Kate continued to rub herself on my leg and then slowly moved my hard penis forward and ever-so-slightly touched the tip against Sam's cheek. Sam puffed out her cheeks with air to make better contact and continued to blow.

After a few long seconds Kate slowed her rocking and very sarcastically said "Oops" and took my penis back away from Sam's cheek. The girls both laughed a bit and Sam sat up . Kate released my shaft at a comfortable angle as to not have it slap down. Now it defied gravity a bit as none of the shaft layed flat. I see the girls make eye contact then Sam got up off the bed and headed with a slight skip to the dresser where the rest of the boxes of strips were stacked. As she walked with a bit of a skip her robe flapped up and down flashing her lower bum a few times. Both Kate and I watched her as she distanced herself from the bed. Then Kate leaned down to whisper in my ear.

"I'm really wet. I liked watching her sit like that on you. Sorry if that's weird." She confessed.

"It felt good, even with the amount of pain." I whispered back.

"My turn now!" Sam spoke up as she walked back towards the bed with another handful of strips. I slowly shifted to the side of the bed and sat at the edge. Looking over my shoulder, Sam crawled on her hands and knees to the center of the bed and collapsed on her back. Her robe sprawled out to her sides revealing her body yet again. Her rhythmic breathing caused her breasts to raise and lower. Her perky tits pointed straight up and didn't sag at all to the sides. I rotated around and sat on my bent knees, facing Sam from her side. Kate straddled her left leg. Not as high as Sam was on me but that's because we weren't waxing her chest. Sam spread her legs apart for Kate. Kate had a few smaller strips, specifically made for the intimate areas. She placed a strip on the right side of her vagina and it went up to her mound aswell. I just watched as my wife rubbed the thin strip on her friends crotch. My penis remained mostly hard but because of how I was crouched. I wasn't flaunting it.

"Here goes!" Kate spoke as she pulled the strip upwards causing Sam to jump and squeel. Even I cringed at the thought of such a delicate area being under such torment. Kate then set the strip aside and reached for another.

"I thought you were supposed to blow on it, so it hurt less." Sam pouted at Kate.

"Oops, sorry. Next time!" Kate reassured.

The next strip she had was laid across Sam's mound. Kate rubbed the gel in as I watched intently. She then pulled the second strip off and leaned her face down towards her friend's crotch and blew seductively. Sam moaned softly and said "Ah, that feels so much better!" After a few seconds Kate raised her head and got another strip. "This should be the last one needed." She said. As the girls looked into each other's eyes. I couldn't see if anything was said or acknowledged. But Kate looked towards me and said, "You do this one." And held the strip towards me.

"Uh, okay? How do I do it?" I asked as I retrieved the strip and walked on my knees towards Sam's side. Kate backed up a bit but still straddled Sam's shin. Place it right here, and ran her finger up her friend's left pussy lip. I placed the strip where pointed.

"Now rub it in." Kate lovingly commanded. I looked Kate in the eye and she smiled and mouthed the word 'please'. I looked down to Sam's face and saw only the side of her face as she was staring at my semi erect penis. I looked back towards Kate. She cocked her head to the side and smirked. She then grabbed my hand and guided it towards her friend's pussy. I started with just my finger tips rubbing lightly on the strip.

"You have to rub harder then that." Kate said and pushed my hand further onto her friend's warm pussy. I rubbed up and down. But my hand is bigger then Kate's so my fingers also caressed Sam's slit. Neither girl seem to mind. I rubbed for what seemed like a few minutes but in reality was probably only about 30 seconds. I could hear Sam moaning a bit and could feel her warm breath on my swelling dick. I also saw Kate with her hand on her own pussy, slowly rubbing her fingers along her own slit. Not obnoxiously but just subtly.

"Okay that's enough, you don't want to get her too excited." Kate called out jokingly. I stopped my rubbing and heard a disapproving groan escape Sam quietly. Kate then ceased her own vaginal stimulation and reached to the strip. Pulling it off. Sam squealed. Kate quickly knelt down and moved her lips to only about an inch from Sam's pussy and blew softly. I looked down and Sam starred back up at me, past my hard on and smiled contently. I moved back to my sitting position. I looked over and saw Kate give a quick kiss to Sam's pussy. Sam twitched for a second, Kate looked up at me with an adorable smile. Kate then moved upwards allowing Sam to roll to the side and the girls switched places on the bed. I moved a bit closer so my penis was right next to my wife's face, as she laid on the bed.

"Actually maybe you should come here while I do your wife." Sam said to me as she crouched between my wife's open legs. Then laughed at her choice of words.

She then backed away and walked around to the side of the bed I was on. Since I was facing Kate. She walked to behind me. Right as she stepped out of view, Kate went right for my penis with an open mouth. Wrapping her moist lips around my aching head. She sucked only for a second and let it pop out. As I flexed my stomach and let out a sexually frustrated groan. I knew my wife loved to tease me, and she does so well. Even though I was frustrated, it was the best type of frustration. I seductively crawled across her body, staying low so most of of our exposed skin brushed against eachother as I moved. As I made my way to crouching between her legs I looked up just as Sam was lifting a leg across Kate's chest. She had shed her robe so she was fully naked. I loved the way her hips smoothed slimly then back out as it reached her chest. The light from the candles emphasized her curves and the fact that she now was straddling my wife's chest, cause tingles to run down my spine.

Sam then laid a waxing strip on my wife's vulva and began to rub. She stared downwards to her work. I was so horny and it was beginning to not be overlooked. Even though I sat back on my legs my erect dick stuck straight up. Sam then ripped the strip off Kate. She leans down and blows across her pussy. But since she straddled Kate's chest her head was also close to my crotch. I thrusted my hips forward a bit and touched the under part of my hard dick to the top of Sam's head. I relaxed back and took a deep breath. I was beginning to crave more. But even just the slight touch held me over. For the moment. Sam sat back up and moved her back slightly so she was crouched more above Kate's neck. Kate adjusted her arms under Sam's legs so Sam was now kneeling over Kate's face. My eyes nearly popped out of my head. It looked so hot. Sam then leaned forward and placed another strip across Kate's mound. As she rubbed it in I saw Sam's hips move slightly above Kate's face. I instinctively reached down and started massaging the head of my dick. Sam ripped the strip off and a muffled sqeal escaped from under Sam's crotch. I stopped my head massage and as Sam leaned down to blow on the freshly waxed mound I knew I needed more contact so I forcefully backed away and walked around bed with my hard dick bouncing with each step to see my wife's face. I kneeled on the bed and let out an audible groan. I began to touch my hard-on more vigorously. Sam laid the last strip across my wife's vulva and began to rub it in. Kate looked to the side towards me with such a craving in her eyes I see my wife's face and clearly a wet vagina inches away from her cheek. As I masterbated my wife licked her lips then I heard the rip from the strip. Her face tensed up but then quickly turned and started to lick her friend's slit. My eyes widened and as I stumbled back to standing to catch my balance I look to my left and see that Sam is not blowing but clearly returning the favour and orally assaulting my wife.

"Oh. My Girls!" I said quite loudly. They both mumbled out sexually fueled moans.

I groaned loudly and my Kate pulled her face away from Sam for long enough just to moan out;

"Just do it!" And went right back to eating her friend out. I walked quickly back to the foot of the bed where Sam's face was buried in my wife's pussy. I knelt down and gripped my hard shaft. Sam raised her head and gasped slightly at the sight of my dick inches from her face. I grabbed a nearby pillow and propped up Kate's waist. Sam licked her lips seductively. She brought her eyes upwards towards my face. She looked me right in my eyes with an urgent sexual need. I moved closer so the head of my penis was at my wife's entrance. I slowly teased up and down her slit and just as I entered, Sam looked back down and watched as my full length disappeared into Kate. As I began to pump in and out at a steady pace the room echoed with sounds of slurps, slaps and moans. Sam straightened up and rubbed her pussy on my wife's face. I continued to pump as Sam watched intently. Sam's pace began to get quicker as she was nearing orgasm. She reached out and rested her arms around my shoulders to steady herself as Kate kept licking and sucking quickly. Sam's face contorted in way that made me crave release. Her heavy breathing was very audible because of how close we are. Then Sam peaked as she moaned loudly and gripped me stronger. She ground herself into Kate's face as she rocked her hips and continued to groan during her orgasm. She placed more of her weight on me and in doing so, restricted my thrusts. I slowly continued as Sam placed her forehead against mine as she calmed down from her orgasm​. She then reluctantly climbed off of Kate and turned around and remounted ontop in cowgirl position. Her bum right up against my pubic area. From my view it looked as if I was going doggy style on her. She began to makeout with Kate. I returned to my thrusting and grabbed Sam's hips as I pounded away. I could hear Kate's moans and her movement under us as I could tell she was coming close to climaxing aswell. As I picked up my pace and my body slapped against both girls. All three of us were moaning. As Kate's moans escalated in short gasps, she let out a long groan muffled by Sam's mouth against hers. As she came I could feel the moisture and tightness of Kate's vagina milking my shaft as I felt the build up of my own approaching orgasm. As Kate's orgasm continued I let out a low groan and and came hard inside my wife's pussy. I filled my wife and I could feel, as I pumped, some of my cum dribbling out. I never came so much in my life. My orgasm lasted for what seemed like minutes. As my thrusts became unsteady I slowed down and as I leaned back my penis exited Kate and with 2 final spurts I came unto Sam's bum and lower back. As we all collapsed and crawled across the bed. We came to rest with me in the middle and the girls on either side. Kate slowly sat up and reached down and scooped some cum from her dribbling slit. She shuddered and smiled. Both girls then slowly got up and walked towards our ensuite bathroom. I heard the shower turn on. I rested for a moment then went in and joined the girls in our large rainfall style shower enclosure. We stayed silent but we lathered up and washed eachothers bodies running our hands all over eachother. We then returned to the bedroom and both girls cuddled up naked to either side of me as we drifted to sleep.

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