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My brother is a hunk. I had never thought about him in a really sexual way until just a few months ago. I had always admired how well built and athletic he was, but thinking of him as a fuck buddy had never really crossed my mind. That is until this past summer.

John was just going to graduate from high school and I was in my sophomore year in college. John had called me about coming to tour our campus and spending the weekend to find out about college life. I live on a coed floor with my roommate, Kami, so I talked to her about how we could arrange to have John stay with us.

"He can sleep in my bed with me!" Was her first response.

"I don't think I would be able to sleep in this room with my brother screwing you and you moaning and screaming the way you do." I laughed.

"Well, these pictures of your brother have gotten me off on more than one occasion." Kami taunted, as she rubbed her crotch and pushed her pelvis toward one of the photos I had of John and I.

"Kami, you are twisted. How do you think I could sleep in here knowing that my brother was in bed with you going at it? Now stop rubbing yourself, please!" I replied.

We later talked about just letting John sleep on our floor, but then Kami said she would either stay at her boyfriends or she would sleep in one of our friends rooms so that John could have a bed.

As the weekend of John's arrival approached, Kami brought up what we would do to entertain him.

"I know." She started. "How about we get him to enter the male strip competition at Roscoe's?" She questioned.

I laughed.

"You can't be serious. I'm not going to have my brother stripping for you while he is up here."

"Well, I'm not the only one who would add money to the till to see him strip down to nothing." She commented.

"Besides, you seem to have always enjoyed yourself at Roscoe's for every other performance there." She jibed.

"Well, none of those involved my brother." I retorted.

"So don't look up at his face! Just keep your eyes on the prize, as you say! She chuckled.

"Damn, you are warped, Kami!" I replied

Well, that Friday night, after touring campus and sitting in on a couple of my classes, John, Kami and I were sipping a few cold ones, when Kami threw the idea out to John.

"Hey, John?" She questioned. "How would you like to make a couple of hundred bucks while you are here?"

"Oh yeah, and how would I do that?" My brother responded.

"Well, you could have some fun while you did it." Kami teased. "All you have to do is win the male stripper competition at this all ages club that your sister and I go to every now and then."

"What?" John laughed. "My big sister watches male strippers? Who would have guessed? But I'm not so sure I could do that in front of my big sister." He continued.

"Ah, come on." Kami replied. "There are at least 10 girls on our floor that would pay extra to see you strip there, even if you don't win."

I was somewhat embarrassed and blushing at Kami's comments and John's seeming willingness to go along. Not to mention the fact that thinking of my friends paying to see my brother take his clothes off was a bit unthinkable.

"So you don't think I could win the grand prize?" John huffed. "Well, let me tell you, I've got some sweet dance moves and I haven't seen a guy here who has a body as buff as mine." John chided.

"Well," Kami replied. "If you do win the guys competition, maybe I will compete in the women's." She stated.

I thought that Kami must have had a few too many beers and replied, "Yea right, you're gonna get up on that stage and strip for my brother?"

"If, and I say if, he wins, maybe I will." Kami responded.

"Oh, now you have my interest." John replied as he looked my roommate up and down.

"Tell you what, I'll do it if you promise you will dance too." John looked at Kami and ME!

"No way!" I responded. "I'm not getting up on stage and taking my clothes off for a bunch of guys, let alone my own brother!" I stated.

"Come on Nicole." Kami jumped in. "It will be a good time. Just think, it will give us both a chance at the women's prize and a bunch of fun too! Now how bout we all have a shot and I'll round up the rest of the floor."

"I'll go, but no promises from me on getting on stage." I replied.

"That's good enough for now." Kami replied as she headed out our door to round up our friends.

The club wasn't very full when we arrived and the doorman didn't even bother to check our ID's, even though we all had fakes, including John. He just strapped the yellow, "21" bracelets on us and let us in.

"First round is on me." Kami, stated. "But we have to go to the bar and sign up to compete and get our drinks."

Kami talked with the bartender for a minute as we all hung behind, then she said, "The bartender says there is no charge for the first 3 rounds, if the three of us are going to enter the competition. So what do you say Nicole?"

I thought for a moment and I guess the beers we had before we arrived must have taken over, "All right." Was the next thing I heard coming from my mouth.

Kami and John high fived each other and I wanted to instantly take back my agreement. But before I knew what was happening, the bartender had lined up 9 shots of Bacardi 151. Three for each of us.

"Oh, and one other thing." The bartender threw in. "You each have to do these as body shots off of each other, for the show."

"You're joking." I replied.

"No, it's part of our new promo with the Bacardi distributor," he responded. "So feel free to take the stage and do your body shots now." He smiled.

Kami and John quickly grabbed the shots and I grudgingly followed.

Kami lay down on the stage first and all of our friends began to holler and applaud. Thank god there weren't too many other people there yet, because Kami slowly wriggled her pants down past her hips. I could see where her clearly visible tan line and I knew if she went any further, my brother wouldn't have to wait any longer to see her pussy!

"Kami! I commanded. "Stop right there or no one will have to wait to see you strip."

"Relax," she laughed. "I am just giving Johnny a little motivation." She smirked and winked at John.

"Now pour your shot into my belly button and lap away, John." She directed.

John didn't hesitate. He poured his shot into Kami's drawn in stomach, swirled his tongue around her navel are and down to her tan line, then sucked up the shot.

Kami got goose bumps and for some reason, I got jealous.

"Now off of me, John!" I commanded.

I lay down next to Kami and opened the fly on my jeans to reveal my entire midsection and the beginning of my pubic mound. I was well aware that my brother could now see most of my clean shaven mons, but for some reason, found this competition against Kami, arousing.

Once again, I sucked in my stomach and John poured his shot into my belly button. He swirled his tongue around my midsection, just the way he had with Kami. Then my brother shocked me by slipping his tongue below my pant level and I felt his hot breath as he darted his tongue into the very top of my pussy slit.

I nearly lost my breath. I had been holding my stomach in and was about ready to exhale a reprimand directed toward John for his actions when the crowd began to go wild. Apparently a large group of guys from school had arrived and were cheering as my brother gulped his shot from my navel.

I felt the juices begin to flow in my pussy. Damn, this wasn't supposed to happen! I wasn't supposed to get sexually excited by my brother and the cheering crowd! What was happening to me?

Not to be outdone, Kami began to writhe on the floor and slowly raise her tummy shirt. She had now clearly exposed her breasts to John and I and was pinching her nipples as John slowly poured his last shot onto her exposed breasts and licked away at her boobs!

I felt my competitive juices, as well as others, begin to flow. I too raised my shirt, exposing my firm tits to my brother and everyone else! All I could hear were the chants of "MORE, MORE, MORE!" from the crowd as my brother dribbled his last shot onto my exposed breasts, took my nipple into his mouth and teased it with his tongue. My nipples were the hardest they had ever been! John licked first one tit and then the other! Damn, I was getting wet! My pussy seemed on fire! The crowd continued to chant as my brother nursed my tits and slowly licked the liquid from my breasts.

"Mmmm, Nicole, your tits are dee-licious!" John whispered into my ear as his hand brushed against my tummy and he slipped his hand inside the front of my jeans. My pussy gushed and my clit hardened as I felt his finger brush against it. But, just as quickly, it disappeared. Now Kami was pouring her shot over my tits and licking them! John joined in again. It was hot enough to have my brother licking my tits, but now my roommate was too! Jesus, I was over the edge!

The next thing I know, several of the girls from my floor, had gotten on stage and were pouring shots onto my body. Several landed in my crotch area and the next thing I knew, Kami and John were taking turns sucking on my pussy through my pants! That was more than I could take! I was so frigging horny, I had to have some relief! I jumped up, grabbed my brothers and Kami's hand and we all ran out of the club! I could still hear the crowd cheering form inside as Kami and I both pulled our shirts back down. We were in the parking lot but I was unsure what to do or say!

"We have to get out of here." I finally muttered. We got into my brothers car. All three of us in the front seat. Kami was in the middle and John was driving. As we pulled out of the lot, John noticed the drive thru liquor store across the street.

"How bout we continue this back at your room." John quizzed us.

"I'm up for it!" Kami jumped in.

I was still a bit tipsy from our beers earlier and my head wasn't thinking as I said, "Me too!"

As soon as we pulled away from the liquor store window, Kami had pulled John's cock from his pants. I'm not sure who was more shocked. John or I, that his dick was now clearly exposed to Kami and I. He was truly impressive. His cock was hard instantly and I am guessing just over 8 inches. As Kami's mouth engulfed my brothers cock, I slid my pants down and began to finger my soaking wet pussy. John nearly went off the road on several occasions as he strained, watching me squeezing my tits and playing with my pussy, as my roommate sucked on his hard cock.

"OK, OK, Kami, you have to stop before I blow my load and kill all of us! My brother struggled

Kami raised her head and gave me a wanton look. I had never seen this from her before. We both had been naked around each other, but I never thought that either of us had sexual feelings toward the other. How quickly that changed. Maybe it was just the heat of the moment, but as Kami looked at me, she lifted my hand from my crotch, pulled my pussy soaked fingers to her mouth, sucked my juices from them and stated, "You have to wait too, baby!" For the next few moments, nothing was said and we all chugged heartily from the bottle of 151.

I was hotter than ever and all I cared about was quenching this fire. Kami gently caressed my breasts and said, "Well lets cover up all of these yummy play things until we get up to our room. Agreed?"

I pulled my pants up as John pulled into our parking lot and his cock had gone down enough to slip back into his pants.

We all nearly sprinted for our room and locked the door behind us. Kami was standing behind me and John was in front. As one of Kami's hands groped my breasts, she slid my pants to the floor with the other. John saw her struggling and was soon on his knees in front of me, pulling them the rest of the way down. Here I was, my roommate slipping her hands under my shirt and slowly kneading my tits, while my baby brother was on his knees, now lapping away at my exposed slit. I lifted one leg and rested against Kami's chest as John slipped one leg from my pants, freeing me to spread my legs wider. My knee's weakened and I slowly crumpled to the floor with John now darting his tongue in and out of my dripping pussy. I was extremely aroused by my brother tongue fucking me and his fingers probing my wet slit as he began to suck on my clitoris. Kami was removing her clothes and was soon straddling my face. I began to hesitantly flick my tongue over her wet slit and clit. It was a new sensation for me. I won't deny that I had sometimes thought about sex with another woman, but not my roommate and my brother! As John continued to stimulate my pussy with his tongue and fingers, I was soon greedily lapping away at and finger fucking my roomie!

We were all moaning and then I realized that John had stood to remove his clothes. I stopped my licking to admire his sculpted body and rock hard cock. It aroused me more to know that my brother had gotten so hard from eating his sister's pussy! I now wanted him inside me! I wanted my baby brother to fuck my lights out!

"Oh, God, John. Put that awesome cock inside of me!" I huskily commanded!

"Not so fast, baby." Kami stammered.

"I want to watch your hunky brother fuck your lights out to and then finish on me, but not until I get to taste that hard cock of his again and you lick my cunt some more." Kami continued.

So I went back to licking her sweet pussy. She was clean shaven, like me, and tasted fantastic. I rapidly licked her wet hole, fingered her and rubbed her hard clit as she hungrily sucked on my brothers cock.

After what seemed like hours but was really only minutes, Kami said, "Are you ready for this hard cock now Nicole? I think your baby brother would just love to feel his cock slide into his sisters yummy, tight pussy. Wouldn't you Johnny boy?

"Oh, yeah." John responded. "I want to fuck my sisters sweet cunt."

I was so wet as Kami dismounted my face and guided my brothers throbbing cock down to my wet pussy. Kami held his cock as he lay down on top of me. She guided him to my wet slit and ran his cock head over my wet pussy. I looked down to admire his cock and could see the glistening pre-cum stretching from his hard cock to my wet slit. Kami was teasing us both. Then suddenly she plunged his cock head into me. My brothers cock was now inside the entrance of my pussy. Kami pulled the puffy mound of my cunt open and my brother drove the entire length of his long, fat, cock into my tight waiting pussy. I gasped as he filled me up. I don't think I had ever experienced such a filling cock. My brother was now pumping in and out of my spread pussy. Kami lay beside us and began to finger her pussy as she watched my brothers cock slide in and out of me.

"MMMM, Oh yeah, Johnny, fuck your big sisters cunt. Fuck that forbidden cunt good! Feel how wet that cunt is for her baby brother's hard cock. Fuck her cunt! Fuck that cunt! Feel your sister push that cunt up on you. Her cunt wants you!" Kami cursed.

Her use of the word cunt got me hotter! I usually don't like the word, but as my brother filled me and withdrew, I began to repeat Kami's words.

"Oh yes, baby brother! Fuck your big sisters CUNT! This wet cunt wants you so bad! Fuck my cunt. Fuck the cunt. My CUNT, MY CUNT IS SO FUCKING WET FOR YOUR COCK! FUCK THIS CUNT, IT'S YOUR CUNT! FUCK ME HARD. FILL ME UP WITH YOUR CUM! FILL THIS CUNT UP!" I ordered.

Kami's hand once again gripped the base of my brothers cock as I felt him enlarge inside of me and I knew he was just a few strokes from cumming inside me. My pussy gripped him as he took one last plunge and the pulsing of his cock stimulated my inner pussy. The muscles of my cunt worked his cock to draw all of his cum into me.

He panted. "Oh yes, I'm coming inside my big sisters tight cunt! You feel so fucking good Nicole! I love my big sister's cunt. I want to fuck this cunt forever! OH god yes!

John's pulsing gradually subsided as he lay on me. Our sweaty bodies nearly melting together. I wanted this feeling to last forever. I never wanted John to take his cock from inside my wet pussy. He was gradually shirking and began to slip out of me. I felt sad for a moment, but still so satisfied.

Kami interrupted my thoughts.

"Now it's my turn to feel that stiff cock inside my wet cunt! Nicole, she commanded, It's your turn to suck your baby brother's cock back to life, so that I can have my turn. I want to watch you watch your brother's big cock slide into my wet cunt. Put your cock in her mouth, Johnny! Make your big sister suck all of her naughty pussy juices off of your cock and get you hard again. Lick up you pussy juices and your baby brothers cum, Nicole."

John lifted from me and placed his nearly flaccid cock at my lips. I was about to begin sucking my baby brother's cock. He had just filled my wet pussy with his cum and now I was sucking our mixed juices from his cock. In just a matter of a few moments, he was getting hard again. I cupped his shaved ball sack with my hand as I lavished his dick. Damn he tasted good. Our cum juices tasted good. I liked having my brother's hardening cock in my mouth, even as I felt our fluids begin to flow out of my pussy. It seemed like gallons of cum were dripping from me as I suck John.

"Oh my sexy roommate is getting her brother hard again. Johnny likes fucking his sister's mouth too, don't you Johnny? Get hard inside of my roommate's sweet mouth. Yes."

Then Kami slipped a finger inside my pussy and swirled it around. My pussy was still so hot. She fingered me for a moment, then inserted a second and third finger. My pussy had been stretched and now my mouth was being too. My brother was holding the back of my head as I tried to take all of him into my mouth. Kami had used our cum to coat her fingers and I could feel her probing around my damp schpincter. She slowly worked her fingers in and out of both my pussy and tight ass hole. I had refused this to boyfriends before, but somehow, nothing seemed out of bounds with her now. Her fingers were arousing me, again, as was my brother's now fully erect cock in my mouth.

"He looks like he's hard again, Nicole. Is his cock hard enough to stick into your roommates pussy now?" She questioned, as she shoved her fingers into my anus and pussy!

"MMMM, he's hard for you now Kami." I responded. "I want to watch my baby brother fuck your tight pussy. I want to see his cock go inside of you nice shaved cunt. Now you will be his CUNT! Give your cunt to my baby brother. Take his cock and cum inside your juicy cunt!" I encouraged.

Kami stood and bent over her desk. "I want you to fuck me from behind, Johnny. Guide your brothers cock into my wet cunt, Nicole. I want him to fuck my tight cunt hole. Fuck this cunt now, John!

John reached out to hold Kami's slender hips and I pulled his cock up to her open pussy. Her puffy shaved pussy lips looked beautiful. I felt happy for my brother as I slowly pushed his cock into Kami's tight hole. She moaned as I removed my hand and John buried himself inside Kami. They both stood motionless for a moment, apparently enjoying the sensation of being joined. Then suddenly, Kami began to rapidly push back and withdraw from my brothers hard cock. I moved to the side to watch as my brother's hard cock would disappear then reappear from within Kami's smooth, wet pussy.

"Oh yes, John. Fuck that sweet cunt like you fucked me. Fuck her like you fucked your big sisters pussy! Your fucking dick is so nice. Let Kami feel that hard, slick cock way up inside of her wet CUNT. Use her cunt. Her cunt is yours! Fuck that cunt." I commanded, much as Kami had with me.

I was so turned on again. I got hot watching my brother fucking my roommate. I reached up and pinched John's nipples as he fucked Kami from behind. His chest was so muscular and I cupped his big pectoral muscles and watched his as flex as he drove into Kami's pussy. I then pushed some books aside, and slid on to of Kami's desk. I positioned my pussy in front of her face and waited for her begin her magic on my cunt as she took a pounding from my brothers cock. As she rocked back and forth from her fucking, she would lap at my pussy with each thrust. I leaned back and pulled my legs to my chest. Kami began to lick the entire length of my slit, from my pussy opening to my puckered ass hole. Kami licked and moaned as John watched her eating my ass and pussy. I was moaning and writhing as I came again. Kami's head fell flat against the desk and her hair pushed against my pussy as my brother was surely filling her cunt with his cum.

"Yes, baby brother. Cum up inside that wet, hot, pussy! Let her feel you fill her like you filled me. Pump that cum into her tight cunt hole."

John's thrusts shortened and I knew he had nearly finished pumping his load inside of Kami's pussy. Then he just stopped and held her slender hips as he pulled her tight against him. They both were motionless, except for their heavy breathing. I knew the glow that I could see in Kami's sweaty face. My brother still had his eyes closed as he reached down to pick Kami up from below her knee joints. He slowly lifted her, and with his cock still inside her, took the few short steps back to her bed. He sat down, still buried inside her pussy. I got up from the desk top and walked over to where they were seated. I lowered my face to Kami's pussy, and began to lick what was exposed of my brothers shaft. I licked his still taught ball sack and the small amount of shaft that wasn't still inside of Kami. Kami shook as my tongue then ran up and down the puffy outer lips and mons of her pussy.

"Oh, jesus." She moaned. "I'm not sure how much more stimulation my cunny can handle." She slowly began to rock back and forth on my brother's slowly softening cock. I could taste her pussy juices mixed with John's cum. oozing from her loosening pussy grip. Gradually, John's cock slipped out of Kami and I finished lapping up their cum. Kami, fell back onto John and I crawled into bed with the two of them. As we all began to regain our senses we snuggled together in the bed.

It was only after a few moments that I realized that some our friends were knocking at our door and shouting.

"Hey you guys, let us in! We want some too!"

None of us moved but gradually drifted off to sleep, together.

It wasn't until the next day that we found out how our friend Laura had used a small mirror and her camera phone and it's video capabilities to take several incriminating pictures and short footage, from under the door!

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