Jamaican Resort Day 6

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The next morning at breakfast there was much gossiping about our wanton behavior. We told them nothing with a smile on our face. You were wearing your white see through bikini top and your sarong wrapped lowly on your hips and as usual no underwear. There was a lot of flirting with you. You had fucked all of them and they wanted more. You flirted back touching and leaning into them with your breasts. I saw you rub a single guys thigh and lean your tits onto his arm. Your nipples were poking out and when you shifted in your sarong it was obvious you were naked under it. We needed to make plans for the day. We decided to go to town. I put on a pair of pants and you stayed dressed the way you were. We went to the reception desk and asked for a cab to take us to town and pick us up later. In a few minutes a junker of a car pulled up. He asked where to? We told him we just want look around and have some fun. He took us to a large open air market. He said you can buy anything here. We strolled around shopping until a young dreadlocked guy came up to us and whispered "ganja". We thought why not, we had no schedule. He led us through the crowd occasionally touching your back to guide us.

We arrived at a beachside shack. There was reggae music playing and the sweet smell of weed in the air. Another young muscular guy came out and asked how much do we want. I said about a quarter of an ounce. He named a price and I paid it. He went back into the shack and came out with a baggie. We said we'd like to smoke some now. He said no problem, he gave us some papers and said go down to the beach and smoke and swim. I said we had no suits and again no problem. We strolled down a sandy path and sat on the beach. You rolled a few joints and we lit up. It was very powerful weed and we were buzzing and care free. We decided to go into the surf. We took off our clothes and walked into the warm water.

We let it wash over our legs. The feeling was very sensuous. I held your hand and led you out into the surf. I put my arms under your back and put you in a floating position. The gentle waves washed over our bodies. We felt like we were in paradise. I pulled you toward me and you wrapped your legs around my waist. I could feel your naked body skimming all over me. The sensations became very sexual. I got an erection and your face was flush. I pulled you down onto my cock and into your wet cunt. You slid up and down and moaned. You rubbed your breasts on me and pushed your nipples into my mouth. I put my hands under your ass and pulled you tightly to me. Soon we were fucking frantically and you were moaning and talking dirty. When we came I held you to me and we felt we were in a sexual paradise. We just lay there in each others arms. Too soon we waded back to the beach.

The young man who sold us the weed was waiting for us on the sand. He was naked and his black prick was waving gently in the wind. We smiled at him. He shrugged as if to say what next. You went behind him and put your arms around him. You started to caress his chest and stomach and pressed your naked body against him. His prick started to move. I went and stood in front of him and gently stroked it, then knelt down and sucked it, it until it was hard. Then we hugged him and he and I were prick to prick. We all swayed in the breeze and savored the moment.

He said why don't we go up to my shack? We went up the sandy path. You were in front and we openly admired your curves and ass. When we got to the shack he gestured us in. It was way nicer and cleaner than we had expected. There was some nice bamboo furniture, a window with a view of the ocean and a large colonial bed with curtains hanging from the bedposts. We smoked another joint which always makes us horny. You went over to him and embraced him. You were soon rubbing your naked body on him and stroking his prick. I got behind you and pressed my erection between your cheeks and reached around and stroked him with you. He was kissing you passionately and caressing your breasts. We all swayed to the sound of the ocean and the reggae music. After a bit of this sex play we headed over to the bed. I lay on my back and you laid on me face to face. He reached down and began stroking your cunt then sped up to intense finger fucking. I could feel your excitement growing and your breathing getting shallow. In this position you had my prick trapped against your body. I could reach up and caress you but other wise I was pinned. He continued to finger fuck you and rub his prick on your ass. I was leaking onto your skin. You reached behind you and grasped his prick and put it in you. Since I was still trapped by your body I could feel your every movement. You started talking dirty to him - fuck me with your black prick, cum in my cunt, don't stop, don't stop, Ahhhhh. He started fucking you harder and harder. You pushed back - more, more. Then you were thrashing around on his prick and moaning and making more sex sounds and dirty talk. His pushing and your thrashing caused me to rub my trapped prick to rub all over you. I could feel you and him racing to a climax. He started grunting and you were moaning and I was flush with desire. He came in your cunt, you came on his prick and I came all over your stomach. Then he and I held you while you were still coming and talking dirty - fuuuuck, fuuuuck, I'm coming. We all rested for a while then went down to the beach to wash off. We hugged him and thanked him for a wonderful afternoon. He smiled and said all the white ladies come here for the black man. We said we had to get back to meet our taxi.

The final installment is resorts final night.

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