Going on Vacation Pt 4

As we got in sight of the cabin, we reluctantly let go of each other’s hand. Aaron ducked behind a tree, taking me with him, giving me one last passionate kiss. We then walked back out into the open, and into the cabin. It was already after noon and our mother had lunch waiting for us. I had really worked up an appetite! I scarfed down my lunch, not even looking up until it was all gone. I saw my mother was staring at me with this shocked look on her face. Usually, I’m not much of an eater. You know, being a cheerleader and all. I looked at her and shrugged, laughing “Must be the mountain air.” She gave me a rueful look and asked if I wanted any more, but I replied that I was good. I noticed Aaron had scarfed his down also. Yup, must be that mountain air!

“Hey kids, your father and I have a surprise for you! We booked a trip in hot air balloons!” Mom knew that I have always wanted to fly in one. For the first time since the car, I was looking forward to something with excitement that had nothing to do with fucking Aaron! We all piled into the car, which had enough room now that no one had to sit on anyone’s lap. Sigh. When we pulled up to the balloon place, I was so excited, I almost ran all the way to the instructors. One was middle aged, but the other was young and hot. He looked like the middle aged one; I figured he must be the son.

“Good afternoon folks! I’m Ron, and this is my son, Randy, we’re here to make sure you get the ride of a lifetime!”

I saw Randy look at me, and I could tell that he wanted to give me a different type of ride! And he was just so cute, I might just let him! If Aaron didn’t mind, of course.

“Hey Ron! I’m Larry; this is my wife, Linda, my son, Aaron, and my daughter, Lisa. We were hoping to take two baskets into the air today, so my wife and I can be alone. Well, of course, not alone, but without the kids.”

“Yeah, Larry, that’s no problem at all! I’ll bring you and your pretty little missus up, and Randy will take up your kids. Don’t worry, he is fully certified and qualified, I’d trust him with my own mother up there!”

I started getting a tingle between my legs. Maybe there was a chance to have some fun up there! We went over to the baskets, and after going over some safety rules, my parents climbed into the basket with Ron, and Aaron and I climbed in with Randy. After just another minute, we were off! Up into the sky we went, it was amazing and magical! I bent over the side of the basket, looking over, knowing it showed off my amazing ass in my little skirt. I turned back around quickly, and sure enough, Randy’s eyes were glued to my backside! I looked up at Aaron, who had noticed the same thing, and he looked back at me and gave me a little nod. He was okay with it! I walked over to Randy, with a little smile, and licked my lips.

“My lips are getting a little chapped. Got any…liquid I could put on them?” I know, corny, but whatever, it made my point. He reached down with his hand, cupping his growing hardness, replying “Oh, I’ve got liquid you could use!” Then he quickly looked at my brother, looking a little frightened. Remember, Aarons on the football team, he is not a small boy, and Randy knew he was my brother.

I got even closer to Randy, rubbing my hand along the lump in his pants. “Oh, I just bet you do!” Then I started unbuttoning his pants. I grabbed his cock with both hands. This boy was huge! At least ten inches long, five inches around, he was even bigger than Aaron. I sank down on my knees, starting to lick his bulbous head, and then popping it into my mouth. I slowly started taking him farther and farther, bobbing up on down on him, until I could feel him in my throat. I still hadn’t bottomed out on him! Using my hands, I started going faster, working my tongue around his length, sucking the tip, jacking him where my mouth couldn’t reach. I tried to take more and more, until I was gagging and swallowing him down my throat. Finally, my mouth reached the base of him, and I couldn’t breathe. I came all the way off him, turning my head, seeing Aaron had a large bump in his shorts too. Randy’s eyes looked where mine were looking, and he started smirking.

“Got a thing for little sis?”

With that, Aaron sank down, so no one else could see him, and started kissing me while rubbing all over my chest. I pushed up into his hand, loving the feel of him, slowly rubbing my hand on his cock through his shorts.

“Yeah, I may have a little thing. But if you ever say anything, I’ll say that while we were up here, you tried to rape her.”

Randy swallowed down any reply he had started to make, saying instead, “No, I don’t have any problem with that. I just thought…”

“Yeah, I knew what you thought. And guess what? You were mostly right!” With that, Aaron undid my shirt, rolling my nipple in his fingers. The other hand flipped my skirt up and started rubbing my clit through my silk panties. “She’s my little slut, and I like to share. The only thing I don’t share is her pussy. Put your dick in her mouth, in her hands, even in her ass, but her pussy is off limits to it. If you want anything to do with her pussy, it will be with your mouth or your hands.”

“Damn dude, that’s fine with me!” With that, he shoved his pants around his ankles so he could have more room to maneuver. He couldn’t come to my level as he was operating the balloon, so I partially stood, still bent at the waist, so no one could see me that wasn’t in the basket with us, dropping my panties as I went. If my parents asked, I would just say I got sick and had to sit down. I felt his hand snake around my waist, bringing my ass to his cock, as Aaron stood all the way up, removing his pants on the way. I started bobbing on Aaron’s cock, while I felt Randy slide into my ass. He only had one hand to use, but he started flicking away at my clit, running his fingers up and down my slit, before thrusting one, then two up inside me. I fucked my ass on his cock, feeling all ten inches pound away at my intestines, stretching me to my breaking point. It was almost pain, but I loved it. Knowing we were up in the air, away from anyone who could hear, I let my moans run free, and Aaron could feel the vibrations on his cock.

“Oh yeah, slut, take that dick, take that whole dick in your dirty asshole! You like that dick, don’t you?” Hearing Randy’s dirty talk made me even more turned on, and I was licking and sucking Aaron’s cock like a fat kid with a lollipop. He finger fucked me in time to his cock pumping in and out of my ass, and pretty soon I was cumming all over his hand. He shoved his cock balls deep into my little ass, and I felt him cum in quick, hot jets, before pulling out. I pulled Aaron down until he was sitting, then climbed on top of him and planted my hot steamy pussy on his pulsating cock. I thrust myself up and down, making little keening noises, as he drew my nipple into his mouth and sucked. Knowing Randy was watching us made me so hot; my walls were already sucking at Aaron’s cock, eager to feel his hot cum. He put his hands on my waist and helped me slam down onto him, thrusting his hips up at my every down movement. I started cumming again, and the spasms made him blow his load, buried deep in me, shooting straight for my cervix. We rested for a minute, then straightened our clothes, buttoning everything up, as we stood up to take in the sights again.

“Damn, that was hot. I wish I had more customers like you!”

I smiled over at Randy, “There is no one else like us!”

We got to enjoy the rest of the ride, which was a full three hour ride, and I sucked and fucked them each again, before landing. We got out of the basket, and our parents came over to us.

“How was it? I was getting worried there when I kept seeing you disappear Lisa.”

“I’m okay Mom, just a little altitude sickness every now and then, but I was able to enjoy the ride. It was amazing!”

On the way home, we stopped at a restaurant to eat dinner, and by the time we got home, everyone was exhausted and went straight to bed. Instead of pushing the beds together, we just ended up sleeping in one. It was a little close, but we didn’t mind. I loved sleeping on Aaron’s chest. Our parents were going on a special couple’s only retreat the next day, which left me and Aaron all to ourselves. I fell asleep, dreaming of the last day, looking forward to the rest of the week. I think we may go visit that pond tomorrow….

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