An older couple seduced my wife

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We were spending a week on the outer banks with friends of my parents that I have known forever. My wife and I are both 24 and have been married for 4 years. I had gone golfing and my wife had stayed with them. They were going to go shopping and the beach.

I was supposed to be meeting some clients for a round and they had to cancel after we had done about 4 holes as they had a family emergency. So I went back to the house. When I returned I could hear voices upstairs in the master bedroom. As I walked up the stairs I was able to see directly into the master bedroom.

I stopped on the steps because my wife was on the bed with Matt and Anne. Matt was kissing Janice. It was not a peck on the cheek he was kissing her on the mouth and had one hand behind her neck and it looked like he was giving her his tongue. She was wearing her halter top and shorts. When the kiss ended she was breathing hard and I could see her nipples were erect under the thin material of her top. She told Matt she didn't think she should be doing this, it didn't feel right without me being there. They both told her it was ok and not to worry, that they could stop whenever she wanted. I could tell from the way Janice was speaking that she must have drinking while they were out shopping. She said but what if he walks in. Matt jumped in and reminded her that I was playing golf and would be gone for several hours.

Anne told her to just relax and let Matt kiss her again. Her hands were holding his arm and on his chest. Before she could really say anything Matt smiled and using his hand behind her neck he pulled her close and leaned close and kissed her again. At first she was a little stiff but relaxed as he kissed her. He was very ardent and in the situation I could see her begin to relax. Her jaw moved and it looked like she was opening her mouth to allow him to kiss her more deeply and really drive his tongue in and explore her mouth.

Her grip on his arm and shirt tightened as she responded. Anne was sitting with them telling Anne how sexy and beautiful she was. She was telling her how sexy it was to watch them kissing. They would stop from time to time to catch their breath and he would gently kiss her neck, cheeks, collar and bare shoulders. He allowed her head to fall back when he was doing this. Then he would pull her head back up and her mouth would open for him and they would go back to kissing. It was so fucking hot seeing her do this.

After several minutes of this his moved his hand up and grabbed her breast and squeezed it and then pinched her nipple thru her thin halter. She broke the kiss and gasped and sort of moaned no. Her hand came off of his arm and grabbed his wrist. She seemed to struggle a little and pushed his hand away. He dropped his hand and put it back around her waist and resumed kissing her. This happened 2 more times, both times she would gasp as he pinched her nipples and say no or please stop Matt. But each time lasted a bit longer. Then the next time her reached up and grabbed her breast and squeezed and pinched she broke the kiss and gasped and started to say no but her gave her a firm kiss and continued and at the same time leaned back with her until her back was on the bed and he was over her kissing her and working her tit.

Anne had been there the whole time talking to Janice encouraging her and working to help keep her calm and even gently removed her hand from Matts arm when he grabbed her tit and squeezed. She really loves that. All of this grabbing and moving around caused one of her breasts and slip out of her halter and Matt teased the bare nipple and broke the kiss and bent his head forward and took her nipples between his lips and started sucking it. Janice's head went back and she groaned and her arms went around his head. Her legs were moving around and she said oh gawd!

Anne had been watching this last part bit now she stood up and moved around to the side of the bed and removed her shorts and tank top then removed her panties and bra standing there nude. She looked fucking hot. I had never paid that much attention but her tits were firm and she has a trim figure. Janice could not see her from her position.

Anne leaned over and started kissing Janice's tummy as she unhooked and then unzipped her shorts. Janice was writing around and crossed her legs. Anne pulled her shorts down as far as she could then Janice's panties followed and they were now bunched at her knees but her sexy pussy was exposed. Anne bent forward and pressed her face into her pussy and started licking and searching for Janice's clit. It did not take long as it had to be poking out and hard. Janice jerked her hips and groaned louder than before. Anne continues and soon she was able to remove my wife's shorts and panties and drop them on the floor with her clothes.

It was a very short time before Janice's legs started to open wider and wider with Anne pushing her face deeper and deeper between them licking and eating her pussy. Janice was in overload and had long since had an orgasm and was fast approaching another. Matt was kissing her and sucking her now completely bare chest and Anne was eating her pussy. Both of them are much older than we are. Watching friends of my parents seduce my wife OMG it was incredible. Janice was moaning and humping her hips and had seemed to have completely surrendered.

I was sitting on the step watching them seduce her. Anne is eating her pussy and fingering her while Matt enjoys her mouth and breasts. By now Janice is just lost in the whole thing. She has a second orgasm and Matt gets off the bed and starts undressing and Janice is moaning. Once he is nude and his erection is standing out from his body he ask his wife if he can taste her and Anne moves up on the bed next to Janice and starts sucking her nipples while Matt kneels down and starts eating her pussy. He moves her legs over his shoulder as he licks and sucks her clit and using his fingers on her. They continue until Janice is about to have another orgasm, she is panting moaning and her body is humping and moving.

Matt slowly stands up with her legs still on his shoulders. As he stands her hips roll up with her legs and when he is finally standing her lets are open and her hips are tilted up. For the first time I get a glimpse of her pussy swollen and wet along with her inner thighs. Standing like this his cock is aimed right at her hungry pussy.

Matt moves the short distance between them closing the distance until his cock is resting against her swollen and excited pussy. Janice groans and said OMG Matt, please. He pressed forward and the head of his cock penetrates her and her body jerks and she shivers. His hands are holding her ankles. He looks down at her and tell her she is so warm and wet. Her hips are moving around as just the end of his cock is inside of her. She hates when I do that to her because by them she just wants to fuck.

Matt says "please what Janice" and opens her legs wider so that she can see his cock entering her pussy. She is moaning and on the edge of orgasm. She just started at her crotch and shook her head and moaned. He looked at Anne and said damn she is so fucking sexy and then slowly slides himself deeper into my wife's pussy. He release her legs and leans forward on top of her and started fucking her slowly at first then picking up the pace as her pussy relaxes and he is able to completely enter her.

The age difference is crazy erotic. Anne lays next to them and starts to masturbate. He is now fucking her hard and deep and she is fucking him back, her arms around his neck and her legs locked around his waist. Sounds of fucking, bodies slapping together, her moans and his voice as he tells her how good her young pussy feels. Anne was moaning and watching reaching over and pinching Janice's nipples.

Then it happened, his body started to tense and he started moving faster and I heard him say he was going to fill her cunt with his cum, she seemed to sort of panic at first but then it passed as she groaned and just started saying OMG faster, yesss please hurry and he drove deep and held himself there and she exploded with him her body writhing and humping under him, her arms and legs clutching at him giving her entire being to his cock. Anne had an orgasm as well next to them. The aftershocks and thrusts followed by Matt giving Janice a deep, deep French kiss that she returned freely and with abandon. When he finally climbed off of her they all lay there covered in sweat panting.

I had jacked off all over my shorts and wasn't sure what to do. I had just decided to go back downstairs when Anne climbed across the bed and started kissing Janice asking her if she was ok. She looked very sheepish and nodded and looked at the clock. Anne said her looking and told her not to worry they had another 2 hours or so and kissed her an reached down between her legs and started playing with her pussy. Janice sort of resisted but following such an erotic session she was still very excited and Anne was quick to get her revved again.

Janice hips began to move and she groaned and said please Anne this went too far and I am so embarrassed. Anne gave her a kiss and said she wanted to see Matt fuck her again as they may not have another opportunity. Janice groaned and said she would promise to come see them after vacation but could they please stop now. Matt’s erection had returned.

The two of them rolled Janice over and got her on her knees as she asked again if she could come see them after vacation, she promised several times until Mat grabbed her hips and slipped his cock into her from behind. Her whole body tensed up and she groaned deep inside of her chest. She was so wet that her just started fucking her holding her hips, her small tits started swinging around under her chest. She groaned and moaned with his cock deep inside of her.

He asked her if she wanted him to stop as he fucked her slowly. He asked her twice before she shook her head and said please just don't stop again. Anne moved under her so that her pussy was in front of Janice's mouth. She asked her to lick her clit and Janice actually gave it a try but it was to difficult while she was being pounded from behind.

He last longer this time and Janice had 2 powerful orgasms and then he emptied his ball in her again causing her to have another huge orgasm. After they again lay there panting and covered in sweat. Anne said Ok let’s all go take a shower and rinse off and then get some cold wine and go down to the beach. Matt pulled Janice off the bed and I heard the shower come on and them talking and then giggling.

I took a short walk and when they went to the beach about 30 minutes later I slipped in changed and wait a while then joined them on the beach. Janice was a bit subdued but cheered up when I acted like I had no idea. Matt and Anne did not let on at all or give any clue that they had seduce and fucked my wife silly and planned to do so again.

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