The First Cuckolding

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My husband and I were on a holiday to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. We'd gone all out. It was meant to be the trip of a lifetime so we had flown first class to Jamaica. It had been three days and so far the holiday had been magical. Beautiful beaches, stunning scenery and amazing food.

We were back in the hotel after lunch.

Callum was in the bath and I just flicked on the screen on his phone to see how much battery he had left. There was a Snapchat message. I didn't even know he had Snapchat! And who was sending him pics while we were on our anniversary holiday? I unlocked the phone and looked at it. It was an extremely graphic picture of a huge black cock behind a girl on all fours. The text banner read, "This is how I like to get fucked! A real man with a big, black cock." I didn't know what the fuck that meant, but I was so angry I could barely breathe! I immediately went looking for his browser history. I never went into his phone for anything so he could have been doing anything on there. I know he looks at porn, but this is our anniversary and this has been sent to him specifically. In the browser history was more of the same. I saw a web search for 'BBC Cuckold'. I clicked one of the first links and it brought up a question, "Which app do you want to use to open Tumblr links?" and it said there was a tumblr app installed. I clicked that. I'd never heard of tumblr and thought it was just a kind of browser on his phone. The app opened and showed me the link. It was an animated picture of a white guy on his back with a girl on all fours over his face getting penetrated by the biggest black man's cock I had ever seen. The caption said,

"When he cums, be a good hubby and clean it out of my pussy, would you?"


I could see that this app had logged in automatically. I looked to see if there was a history function to see what that little perv had been looking at and quickly found the 'likes' section. He had over 3000 favourites and as I started to scroll through, the theme was all very similar. Loads of pics and gifs of submissive white guys watching their women having sex with Black men with huge cocks. The couple of drinks from lunch were in my head and I just lost it. I stormed out of the room without so much as a "Fuck You!"

I ended up at the bar next to the hotel. Tears had begun to stream down my face. I wiped them off and ordered a Tequila shot. Almost before he'd finished pouring it I downed it looked at the barman. "Again!" and put the glass back down for him.

He must have seen something on my face as he said, "I'll leave it here. Let me know when you're done." He walked back to the other end of the bar. I must have had four or five of those when my mind snapped back to thinking about what the fuck I was going to do. On the face of it, he'd just been looking at porn. It wasn't cheating. The content of it, though. So graphic in its desire to humiliate and control. I was so confused. Did he want that? Would he like me to do that in front of him? Something snapped in me and I made a decision

I called the barman over and asked him which guy had the biggest cock in the bar. He looked at me as if I was talking Japanese. I asked him again, "I want to fuck the biggest black cock I can get. Who is up to the job? Any of these guys have a reputation for tearing up a girl's pussy?"

He laughed and said, "You're not the first lady to ask that question. Many women come here to look for a guy with a big cock." and he pointed to a guy in the corner. "He has exactly what you want, but I warn you. Not all women can take what they think they want."

The tequila was really hitting now and I felt a wobble as I stood to walk over to him. When I got there, I said, "I want you to fuck me."

He looked at me and said, "No problem." He put his drink down and went to take my hand.

I stopped him and said, "Wait, I have a special request. I want you to do it in front of my husband." He looked confused. I wasn't really sure what my plan was either.

It was unfolding for the both of us. "What if he doesn't want me to? What if he goes crazy?" He sounded nervous.

I tried not to slur, "How about if I give you fifty bucks and I tie him up before we mention it to him? I'll go in first. Tie him up and then you can show that fucker what a real good fucking looks like."

He still didn't look sure, but he looked like he was coming round. "You make sure he's tied tight. I don't want him getting loose and smashing my head like a melon!" I'd done it. I pulled a $50 note out of my purse, gave it to him and grabbed his hand. I pulled him out of his chair and we headed for the door.

As the lift left the ground floor, my anger and rage at my husband was interrupted by the almost forgotten thought that I was about to have a strange man's cock in my pussy. I'd never had sex with anyone else since I got with Callum and that was sixteen years ago. Even then I'd only been with a couple of guys in college. This guy was also picked because of his size. How big could it be? At that thought, my pussy twitched and I felt a small dribble of juice start to run down my leg. I couldn't believe how aroused I was. This was way worse that looking at some dirty porn. I was actually about to cheat on my husband. In front of him!

We got out of the lift and when we got to the door, I gave hive a quiet, but clear, "Wait here!"

I went into the room and Callum was sat there in his towel. I looked at him with a mixture of anger and my new found arousal, "Don't open your mouth. I'm feeling horny and bit kinky. Take off that towel and sit back down." He smirked and did as I said. Fucking asshole. He had no idea what was coming.

I grabbed the bath robe off the door and pulled the belt tie from it. I went behind Callum and tied a loop around his neck at one end. Then I pulled the rest through the back of the chair and pulled his hands behind the chair and tied them. I made sure the knots were tight. If he tried to pull his hands, it would pull his neck. I'd seen that on some Steven Seagal film we'd seen. Funny how some things come back to you.

I grabbed the belt from the other robe and tied his legs to the chair as well. He broke the silence, "ooh, you are feeling kinky."

I reminded him, "I said, not a word!" He giggled and made a silly face to show his feigned scorned look.

I opened the door of the room and said, "OK, I'm ready."

He popped his head around the door to check and he could see my husband all tied up. He came in tentatively and I looked at my husband, "I've seen what you've been looking at, you fucking pig! Well if that's what you want, that's what you'll get! This guy is gonna fuck me until I can't walk and you can just sit there and watch until I fucking say so!"

I couldn't quite believe I'd said it, but my disbelief was blown away by my husband's meek little, "ok."

I turned on the guy from the bar and told him to take his clothes off. I unzipped my skirt and took my panties off as my skirt was falling down. I touched my pussy and it was soaked with my juice. As I looked up again I saw his cock. It was enormous. Judging by the way it fell, it wasn't even hard yet. My hand was still on my wet pussy lips and I gave my clitoris a little rub as I lifted my fingers to my lips to taste myself. I maintained eye contact with the guy from the bar as I licked my pussy juice off my fingers. I slowly turned around and as I was about to lose eye contact I gave him a single, clear instruction, "Fuck me now."

I put my hands on the bed and spread my legs a little. My ass was facing him and my pussy must have been glistening just below it. I remembered my husband. "Is this what you like?" I said in a low voice to him.

He looked at me with anticipation and even found a small smile as he said, "Yes. I love you."

I looked behind me to see the guy from the bar was massaging his huge cock to full hardness. It had grown again. He took two steps towards me and I could feel the head of it being rubbed up and down my pussy lips. It felt huge against my pussy and he continued to rub it up and down as he started to apply pressure. I could feel my pussy lips open and then he entered me. It was a sensation that nearly brought me to my knees. It must have just been the head, but it was so thick. He came back out and pushed again, this time going further in. Another wave of pins and needles went through my body. Out and back in again and again. Every time he got deeper and deeper. My pussy seemed to have an endless supply of juice to help lubricate that massive thing sliding into me.

Then I felt his thighs touching the backs of my legs. I couldn't believe it. He was all the way in. As he began rhythmically fucking me, I was experiencing another dimension of pleasure. The room was spinning. I reached at my pussy and began to rub my clitoris. It must have only been seconds before I felt the wave of an orgasm slam into me. I bucked and it shook my entire body and was sustained by the continuous pounding of his huge cock in me. It became too much and I pushed him back with hand and pleaded, "I need a second."

As the feeling subsided, remembered my husband again. I looked at him and he was smiling gently and licking his lips.

I walked over to his chair and I could see his cock was rock hard. This really was what he wanted. I straddled the chair and as I was standing over him I turned to the guy from the bar and said, "again. This time I want it harder and I want your cum in my pussy." He didn't hesitate. I leaned over Callum and looked him in the eye as I was impaled once again. No warm up needed this time. My pussy ached as he went balls deep at the first attempt. My legs nearly gave way as he began to slam into me. I could feel his huge balls slapping against my pussy. Callum was watching my face as I got fucked like never before. His rhythm got faster. I reached again for my pussy and rubbed my clitoris before being hit by another orgasm. This time it was magnified further by the pounding reaching fever pitch and I realised he was about to cum. His slamming was frantic as I felt his hot cum pump into my pussy. He slammed and spurted again and again until I felt his grip on my hips relax. As he slid his cock slowly out of my pussy, the cum slopped out onto Callum's lap and hard cock. I turned my head and playfully said, "thanks! You can go when you're ready." The guy from the bar looked incredulous as he put his clothes back on and walked out.

I was still straddled over Callum. I stepped back and the thick cum was everywhere. I touched my pussy and it was a mixture of cum and pussy juice. I tasted it and had an idea. I began to wank Callum's hard cock using the thick cum from the giant that had just fucked me. I wanked his cock and looked at Callum as he reached the point of orgasm. Right then I put my mouth around the top of his cock and took his entire load in my mouth. I tasted of both loads of cum and even a little of my own juice. When Callum had finished bucking, I lifted my head and reached up to kiss Callum. He wasn't expecting that I'd kept all of his cum in my mouth, but strangely, he went with it. I kissed him and passed his cum onto his lips and tongue.

I got up and untied him. He didn't get up. He just looked at me and said, "Thank you."

That was the first time I cuckolded my husband.

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