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*** This story is fan fiction and not endorsed by the WWF or any of the characters involved. ***

Stephanie McMahon Helmsley and Hunter Hearst Helmsley (HHH) are sitting backstage watching DX's match on the monitor. Stephanie is wearing a short black skirt, with a tight white sweater. HHH is wearing a pair of black wrestling trunks. His hand slides up Stephanie's skirt, and she softly moans as his hand touches her silky panties. "Mmmm, you know how to make me hot" Stephanie purrs. She reaches between HHH's legs, and begins stroking his crotch. His cock begins to harden, and she smiles as she watches the bulge between his legs get larger and stiffer.

HHH brings his hand to his nose, and sniffs his fingers. "Mmm, you smell so good" he says. He slips his finger inside of her panties, and Stephanie moans as he begins rubbing her clit. She grunts as his finger slides into her pretty pussy. She removes his cock from his trunks, and marvels at the thick throbbing cock. She begins to run her small hand up and down his thick cock. She grips the massive head with her hand, and squeezes it. She smiles as she sees the precum ooze from the swollen cockhead. "Mmmm, I gotta taste it" she purrs. Stephanie kneels between his legs and he watches as her tongue slides across his cockhead. HHH moans softly, and pushes her head downward.

His thick cock disappears between her pretty pouty lips, and Stephanie moans as she tastes his sweet precum. She moves her head up and down his long thick cock, her tongue swirls around the thick base of his cock. HHH reaches between her legs and begins to furiously rub her wet pussy through her white silk panties. Stephanie grinds her pussy against his large hand. HHH moans as Stephanie swallows his entire cock into her tight throat. He thrusts his hips, fucking her pretty mouth with his cock. Stephanie quickly peels her panties off, revealing her beautiful trimmed pussy. Her pussy slit is so wet and shiny. His finger slides along her wet pussy slit, and she groans.

Stephanie removes her mouth from HHH's cock, and looks up at him. "Mmmm, I think you know what I want" she says with a wicked smile on her face. HHH flips her to her belly, and raises her pretty little ass in the air. He rubs his thick cockhead against her wet pussy. Stephanie backs against him, grunting as his cock slides into her tight wet pussy. "Oh yes, fuck me baby" she moans. HHH begins shoving his cock into her from behind. "Oh God" she moans. HHH is really fucking her now. He is holding her by her shoulder length brown hair, pulling her head back, as his cock grinds into her pussy. Stephanie's eyes are filled with wild lust, and she begins to groan loudly. "Mmmm, shove that thick cock into me, fuck me baby" she yells.

"Oh God, I am cumming" she moans. HHH moans as he feels her tight little pussy clamp around his cock. He reaches in front of her, and slips his hand up her sweater. He grips her bra less breasts with his hands, squeezing her pink erect nipples firmly. Stephanie squeals with delight, as she climaxes. HHH is sweating profusely as he fucks his brides hot pussy with all he's got. "Mmmm, yes fuck me stud" she moans. HHH grunts and quickly removes his cock from Stephanie's wonderful pussy. She quickly turns around, facing him. She grabs his thick cock, and begins stroking him furiously. HHH grunts and thrusts against her hand.

He moans, and she opens her mouth widely. His hot white cum erupts from his thick hard cock, landing on her tongue. Stephanie continues to stroke him, as his cum splashes against her pale face. "Oh yes" she moans. "You taste so good" she yells. She hungrily sucks his thick cum into her mouth. Her pretty red lips are coated with white sticky cum, and her wet tongue slithers outward, catching each drop. She softly moans as she licks the sweet cum from her lips. "Oh baby" HHH moans, "you are the best!". Stephanie continues to stroke him, milking the remaining droplets of cum from his softening cock. "Mmmm, thanks baby" Stephanie replies.

Suddenly the door swings open, and Bad Ass Billy Gunn, XPac, and Road Dogg enter the room. "What the fuck?" HHH says, looking at his partners. "Haven't you ever heard of knocking" he adds. The 3 look at their leader, and his lovely bride. Stephanie is still holding HHH's cock in her hand, although soft, it is still quite large. Drops of cum are beading on her lips, and chin. Stephanie looks at the DX members, and her eyes wander between their legs. She can't help but notice they are all 3 getting quite hard. She spreads her legs widely apart, giving them an excellent view of her gorgeous McMahon pussy.

HHH has mixed feelings, but realizes that this would make his little slut very happy. "Do you want them?" he whispers in her ear. "Mmmm, yes baby" she replies. "Ok, whatever you want, my little princess" HHH responds. Stephanie crawls across the floor, with her skirt hiked above her waist. HHH watches as her pretty white ass wiggles seductively. She is now in front of the 3 DXers. Stephanie reaches up, and grabs Billy Gunn's crotch. She quickly pulls his trunks down, revealing his monstrous cock. "Oh Billy" she moans. Stephanie's mouth quickly devours the thick organ. Billy Gunn moans as she expertly deepthroats his cock.

XPac slides behind Stephanie, and he presses his face against her ass. Stephanie moans as she feels his tongue slide against her wet pussy slit. He begins sucking on her swollen clit, and she thrusts against his tongue. Her mouth is furiously working on Billy Gunn's large cock. Road Dogg quickly removes his pants, and Stephanie's hand finds his thick cock. "Oh yeah, stroke it" Road Dogg moans. Stephanie strokes Road Dogg's cock rapidly, as Xpac sucks her pussy making her cum. She is moving her mouth up and down Billy Gunn's cock hungrily, devouring him. Xpac removes his pants, and Stephanie can feel his cockhead as it rubs against her swollen pussy slit.

Xpac wastes no time, and quickly rams his cock deeply into her. Xpac fucks Stephanie's pussy fast and hard. Stephanie moans loudly. Billy Gunn grunts, and his cum shoots into her mouth. Stephanie greedily inhales every drop of his thick goo, as it erupts against the back of her throat. She quickly milks the last of his cum from his pulsating cock, and he pulls it from her mouth. Road Dogg quickly shoves his cock into her mouth, and she eagerly accepts it. Xpac is fucking her wildy, and she thrusts her hips backwards, keeping his cock buried deep inside of her wonderful pussy.

Road Dogg fucks Stephanie's mouth roughly, making her gag. HHH is sitting back, smiling, watching his little slutty wife as she acts like a whore. "Yes, suck it baby" Road Dogg moans. Xpac moans loudly, and his cum erupts into her tight pussy. Stephanie squeals as she feels the hot liquid splash against her inner pussy. Xpac fucks her until the last of his cum oozes into her tight pussy. He then quickly removes his cock from her. Road Dogg pulls his cock from her mouth, and quickly slips behind her. "Time to do it "DOGGYSTYLE" " he says. He rubs the cum that is oozing from her pussy all over her tight ass hole, lubing it nicely. Stephanie's eyes widen, as she feels his cockhead pushing against her virgin ass.

"Oh no, not there" she moans. Road Dogg thrusts firmly, and his cock disappears into her very tight ass. "Oh God, it hurts" Stephanie moans. "Oh, you love it baby" Road Dogg grunts. Stephanie sighs as the discomfort begins to turn to pleasure. She softly moans as his cock begins to move in and out of her tight ass.

"Oh, yes fuck my ass" she moans. Road Dogg quickly thrusts deeper into her wonderful ass. Stephanie groans as she climaxes. Her own hand is furiously rubbing her aching clit, and she finger fucks her pussy as Road Dogg tears her ass up. Road Dogg continues to mercilessly fuck her ass, grunting loudly. "Mmmm, here it cums" he yells. Stephanie's body tenses as she feels his hot cum shoot into her asshole.

"Oh My God" she yells. Her body quivers as she feels his hot cum filling her ass. "Yessssss!" she moans. Road Dogg grunts loudly, as he slams his cock into her, shooting more and more of the hot thick cum into her ass. As he finishes cumming, he pulls his cock from her sore ass. "Mmmm, not bad" Road Dogg says, rubbing his cock up and down her soaking pussy slit. "Not bad at all" he says, smiling widely. HHH is still sitting there, enjoying watching Stephanie get fucked like a big slut. Cum is oozing from both of her holes, and she lays on the floor, smiling. "God, that was so hot" Stephanie says.

Debra, Tori and Luna meanwhile are in the midst of a mud match. The 3 women are rolling around in the mud, wearing only their bikinis. Tori's top is ripped off by the wild Luna, and the fans go wild, as the large firm globes get covered with mud. Tori quickly grabs Luna's bottoms, and they easily tear from her body. Debra quickly pulls Luna to the mud. Luna flinches as she feels the mud against her naked pussy

To Be Continued

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