Asian Mom Jenny and her son Chris Series 2: Part 5

“Mhmm! No need to rush honey!” I giggled, trying to relax Chris. “We have all night after all!”

“I know mom! But you’re so fucking hot! I can’t help it” he grunted, thrusting into my pussy.

I pushed his chest again, this time getting his cock to respond and slow down. After Lily left, we had gone right back to it, fucking on and off for another two hours now. My pussy was already sore, and each time Chris’ cock entered me, I felt more pain than pleasure. Yet still, I didn’t stop him, mesmerized by the moment. We had finally found an entire night alone, so I sure as hell wasn’t going to waste it by sleeping now!

“That’s it honey! Fuck mommy nice and slow!” I whispered, kissing his lips.

Chris was still on top of me, shifting his weight to his forearms as he fucked me in missionary. His hips were moving subtly, pushing his cock gently in and out of me. We made love slowly, rocking against each other’s body.

“Uugggh” Chris moaned softly, sucking on my nipple.

I held his head, stroking his hair as he did so.

“You need to get a haircut soon honey”

“I know mom” he chuckled, going back to nibbling.

“What’s so funny?”

“You still sound like a mom even while we’re fucking!”

I laughed loudly, hearing it over again in my head. “Can’t mommy do both?!”

“Of course you can” he answered, moving up to kiss me.

“Mhmm” I moaned, returning his passion. “Mommy wants to be on top!”

I could tell Chris was tiring, as he gladly got off me and took my place on the bed. I climbed on top of him, guiding his cock into my pussy.

“It’s okay! Let mommy do all the work this time!” I smiled, holding his hips still.

I sat straight up on his cock, grinding my pussy on him as I teasingly played with my tits. I alternated between pushing them together and softly licking my nipples, all the while maintaining a seductive look at Chris. As his breathing became heavier, I rocked harder and harder on his cock, bouncing on his entire length.

Now too turned on to just watch, Chris pulled me towards him, taking my nipple in his mouth again. He just nibbled on them at first, getting me to playfully squirm. Seeing my reaction, Chris went further, pushing my tits together and moterboating them on his face.

We were having such a good time that the ringing on my cell phone was the last thing I wanted to hear. I begrudgingly got off Chris and reached over to the counter, surprised to see that it was already midnight before answering the call.

“Dear, where are you?” Charles asked. Even through the phone, I could hear his drunken state.

“I’m sleeping in Chris’ room. I don’t want to have to deal with your snoring all night” I answered truthfully.

“Oh. Uhm…I…what were you saying?”

“I’m sleeping in Chris’ room” I shouted this time, frustrated that he wasn’t getting it.

“Okay. I was just looking…looking for you” he said.

I could hear him stumbling around, bumping into things as he walked.

“Are you already in our room? How did you get back?”

“Yeah, I’m back. I just got back. Where are…where are you?”

“Really?!” I thought to myself.

I looked over at Chris, glaring at him as if he were his father. But my anger quickly disseminated, realizing that I could have a little fun with how drunk my husband was.

“I’m sleeping with your son!” I answered, moving back to Chris.

“Don’t worry honey! Your dad’s drunk as shit!” I giggled, wrapping my fingers around his cock as I made out with him.

I turned my phone to speaker, allowing my husband to hear our kisses.

“What’s that noise?” he said, burping loudly afterwards.

“That’s just me giving Chris a good night kiss. He’s been really good!” I said, getting more into it. “Dear, his tongue’s so deep in my mouth!”

Ever since Chris found out about his dad’s extracurricular activities, he had loosened up about fooling around in front of him. In fact, more than anything, he was kissing me back even more energetically now.

“Oh okay” he said, not registering a word of what I said.

Chris and I laughed loudly at his response.

“Sit up a little, honey! I want your dad to hear me sucking you off!” I said.

Chris smiled at me, hastily scooting himself back and leaning against the bed frame.

I grabbed my phone, placing it right next to my mouth as I sensually began licking the top of Chris’ cock. As I didn’t get a response right away, I then started sucking on his head, slurping extra loud to make sure my husband could hear us. When he still didn’t respond, I began narrating what I was doing, wanting to hear my husband tell me “stop”, just so I could refuse him!

“Sar…Sara do you know where my contact solution is?”

I stopped what I was doing instantly, looking over at my phone in shock. I glanced over at Chris, both of us speechless. Finally I broke the silence with a light laugh. In reality, I was furious at my husband, but didn’t want to ruin the mood with Chris even more.

I didn’t answer his question, just going back to sucking on Chris’ cock again. I took more of length in this time, letting it slide down my throat as I continued to keep the phone by the side. Any inhibition I still had was gone with that comment of his. I wanted him to hear everything I was doing with Chris!
“Your son’s cock is so much thicker than yours!” I said seductively into the phone. “Can you hear it sliding down my throat?!”

“It feels so much better than yours ever did!” I said, smiling back at Chris. “He’s been fucking me for months now and I love it! I even gave up my ass to him!”

“Dear, I think I’m going to just go…I’m going –“

Before he could finish, his phone went dead. I didn’t even notice at first, too caught up in sucking cock as I talked endlessly about what I was going to do with his son.

“Uh mom. I think we should probably check on him” Chris said, tapping me on the shoulder.

I was disappointed that he interrupted me, but did agree that we had to at least make sure my husband didn’t pass out and seriously hurt himself.

“Ok let’s go then!” I said, putting my bra and panties back on. I didn’t even bother with the rest of my clothes, boldly walking out of Chris’ room and into the hotel corridor.

Just as I expected, as soon as I entered my room, I was met with the unmistakable sound of Charles’ snoring. He was already passed out on the bed, clothes on and all.

“And to think we were worried about him” I said, turning over to Chris.

“Should we go back to my place then and finish?”

“Yeah, we can –“ I answered, before pausing .”How about we finish here?” I smiled mischievously at Chris.

Chris’ eyes bulged out, expectedly surprised from my suggestion. “Here? I…I don’t know mom. I’m not quite sure –“

I giggled loudly at his reluctance, grabbing his hand towards me so we could make out. Chris wasn’t nearly as responsive as he was a few minutes ago when his father was just on the phone. But now with him literally five feet away, he was showing some shyness; too bad it only turned me on more!

“Mom! Mom! I really think –“

“Shut up honey!” I said, slapping him across the face. “Mommy wants you right here!” I moaned, tugging his cock.

“And besides…he’s out cold!” I said, slapping my husband across the face, getting no reaction.

I pushed Chris down by the foot of the bed, sitting on his lap as we made out. I had my bra and panties off in instant, using my body to seduce Chris’ inhibitions away. It seemed to be working as he returned my kisses more willingly. Soon enough, the sound of our lips and moans drowned out that of my husband’s snoring.

I slowly leaned into him until his back was lying flat on the bed. From there, I crawled up his body, until I was able to comfortably sit on his face. “Get mommy ready!” I said, pulling his hair.

I helped spread my lips apart for him, letting Chris’ tongue slither in and out of my pussy.

“Yes! That’s mommy’s good boy!” I exclaimed, rubbing my pussy across his face.

The deeper his tongue went inside me, the more I squeezed his head with my thighs. Chris’ hands were feeling down my legs, from my hamstring to my calves and then of course, to my feet. He rubbed my soles lightly, trying to tickle me!

I giggled from his touch, making me smother his face even more. Even with his mouth full of pussy, I could hear Chris laughing too, getting the response he wanted from me.

“Ok enough playing around, honey! Mommy needs to get fucked again!”

I got in doggy on the bed, my head right next to my sleeping husbands.

“Mom…I can’t… I can’t with dad-“

“Better?!” I smiled, pushing my husband’s face the other way.

“A little” Chris said, wetting his fingers as he slid them inside me.

Chris warmed my pussy up again with a few thrusts of his fingers before giving me the same treatment with his cock.

“Yes! Harder honey! Mommy wants it rough right now!” I exclaimed, smiling seductively back at him.

Chris nodded his head, picking up pace as he jammed his cock in and out of my pussy.

“Even harder!” I exclaimed.

I waited for a few seconds, ready for him to go even faster, but got nothing.

“Fuck mommy already!” I screamed, looking back at him in anger.

I could see that he was still nervous to go too far with his dad next to me.

“Fine! Maybe this’ll get you going!” I said, pushing him away.

I turned around to face Chris, dragging him by his hair towards my feet. “Suck on them!”

Chris moaned, grabbing my foot and licking the top of my toes.

“Mommy said suck!” I yelled sternly, slapping him across the face with my foot. I had gotten used to not holding anything back, striking him as hard as I could.

“That’s it! Open wide!” I laughed, pushing my toes in his mouth. “Wider!”

I gradually brought my legs up in the air, leading Chris up with me until he was back sitting upright on his knees again. I leaned on the bedframe, taking a glance over at my sleeping husband, loving every detail of what was happening!

I kept my right foot in his mouth, letting his tongue bathe each one of my toes as my left foot gently massaged his cock. I slipped it between my big and ring toe, tugging gently at it and getting Chris to moan even louder, forgetting his dad was still right there. He was rock hard, his cock pulsing every time I touched it. I knew he was definitely ready to follow orders, but I wanted to punish him some more for not obeying the first time!

I began shoving my foot deeper in his mouth, making him choke. The more he gagged, the louder I laughed too. My left foot had left his cock, pulling at his hair now, forcing him to bend down so he was on all fours. It allowed me to shove both my big toes in his mouth, stretching the side of cheeks. He was still enjoying it, sucking on my right toe while I popped the left one in and out of his mouth. But because he was drooling so much, my toe actually slipped on accident, cutting him sharply on the lip with my toenail. The side of his lip began bleeding instantly. But Chris didn’t stop, whether because he didn’t know or he didn’t care, just grabbing both my feet and continuing to worship them. It looked so hot and even I felt satisfied!

“Did mommy hurt you?” I asked, half teasing and half serious.

“No!” he panted, licking my soles now. “I deserved it for not listening mom” he said.

What a turn on! He knew just how to push my buttons!

I decided to reward him, letting him watch me as I licked and sucked on my right toes.

“I love when you do that mom! You look so sexy!” he exclaimed, doing the same with my left.

I giggled. “Are you ready honey? Mommy needs that cock so badly!”

Chris nodded his head passionately this time, swinging my foot aside and pulling me aggressively towards him. I could tell even before he entered me, that I was going to get what I wanted!

With no regard for his dad anymore, Chris shoved his cock deep inside me. There was no building up or easing his way in. No, this time, it was just rough wanton sex!

“Fuck! Yes! That’s it honey! Fuck mommy like the slut she is!” I screamed.

It seemed there was finally nothing hold him back as he fucked me the same way he always did. His cock drove mercilessly into my pussy as he held my hips tightly, pulling my body forward to meet every one of his thrusts.

“YES! YES! Ooooh Goddd!” I screamed.

As I did so, Charles began moving, turning over to face me now.

Chris froze, looking over at his father’s reaction.

“Don’t stop!” I said, slapping him again with my foot.

“But dad-“

“I said don’t stop!” I yelled in frustration again. I was so close to climaxing!

“Fuck your dad!” I said, extending my right foot and kicking him off the bed. His legs and torso fell to the ground immediately, with his shoulders and head the only thing still propping up his upper body.

I had no idea if he was actually waking up or just tossing and turning, but I couldn’t care less. Even if he were to have opened his eyes, I was going to have Chris bring me to an orgasm first!

Chris jutted his attention back on me, focusing on getting me off again.

“Mommy’s almost there!” I screamed.

Chris pulled both my feet towards him, letting him suck on my toes again as my pussy clamped even tighter around his cock.

“FUuuck! YEEEESSSSS!” I yelled, my orgasm finally arriving.

My body vibrated violently on the bed, shaking it even more that it already was. During my climax, Chris held onto my legs tightly, and used the time to recover his breathing.

When I came back down from my sexual high, I could only smile at him, ecstatic that he was able to satisfy my demands.

“Ready to finish honey?!” I teased, letting him sniff my toes.

“Yeah!” he exclaimed. “I’m really close.”

“Just tell me when honey! I want you to cum on mommy’s face!”

Chris nodded his head, going back to the pace he wanted, nice and slow. I was happy to give it to him, bringing his hands to my tits to play with as he gently fucked me. But even with the reduced speed, Chris didn’t last much longer, pulling out of me and rushing to shoot his load on my face.

I had hoped he would have more, but I couldn’t complain. Lily and I had milked him more than enough to explain his light load. Still, I wanted every drop, tugging at his cock and emptying as much as I could on my face.

“Grab your phone honey!”

Chris looked at me quizzically, but didn’t ask why.

“Get closer!” I said, waving him over.

I brought my cum-covered face up next to my husband, reaching out for Chris’ cock. “This is what you get for calling me Sara earlier!” I said to myself, still pissed at him for almost ruining my night.

“Tell mommy when all three are in the picture!” I exclaimed, staring at him naughtily.

Chris smiled back at me, just as excited. “A little to the left. No too- that’s perfect!”

I smiled warmly, wrapping my lips around the head of Chris’ cock, trying to look as sultry as possible with my eyes.

“Got it mom! Holy fuck you look hot!” he exclaimed, flipping it over for me to see.

I looked like a complete and unashamed slut; having my son’s cock in my mouth while I smiled right next to my unconscious husband!

“How about some more?!” I said, with Chris agreeing quickly.

I posed a few more for Chris, some with my husband in it and some without.

“Damn! Mom you’d look so much sluttier if I had more cum!”

“I know! We’ll have to make up for it sometime!” I winked. “As for now, grab mommy’s purse. There’s one more thing the picture’s missing” I smiled.


“Just go!”

Chris spun himself on the bed, making his way to the table and grabbing my purse. I hastily dug through it, looking for my wedding ring.

“Here it is!” I exclaimed.

It felt weird and wrong, as if it didn’t belong to me anymore. And in a way it didn’t, I was much happier with the one on my toe than this one. It was hollow, meaningless now, while my toe ring symbolized my love for Chris.

But I knew it would make me look that much sluttier, so I gladly slipped it on, posing it for Chris to see.

“Now give mommy that hard cock again!” I said, grabbing it.

I brought it close to my face, leaning next to my husband as I waited for Chris to snap a few more pictures.

“This is by far the hottest set I’ve ever taken!” Chris exclaimed happily.

Even with the shameless things I just did, it wasn’t enough, not yet. I needed to embarrass my husband even more. With Chris’ cum still on my face, I carefully scooped it into my mouth. But instead of swallowing, I leaned into my husband, planting a deep kiss on his mouth.

The heavy scent of alcohol on his breath nearly made me throw up, but I persisted, emptying all of his son’s own cum into his unconscious mouth. I didn’t even do it for it Chris to watch, just for myself; just to vent my anger.

“Ewww! Gross!” I said, coughing as I backed away. “I can’t believe I use to make out with that!”

“Luckily I have something much better now!” I smiled, kissing Chris.

He kissed me back passionately, grabbing my tits roughly. I hadn’t anticipated going again, but I wasn’t about to say no!

“Ah shit, my cock hurts so much!” Chris chuckled, stroking himself.

I giggled, knowing he was most definitely telling the truth. “Do you want to-“

“No” he said, cutting me off. “I’m so hot for you right now mom!”

“Let’s get your dad on the bed. Then we can go finish in your room!” I said, teasingly licking his lips.

“Ok. Sounds good mom!”

When we got back to his room, we went back to love-making, slowly enjoying each other’s body until it was almost 2. We went to sleep absolutely exhausted. Since we started, Chris and I had never gone that long, even in the nights we had alone together. This was the first time that if he had asked for more, I would’ve only been able to offer up my ass or mouth, as my pussy was beyond sore from the hours of pounding! Luckily it didn’t have to come to that, as Chris and I both agreed to call it a night at the same time.

I woke up to the ringing of my cell phone, still groggy when I answered. It was almost as if I was hungover from being dick-drunk off Chris’ cock.

“You coming down for breakfast sis?”

“Lily?! What time is it?” I asked, yawning.

“It’s almost 9. Did you just wake up?”

“Yeah, had kind of a long night” I answered, looking over at Chris still sleeping peacefully. “Is Charles down there?”

“No, but everyone else pretty much is. Are you still at Chris’?”


“Well come down soon”

“Yeah, will do. I gotta check up on Charles first” I answered, getting out of bed.

“Honey wake up” I whispered, kissing Chris lightly on the forehead. “Mommy has to go check on your dad. Go get washed up and head down for breakfast”

He looked just as confused as I was a minute earlier.

“Sorry what’d you say mom?” he asked, his eyes barely open.

I giggled at his expression, it was so cute! I couldn’t help but sit back down to kiss him again!

“Mhmm” Chris moaned. “Did you have to leave mom?”

“Not yet honey” I said, deciding that my husband could wait.

I began tearing off my shirt again, getting on top of Chris as we made out. I ran my fingers through his hair as he fumbled around with his phone.

“Oh shit! Mom, it’s 9 already!” he exclaimed. “We should get downstairs!”

I always found it amusing that he was more of a grown up in our relationship than I was!

“Fine! Go get ready then, I’ll check on your dad!” I said, reluctantly letting him go.

I quickly got dressed and headed back to my room, hearing the shower from my husband running.

“Charles?” I asked loudly.

“I’m just taking a shower” he answered. “I’ll be down for breakfast in a minute.”

He must’ve just woken up and assumed I had gotten up earlier, not even realizing that I didn’t spend the night with him. I decided to roll with it, the less he knew, the better.

“Ok! Come down when you’re ready!” I shouted, grabbing a change of clothes and heading for Chris’ room again.

“Mind if mommy joins you?!” I teased, pushing the shower curtain aside.

“Is dad awake?”

“Yeah, he’s taking a shower too so mommy had no choice but to use this one!”

Chris smiled back at me, pulling me towards him so that we both could enjoy the warm sensation of the water. I kissed him, letting his hands wash up and down my body.

“Can you do me?” he asked, handing me the body wash.

“Not yet” I smiled. “Get on your knees!”

I could tell he knew what was coming, smiling widely at me as he opened his mouth.

“Not yet honey! Mommy wants to see your face covered in piss first!” I giggled.

I waited for him to reluctantly close his mouth before bringing his face about 6 inches from my pussy, unleashing my first pee of the day.

“AUuugghh!” I moaned, both in relief and sexual excitement.

It blasted Chris’ face, covering his forehead first and trickling down to his cheeks and nose. I laughed loudly, moving his head so I could soak more of his face in my pee.

“Not yet!” I said, slapping him when I saw him try and part his lips.

When I finally felt it coming to an end, I grabbed his hair, pulling his waiting mouth to my pussy as I emptied the rest of my bladder on his mouth and chin. Chris caught a lot of it, slurping my golden nectar loudly.

“Make sure you don’t miss a spot!” I teased, raising one foot up and sticking it in his mouth.

For the next minute I shampooed my hair, watching as Chris’ hungrily licked all over my body, savoring every drop he could still find. It felt so empowering!

“Now for mommy’s morning fix!” I said, grabbing his cock.

“Mom there’s not enough time!” he chuckled, trying to keep me from getting down on my knees. “I still have to brush my teeth and –“

“Ok go ahead and do that then. Mommy can work around it!” I smiled, reaching out of the shower and handing him his toothbrush and toothpaste.

True to my words, as Chris began brushing his teeth, I got down on the floor, taking his cock in my mouth.

“Ow! Not so rough! It’s still sore”

“Sorry honey! Mommy got a little excited!” I answered, sucking him a little more gently.

Chris went about his business, ignoring me as I worked on his cock. In a twisted way, it felt even hotter that he didn’t react, just letting me do as I liked! Unfortunately it didn’t last too long, as I began using more tongue on his shaft, his brushing stopped. Chris was holding tightly on my head now, ready to release his morning load. I swallowed it greedily, not letting any of it escape.

“Now to get clean!” I giggled, standing up and washing his body.

I did Chris first, making sure he was done before moving to myself.

“Go get dressed honey! Mommy will meet you downstairs after I get ready!”

By the time I was downstairs, everyone else looked just about finished with their breakfast already. Chris and my husband were the only ones still eating.

“You guys fooled around again didn’t you?!” my sister whispered to me as I got a cup of coffee.

“You mean last night or just now?” I teased back.

“Well last night was for sure! I mean just now!”

“Just a quick blowjob. Nothing else” I answered half truthfully.

“What’d you say to Charles about sleeping in Chris’ room?”

“Nothing. He was so passed out drunk that he actually called me Sara last night”

“What?!” she exclaimed, catching herself before her voice got even louder. “What’d you do?”

“What could I do? I made Chris fuck me in our room” I said, smiling at her.

“You what?! And what…Charles was just…passed out?”

“Yeah. Well, for most of it. He was tossing and turning at one point, looking like he was about to wake up” I answered, trying to stop myself from laughing.


“Well I had to push him off. There wasn’t enough room for Chris to properly fuck me.”

“Why didn’t you call me!” she said slapping my arm.

“Ow! Hey, it was the middle of the night!” I said, slapping her back. “Besides, that was special couple time for the two of us!”

“Fine! But I better be included in today’s activities!” she said sternly.

“I don’t know Lily. I wore him out pretty bad last night. I’m not sure if he’ll be ready today” I teased.

“Oh please! You and I both know that there’s no way you’re going even a day without his cock!” she exclaimed, getting us both to giggle.

Before Lily could question me further, I grabbed a small bran muffin along with my coffee and left for our table, sitting down between my husband and Chris.

“I thought you’d be down here before me this morning” my husband asked.

“Oh I had to take a shower in Chris’ room since you were using ours.”

“Ah. That reminds me, what happened last night?”

I laughed, almost choking on my coffee. “Nothing dear. You just seemed to have a little too much to drink” I answered.

“Because my neck hurts. I must’ve slept funny”

His comment made me remember the awkward position he was in after I kicked him off the bed.

“Oh you –“

“What happened to your lip sweetie?!” my mom asked, tapping her own as she looked at Chris.

Chris was happily enjoying his bowl of cereal, caught off guard by my mom’s question.

“Oh this?” he said, feeling the small scab that had formed around his mouth. “I was –“

“I know what happened!” my father said.

I could feel my heart skip a beat, glancing over at Chris, who had the same facial expression as me. “How could he possibly know?!” I thought.

“You got it from making out with that girl didn’t you?!” he chuckled.

Chris looked at him perplexed, before a sense of relief came over his face. “No grandpa” he answered, blushing brightly.

“Chris was making out with someone?” Mark asked, getting the attention of everyone else at the table.

“Did you Chris?!” Jessie joined in.

“Oh yeah, he was. Don’t try and deny it Chris! I saw you two yesterday when you were on the lift!” my dad said excitedly.

“Well who was it?” my husband asked curiously.

“I couldn’t tell. And she had sunglasses on so no way for me to get a good look. But from what I could see, she was quite a looker and I think –“

“Dad! You might not want to finish that sentence” my sister jumped in, causing me to giggle.

“It was no one. Just a girl I met at the park” Chris lied.

“Then how did you get the cut sweetie?” my mom asked further.

“Oh…uhm I accidentally bit myself” he answered quickly, looking down at his bowl of cereal.

“Really? How did that happen? What did you have in your mouth?” my sister teased. I could tell from the look in her eyes that she was teasing him on purpose, probably guessing exactly what happened!

Chris stuttered around with his words, nervous with everyone’s eyes on him. “Just…just some candy” he said.

I know he probably said the first thing that came to his mind, but it still felt hot to hear him describe my toes as candy!

“Anyways where are we going today?” he said, trying to change the subject.

“Disney’s Animal Kingdom” my father in law stated. “They’ve got some nice rides and it’ll be good to see some of the animals as well.”

“Well that sounds great! I’m pretty much full, are you done Chris?” I asked, trying to help him.

“Yeah! I’m done mom!”

We all got up and began heading out the restaurant, with Jessie and Lizzie teasing Chris incessantly about who the mystery girl was.

“How rough were you with him?” Lily giggled.

“It was an accident. Besides, he didn’t complain one bit!” I said proudly.

The ride over to Animal Kingdom was fast and straightforward. Because of our delays in the morning, we arrived a little later than we wanted, but still with a full day ahead to explore the zoo-themed park. The first hour was devoted to visiting some of the traditional sites that any zoo had as we patiently waited for the next Kilimanjaro Safari Tour, the park’s biggest attraction.

When it finally came time to hop on our tour, the weather made a turn for the worse by raining. It wasn’t pouring, but definitely strong enough to dampen the mood a little. The tour itself was done in these long, open-ceiling safari buses that had 3 to a seat; perfect for us!

Having been on so many rides during our trip, each one of us already knew who we were going to sit next to, allowing for Chris, Lily, and I to take the very last row of seating while Liz and my daughter defiantly took the bench in front of us for just the two of them.

“Hello everyone. My name’s Jim and I’ll be your safari tour guide today” he said over the intercom.

But before Jim could even finish some of the safety regulations and highlights of the tour, I had my hands already on Chris’ lap, rubbing his cock through his shorts. My sister and I sandwiched him between us, knowing that we were both going to want to play.

As I worked to get him hard, Lily wasted no time in sneaking a couple of kisses in with Chris.

“Fuck, that feels amazing! It’s so wrong to be doing this!” she exhaled deeply, then completely disregarding her own words and going back for more.

Chris seemed to love the thrill as well, openly kissing Lily back while taking the occasional glances ahead. I don’t know why they even bothered because if anyone were to turn around, there was absolutely no hiding it at all. Luckily, there was so much happening beside us that all their attention seemed to be already occupied, letting the three of us fool around without much disturbance.

“My turn!” I said, pushing my sister’s face away.

“See the way I make him moan!” I giggled, teasing Lily.

“See how hard his cock is in my hand!” she responded, pulling it out of his shorts.

“Oh Please, Lily! It was already hard from me!”

“Psshh! Whatever! I do miss this though!” Lily exclaimed, tugging Chris aggressively.

“Slow down!“ Chris asked, holding her wrist still.

“Why don’t you distract yourself by seeing how wet Aunt Lily is!” I said, kissing his neck lightly.

Chris followed my orders, pushing my sister’s legs apart so he could dig his fingers down the waistband of her shorts.

I didn’t even have to ask, clearly hearing the squishing sound of her juices as Chris fingerfucked her.

“Uuuugghhhh! Ooohhh!” she moaned, trying not to be too loud.

“Shut her up!” I smiled pushing Chris’ face towards her. “She’s gonna give us away!”

“Now coming up on your right, you’ll see two of our emus!” Jim said. “We’ll stop for a bit to take pictures.”

I could feel the bus slowing down, but the two of them showed no indication of knowing at all. I had to actually pull Chris away from his aunt before passengers started turning to the side and taking pictures.

“Look mom Emus!” Jessie exclaimed, turning around towards me, placing her arms on the top of her headrest.

“I see them sweetie! They’re so big!” I smiled, keeping my hand on Chris’ cock.

I was desperately hoping that she wouldn’t look down at us, as there was no hiding it at all! My mind was telling me to stop, or at least cover his cock with my palm, but I couldn’t; my hand just continuing to tug on his cock.

“Their feathers look so fluffy!” she giggled.

“They sure do sweetie” I smiled, getting more and more turned on from what I was doing.

Fortunately, her short attention span actually worked for our favor, as she began leaning forward and taking with my husband.

As I continued to pump Chris, my fingers were quickly joined by my sister’s.

“What?! I want some fun too!” she smiled.

I nodded at my sister, intertwining my fingers with hers, stuffing Chris’ cock between them. I could tell my sister wanted to go fast, but I dictated the tempo, forcing her hand to slow down. I had other ideas for Chris’ cock!

The bus only stopped for about a minute and then started back up, giving us that familiar safety net. Lily’s mouth instantly returned to Chris’, kissing him deeply again. She had scooted forward on her seat, giving Chris easier access to her pussy.

“Uuuggghhh!” she moaned, pushing Chris’ fingers deeper in her.

With her so preoccupied, I began pushing her hand away from Chis’ cock, leaving it to myself. At the same time, I slid my shorts down, just enough to push my panties aside and expose my pussy.

“Honey, mommy wants to your ride!” I whispered teasingly in his ear.

I had expected him to reject me, but it seemed between my sister and me tag-teaming him, he was too turned on to protest.

I gradually eased myself onto his lap, pushing him back against his seat so I’d have space.

“Oohhhh Fuck!” Chris moaned, feeling my pussy tighten around his cock.

I moaned as well, covering my mouth to prevent myself from screaming. My daughter was right in front of me, and here I was, fucking my son out in the open! There was no rationale behind what I was doing, nothing but pure lust! It was both dangerous and suicidal. My entire life would be ruined if someone caught us, but I couldn’t stop myself. I needed his cock in me right now!

“Oh my god Jen!” my sister exclaimed, looking at me.

She stared at me in awe for a few seconds before turning to kiss Chris even more passionately, using my body as a shield to block anyone from seeing them. They were making out so loud that even with the rumbling of the engine, I was afraid my daughter and Liz would hear.

I slowly began rocking myself on Chris’ cock, but because the road was so bumpy, I really didn’t have to. The contact of the tires on the ground was propelling me naturally up and down Chris’ cock. I only had to sit still, holding onto the headrest t in front of me as I received wave after wave of pleasure.

“Mom I think…why are you sitting on Chris’ lap?” Jessie asked inquisitively, causing Liz to turn around and look at us too.

My mouth was gaped wide open and I could tell my face was contorted. To their innocent eyes, I must’ve looked like I was in pain, instead of the total bliss I was actually feeling.

“Mommy didn’t want….uuggghhh!”

“mom are you okay?”

“Yeah! Mommy’s….oooohhhh yes!” I moaned, trying to compose myself in front of the two girls.

Jessie was looking at me both scared and confused.

“Mommy’s okay. It’s just raining and I didn’t want to get wet” I said, trying to smile at her.

“Oh” she said. I couldn’t tell if she bought it or not, but at that moment I was so far gone from reality that I didn’t care.

The only salvation I had was knowing they couldn’t see anything as my shorts still looked like they were on. I was also hoping they were too young to even consider the possibility of what I was doing her brother.

“Did you get some good pictures?” I asked.

“Yeah! Look mom!” she said excitedly, pulling out her phone to show us.

I leaned forward, looking over her shoulder to see her screen, trying to take their attention away from me.

“This is the emus from earlier!”

“Oh very…Nice!mhm! Yes!”


“Oohhhhh! Ooohhhh! “I moaned, cutting her off.

The road had gotten even rockier, letting me bounce even harder on Chris’ cock. And because I had leaned forward, it gave Chris the room to slip two fingers in my ass. He was pumping them effortlessly in me now, filling up both my holes as I tried to make casual conversation with my daughter.

“They’re nice sweetie! Why don’t you show them to daddy” I said.

“Okay!” Jessie, exclaimed, leaning forward to talk with her father.

I immediately pulled Chris’ fingers out of my ass, taking it in my mouth as I backed into Chris’ chest.

“Such a naughty boy! Mommy’s going to punish you for that later!” I said, reaching back to pull his hair.

“I couldn’t resist mom! It looked so inviting!” he chuckled.

I giggled with him, glad he was enjoying himself as well.

“I want you to fill mommy up!” I said, grinding on his cock.

My eyes were staring forward, looking at the bus full of people who were clueless to the debauchery that was going on behind them. It was so hot! I actually grabbed Chris’ hand, placing it on my tits and letting him grope me. I almost wanted someone to turn around and see us!

“Oh fuck I’m close mom!” Chris mumbled, nuzzling up against the back of my neck.

“Yes! Cum in mommy!” I exclaimed, squeezing his hand harder on my tits.

It only took a few more pumps before I felt his thick load filling my pussy up.

“Jen get off! I want to suck him off!” my sister, said trying to lift me.

I giggled loudly, sliding off Chris’ cock and pulling my panties and shorts back on. I wanted the feeling of walking around all day with Chris’ creampie still in me!

Lily leaned down and engulfed Chris’ cock in her mouth, trying to clean him up as thoroughly as she could.

“Mhmmm!” she moaned.

“Yes, get in there slut!” I said, pushing her head deeper down Chris’ cock.

Even as she struggled to get up, I held her tightly, testing her gag reflex. She was gagging loudly on Chris’ cock, spit choking out of her mouth.

“Oohhhhh God!” Chris moaned, feeling my sister’s throat.

When I felt she finally had enough, I released my grip, letting her burst up for air.

“Holy shit!” she panted, clearing the tears from her eyes. “That was amazing!”

Chris, thinking she was done, went to pull his shorts back up, but my sister stopped him, jamming her mouth back down Chris’ cock again.

She was deepthroating him on her own now, taking all of Chris’ cock in her mouth. Lily still was having trouble holding him for long, but definitely made progress! She had even placed Chris’ hand on the back of her head, letting him know what she wanted.

Chris obliged, holding her down like I did earlier.

“Fuck! I’m cumming again!” he moaned.

My sister squealed from excitement before slurping loudly to taste his cum again.

“That was a nice surprise!” she smiled, licking her lips.

“Speaking of surprises, did you get anything for your mom? Tomorrow’s Christmas Eve” she teased, looking at Chris.

Chris blushed a little. “Of course I did” he smiled at me.

“You did, honey?! What is it?” I exclaimed.

“You’ll see mom. There’s two presents. One to open in front of the family and one to…definitely not” he chuckled.

I giggled from excitement. “Really?! I can’t wait then!” I said, kissing him on the cheek.

“Well what about you sis? What did you get your son?” my sister teased.

“That’s between me and him!” I answered, sticking my tongue out at my sister.

“But I promise mommy will make it the best Christmas you’ve ever had!” I said, blowing Chris a kiss.

“Thank you everyone for participating on our tour. I hope you’ve all had a wonderful time and please don’t forget your belongings as you exit the bus. This is Jim and it’s been a pleasure” he said over the intercom.

“Well that was quite amazing!” Mark said, as we regrouped off the bus.

“I have to admit I had doubts, but that was much better than I expected” Greg said.

“Well I guess if even Mr. Scrooge over hear liked it, then it must’ve been good!” my mother in law joked.

The three of us looked at each other, giggling as we completely missed the entire tour!

“Oh well, we probably had a better time than anyone else anyways!” I thought.

As bad as I wanted to spend another afternoon alone with Chris, we never got the opportunity to get away. It was probably for the best anyways, as I didn’t want to draw too much attention by disappearing with Chris for yet another afternoon.

Besides, the park was still incredibly enjoyable. There were quite a lot of animals and rides we got to see and experience. And Chris and I weren’t completely separate from each other, always lingering towards the back of our group so that we could hold hands or sneak in the occasional kiss. Every time we went indoors to see some of the smaller animal exhibits, I would always casually stand in front of Chris, acting like I was enjoying the attractions while I leaned back against him, rubbing my ass against his cock. Chris would just hold my shoulders, acting like nothing was going on as I grinded subtly against him.

By the time the sun set, we were all tired from a day of walking, agreeing that it was time to leave and have dinner.

“Let’s just hit the restaurant at our hotel” my husband said. “I think we are all pretty hungry and tired, so let’s not go out looking for some other place”

“Yeah that sounds pretty good Charles” my dad quickly answered.

With no one else objecting either, we all packed into our vans and left back for the hotel.

“Let’s meet downstairs in 15?” my mother-in-law asked.

“I think I’m gonna take a quick shower dear” my husband said. “I feel gross.”

“Does your neck still hurt?” I asked curiously.

“Yeah a little” he said, rotating it a bit.

“That’s a shame” I said, smiling to myself on the inside. “Go enjoy your-“

Before I could finish my sentence, there was a loud knock on our door.

“I’ll get it. Go take your shower”

“What’s up Lily?”

“Is Charles here?”

“In the bathroom, why?”

“I need Chris to take care of me!” she said, blurting it out with a giggle.

“You better be quick then!” I answered.

“Hey dear? I’m heading downstairs first. I’ll see you there” I lied.

“Okay!” he shouted.

“I’ve been on edge the entire day!” she exclaimed, waiting patientlessly for me to open Chris’ door.

“Hey honey!” I smiled at him.

Before Chris could even respond to me, my sister rushed towards him, embracing him in a kiss. I was probably just as horny as she was, but I decided to take a seat on the bed and just watch.

She was kissing him hard, the most aggressive I’ve seen her yet.

“Mhmm! Take my shorts off!” she instructed, placing Chris’ hands on her ass.

Once they were off, she pushed Chris down towards her pussy. “Taste me!”

He happily obliged, spreading her pussy apart as his tongue moved loudly in and out of her. I could see my sister’s legs buckle a little, barely being able to support herself up.

“Oh fuck that’s good!” she exclaimed, pushing his face further in.

It was such a turn on seeing her take over my role! I guess after seeing how I treated him, Lily was getting used to the idea too!

“Don’t forget your Aunt Lily’s feet” I interjected, standing up. “She’s been walking all day!”

I moved over to my sister, pulling her chin towards me so I could make out with her, knowing Chris would get a kick out of it.

“Uggghh!” he moaned, pausing what he was doing.

I giggled at his reaction. “Sit down sis. Let my little fucktoy do all the work.”

Lily followed my suggestion, sitting down on the bed as she crossed her feet, dangling them in her sandals for Chris to worship. He scooted over towards us, still on his knees as he took hold of Lily’s foot.

“Sniff them!” she said, looking seductively at Chris.

He didn’t have to be told twice, slipping off both sandals and bringing her toes to his nose, inhaling deeply. He moaned loudly again, taking in another whiff before stuffing them in his mouth.

“That’s a good boy!” I smiled at him.

As Chris continued to suck on her toes, I began making out with Lily again, giving him something to look at. Our kisses slowly became more passionate, our tongues dancing across each other for Chris to see.

He had pulled his cock out now, stroking it furiously with one hand as his other held Lily’s ankle, allowing him to lick her soles as he watched us.

“My feet are so sweaty!” Lily giggled.

“Good! That’s how my dirty boy likes it! Isn’t that right, honey? Tell your Aunt how much you love stinky feet!” I teased.

“Aunt Lily, your feet taste amazing! They’re salty and they smell-“ he paused, sniffing them wildly again. “UUuuuugghh! It’s so musky!”

Lily laughed again, wiping her sole up and down Chris’ face, tapping his forehead with her toes. She even copied me, slapping him lightly across the face with her free foot!

“Oh god! I’m gonna cum!” Chris moaned, pushing his aunt’s feet towards his cock. In seconds he shot three loads over her foot, covering her toes in his cum!

“Auggghhh!” my sister gasped, wriggling her toes in his cum.

She stared in awe, watching as Chris wiped the rest of his cum on her soles. And as soon as he finished, my sister brought her foot up to her mouth, licking his cum off her big toe!

“Mmm! No wonder you can’t keep your hands off him!” she giggled at me.

“I know!”

I leaned forward, helping my sister lick off Chris’ cum as we both stared seductively at him. He watched speechless, unable to even move as Lily and I switched between sucking her toes and making out. When we were finished with one, Lily brought the other foot up, offering it to me first.

“Now it’s time to get me off!” Lily said, swinging her legs open and tapping on her pussy.

“You heard the lady!” I said, standing up.

I moved next to him, dragging him by his hair towards Lily’s waiting pussy. As soon as he was within range, Chris dove his head forward, slurping loudly with his tongue.

“Fuck!” Lily exclaimed.

“We don’t have much time honey! Let’s see how fast you can make your Aunt cum!” I laughed.

I got behind him, placing my foot, still in sandals, on the back of Chris’ head, pushing him deeper in Lily’s pussy. The more the two of them moaned, the harder I pushed, holding his face there even as he began to struggle.

Lily was writhing wildly on the bed now, grabbing a pillow and shoving it over her face so that she wouldn’t scream.

“Yes! Make your Aunt cum!” I yelled moving up to Chris’ face.

I grabbed his hair again, moving his mouth up and down Lily’s pussy. It only took seconds before my sister clamped her thighs around Chris’ head, her legs spasming as she came.

“AUuugughhh…oh my god” her voice trembled, staring at us two.

“Good job honey! Look how happy your Aunt is!”

“Come on, let’s go down to dinner. Give your Aunt some time to recover!” I giggled, holding onto Chris’ arms.

When we arrived downstairs, I was happy to see my husband absent, no need to make up another excuse as to why I wasn’t there first. In fact, he was actually the last one downstairs, making us all wait longer than we wanted to order.

“Sorry sorry, everyone! I had an unexpected phone call I had to take” he said.

“Work?” I asked.

“Uh yeah. It was just…one of the guys” he said, looking nervously at me. “So what’s the special for tonight?” he asked quickly, trying to change the subject.

I rolled my eyes, frustrated that Sara, no doubt, was the reason we had to wait. Regardless, one by one, we all hastily ordered our food. The restaurant was packed with people, making it impossible for me to fool around with Chris. I had to settle for just flirting, playfully touching him or sharing our food together. Everyone knew I was very close with him, so there was no suspicion at all that the flirting between us was more romantic than just mother-son bantering.

“Now that we’ve finished eating, I suggest we all, as a family, watch a holiday movie together” my mother in law said. “Seeing as how we’ll be a bit busy tomorrow back at Magic Kingdom for the fireworks show, that leaves only tonight.”

“I want to pick the movie!” my daughter exclaimed loudly.

“No Frozen!” Chris interjected immediately, getting everyone’s attention.

“Sorry… sorry. I’m just sick of hearing that song over and over at home” he said, making all the adults laugh.

“You know Chris. You don’t have to join us” my dad teased. “Does your mystery girl stay at this hotel?”

Chris instinctively glanced over at me, making me cover my mouth with my napkin so I wouldn’t laugh.

“No. I…I don’t know where she lives” he quickly stuttered. “Besides grandma said everyone, so I’d love to stay.”

“Good answer!” my mother in law said, smiling at him.

“So it was just a one time thing, huh?” my dad teased more.

“Dad stop it! You’re embarrassing him” I said, trying to defend Chris.

I also couldn’t help notice that I was feeling a hint of jealousy too. That, even though this “mystery girl” was actually me, my mind was processing it as someone else Chris was interested in.

“What? It’s perfectly normal at his age” he answered.

I gave him another glare, letting him know to drop it.

“Ok ok. I know that look” he smiled at me.

“Anyways” my mom said, “I approve of Nancy’s idea. It’s a good way to spend time together and celebrate the holidays as well.”

“Where are we going to go?” my sister asked.

“Let’s use your room” my mom answered. “You guys have the double bed and there’s a small sofa in there right?”

“Yeah!” Liz answered excitedly. “And the TV is really big too!”

“Is that okay with everyone else?” Nancy asked. “We can bring in a few chairs as well if we need to. It’ll be and nice and cozy!”

I had previously planned on somehow getting away from husband to spend another night with Chris, but seeing everyone else so passionately agree, I couldn’t exactly say no. Besides, who says I can’t both spend time with my family and fool around with Chris at the same time?!

When we finished dinner, all of us left to go change, getting comfortable for a night in. While my husband was busy fumbling around his phone, no doubt texting Sara or deleting their messages, I was busy removing my panties and bra! I decided to wear a slightly oversized t-shirt and a regular pair of shorts, giving Chris easy access later!

“Ready dear?” I asked.

“Uh yeah. Let’s go” he said.

We headed over to my sister’s room, waiting for everyone to arrive and then arguing over the movie selection list. In the end, mostly with Liz and Jessie’s insistence, we decided to go with The Nightmare before Christmas. Once that was done with, we all began scattering around the room, looking for a place to get comfortable.

With one bed taken by Mark’s family, Charles and I sat on the other one, lying against the bedframe as Jessie laid in front of us by the foot of the bed. I had made sure Chris was sitting in a chair next to me, on my right.

“Everyone comfortable? I’m going to turn the lights off now!” Nancy said, getting up from her seat on the couch.

For the first 20 minutes of the movie, I kept my hands mostly to myself, surveying the situation. The movie was fairly dark itself, giving very little lighting to the room. And everyone was so focused on the screen that it didn’t take long before my right hand began to wander towards Chris. It felt so hot doing it with my husband literally right next to me!

Chris seemed to like the idea just as much as me, moving my palm to the top of his cock. I smiled to myself, knowing that with him into it as well, we were in for a fun night!

For the next few minutes, I didn’t push it too far, just casually rubbing his cock through his shorts. Still, I could feel that he was rock hard!

“Mom could you hand me a pillow?” he whispered.

I reached behind my husband, yanking one out from his pile and handing it to Chris. He immediately placed it over his lap, giving him the confidence to slip his cock out. I didn’t even have to look for it, as Chris voluntarily guided my hand there.

I wrapped my fingers around his shaft, feeling it pulsate in my palm before slowly stroking it. Unexpectedly, my husband actually reached out to hold my left hand. I didn’t know if he did it because it was the holiday season or because he had just finished talking to Sara. Regardless, it made what I was doing with Chris so much hotter!

I decided to even lean into him a little, pretending like I was snuggling up to him while I began stroking Chris faster. I felt like such a slut! Here I was, my head lying on my husband’s shoulder while my right hand was jacking off my own son!

I wanted to keep it going, but was interrupted by the buzzing of Charles’ phone. He pulled it out cautiously, but not hiding it enough for me to see the caller ID as “Sara”.

“I have to take this. It’s the office” he lied, whispering to me.

“Ok dear” I answered.

Charles excused himself and quietly made his way towards the door and left the room. I looked over at Chris, smiling at him as I tugged his cock towards me. He immediately understood what I meant, getting up from his chair and joining me on the bed as scooted over to where my husband was sitting.

“Sweetie can you sit up for a second? Mommy wants to pull the blankets up” I whispered to my daughter.

She carefully got up, letting me tug the covers from underneath her and cover Chris and I to the waist.

“Where did dad go?”

“Who cares, honey. Now give mommy that hard cock!” I whispered, stroking him again.

With the safety of the blanket, I began snuggling up to Chris, sitting on my side as I lightly kissed his neck. My right hand didn’t have much room to maneuver, forcing me to use my left. Chris’ own left hand was on my ass now, massaging it outside my shorts before I moved it underneath.

“You’re not wearing any underwear!” he exclaimed.

I smiled at him, grabbing his right hand and placing it on my tits. “No bra either!” I teased.

Chris surprised me by dropping his head down and kissing me on the lip, completely disregarding everyone else. I had my eyes open, scanning the room until I made contact with my sister. Lily just smiled at me, causing me to kiss Chris even deeper. We were softly moaning into each other’s mouth now, almost forgetting where we were.

It was only the sudden sound of the door opening again that caused us to separate. I tore myself away from Chris’ embrace, just as my husband walked in. He made eye contact with me, but instead of shooing Chris away or moving, I just stared back, telling him with my eyes that he had lost his seat. Charles didn’t make a big fuss about it, sitting down on an empty one by his parents and turning his attention back to the movie. He was probably too scared to sit next to me anyways, scared that I would question him about his phone call.

I went back to jacking Chris off, pumping him so fast that there was a noticeable chafing sound from the blanket now.

“Mom, could you turn the other way?” he asked, holding my wrist to stop himself from cumming.

I giggled, quietly turning to my other side, letting my ass face Chris’ cock now. He followed, turning his lower body to the side as well so he could spoon me.

We didn’t have enough room or the self-control to actually fuck quietly, so I took his cock and nestled it between my shorts, letting him feel the flesh of my ass as I rocked against him. He was doing his best to dry hump me, but the more he tried to move, the more the bed shook. We didn’t want to disturb Jessie and I could tell he was getting just as frustrated as me. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Follow Mommy!” I whispered, tucking his cock back in his shorts.

I quickly fixed my own before getting out of the covers.

“We’re gonna get some snacks from downstairs. Be back in a minute” I said to no one in particular.

I had no idea if they would buy it or not, but it was the only thing I could think of to get out of the room. As soon as the door closed behind us, I grabbed Chris’ collar and pushed him up against the wall, kissing him deeply.

Chris didn’t complain, his hands all over my ass as we made out in the hotel corridor.

“Fuck I want you so bad right now mom! I can’t believe you jacked me off with dad right there!” he panted.

I giggled, biting down on his lower lip to establish that no matter how aggressive he was being, I was still in control! I didn’t answer him, too busy rubbing his cock and digging my tongue down his mouth. I didn’t know how long we had been making out before I realized that we weren’t alone anymore. From the corner of my eye, I could see two boys a little shorter than Chris staring speechlessly at us. They were in their swimming trunks, most likely returning from the pool.

As Chris began to pull away because of their presence, I pushed my body against his, pinning him against the wall as I continued to kiss.

“You’re not going anywhere honey!” I giggled, smashing my mouth back on his.

I could feel his hands stop struggling, understanding it was pointless. I looked over at the two boys, smiling seductively at them to let them know I didn’t mind them watching.

“Play with mommy’s ass!” I whispered, sucking on his neck now.

Chris obliged, planting both his palms around my ass as he pushed my shorts into my ass crack, letting the two boys get a good look of my cheeks! I could feel their hot stares on my body, and it was driving me crazy! Chris seemed to switch his opinion too, proudly rotating me so that they could get a better look. He seemed to get off on the idea of flaunting his hot “girlfriend!”

I took another glance at them, seeing that they both were covering their crotch with their hands.

“Show’s over” I giggled, waving for them to leave.

The two of them quickly stuttered something inaudible before scurrying around the corner.

“We better hurry!” I said, waiting for Chris to open his door.

As soon as it was unlocked, I pushed him in quickly, shutting the door behind us as we kissed and stumbled our way onto his bed.

“Fuck your so wet mom!” he exclaimed, going down on me.

“Shut up and keep licking!” I said, pushing his head down. “Oh Fuuuck!” I screamed.

“Lick my asshole too!”

Chris grunted, pushing my legs up so that he could get easier access. I helped him, grabbing both my ankles and bringing my feet up, placing them behind my head. With my hands free again, I grabbed Chris’ hair forcing his tongue deeper in my ass.

“I need to fuck you mom!” he said, pushing my hand away.

I had wanted to feel his tongue a little longer, but the thought of his cock in me quickly changed that.

“UUuugghhhh! YES!” he moaned, filling my asshole with his cock.

“Dad’s missing out” he chuckled.

“He’s missing out on a lot!” I joked back. “Now fuck mommy! Fuck mommy the way your dad never could!” I yelled.

Chris immediately followed my orders, jamming his cock deep in my ass before pulling it all the way out and jamming it down again. The harder he thrusted into me, the more my asshole swallowed his cock, gripping it tightly, trying to hold it from leaving.

I pulled his face towards me, making out with him as his cock picked up speed.

“YES! YES! YES! Fuck Mommy!” I screamed, not caring if my voice carried over to my sister’s room.

The entire bed was shaking so violently that I was afraid the springs of the mattress would collapse, bowing down to the intensity of our fucking.

Chris stood back up, pulling my hips towards him to meet every one his thrusts. My body was still contorted, my feet still behind my head, letting Chris’ cock reach depths of my ass that he never did before. And my hands were mercilessly rubbing my clit, trying to get me off even faster! I felt like I was in heaven!

“FUuuuuuccckkk!” I yelled, climaxing hard. I could feel myself squirt, covering Chris’ pelvis and dripping down towards his cock.

That seemed to send him over the edge as well as I felt the familiar warmth of his cum in my ass.

“Eat me!” I screamed, not letting him rest.

“What?!” Chris panted, breathing loudly.

“Eat mommy’s ass!” I yelled, spreading my cheeks open for him.

I didn’t wait for him to do it willingly anymore, dragging his head back towards my asshole so he could suck out his own cum. His tongue began digging, but not with the energy I wanted. To encourage him, I brought my legs back down, putting both my feet on the back of his head and forcing his tongue in deeper.

“That’s mommy’s good little fucktoy!” I exclaimed, feeling his usual excitement returning now.

When Chris finished and stood up, I saw that his cock was hard again. This time I didn’t ask, just leaning forward and taking it in my mouth. He held my head still, fucking my throat violently to get off again. Soon, the sound of my throat being abused began to fill the room, replacing my screams from earlier.

“Fuck yes! Did you ever do this for dad?”

I pulled my mouth out. “Oh Please! I hardly ever gave him blowjobs! This…” I said, sucking his head again. “This is only for you honey!”

Chris chuckled, grabbing onto my hair as he stuffed his entire cock in my throat again. I let him hold it there, breathing through my nose as he emptied his load in my mouth.

Once we were done, instead of relaxing like usual, I quickly got dressed again.

“Check your mini-fridge, honey. Grab whatever snacks in there” I said.

Chris did as I asked, fixing his own clothes and then grabbing a handful of candy and mixed nuts, following me out the door.

Before we entered back into my sister’s room, Chris pulled me in for another kiss.

“Mom, I want to spend Christmas Eve with you. No dad, no family, not even Aunt Lily. I just want to be with you” he said, blushing a little.

“So does Mommy!” I answered. “We’ll watch the fireworks together! And I’ll find a way to get rid of your dad tomorrow night” I smiled at him. “Mommy’s gonna fuck your brains out!”

Author's Note: Thanks so much for all my readers, but especially the dedicated ones who have given me so many suggestions over the series. It really wouldn't be where it is now without you as I have loved a lot of your comments and added plenty of them, especially in this chapter. There will obviously be at least one more chapter, and most likely two before series 2 wraps. I do intend to continue Jen and Chris' story in a third series, but I may do so after starting Lily's side one. I'm not sure of that yet. Regardless, I welcome your comments and suggestions for scenes/events you'd like to see. Also, if you have a preference, let me know if you'd like me to continue this story immediately or if you'd like to see Lily's side series.

Added note: Jen already has her tubes tied so the possibility of having children with Chris is off the table. But that is so far in the future from now that it won't really matter.

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