Heather and her new friend

I waited until Wednesday of the next week for Byron to call me and at the end of class I fought the urge to go to his apartment. I tried calling Byron but he did not answer; I left him a voicemail and finally I decided that I should go to his apartment. I went to the apartment door and knocked but no answer. I waited outside the apartment for about thirty minutes and still no one showed up. I went home and was bummed out by the fact that none of my three black daddies had called for me.

On Friday I got a call and reading the caller I.D. immediately excited me, it was Byron. My excitement was squashed after my conversation with him. He and his two roommates were out of town, and had been since Tuesday, at a beginning of the year basketball tournament. They would not be home until Sunday afternoon. He did ask if I wanted to use his apartment over the weekend, by which I understood that to mean I needed to go over there and clean it and get it ready for them to come home on Sunday. I agreed, I was hungry to please him and his two roommates and make them glad they had made me their slut. I thought of the relationship between the three men and myself as I drove home from school. I wondered would I be so eager to be housemaid for just one of these men and I decided that, no, I would not enjoy that. I would definitely enjoy the sex but being a housekeeper and waitress would not be the same at all. The control and power the three men held over me as a group was overwhelming and I did not want the sensation of it all to end.

When I got home I told my parents that I was going to go to a friend’s house and packed my little sleep over bag and headed for Byron’s apartment. I went to the apartment manager’s office and picked up the key from the manager, Byron had arranged for a key for me. When I got into the apartment it was a disaster area. It seemed much worse off than what I remembered. I started cleaning the little apartment. It took about three hours for me to clean the place from one room to the next. At about eight in the evening my phone rang, it was Byron. He called to check up on me and to see if I got the key. I told him that I did and I had let myself in and had cleaned the apartment. He told me that I should keep the key and use the place as my own, which made my day when he told me that. We talked for about thirty minutes about the tournament, they were doing well and looked like they might make it to the last bracket. As our conversation was coming to an end he told me that I should call Samantha and see what she was doing tonight. I thought it odd and told him that she probably did not want me hanging around her, which he told me was totally wrong, Samantha had been asking about me and wanted me to call her. I took her number and as soon as I hung up with Byron I called her.

Samantha answered and was glad that I had called her. She asked what I was doing and I told her that I was at Byron’s apartment just listening to some music as I piddled around. She asked me what I would be doing in two hours or so and I told her that I had no plans. She said she was starving and wanted to know if I would have dinner with her and I eagerly agreed. She was excited and told me to just wear something casual and meet her in an hour. I got off the phone with her and went and showered and fixed my makeup and hair and then got dressed. I was a few minutes early and so I sat in my car in the parking lot waiting for her. A car pulled up and I could see Samantha’s platinum blonde hair in the back seat. I watched her lean into the driver of the car and give him a long kiss as the other man got out of the front passenger seat to lean the seat forward for her. I recognized both men from the frat party the week before. Samantha got out of the car and then kissed the second man and then he got in the car and the men drove off. I watched her walk to the front door of the restaurant and then I got out of my car and walked to her and joined her.

Samantha, a senior at Tech, was one of the sexiest and beautiful women that I had ever seen. She was tall and voluptuous, her hair was died platinum blonde and it contrasted with her golden deep tan which made her stand out in a crowd. She had nice firm breasts which were 34D that sat perfectly on her chest. Her hips were wider than mine but perfectly matched her body. She was simply a gorgeous woman that men definitely drooled over and spent their days dreaming of having.

We sat down and ordered some drinks. Samantha ordered a chef salad and I did as well. Even though Byron and my other two black daddies were not in town, I was craving the attention like I received last weekend with my three daddies and their two friends they invited over.

“So, those guy’s that dropped you off, they were at the party last weekend, right?” I asked Samantha.

“Yeah, they were there.” Samantha returned as she munched on her salad.

“I thought so. Do you hang out with them a lot?” I asked in return, probing her for more information.

I was interested in her association with the fraternity as the frat’s official black cock slut. I wanted to know more about it but I dared not ask her directly.

“Well, I am with the President of the frat, which was the guy driving that dropped me off, his name is Malcolm.

He and I have been together for the last two years.” Samantha offered.

“Yeah, I am with Byron.” I said before taking a bite of my salad.

“You, belong, to all three of them if I understood Byron correctly.” Samantha said as she smiled at me.

I nearly choked on my salad at her statement. I swallowed my food hard and caught my breath before responding, “He told you that?”

Samantha let out a laugh before responding, “Of course he did, I was supposed to meet them Sunday and watch the game with them, but he called and said you were there and I told them to enjoy you and that I would catch up with them later.”

“Oh you were supposed to be there?” I asked nervously thinking that I had cut in on her and a chance to get fucked.

“Yeah, but girl I was wore the fuck out from Friday and Saturday, I didn’t have the energy for another full day of ‘watching the game’” Samantha said holding her hands up making the quotations hand gesture.

“What did you do Friday?” I asked not even thinking, “Oh, I am sorry that’s none of my business.” I quickly recanted.

“No its ok, from the way things are looking it might very well be your business, someday.” Samantha said with a smile.

I began thinking of what she meant by that and immediately my stomach began to burn and my pussy began tingling.

Samantha continued as she watched me process her statement, “I danced at a party some of the frat guys were having, do you dance?”

“Yeah I do, I love to dance.” I answered not realizing her question.

“No you don’t understand, do you like to dance and take off your clothes as men watch you, that sort of dance.” Samantha asked again.

“Oh! No, I have never danced like that.” I answered with a surprised look on my face.

“Would you want to?” Samantha returned following up her question.

“God, I don’t know if I would be any good at it.” I answered wondering why she was asking me this.

“I danced for rent, food and clothes money at a club my first two years here at Tech. If you want to learn how, and I think you would be great at it, I can teach you.” Samantha offered. “I am still good friends of the guy that I worked for so he would probably let me give you lessons in his place.”

“So you don’t dance any longer?” I asked wondering how she made ends meet since she was still in school.

“Well, sort of, I don’t dance in his club anymore, since meeting Malcolm; my tastes have changed so I only dance for certain clients of the guy I used to work for.” Samantha answered my question even though opening the door to additional questions.

I was excited by the direction this was going so I asked in follow up, “So, your tastes have changed?”

“Well, they have since I met Malcolm.” Sammy said taking a sip of her wine. “I used to love working the club, but then I was introduced to Malcolm by the owner of the club I danced at.”

“Really?” I asked almost dumbfounded. “So you make good money dancing?”

“Well, the club owner has a lot of connections so he keeps me busy and very well paid.” Samantha added before continuing, “Trust me, you will love it. I loved getting on that stage knowing every man in that place wanted me to please them sexually.”

“It sounds very erotic, but I don’t have anything to wear for something like that.” I responded dismissively.

“Shit as young and small as you are, you need to push the school girl look. Those old white guys at the club loved all the little young white girls that danced in school girl uniforms.” Samantha said.

I immediately cringed at the thought of dancing for old white men, which drew a laugh from Samantha.

“What disgusts you old or white?” Samantha asked.

“Well, old mostly but also white, before Byron, I had only one white guy, well you know.” I said before Samantha interrupted me by blurting out. “Fuck you?”

She continued, “And from what I hear Byron, Tom and Roberto have had you. Don’t try hiding shit from me girl, I know all about Sunday.” She said smiling a sexy evil smile.

I paused with a shocked look on my face that turned to a sheepish smile before adding, “And their two friends too.” I stopped short, stunned at something that I just realized. “Holy shit! I can’t remember the other two guy’s names!”

Samantha laughed before adding, “That won’t be the last time.” Samantha laughed into her glass of wine and then took a drink before asking, “So, are you interested?”

“In learning to be a stripper, yes I think I am, but do I have to dance at the club?” I responded smiling at the very attractive blonde across from me.

“Well that’s where the money is made.” Samantha responded to my question.

“Yuk, I don’t know if I want some old white guy slobbering over me.” I said as I grimaced at the thought.

“Well, they may slobber over you but those old white guys will offer you all kinds of money for other stuff.”

Samantha said before eating more of her salad. “Hell, it doesn’t matter what color they are, the older they are the bolder they are.”

“No shit?” I asked astonished at that information, even though as I thought about it, it did seem to be something that would go hand in hand with that type of work. “Like how much and for what?” I asked.

“Oh shit, I have had guys offer everything from fifty bucks for a hand job to five thousand dollars to stay with them a night.” Samantha said pointedly.

“No shit? Did you, never mind that’s stupid of me to ask.” I said almost burying my face into my salad.

“No, of course not,” Samantha said with a small thin smile on her lips as she took a sip of her drink. “Well, I gave them hand jobs a few times but not for anything less than two hundred.”

“Holy shit,” I muttered into my glass as I took a drink.

We sat for a few minutes and ate our salads and drank our wine.

Breaking the silence Samantha asked, “So did you have fun at the frat party?”

“Yes I did, I have never done or even dreamed of doing stuff like that. I never imagined myself in a room full of men getting fucked as I watched another woman well, you know.” I answered.

“Getting gang fucked?” Samantha said in a chuckle.

I sat in silence for a second and responded, “Well yeah, that was amazing watching you, it stimulated me watching what was happening to you.”

In a soft moan Samantha almost cooed, “There is nothing better than getting high and then letting a few guys take you.”

Without thinking I immediately responded, “Oh fuck I know, how those guys treated me and how they took me Sunday was so fucking hot.”

“So they gave you the full treatment did they?” Samantha asked as she finished the last bite of her salad.

“Fuck yes they did, damn I am getting excited just thinking about it.” I said as I squirmed in my seat.

Samantha laughed hard before saying, “Oh shit, you are hooked!”

I laughed back at her, “Yeah, I think I am!”

We sat and talked about other things for about ten minutes as we finished our wine. When it came time to leave Samantha paid for all of it, which I objected to at first. Then she said if I gave her a ride home we would be even. So we got in my car and she directed me to her apartment. When we got to her apartment Sammy told me to come in and we could smoke some good pot and drink some more wine and just relax. I liked her and I was even attracted to her. As a very attractive woman she attracted me but I liked her because she was what I wanted to emulate, a true white slut for black men.

We got into her apartment and she told me to make myself at home. She went into her bedroom and changed into just a t-shirt and panties. She came out of her room and my eyes were glued to her as she walked past me into the kitchen. Her body was so perfect and beautiful that I simply could not take my eyes off of her. She got us some wine and while she was in the kitchen she told me where to get the pot and told me to roll us one. I found her stash and rolled us a joint. She came in and sat next to me and I handed her the joint and she lit up. She took a few tokes from it and passed it to me and then I handed it back to her after taking a few hits.

“Girl, you are over dressed, get them pants off. This is a full blown coed slumber party, panties and T-shirts only.” She said playfully before taking a drink of her wine.

I was a little nervous at first but decided ‘fuck it’ and stood up and started taking off my pants.

“Nope, fuck that, stop right there.” Samantha commanded as she sprang up from her seat on the couch.

Samantha went over to the radio and put on a cd that had some sexy slow swing on it. She then went and sat back down in her spot.

“Now, do it right, let me see how sexy you are.” Samantha said as she reached for her joint for another hit.

I was getting really nervous now; here this very attractive twenty two year old woman was staring at me and I wanted to be the sexiest thing she had ever seen. I slowly started rocking back and forth as I ran my hands through my hair to the music. I brought my hands slowly down my face and down my neck and along the sides of my breasts.

“Oh yeah that’s good, very good.” Samantha said as she sat back in her couch, one leg flat and the other leg bent into the air.

Her tight little panties accentuated her labia through her panties and as I continued rocking my body side to side my eyes were locked on her crotch.

“Come on girl take that shit off!” Samantha said in almost a giggle.

I continued to rock back and forth and brought my hands to my pants and started unbuttoning them like I normally would.

“No, stop. Do it slow and with purpose.” Samantha offered.

I did as she told me and slowly began unbuttoning the denim button and then slowly slid the zipper down as I rocked my body back and forth. When I got the zipper down I brought my hands back up my sides and along the sides of my tits and then back into my hair.

“Yeah, that’s it. That’s good like that.” Samantha said as she leaned to the ash tray to put down the joint. Samantha jumped forward on her knees onto the couch closer to me and then put her hands on my hips before telling me, “Sway your hips like this when you do that.”

Samantha pushed and pulled with her hands and made my hips sway in a figure eight. Having her hands on me nearly stole my breath. I was stimulated and horny just being with this woman and now she was putting her hands on me and I was starting to tingle. Never before had a woman attracted me. I mean I had thought other women pretty and even sexy, but I was attracted to her and I wanted her.

“Swing them like that” Sammy said before leaning back into the sofa.

I kept swinging my hips and running my hands along my face and body. I was becoming so stimulated that my instincts started taking over. I pulled my finger to my mouth and looked into her soft blue eyes as I slid my finger in between my lips and started sucking my finger, all the while slowly swinging my hips in a figure eight.

“Oh fuck yeah that’s it Heather, damn that looks good.” Samantha said in almost a moan. “Now squat down at the knees when you do that and bring your other arm close to your breasts, squeeze them titties together.” Samantha demanded.

I did as my new strip tease coach demanded and squatted low as I sucked on my finger and pulled my other hand behind my head so that my bangs fell in front of my eyes as I looked into hers.

“Damn girl, you are a natural!” Samantha said in a laugh. “Now stand up slowly and run your hands to your pant top and hook your thumbs into the waist band and roll those hips as you slowly pull those pants down.”

I did as ordered and slowly pulled both sides down which immediately drew a rebuke, “No, do one side then the other then pull each side back up, tease me. Making me pay you a dollar for every movement you make.”

I did as commanded. I was so stimulated that my pussy was beginning to moisten. I rotated my hips slowly as I teased my jeans up and down the sides of my hips.

“Now, slowly turn around doing all of that and then pull the pants to the bottom of your ass.” Samantha said as she smoked her joint and watched my petite five five frame.

I slowly turned around as I swung my hips and pushed and pulled my jeans up and down my hips. When I was completely turned I slowly pulled my pants past my ass giving Sammy a perfect view of my firm bubbly cheeks. Samantha ordered me to bend at the waist and to push my ass back and so I did. That drew a slap on my butt cheek from the platinum blonde.

“Damn, you have a perfect ass Heather.” Samantha offered as she leaned back into the couch.

I kept my jeans below my ass and swung my hips for a few seconds. Then I squatted making sure that my pants covered none of my ass.

“Oh fuck yeah, that’s perfect, you have a perfect heart shape right there.” Samantha said as she leaned to me and caressed my ass with her hand.

The feel of her hand on my skin sent pulses of electricity through my body. I slowly stood back up and brought my pants to me knees and then I slowly turned to face her. I wiggled and swayed for her a few minutes more before I shucked my pants completely. The song ended and Samantha began clapping and hooting like a man would. I sat down as she handed me a glass of wine.

“God, you are so sexy, that ivory skin, your small thin body and your dark hair, you’re perfect.” Samantha said as she took a drink of her wine.

I was completely embarrassed now at her comment and offered a sheepish, “Thank you” and a smile.
Jumping up immediately Samantha ordered, “Take off your shirt and bra, I got a t-shirt you can wear in the bedroom.” Samantha quickly disappeared into her room and spent a minute getting the T-Shirt. I started taking off my shirt and threw it onto the floor with my pants but I hesitated at the bra.

Samantha came back in and pouted at me before saying, “Girl, I watched you ride a black cock while sucking on one as I got gang fucked in every hole God gave me, there is no reason to be shy with me.”

I giggled at her remark and then nervously reached back behind my back and released my bra and then slowly took it off and threw it in the floor.

In another moan Samantha cooed, “Very nice,” Samantha handed me the T-shirt and added, “I guess about 36B? Byron mentioned you had some nice firm tits.”

“God, what didn’t he tell you?” I said as I put on the T-shit.

It was cut short and barely covered my breasts and showed off every inch of my tummy up to the base of my tits.

“Well, he neglected to tell me about the other two guys on Sunday.” Samantha said as she took a hit of the joint and then passed it to me. “So, did they gang fuck you or just pass you around?”

“Both, he had me greet them at the door completely naked and then had me blow them.” I stopped to take a hit of the koosh. “Then they double teamed me at each end and then Byron, Rob and Tom triple teamed me. Then I spent the rest of the day getting them food or beer and giving head or being bent over and fucked as they pleased.”

In a sexual coo Samantha responded, “Oh, did you like them just bending you over whenever they wanted to? I love that shit, makes me feel like a true slut.”

“Hell yeah I did, I never felt so sexy and slutty. I can’t wait til they get back Sunday.” I answered before taking a long pull from my wine glass.

“Well, I hope you like being shared, because these guys are crazy about that shit. They love ordering us to fuck and suck their friends.” Samantha said as she took the joint from my fingers as I handed it to her.

“Shit, sounds good to me.” I responded as I smiled at Samantha thinking of her comment and how she said ‘us’, it made me feel good knowing she considered me an equal.

“Well I hope so, because girl, you’re gonna get fucked so much if you stay with Byron and his roommates. And the frat parties, oh fuck, I wasn’t kidding about being gang fucked.” Samantha said as she rolled her eyes.

“No shit? How many times have you been gangbanged by those guys.” I asked, hoping she would mention something about her being the frat’s BCS.

“Oh fuck, too many times to count, football season is the worst; seems like every win I am trained by all the black guys on the team, and that’s if they win. If they lose, shit, I still get gang fucked by the team but they fuck me completely out.”

“Trained?” I asked thinking I knew what it meant but not sure.

“Well, when they train bang you they form a line and usually double fuck you until everyone gets a go.” Samantha said before killing the glass of wine. “Used to, they had a deal where if they lost a game they didn’t get any pussy. That’s when Tammy was here.”

“Who is Tammy?” I asked.

“Tammy is a girl that graduated last year. She lives in Dallas now and is a stripper for one of the high end clubs up there.” Samantha said as she got up and went to the kitchen to fill her glass with more wine.

My eyes immediately locked onto her beautiful firm ass. She walked back in and handed me her glass and then grabbed mine and filled it and handed it back. She then flopped back into her spot on the couch.

“So let me ask, and I hope I don’t offend you, but Byron said you were the frat’s BCS. Is that right?” I asked taking a sip of my wine.

“Fuck no, I am not offended, and yes that’s what they like to call me and a few other girls that are always at their parties.” Samantha answered.

“Byron said there is a ritual to it, what the fuck is that?” I asked eager and hopeful as to what her response would be.

Laughing Samantha answered, “Oh yeah, ‘the ritual’, all it is is every black guy in the house gets to fuck you. It’s just a full on frat house on one girl gangbang. They all fuck you then you are officially a Black Cock Slut for their frat house.”

“And that’s it?” I asked, even though being gang fucked by fifty plus guys was no small matter there seemed that there should be more.

“Well there is other shit, like I cannot refuse to fuck any of the frat members at a frat party.” Samantha said as she leaned to her stash and started to roll another joint. “That and if you are not claimed by any of the frat brothers you have to fuck them when they call you, but hell I never knew a girl that didn’t hook up with at least one of the frat brothers, so then the other members of the frat have to ask his permission to fuck you out of a frat party.”

She went on to explain that generally, a girl is open season when the guy that she was with graduates or drops out. Normally she figures out pretty quick to get with at least one of the guys because the rest of the frat is calling her all the time and she is constantly being passed around.
I asked her additional questions about it and she answered my questions; then she asked, “Are you going to go to Tech when you graduate?”

“Yes, I definitely am now, I was thinking of SMU or Baylor but I think I will go here.” I answered.

“Oh fuck, Baylor, there are some big guys that go there, shit” Samantha added. “Last year, one of the girls ritual to become a BCS was she was awarded to which ever football team won the game between them. That girl didn’t walk right for weeks when she got back.”

“You’re kidding! Guys from another school fucked her?” I asked in a shocked tone.

“Oh hell yeah, they do that sometimes. Shit, you sucked a guy’s cock that goes to A&M. When you are a BCS for this frat, it’s the entire frat, nationwide.” Samantha said with a grin.

“God damn! I never would have known he didn’t go to Tech if you hadn’t told me. That’s fucked up!” I responded with a devil may care grin on my face.

“So, do you want to be a BCS for the frat if you do go here?” Samantha asked.

“Well I think so, I mean I fucking love the way I am treated by Byron and Roberto and Tom. I don’t think Byron wants me to though.” I answered in almost a defeated tone.

“Shit, my ass, he is gonna offer you on a silver platter to that fraternity, if you decide to go to Tech. It will probably guarantee him the President’s position when he is a senior.” Samantha said in a chuckle as she took a gulp of wine. “That is if you make a good little white slut for him. I got Malcolm his office seat as President; he had me fuck every guy at least once every two weeks last year to get the votes he needed, and that’s not counting the frat parties.”

Samantha leaned forward as I looked at her with a blank face and asked, “Are you fucking kidding me, he prostituted you for votes?”

Samantha busted out laughing, “Well I guess that’s one way to look at it. I don’t look at it that way though, I helped my man get his position like any other woman would, I just put more effort into than most politicians wives do.”

I giggled at her laugh and response to my question and then added, “Yeah I guess that’s one way to look at it.”

Samantha sat her glass down on the coffee table and then leaned back into the arm of the couch. She stretched her feet out across the couch and placed them in my lap.

“This is ok, isn’t it?” She asked about her feet being in my lap.

“Oh, I don’t mind” I said as I scanned from her feet up her legs to her little triangle panty covered bush. I lingered my eyes for a few seconds as I imagined what she felt like to my mouth and then scanned back up her body to her face. When my eyes reached her face she had a fingernail between her teeth and she had a sexy smile on her lips. She knew I was attracted to her and she liked it. I took one of her feet in my hands and softly began to massage her foot.

“Oh, that feels good.” Samantha said as she watched me massage her.

I continued massaging her feet as she leaned forward and grabbed her glass from the table and took a sip before leaning back into the couch.

We sat in silence for a minute as I massaged her feet; I could hear the blood rushing through my ears as I became more and more stimulated by the situation.

“Come here, Heather.” Samantha said to me in a soft moan.

I stopped massaging her foot and paused for half a second before lifting up on my knees and leaning over her placing my hands on each side of her. I slowly made my way up her tanned body; she reached out with one hand behind the back of my head and then gently pulled me closer to her. I lay softly on her body and the feel of her under me, my legs caressing hers as I placed one leg between hers and the feel of her breasts pressing into mine, made my heart thump fast and hard. She felt so soft and warm. Her hand still behind my head, guiding my head to hers, she pulled my mouth to hers and we kissed passionately for a few minutes. I felt her hands on my belly and the sensation of my skin quivering to her touch sent a shiver through my body. Our tongues softly massaged one another as I felt her hand slide up my belly and under the T-shirt that barely even covered my tits. I moaned softly into her mouth as she began rolling my nipple between her fingers. I began sucking on her tongue as her other hand slipped under the fabric of my panties and began rubbing my now very wet pussy lips. As she massaged my breasts with one hand and slid her finger over my clit separating my pussy lips with her finger I began kissing her more passionately and moaning heavily into her kiss.

We spent a few minutes with her exploring my body as I explored her mouth. I pulled from our kiss as her finger began making my pussy flow and I softly cooed, “God, that feels so good.”

I then leaned to her side shifting my body off of hers which freed one of my hands. I leaned into her and kissed her again and then I caressed her pussy lips with my fingers through the fabric of her panties. As we continued to kiss I pulled my hand softly up her belly and she shivered at my touch. I then found my way under her shirt and began caressing and fondling her tits. I played with her tits as I kissed her for a few minutes then I slowly sent my hand down her torso and under her panties to find that she was moist as my fingers pulled and pushed along her exposed clit. She was into me as much as I was in to her. I broke our kiss and leaned my head over her breasts and used my tongue to lift the T-Shirt up and up until I was licking and swirling my tongue around her nipple. We continued fingering each other as I went from one nipple and then the next.

We stayed like this for a few minutes until Samantha softly said, “I know you can suck a black cock as good as I can, but how are you at eating pussy?”

I didn’t answer; I just let out a moan and pulled myself back on my hands and knees. I leaned in and softly kissed her and then slowly pulled my body down her torso. I slowly shifted my knees as I kissed my way down her tummy. I pulled back as far as I could before the arm of the couch at my feet blocked me from pulling back further. I pulled my torso into my legs making my ass shoot high in the air as I brought my mouth over her panty covered pussy. I brought my elbows between her opened legs and tucked in tight. I used one of my hands to pull the soft delicate panty fabric to one side and then for the first time in my life, I tasted another woman’s juices.

“Oh fuck, that is so fucking hot.” Samantha cooed as my tongue pulled between her lips up to her clit.

She started running her hands in my short straight black hair as I started darting my tongue into her. I then started sucking on her clit which prompted her to grab the back of my head and press my mouth into her. She was moaning heavily as I performed my oral talents on her. Even though I had never had a woman in my mouth before I knew how I liked getting eaten by men and she seemed to respond to my treatment. I slowly slid my finger into her pussy and hooked my finger so that I pressed on the nerve bundle inside her pussy that is directly behind her clit. That sent her into orbit as she began panting and begging me to keep doing what I was doing. She started bucking her hips into my mouth and I knew she was about to have an orgasm.
Unexpectedly, her phone rang in her room. She did not hesitate or pause and for another two minutes I massaged her g-spot as I licked and sucked on her clit as her phone rang. The phone quit ringing and I continued sucking and licking her clit and in one long loud moan she pulled me into her and had an orgasm. She flowed heavily and I licked and slurped her juices from her. She pulled at my head like she wanted me to come up to her and so I finished giving her head and crawled back up to her and we kissed, hungrily devouring each other.

She broke our kiss and said she had to go check her phone and so I sat up and sat on my feet as she wiggled from under me and went to her room. I grabbed my glass of wine and took a long pull, washing her taste in my mouth down my throat with the wine. I could hear her talking on the phone but I could not make out what she was saying. I was so horny that I pulled my legs out straight and leaned back into the arm of the couch and started rubbing my pussy. Samantha did not take long before she was back with a bag. I was about to ask who was on the phone but she simply sat the bag down and pulled herself on top of me and immediately kissed me. Then she slid down and began sucking and licking my nipples and then made her way between my legs.

For the next five minutes I received the absolute best head that I had ever been given. She was masterful with every move of her tongue and every lick and every suck on my clit. In no time she had me moaning and writhing as she ate my pussy. I grabbed her head in my hands as she brought me closer and closer to coming. As she continued to finger my pussy and lick and suck on my clit I was lost in passion. In an instant my body tensed as the surge of electricity from my orgasm shot from my clit and through my body into my brain. I let out a long deep growl as I came in Samantha’s mouth. She continued licking and slurping my juices as I had done to her until my orgasm ceased and my body began to relax. I honestly did not want her to stop; I had never had any one give head to me so masterfully. She leaned up and smiled at me. She leaned over and reached into the bag and lifted a huge black dildo into her hand.

She showed it to me with a sexy smile and softly said, “I think you are ready for this now.”

Samantha then brought the dildo to her mouth and started sucking on the head of the fake cock. She sucked on it and moaned for a few seconds and then took it out of her mouth and then guided it to my crotch slowly. She pushed and pulled it along my wet pussy lips and then pulled it up to my mouth. I took it into my mouth and began sucking the head of it.

“You taste so good, just like honey.” Samantha said as she held the dildo in my face.

I moaned as I sucked on the head of the fake prick. It actually felt good and it was huge, I could barely take it into my mouth it was so thick. It was soft and squishy and covered in my juices. It had to be ten or eleven inches long and three inches thick. I sucked on the fake cock hungrily, wishing it was a real black cock in my lips. Samantha pulled the dildo from my mouth and slid it down my chest between my breasts. She pulled it along my tummy as she looked into my eyes with a wicked smile on her face.

Samantha rubbed the head of the dildo up and down my pussy lips and then slowly pressed the fake dick into my wet pussy. I let out a soft moan as the pressure on my pussy lips gave way to the force of the dildo pressing into me. Sammy started fucking my pussy with the top third of the dildo. The fake cock was thick and pressed my pussy open wider than anything I had ever had in me. I started rubbing Samantha’s arms as she continued fucking my cunt. Suddenly a loud bang at the door of the apartment and I jumped and gasped at the loud noise. Samantha grabbed my hand and placed it on the dildo.

“I better get that.” Samantha said as she got up from the couch looking at me with a smile.

I started to get up and she walked back to me and told me to continue fucking my pussy with her dildo. Another loud bang at the door, which made me jump in surprise again.

Samantha went to the door and I did as I was instructed and just held the dildo in my cunt as I watched Samantha answer the door. My stomach was churning at the thought of who was at the door and that whoever it was; Samantha had every intention of allowing them inside as I was spread eagle on her couch fucking myself with a black dildo. Samantha opened the door in her t-shirt and panties after checking the peep hole in the door. Malcolm walked in the door with three friends in tow.

Not noticing me on the couch immediately as the back of the couch was to the entry way to the front door, Malcolm growled “Damn girl, what took you so long?”

Malcolm didn’t even let Samantha respond before grabbing her in his arms and kissing her. His hands were squeezing her tight ass as he devoured her mouth. I watched the four men come into the apartment and Malcolm as he molested Samantha by peeking over the back of the couch. When one of the other guys squeezed by them and walked towards the living room I scrunched back into the couch. He walked past the couch, not noticing me, and went straight to the TV. He turned off the cd player and turned the TV on and then spun around and stopped in his tracks when he saw my spread eagle on the couch with a dildo in my pussy.
“God damn!” the man said loudly as his eyes were locked onto my crotch.

Another of the men that came in with Malcolm walked passed Malcolm and Samantha and walked to the couch and immediately locked his eyes on me before following up his friends comment with, “Holy shit, what the fuck?”

I watched the guys face as he stared at me on the couch. I started slowly stroking the dildo into my pussy and watched his expression, a wave of electricity washed over me knowing what was going to happen tonight. I felt slutty as this man that I have never met before stood there and drooled over me knowing that he was going to put his cock in one or all of my holes and use me as fuck meat.

“What the fuck is wrong with you two?” Malcolm said as he released Samantha and started to walk into the living room.

Malcolm pushed past the second man and made eye contact with me. I was smiling at him and biting my lower lip as I slowly stroked the dildo into my pussy.

“Damn, that’s what took you so long.” Malcolm said as his eyes left mine and scanned down my body. “Damn girl, where did you find this little piece?” He added, obviously not remembering me from the frat party from the weekend prior.

Samantha walked to the back of the couch and leaned on it before answering and pointing out each man, “Guy's this is Heather, Heather this is Malcolm, Tyrone, Josh and Vincent.”

I let out a long moan as I responded, “Hi guys.”

“Damn Sammy, you been getting this bitch ready for us?” Josh said; he was the last guy into the living room.

“Fuck who cares; we here now, time to give this little white girl some real dick.” Vincent said as he leaned closer to the couch and grabbed my breast into his hand and squeezed it roughly.

“Fuck, you know how to entertain your guests Sammy, here we thought we would come over and fuck you good and here you have us a nice little ho to break in.” Vincent said as he continued molesting my tits.

Two of the men started to unzip their pants which excited me and I started pushing and pulling the fake cock faster and deeper in and out of my cunt. I started moaning as the sensations from my pussy made their way into my throat. Samantha sat at my feet at the other end of the couch and caressed my thighs and smiled at me.

“You guys can take out whatever you want, but I am not done with her so have a seat and enjoy the show.” Samantha said as she pulled her knees into the couch seat and positioned herself on her elbows between my legs.

Samantha placed her hand on mine and started helping me push and pull the dildo in and out of my cunt.

“Sammy you have one fine ass!” One of the men said as he leaned in and gave her a hard slap on her butt cheek.

“Thank you, baby.” Samantha moaned between kissing the inside of my thighs.

Vincent stopped groping my breasts and grabbed some rolling paper and rolled himself a joint as he stood and watched Samantha and I on the couch.

“That’s the hottest shit I have ever seen, we need more of girl on girl shit.” Vincent said as he took a few hits from the cigarette that he rolled and then passed it to Malcolm.

“Hell yeah, and look at that slut take all that dildo. Bet that is some nice fucking pussy.” Josh said as he stood to the side of the couch closest to my head.

“Fuck, this little fine slut looks familiar; we fucked her before?” Malcolm asked the other guys.

“Nah man, I don’t forget a piece of pussy when it’s been on this dick.” Tyrone said as he leaned over behind Samantha looking at her pantie covered twat and rubbed his hand on her ass cheek. “Man, fuck this, I need to stick my dick up in something. Let’s fuck these sluts.” Tyrone added as he stood back up and started pulling his pants down.

“Not yet.” Samantha said lifting her head from my crotch.

“Shut up slut, I take white pussy when I want it, not when you say I can.” Tyrone said aggressively as he grabbed her panties at the side with both hands and ripped them and then he pulled them off of her.

Samantha quickly pulled herself up almost screaming, “Hey! What the fuck?”

“Damn fool, just chill out, we got all night with these bitches.” Malcolm said which seemed to real Tyrone in a little.

Not wanting to lose face and to show that he was in control he grabbed Samantha’s head in his hand and pushed her back into my crotch as he said, “If you ain’t gonna take a black dick then get your face back in that sluts pussy.”

Tyrone’s aggressive behavior did not frighten me at all, it actually got me hotter. Since last Sunday one of my day dreams throughout the week had been of being treated roughly by an aggressive group of big black men. Samantha seemed to respond to it as well because she hungrily began licking and sucking on my clit as she began stroking the fake cock into me harder and faster. I was lost in the sensations flowing through my body as Samantha stroked the fake cock in and out of my pussy and licked and flicked my exposed clit with her tongue.

Samantha continued fucking my cunt with the dildo as she teased and stimulated my clit with her tongue. Josh, unable to control himself, leaned in and pulled my t-shirt that barely covered my tits up to the top of my tits, exposing my firm breasts and hard nipples.

Josh leaned over me, his crotch was right over my head but he still hadn’t taken his pants off, otherwise I would have already had his cock in my mouth.

Josh massaged both of my tits in his hands, “This bitch got some nice firm titties.”

The stimulation that Samantha was giving me and the feel of the dildo in my pussy and Josh’s hands on my breasts felt so good. I grabbed the back of Sammy’s head with one hand and reached over my head with the other and started feeling of Josh’s crotch. I pulled gently on the back of Samantha’s head pulling her into my pussy as I massaged Josh’s cock through his pants.

I was moaning and panting and my passion took over, I was hungry to have a thick cock in my mouth and softly moaned to Josh, “Pull your cock out.”

Samantha pulled from my grasp on the back of her head and sat up on her knees, she held her hand up in a stop gesture to Josh. “Wait, you need to call Byron. She belongs to him.”

“Ah fuck, now I remember this slut, she was fucking Byron in my office while we fucked you last weekend.” Malcolm said excitedly.

Malcolm sat up in his chair and grabbed his phone and dialed a number, I assumed he was calling Byron.

Malcolm started talking with the other person on the other end of his phone, “Hey fool, what the fuck you doing?” He paused for a minute as the man on the other end of the line responded. “Nah, me and the guys are over at Sammy’s place, chillin out.” Another brief pause.

I didn’t care who Malcolm was talking to, I wanted real cock in my mouth and I wanted it now. I continued rubbing Josh’s crotch with one hand and brought my free hand back to my crotch and grabbed the dildo and continued stroking my cunt with it.

Malcolm continued his conversation with Byron, “Hell yeah, we gonna do Sammy right, but we are watching her eat your sluts pussy for now.” A few seconds passed before he continued. “Fuck yeah, your slut is fine as shit bra, and fuck if she aint beggin for some black dick. You want us to give her some?”
Malcolm brought his phone from his ear and put it on the speaker phone. He got out of his chair and brought it close to my face, I was moaning heavily as I continued to stroke the dildo in my pussy.

I continued fucking myself with the dildo and heard Byron’s voice over the phone, “Damn girl, can’t leave you alone for a minute, can I?”

I responded to Byron in a soft moan, “Hi Daddy.”

“So, you hungry for some black dick baby girl?” Byron asked over the speaker of the phone.

Vincent interrupted me before I could respond, “Damn right she is and we gonna give her all she wants.”

“Big V, what’s up fool?” Byron asked over the phone. “How many of you fuckers are over there? I don’t want my bitch fucked out before I get home Sunday.”

Malcolm answered the question before anyone else could, “Hey B, it’s just me, Big V, Josh and Tyrone. Don’t worry Byron; we won’t use this slut all up, there still be plenty for you when ya’ll get back from your road trip.”

“Aight, you fuckers have fun with that slut, but don’t fuck my bitch out, ya hear?” Byron’s voice echoed in the room over the speaker phone.

Tyrone answered that demand, “Hell B, we just want a little, that’s all.”

“I gotta hit the rack, so you have fun Heather and do right by me girl.” Byron ordered over the speaker.

“I will baby, I promise.” I moaned loudly, as I reached back and above my head with both hands to work on freeing Josh’s cock from his pants.

Byron hung up on his end and knowing I had permissions to fuck his friends electrified every muscle in my body. Samantha leaned back between my legs and pulled the dildo from my pussy and brought it up to my mouth. I eagerly began sucking on it as my hands fumbled with Josh’s pants. Samantha slowly stroked the fake cock in and out of my mouth as she fingered my pussy and sucked on one of my nipples. Josh, now given the green light from Byron, pushed my hands away and worked on freeing his cock from his pants. Josh pulled his cock out and I grabbed it as soon as it was free from his trousers. My little petite hand could hardly wrap around it. His dick was at least two inches thick and that was half erect. I stroked his long thick black dick a few strokes as Sammy slid the fake dildo in and out of my mouth.

“Take that fake shit out, girl here wants a real one to suck on.” Malcolm ordered now standing close to the couch to my side.

Samantha did as ordered and before I could take a breath Josh’s cock was in my mouth. I sucked tight on his head since at the angle my head was at all I could do was lick and suck on the head of his cock. Samantha concentrated on my pussy completely; she sucked and flicked my clit with her tongue as she fingered my g-spot.

“Damn, this bitch sucks tight on a black dick!” Josh said as he pressed with his hips forcing a few inches past his cock head into my mouth.

I was moaning into Josh’s cock as Samantha moaned into my pussy as she fingered my cunt and pleased my clit. Tyrone was licking, sucking and fingering Samantha’s cunt. As he stimulated Sammy more and more she became more aggressive as she gave me head.

Josh, unhappy with my position on the couch reached down and grabbed under my arms and began pulling as he ordered, “Scoot up close to me slut, get your head past arm of the couch.”

I scrunched up slowly as did Samantha until my shoulders were on the top of the arm of the couch and my head hung back and I had to strain to hold my head up straight.

“Nah don’t fight it girl, just hang that head back.” Josh said as he gently pushed on my forehead.

I opened my mouth as wide as I could and Josh fed me the head of his cock. I started sucking tight on his cockhead as he pushed and pulled just a few inches of his dick between my lips. Samantha continued fingering and sucking on my pussy as Malcolm grabbed my hand and guided it to his cock. I stroked Malcolm’s dick in one hand and pulled Samantha’s face into my cunt with the other as Josh started fucking my mouth with his big cock. I was moaning and writhing from the sensations coming from my pussy and clit. Josh continued stroking his dick in my mouth and I would suck tight on it when he pulled back. Josh started pressing his head into my throat and so I sucked a deep breath in through my nose and readied for him to enter my throat.

Josh put his hands on both sides of my head and squatted a little until he was lined up perfectly and pressed his black cock into my throat. I immediately started choking and tried to breathe through my nose. I started choking on my own spit and Josh pulled his cock out of my mouth. I coughed up the saliva and finally caught my breath.

“Do it again!” I said in a husky moan to Josh.

Josh immediately put his cock back in my mouth and stroked his cock into my throat. I choked again but this time I was controlling it. He pressed further and I had half of his now hard black dick in my mouth and throat. He pulled out again and I caught my breath. For the next few minutes as Tyrone ate Sammy’s pussy and she gave me, yet again, the best head in my life. I stroked Malcolm’s cock with both hands and Josh would fill my mouth and throat with his cock as far as he could and then take it out and let me breath. As soon as his cock was back in my mouth I would suck on him until he gripped tight on the sides of my head and I would ready for black cock to fill my throat.

Tyrone tired of eating Sammy’s pussy grabbed her by her hair and pulled her head out of my crotch.

“turn that fine ass to me slut.” Tyrone ordered of Sammy as he pushed her head away from him and pulled her up so that her chest rested on the back of the couch.

Tyrone pulled in between Sammy’s open legs and mounted her from behind. He pushed and pulled his cock up and down her wet pussy and then stroked into her in a long deep plunge which made her squeal. Tyrone started stroking into Sammy in a nice even rhythm. Sammy was moaning and cooing to the thrusts into her.

“Yeah slut you like that don’t you?” Tyrone asked as he pulled hard on Sammy’s hair pulling her head back so that her face was almost pointing to the ceiling.

“Oh fuck yeah baby, I love taking big dick from behind!” Sammy moaned as she started pushing back on Tyrone’s black cock.

Josh watching his friend taking the blonde from behind seemed to become more stimulated because he was stroking his cock in and out of my mouth and throat in long deep strokes. Vincent got up and walked over to the back side of the couch and walked up to Sammy. He stood right in front of her and just waited for her to take his big black cock into her lips. She started hungrily sucking on Vincent as Tyrone continued thumping into her. I was still being fed Josh’s cock as I stroked on Malcolm’s dick.

Malcolm growing tired of me just stroking his dick ordered me to sit up. Josh pulled his cock out of my mouth and I did as I was told. Malcolm took a step back and then ordered me to sit on the edge of the couch seat. Without saying a word Malcolm stepped close to me and placed his hand on the back of my head and guided my mouth to his cock. I took his cock into my mouth and eagerly began sucking him off. I was so fucking horny and felt so slutty just the act of Malcolm standing between my legs and him pulling my mouth to his cock had me wet.

I took him deep in my throat a few times and then almost as fast as my cock sucking had begun Malcolm pulled out of my throat and mouth and ordered, “Aight slut, get up there on your knees like my bitch Sammy.”

I slowly spun around and pulled my knees into the seat of the couch. Even before I was completely settled Malcolm had mounted me placing one hand on my hip and with his other hand he guided the head of his cock into my soaking cunt. One long slow stroke and he filled my pussy.

“Holy fuckin shit!” I loudly moaned as my body tensed up as Malcolm’s cock filled my pussy, stretching my cunt walls wide.

Before I could say anything else Josh stepped in front of my face and stuck his cock in my mouth. I sucked on Josh’s cock as Malcolm started fucking my cunt with long deep strokes. I moaned into the cock in my mouth as I was taken from behind by Malcolm. Josh started fucking my mouth and throat as Malcolm continued fucking me as he grabbed my hips tight in his hands.

“Ah fuck this slut is tight, how that mouth feel on your dick Josh?” Malcolm asked in a gruff voice.

“Feel’s fucking good!” Josh said as he grabbed the sides of my head tighter in his hands. “Damn shame Byron owns this bitch, would love to claim this little slut for my own.”

Malcolm and Josh fucked me at both ends hard and fast. Most of the time Josh was stroking his big black dick in and out of my throat and barely giving me time to catch a breath. My body was rocking to the forceful thrusts from Malcolm as he mounted my cunt from behind. My mouth and throat was pushed onto Josh’s cock more than Josh had to stroke it into me. My mind was lost in passion as my pussy reacted to the treatment from Malcolm’s dick. I was moaning and screaming into the cock in my mouth. Samantha was still being fucked at both ends, just as I was, and she was moaning and screaming in passion as well. Being fucked like a bitch while another black cock was being stroked in and out of my lips, mouth and throat was definitely my favorite way of being taken by two black cocks.

Malcolm started bucking into my cunt with his big black cock in long deep thrusts. He began grunting with each thrust and soon he was stabbing into my pussy in slow hard thrusts. Malcolm shot his hot load of cum into my cunt which sent my body into a quiver as my pussy exploded on the black cock that was buried in it. Josh slammed his dick into my throat making me choke on it. Josh held my throat on his cock until my orgasm subsided. Malcolm pulled out of my pussy and went and grabbed a joint and lit up as Josh kept fucking my throat.

Josh, tiring of my mouth and throat, pulled his long black dick out of my mouth as I sucked him tight. With a loud audible pop his cock escaped the suction of my lips. “My turn to fuck that tight pussy,” Josh said as he started making his way over to the front side of the couch. “Get on your back bitch” Josh added as he slapped hard on my ass cheek.

I did as was told and quickly turned over and placed my hips on the end of the couch cushions. The position that I was in now made my torso scrunch forward more than was comfortable but I had no time to adjust. Before I knew it Josh was on his knees between my legs and using his hands to press my legs open. In one long slow thrust he slid his long dick into my used pussy. I locked my eyes on Josh’s eleven inch cock head press into my cunt lips.

“Oh fuck that looks so fucking hot” I moaned without even thinking. The sight of his rock hard black cock nuzzled in my pussy lips was so fucking erotic.

With one slow steady stroke Josh’s black dick pushed into my cunt.

“Fuck yes” I moaned in a long drawn out hiss. “Fuck I love watching black dick slide in my pussy!” I moaned again in a hiss.

Josh immediately started fucking my pussy in a slow forceful rhythm. Samantha had taken Vincent’s thick load down her throat but was still being fucked hard and fast by Tyrone. She was screaming and cooing as he assaulted her pussy with his cock. He was aggressive but not violent and as Josh stroked in my pussy I listened to the pleasure Tyrone was giving Sammy and felt the couch moving to his long hard thrusts into her and all I could think of was when would it be my turn with him.

As Josh fucked my wet pussy I was moaning and begging for him to fuck me harder and faster. He would ask me if I liked being fucked by his big long black cock and I would moan and scream that I loved his big black dick in my cunt. I cam on Josh’s cock twice before he dumped his load all over my stomach, which Sammy immediately leaned over and licked off of me as Vincent was fucking her doggy style.

After Josh finished with me Malcolm invited me to his lap in a chair on the other side of the small living room and so I went to him. I sat in his lap and took the joint that he handed me and took a few hits. I sat there for a few minutes watching Sammy sucking Josh’s cock erect as Malcolm’s hand switched from playing with my tits to exploring my used pussy. For another ten minutes or so Josh, Tyrone and Vincent took Sammy in every hole as Malcolm and I watched. She looked so sexy being triple fucked her tanned white skin in contrast with the men’s darker chocolate and in Tyrone’s case his coal black skin. As I watched Samantha being fucked in her holes my hand found its way to Malcolm’s thick cock and I slowly stroked him as he whispered things in my ear like; ‘Damn my slut looks good getting her holes fucked, don’t she?’ and things like ‘Yeah that’s all you little white sluts are good for, taking black dick.’

Everything Malcolm said turned my fire up with each of his comments. I was so horny and without being told I got out of his lap and kneeled in front of him and started sucking his cock. Over the last week and the past weekend I knew there was something that I was born to be doing and that was to be on my knees sucking black cock. If nothing else I knew I was a first class cock sucker.

I worked on Malcolm’s cock eagerly. I worked the top third of his cock sucking him tight and just bobbing my mouth up and down his shaft. Then I would take as much of him down my throat and hold him until I had to pull off his dick for air. The other three men fucked Sammy hard and fast as I gave Malcolm head. One by one the men dumped their load into or on to Sammy. I was so engrossed in sucking Malcolm’s dick that I did not realize that the other men had finished with Sammy and were now watching me give Malcolm head. After about ten minutes Malcolm grabbed the back of my head in his hand and shoved his dick deep down my throat and filled my throat with his cum which I dutifully and eagerly swallowed completely.

The guys wanted to go out and hit a club but it was already twelve thirty and the clubs would be closing at two. Sammy told them to go and have fun that she was going to get into bed. Malcolm told me that I better stay here with Sammy or otherwise they would spend the rest of the night fucking me and I would be all used up for Byron on Sunday. I told them that it was fine, even though all I wanted was for them to keep fucking me, I knew I needed to take it easy and wait for Byron. The four guys left and I helped Sammy clean up the place, which took no time at all. She offered the couch or her bed for the night but I told her that there were a few things I needed to finish at Byron’s and so after a quick shower I dressed and left Sammy’s place and went to Byron’s. I was actually tired as hell so I fell asleep on the couch in the living room and did not wake back up until twelve in the afternoon on Saturday.

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