The Wifes Store

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My wife LeAnn is a 26 year old head turning brunette, at 5 ’7 she has straight shoulder length hair and dark brown eyes. Her perfectly tanned legs and firm round ass are attention getters, as are her tits, which are 34 double D’s.
I’m a 33 year old stockbroker. I’m 5’11 and about 190, I consider myself above average in looks, and I work out to keep my body fit. After four years of married life, my wife decided she wanted to start a small used clothing business. I told her she would have to run it by herself, as I had a busy work schedule. She found a small space to rent in a popular strip mall on the other side of town. I told her the location wasn’t the best, but she liked it, and the rent was reasonable. The business seemed to be up & running fairly good, and she asked me if I could put in a surveillance camera to scare off would be shoplifters and keep an eye on her employee when she wasn’t there. I told her I would put in some fake security cameras that people would think are real, but what I really installed was a four camera surveillance system with a DVR and a 300 gig hard drive. LeAnn still believed these were fake security cameras to make people think the store had a security system. I had two cameras up front and two in the back. I added a cheap webcam to her computer, and had it set up so she could watch her store from the house. I would go down to the store twice a week when LeAnn wasn’t there, and transfer the files from the DVR to a removable hard drive to view later. The first couple of weeks nothing much was ever going on in the store or the back room. Leann would sit at her desk and pay bills, place online orders, and chat on the phone. Then on one of the recordings I saw LeAnn sitting at her desk in her white business blouse and a short black skirt, when a short fat forty something guy came in wearing a suit & tie. She quickly stood up and hugged him, it seemed as if they knew each other pretty well. I waited for him to turn around so I could get a good look at his face. When he turned around and sat on the edge of her desk I almost fell out of my chair! The guy was Roger from my work! He’s almost 50, and I know he’s been married for 20 years. He would always flirt with LeAnn at the company parties, but what the hell was he doing there! He reached over and started unbuttoning her blouse, while LeAnn undid the clasp to her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She then reached behind her back and undid her bra and Roger grabbed at it to pull it away. My mouth dropped open as he started rubbing her tits and pinching her nipples, she smiled and reached down to unbuckle his pants! As she unzipped his pants a short fat cock popped out below his great gut. He had a smirk on his face as LeAnn lowered her head and took his stubby cock into her mouth. I was infuriated for a number of reasons. She was cheating on me with an old fat guy I work with, I’m lucky if I get blowjobs on my birthday and Christmas, and she was avidly sucking his cock like a paid whore! As she continued to slowly move her mouth up and down his cock, she would occasionally lick at the head and then run her tongue down his shaft and lick on his hairy balls! He had his hands in her hair, and he was telling her how badly he needed to cum!
I could not believe my eyes or ears! My sweet wife was a whore in heat! She continued to passionately suck his cock and lick his balls for the next 20 minutes, I could tell Roger was about to blow his load any minute. He tightened his grip on her hair and pulled her head back off his cock, he grabbed his cock with his other hand and started jerking his cock furiously until he started shooting ropes of cum onto her face and tits. LeAnn closed her eyes as several strands of cum rained down on her face. Some of it dripped down her chin, and he wiped his leaking cockhead all over her lips. She took her hand and rubbed the cum all over her face and tits like a two dollar whore! Roger then stood up pulled his pants up, and pulled a bill from his wallet and laid it on the desk and kissed LeAnn on the cheek! I saw this scene happened about twice a week for the next couple of weeks. Then on one of his visits, Roger brought a friend. An older
tall, thin guy, but I least I didn’t know this guy. LeAnn blew this guy just like she did Roger. I was somewhat relieved that she never swallowed their cum, because she never swallowed mine! Roger waited up front, and when his friend was finished, they reversed roles. So my innocent little wife was bringing in extra money by blowing guys during business hours. I knew my wife wasn’t on any birth control, so I figured that’s why she never fucked these guys. For the next several weeks Roger and his friend would show up about twice a week to sample my wife’s oral talents. Things took a dramatic turn one day while I was watching the recordings. It was after closing time and my wife was up front when a muscular black guy wearing weightlifter garb came into the store. He looked to be about 30 something and was only about 5’10, but he looked like chiseled steel. She smiled at him and they talked for a couple of minutes. LeAnn went and locked the front door and they headed into the back room. I could hear him telling her how hot she looked, and how they had missed her at the gym. Up until this point I had no idea she went to a gym! They were no sooner in the back room and the black guy went to kiss LeAnn. The kiss was not a peck on the cheek, it was a full on lip lock that lasted well over a minute. I saw him squeezing her ass through her skirt with his giant black paws. She threw her head back and he starting nibbling on her neck. I could not believe that she was now cheating on me with a black guy! I was appalled and turned on at the same time. This scene was already unfolding as very different than the blow jobs for the old guys. She never kissed them or showed any affection towards them during the little sexual escapades. It looked like business, and of course they paid at the end. This was already very different! The black guy, who she referred to as Nate, started unbuttoning her blouse and she ran her hand up his leg to his crotch. They were moving along quickly. Her blouse came off and he unsnapped her bra within seconds. He massaged her big tits for a couple of minutes and then she dropped to her knees and pulled down his sweat pants. For a minute, I thought this would be another blowjob session. My mouth hung open as I saw a limp black log fall out of his pants. She grabbed it like it was her long lost friend and stuck the giant black head between her lips. He moaned and she ran her lips up and down the long black shaft which was getting harder and fatter by the minute. She asked if she should take off her skirt and he shook his head, saying he could give her a quick fuck, but he had to get back to the gym soon. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and starting licking his balls, and underneath his balls. “You know what I like baby,” he said as he turned around and bent himself over her desk” To my astonishment, LeAnn grabbed his asscheeks and spread them wide with both hands, and stuck her tongue right in the middle of his ass. He groaned and promised her he was going to fuck her real good for being such a nasty ass licking whore. My wife has never licked my ass, so I knew he had some power over her as I watched the ass rimming continue. LeAnn moaned and pinched her left nipple as she continued to bury her face in his ass crack. Suddenly, Nate turned around and reached up under her skirt and pulled her panties down in one swoop. He then picked her up and set her on the desk. With her skirt hiked up and her pussy exposed, Nate worked his long black log slowly between her wet cunt lips. The look on LeAnn’s face was one of pure ecstasy! As he pushed more of his massive pole in, she squirmed around and started telling him how much she craved his big black cock! At this point, I realized this was not their first time! Just the first time he was doing her in her store. She kept telling him how much she loved his cock, and she would always have to have it. He asked what she would be willing to do to keep it, and she said she would do anything he wanted. Nate smiled and said he would put that to the test someday to see if she really meant it..
He fucked her hard for about 10 minutes, mauling her big tits the whole time with his giant black hands and telling her what a hot married slut she was. I saw his asscheeks tighten up and knew he was getting ready to cum!
Then I realized my wife wasn’t on birth control. I could only hope he would pull out. As he announced he was going to cum, he quickly pulled out and LeAnn immediately got down on the floor and stuck half of his swollen cock in her mouth and pumped furiously with both hands. Nate groaned loudly and cussed a few times while LeAnn kept her lips wrapped firmly around his cock. I watched her cheeks bulge and knew she was swallowing his entire load, another first. Nate told her he would be back next week when he had more time, and said he wanted her to meet his cousin Ted. LeAnn said that they should come on a Friday because I usually work late on Fridays, and she wouldn’t be missed at home till after 7:00. He kissed her goodbye and left. I could hardly wait to see Fridays episode!
Friday came, and I went down to her store after work and saw that she had already locked up & left.
I went in and transferred the recording onto my portable hard drive and headed home to watch it!
When I got home there was a message on the machine from LeAnn saying she was out having happy hour with Karen, one of her friends. As I watched intently, I saw Nate enter the store with two younger black guys.
When they got to the back room where LeAnn was, he introduced them as his cousin Ted, and Ted’s friend Sean.
They both looked to be about high school age. Ted was extremely tall and thin, and as black as coal. Sean was only about 5’7 and he probably weighed about 260 or more. He reminded me of Fat Albert.
Nate went over to LeAnn and started kissing her. She pulled away and said “Nate, not in front of the boys”
Nate reminded her of when she said that she would do whatever he wanted, as long as he kept giving her his cock
on a regular basis. LeAnn pleaded and begged ”But why would it have to be right now”? “Because I want my cousin see what kind of power my cock has over hot married white women. Ted and Sean started to giggle at Nate’s comment. Nate told LeAnn to give the boys a little show. “Let them see what a smoking hot body you got baby” LeAnn hesitated, so Ted & Sean both started to beg for her to show them her tits. They told her that Nate had said they were the best tits he had ever seen on a white girl. LeAnn blushed and slowly started to unbutton her dress, Nate suggested she do a little dance as she stripped. She started gyrating her hips as she pulled her dress off the shoulder on one side, she unbuttoned it the rest of the way down the front and her dress dropped to the floor, leaving her standing there in her black heels, her black lace bra and a red thong panty. Nate told Ted to sit down on the chair by the desk and maybe LeAnn would give him a lap dance!
Ted sat down, and as LeAnn danced in front of him. She then straddled him as she undid the clasp on the front of her bra. As her tits spilled out into the open the boys both let out a “Holy shit”! And Nate chimed in with a I told you so comment. LeAnn shook her massive tits in Ted’s face and even rubbed them across his forehead and lips.
Nate encouraged him to have a feel, and Ted was soon groping LeAnn's tits with enthusiasm! Sean walked over and started to feel her up from behind, and I could see where this was heading. Ted soon had his hand in the waistband of her thong and started to pull them down her legs. Sean continued to squeeze her tits and occasionally run his hand over her ass. Nate pulled out a little digital camera and started taking shots as the two teens started to work my wife over. Once Ted had LeAnn’s thong off, he fingered her with his long middle finger. LeAnn started to moan like I‘ve never heard her before. Sean was still roughly squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples.
Ted commented about how she was dripping wet. Nate suggested that Ted show her what physical trait runs in their family. Ted laughed and pulled down his pants. He was wearing briefs and it looked like there was baseball stuffed in his briefs. Nate told LeAnn to go ahead and pull down his shorts for her chocolate surprise. As she pulled down his briefs a long thin coiled up cock fell out. It was only about half hard, and I would guess it to be about 8 inches or more. Every bit as long as Nate’s, just not as thick! LeAnn climbed off Ted and dropped to her knees in front of him. She grabbed his cock and lowered her head down and started licking his hairless black balls while she stroked his cock. Ted asked her if she had a thing for big black cocks. LeAnn moaned un-huh, as she started running her tongue up the length of his shaft. Sean took over fingering her from behind while she was on her knees with her ass up in the air. Nate told Sean to go ahead and give the married white housewife some black teenage cock. Sean had his pants off before Nate finished the sentence! His cock was already rock hard! He no sooner rubbed his fat cock up and down LeAnn’s wet slit, and then he pushed it in with one hard thrust. LeAnn took her mouth off Ted’s cock long enough to say “Oh my god, that’s a thick one” Nate continued to take pictures of the two teens tag teaming my wife. I could only imagine what he would do with them. Only about two minutes had passed when Sean started making faces and announce he was going to blow his load! LeAnn pulled Ted’s cock out of her mouth and reached back and frantically pushed Sean off her, saying he could not cum inside her! Nate told LeAnn to lay down on the floor and Ted would fuck her, and Sean could jack off on her tits. LeAnn quickly obeyed, and Ted mounted her while Sean tried to straddled her chest , but he was to heavy, so he knelt by the side of her face. He grabbed his cock with his right hand and started pumping it. Nate was still popping off shots with his camera as Sean cock started to shoot long white ropes of cum on LeAnn’s face. He hit her in the eye with two of them and the others all landed on her forehead and cheeks. He kept shooting cum like a porn star, it dawned on me he probably hasn’t had sex with a woman or a girl in a very long time, if ever. LeAnn’s face was covered in his hot goo, he leaned forward and LeAnn licked the rest of his cum off his
purple/black head. Ted was still pounding her hard, while Nate was making nasty comments. “Married white slut loves black cock” “I’m going to bring you some real black cocks baby, these are just boys” LeAnn was groaning and begging Ted not to stop. “I wonder what your husband would think if he could see you taking on two black teenagers in your back room” “I know, we can email him some of these pics so he can see what kind of a slut he married” “I know some of the guys at the gym would pay dearly to see these” They all had a laugh, but LeAnn looked at Nate with pleading in her eyes. “Don’t worry baby, as long as you take care of me and my friends, you’ll have nothing to worry about, your dirty little secret will be safe” Ted pulled his cock out, and LeAnn let out a groan of disappointment. He quickly moved up on her stomach and started stroking his cock right above her face. LeAnn still had Sean’s cum dripping down her face as Ted started shooting blast after blast of his teenage cum onto her face. Nate had put down his camera and had his pants off and was stroking his huge cock, as he watched his cousin hosing down my wife's face. Nate kneeled above LeAnn's face from above as he pumped his cock madly. Ted had no sooner stopped cumming, and Nate started shooting his cum on her face from the other side. My wife looked like she was in a bukkake video. As Nate continued to rain cum down on her face, he told Sean to grab the camera and get some close ups of her cum coated face. By the time Nate squeezed the last drop of cum out of his cock, there wasn’t a spot on LeAnn’s face that wasn’t coated with cum. Nate smiled and told LeAnn he had to get the boys back to his Aunt’s house, but he would see her again next Friday, and maybe bring a couple of real men from the gym. LeAnn was still blowing Roger and his friend during the week. Three Friday’s later, Nate showed up with two other black weightlifters and his cousin Ted again , who was sporting a new video camera. The other two weightlifters apparently knew LeAnn from the gym, and were very pleased to see her. LeAnn was conservatively dressed in a blue business blouse, and a below the knee plaid skirt with knee high brown leather boots. The two new guys I later found out were Will and Ben. Both looked to be 40 something, and were even bigger and more buff than Nate. Ben was a giant, probably 6’5 and 260 of solid muscle, Will was well over six foot and about 210. The guys had brought some beer in with them and I could tell they had already had a few. After introductions, Nate said that LeAnn she should put on a little show for them and then they could all party for a couple of hours. Apparently, no one had to go home early this time. LeAnn told Nate she didn’t have time, because her husband was coming home early. I knew this was a lie, so I figured she just didn’t want a repeat of last week, especially with two guys who knew her from the gym. That turned out to be an accurate guess. Nate became agitated with her reluctance. LeAnn insisted she would take care of him sometime, by himself, but there was no way she could do all four of them. That explained the conservative outfit, she didn’t want to entice four drunk, horny guys. Nate went up behind her and started kissing her neck and massaging her tits on the outside of her blouse, while Will, Ben and Ted watched intently.
He told her he had showed some of great shots from last week to Will & Ben and they just wanted to see the real thing in person. It sounded like he was begging her to play along with them. LeAnn became angry that he had shown
pictures of her, having sex with teenagers, to these guys she had worked out with before. She looked over at Ted who was already video taping and told him to turn off the damn camera. Nate was already starting to get pissed off, and apparently that comment pushed him over the edge. He looked at ted and shook his head no, and then Nate grabbed both of LeAnn’s arms and forcibly pulled them behind her back. LeAnn struggled, but he had a firm grip on her arms, as LeAnn called him an asshole. Nate told Will to quit standing there like a retard “and help me strip this bitch”.
Will came over and ripped her blouse open with one hand, the buttons went flying in all directions. LeAnn was cussing and kicking her legs uncontrollably now. I quickly realized, as she probably did too, that she was going to be raped on video, by these drunken weightlifters. After Will ripped her blouse open, he picked up a pair of scissors laying on her desk and cut the rest of the blouse to pieces. He used the scissors and cut her bra open in the front, and cut off the shoulder straps as well. Nate was still holding her arms behind her back, and there was only a couple of the shredded sleeves of her blouse remaining on her arms. Her big tits were totally exposed and her nipples were hard as bullets. Will immediately grabbed her left tit and squeezed it hard. Will then took the scissors and he proceeded to cut two feet off around the bottom of her skirt. Now it looked like she was wearing a mini skirt. Will reached up under her skirt and roughly pulled her panties down her legs, then cut them off as well. LeAnn was now standing there topless & pantyless with only her leather boots on, and a tattered skirt that barely covered her ass. Will leaned down and wrapped his lips around her nipple and started sucking and biting it. Nate told Ben, who had done nothing but watch so far to take some shreds of her blouse and tie her hands together with them.
Once her hands were tied behind her back, Nate started fingering her pussy and told her how they were going to stuff her full of cock. Nate & Will picked her up and laid her down on her back on the top of her desk.
Nate hiked her skirt up until her pussy was fully exposed. Nate said that since she was his slut, he would get to go first. Will & Ben nodded in agreement. Ted didn’t say a word as he kept filming the rape scene. Nate pulled out his hard cock, and it looked even bigger and more menacing than before. He grabbed LeAnn’s legs and put her ankles over his shoulders, he violently shoved his cock in to the hilt on the first thrust. LeAnn grimaced in pain, and with her arms tied behind her back I could tell it was very uncomfortable. Nate pounded in and out of her wet hole with a vengeance. Will, who was already out of his clothes, climbed up on the desk and lowered his ass down onto LeAnn’s face as he stuck his hard cock between her tits. He leaned down and spit on her tits, then started sawing his cock back & forth between her soft giant tits. The contrast between his thick black cock and her snow white tits was amazing.
As he brutally fucked her tits, he demanded that she get her slutty tongue up his ass and lick his filthy asshole clean!
Nate laughed at Will’s comment, and then apologized to Ben because he would have to wait a little while, and
he would be the last one to fuck her, because his cock was so big, it would totally ruin her for Ted and Will.
Will chimed in that they could still fuck her ass or mouth, after Ben plows her cunt with his massive pipe. Nate continued to ram his 8 inch cock in and out of her like a man possessed, all the while slapping her ass, and calling her a black cock loving married tramp. Nate then looked directly into the camera and said, “ That since LeAnn was such an unwilling participant today, I’m was going to pump her worthless white cunt full of my baby making black sperm!” “And, I’m going to let my friends pump her full as well” “Kinda like Russian Roulette with sperm”
They all chuckled at the comment. LeAnn was really thrashing around on the desk and groaning, except you couldn’t hear anything, because Will still had her face covered with his black ass. I saw Nate’s face contort and his
asscheeks clinch tighter, and I knew he was pumping my unprotected wife full of his sperm!
I wondered how LeAnn would explain a black baby to her conservative parents! After Nate had shot his entire load into her unprotected cunt, he told Ted to give him the camera and go ahead and “bust a nut in the bitch”
Ted eagerly handed the video camera to Nate, and then unceremoniously unzipped his fly. I guess he was a bit shy around the other two guys. After fishing his long hard cock out, he proceeded to shove it into LeAnn’s well lubricated hole. Will told Ted that once he came, they could switch, and she could lick his cock and ass clean while he pumps a load into her sloppy cunt! Ted grunted like it was a good idea. After about two minutes, Ted started cussing and saying that married white pussy was the best! Will & Ben heartily agreed with him. Ted grabbed onto both of her ass cheeks and pulled her body tight against his. I knew he was shooting her full of his cum as well. After a minute of catching his breath, he pulled his limp cock out of her well abused pussy and a pool of cum ran down her slit and onto the desk. “Ok Will, we pumped that bitch so full of cum, it’s already running out like a river”. “ You might want to let her drain before you fuck her” Will climbed off LeAnn’s face and Ted went up by her face and draped his long shiny limp cock across her lips. LeAnn had lost her will to resist, and she ran her tongue across his cum coated cock.
“How’s your cunt taste whore?” Nate taunted her, as he filmed her licking Ted’s slimy wet cock.

Will was stroking his still hard cock and told Nate that once she was done cleaning up Ted , he was going to flip her over and fuck her cherry ass. I don’t know if he knew somehow, or was just making a guess. As far as I knew, LeAnn had never had a cock in her ass from me, or anyone else. I could tell from the pleading in her voice when she started begging for Will not to do that. She promised him that she would do anything he wanted, if he would just promise not to fuck her ass. Will laughed and said, “I’m going to do whatever I want to you anyway you silly bitch” “I am going to leave your sloppy, fucked out pussy for Ben to destroy though” Will told Ted to get out of the way, because “he was going to flip the bitch and then make her scream!” Will asked Nate if he had a gag to keep her screams from alerting the nearby businesses? Nate told him all the other businesses in the strip mall close at 6:00, so there probably wasn’t anyone around to worry about. Nate flipped LeAnn over and turned her sideways so her head hung off one side of the desk, and her feet almost touched the floor on his side. LeAnn continued to beg, but Will shoved his massive black pole into her sloppy cunt with such a force that she almost slid off the desk. As he pulled it back out she whimpered “Thank God” thinking he had changed his mind, and was going to fuck her cunt. Her relief was short lived though as he lined up his giant black mushroom head with her tiny puckered asshole. As he pushed forward, LeAnn let out a scream that made my speakers vibrate. With her hands still tied behind her back, she continued to scream as the crown head of his cock pushed it’s way into her asshole. Once his mushroom cockhead was in, he reached down and rubbed her dripping cunt with his hand, and then rubbed the slime on his cock for some extra lubrication. LeAnn looked so totally helpless, laying face down across her own desk, with a giant black cock impaled in her tiny ass. Nate and Ben were in awe as Will pushed inch after inch of his thick log into her virgin ass. LeAnn’s screams turned to crying and it only seemed to please her rapist even more. Will asked her if she would clean his cock off after he shoots a load up her ass, since he was kind enough not to cum in her pussy, that would be the least she could do to show her gratitude. Everyone laughed, and then got real quite, as Will pushed the last two inches of his 9 inch log up her ass.
LeAnn was now making whimpering sounds. Once Will had his cock completely buried all the way up LeAnn’s virgin ass, he told Nate to get his point & shoot camera and get a good close up shot of his cock buried to the hilt in her ass, and get a close up of her face as well. Nate went and got his camera and started taking shots of LeAnn's pain and anguish, then a couple of close ups of her ass with Will’s cock all the way in, and a couple of shots where he pulled it out a bout an inch! Ted was still video taping the sodomy too. Will asked LeAnn again if she was going to suck his cock clean. LeAnn begged, “Please, I can’t do that” Will said that she would have to, because if he went home with her shit on his cock, his wife would kill him. So she would have to suck him clean, or else. As Will continued to ream her ass, Ben was getting impatient. Ben said he needed to blow his load soon, or his balls were going to explode.
Because LeAnn was face down on the desk, her face was in the wrong position and she couldn’t bend her neck up enough to suck a cock. Ben quickly realized this, and instead took his massive black log in his hand and started slapping her face with it. Even though it was only half hard, it looked like a giant summer sausage that you get at Christmas! After a few minutes of cock slapping her face Ben was still growing impatient.
Ben told Will to pull his cock out of her ass, then he would lay down on his back and they could impale her on his thick black pipe. Will could then stick his cock back into her ass once Ben got settled. She would become an Oreo.
Will said he didn’t want to be distracted by Bens cock in her pussy, and that he wanted to blow his load up her ass and get his cock cleaned, then Ben could do whatever he wants with her. Nate agreed it was better to let Will finish solo.
Will kept brutally fucking his 9 inch black snake in and out of LeAnn’s abused ass. LeAnn groaned with every inch
of withdrawal. After a few more minutes, LeAnn was screaming that he was tearing her ass apart, Will groaned that he was pumping her tight little white ass full of cum! When he pulled his half hard cock out her ass it was covered in shit, blood and cum! Will sat in the chair next to the desk and told LeAnn to suck him clean. LeAnn was still laying face down on the desk and looked like a limp rag doll as Will’s cum slowly ran out of her asscrack.
Nate and Ted picked LeAnn up off the desk, and placed her on her knees in front of Will and told her to quit fucking around and get his cock cleaned up so Ben could have his turn. They ripped the rest of her tattered skirt off and pulled her boots off as well. LeAnn was a site. She was completely naked, and down on her knees with cum running out of her ass in a room full of black rapist. They yelled at her to get busy with Will’s cock. Reluctantly she reached up and wrapped her hand around his slimy cum coated cock. Will grabbed her by the hair and forced her face down on his cock. “Open your mouth and suck me clean bitch” LeAnn hesitated. “How about we let Ben fuck her ass”
LeAnn immediately opened her mouth and engulfed his shit and cum coated limp cock like it was a Popsicle.
After about three minutes when his cock was finally clean he told Ben “to go ahead and tear this pussy to shreds! “
Ben was calmly sitting on a folding chair in the corner stroking his massive black pipe. I had to look twice!
Ben’s cock defied description! It looked like it belonged to a horse, not a man. It was at least 10 or 11 inches, and almost as thick as LeAnn’s forearm, and it was still growing! I knew my wife’s pussy would be ruined forever.
I could see the fear in LeAnn’s eyes as she looked over at Ben. Nate and Ben untied LeAnn’s hands and lowered her down onto the floor. I guess they figured their was no way she could get Ben off of her once he was on top of her.
Ben got up and walked over to LeAnn with his semi hard cock hanging halfway to his knees. LeAnn could only stare in awe, as did Nate, Will and Ted. Ted even turned the camera on Ben, I could tell he was amazed.
Ben knelt down and leaned in and started kissing LeAnn. This took everyone by surprise including LeAnn.
He then clamped his mouth around her left nipple and sucked it hard. I could LeAnn wince in pain, but she didn't
want to displease the giant black man with the pussy destroying cock. Ben sat back up and continued to stroke his cock, his cock eventually became as hard as a lead pipe. He asked LeAnn if she would suck his cock.
It seemed as if Ben was the congenial rapist! LeAnn leaned down and grabbed his cock with both hands. Even with both of her small hands on his black pole there was still more cock showing. This gave me a real concept of how big his cock really was. LeAnn licked at the giant head and tried to get the mushroom head in her mouth. Once the head was in her mouth, her mouth was stretched obscenely wide. It almost looked like she had a baseball in her mouth.
After a few minutes of LeAnn attempting to suck the mammoth pole, Ben pushed her down onto her back.
Ben asked Nate and Will to hold her steady! Will got on one side, and Nate on the other, and they each grabbed one
of her arms and one leg. They each held her arm down flat on the floor and held her leg up in the air at about a
90 degree angle. Ted was filming what would soon end up looking like a wild animal being subdued by her captors.
Ben guided his thick hard black pipe to LeAnn's enflamed swollen cunt.
LeAnn moaned, thrashed and cussed as the bulbous black head pushed between her wet cunt lips.
LeAnn pleaded with them to stop, he was way too big, he wouldn’t fit. It fell on deaf ears as Ben pushed forward.
When Ben was only a quarter of the way in, LeAnn was crying and saying that she was incapable of taking such a large cock. When his cock was half way in LeAnn kicking and screaming like a woman possessed.
Ben pushed more in and LeAnn cried uncontrollably. Nate laughed at her, and said that once Ben had it buried in her to the hilt, Ben’s massive pole would be her new best friend. Everyone chuckled at that comment , except LeAnn. She groaned in despair as tears continued to run down her face. Slowly, inch by inch, Ben’s log began to disappear into LeAnn’s accommodating cunt. He had about three quarters of his cock in when LeAnn just closed her eyes and made faces. I’ve seen videos of women going though childbirth who didn’t look as pained as LeAnn did at that moment.
Once Ben had his cock all the way in, the guys let out a cheer and LeAnn opened her eyes to see his body snug up against hers. Ben took each of her legs and placed them on his shoulders as the Will and Nate only had to hold her arms now. Ben pulled his cock out and then slammed it back in. LeAnn grunted with each painful thrust. He looked like a giant gorilla on top of her petite white body. As he continued to fuck her pussy to shreds, Will and Nate knelt on both sides of her face and were jerking their cocks will watching Ben defile my wife with his baseball bat cock.
Nate told Ted to set the camera on a table and join them in jerking off on her face. We need some snapshots of our white whore with three hard black cocks above her face, and some more shots of her face covered in our cum.
Nate got up and found his digital camera and started snapping shots of LeAnn's face contorted with pain, and three
hard black cocks above her waiting to rain cum down on her face. Ben was fucking her harder and faster. LeAnn was moaning and groaning and grabbing her tits and pinching her nipples. I would swear she was having multiple
orgasms. Ben was telling the guys how her pussy was creaming all over his cock, and how much her married white pussy loved his big black cock. Ben told LeAnn, “Go on honey, tell them what you like” “I love your big cock Ben” “and” “ I want you to pump me full of your hot cum” Nate piped in, “Well, little miss prissy is changing her tune now that’s she's getting royally fucked by the big black bat” LeAnn moaned louder, “Oh God, I’m cumming, fuck me harder!” Ben would pull his lengthy pole almost all the way out, then plunge it back in till his balls slapped her ass.
LeAnn was rubbing her clit with one hand and squeezing her tits with the other while the three guys masturbated right above her face. Ben announced he was going shoot a gallon of cum into her married white cunt!
Ben started grunting like a bull and I could tell from LeAnn’s surprised face that he was shooting a lot of cum into her abused hole. LeAnn started to cry again, realizing she was probably going to get pregnant from the gang rape.
Ben left his spurting cock buried inside her cunt, and then the other three guys started cumming on her face,
almost simultaneously. Ted came first, and like the previous time he was full of cum. His strands hit Leann in the face, some landed on her tits and some streaked her hair. Will wasn’t far behind as cum dripped out of his cock like a leaky faucet. He dripped most of his load right onto LeAnn's eyes and cheeks. Nates’ cum shot out of his cock and most of it flew over her face and onto her tits. LeAnn was covered in cum and Nate was still snapping pictures. Ben slowly pulled his cock out of her stretched out cunt, and a river of cum ran out and pooled on the floor.
The guys all sat around and high fived each other and resumed drinking beer. LeAnn got up, with cum dripping off her face and tits and went into the bathroom. I knew that it would be impossible for LeAnn to report this as a rape, especially when she was begging Ben to fuck her harder. I figured the guys had to be fucked out by now, but of course I was wrong.
When LeAnn came out of the bathroom, they insisted she give them lap dances while they continued to drink.
LeAnn begged them to let her go home. They told her she would have to make each guy cum one more time and
then she could go. And the catch was, each guy could do whatever he wanted to her. LeAnn decided to
negotiate the terms. “I’ll give everyone a hand job and then let you cum on my face & tits.
The guys looked at each other, and Nate suggested that she give them hand jobs while licking their assholes!
And Will piped in “and swallow every drop that comes out of our cocks!”
LeAnn had a worried look on her face, knowing what she was about to agree to.
They drew strays and Ben got to go first. Ben got down on his hands and knees and told LeAnn to do the same behind him and French kiss his ass while she stroked his cock. LeAnn looked defeated as she positioned her naked body behind Ben. She put her hands on each of his black ass cheeks and pulled them apart as she buried her face in his crack! Ben groaned that she had her tongue buried all the way up in his hairy ass and was tickling his prostrate.
LeAnn pulled one hand off his asscheek, then reached under him and wrapped her dainty hand around his semi
erect black log. As she stroked it, it grew longer and thicker. She ran her fingernails across his mammoth balls as
she continued to avidly eat his ass. Nate pulled his camera out again and started popping off shots on LeAnn’s face buried between Ben’s giant black ass. LeAnn pulled her face out of his ass and leaned underneath him and began licking his baseball size nut sack. Ben groaned that she was the best ass licking white slut he had ever experienced.
Nate bent down and took some shots of LeAnn licking Ben’s massive balls, while his long black snake dangled next to her face. I never dreamed my wife could be so slutty! After several minutes of LeAnn licking his balls she went back to reaming his ass with her tongue, all the while her dainty white hand stroked his giant cock. LeAnn had her tongue buried up Ben’s ass for about 15 minutes as her hand went up and down his shaft faster and faster.
Ben moaned that he was gonna cum! LeAnn pulled her face out of his ass and laid flat on her back directly underneath him and opened her mouth. Ben grabbed his cock and pumped it a few times before the cum started pouring out of his cock and into LeAnn’s open mouth. She tried to swallow quickly, and some of his cum landed on her face.
After his cock stopped dripping cum, Nate told her she had to eat his cum off her face as well. Since she had agreed to swallow everything that came out of their cocks! LeAnn scooped up the cum on her face and licked it off her fingers like a porn star. Ted had the next ass licking hand job, followed by Nate. Ted shot so much cum into her mouth, she coughed and some of it came out of her nose. They had forgot to video their second round with my wife, and Will told Ben to get the video camera and start taping again because he had a surprise in store for her. LeAnn looked confused, probably because ass licking and hand jobs don’t include any other sex act, unless he was planning on doing something they hadn’t agreed to. Will stated that he wanted LeAnn flat on her back the whole time and he was going to sit on her face. He also wanted her hands and legs tied down so she was completely spread eagle. LeAnn had a quizzical look on her face, but agreed. Nate tied her hands to the legs of the desk with her shredded skirt. Ted tied her legs together and ran a long strand to a cabinet leg. She was securely tied and had no body movement. She could move her face around a little, but that was it. Will squatted over her and lowered his ass down on to her face. His limp cock draped between her soft white tits. She immediately stuck her tongue up his ass and he let out a groan and started telling her what an ass licking whore she was. LeAnn fucked her tongue in and out of Will’s ass for a good 10 minutes or so. Will would raise himself up and down on her face, and occasionally slap her tits with his hands. During this whole time I noticed his cock was still limp. I thought his cock would be rock hard after having his ass licked for so long. As I was contemplating that thought, Will raised up off LeAnn’s face and moved slightly backwards so his limp cock was hanging down about a foot above her face. Then piss started blasting out of his cock!
LeAnn was as shocked as everyone else, as a torrent stream of yellow piss showered her face. She immediately closed her eyes and mouth when Will said “Hey, you promised to swallow whatever came out of our cocks”
Will’s stream of urine hit her face with such force, it was splashing all over her face, her tits, and her stomach.
He purposely aimed his cock right at her mouth and eyes, and told LeAnn, “open up and drink my piss baby”
LeAnn kept her mouth shut, but his piss continued to soak her face and hair. It seemed as if he hadn’t went to the bathroom in a week. It dawned on me that he never used the bathroom the whole time he was there, but he consumed a ton of beer! LeAnn was securely tied to the floor, and Will’s piss seemed like it would never end. When Will had finally emptied his bladder on LeAnn's face and tits, he smiled and stood up and said, “anyone else need to go?”
Ben stepped up and stood over LeAnn and pointed his massive limp cock at her face, initially some piss dribbled out, and then he started to piss like a racehorse! Ben’s piss steam was so strong it looked like it was coming out of a garden hose! Some of his piss went up her nose, and LeAnn opened her mouth just to try to breath, and got a mouthful of piss! Ted was filming the golden shower, and Nate said that he had to get in on that action! He stepped up on the side of LeAnn’s face and started pissing on her as well, even while Ben was still urinating all over her face.

Nate told LeAnn that she was an ass licking, cum drinking, piss loving whore! He told Ben that he would have to bring some more guys from the gym, and charge them admission to fuck and abuse his new whore!

The guys sat around and finished their beers while LeAnn was still laying on the floor, in her own store, completely
naked, covered in stinking yellow piss. She had been fucked in every hole, and cum on in every way possible, and
she was still tied up.
They finally untied her and said they would be back next week for a real gang bang.
As the guys headed out, LeAnn groaned as she got up and went back into the bathroom.
I never mentioned any of the episodes I’ve seen, and LeAnn still acts prim & proper around me, she has no idea that I’ve seen her abused and degraded beyond my wildest dreams.

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