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Hi everyone this is my first story.I have been reading this web site stories and i really enjoy it.So i decided to write it too.Please write some comment and rate.

My name is mung and i lived in a small country in Asia.When i was young,I always shy and didn't have
much friend.But i have a few but they all move a way.So I always lonely.My dad is always in another country because of his business trip.He always left me and my mom.My mom has some business too.she work in some company.Now i am 14 and i am in high school.But still don't have much friend.My mom always want me to have a friend but look like no one like me because i don't like to speak.I am just sit their and do my work.Today at school,when i was eating lunch i saw a girl who is looking for her money.She come to me ask me that"have you seen my money"and i said"no".I can see her that her tear in her eye.But she is not cry yet.I felt sorry for her and i asked"how much you lost?' she said '300'and she said that for her tutor for the teacher.That day i didn't spend my money much so i gave her 300 buck.But she wont accept first,until I said "You don't have to give me back'.She thank me and hug me.No girl ever hug me except my mom.

That night before i get back,i cant erase that moment.I even happy because she live in next to my house.In my county my house is the biggest because most people in our county are poor(no offend).So in the next morning i am so exciting because i cant wait to see her.I eat breakfast and tell my mom to hurry up to drive to school.So we get in the car and she drive to school.While we driving i saw that girl so i told mom to stop. I asked her "Hey do u need a drive" and She said" No thank"and until she look at my face and she seem like she remember me.So she ran to our car and thank to me again and tell my mom about everything happen.I was a little shy.But I quickly one the door and let her in.So in the car my mom started asking the question about her.My said "what is your name,name honey"and she said 'Cherry.'Is kinda weird but i like it and mom too because we both love cherry flower.And my mom realize that she live in our house next to it.And my mom said we can become good friend.And i started introduce my self.I said "Cherry,my name is mung and tell her ,my mom name.And she said nice to meet us.So me and Cherry become very closed friend,we eat lunch at school together.Some people think we are girlfriend and boy friend but we cant because she is older than.I am 14 and she is 15.But at school we both have same lunch so that is really good thing.

School is almost end and summer is almost come. We both study together at my house.We have rally fun together.Finally school is end.So i made my summer plan.Cherry don't have any sister or brother and me too.all i have is some of my cousin and i don't like them.So she visit to my house when she has time cause her mom and dad sell vegetable at market.Sometime she has to go with them,sometime she dont.So when she has time she visited me at hangout.We watch movie at my house or go library and borrow some book. She always read comic book and i started reading some romance book.But one day when we are in library I saw adult magazine and i dick become get harder.I never seen this book before so i roll the magazine and secretly put inside my book back.So that night i went to my room and as soon as my sleep and light out I turn my light on and stared looking my magazine.The magazine teach me how to jack off .So i started jacking off almost every day.As soon as my mom sleep i want to my computer and started looking how to have sex with a girl and stared watching a porn video.I never seen my dad dick but i think my family has a big dick.Mine is pretty big for 14 year coz i started jacking.One day i have been learn a lot of thing about sex and i decided to fuck Cherry.That day was Friday and my mom went to work at 7 am.And Cherry was stay at her house and cooking.As soon as she finished she come to my house to hangout with me.That day we were watching a movie but she not interesting so she started reading her comic book.

That day was the best day ever for me coz she didn't wear a bra so i can see her boob from her shirt.she does not have big boob i barely can cup in my mind.She was sleeping on my lap and reading.By accident(not for me) touch my elbow with her boob.Look like she dont care.and i asked that she like to massage and she said yes.This is a very perfecting time to cup her i started from shoulder and go down and finally started massage her boob.she moan a liitle bit and she said she like it.During massage my dick become firm and big .And i said to her that i want to fuck her.And she said no but i am pretend to mad . So she started undressing.and kiss me in my mouth.And i kiss her back.and she started undressing my cloth.To be continue
Sorry guys ran out of time please comment and rate if you guys like i will continues there are more chp

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