The Mysterious Lana(Ch 5)

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As Lana was stepping out of the shower, she heard her cellular phone ringing like crazy.

Not wanting to invade any privacy issues that she might have had, David didn’t answer it but merely brought it to her in the bathroom as she was drying off. While she was talking on the phone, David picked up a towel and began to dry off her back. Standing in front of the mirror of the spacious bathroom, Lana continued her conversation on the phone.

Feeling the shape of her magnificent form through the towel, David felt himself getting hard again. He gently moved the towel from her shoulders to her back, then to her lower back, then finally to her shapely hips.

After lightly moving the towel over both of her hips simultaneously, he moved to her round butt cheeks. Because it was his favorite part of the female anatomy, he stayed here for more than a few minutes simply absorbing the sheer pleasure of rubbing its well formed shape.

David then knelt down and moved onto each of her legs. Parting them slightly, Lana gave him access to complete the job that he had started. While moving the towel from her ankles to her upper thighs, David could feel a significant amount or heat radiating from her smoothly shaven womanhood.

After finishing the legs, David stood up and moved back to her shoulders and wrapped his arms around her upper body and began to dry off her breasts. He could feel her hardened nipples through the cottony fabric of the bath towel.

While manipulating her breasts, David leaned his body forward pushing his now very hardened penis up against Lana’s delicious ass. The movement somewhat pinned Lana’s midsection to the edge of the sink; thus restricting her movement. While continuing his efforts on her breasts, David lightly kissed Lana on the neck at the base of her left ear. When Lana leaned her head towards his kisses, David knew that she was into this as much as he was.

Lana found it hard to concentrate on the phone conversation but pulled together every ounce of restraint she had in an attempt to maintain her composure and not let on to the party at the other end of the line that she was becoming erotically side tracked from their conversation.

While David continued his towel drying operations, he moved towards her flattened stomach. Reducing his lean, David slightly pulled Lana’s mid section from the edge of the sink. Once she had moved from the sink’s edge, he moved the towel lower and gently massaged her smoothly shaven crotch. Continuing to kiss her on the neck, David let the towel fall and moved his right hand down her front side straight into her moistened vagina lightly brushing her hardened clitoris on the way.

David could feel that she was extremely wet now and this only encouraged him to continue his efforts. After probing her moist vagina for several minutes, David moved his other hand up to her breast and began to knead methodically.

Lana nearly gave into her passions as she tried harder to maintain a straight voice during this physical assault of her body.

David then moved his fingers from her vagina and began to lubricate her stiffened clitoris. Lana couldn’t control it any longer. She covered the transmitter of the phone with her free hand and let out a gasp of air and a moan while pushing her ass into David’s very erect penis.

Without even realizing what she was doing, Lana put down the phone on the cabinet and placed her hands on either side of the sink. She was so enthralled in the moment that she just gave up on the conversation all together as she felt her blood erotically boiling. Looking into the mirror, she could see the passion on David’s face as he pushed his erect penis between her ass cheeks and entered her wet vagina while continuing to massage her clitoris.

In a single and slow yet continuous pace, David pushed his manhood straight to the back of her tight vagina. Letting out a long breath and a low moan, Lana put her head down as she felt David’s penis completely fill her body. Seeing the phone, she quickly picked it up and told the other party that she would call them back later then hung up.

By this time David had picked up the pace and was now driving her straight forward towards the dead end road of a massive orgasm. While David was continually entering her tight hole with precision, Lana was rocking back and forth in stride with David’s pounding assault. Feeling that she was going again, Lana reached down and began to massage her clitoris as well. While Lana was working the front, David reached around and placed 2 fingers near Lana’s mouth. As if on instinct, she opened up and began working them as if they were his penis.

After several minutes of this David removed his fingers from Lana’s mouth and began to rub the saliva around her waiting back door entrance. It didn’t take long for David to press a finger into her tight hole. He had always dreamt of the moment where he would have his first opportunity to stick his hard cock into a woman’s beautiful ass but those special women are few and far between. Because of this, he had to be satisfied with a simple finger probing from time to time. As his finger probed that tight ass, he increased his pounding of her sweet womanhood.

The faster he drove his cock into her, the faster his probing finger went. It seemed as though his lightening pace set off her thunderous orgasm as Lana was now loudly expressing her eroticism.

“Yes… Yes… oh god Yes fuck me… Harder, Harder, Harder…” Lana continued as she bucked her hips backwards towards David. She was now leaned all the way over the cabinet with her body at nearly a 90 degree angle. David had the best view yet of the beautiful ass staring right at him.

David drove his cock deep inside her while at the same time he was driving his finger all the way into her tight ass. It wasn’t too much longer after this that her body shook as she exploded into the multiple orgasms that had been looming on the horizon for the last several minutes. The more she shook, the harder David pounded himself into her.

As her orgasm hit its pinnacle, David was surprised as she told him, “Fuck me in the ass, I want to feel that hard cock deep in my ass.”

David had finally heard the words that he had always wished he would hear. Not wasting any time at all, he pulled his cock out of her wet pussy. He was so hard at this point that he could cut diamonds if he wanted to. It would appear that his dream had come true.

Reaching for his leather shaving kit, David pulled out a small tube of Astro Glide lubricant that he carried with him on trips in hopes that one day he was going to be able to use it.

As David began to remove the cap from the small tube, Lana lowered her head and moved her legs a little apart. Then she placed her hands behind her back and spread her bottom cheeks. David put a liberal amount of the lubricant on his index finger and bending down a little, began to apply it. He moved his finger slowly around Lana’s crinkled little bottom hole. Due to the lubrication and its recent stretching it readily yielded and David’s finger easily slipped inside to continue its work.

When David removed his finger from her now well lubricated hole, Lana reached around and asked him to put some on her hand. After doing so, Lana reached between her legs and grabbed David’s hard penis and began stroking it with the lubricant. David nearly came on the spot it felt so good.

After David sat the tube on the cabinet, Lana wiped her hands then took another grip on her bottom cheeks to spread them wider. David saw the muscles in the backs of her thighs tense a little as she anticipated what was going to happen very soon. Being the gentleman that he was, David asked her if she really wanted this. Lana told him that she had only done this once before but he wasn’t as big as David is. But “yes” was her final reply.

David moved into position behind Lana and grasping his stiff rod by the shaft. He then guided its head between Lana’s parted bottom cheeks to her little puckered opening. As he began to apply some pressure, David could feel the tight opening begin to give just a little. But in spite of the lubrication and previous exercise the resistance was still considerable.

David applied a little more pressure and Lana cried out a little from the initial pain of the penetration. Then David made a quick decision. He knew that if he took too long gaining initial entry, it might become too uncomfortable for Lana, so he made one quick hard thrust. Lana cried out again; but the head of his organ slipped neatly inside. Now Lana’s little bottom rim was tightly clamped around his shaft. Lana was still moaning a little but the worst was over. David pushed in just a little more and he could feel Lana move her bottom around a little trying to become accustom to this new invader.

Lana’s bottom was now being filled by something considerably larger than David’s finger or anything else she had ever experienced. He slowly and steadily pressed forward until the full length of his hard throbbing rod was fully inserted. As the front of his legs came to rest against the backs of her shapely thighs, Lana released her bottom cheeks and brought her hands up to the back of the cabinet. Sensing that he was fully inside of her; she said, “Wait just a minute. Give me some time to get used to it.”

David was more than happy to oblige. He wished he could make this last forever. Having his rod firmly planted between her bottom cheeks was heaven. He began to massage Lana’s ass; occasionally spreading them to better enjoy the view. Then Lana rose up on her toes; elevating herself just a little above the cabinet. She slipped a hand under her stomach and moved it back between her legs. David felt one of her fingers brush against his balls which had to now be hanging partially over her pussy.

He now realized that she was going to massage her clitoris during their forthcoming session. Lana settled back on the cabinet’s edge and shifted her legs further apart and he could sense that she was ready. David began to slowly withdraw a little and then, just as slowly, push back in. David continued in this manner, gradually increasing the length of his stroke. While he was doing this, he spread her bottom cheeks wide to observe the action. Her tight elastic opening was clamped so firmly around his shaft; that it was pulling out slightly as he drew out and dimpling in as his shaft slid back in.

David could tell that this movement within her sensitive bottom in combination with her own manipulations; were having a very stimulating effect. Lana began to breathe a little more heavily. At the end of one of his inward strokes, David bent over and placed his hands on Lana’s sides. As he expected she sensed what he wanted. She rose up on the elbow of her free arm and he slid his hands around to cup her breasts; her nipples were fully erect.

As he was massaging her breasts, Lana whispered, “Fuck me Baby, Fuck me harder.” Then she said even more softly, “I want to watch you fuck me in the ass.”

As David rose up, Lana lay back down but lifted her head to look into the mirror in front of her. David knew he couldn’t last for long. He was nearly ready to explode. But he planned to hold back for as long as possible. He pulled his shaft nearly all the way out, grasped Lana’s well shaped hips for leverage and began to really thrust in. Very quickly he got a rhythm going; full strokes with his pelvis banging against her bottom on each inward thrust. This was certainly a dream come true; if he could have only kept it up longer but it was impossible.

In all too short a time, his load exploded deep into Lana’s ass. Through all of this, David was trying to keep in mind Lana’s needs. Once he was spent, he continued pile driving into her hungry bottom hole and about a minute later she came too.

After they had both finished, they took a shower together. It was a romantic shower where they both soaped each other. David could easily see himself spending a life time with this woman. It wasn’t just the sex but her personality.

Thinking back to the moments they spent near the water front by Jefferson Square, their time at the Hard Rock Café, and Pat O’Brien’s last night, David felt himself falling hard for Lana. He really got to know her like he never got to know another woman. David first knew this when he woke up to Lana cuddled up to him this afternoon.

After they had finished their shower, David had gone back into the living room. Shortly there after, Lana came in and sat on his lap.

“All good things must come to an end” she said. “I have to go home now and we both have businesses to run. They don’t run themselves you know”.

He knew that this time would come. Although he didn’t exactly want it to, he knew it was inevitable. It was then that they began to kiss again more passionately than before. It was a wonderful mini vacation in the “Big Easy” and an even better night of total ecstasy. But beyond all of that, David thinks to himself that he may have just met his other half, his one and only … his soul mate,

As Lana gathered her things, she reached the door and paused. Slowly turning around, she took a long look at her lover. The silence gave David an eerie feeling but neither one spoke.

Breaking the silence, Lana spoke, “David, I have to tell you something very important. But first I want you to know that I have never done anything like this before.”

Before David could even respond she continued, “It isn’t really bad but it isn’t good either.”

It was then that David knew. His stomach clinched and his throat instantly dried up as he began to speak, “Oh my God, Lana your married aren’t you?”

Lana could feel tears building in her eyes as she responded, “Yes David… I am married”

David was floored. He was utterly speechless. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. After what must have been several minutes, Lana took his lack of response as her cue to leave.

Without saying another word, Lana turned and left the suite.

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