My Sister Got Spanked

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Brian Lorenzo was an asshole and a bully. Left back from the grade ahead of us due to his poor academic performance, we were wondering why we now had to have this screw-up in our class when we had done nothing to deserve it. He was obviously bigger and older than all of us but we now had to share recess and lunch with him. He took every opportunity to physically intimidate me and my classmates when the teachers were not looking. Pushing the top athletes in our class around the school yard and establishing his alpha-dog status. After the first 2 weeks of the new semester I couldn't take it and tried to organize a sneak attack against Brian with the strongest fellow athletes in my class. We jumped him on the recess break but he was so much bigger than us that he fought us all off and then proceeded to kick our individual asses. He shoved my face into the recess yard grass and forced me to say he was the boss and I was a wimp in front of my fellow classmates. Then he made me eat some grass as my classmates snickered at me. Disgraced and embarrassed in front of my peers, I plotted revenge against this buffoon and dreamt of many diabolical ways that I would embarrass him in front of everyone and thus regain some status with my classmates.

After that foiled coup attempt, we all settled into an uneasy hierarchy with Brian at the top but all the original class athletes seething at him just below. He would force the smart kids to do his homework and create cheat sheets for the tests. We all hated him but couldn't do much to change the situation.

Halfway through the semester at a holiday break comes my birthday. I was excited as my parents had said I could have a party with all my classmates. But when Brian's parents had met my parents the week before my party and then mentioned that Brian had not gotten an invitation they forced me to send him one in order to maintain neighborhood relations. I protested vehemently to them and explained that he was the class dunce and bully and nobody wanted to have him at my party. They chastised me and forced me to write him an invitation to my party. I was so dejected as I dropped the invitation into the postal box that I really was hoping to cancel the party. What was just a day before the most exiting event of the year suddenly became the most loathed event of my life.

I was so ashamed I was forced to invite him that I refused to tell the rest of the class that he may actually show up at the party. After a few days I got my head around the idea and thought it may not be so bad. But then my parents got a last minute invite to a sold-out musical and they mentioned that my older sister would be back from college that holiday weekend and that she would be taking over the for my parents and would be our combined babysitter/chaperone for the party. I was dumbstruck as I processed the meaning of their statement. I had an on-going rivalry with my 2 years older sister and I really didn't trust her to make sure things didn't get out of hand if that bully Brian started making trouble. Again my protestations went unheeded as my parents were focused on seeing a sold-out musical. Fuming, I went to my bedroom and tried to envision how badly thing might go and then try to develop a back-up plan. However, there are some scenarios that you can never prepare for.

On the Saturday of my birthday, I tried to soothe my feelings of dread by telling myself that no major altercations had occurred since our coup-de-tat against Brian that 2nd week of class. As long as we deferred to him no fights broke out and none of us were beaten to a pulp. So, while my classmates would be dismayed at his presence we would still eventually end up having fun. My older sister however, was a bigger wildcard in the equation. I hadn't seen her since she left for an out-of-state university in August, While others mentioned that she had a hot body with black hair running to the mid-length of her back and fairly large breasts for her age and a "bubble butt" which projected to provide a seductive rear view, I only knew her as my tormentor. She would spare no expense when it came to demeaning in front of my friends or complete strangers. I frankly had enjoyed her absence since she went off to a different college. But she arrived back this morning before my parents had left for the city to see their show. She looked a bit different than when she left, her hair was fuller over her face and she had grown in certain places that made me look twice at her. Her hips were much curvier and so were her breasts. But she still had that pouty, devilish look in her face when she saw me. I said "hello, sis" in a nonchalant way and in front of my parents thanked her for watching over my birthday party. To which she slyly smiled and said "you're welcome, I know you will be on your best behavior." She then turned and continued talking with my parented about the logistics of the day, my parents would be back on Sunday around noon and she was to ensure that the party-goers were well-behaved and that they all left by 9:00 PM.

As the appointed party time of 12:00 PM arrived so did all my classmates bearing wrapped gifts and wearing either bathing suits and t-shirts (for the guys) and bathing suits and wraps (for the girls). We were to have a swimming pool party in my parents back yard. All seemed to be going well for the first 20 minutes. I was actually happy as Brian had not shown up and I was hoping he would just not bother coming over. My hopes were dashed 30 minutes into the party when he strode through the backyard gate with his sunglasses and swim trunks on, no present, of course. All my classmates were having fun, and despite the brief pause when Brian arrived, continued to have fun and play in the pool area.

It wasn't until we had our lunch around 2:00 PM that things started to go downhill. My sister brought out my birthday cake with the candles ablaze and singing "Happy Birthday". Everyone got out of the pool and gathered around the picnic tables and wanted me to make a wish and blow out the candles. I kept my wish silent, really it was that Brian would lose his strength and that we would all be able to beat him up and make him apologize and agree to be our servant for the rest of the year, and then I proceeded to blow out the candles. I got them all out and everyone cheered me. Everyone but Brian who then said that when someone had a birthday it is tradition that they get a birthday spanking. Confused by his comment we all looked at each other unsure how to respond. I said that I don't know what hell hole he had crawled out of but no one in my family does that. He laughed and moved purposely across the crowd of teenagers towards me. I backed up but walked into a retaining wall and then he grabbed me by my shoulders and pulled me onto the ground. I tried to fight back but he had already secured my torso against the concrete walkway and then put his knee on the small of my back. He then started to wail painful spanks on my ass as I squirmed and started to yell out in pain. I think he had gotten to 6 or 7 when I heard my sister's voice cut through the yelling, "What the fuck is this! Let him up asshole or I'm going to give you the worst beating of your life." As I heard the words depart from my sister's mouth I knew immediately that she had made a serious mistake. But pinned to the ground and out of breath there was little I could do to intervene. Even though she tormented me I was still very protective of her and I could see be her intervention now, that she was feeling protective of me, as well. Over my shoulder I looked up to see Brian staring in defiance directly into my sister's eyes. I felt his knee lift from my back and I rolled over to get away from his grasp. But he was already heading over to my sister who stood there holding her ground, thinking that her seniority of 2 years would be enough to intimidate this bully. It was not.

Brian and my sister were not strangers. She had actually kicked his ass a year ago when she was a senior and he was a smaller freshman. He had put me in a headlock on the bus and she jumped in to the fray and pushed him down onto the bus floor aisle, and in his confusion she landed a solid kick to his nose. He began to cry and all the students cheered at her chivalrous defense of her brother. Time and hormones had plotted against her though, now Brian was bigger and stronger than he was then and that defeat seemed like a distant memory.

Brian walked straight up to her and looked her directly in the eye for a minute. Then he said with a smirk, "I guess you'd like to take his birthday spanking for him." My sister was unfazed by his physical intimidation techniques. She laughed at him, poked him in the chest with her index finger and said: "In your dreams, loser. Do you want me to send you home crying like I did last year? By the way, how is your nose feeling?" This comment broke the thick tension in the air and a few of my classmates snickered thinking Brian had just gotten owned by a girl. That was not to be the case. Brian reached out quickly and grabbed my sister by the shoulder and pulled her down onto the picnic table. She shrieked as she was bent over. Wearing her bikini, which she amply filled out, she was the sexiest and most mature female at the party. Earlier, this had been a cause for my female classmates to make whispered remarks about how they hoped to look that good when they went to college. A few of the hottest girls in my class were jealous of her sexuality and they made more derisive comments about what a "Ho" she was but I don't know if my sister ever picked-up those comments. If she did then it only seemed to encourage her to tease the young boys even more. She continued to strut around the pool area oblivious to the jealous younger females and probably enjoyed the eyes of my male classmates on her body.

But now she had apparently lost control of the situation. Brian had her pinned over the picnic table in her sexy bikini and then started to tease her about her previous comments. "So, you were going to give me the beating of my life?" He paused to hear the snickers of my female classmates, obviously enjoying this turn of events. "I think you need a dose of humility!" And with that he slapped her bikini-covered ass. She let out a loud "Ouch!" for all the party-goers to hear. Shocked by the firm slap on her ass, she began to realize the vulnerability of her situation. She was surrounded by students at least 2 years younger than her and she had even babysat for many of them. She looked out at the crowd and noticed Jennifer whom she babysat for a year ago and whom she had spanked while berating her in front of her younger brother. She could see Jennifer's lips curling up in an evil smile as she whispered something to the classmate standing next to her. They both giggled and pointed at my sister in her helpless and prone position. The humiliation of being punished in front of these lowly younger students was making my sister blush furiously. Then she felt a second slap on her ass from Brian. Her arms shot back to cover her ass but Brian quickly grabbed them and pinned both her arms behind her back. "Not so tough now are you miss university student?" I started to stand up and considered rushing to my sister's aid at this point. However, I got a look of daggers from Brian as I took a step towards him that set me on ice. I stood still, mesmerized by the unfolding event. As were all my classmates. Seeing a college girl being spanked by a bully is not something that happens every day, and we were all in a bit of shock standing there silently without protest as he began to spank her bikini-clad ass.

As my sister struggled and realized that she could not free herself from this overgrown dunce, she yelled at him calling him a stupid oaf and threatening that she would kick his ass. It was then that Brian took things to another level. He slid his fingers beneath her bikini bottom and yanked them straight off her hips, the string ties at her pelvis quickly loosened and the bikini bottoms came apart and slid off her hips and into Brian's hands. I heard a collective gasp as my classmates saw my sister's naked ass exposed. My sister gasped as well and looked back at Brian who was holding her bottoms and staring at her now naked ass with an evil grin. He could not resist cupping one of her ass cheeks and giving it a playful squeeze. I noticed my classmate Jennifer looking at Brian and putting her finger unto her lips and lightly biting it in anticipation. Brian then put his hand on my sister's exposed ass cheek and rubbed it slowly, almost seductively and with each stroke his fingers got closer to her ass and pussy. This scene was too much for a few of my male classmates. I saw 3 of them reach into their bathing suits and pull out their cocks and started stroking them to the scene. Several of the girls standing by these guys look aghast as they saw the penis' exposed, erect, and being stroked vigorously. At least 2 of the girls hands went to their pelvic areas and began to rub themselves, not knowing where to focus their attentions, my sister's exposed ass or their classmates' exposed cocks. They ended up looking back and forth between the two exciting scenes.

Brian was not oblivious to the excitement that began to stir among our classmates. He slowly moved his fingers between my sister's ass cheeks, grazing the back of her pussy and sliding up and rolling his fingers around her asshole. I looked over to my sister's face and I saw her cheeks, throat, and chest becoming bright red. She had stopped trying to protest and was now just breathing heavily. I saw her look at my best friend Chad whom she had babysat for just 2 years ago. Chad had his erect cock in his hand and was jerking off hard looking at my sister's ass and seeing the class bully slapping it and making it red. Chad had confessed to me that my sister had spanked him on a few occasions when she was babysitting him. She had also stripped him and made him stay naked in the corner for up to an hour for punishment. During these humiliating sessions, Chad's sisters would walk around him, teasing him, laughing at him and touching him all over. I thought he must be enjoying seeing the tables turned on my sister. Now it was she who was getting spanked, stripped, and touched in front of many of my friends whom she had punished herself.

As I watched the scene I noticed my sister's back arch and she let out a low moan. Looking down her back I saw that Brian had let his fingers slide completely onto her engorged pussy lips. He was sliding them up and down her pussy and she was starting to convulse and raise her ass to his fingers. He held up his fingers and we could all see they were glistening with my sister's wetness. I noticed a menacing smirk on Brian's lips as he looked up to meet my eyes. "Looks like I'm going to teach your older sister a lesson." At this statement, Chad immediately exploded and jets of cum erupted from his cock. He couldn't believe he was seeing his babysitting tormentor getting punished and humiliated so exquisitely in front of all his classmates. Jennifer also started convulsing as she rubbed her hand beneath her bikini bottoms. Seeing her arrogant former babysitter stripped, spanked, and humiliated in front of both her classmates and me, her younger brother, was unbearably sweet revenge for Jennifer and was taking her to orgasm. At this point, most of my male classmates had dropped their bathing suits to their ankles and were rubbing their hard cocks at the highly charged erotic scene. The rest of the girls were starting to give in to the temptation, as well. Most had their hands in their bathing suits and were rubbing themselves with reckless abandon.

Brian, pausing to wipe the sweat from his brow, then moved his hand away from my sister's pussy and slid it up her back. He reached the strings that held her bikini top on. And then he untied them with one hand, still holding her wrists against the small of her back with the other. Her yanked her bikini top off and threw it onto the ground a few feet away. Reaching around her back her cupped one of her exposed breasts and began to play with it. He ran his fingers over her nipple which we all noticed was quickly growing erect at his touch. Never having seen my sister naked before, I was amazed at the site of both her ass as well as her breasts. The length of her hardening nipples was impressive. My sister continued to moan more audibly now as Brian toyed with her breasts.

Completely naked and bent over the picnic table, Brian re-focused and began to spank my sister's exposed ass again. This time he started to count the number of spanks he administered to my sister. I knew these were my spanks that my older sister was taking on my behalf. I had some very confused feelings as I watched my nemesis spank my older sister. I had wanted to embarrass my sister the way she had always humiliated me in front of my peers, but now she was nude, being spanked by my enemy, and all I could think was that I had a huge erection and I was hoping to see her get fucked by that evil mother-fucker Brian. I could no longer contain myself and I dropped my bathing suit and began to jerk my erect cock off at the scene. I saw my sister's eyes look up at me and then down to my erect cock. Then I saw her shudder and arch her back for a full minute as she moaned loudly through her bikini bottoms. Brian looked at me and then at her as she orgasmed seeing me jerk off to her as he spanked her. A wide grin appeared on his face as her realized what was happening. He took that moment slide two fingers into my sister's pussy. She bucked like a bronco! I was about to faint in pleasure. Then I saw him drop his bathing suit and reveal his large cock. He was older than all my classmates so he had the largest cock of all of us. Then I watched, mesmerized, as he slid it into my sister and started to fuck her doggy-style over the picnic table. Every boy in my class lost it at this point and there were spurts of cum flying in every direction. I heard girls moaning to my left and right. I saw Brian's hands on my sister's hips as he was banging her pussy with his cock in ernest now. My blood was boiling and I began to experience red tunnel vision. Thinking I was about to collapse, I exploded in a huge gush of semen. Spurts and spurts of it issued from my erect cock. My sister was watching me as she was getting fucked and again I saw her close her eyes, cringe, and buck furiously against Brian's hips as he fucked her. She had cum again in a big way seeing me orgasm at the sight of her being fucked.

Seeing my older sister cum as he fucked her in front of my entire class was too much for Brian. He started to convulse and then exploded into my sister's pussy. He must have shot 5 to 6 jets of cum deep into her before he collapsed. He recovered in about 10 seconds and then pulled my sister up by her hair. Then he whispered into her ear, loud enough for all of us to hear, "Next time you try to beat me I will fuck you twice as hard as this and in front of the entire school. So, don't ever mess with me again bitch." With that he landed one final slap on my sister's red ass. She was visibly shaken and still in an orgasmic haze as she nodded obediently to Brian.

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