Saturday night escapades 2

Jess got to my place at about 8:00 p.m. the following Saturday. We hadn’t talked since she left my apartment the week before save for a quick phone call I got from her Thursday night to figure out what time was good for her to show up. As I opened the door to my apartment, Jess held up two bottles of red wine and announced, “I come bearing gifts!”

I laughed as I leaned in and kissed Jess on the cheek, saying, “It’s nice to see you again!”

“You too, Lisa!” She then added, while looking down at my hips, “I see you had the same idea I did!”

I then looked down at her hips and noticed that she, like I, was wearing a skirt. It was a nice little white skirt, going down to a little over mid-thigh, complimented by a body-hugging blue tank top that showed more than a hint of her cleavage line at the top (which led me to wonder what kind of bra she was wearing as her tits were sticking straight out without sag but there were no visible bra lines) and white inch and a half heels. Basically, she looked hot!

I can’t say I looked as good as her. I had a short jean skirt on that covered my panties with minimal room to spare and a semi-tight T-shirt on (and no shoes since I was going to stay in my own apartment. I laughed as I realized we had both worn skirts for easier access, and responded, “What can I say? Great minds think alike!”

Jess laughed and agreed. I backed away from the door, allowing her to come in. She went to the living room and put the two bottles on the coffee table along with her purse, then announced she had to pee. I was in the kitchen looking for my wine glasses (which I knew I had, but don’t use often, so it took me a minute to find them) and responded, “I’ll let you do that alone for now!” In response, I heard Jess laugh as she walked towards the bathroom.

By the time she came out, I was sitting on one end of the couch waiting for her, having found the wine glasses and placed them on the table with the bottles, along with a corkscrew. Jess took a seat at the other end of the small couch and began unstrapping her shoes and putting them aside. I grabbed the corkscrew and one of the bottles of wine and attempted to open it. I don’t know why I decided to try to open the bottle of wine, as I have proved myself incompetent at doing so in the past, sometimes unable to do it, once or twice actually breaking the cork in half leaving half buried in the neck of the bottle (I can’t explain how mad I was when that happened). It didn’t take long for Jess to realize I was doing something wrong, and she grabbed the bottle and corkscrew from me laughing. She then explained how to do it properly, opening the bottle of wine, and handing the corkscrew back to me afterwards and telling me to open the other. I told her we should probably save that until we finish the first, but she just said that I could drink from one bottle, and she would take the other. I conceded, and opened the bottle following oral directions from Jess, which actually worked quite well. After that was done, we both poured a glass of wine for ourselves. Jess finished first, and took a position sitting against the arm of the couch, putting her legs up on the couch, but bent and down in front of her so that I couldn’t see up her skirt. After I finished pouring my glass, I took up a similar position on the opposite side of the couch facing her.

We then went on talking for awhile, discussing work, movies, guys we’d consider getting with, and other such things, refilling our drinks as necessary. After a little more than an hour, Jess had twisted around to refill her drink on the coffee table, as she had done many times before. But this time she was less careful in putting her legs back up on the couch, and I briefly saw her white panties. As she took her normal position, I said, “You might want to be more careful flashing those panties around!” I followed the statement with a light laugh and a sip of wine.

Jess immediately responded, “You’re one to talk! I’ve been staring at your black ass all night!”

I nearly choked in response, as I tried not to spit out the wine in my mouth. After recovering and swallowing, I just screamed, “What!?”

“You and your short little skirt that you clearly don’t know how to operate! Your panty-covered ass has been staring me in the face all night!”

I looked down and noticed the back of my jean skirt didn’t fold around my ass like Jess’s longer skirt did, thus exposing my ass to her, which was covered in black panties. I muttered, “Oh my god!” I don’t know how I hadn’t realized it! I swear I’m normally good at covering up while wearing skirts. Somehow I had just forgot how short my skirt was. While I obviously don’t care if she saw up my skirt (she’s seen a whole lot more before!), it still bothered me that I had done it unintentionally.

When I looked up to Jess again, she had one leg out along the back of the couch with the other leg bent up and spread a bit, completely exposing her panties. As I saw this, I again exclaimed, though much louder this time, “Oh my god!”

Jess looked somewhat confused and responded, “I thought that since we were now openly showing off, I might as well get comfortable. Not like you haven’t seen more than that before!”

“That’s not it,” I muttered. Then, regaining some composure and looking up at her I smirked and said, “Excited much?”

Catching on to my meaning immediately, Jess flipped up her skirt, and looked down at her panties to see a very large, very dark, very obvious wet spot that, because her panties were white, made her slit and puffy lips completely visible through the panties. I heard her stutter out, “I knew I was wet, but I didn’t think I was that bad.” And then, looking up at me, Jess exclaimed, “Well, what do you expect with me having to stare at your hot ass for the past hour?!?”

I felt my body flush as she pointed out that I had made her that wet. Trying to remain calm, I responded, “That’s still ridiculous! I could go swimming down there!” I paused for a second, then added, “Would you like me to help you out with that?”

Jess, not missing a beat, shot back, “No! You make fun of me for getting wet! Well, the pool’s closed now! Let’s see how you look after having to stare at my panties for awhile!”

I was somewhat disappointed in this response, as seeing her transparent panties had made me rather hot and I was eager to get the night started. But instead, we both just returned to our drinking (our bottles were about two-thirds empty by now) and talking, though now with our panties completely exposed to the other, Jess in the position already described, me with my feet next to each other but my knees spread.

After another half hour or so, we both finished our bottles of wine. While more than a bit tipsy, I wasn’t really drunk, and not nearly as bad as I was the week before. As Jess put her wine glass down after finishing the last of hers, I obnoxiously asked, “Should I take care of your problem now?”

Jess turned her head, smirked and replied, “In case you didn’t notice, I’m not the only one with a problem anymore!”

I looked down and saw a small wet spot on the front of my panties, barely visible on the black panties. I knew I had been getting hot since I first saw Jess’s see-through undies though, so this didn’t really surprise me. Even at this point though, I wasn’t as bad as Jess when I first saw her, let alone now. Jess’s panties now were soaked through and transparent from a little over the top of her slit to as far down between her legs as I could see, and there was even a tiny stain on the couch from her juices soaking through. Also, from all her movement, Jess’s panties had ridden up a bit between her pussy lips, giving her a ridiculous camel toe ever. She must have been able to feel it, and thus be able to fix it, but just wanted to show it off to me so left it alone. As such, I shot back, “Maybe not, but it looks like you’re the more desperate one between us!”

Jess apparently did not like being called desperate, and she pulled back one of her legs and kicked one of mine. It was not a joking kick, and I let out a small “ouch” but it wasn’t full force so it didn’t really hurt badly. That didn’t mean, though, that I was just going to take it! So I returned the favor, and kicked her back. Jess clearly didn’t think I was going to retaliate, and was not happy with it, so she kicked back again. Soon we were both laying against the arms of the couch continuously kicking at the other, in what I can only imagine would look like the most ridiculous game of footsie that ever occurred between two 27 year old women. Soon we were both laughing, but neither was giving an inch either way. Part of the reason we were laughing was because every time Jess kicked, we could both hear the squishing of her soaked panties between her legs.

I really have no idea how long this went on for. It could have been five minutes, could have been fifteen. Either way, we were acting like immature kids and thoroughly enjoying it! It had no signs of ending at any point, and what eventually ended it was a bit awkward. Jess had just knocked aside one of my kicks with her leg, which put me off balance. With her other leg, she went to kick at me, while sliding down to get a good kick in (remember, she’s six inches shorter than me, so I had a bit of an advantage this whole time). As she kicked at me, I pulled the leg she knocked aside up, which moved my whole body, which had the effect of changing the target of Jess’s kick from my thigh to my crotch. I saw this and immediately pulled my two legs together and squeezed, catching Jess’s leg and stopping it with her foot about four inches away from really, really hurting me.

“Whoa,” I exclaimed, still laughing at the inanity of the whole situation, “Watch what you’re doing with that thing! You almost shoved your foot up my cunt!”

We both started laughing harder at that last comment, though I continued to hold her leg tight between mine. Through bursts of laughter, Jess asked, “Do you think it would fit?”

Now we laughed even harder! Catching my breath at one point, I looked down at Jess’s foot between my legs. Jess, being a lot smaller than me, has much smaller feet than me, wearing a five usually, as I found out later (though the shoes she had worn that night were a five and a half). They really were tiny feet, but that heel didn’t look like it would fit in me, so in all honesty I finally responded, “It’d be close, but I don’t think so!”

Jess, who had also caught her breath and calmed down, quickly replied, “Wanna try?”

I had assumed this had all been a joke up until that point. Obviously we planned on getting sexual at some point during the evening, but I didn’t think it was going to be with her feet. I looked down at her foot again and thought it didn’t look disgusting, it was all smooth skin, it was just like a misshapen hand. It really was small, and there was a chance it might fit, though it would be really tight. I looked up at Jess and asked in response, “Do you really want to?”

Jess just responded, “Only if you want to,” and smiled at me. The smile did it, I was in. I smiled back at her and relaxed my legs for the first time since squeezing her foot together. Jess pulled her leg back as I raised my hips, grabbed my panties, and pulled them down and off. Once off, I thought it was necessary to throw them at Jess. They hit her in the face and fell onto her chest (which may as well have been a shelf in the position she was in, god I wish I had tits like that!). Jess grabbed my panties off her chest, turned the crotch side towards her, and licked the damp spot a bit overdramatically, followed by an “mmmmmm” sound. I laughed as she did this and began getting into a good position for what was to come.

I should add I have no foot fetish, and to the best of my knowledge neither does Jess, but obviously neither one of us are completely disgusted by them. If her feet looked disgusting, as some do, I wouldn’t have done it. This was just experimenting with something neither one of us had done before.

I slid down a bit on the couch, pulled my skirt up over my hips, placed one leg over the back of the couch, and the other I placed foot down on the coffee table, knee up in the air. I was spread wide open in the most make-shift gyno-position I could get myself into. Once in this position, I looked at Jess and gave her a nod showing I was ready, then moved my line of sight down towards her foot. While looking at her foot, I noticed Jess’s panties for the first time since before the “game” of footsie. Apparently during that game, they had gotten pulled up really bad on one side, and that side was actually in her slit, completely exposing one bright, puffy pussy lip while the other was covered by the transparent soaked panties. It looked pretty funny, albeit uncomfortable, though Jess was apparently not going to do anything about it. I quickly let that image fall out of my mind as I watched Jess move her foot up to my cunt.

As Jess’s foot got to my cunt, she first brought it up to my clit and tickled it with her toes. While I was clearly already wet, this only got me more so. Then Jess brought her foot down to my hole and placed her toes against it. “Ready?”

I just nodded in response, and watched and felt as she gently pushed her foot into my cunt. She started pushing her foot in sideways, and her toes easily slid in. I gasped briefly when she first pushed in, but besides that, I held back from moaning and watched as she tried to get her foot in me. When all of her toes were in, she paused for a bit to allow me to get used to it. While stopped, she would wiggle her toes on occasion, and while I could barely feel her toes moving, as they were not pressed hard against my insides, I could feel the wiggling of her foot around my cunt. After she had decided I had enough time to adjust, she pushed her foot in more, slowly twisting it to enter straight rather than sideways. With her foot pointed, she got her foot in up to her heel, and while she kept pushing, my cunt was not expanding anymore than it was. She told me to push onto her foot, which I tried, but that didn’t work. We tried timing it so we both pushed at the same time, but that didn’t work. Really, I only had to stretch about an inch more to get it in, which I was pretty sure was possible, but just couldn’t manage.

“Well, that’s pretty anti-climactic,” Jess said, her foot still two-thirds of the way in me.

“I can so get it in! Just give me a minute to figure out how.”

After saying that, Jess didn’t do anything, just left her foot where it was. I tried contracting and relaxing my vagina muscles (I know some girls have amazing power over these muscles, but I’ve never been one of them, though that wasn’t stopping me from trying). I then told Jess to try and lube up her heel, and watched as she spat on her hand and rubbed her heel to get it wet. I was determined to get this foot in me! After Jess rubbed the spit all over her heel, I tried to open up my vagina muscles again. I would try to squeeze, then open up as much as I could and push myself onto her foot. I started to get closer, but still was not getting enough to get over the heel. I kept trying. Then I screamed, as, while I was relaxing and trying to open my muscles, I felt the foot rip into me. As I found out later, Jess had felt my vagina open up more than during any of the prior tries, and without warning me, just jammed her foot into me. And it hurt like hell.

After Jess got her foot in me, I had jerked my legs together. My insides felt completely filled up! While I have definitely fucked penises that were longer than the foot that was inside me, the heel that was inside felt like a fucking baseball inside my cunt! I could feel Jess’s toes brushing the back of my vagina while the heel was putting immense pressure against that thin membrane between my cunt and my ass. As the pain subsided, I realized that it actually felt really good. I opened my eyes and looked down to see the top of Jess’s ankle sticking out of my cunt, and followed the leg past her panties (which were still half buried in her cunt!) and up to her face, which had a look that was a cross between worried and happy. Her mouth was smiling, but her eyes looked really worried. When I met her eyes with mine, she asked, “Are you okay?”

I closed my eyes for a second, took a deep breath, and replied, “Yeah, I think so. Though I hope you don’t plan on getting that foot back, because that hurt like fuck going in and I have no urge to go through that again.” I took another deep breath, still adjusting to the foot in me, then asked, “What drove you to do that?”

Jess’s smile faded a bit. “I felt you open up on my foot a lot, and decided if it was ever going to go in, that was the time. Sorry if it hurt. How does it feel?”

“Not bad, it’s getting better the more I adjust to it. But it really did hurt like fuck going – OH GOD!” I was cut off and started screaming as I felt Jess wiggle her toes inside me. Not only did this tickle the back of my vagina, where I felt the toes brushing against the wall, but it also twisted her foot a tiny bit, putting more pressure from her heel towards my ass. The feeling was incredible! It felt like five tiny penises were brushing against the back walls of my vagina while a big dickhead was pounding against that membrane against my ass! I had never felt anything like it in my life!

I don’t know how long it went on for, but I was quickly approaching my climax when it suddenly stopped. I looked up to see Jess smiling at me. “Liked that, huh?”

“Fuck yeah,” I managed out between gasps while trying to control my breathing. “Why’d you stop?”

“I just wanted to make sure you like it,” Jess replied.

“Well, I did,” I answered, and closed my eyes expecting her to start again, but after some time went by, I realized she wasn’t starting again. I opened my eyes and looked at her. “Well, what are you waiting for?”

Jess smirked back at me, and, like a little kid, asked “What’s the magic word?”

That was it for me! I was on the verge of climaxing, and she wanted a fucking magic word? I screamed out, “Damn it, Jess, get me off!”

Jess laughed and replied, “That’ll do, Lisa. That’ll do.” I barely heard the second “That’ll do” as she had started wiggling her toes again, and consequently I started moaning again. It felt like mere seconds before I started orgasming and screamed out, “Fuck!”

Jess began slowing down her wiggling after I screamed, and I slowly came down from the orgasm. When I felt I had recovered, I started to open my mouth to talk to Jess, but as soon as I did, she started wiggling her toes again, leading me to another orgasm. This process repeated four times, with the orgasm lasting longer each time, culminating in what Jess claims was a three minute climax on the last one. During this last one, my body was literally convulsing on Jess’s foot. I lost all control and just felt my body spasming and jerking around at the complete mercy of Jess and her foot.

I had no sense of time while all this was going on, but Jess said she was keeping time, and that she tried to make each orgasm last a minute longer than the one before it (with that first one counting as zero minutes, as she let me come down immediately after cumming). She also claims the whole ordeal took less than 25 minutes, roughly six of which I spent in orgasm. I guess she got bored while getting me off to check all these times. I can’t back any of these up, as time was the last thing on my mind while all this was going on, but I can tell you that it felt like I was nearly constantly orgasming.

When Jess finally stopped, I was completely exhausted. I was breathing in spurts, my abs felt like I had just done a thousand sit-ups from all the spasming they had gone through, and the rest of my body had no energy. I just lad back with my head looking up at the ceiling. Jess said nothing at all, and just left her foot (without moving it at all) inside my cunt. Finally, I just whispered aloud, “Christ!”

Jess laughed as she heard this, and I picked my head up briefly to look at her, but then realized that even doing that was more energy than I had, and I quickly laid it back looking at the ceiling again. I heard Jess ask, “You okay over there?”

“I think so. That was crazy! I never felt anything like that before!”

“Glad I could help! I had fun getting you there!”

I started to laugh, but then gasped, “Ow!” My abs were so spent that just laughing hurt, so I held back from laughing, though I heard Jess laugh at me. I ignored it and just laid back, closed my eyes, and tried to recover.

After a couple minutes, I heard Jess say, “I got some bad news.” I lifted my head up, straining to do so, and looked at Jess. “I have to go to the bathroom.”

In reply, I moaned, “Oh no!” I quickly understood why this was bad news, as she couldn’t very well go to the bathroom with her foot in my cunt!

“How do you want to do this?”

I thought about it for a second and responded, “Gimme a minute to get ready, then when you feel me push, you pull.” After saying that, I lifted my leg that was hanging over the front of the couch onto the coffee table and the leg that was resting against the back of the couch up and over the back of the couch, resuming my make-shift gyno-position. Then, I started to push screaming, “Ffffffffffffffffffffffffuuuu–OH SHIT!” I had been pushing on the ‘f’ sound, got to the ‘u’ as I felt Jess pull her foot out, but then I felt something very unexpected, as a stream of pee burst from me right after her foot came out (which luckily slid out much easier than it did going in). I hadn’t even realized I had to pee, but suddenly I had to pee really badly! In the state of exhaustion I was in, it took me a few seconds to cut off the stream of pee once it had started. I had immediately jerked my legs together, but I still peed through them. I did eventually cut it off, but not before a big puddle formed on the couch, slowly dripping onto the floor. When I looked up, spread my legs again, and saw that puddle, I knew I was going to have to wash the cushion cover and the floor anyhow, so I just said “Fuck it!” and proceeded to lay my head back and let the rest of my pee stream out onto the couch, which really wasn’t nearly as much as what was already out of me.

When I was done, I heard Jess say, “Well, someone isn’t going to have to go to the bathroom!” I actually jerked when I heard her voice. I had somehow forgotten about her after the brief peeing incident. I guess my mind had been somewhere else completely.

After regaining my composure a bit, I responded, “It was too late anyhow.”

Jess laughed and said, “True enough, but I’m still gonna go to the bathroom. You’re free to join me…” That last sentence, a clear reference to the week before, came out very seductively. I, however, was far too exhausted to do anything.

“Sorry, Jess, I just don’t think I have it in me.”

“Oh well, your loss!” I then watched as Jess got up, and was surprised to see Jess hop on one foot over to the bathroom. This actually hurt me a lot, as I couldn’t help but laugh at Jess, hopping on one foot because her other foot was covered in my cunt juice (which was dripping off with every hop leaving a drip-trail into the bathroom), but the funniest part was watching her tits bounce with every hop. I thought they were going to burst out of her shirt! They were all over the place! I can only say, after watching that scene, that people with a 32D bosom are not meant to jump!

As Jess hopped from the living room around the corner of the hallway towards the bathroom, I turned onto my back, closed my eyes, and let out a deep breath, letting my whole body relax. I heard the bathtub water start running (apparently she was using the bathtub to rinse off her foot). After awhile, it stopped, and I briefly heard Jess peeing (she clearly did not close the door).

I must have fallen asleep, as the next thing I remember was feeling a piece of wet cloth dropped on my face. I quickly opened my eyes and pulled off what was on my face, only to discover it was Jess’s cunt-juice soaked panties. I then realized that Jess was standing right next to me. “That was for earlier!”

I looked at her, smirked, then using both hands, twisted up Jess’s panties and squeezed until I got a few drips of her juice to fall into my mouth. I then looked at her and said, “Yummy!” Jess looked at me and laughed. I then watched as she pulled her shirt up over her head and tossed it aside, revealing her naked tits as she was apparently not wearing a bra. She then unzipped her skirt and pulled that up and over her head too, though I should say that the skirt got caught briefly on her boobs, and Jess had to actually tuck each boob under the waist of the skirt to get it off. Why she didn’t just lower the skirt and step out of it, I’ll never know.

I didn’t get any time to take in Jess’s naked form though, as she wasted no time in reaching for my shirt and pulling it up over my head, which forced me to lean up for a few seconds. She then reached around me and unhooked my bra (which she did upside down and with no problems, which I thought was impressive) and pulled it off my arms, revealing my boobs. Finally, she grabbed my skirt (which was already halfway unzipped and up around my stomach) and pulled that over my head too, having less trouble getting it over my chest than she did with her skirt over hers.

Thus, finally, we were both naked. Jess leaned over my head upside down and kissed me (think Spiderman). Our tongues briefly met, but the kiss didn’t last long, as this upside down kissing really isn’t very comfortable or enjoyable, despite what the movie might make you think. Jess pulled away and walked back over to her side of the couch.

After she sat down, I felt Jess pull my body down onto the couch a few inches. I closed my eyes and leaned back, anticipating Jess eating me. “Whoa!” I jumped as I felt something cold enter my cunt. I looked down to see half a cucumber sticking out of me! She must’ve gotten it from the fridge while I nodded off. Jess looked up at me, smirked, and said, “Now it’s my turn!” I then watched as she lifted one of my legs, put one of hers on either side, and slid down the couch until the end of the cucumber sticking out of my cunt met her cunt. Then she brought a hand down and held the cucumber in place as she slid her cunt over the other end of the cucumber until our cunts were literally touching with the cucumber fully devoured by them!

Jess waited for a bit, presumably letting her cunt adjust to the two-inch diameter of the cucumber (which was also just over twelve inches long, I actually measured it later the next day out of curiosity). I obviously didn’t need much time to adjust, having had a much larger object in me not that much earlier. Slowly, Jess started sliding her hips up and down the cucumber. As she continued, she picked up speed and intensity, eventually slamming her cunt down into mine. We were both moaning and thoroughly enjoying the process. I felt the cucumber slowly push deeper and deeper into me, and then get pulled out and the process begin again. Talking to Jess later, she told me that while fucking the cucumber, she ended up pushing it deeper, and when it got too deep, she would contract her vagina muscles while our hips met, and pull it out of my cunt, thus explaining how the cucumber kept getting pulled out of me. I heard Jess start moaning louder and taking short deep breaths. Hearing this, I reached down, found Jess’s clit, and ran my thumb over it, getting Jess to an orgasm even quicker. She kept thrusting on the cucumber, I kept rubbing her tiny clit, and soon she hid her orgasm, screaming “Lisa!” while still thrusting on the cucumber. I looked down and saw one of her hands rubbing one of her nipples while the other was grasping tightly onto my lower leg.

Jess’s moaning eventually slowed, signifying the end of her orgasm, but she kept thrusting on the cucumber. In fact, I was starting to feel something different in me; the cucumber, instead of being slowly pushed into me and then being pulled out, was now going in and out of me with nearly every thrust Jess made! As she told me later, she tightened up her cunt muscles to hold the cucumber and fucked me with it. I guess there is an art to fucking cucumbers that Jess knew and I did not! With the cucumber thrusting in and out of me on a regular basis, I started approaching orgasm. I brought my hand from Jess’s clit to my own and starting pinching and rubbing my clit, as I brought my other hand up to one of my tits, much as Jess had been doing moments earlier. I had been getting light pleasure before this, but nothing that was going to lead to an orgasm, but all this new attention, the thrusting cucumber and clit and nipple stimulation, suddenly had me on the fast track to climaxing. As I was on the verge, I moaned out, “Ooooooooooohhh god Jess!” The “ooh” lasted during the final moments while the climax built up, and the “god Jess” came out quickly after hitting it. Jess kept thrusting into me with the cucumber, but I stopped rubbing my clit and nipple letting myself come down from my fifth orgasm of the night.

Jess, however, was clearly not done. She began thrusting onto the cucumber like she had been in the beginning, pushing it slowly into me and then pulling it out and starting over. She was obviously intent on pleasuring herself again after getting me off. As she started moaning, I brought one hand to her cunt again, but this time started teasing the area around her clit without hitting her clit. While doing this, I slid my other hand (with some light maneuvering) down between one of my legs and one of hers, and tried to reach her asshole. I couldn’t reach with the traditional pointer finger, but could with my ring and pinky, so I tickled her anus with those two fingers. As Jess started moaning louder, I started rubbing my thumb over her tiny clit. I began very slowly, speeding up as she sped up on the cucumber, letting my fingers running over her asshole match the speed of my thumb on her clit. Finally, as she was right about to approach orgasm, I stopped rubbing her asshole and shoved my ring finger as far up as I could (which was only to the second knuckle in the position we were in). Jess immediately thrust her hips down on the cucumber and screamed out, “Oh fuck!” I wasn’t done though. I then rubbed my ring finger against the membrane between the ass and the vagina, and could just barely feel the cucumber, trying to keep her orgasm going as long as possible. I could feel in her ass how tense her body was, and as her body began to relax, I began to slowly pull my finger out of her ass.

Eventually, we were both laying limp on the couch, which was still damp with my cunt juice and pee, and now Jess’s cunt juice as well. We laid there for a few minutes completely limp, not saying anything, still with the cucumber in both of us. Eventually, I felt Jess pull away. I looked up to see her sitting with the edge of the cucumber she had just let escape pressed up against the top of her bald slit. As I looked at her, Jess surprised me by grabbing the hand I had been fingering her ass with and actually licking and sucking on the finger I had put in there, all the while smiling at me. I wasn’t sure where she was going with this, but I was completely exhausted. I looked up at Jess with a sad look on my face and said, “Sorry Jess, but I can’t take anymore. I’m about to pass out!”

Jess took my finger out of her mouth and smiled back at me, then leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Then I guess my job here is done!” She then leaned over, kissed my lips, ran her hands up my sides to my boobs, then leaned back onto the other side of the couch. I had just closed my eyes when I felt Jess pick up my leg and the cucumber moving again, a bit worried, I looked down, and watched as Jess slid herself onto the cucumber again, laying my leg on top of her. She then looked at me and whispered, “Good night, Lisa,” putting her head down on one of the pillows on the couch immediately after saying it. When she was done, I just smiled back, despite the fact that she couldn’t see it from where she was, and pulled a pillow off the floor and put it beneath my own head, and fell asleep almost instantaneously.

When I woke up in the morning, I found Jess asleep on her side on me, using my boob for a pillow, with a hand on my other boob (and judging from the boob her hand was on, my nipples were rock hard, which must have made the other one really uncomfortable to sleep on). I don’t remember her moving during the night, so I must’ve been really out. I could still feel the cucumber in me, so while Jess got off of it, she obviously didn’t take it out of me, and there was no way I could get it out of me without moving too much and waking Jess up, so I just left it there. I smiled and put one hand on Jess’s head and the other on the side of her boob that was facing up. I gently ran my hand through her hair, just letting the other hand rest on her boob. I then closed my eyes, meaning to wait for her to wake up, but ended up falling asleep again.

I awoke again to find Jess lightly sucking on the nipple she was sleeping on. She didn’t realize I had woken up and was just intently sucking on my nipple. After watching for a bit, I whispered, “Good morning, beautiful!”

Jess abruptly stopped sucking on my nipple and looked up, blushing a bit, but she just said back, “Same to you honey!”

I smiled at her and asked, “Having fun down there?”

Jess blushed even more, responding, “I couldn’t help myself. I woke up and it was just there, rock hard and staring me in the face. I didn’t think it would wake you up.”

“I have to say, it was a pleasant way to start a day. But,” I began, then sat up bringing Jess with me, then pushed her down onto her side of the couch with me on top of her, and then, looking down into her eyes, continued, “I think I’m the one who owes you!”

Jess looked up at me with a look of confusion on her face and said, “What?”

“I came way more than you last night, so that makes it your turn now!”

“That doesn’t–”

“I’m making you cum right now whether you like it or not!” I yelled that last line at her, though clearly in a joking manner. Before Jess could open her mouth again, I put my mouth on it, and we had our first lengthy kiss since she had come over the night before. While we were kissing, I reached down and pulled the cucumber out that had been in me all night. I was amazed at how empty I felt. I had never gone to sleep with something inside me before (well, except a dick, but those obviously don’t tend to stay in all night with all the movement while sleeping, and even if they do stay in, they don’t stay hard), so having adjusted to being filled all night, I suddenly felt really empty. I broke off the kiss as I brought the cucumber up to my face and perversely licked it in front of Jess. She then grabbed it from me and started licking it more intently. I smiled and watched her lick it for a bit, then started kissing down her body starting at her neck. As I got to her boobs, I spent a lot of time fondling and licking them, as it was my first time really playing with them since she came over, and I do very much love her boobs! They are fantastic, and I am so jealous of them!

After spending what must’ve been at least five minutes on her boobs, I looked up to see that Jess was now leaning her head back, having put the cucumber on the coffee table. Seeing as how she was beginning to breathe heavily, I kissed my way down from her beautiful breasts, kissing her stomach, lightly tonguing her bellybutton, until I reached the top of her slit. I then used the approach Jess used on me the week before, kissing around her lips to the insides of her thighs, taking my time and slowly working towards her slit. I did this for awhile. I felt as Jess started pushing her hips up, trying to get her cunt towards my mouth, but I wasn’t giving in yet! I kept teasing her, apparently too long, as Jess eventually screamed, “Damn it, Lisa, I need you in my pussy!”

As she said this, she grabbed my head and directed it towards her puffy lips. I wasn’t going to give in that easy though! I brought my hands up and pulled Jess’s big puffy lips apart so I could really get to her pink insides. Instead of going straight to her clit though, I went lower and start licking around her hole. Jess tried to shift her hips down so that my tongue got to her tiny clit, but it didn’t work. When she realized this wasn’t working, she actually started grinding her clit against my nose, which was lined up almost perfectly with her clit while my tongue was in her hole. Finally deciding she was desperate enough, I quickly slid my mouth up and sucked on her clit while tonguing it. As soon as I did this, Jess screamed, “Oh fuck yeah!” and I actually felt her nub pop out from her clit hood with my tongue. I took complete advantage of this and tongued her nub like crazy. I let go of one pussy lip and slid that hand up to a boob and started flicking and pinching the nipple. Unfortunately, I quickly realized that, due to the size of her lips (they really are big, especially when they are puffed up when she’s randy!), even letting go of one made it hard to get at her clit, so I ended up bring that hand back down to pull her lips apart again. As soon as I let go of her boob, I felt Jess let go of my head with both her hands, as she brought them up to her own boobs while I tongued her clit. To make up for the lack of pressure from her hands pushing my head into her cunt, Jess started pushing her hips up into my head.

Soon, I felt Jess’s body start lightly shivering. Feeling that, I pushed my tongue hard just below her clit, and slowly dragged it up over her clit. When I first touched her clit with my tongue, I felt her orgasm begin as her hips pushed up hard, her body stiffened, and my chin got noticeably wet as her juices started flowing. However, I didn’t let up and kept slowly dragging my tongue hard along her clit, and Jess soon screamed out, “Fuuuuuuuuuuck!” She held out that ‘u’ the whole time my tongue was touching her clit, and didn’t let up until I did. After my tongue got past her clit, I pulled back and looked up at Jess while gently pulling my hands away from her pussy lips, that were now almost bright red. Jess still had her hips pushed up, and she looked to be holding her breath, though she must have been lightly breathing, as she looked like this for at least a minute.

Finally, Jess let out a long sigh and slowly started lowering her hips. I wasn’t ready to let Jess get away with just one orgasm though! Before her hips reached the ground, I shoved a finger up her ass, followed quickly by a couple fingers in her cunt, making Jess thrust her hips up again. As I started working my fingers into both holes, Jess quickly announced, “Damn it, Lisa! If you’re gonna go back for more, at least swing your sweet pussy up here so I can return the favor!”

I couldn’t help but laugh at that, and I sure as hell couldn’t argue with it, especially as I had started getting worked up eating Jess out. I pulled my fingers out of Jess for a bit as I turned my body around and placed my hips over Jess’s head, which immediately came up and dug in. I have to say this was a slightly awkward position, as Jess’s head was up on a pillow on the arm of the couch, so we were 69ing on a slight incline with my legs balanced on the arm of the couch, but I wasn’t about to stop. Jess immediately went after my clit, which I felt slowly pulling out of its hood. While she was doing this, I had gotten my fingers back in Jess’s asshole and cunt, and tried to rub them against each other through the membrane separating them.

This went on for awhile, with both of us building up the other closer to orgasm. Jess got close first, as I felt her pushing up into me, but then she pushed back down and squeezed her legs together, dramatically limiting my movements on her. As she did this, Jess also shoved a finger in my cunt, and soon a second trying to get me off. I wasn’t giving up on Jess, even if she was trying to hold back! I still had my fingers in her ass and cunt, though not able to move them very much, as I felt myself building up a lot closer to orgasm as she finger fucked me and sucked my clit.

As I grew closer I started pressing my hips down into Jess’s face. She felt this and started rubbing my vagina walls with her fingers, rather than straight finger fucking me. I felt myself getting really close, when all the sudden I felt Jess’s legs relax and spread. I immediately started sawing my fingers hard into both her cunt and ass and pushed my tongue between her puffy lips to get at her clit. Jess quickly pushed her hips up against me, but as she did, I felt her shove a finger up my ass, which put me over the edge. I shoved my cunt as hard as I could down into Jess’s face while I stopped sawing my fingers in Jess and pushed my head as hard as I could against her cunt and screamed out in orgasm. The vibrations caused by my screaming directly into her pussy lips and clit must have set Jess of, as she pushed her face against my cunt (which was already shoved against her face) and screamed directly into me. We both stayed there for what seemed like ages as we got each other off.

Eventually, we both slowed down, stopped, and pulled our fingers out of each other and just laid in post-orgasmic bliss for awhile. When we both seemed recovered, I twisted my body off Jess, pulled up her leg, and sat down in the middle of the couch between her legs, bringing her leg back down across my lap. Once sat down, I began sucking on my fingers that were in Jess. While I did that, Jess sat up facing my side and began sucking her fingers as well, mere inches from me doing the same. As we looked at each other, we smiled, and began overly dramatically sucking our fingers until I couldn’t keep a straight face anymore. I laughed, Jess chuckled, and leaned in to kiss me. We kissed for awhile, our hands running over the upper body of each other.

I ended up being the one who broke off the kiss, but not without good reason. I told Jess, “I really gotta pee, and I really don’t want to wet the couch again!”

Jess laughed as I started to get up, but she wouldn’t let go of my hand. As I turned to look back at her, she whined, “Don’t leave me here!”

After saying that, Jess got up and kissed me standing up. She then continued to kiss me while guiding me backwards to the bathroom. Upon getting to the bathroom, I sat on the toilet, and Jess sat on my lap, still kissing me. When I started peeing, I felt Jess giggle while kissing me, but we kept kissing completely throughout my pee. After Jess heard my pee stop, she broke off the kiss and broke off a couple squares of toilet paper, and reached down between my legs and wiped for me. It was my turn to giggle after this, and after she dropped the paper in the toilet, I said, “Thank you, beautiful!”

Jess giggled again in response and said, “Anytime, honey!”

Having said that, Jess leaned in and gave me a peck on the cheek, then stood up. I followed suit and stood up, and turned to flush the toilet, but before I could do so, Jess pulled me away and sat on the toilet, then pulled me down on her lap. I caught on quickly, and we repeated the process exactly, kissing while Jess peed until I heard her stop, then I wiped for her, after which she said, “Thanks, honey!”

I quickly responded, “Anytime, beautiful!” This was followed by a quick peck on her cheek.

Finally, I got up, followed by Jess, who flushed the toilet, and we both walked back to the couch and sat down, taking the same positions we had in the beginning of the night before (only difference being that we were naked now). We then began talking about the night before, and I explained to her what it felt like having her foot in me, and then she explained how she worked the cucumber between us. I don’t know how long we talked for, as I had never checked a clock when we first got up. Sometime around 11:00, Jess brought up that she was hungry, so I offered to make some breakfast. Jess stayed on the couch while I went to the kitchen and we continued the conversation while I cooked. I soon walked back into the living room with a plate of sunny side up eggs and bacon balanced inside one arm, with two cups of orange juice in that hand, and another plate of eggs and bacon in the other hand (yes, I used to be a waitress).

As we ate, we continued talking. After finishing breakfast, we sat back on the arms of the couch and had a brief lull in the conversation. Suddenly breaking the silence, Jess exclaimed, “I still can’t believe I foot-fucked you last night!”

We had obviously talked about this before, hence the “still.” In response, I shot back, “Well, it’s better than me foot-fucking you!”

This caused both of us to laugh, as, with Jess being much smaller, and my feet being much bigger (between an 8 1/2 and a 9 depending on the brand), it clearly wouldn’t work. After laughing for awhile, Jess stated, “I wonder how far that would go in!”

Not missing a beat, I put a leg out in the air towards Jess and said between laughs, “Wanna try?”

Jess laughed, looked at the foot for awhile, and finally said, “You know what? Why not?”

I was a bit surprised by the response at first, but then thought about the night before and the Saturday before that, and realized I should never doubt anything from Jess. I watched as Jess got into the same position I had gotten into the night before: one leg over the back of the couch, one leg on the coffee table. As she did that, I decided to try and prepare her a bit by spitting on my hands and trying to soak up the front of my foot, knowing damn well I wasn’t going to get much farther than that!

I looked at Jess, she gave me a nod, and I tried to push my toes into her cunt while she held her lips apart for me. I tried to push it in sideways, as Jess had done to me the night before. Clearly not working, Jess maneuvered her hands to spread her lips with one, and grabbed my foot with the other. She aimed my big toe into her cunt, and slowly pushed up and in. I let my leg go limp and Jess do all the work, and soon enough, she had my toes in her, just barely getting past the big toe knuckle. She tried to push in a bit more, but quickly realized that wasn’t going to work. She then tried to twist my foot, but after a brief screech stopped again. Jess then laid back and announced, “Well, I guess that’s as far as it goes. Not much you can do with that.”

I laughed and wiggled my toes. “Nothing?”

“Nothing. Oh well.” After saying that, Jess surprised me by pulling her body back off my foot with no reaction as it came out of her. She sat up and said, “I guess I should start to get going.”

I sat up and inched over next to Jess, put an arm around her and whispered, “At least let me give you a quickie before you leave.” Jess turned her head to kiss me, and, as we kissed, I reached one hand in between Jess’s legs and she reached between mine and returned the favor. We fingered each other for nearly ten minutes, getting each other to a light orgasm, with Jess getting off about a minute before me. When we finished, we licked each other’s fingers clean, tasting our own juices on the other’s fingers, and then kissed for a bit.

I ended up breaking off this kiss also, saying, “I guess it’s my turn to wash my foot now!” My foot had been on the coffee while we fingered each other.

Jess laughed in response, and patted me on the ass as I stood up. I then wobbled off to the bathroom, walking on just the heel of the foot that had Jess’s juices on it. In the bathroom, I turned on the water in the tub and washed my foot there, grabbing my towel off the rack to dry it off.

When I came back into the living room, I saw Jess standing in a skirt now, holding her panties out in front of her. As soon as she noticed me, she tossed the panties to me and said, “I don’t think I’m wearing these.”

As soon as I caught the panties, I dropped them. All I felt when I grabbed them was a crunch, which led me to open my hand immediately. I picked them back up off the floor by the hem and looked at them. The previously white panties were now covered in a yellow crust. I let out an “ewwww,” but it was more out of obligation than disgust, as I was laughing through it. Jess thought that was so funny she bent over laughing, giving me a great shows as her huge tits bounced around. As she got a hold of herself, I asked, “You want to borrow a pair of mine? They might be big on you, but at least its something. I’ll wash these.”

“No thanks,” Jess responded, “I’ll just go commando!” While saying that, Jess flipped up her skirt showing off her bare pussy. Now I bent over laughing, quickly followed by Jess doing the same. As we recovered, Jess grabbed her shirt and said, “I will take you up on that wash though. I have no dire urge to carry those home!”

“No problem. Be careful waving that thing around!” I motioned towards Jess’s crotch while say this last line, leading Jess to smirk back at me. I then watched as Jess put on her tank top without a bra. She put it over her arms and head and rested it on top of her shelf-like chest. Then I watched as she pulled the shirt over each boob, then tucking each boob into place after the shirt was below them, and then finally pulling the bottom of the shirt down. She had no bra, the shirt had no built in bra, and yet her tits looked like they were being pushed out the top, they were just that naturally perky, despite their ridiculous size. “Damn, girl! I’d kill for those tits!”

Jess looked down and cupped her tits through her shirt. “These things? Don’t worry yourself about them. I like to show them off, cause that’s all they’re good for, but most the time they just get in the way. Too big for my taste. I’d much rather have yours – big, but not too big, with big, tasty nipples.” As she said the last of this, she walked over to me, cupped my naked breasts, and gave a light kiss to each nipple after that last comment, bringing them both to attention.

“Ha! Talk about getting in the way, these nipples are always in the way!” I lightly pinched my nipples as I said this. “I can’t get away with not wearing a bra ever, as even soft these bad boys show through! And if I go anywhere respectable, I have to wear a padded bra, as if I get cold or horny these things will poke through anything!” I then lightly cupped Jess’s tits through her shirt. “I’d much rather have to deal with these!”

Jess laughed. “To each their own I guess.” She leaned in and lightly kissed my lips, while we gave each other’s breasts a gentle squeeze. After the squeeze, Jess turned around and strapped her shoes on, and then flipped her hair over her head, and then back, running her hands through it and making it look somewhat decent. She was a bit flushed and her hair was clearly not in its best condition, but she didn’t look too bad. I don’t think anyone would guess she had been having sex with me all morning and the night before just by looking at her. She then picked up her purse, and walked to the door, with me following.

Jess unlocked the door, then turned around to face me. She grabbed my head with both of her hands and pulled me in for a kiss. I let my tongue out to meet hers, put one hand on the back of her head, and the other on her back, and slid it down to her thigh. As I slid my hand down, Jess slid both hers down from my head to my tits, just lightly holding her palms against them. I then slid my hand up under her skirt to her pussy, sliding my middle finger up her slit. As I did so, Jess broke off the kiss, slid her hands down off my breasts, and pulled back and opened the door. She whispered in my ear, “Until next week,” as she quickly slid a finger into my slit, and then turned around and left, closing the door behind her.

I turned around and leaned against the door, closed my eyes, and took a deep breath. When I let it out, I stood up, and walked over to the couch, ready to start the cleaning.

As a side note to the story, that night (after getting all the cleaning done, which I did in fact get done), I actually took the cucumber we had used, which Jess had left on the coffee table, and cut it up for a salad, though not before measuring it out of sheer curiosity (hence knowing the dimensions stated earlier). I had some of the salad with dinner, and had enough left over for a few lunches at work that week. And every time I had a piece of cucumber in that salad, I felt myself get a little damp, knowing where it had been.

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