What Are Best Friends For?

Chapter 1

I've known Nicole my whole life. Well, almost all my life, we moved next door to her family when we were both two. Now, we're fourteen.

So, we have basically grown up together and we're best buds. We've slept over at each other's houses, in the same bedroom, no, don't get any ideas nothing has really ever happened. No, not even playing 'Doctor and Nurse.'

I did that with Kathy Burrows. Hers were the first tits I'd ever seen, well, they were barely swollen nipples, really. But hers was the first pussy I ever saw and the first one I ever licked. Boy did she go crazy for that. She had me licking and tonguing her almost every day after school. And, she gave me my first blowjob. The first of many. Sadly she moved away a year and a half ago. My dick hasn't been happy since.

Now, I do have a girlfriend, Olivia, who's in my grade at school; we're both fourteen.
She's five three, long brown hair down below her shoulders, nice figure, brown eyes, bubbly personality. She's a bit of a tease sometimes and one night when we were making out, she reached up and undid the top button on her blouse.

"I did the first one, Noah, you can do the rest," she said with a sparkle in her eyes. Oh, did I. I had her blouse open in no time, squeezing her boob-filled bra.

"It unhooks in the back, Noah, hint, hint," as she kissed me.

So, again I lost no time reaching around and unfastening the hook and she slipped her blouse and bra off in one sweeping movement.

Oh, they were so pretty. Olivia has some Italian blood in her from her mother's side and her skin looks like she has a nice tan. And she sat in front of me, bare to the waist, tan all over like she would be at a nude beach. Her breasts were perfect. They just stood out from her chest, straight out, topped with the prettiest pink nipples, all puffy and perfect.

I have sucked those nipples countless hours, I never tire of having one in my mouth and she has begun undoing my fly and jacking me off as I suck them. Oh, it's wonderful. Her hand moving up and down, over and over, until my cum gushes out. She just loves it when I cum.

Lately, I've gotten my hand down in her panties and she's sucked me a few times, swallowed, too. The first time she took me in her mouth, I think I lasted under a minute. The feeling was so luscious, wet, slippery, warm, oh, it was wonderful.

But now, I'm scared. Well, not scared exactly, more unsure about how to do it, how to go all the way. I was pretty sure that we were headed toward intercourse and I was sure she was a virgin. So was I. I just wanted our first time to be good, that's all.

So, I was at Nicole's, her parent's had just left to go to dinner and a movie, and we were talking about the two people we were dating, she was going out with a guy a year older, Brenden.

"Nic, Olivia and I are getting kinda far along in making out. You know, um, it looks like maybe going all the way might come up pretty soon. Have you done it with Brenden? Oh, I'm not trying to be nosey, I just don't know how to do it, I've never gone all the way before. Have you?"

"Oh, that's funny, Noah, I've been thinking the same thing. Brenden and I have been getting pretty hot, well, you know, and what we've done so far is pretty straightforward. The stuff that kindof comes naturally. But, I don't know, the next step is a big one. One I've never done and really don't know how. I know what you mean."

"Well, I'm really nervous about doing it. I mean I really want to but it's just scary not having done it before. All the other stuff seems easy."

"Exactly, and sex-ed is nothing," said Nicole.

"Oh, don't talk to me about sex-ed. All that disease stuff, nothing about how to really do it when the time comes. Big help."

"Well, I suppose we could try it on each other first."

I sat there a minute as the words sunk in.

"Each other?"

"Well, we're good friends, we've known each other forever, we're not embarrassed around each other. It was just a thought."

"You really mean sex? Like all the way sex?"

Nicole laughed and said, "Yeah, I guess that's what I meant. Is that so awful? Am I that bad?"

"Oh, no, Nic, no, I didn't mean that at all. No, you're really very pretty. I mean any guy would want to do it with you."

"Even you, Noah?"

Well, I couldn't say 'no,' could I? I thought to myself.

"Yeah, sure, even me, of course."

"Well, we would find out what it's like, you know, with each other, like practice, so we feel sure of what we're doing," and as she said that, she got up and came over and sat next to me on the sofa.

"Whaddaya think?"

"Yeah, I guess we could," and as I said that she started to unbutton her shirt and took it off. Then she reached back and loosened her bra and dropped it off her shoulders.

My best friend.

Well, she was taking on a little different view from where I was sitting, right next to her. She had the most beautiful breasts, perfect in every way, size, shape, everything.

"Well, Noah, don't just sit there," and she took my hand and brought it up to her breast.

I was so stunned by all this that I just sat there with my hand on her breast, not moving it, just letting it lay there.

"You can feel my boobs, Noah, are you all right?"

"Uh, yeah, I just, oh, you are so beautiful. You're perfect," and I bent over to suck her nipple as I rubbed and caressed the other. I felt her hand press down on my pants, oh, we were going to do this.

"Um, uh, Nicole, we need protection, don't we?"

"Yes, oh, god, how could I not think of it myself. I've got some condoms in my bedroom, let's go back," and I followed my topless best friend to her room.

"I've had them just in case, you know. Just something else to remember. Now, where were we?" as she put her arms around me and kissed me, kissed me like her lover, not her best friend. Best friends don't use their tongues. Well, maybe they do.

After a minute or two, we broke off and she pulled me to her bed.

"I guess if we're gonna do this, we need our clothes off," and she bent down and pulled her shorts off and then her panties. She stood there naked, my best friend in the world. Naked and totally beautiful, some curly brown hair covering where I so wanted to be, up inside my best friend.

"Nicole, you are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. I just…I don't know what to say. You're perfect."

"Well, if maybe I live long enough, I'll get to see you, Noah."

"Oh, sorry," and I pulled off my tee shirt and loosened my belt, slipped down my shorts and stood there in my bulging briefs.

"Can I see what's inside the briefs, Noah?"

"Sorry," and I tugged them down and kicked them over to the corner.

"Oh, um, that's some bigger than I'd imagined."

"How far have you and Brenden gone?"

"Oh, he's had my top and bra off, not much else, so far."

"So you haven't seen his dick."

"No, I guess it must be kind of like your's, huh? Are they pretty much all the same?"

"Well, I haven't spent my life so far checking out other guy's equipment, but, yeah, probably."

"It looks pretty big to me. That's supposed to fit up inside me, huh?"

She reached over and took my dick in her hand, "Ooh, it really does get hard. And the end is so soft, really soft, like silk."

Don't ask me why but when my best friend took my dick in her hand, it was more exciting than then my girlfriend first did it. Go figure. But, anyway, it felt wonderful.

"Boys like it rubbed back and forth, right?"

"Oh, this boy sure does," as she stroked me back and forth.

"Should I do it until you cum? That's what happens, right?"

"Um, yeah, uh, if you want to."

"Noah, do you want me to?"

"Oh, yeah, I really do, yes."

So she kept going as I felt her beautiful breasts.

"Oh, wow, I'm getting close. You'll see it all fly out the end of my penis pretty soon."

And, the male reproductive system being as predictable as it is, yes, cum began arcing out of my happy cock all over her arm, and some on her left breast.

"Wow, look at it. It really spurts out."

"Well, maybe I'm just used to it, Nicole."

"How often do you do it, you know, to yourself?"

"Pretty much every day. Really more than that, twice, three times. You do it, too, right? Your own way."

"Yeah, pretty much every day, well, more, really, it does feel good."

"Maybe I can do it for you. Like you did for me."

She wiped her finger across the glob of cum on the breast and licked it off.

"Hmm, wondered about that. Why do some girls say it tastes bad? That's not so bad, salty, kind of, but okay. Um, do me, like masturbate me, with your hand, your fingers?"

"Well, yeah, I guess so and maybe use my mouth. Oral sex? You know."

"If we're trying to see what it's all like and everything, yeah, I guess so. Let's get on my bed" and she got up and I followed her.

We kissed some more and I slipped my hand between her legs.

"Mmm, here," she said as she widened her legs out. I began rubbing my fingers up and down along the opening of her pussy, she was damp, wet, really, and soon she had her eyes closed, her head thrown back and whispered, "Put your finger inside, Noah, use it."

I led my finger between her pussy's lips, right up inside her and started finger-fucking her. She was moving her hips around, obviously enjoying every move of my hand.

"Oh, Noah, that feels so good, so much better than when I do it. Oh, just keep going. Oh, and, here's my clit, see, right here, rub it and it'll really get me off good."

Aha, so that's where a girl's clit is. And I always thought it was way up inside her pussy somewhere. Okay, don't laugh, that's what I thought. And I quickly found out how I could use it to send my best friend right up through the roof.

"Oh, god, Noah, oh, oh, you're doing it so good, I'm…UUH, UUH, ooh, ooh, that's wonderful, oh, yes, oh, so good, it feels so good."

Wow, she really gets off big time. Her legs were clamped around my hand holding me inside her, I was still trying to move my finger around to make her feel good.

"Oh, Noah, that was so much better than when I do it. Oh, you're really good at doing me," and she leaned forward and kissed me deeply as she rubbed my cock.

"Well, it's really the first time I've ever done it to a girl. I liked doing it, it was fun, Nicole. You really had a hell of an orgasm."

"Oh, I sure did, thank you, it was wonderful. I think I'll keep you around. Maybe that's what best friends are for."

"I'd do that anytime, Nicole, anytime."

"So, do we do it? You know, the real thing?"

"We're naked, why not?" I answered as she handed me the condom.

"Let's see, how did they do this in sex-ed?"

"Oh, give it back, I'll do it. Boys," and she tore the packet open, rubbed my cock a bit and rolled it on, then got up on the bed and spread her legs wide open.

Wow, her pussy was right there, wide open, waiting for me. She was so pretty, so sexy, my best friend, sexy. Yes, she was. Sexy.

I got up between her legs and she said, "I don't think I have a cherry, my sister gave me a big dildo thing for a joke gift and I think that took care of it the first time I used it. But go slow, just in case."

I eased up to her, pressing my dick between her pussy's lips, rubbing it up and down, then pushed. I looked down and it did look like I was inside some.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, go ahead," and I pushed some more, looked down and saw that I was in a little further. Then, she pushed down and I was all the way inside her.

"Okay," she whispered and I began going in and out of her, slowly at first, then a little faster.

"Oh, Noah, that feels so good. Oh, really good. How about you?"

I almost couldn't answer, it felt so good, I was just overwhelmed. She was so wet and smooth and silky inside, every movement was heavenly. Nothing had ever felt this good.

"It's wonderful, Nicole, I can't believe how wonderful. And you are so beautiful, oh, I want us to do this forever."

"Well, we don't have forever, Noah, my folks will be home in about an hour. But we have an hour, so let's enjoy it."

Oh, and we did. She put her legs up in the air, up over my shoulders and I fucked into her directly and deeply.

"Oh, Noah, oh, that is so good, you're really deep inside, oh, it just feels so good. Just push down and let me do it," and I pressed into her and she began moving her hips around in a circle as I pushed.

Oooh, Nicole, I'm gonna cum, I can't hold off, that's so good, I'm…UUH, UUH…" and I filled the end of the condom full as she kept circling her hips.

"Mmm, mmm, oh, yes, it's so…OOOH, OOOH, OOOH…" and she bucked against me over and over, her fingers digging into my hips pulling me into her, her legs splayed wide, my cock deep inside her.

I moved toward her and we held each other as the sensuous, erotic feelings washed over us.

"That was incredible, Noah. Just incredible. I've never felt so happy. Oh, thank you," and she kissed me passionately with her tongue probing my mouth, a lover's kiss, not one of best friend's.

We lay there entwined, my cock still inside her as she moved under me keeping the feeling alive, then whispered, "I think we meed more practice, Noah, don't you? Maybe tomorrow after school?"

"Yeah, practice makes perfect. Right after school, right?"

So we lay there a few more minutes just enjoying the time together, naked, so happy, satisfied. Somehow, things were feeling different. I had the distinct feeling that Nicole and I were becoming more than best friends.

Chapter 2

So, I was at Nicole's first thing after school and the door swung open even before I rang the bell.

"This is all I've been thinking about all day long. C'mon Noah, more practice," and I followed her back to her room, as I had many times before, but this time for a whole new and exciting reason all together.

As soon as we were in her room, she started taking her clothes off and was soon standing before me completely naked. Completely naked and beautiful, I might add.

"Noah, what's wrong, you still have your clothes on."

"Uh, well, you know, what we're gonna do, maybe we should kiss first, you know?"

"Yes, Noah, you're absolutely right. I've just been thinking of this so much today. I guess I'm a little over-eager. I mean, last night was so exciting and all. But, you're right," and she stepped toward me, put her arms around me, lifted her head and gave me a long, kiss that became more passionate as it went on.

As I held her, my hands roving all around, taking in the expanse of her smooth, bare skin, my hunger for her grew even faster than my cock. I wanted Nicole. I wanted her sexually, I wanted her emotionally, I wanted her for my own, period.

I pulled back, sat on the bed and began sucking her beautiful breasts as one hand reached under her as she widened her stance. She was very wet and I was able to slip a finger into her easily.

"Mmm, that's nice, Noah, but don't you think you want to take your clothes off now. I really want to make love with you."

We were soon naked together on her bed, kissing, groping, feeling, playing, having fun, sexual fun with each other.

"I want to lick you, Nicole. I never did last night," I said as she opened her legs and laid back. Oh this was so lovely, her pretty pussy, laid open, ready for me. I began licking up and down and then I made my tongue hard and pressed it up and down between her pussy lips, she moaned.

"Mmm, oh, Noah, that feels wonderful, oh, I want you now, come up here and fuck me now."

I got up, gripped my cock and pushed the tip into her.

""Oh, god, the condom. Damn, it's on the top of my dresser. Oh, how could I forget that," and I got up, got the condom and, now, properly protected, I once again pushed into her as she wiggled her butt to help.

"Oh, that's what I've wanted all day. Is it good, Noah?"

"Oh, I am so happy, Nicole, it is so better than good, it's wonderful. I love you so much."

I realized right then that I said that I loved her and that I meant it in a new way. I just didn't know if she knew the new way I meant it.

"Yes, it does feel so good. Maybe next we should try a different position, you know, as practice. Maybe me on top. I've heard that girls really like it that way."

"I think there's hundreds of positions, Nic, maybe we should keep a list. Might be fun, huh?"

"Hmm, bet you'd like that. Actually, I think maybe I'd like that."

Well, that's interesting, I thought, she seems to want us to continue our after-school practice sessions. Sure would make me happy.

"Oh, I like it when you push hard when you go in all the way. It really feels great when you do that."

We went on for several more minutes, the feelings so good, so sensual, I just knew I was going to cum soon.

"Oooh, Noah, I'm really close…UUH, UUH, uuh, ooh, Noah, you make me so happy, oh, this feels so good," as she wraps her legs up around my back pulling me deeply into her.

Right after her orgasm, I felt the telltale tingling in my cock as my body tensed and I drove into her spurting my cum into the condom protecting my best friend and, now, my lover.

After we hugged and kissed for a few minutes, I pulled out of her and went and got rid of the condom. When I came back, Nicole asked me, "Are you ready to make love again?"

I walked over to her bed with my cock pointing at her which she reached out to hold and she said, "I guess this answers my question," raised up and slid her mouth over me and sucked me as I stood there with my head tilted back and my eyes closed.

Then she lay back on her bed, reached over and handed me another condom and said, "I want to be on top this time, I've heard so much about it. Okay? I'll do all the work this time."

"I really don't consider this work, Nicole, oh, not at all," as I rolled the condom on and lay down next to her.

"Let's see, um, okay, now, let's get it in me," she said as she got up over me, reached under and wiggled her way onto my dick. When it got about half way inside her, she just pushed down hard and sat right on my pelvic bone.

"Oooh, yes, now I see, oh, that feels really great," as she began lifting up and pushing down, over and over. I was loving this because my hands were free to range all over her beautiful body, especially her lovely round and full breasts.

"Does it feel good, Noah?"

"Oh, Nicole, it's wonderful. You're really doing this good, it feels so good."

"I love it when I push down on you and it goes up more into me. Mmm, let me wiggle on you, how's that?"

She pushed down on me, then moved her pussy around on me and my dick just rubbing it all around inside her.

"Oh, Nicole, that's wonderful, feels so good."

"Mmm, for me, too. I love doing this."

"I'm gonna cum pretty soon."

"Oh, me, too, I'm really close, almost, uuh, UUH, UUH, oh, oh, oh, Noah, I love you so much, mmm," and she slid over me kissing me as her hips continued working up and down.

"I'mmmm…UHH, UHH, uh, uh, oh, mmm, oh, I love you so much, Nicole, so much."

She dropped over onto me covering my face with kisses, still rocking up and down on me keeping the wonderful feelings so alive.

"Mmm, this is wonderful, oh, I love being on top. We'll have to practice this a lot, okay?"

"Whatever you say, Nicole, whatever you say."

"You just want to do this, don't you, Noah?"

"With you, I do, that's for sure. I think I need to go buy us a lot of condoms. We need plenty of practice before we do this with Olivia and Brenden. Right?"

"Oh, lots, lots. Do you think we could do it again this afternoon?"

"Well, let me see," and I started to rub myself up and down to see how hard I could get.

"I can do that better, Noah," she said as she pulled my hand away, bent over and began sucking me. Oh, could she ever.

In a minute, she raised up and said, "All nice and hard and ready. How about doggie-style. Some of my friends say it's their favorite," and she turned around and got up on her hands and knees with her feet spread apart and I put on another condom, got up between her legs, and put my cock right up against her pretty, wet slit which was so eagerly waiting for me.

I was able to push right up into her going all the way in, she was so wet and ready.

"Mmm, that's so nice, Noah."

Oh, it was so nice. I was pulling almost all the way out of her, just leaving the tip end of my dick in her, then slowly pushing all the way inside, all the way buried in her. Then, I would push hard as she rotated her hips around and around, then pull back out again. Oh, it was delicious.

Then, Nicole was so wet and juicy that I could pull all the way out and just slide my cock right back up into her back and forth, back and forth.

As I did this, my hands were gripping her butt and my thumbs were rubbing up and down her glistening pussy lips as I penetrated between them over and over.

"Oh, that feels so good, you rubbing my pussy like that and going so nice and slow. Mmm, I just love doing it like this."

"Nicole, I think you just like doing it, no matter how."

"Oh, Noah, I think you're right. This is really what best friends are for. I really love doing it with you," and with that, she wiggled her butt.

It was all I needed, "UUNH, UUNH, UUNH, uh, uh, oh, Nicole, oh, I love you so much. I really love you, Nicole."

I started fucking her faster as she lowered her head to the mattress keeping her butt up in the air and moaning as I went in and out.

"Mmm. mmm. mmm, oh, Noah, oh, make me cum, Noah. Oh, that's so good, so good. OOOH, OOOH, oh, oh, oh, um, um, oh, Noah. I love you, Noah. So much. Oh, don't stop, just don't stop."

I kept plunging down into her upturned pussy, pushing in as far as I could, then pulling out all the way, then back inside her down to her depths. Then, I could feel my turn again. I couldn't believe I was cumming again.

"Oh, Nicole, oh, I'm…UUNH, UUNH, UUNH, uh, uh, uh, oh, Nicole, I love you, oh, so much. Oh, this is so good."

I fell over her, kissing the back of her neck and her shoulders as I continued slowly stroking in and out of her.

"Mmm, oh, Noah, this is so nice. Mmm, I love you and I love us doing this."

"Oh, me, too, Nicole. I'm so happy we're doing this."

We lay there, blissful and contented, my cock slowly contracting but still warm and happy inside, inside the girl I loved.

It was getting late so we got dressed and, as I went to the front door to go home, she put her ams around me, kissed me deeply, then whispered, "I want you to be thinking about what we're going to do tomorrow afternoon. I've got a few ideas, you think of some, too," and with that, she put her hand on my crotch and softly squeezed me goodbye.

Wow, tomorrow, I thought walking home, we seem to be doing this every day now. That's just great with me. Oh, yes, for sure.

The next afternoon, Nicole let me in the front door in a robe and immediately upon closing it, took it off and I followed her beautiful firm butt cheeks up to her room where she wheeled around and threw her arms around me and kissed me as passionately as I'd ever been kissed.

"Mmm, I've been waiting for this all day. Let's get you naked," and she began undressing me. As she tugged my briefs to the floor, she leaned forward, mouth open, and took me inside for a few nice welcome sucks.

"Oh, boy, you're sure hard. Look at you," she said as she stood and pulled me by the cock into her bathroom.

"Why are we in here, we gonna shower together?"

"I like the idea but, no, I'm getting up on the counter and you can do me right here. Put this on," and she hands me a condom which I roll on.

"Why, on the counter, Nicole?"

"Oh, Sandy Pierce told me it's her favorite place to do it. So, I thought we could try it, okay?"

Well, if it's good enough for Sandy Pierce, then it's good enough for me. She was our school's favorite cheerleader and a girl every guy lusted after. So, I pushed my sheathed dick up against Nicole as she held her pussy's lips apart and shoved my way inside. Ah, that wonderful feeling again.

"Oooh, yes, Noah, this is nice, just the right height. Push in real good, okay?"

I pressed hard, getting all the way inside and then began going in and out. She lifted her legs and I took each one hooked in my arms like I was carrying her by her legs and thrust in and out.

"Mmm, boy, this sure feels good. Oh, yeah, really good."

As I'm fucking her, she's gently pinching my nipples, something I'd never had done before, or even thought of, for that matter. It was kindof sexy when Nicole did it.

"We're getting pretty good at this, Noah. It's sure fun to practice. Practice makes perfect, right? Here, just hold yourself up against me, in real deep, yeah, just like that. Now, let me, umm, ooh, do this, oh, yeah, that's good. Is it good for you?"

"Oh, Nicole, you're gonna get me off real quick like this. That just feels great."

I held still standing in front of her as Nicole flexed her muscles deep inside her. It felt like she was slowly milking me with her pussy and I knew that I was going to cum pretty soon.

"Mmm, mmm, oh, Noah, oh, OOH, OOH, OOH, oh, I love you so much, Noah, so much."

"I'm…UUH, UUH, UUH, uh, oh, oh, Nicole, oh, you are so wonderful, I love you more than anything. You are so perfect, so perfect," and I hugged her to me as we kissed and kissed.

In a few minutes, I pulled out of her and flushed the condom down the john, then helped her down off the counter.

"I'll have to tell Sandy that being up on the counter worked really well. Come on in my room, I think we need to talk," and she led me to her bed where we lay down facing each other, petting, kissing, touching.

"Noah, I think I've come to a decision. Um, I'm going to quit seeing Brenden. I just don't think I'm very interested in him any more."

"Gee, that's kind of what we were doing this for, so we would be experienced, you for Brenden, me for Olivia. Do you not want to do this any more?"

"Oh, Noah, I've loved every second of our being together and having sex. I've loved it so much. It's just shown me that I don't really have strong enough feelings to be this intimate with Brenden. It's not Brenden that I want to be with."

"Well, sure, I guess then you need to find someone new."

"Well, Noah, um, well, yeah, maybe I will. Yeah."

"I guess I haven't thought much about Olivia lately, myself. She's called me a few times but I really haven't been to see her or anything. We've been doing this and, I dunno, it's just, well, we've been so much together and all, well, I really haven't thought much about her is all."

"But we were doing this to get experience so we could be with them. Now, we're not sure we want to be with either one of them."

"Well, Nicole, I really, uh, I mean…well, I like being with you and us doing this. I mean, it's more than sex, well…"

"I know, it's become, oh, I don't know, more than it was in the beginning. I mean I really want to be with you, Noah. It's sex and everything but it's more than that."

"I really think I want to be with you, Nicole, not Olivia, I think I love you, I want you to be my girlfriend, not just my friend."

Nicole rolled up over me kissing me, her tongue running in and out of my mouth, her body rubbing all over mine, just pulling me tight to her.

"Oh, Noah, yes, that's what I want, too. I love you so much and after we started having sex I just knew that you were the one I wanted, not Brenden. I love you, not him."

"I did, too, I mean, I like Olivia a lot and all but you're the one I want for my girlfriend and, yes, once we started with sex, I just kind of forgot about Olivia. I just want you."

"Well, maybe we can make love as boyfriend and girlfriend, not just friends. Think you're ready for some more, boyfriend?"

"Well, look right here, does that look ready?" I asked pointing at my erection. I got up, got a condom out of her dresser, rolled it on, then she pulled me over between her legs and I was soon inside her where I wanted to be forever.

So, we fucked that day and almost every day after until just a few hours ago. Nicole talked with her mother, they're very close, and convinced her that the pill is a good idea since her daughter was now sexually active.

That brought everything out and from then on, when I stayed over at her house, we slept together, actually getting very little sleep and it was also allowed that we could spend all the time we wanted in her room with the door closed. You know what we were doing. Right.

After high school, we went off to the same university and after the first year, we got an apartment together and spent our days in classes and labs, our evenings studying and our nights nestled in each other's arms after some wonderfully athletic sex.

We've now been married four years and have a beautiful two-year old daughter and are expecting another little girl in three months. Nicole is just as horny as ever, maybe even more so, has me do her doggie-fashion at least once, sometimes twice a day. And, we're still best of friends.

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