Angelas and Martin P2 repost

Angela and Martin p2: Angela's session.

Finally that little twerp left. Angela hated her brother Martin with all her mightyet, for some reason, she felt a tingle from down below. There's no way, she thought. I mean, it was my brother for fuck's sake! But as she reached down to wipe, she noticed she was wetter than usual. A lot wetter. Her brother walking in on her made her wet. No, she thought. It was just a lot of piss that's all. In the back of her mind, though, she knew her pussy couldn't lie to her.

Angela needed a shower. It was her way of washing her body and mind clear of all these disgusting thoughts and feelings. And it would make her brother have to wait longer to pee, too. She turned on the hot water then the cold and waited for it to get warm. While she waited she got undressed and admired herself in the mirror. She had perfect 34C boobs with mid- sized areolas and smallish nipples. They were her favorite part of her body. Her face was round with deep blue eyes and dark red hair. They lived in Miami so it would be un-American for her not to have even the slightest tan. Her ass was by all means, perfect, is wasn't too big for her shape, rounded, and protruded enough for it to turn heads when she went to the beach.

Once she was done admiring the goddesses image that is her body, the water was at the right temperature. She stepped in and closed the (cute!) clear shower curtain and let the water run all down her body. Angela loved that feeling. When she decided to wash herself, she grabbed the liquid soap and squeezed some of the gel out onto her poof. Taking a few steps to get from under the shower's spray, she turned and lathered up the thing. The room filled with the scent of lavender and raspberries. She started to rub it on her arms, starting at her shoulder and making her way down to her hands. She switched hands and rubbed from her hand up this time. She reached her shoulder and continued up to her neck, rubbing all around it and moving down to her breasts. Maybe I can get rid of the poof now, she thought and set it down. Angela put more soap on her hands and lathered them up. Once they were good and soapy, she massaged her breasts. They were more than handfuls and kept slipping so she had to keep a steady motion. It was around this time that she thought she heard the door openor close. She ignored it though and kept mawing her boobs.

She got an idea and decided go roll with it. She had a crush on one of the guys in her school: Josh Greyson. He was a senior. Josh was 6'1" around 200 lbs. a played as a linebacker for the varsity football team. He had blond hair, dark brown eyes, and sharp masculine features. She had seen him with his shirt of at the beach so she knew he had a serious six pack and defined pecs. He wore tank tops all the time at school so everyone got a glimpse of arms that rivaled those of Vin Diesel or Gerard Butler. His legs were those of someone who carried that bulk and could run faster than most of the track team.

Angela imagined it was him that was groping her breasts and loved it. She imagined him standing in the shower with her, the water running down his muscular frame. Then he pinched and pulled at her nipples which were already erect. She caught herself mid fantasy. Her bed was more comfortable than standing up. Although, she would have to change her sheets

Oh well! It was worth it. She finished up her soaping of her body, spending a little extra time washing between her legs, and rinsed off. She stepped out of the shower, grabbed her towel, and dried herself off. There was no need to wrap it around her so she threw it in the hamper and walked into her room. Her sanctuary. Her cocoon. Her own private little piece of heaven. Angela literally jumped onto the bed and thought back to her shower dream

Josh was with her in the bed now. He was mashing her breasts together. She loved feeling his surprisingly soft hands push her boobs inwards. She started to breathe a little quicker and more ragged. Her imagination now completely took over. His hands started to go in circles, slowly getting softer until just his fingers gently brushed over her skin. His hands made the circles get smaller and smaller making their way to the nipples in the center. Josh started to gently pinch them eliciting a moan from Angela every few seconds. He pinched harder and she made a noise between a purr and a whine. She wanted him to go farther, and without even telling him, he slid his hands down her body. He was just barely touching her as he went, sending shivers all through her body. He made tiny circles while making the descent as well. It was as if he was in her head or something. When he was just under her bellybutton, he slowed to an almost standstill still making those lovely light circles. Josh wanted to let the anticipation build. By now, Angela was making soft moans that were getting louder as he went lower. He was driving her insane.

Just before he reached her slit, he lifted his hand away, causing her to whimper a little. But he didn't disappoint her for long. The next thing she knew, a finger was trying to get into her extremely wet pussy. She opened her legs more to let him in and he slid into place very easily. She released a sigh of content, finally he was in her. Josh moved his finger in slowly but surely, knowing she was still a virgin. When he reached her cherry, he slid his finger out until just the tip of it was in and slid in back in just a little faster. He started a rhythm of in and out, in and out. Now, she was gasping for air she was breathing so fast. Angela's pussy literally squelched with his every movement. He added a finger to his ministrations. Josh was driving her crazy! She was moaning louder now but she knew she had to keep quiet so her brother didn't come in to investigate. She decided to put her pillow over her face so Martin couldn’t hear her enjoying her boy toy.

She could feel her juices flowing to meet his fingers in that steady motion. "Ooohhhh" she moaned through the pillow. She was close now. Her body was rising to meet his thrusts. He added another finger to add to her pleasure. She wanted him to move faster and, as if through telepathy, he did. Her desperate cries of "Oohh yeah", "Oh Goooood", and "Fuck (among other profanities)" were smothered by the pillow. She could feel the goose bumps spread across her body despite the heat of her room. The tingling feeling started deep within her pussy and went all over her body. "I'm CUUUMMMIINNNGG!" she screamed to her imaginary partner. Her whole being tensed, mind and body. Her fingers were moving frantically in and out of her sopping wet pussy. Every muscle inside her contracted and tried to lock those fingers in place, as if they should be there normally. But, as she was cumming, her mind flooded with the image of her brother fingering her instead of Josh. She literally gushed with her Martin's image burned into her head.

Her high died down and reality snapped back into place. Angela also realized what she had gotten off to: her brother. With his fingers inside of her. Disgust filled the pit of her stomach until she thought she would puke. How did this happen!?! she thought. That little bastard is such a twerp and a prude! Why can't I stop these feelingsHer mind was everywhere and nowhere all at once. She wanted to stop these feelings so bad but she couldn't resist thinking about her brother. He was just starting to become a person to her.

Just then she heard the bathroom door slam. He waited all this time to pee? she wondered. I have an idea! some twisted part of her said. We can pay him back for walking in on you. it said. With that she got up, put on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, and went to the bathroom door. When she heard the piss hitting the toilet water, she exacted her supposed revenge.

"I caught YOU peeing now you litt-"

She was the dumbfounded one now.

Part 3?

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