Shape Shifter

So this a fantasy story of Shape shifters . So I was a 18 yr old boy and I used to live in a small town. I am not like the usual guys who is built , but small and thin .So didnt spend much time with the hot girls, instead spent half my days in dreaming about them.

So like every neighborhood , mine was quite lonely and in the woods. And in the house next to mine an old lady used to live. So there comes this summer vacation where the old lady was visited by her grand daughter Devonna. She was 24 years old,is one the most beautiful hot cute woman that I have ever seen. I was at awe from the very first time I looked at her. There was something in her , her looks , her smile everything was perfect.

So like every guy I ended up thoughtlessly following Devonna without even knowing what to do. I know I couldn't even get to talk to her. So there was a day when I saw her coming out of her house and wandering into the forest and like usual times I followed her. As the forest grew more thick, in a few seconds I lost her. I was so frustrated that I missed my chance and walked further in search of her. In a few min, I decided to return back home cause I wasn't able to find her.I was leaving to get help. But as I turned there she was right in front of me. I said " u scared me there" she asked "what are you doing here?" and I replied " I saw you walk into the forest , I just wanted to warn you of the dangers here and wanted you to be safe" and she smiled and said " so you waited until I reached half of the forest to say that eh?" I said "If had said it therethen this conversation wouldn't have been happening now, but now I get to walk you home ". She smiled and we started walking back home and I was telling her about the town and people and random stuff. As we reached home she thanked me for trying to scare her and we went our ways.

Days passed Even after getting acquainted ,Devonna kept her distance . So one day through my window noticed a man in their house. And as days went by I stated seeing this guy in her room , but never saw him or go out of their house even. So I developed the interest of finding who the guy is , so I started spying on Devonna. As I started closely noticing Devonna, things started getting mysterious She used to keep disappearing all of a sudden. So then came the day when she went into the forest again all of a sudden in the middle of the night and I followed her like usual. She went into an old abandoned house down by the lake. So this time I followed her closely so that I don't miss her . I saw her climbing up the stairs of the abandoned house so I climbed through the window and got into the house and started walking. She was standing at the middle of the house I snuck into the closet near the door and saw through the large hole on what she was up to . What I saw then changed my whole life from then on. All of a sudden Devonna was shaking and her body was melting and expanding.Her dress was tearing apart. Devonna was growing up right before my eyes and her face was completely bizarre. I started to think I was imagining things because it was more like seeing some animated movie. And by the time I could even think anything else Devonna was a fully grown built man, the same man that I used to see in her house. I couldnt even believe what I just saw and my heart was pounding really fast.I closed my eyes for a min and was thinking what to do and then I decided to run back home. Just as I came out of the closet , something hit me.

I woke up and as I opened my eyes I was tied to a chair. When I woke up, there was Devonna in her own form. She said "hey finally you are back to your senses I hope".I asked " who are you or what are you?" . She replied "you cant seem to keep yourself out of trouble Y do you have to keep following me?. I really tried to keep cutting you off , but you don't seem as the kind to give up. Anyways to answer your question I am Devonna and I am the grand daughter of your neighbor. And I am a shape shifter. You know what a shape shifter is?. I was totally clueless and she read that from my face.She continued saying "We are special kind of people who can shift into anything that our minds want to living and non living.Certain people call it a gift and some people call it freaky.Depends on how you see it." and she went on to explain more about shifters. As she finished I asked her "so that explains the mystery surrounding you. so what do you intend to do with me?.". She said "I have been thinking about it do u think this power is a boon or a curse?". I said " definitely a curse look at you, you are a monster. How do you call that a boon?". She said " I guess I have to disagree with you there , I felt the same way at times but you will not know the power of it until you feel it yourself. Now,that gives me an idea to solve the question of what I am supposed to do with you. I guess I will have to make you understand the hard way". I got what she was trying to say and I said " no let me go and I wouldn't tell anyone.. I promise". She said "I cant do that dont worry this wont pain even a bit and it will take a few hours before you will turn into one of me. And the best part is , until you turn completely I would be within you. I asked "what?".She replies "So I turn into my light form and get into your body and stay there until the conversion is over. Though you can shift immediately, it takes 8 to 12 hrs atleast to make you a complete shape shifter. I said " I don't want to be a shape shifer". She replies "Dont worry you will make a great shape shifter . And you look thin and skinny and you have got a good face. With that I can show you the power of a shape shifter right away . You should make an easy apprentice of mine." and she smiled and stepped back. Before even I could say anything, she busted into a huge beam of light orb and the orb started moving slowly towards me. I was scarred and I tried to get of the chair but I couldnt. Finally the light stuck me and I felt a sudden rush of adrenaline all over my body. I could feel my body heating up and I could feel my body melting. As my body was melting, I could free myself of the chair and stepped out of it. But it was too late I couldn't even make a step further . I fell on my feet and I wasnt even able to get up. In a few min I lost control of myself and I fainted.

I woke up and felt the room so bright I got up and looked around. I was all alone and I quickly checked myself. I was the same except that I was naked, it was like a bad dream. Until suddenly I heard a voice in my head. It said " Nothing is a dream its happening" . It was Devonna's voice in my head . She said "Congrats you are on your first stages of becoming a shape shifter".I thought to myself "Now is the time ,I should run and call for help".I tried to move but I couldnt. Devonna spoke " Like I told you earlier I am in your body now and I control your mind, so as long as I am in your body I control you.You cant even move if you wanted to , so dont try. Although the initial stages are your only opportunity to reject me , the more I stay the more I gain control of your body ." I asked "So what do you want now?". She replied "Let me show you the power of a shape shifter. In the initial stages I wouldn't be able to shift a lot ,but like I told you earlier you are a skinny and you have a cute face. So I dont require much power to shift. Let me show you". She made my self walk to the room nearby and there was a large mirror. And I was able to see myself in it. She spoke "Now thats you And let me show you what you can do" . Suddenly I felt a sudden movement in my whole body, the flesh in my body was moving, I could feel my hair grow. I could see my penis shrink and I was able to check my chest grow. After a few minutes, I quickly checked upon the mirror. I was almost the same except that I was women long hair ,curvy body with long legs and breasts and a pussy. I was checking myself out in the mirror. Devonna spoke "you are the best apprentice that I ever got till day " . I was still checking myself outI was looking so hot and that was the first time I had seen a hot girl naked. And seeing that started to me to get horny. Devonna spoke again " you like the women version of yourself dont you. You look so hot and I know what you are thinking. Your measurements are something like 32C-25-34. Before I show you what you can do , time to dress up first." And she made myself walk towards a box nearby and I opened it . It was a womens closet. She said "lets go for the red ones and she made me pick a bra and panties and made me put it on myself. And then made me slip myself into a light green short crochet sundress. And she got myself ready and she said "time to show you what you can really do " .

I got down and she made me walk to a place nearby and made me get into the parked car and we started driving . I was asking her " where are we going ?" . She said " to the city " and I was asking her a few questions through the drive to find what she had in mind,but never got answers. A few min later we were in the city and she made me stop and park outside a bar. I got down as she made me walk into the bar. As she made me sit in the bar , I asked her "what are we doing here?". She said " waiting for someone to pick u up". As I was going to argue I heard a voice asking "so are you waiting for someone". As I was going to say no , Devonna took control of my mouth too, she was starting to talking for me now. People started coming and droping by but Devonna was just making me flirt with everyone , her eyes was fixed on the guy who was playing the country music in the bar. He was tall , built and great looking but there were so many girls surrounding him. I was very sure that Devonna wouldnt be able to make the move. As time passed by the band kept changing and at one point Devonna said " time to go to the washroom" and she made me walk. But the problem was she didnt go into the washroom we ended up backstage behind the bar. And as I was asking her "what are we doing ?" I heard the backdoor open and it was the guy that was playing country music. I asked her " how did you know?. " and she replied " years of experience sweety". The guy asked " you dont seem like someone who works here". And Devonna made me reply " nope I am just a drunk girl who lost her way to the washroom " . He smiled and replied "A drunk cute looking girl though" and I blushed. He extended his arms and said " I am brian " and Devonna made my reply " ya I know , I saw you on stage. You were great I totally loved you . And just that you know I am not stalking you backstage". He laughed and asked " and you are ?" and Devonna made me say " Oh sorry I am tiffany " . He said "So tiffany , if you are still looking for a washroom I have one in my room. " and devonna made me say " Thank you, I am really in need of one ". He laughed and he said "this way please " and he let me into his room and showed me the washroom . As soon as we were in , I asked Devonna " what are you doing ?" . she replied "What else do you think?setting you up for the night ". I said " thanks but no thanks , I dont want to be setup to some complete stranger". She said " look at you , you have not been a girl for not even an hour and you are already sounding like one . Anyways there is no turning back, you are screwed ". And made me quickly adjust my hair , dress and made me walk out.

As I walked out of the room , brian was waiting . I said " thanks for letting me use your washroom " and he said " I am glad that I could help" and we laughed. And he asked me " would you like to join me for a drink" . I asked " In the bar?, I would love to but I cant " . He said " no here in my room, I just got us a wine bottle". Devonna made me say " Sure why not I would love to ". As he was poring the drink, I was looking around his room and asking him about his music and all those stuff. He gave me t drink and he went and sat on the only chair in the room as we were conversing. And he realised that quickly and said "where are my manners please have a seat ".Devonna made me say " Dont worry I can find a place to sit , this dresser table would b fine " and made me sit on the table and cross my legs. And she made me say " I hope u dont mind " . He smiled and said " The pleasure is all mine ". I knew it was just a matter of time before he makes the move as he moved his chair and sat close infront of me . He asked me " So you came alone tonight ?". And Devonna made me say " yes and I guess so are you " . He smiled and Devonna made me say " But I am glad that you are. I should have got my friends, they wouldnt believe me . I should get a signed copy or a picture with you when I leave. He smiled and said "sure I am okay with the picture, but I dont see you carrying anything where I can sign on. Where do u want me to sign though?" . And he smiled, Devonna made me smile back and say "that actually depends on whom I am going to say" . And he smiled and said " hmmmmm I see so how close are you with your friends How much do you show your friends?" and he placed his hands on my thighs.

I could feel his cold arms on my thies , the feeling was different. A sudden rush in my whole body , I have never felt that ever. Devonna made me smile and say "that depends on how much you want to see". There was a lot of things running in my mind, I was thinking to myself as devonna took full control of my body.I could feel his cold hands move further up my thies into my skirt, I looked into his eyes. Devonna made me smile and lean forward as he came forward and kissed me. I was thinking to myself on what I was doing , I am trapped in a womans body and kissing a guy. I came to my senses , as he smooched me . I wasnt able to stop him from kissing me , but I was able to stop myself from kissing him back though. Devonna said " hmmmm . finally u ve learnt how to repell me, this is going to be interesting". He broke the kiss and he looked into my eyes. I knew I was on the starting stages and devonna still controlled me entirely, but it was a start. When he realised that I didnt kiss him back he figured out that he has to make the move. His hands within my skirt moved still further and touched my panties. I felt a jolt of shock flying all over my body. I tried to fight the feeling and tried lifting my hand. I wasnt able to , as he slowly grabbed my pussy over my panties. As he grabbed I jerked and my body moved a step closer to him and I was able to feel the adreline within my body . Devonna spoke to me "Its time start to feel it ". As I came back to my senses his hands over my panties was sliding my panties to get an access to my pussy. Devonna made me look straight into his eyes as he was looking into mine. He smiled and grabbed my pussy as I was looking into his eyes. His cold hands was grabbing the weakest part of my body, that thought alone was making me loose my mind. I was try to concentrate to get control over my body but with the feeling I was finding it hard to. I knew I had to it faster as his hands were now releasing the grab on my pussy. Just when I thought I can concentrate, I noticed him smiling again. Suddenly I felt something rounding the lips of my pussy, it was his fingers. I was hoping he wouldnt, but he slowly slid his fingers into my pussy.

The feeling was so amazing , the whole rush within my body. I was starting to think that fighting would be harder than I thought. Devonna spoke to me " How does it feel ? how does it feel to have someone in ur head and someone in ur body at the same time. I know you are loving it , its a matter of time before you give up. Just give up and sync into the feeling ". As I finished listening to her I realised his fingers moving within my pussy and he started rotating it. I was going crazy , with devonna talking and him doing me I was starting to get turned on, turned on big time. As he was fingering me , I couldnt control the feel my body was moving left and right, my head tilted toward my right shoulder and I my mouth opened to catch a breath as I closed my eyes. And my head rested on my right shoulders as he was fingering me as I started to enjoy the feel. As he slowly increased the pace of his rotation , my thies moved closer automatically and grabbed his hands.Devonna spoke to me " look at that, you just trapped his hands in ur pussy . Way to go girl " . I was slowly starting to breath heavy as his fingers were moving a bit faster. The hands grabbing my table just grabbed it further hard. As I opened my eyes I saw him smile and look at me . The way he looked at me was even turning me on. Devonna spoke " How does it feel to be weak , how does it feel to be a women isnt the feeling amazing than what you faced as a man. Just let it flow , its just the start". Slowly his fingers started moving much faster make me go wild. My body and my head was moving in all directions.I got control of my hand and was able to take it off the table, but as my hands reached his hands, I didnt want to pull his hand off. He started fingering me vigorously, as I lost it completely and started to moan slowly. My hands were moving all over trying to grab something. Finally I moved over and grabbed his shirt as he was going on and on and I was moaning on and on. Finally he figured out that he had turned me on so badly that there was no way going to turn back and stopped fingering and pulled his hand out. Devonna laughed and spoke to me saying "Welcome bitch".

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