Hanna gets dogged part 2

all characters over 18.

It was several week after Hannah's accidental sex with our dog Rocky and I was enjoying a quiet Saturday night reading a book in the lounge, Hannah, Ben and Carrie had all gone to bed leaving me on my own with Rocky sleeping peacefully at my feet after the girly movie they were watching had finished.

I had turned off the TV so all was quiet until I heard the faint but unmistakable sounds of sex at the opposite end of the house, Ben must be getting a bit I though, that movie must have turned Hannah on, too bad it had done nothing for Carrie as she had just given me a quick peck on the cheek and said "see you in the morning".

A minute or so later I heard some murmuring then all was quiet again.

A couple of minutes I heard a door open and heavy footsteps coming up the hallway, Hannah walked into the lounge room with one hand holding her robe together at her chest and the other hand holding her robe in to her crotch, She shot me a look that was a mixture of anger and frustration and flopped back on to the lounge beside me mumbling "aargh, bloody men"

"sorry, did I do something?" I said

"wham bam thank you maam, roll over and go to sleep" she spat … "sorry, didn't mean to take it out on you" she said softly "its just …"

"let me guess, Ben got his, you were going to finish the job yourself and I spoiled it for you by being still up" I laughed

"ummm …. Yeh something like that" she laughed back

"Well don't let me stop you … I don't mind" I laughed again.

"don't tempt me" she giggled "I was so damned close too!"

Hannah stretched sliding down in her seat and I noticed the hand in her crotch pushed the robe tighter as she moaned in a half stretching, half horny way squeezing her thighs together then relaxing and letting her legs drift apart slightly.

Neither of us had noticed Rocky had got up and had been moving around sniffing at the air, as he saw Hannah"s legs drift apart he simply pushed his nose into her crotch and started licking.

Hannah gave a small shriek and her legs instinctively flew apart then closed again trapping Rocky's head.

I could hear the licking as Hannah wriggled to try and get away but when she spread her legs to try and push him away he only got in closer and the robe dropped to the sides.

As usual I was wearing my favourite terrytoweling shorts and my immediate erection stood straight up in my lap.
As Hannah turned her head towards me for help, her eye were drawn to the tent in my shorts and she froze in place for a few seconds as Rocky continued licking loudly.

Our eyes met and I croaked out "just let him finish" before dropping my book and putting my hand on my cock ready to push it down.

Hannah just stared into my eyes for several seconds as Rocky kept licking, her eyes half closed and her right hand moved from Rocky's forehead to the back of his head as she slowly spread her legs.

She seemed to seek my approval with her look so I smiled lustily, she reached over with her left hand and slid it down my abdomen into my shorts and grabbed my knob then she leaned over and wrapped her lips around my cock.

Hannah was now pushing Rocky's head in to her pussy and she moaned around my cock.

I laid a hand on the back of Hannah's head and she moved her hand from Rocky's head to my hand, I thought she was going to remove my hand but instead she urged my hand to push her head further on my cock.

I made a small thrust into her mouth and she moaned and urged me further down so I started to tentatively fuck her mouth and she urged me to go faster.

I stepped up the pace and she moved her hand back to urge Rocky on.

She was humping Rocky's tongue harder and faster so I held her head still and started fucking her mouth harder and deeper until she gagged.

She didn't try and pull away but I backed off the depth of my thrusts and watched Rocky pushing his tongue deep inside her to scoop out her juices.

A wave swept through her as I moaned out "I''m gunna cum" and her hand pushed on my hand to push on her head even harder, I pushed my cock into her throat as my sperm shot out the end, Hannah exploded into orgasm as she pushed her head down until her lips met my abdomen.

Her loud moans were muffled against my crotch as she writhed and wriggled through her orgasm then she pulled her head clear to take a deep breath and plead "no more. no more" and tried to push Rocky away again.

Rocky wasn't stopping so I reached down between her legs palm up and lifted his jaw up but that didn't work as expected.

Instead of backing off he jumped up between her legs and started humping at her.
Rocky was slowly worming his way further between her legs.
Hannah was slowly easing up on the pressure holding him away then suddenly she gasped and spread her legs wide as Rocky's pace suddenly sped up, it was obvious he had found her opening and filled it.

Hannah turned her head and engulfed my soft cock all the way to my balls and exploded into orgasm again as Rocky pounded her pussy at an unbelievable speed.

She was still in the throws of orgasm as my cock stiffened and poked at her throat, she flailed her hand around until she found mine and put it back on her head so I took the hint and started fucking her mouth again.

As I stiffened and lengthened my cock was going into her throat but she wasn't gagging at all, Rocky was still going for broke and Hannah orgasmed again.

A short time later Hannah froze with her mouth wide open in a silent "OHHhhh" and Rocky stopped his frantic pounding.

"OMG" exclaimed Hannah, "Its so big and round … it feels like he's filling me with a fire hose, it just keeps squirting hot stuff and never stops … OMG I'm gunna cummmm ……..arrghhh … mmmfff" as she once again inhaled my cock.

Hannah was just so … enthusiastic … as she more or less worshipped my cock sliding her tongue round and round my knob that it wasn't long before I felt the semen rushing up the length of my cock and spurting into her mouth.

Hannah had barely finished her orgasm as my orgasm into her mouth triggered another one in her so powerful that Rocky's knot was ejected along with a large stream of doggy juice and a yelp from Rocky who scarpered to the corner to lick himself.

My cock withered and plopped out of Hannah's slack mouth as she struggled to recover, she tried to sit up but I had to help her rise, "omg, what a mess" she said as she looked down at her gaping pussy with the outpouring jism soaking into her Robe.

Hannah poked some of her Robe inside her pussy and staggered to her feet and headed for the shower, she stopped and looked at me "thanks for umm … sharing me … I don't think I could have accepted this without your help"

She staggered back to me and bent down to kiss me, smiled and wobbled off to the shower.

Rocky walked over licked my hand and settled back down at my feet.

I just grinned and went to sleep.

It must have been a few weeks later when Hannah and I were sitting on the couch alone late one Saturday night, we got to chatting and things got pretty deep and personal.

We talked about a lot of things and ended up talking about losing our virginities, "Do you remember Dean?" said Hannah.

"yeah, I think you were going out with him when I first met your Mum, wasn't that the good looking tall guy that was into 4WDrives?"

"Yeh he was my boyfriend right through school and through my teens, such a hunk, all the girls were chasing him"

"So he was the one who got your V card ?" I asked

"Yeh, it was an extraordinary night, so perfect, he treated me like a princess … Mum took one look at me and knew as soon as I walked in the door"

"He seemed like a very polite and respectful boy from what I remember, I kept thinking that you had done very well catching him" I said.

"Yeh he was just about perfect … apart from being a bit quick on the draw … lol"

"So what happened with him?"

"Its all a bit embarrassing" sighed Hannah

"After what I've seen I don't think your going to be able to shock me" I laughed.

"OK then … good point
Dean only lasted a very short time in bed so we got into a bit of a routine, He would cum quick then get up and have a smoke while I would play with myself to keep me ready and to excite him faster.
As soon as he got hard again he would jump back on and most times I would get to cum very soon after he did again.
It seemed that as soon as I got to the brink it would send him over the edge but most times he stayed hard long enough for me to get off.

One of his best friends was Ben and when Ben got his licence we spent many nights driving around in his car and sometimes would make out in the back seat.

At first Ben would go for a walk while we did it but it wasn't long before we were doing it while Ben was driving and eventually when it got to winter, while Ben was sitting in the front seat.

Dean talked me into doing our little game so I would play with myself under my dress while Dean stood in the doorway smoking, recovering and watching me.

Ben couldn't see my nakedness from the front seat but he could tell what I was doing because he sneakily moved the mirror, a few times I could tell that he was playing with himself so I got used to it.

Occasionally when Ben was outside I suspected that he was behind Dean and was getting a good view of me but as I normally closed my eyes to concentrate on my pleasure I didn't actually know for sure.

Then one night as usual I felt Dean get back between my legs and run his dick up and down my slit to get it slippery but he didn't put it straight back in like normal, I opened my eyes and saw that it was Ben rubbing his dick on me, he looked me in the eyes and slowly started to push inside me, I was a bit shocked and sort of froze so in a couple of strokes he was all the way inside me before it sunk in that his dick was actually in me.
I started to struggle thinking 'what if Dean sees what's happening' but then I saw Dean grinning at me from behind Ben.
I just laid there and let it happen while staring into Deans eyes, it only lasted a couple of minutes before Ben grunted and came inside me then as he pulled out Dean plunged back inside and almost immediately came.

Dean pulled out and told Ben to have another go so he jumped back on me and pushed his half hard dick back inside me, it wasn't long before he was fully hard again and pumped me hard and deep until I had a mind blowing orgasm at the same time as he did.

I hardly even noticed when the boys swapped over and Dean jumped back on me again. I actually had another orgasm at the same time that Dean did a few minutes later.

I just laid on the back seat completely shattered and wondering why I had let it happen, I was so embarrassed I couldn't look at the boys and soon realised it wasn't so much that they had both had me but it was because I had really enjoyed it immensely, I felt like a complete slut."

I had to adjust my erection, a fact not gone unnoticed by Hannah.
"don't mind me, you can take care of it if you like" laughed Hannah

"anyway, back to the story.
Nothing was said on the drive home and nobody mentioned it again but the next weekend as soon as Dean came in me Ben followed straight afterwards, I wasn't surprised this time and had a nice little orgasm with Ben and then again as Ben blew his load in me, Dean gave me another one as he topped me up.
I was enjoying them taking turns in me but it was very messy so the next time I stripped the bottom half off me since Ben had obviously seen my naked pussy anyway.

This went on for a couple of months, I didn't mind at all as they kept it secret.

Then one night Dean and I were down the beach on our own and were having sex on a blanket under some trees on the grass when two cops spotted us and threatened to arrest us both for indecent exposure.
Dean was on his second turn so I was a bit messy and when Dean rolled off me some cum flicked off him and landed on one of the cops pants as I pulled my dress down to cover myself.
The cops had gotten a good look at my pussy as they both had a torch pointing at us, Dean and I noticed the younger cop had a bulge in his pants which was getting larger.

Dean looked up at him then lifted my dress up and suggested we could come to some sort of arrangement if they let us go; I was shocked when I heard him but didn't say anything, just covered myself again.

The young cop grinned so Dean lifted my dress again and made me spread my legs and the cop undid his pants and pulled them down and got between my knees and just shoved his dick in me all the way in one shot, luckily Dean had lubed me up so it didn't hurt.

I felt raped and violated as he used my pussy to dump his cum into but in a strange twist was also feeling very turned on and almost had an orgasm.

The second cop had pulled his cock out and was stroking it to hardness as the first cop pulled out, I was shocked when I saw the size of it, it was as thick as a can of coke matching his huge frame.

The big cop laid down on top of me and started pushing that monster slowly inside me, luckily I was very aroused and well lubed up so it stretched me out a lot but didn't hurt much.
He only got about half way in when he bottomed out, at least he was being gentle and slow as he expanded my pussy, in a couple of minutes I had a nice gentle quiet orgasm which must have stretched my pussy out as he managed to get the whole thing in me.
He sped up taking long deep strokes until his pubes were bumping against my clit, I couldn't help myself and urged him deeper and harder as I built towards a big orgasm.
My head was covered by his chest making me feel so tiny beneath him as he pounded that big monster deep inside me.

He groaned and grunted and let loose a huge amount of cum in me as I thrashed through a huge orgasm beneath him, luckily no one could hear me as I was smothered beneath him and his loud grunts covered my sounds … I did not want Dean to know I had enjoyed it.

The big cop hauled himself to his feet and dressed while the other cop stared at the pool of cum pouring out of my abused gaping pussy and exclaimed "damn … glad I went first"
The big cop looked at us and said "don't be here when we come back" then they walked off.
Dean sat down beside me and looked at my pussy still leaking a river of cum, he rolled on top and pushed his dick into me although I couldn't really tell if it was in or not, two or three pumps and he grunted through an orgasm and quickly dressed.
I struggled to get up so he pulled me up and half carried me away leaving the blanket and my panties behind.

I left a puddle of cum on the bus seat by the time we got to his place.

As soon as we got inside I started to strip off for a shower but Dean pushed me onto the bed and fucked me again, even though I could hardly feel him inside me he came in under a minute.
I was pissed off with him but kept thinking about the feel of the big cops cock and wondering if my pussy would ever shrink back to normal.

Dean was mesmerised by my gaping pussy and pushed 4 fingers into me easily.
His erection instantly came back up.

He folded his thumb and tried to push his hand inside me but I used my muscles to stop him even though I felt I could easily take it.

I told him if he wanted to push his hand inside me I would need him to arouse me by licking my clit.

When he objected I told him I would never be stretched out like this again so this was his one and only chance.

He tried to push his hand in again but I winced and tightened up so he actually went down on me for the first time ever.

He got right into it and cleaned me right up so I relaxed and he pushed his hand inside, it was a bit tight going in but once he was in past the entrance it felt very nice indeed and I blasted out an orgasm within minutes.

I reached out and wanked him off as I hit another orgasm and had another one as he shot his load up his belly a few minutes later.

I showered and fell into an exhausted sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow and awoke to find I was back to normal as Dean was in me again."

"That was so hot watching you with those cops last night … I've cum so much I think my balls have tuned inside out" he laughed

"I was so pissed off when you offered me to them … your just lucky I was so damn horny at the time" I countered

The thought of them came flooding back and my pussy flooded as well as Dean continued slowly fucking me, lucky he had cum so many times as he managed to last long enough for me to have a nice little orgasm so I forgave him.

Things went back to normal for several weeks, Dean and Ben were both still taking turn on me and I was well satisfied.

Dean had to work away for a weekend so he suggested that Ben and I get it on together but Ben said it didn't seem right without Dean and we just hung out around the pool.
By the end of the weekend I had the feeling that Ben had some real feelings for me.

Dean actually sounded disappointed I had no stories to tell him when he got back and he invited Ben over straight away; We all had missed sex for the weekend so we had quite a session.

Dean found his new favourite position; he really liked straddling my chest with my tits cradling his balls and his dick in my mouth while Ben pounded my pussy behind him.
I think it was because I really really loved slavering over his cock as my orgasm built up.

"I guess you have realised that with what I have done to you while Rocky was doing me" she said to me.

A couple of weeks later Dean and I went to a party without Ben and I had a fair bit to drink.
Dean and I ended up in a bedroom, I was sitting on the edge with him eating me out until I had a nice orgasm then he straddled my chest while I sucked him off.

My legs got lifted up and I felt a cock plow into me, I couldn't ask anything as Dean had my mouth full of his cock but presumed Ben had shown up and was soon having another orgasm as I felt my pussy flooded with cum.

My legs were lifted up again and another cock filled me up, it was then I realised it couldn't have been Ben; The though that someone else was using me caused another orgasm and I also received a mouthful of cum from Dean but refused to let him pull out and just kept sucking his limp dick.

I could start to hear voices as another cock entered me then as the fourth cock came in me Dean got hard again.

People stopped trying to be quiet and I could hear several guys voices urging each other on as they all took turns to pump their cum into my overflowing pussy.

By the time Dean came again about 15 guys had fucked me and I had gone through several orgasms, my pussy was getting a bit sore so when I swallowed Deans cum I spat his cock out and said "enough"

Dean tried to get up but I held him in place as I didn't want anyone to see my face so he just turned and told the guy fucking me that he was the last one, there were several moans and complaints but it appeared that every guy had managed to do me at least once as I didn't hear anyone say they had missed out.

I couldn't help but have another small orgasm triggering the guy to dump his load deep inside me before they all filed out the door.

There was a huge pool of cum on the floor and when I staggered to my feet a virtual river of cum ran down my legs along with a few huge dollops which dropped straight out of my gaping pussy.

We dressed and I snuck out the back door while I made Dean go out the front and tell them he had to get home before his girlfriend missed him.
I hadn't talked to anyone I knew at the party but I had recognised a few guys voices so hoped that no one knew who the "gangbang girl" really was.

There was no rumours around school about me but the "gangbang girl" was the talk of the town.

Dean and I had a big argument when he wanted me to do another gangbang but I told him in no uncertain terms that it was not going to happen and I did not appreciate being forced into it and getting taken advantage of like that even if I did end up enjoying it.
Dean threatened to tell everyone who the "gangbang girl" was if I didn't do another one so I dropped him and walked off.

Ben also got upset when he found out what Dean had done and threatened to punch his head in if anyone ever found out.

Although I had to see Dean at school every day I refused to talk to him and it wasn't long before he found himself another "gangbang girl" so everyone presumed it was her at the party.

I was pretty down but Ben stuck by me and pretty soon we were going out and eventually when I got pregnant we married.
We had a miscarriage not long after the wedding, Ben was great and helped me through it so I guess I feel a bit indebted to him, he knows I don't love him as much as I did Dean but he's happy to accept me as I am.

"So I guess that’s my story up to date, I won't leave him because I do love him and he adores me"

"what do you think he would do if he found out about Rocky and about me?" I asked

"He wouldn't like it but he would accept it if it makes me happy so you don't have to be too worried about being caught" she laughed

"what about Mum?" she asked

"Well she obviously is not worried about Rocky but I'm not so sure about sharing me, maybe I should put out a few feelers" …………

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