How I lost my virginity_(1)

So, the story about me losing my virginity to the hottest possible young lady.
(This is my first time writing, just thought i'd try it out)

First of all you need to know that I was a really shy 15 year boy old at the time this story takes place. (I’m now 25, info for the possible later stories)

My family were invited to my dad’s coworkers wedding. The wedding was arranged at their own house as they had a big yard. The outdoors ceremony was a nice change for once in a while. The newly weds had arranged everything by themselves. There was a middle-aged lady priest who was actually the brides sister if I remember correctly. The buffet table was filled with all sorts of goods.

As a 15 year old virgin boy I was always horny. Even though my countries sex-ed is very good and specific, I knew very little of the action itself. All I knew that pushing my cock in some hot pussy was bound to feel awesome. The son of the bride had become a friend of mine but I couldn’t take my eyes of her sister. She was beautiful, although I preferred the cute, petite kind of girls. She was 19 at the time. Just about the same length as I was. I was about 5,6ft tall. (I’m north European so I wasn’t that tall but not too short either) She had shoulder length blonde hair. She was wearing a loose beige blouse and pretty tight blue jeans. She was a full grown woman. Great ass and c-cup tits. I knew nothing about specific cup sizes at the time. (Still don’t)
Later that evening there was a band playing. They played a lot of the older South American rock’n’roll. You know, Lynyrd Skynyrd and such. People started dancing. I never dared to ask someone to dance so I listened to the band.

Now this where it all starts and gets interesting. I was a bit startled when the girl a told you about tapped my shoulder and asked me to dance. I turned around and noticed she had brought a friend along with her. Now SHE was stunning! She was a little shorter than me, maybe about 5,3. She was wearing a black knee high dress. (She had changed after the ceremony) I loved the outfit. That kind of clothing leaves a lot of space for imagination and my mind was racing. She had a long blonde hair and the v-neck of her dress gave a slight view of the small perky b-cups. God that girlish figure made so horny I thought I’d go mad! She was 17 years old at the time.

“You wanna come dance with us?” the older girl asked.

I almost blew it here.

“I’m not too good at dancing”

Thankfully she replied “that’s ok, we’ll teach you” and dragged me on the floor.
In fact I knew pretty well how to dance. Our school has a part in gymnastics where you have to dance.
The older girl said that I was pretty good but it seems a little difficult to dance in a group of three. So she left me and this divine beauty to dance by ourselves. And the she told me she had a great secret she wanted to share with me but she wanted us to be alone. I told her that we had a trailer where our family slept the last night.

“Show me” she said

I didn’t need to be told twice. I took her hand and guided her a 100 yards away to our trailer and as a gentleman open the door for her and told her “Ladies first” for wich she giggled a little. When I got inside and turned around after closing the door behind me, she suddenly pushed me against the door and kissed me! She told me she had watched me the whole night and wished that she was alone with me. Oh my god I’m in heaven, I thought in my head. She pushed away from me and told me sit on the bed. I did as asked and she got few steps back and turned her back to me. She untied her dress behind her neck and let it fall on her hips. Then with a few small waves of her hips she let the dress fall all the way to the floor. She had already kicked of her heels as I had kicked of my shoes. She turned around very slowly and I got the feeling she was a little shy. As I saw her wearing nothing but the matching silky black bra and hipsters I couldn’t help but tell her how beautiful she was. She seemed a little more sure about herself after that and came to me. She lifted me standing and started to take my clothes off. Starting from the top she took off my jacket, lifted my t-shirt off and came as close to me as she could

“You’re so warm” She said. I was speechless. All I could say to her was “You feel so good, so perfect”
She could feel my raging boner through my pants and started to undo my belt. It was very stiff leather so I helped her. She unbuttoned and unzipped me and very slowly slid her hand in my pants. She very softly rubbed my shaft. I wasn’t a “big guy”. About 5 inches but that seemed like more than enough for her. Then she pulled down my jeans and my boxers along with them. Her kiss on my lips was so intense! Her hand on my shaft felt too god damn good! I explored her hair with my other hand as I slowly slid the other down her back and squeezed her ass. She started moaning and kissed my neck and went lower and lower, until finally she was on her knees and I saw her looking at my cock.

Her hand was still working on me and she looked above in my eyes as if asking for permission. I nodded my head a little and she started to lick my shaft from my balls all the way to the tip. Her tongue slid up and down my shaft and every now and then circled the tip. Oh, the heavenly feeling when the tip of her tongue touched the bottom of the tip! I had always thought that oral sex was something that happened only in porno movies.
She then took the tip in her mouth and started sucking it. Her mouth was surprisingly warm, I had never thought it would be, so it definitely surprised me and I could have blown my load then and there. After what seemed like a few minutes she took more of my cock in her mouth and I couldn’t help myself. I didn’t know how to come up with it, was “I’m cumming” something that was said only in porno?

All I could mumble was “I feel… I’m gonna…”

She knew what was happening so she sped up. Her tongue wildly circling my tip as she was sucking my rod. just before it happened she gently grabbed my balls and pulled the towards the floor. It made me cum slowly and made me feel so good. I shot everything I had in her cute petite mouth. She seemed a little surprised how much cum I had for her. After I was done she pulled off me and swallowed it all.

“I have never had a guy cum in my mouth before.” she said.

“I’m so sorry, I couldn’t help myself”

“Don’t be, it was my choice.”

“Was it bad tasting? I asked as she wiped a little of my sperm off the side of her lip.

“Not as bad as I had thought. But it was pretty hard to swallow.”

I saw her picking up some of her clothes and starting to leave. I panicked. I didn’t want her to go. So I pulled her by the hand and pulled her close to me and begged her to stay. She seemed a little shocked.

“Usually in this kind of one time affairs the guy just leaves after his done.”

I pulled her to the bed and very gently pushed her on her back. I kissed her lips and slid my tongue in her mouth. She wasn’t expecting that after eating my cum, but I thought if she’d do something like that for me, I can’t be too picky about it. After her shock passed she started enjoying it. I started kissing her neck and her chest when I finally got to her silky bra. I kissed her between her tits and pulled the bra lower to see her left nipple. I had barely touched it with my lips when she said “wait!”

I thought I had done something wrong. But all she did was bend her back almost cat-likely and unhook her bra. She slipped the off and I stared at her perky sweet tits as they suddenly were fully exposed to me.
“You could continue if you want to” she teased me and giggled a little.

Thank god I had read some good Wilbur Smith books, I would have been lost without them. I started circling the tip of my tongue around her nipple and slowly sucking on it.

“Mmmm…” she began her moaning. She’s actually enjoying it, I thought in my head. I switched between the lovely, perky tits and sucked the other nipple as I was pinching the other with my hand. I then started going lower and lower and pulled her panties off, kissing my way down her body. Her hands grabbed my hair and gently pushed me down. When my face got between her legs, I asked “here?” She didn’t say anything just nodded with her eyes closed. I opened her outer lips and stuck my tongue between them. She moaned but I had the feeling it should feel a lot better for her.

She guided my head, holding my hair, and I suddenly felt a tiny, firm spot on the tip of my tongue. As my tongue hit that magical little thing she gasped for air. So I continued on the spot, while her moans were getting louder and louder. I was a bit afraid that someone might hear her. I tried to lick her entrance. Stuck my tongue in a little but the taste was too musky for me so I continued at her clitoris. I then stuck very carefully my index finger in her. I had never thought that it would be so wet!

Little by little hear moaning became louder and her back started to arch. I was a little spooked when her whole body tensed and she grabbed my hand to stop it moving. At first she stopped breathing and then she let this really loud moan, almost a scream, out. I felt her pussy grabbing firmly my finger and understood it was a good thing but I knew not at the time girls too could get orgasms.

She slowly descended from her personal heaven. At this point I was rock hard again. She must have seen that because she pulled me next to her and as I tried to move on top of her to give her kisses and caress her she pushed me on my back and climbed on top of me. She first came down and kissed so long I thought I would suffocate. (Would have died a happy man even if I did) She straightened her back and grabbed my cock in her hand. She lifted herself on top of my cock and started lowering on me.

My cock entered easily in her tight, wet, young pussy and while it was even hotter than her mouth, I knew I wouldn’t cum that easily again. She started fucking me first slowly and speeding up little by little. She was never rough with me but she did fuck me pretty fast. Every now and then she grinded my cock and even if didn’t feel as good to me I was happy to do that ‘cause it got her wild and very loud.

She seemed like she was cumming again so I lifted myself up sitting and she threw her legs around me, crossed them behind my back and squeezed me as hard as she could. Again I felt her whole body tense and that sweet pussy clinging to my cock.

Again I waited patiently for her to come down. After she had I, lifted her up standing up myself and turning around, lowering her on her back as gently as I could. I never left inside her. My cock was still pulsing in her. I looked at those big blue eyes and saw them begging for more, even though she said nothing.

I pulled myself out of her a little and pushed back in slowly. I started going faster and felt her still crossed legs pulling me towards her. I kissed her and she heard these little whelps she was trying to let out but which were blocked by my lips and tongue. Her other hand was pulling my hair while the other was ripping my back with her nails. I began to feel the pressure in my balls.

“I’m cumming.”

She lifted her legs on my shoulders and told me to push. I did as asked and pushed myself as deep as I could. I plunged myself all the way to my balls a few more times and shot my full load in her. Her eyes went wide as my hot cum invaded her.

We lay down for a while just admiring at each other. She went to clean herself up but got back soon and we talked. I asked if she could get pregnant for me shooting my load in her, but she said it was very unlikely as she was on her pills. She told me how no other guy had made her cum with their tongue because they got frustrated as it wasn’t as fast as they had hoped for. I told her I was a virgin just a while ago. She was surprised how a guy my age and looks could have still been a virgin. I told her I’m only 15 and her eyes shot open. She had thought I was at least 17! Later as I was asking how she knew the wedded couple she told me she was the bride’s sister’s daughter. When I asked who the sister was, she told me boldly “the priest”

“So I just lost my virginity at a wedding to the priests daughter?”

We both laughed a while at that and she was joking how she was an awful cougar for hitting on a younger guy. Then we got dressed and got back to the wedding. We decided not to hang around at the party but I saw her whispering at my friends sister and her mouth and eyes shot open and she looked at me stunned. I’ve never seen that girl after that.

So that’s what happened folks. Hope you like the story
Leave comments so I’ll know if you want more of my “bed-time stories”, I’ve got plenty more, some fantasies and some true stories

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