“How are you doing, sir?” I had just walked into Mr. C’s office and took a seat in one of the visitor chairs in front of his desk.

“You tell me, Abby. How am I doing today?”

“Pretty well, sir.” I scanned the tablet resting on my bare thigh. “We look to be ahead of schedule on reports and replies. I thought your meeting downtown and your meeting downstairs went well. And, you only have one meeting remaining, that is a video meeting with the west coast at 4:00 our time.” After a moment of silence, I looked up. “Sir?” He was leaning back in his chair with a pleasant smile on his face.

“Sorry, Abby, just a lecherous old man enjoying his assistant. But, if we’re ahead at all, it has more to do with your efforts.”

I closed the tablet and set it on the edge of his desk. I ignored the comment. It was, after all, my job. “Well, sir, you’re not lecherous, you’re appreciative … and thank you, sir … and you are definitely not old. Some people may seem old at 51 but not you, sir.”

He shifted his eyes from my bare body and looked out the door still holding the ‘appreciative’ smile. “I like it, Abby. It was a great idea of yours.”’

In the month or so since I took the position of his PA, I had not only filled the position fully, like his big cock filled one of my holes, but I had suggested several modifications to the office rules. Besides the increased pay for providing sex in the office (if we thought about that too hard, it could cause me to think we were just a bunch of skilled, educated call-girls so it isn’t thought about too hard), an allowance was added for stockings which are quickly ruined by being on our knees much during the day. Compared to the salary it was a minor addition but appreciated by all the women. But then I suggested a major change, this was to the dress standard for the women. It was a major a shift, and though he could have made the change on his own, he sought and get approvall from his staff. Director level and higher women, like Ms. Benson, could be fully dressed as respect of their authority; manager level, like Sara, could cover their breasts, pussy, and ass with bra and panties. The rest of us would still remain exposed BUT we could add sheer lingerie like baby-dolls and covers as long as our bodies were fully on display.

“Thank you, sir. I think it was popular all around. The women appreciate the variety and I think the men find it appealing. Nudity all the time can become desensitizing, if you understand my meaning.”

He smiled as his eyes moved from my face to my breasts to lower as I slowly and carelessly uncrossed and recrossed my legs. Today, I was fully naked, not even stockings and heels. The contrast from other days seemed to have had the effect I was hoping for.

I retrieved the tablet, opened it to check the time, found the 4:00 was an hour and a half, away. He interrupted me getting up, though. “What is your schedule like?” I told him I was just taking care of reports and revisions he had marked. “Good. I would like you to join me here for the 4:00 meeting.” I assumed I would be off camera and expressed that to him. He smiled. He pointed under his desk.

I smiled broadly, stood, went around the side of his desk and leaned against him to kiss his head as I rubbed my bare breasts into the side of his face. I like those meetings.

* * * *

I shook my head as I rounded my desk after leaving his office. I reached into my lower desk drawer for a sanitizing wipe and cleaned the seat of cum leaked from my pussy. I then grabbed a tissue and gave my pussy a swipe for good measure. As I began working on revisions for another report, my phone rang. I blankly looked at the office phone that didn’t have a light blinking. It was my office cell. “Alliance Corporation, Abby Thomas speaking.”

“Is this a bad time, dear?”

“No, Mrs. C, it’s always good to talk to you.” I looked back at the office phone. “I think Mr. C is available, though.”

“No, I want you, dear. Joe goes on about how wonderful you are with words and structuring them. He says you can make his letters and comments sound like he actually knows something.” I laughed and told her it was a huge exaggeration. “Yes, perhaps, but I think he was also serious. You know I am on several charity boards.” I nodded dumbly. “I’ve been asked to give some fund-raising speeches and I’m terrified not only of public speaking but that my words will make any sense. Can you help me?” I asked by when and she said by tomorrow so she could practice.

I told her I was swamped, but then added, “Ma’am, send me what you have. I’ll take a look at it tonight.” She tried to protest but I insisted.

I went back into Mr. C’s office a bit early for the video call. “Mrs. C called, sir.”

“The speech?” I nodded. “I hope you don’t mind. You really are very good at that kind of thing and she is so nervous AND she trusts what you say.”

I stood alongside him at the desk and his hand casually settled on my bare butt, slid down and up the inside of my thigh. I parted my legs slightly, just enough for his fingers to tease my pussy. It was a casual, comfortable part of our interaction.

“It’s about time for the call, sir.” He looked at his computer monitor, saw the time and pushed his chair back from the desk. A smiled spread over my face as I crawled under his massive desk as he rose to undo his pants and lower them. He rolled his chair back in, his pants down past his knees and his long, thick, and flaccid cock lying between his thighs. I got myself comfortably in position with a hand holding his cock and my head between his spread thighs. I licked from his ball sack to the cock head on the underside.

“Remember, Abby, not sounds. If there is a period I can put it on mute, I will let you know.” I assured him I knew. He added, “Yes, well … remember last time … you tried to take all of it down your throat and gagged. You banged your head against the bottom of the desk.”

I giggled. “I remember, sir. You said others looked at each other wondering what that sound was. I’ll be more careful, sir.” It was a game. A teasing game. The idea was to keep him hard and throbbing through the call without actually cumming. It meant my paying attention to the changes from his cock and his hand touching my head if I got carried away. His climax after was amazing and guaranteed the need of a shower for me.

It was a tricky thing for me. One of the things I learned about myself working in the office was how much I truly enjoyed sucking cock, the different sizes and shapes and the different tastes. Mr. C’s just took the experience to a whole different level for me. Sure, part of that was the size but an equal part was the man it was attached to. A few times at his home on a weekend day I could lie on the couch with him as he watched some sporting event: golf, baseball, football, whatever. My head would be on his abdomen and his cock in my mouth, my hand and fingers playing over the shaft and his balls. Mrs. C would roam in and out of the room (not really a sports fan) and occasionally sit next to my butt. As I lazily sucked her husband, she would just as casually caress my body which was usually naked when I was with them. There was little difference between the office and their home: I was generally undressed to some extent and freely gave sexual favors to either or both of them at any moment. Under the desk was entirely different: not at all comfortable and his cumming wasn’t intended.

I didn’t pay attention to the meeting. If there was some part of it that would require my attention or assistance later, he would review the issue with me. I just spaced out what was happening above me and played with the shaft that brought me so much pleasure. Whether under his desk or on this couch for a prolonged session of cock sucking, two words seemed to come to mind: love and worship. The feeling was that I was making love to it or I was worshiping it. His wonderful cock filled my mind, eyes, hands and mouth and all else ceased to have relevance. When I zoned into those times, I was truly happy and content.

* * * *

The morning of two days later. I came out of Mr. Peterson’s office with a smile on my face and cum in my asshole. It was only 9:00 but I had already had quite an Executive start to the day. First, Ms. Benson wanted her pussy eaten. I brought her to an orgasm and was caught by Mr. Peterson. He, of course, took me in the ass. He has his own tube of lubrication in his desk just for the occasions when I am available.

I was sure to have several more encounters during the day and it had the feel of a very good day. “Good morning, sir. How was your evening?”

Mr. C looked up, smiled that knowing smile as he recognized the signs of my body and the flushed tone of my chest, neck, and face, not to mention the smile on my face. He leaned back and gazed. I raised up on the toes of my high heels and dropped down to jiggle my large breasts. My large areola seemed more pronounced drawing attention to the erect nipples in the center.

“Peterson, huh?”

I teased him, immediately. I knew that look and inquiry. Peterson would have loosened my ass with his smaller cock. I gave him an innocent little girl look and rotated my shoulders just enough to get my breasts swaying. He was watching the play. A smile grew on his face. I ramped it up one more notch. Unlike most of the women in the office who now wore a sheer negligee of some kind nearly every day, I wore them only as another choice. This day I was wearing black heels, black lace thigh-high stockings, and black lace choker around my neck that gave the feel of a collar. So, to tease Mr. C a little further, I turned my back to him and made a show of smoothing my stockings up my legs by bending at the waist. It, of course, presented my ass to him while my breasts hung and swayed beneath me. I looked back at him from that postion and winked.

I knew he had a 10:30 call scheduled and I saw him check the time. I wondered if he was weighing a possible blow job during the call versus a fuck now. Why not bother? I didn’t verbalize that but sent a mental message to him which wasn’t possible but … what the heck … maybe.

I smiled when he rose and reached for his desk drawer. I shook my head and told him it wasn’t necessary. I could see it on his face, ‘right, Peterson’.

I stepped to him, turned my face up and leaned into him to kiss him on the lips. I wondered if he could taste Ms. Benson still on my lips. As we kissed, my fingers were busy working loose his belt and pants. I let his pants fall and slipped a hand into the top of his boxers to grasp his marvelous cock. I loved my life: a good job at a successful company; a great boss; and a wondrous cock to play with.

I slowly went to my knees, my free hand pulling his boxers down while my other hand maintained hold of his cock to bring it to my lips and tongue. I licked and sucked it, opening my mouth wide to take the bulbous head as it began to engorge. I would glance up his body occasionally with a playful twinkle in my eyes. When he was sufficiently hard, which didn’t take long knowing what was coming, I stood, bent over his desk with my breasts and face on the desktop, and reached back to spread my ass cheeks. I immediately felt the head of his cock at my puckered hole. Even if we have fucked many times now like this, the initial penetration is always still a struggle of his size and the natural resistance of the sphincter.

While holding my ass cheeks apart for him, I implemented all the tricks I’ve learned in taking his big cock up my ass. I calmed my breathing and mind; I relaxed my body, especially my ass; and, I gently pressed back toward him. I felt the head stretch the tight sphincter muscle slowly, at first. It was resistant but trained by now to ease itself open with patient application which my pressing back aided. I felt the sphincter stretching and opening. I gasped and a slight whimper escaped my lips as his cock spread me further but he knew even the whimper wasn’t negative but anxious anticipation. When his cock pressed through, I groaned loudly and he paused ritualistically for my sphincter and ass to quickly adjust. Then, I pushed back a little more and that was his signal. After my push took several more inches inside, he pulled back slightly and pressed further, back and forth, inches more each time until pulling back was pulling many inches and pressing in was a long, smooth thrust up my ass.

I raised up to my elbows and he began thrusting in long and deep strokes.

“OH … GOD … YESSSSSSS.” I was gasping and moaning. I turned my head back toward him, “Have … you … been … able to … take her … yet?” I gasped out.

“Sam … antha?” He groaned back. I nodded. He released a stuttering laugh. “No … no … she is … happy … to have … you for … that.” I released a strangled laugh in response and thought, maybe I’ll be able to convince her of what she is missing. And thrust my ass back to meet his stabbing cock.

I used fingers to assist my orgasm and joined him at nearly the same moment. As my orgasm took control of my body, my spasming asshole gripped him tightly and he joined me. He filled my ass with cum and I collapsed onto the desk with him resting on top of me supporting himself on his elbows.

After recovering somewhat, “Thank you,” he softly uttered as he kissed my bare shoulders.

“You’re welcome, sir, but I should be thanking you for the way you make me feel.”

He chuckled, stood, and eased his long cock from my playfully clenching asshole. “Yes … that … always. But I meant for being you.” I stood, turned and looked at him not understanding. I quickly sank to the floor to suck and lick his cock, then he handed me a hand towel, one of several he now kept in the bottom drawer of his desk. My asshole gaped so much after he fucks me that cum just flows out. I spread the towel on a chair in front of his desk, sat, and demurely crossed my legs but my chest and neck surely showing the blotchy, flushed evidence of our activity. He pulled his pants up and took his seat behind his desk. “What I meant was, Samantha has been accepting, even encouraging, about the activities of the office. We participated in some very discrete swapping and sharing and our sexual life is very active, as you have seen. But … she has been … unenthusiastic of a female assistant I might enjoy fucking regularly, though she had encouraged me to have an assistant to take some load off my office life.” I watched and listened. This was interesting. So, there was more to his not being too active in the office besides his intimidating position in the office. He softly smiled and he may have seen the wheels turning in my head. “You … you took her fancy from the start. As I said, I don’t hide anything from her. Perhaps because what I was able to communicate to her was what we talked about more than how we fucked she found you intriguing. I found I was attracted to you and that was a warning sign so I became reluctant to meet with you very often for a while. Samantha kept asking about you, though.”

He looked embarrassed. “What are you saying, sir?” I asked to quickly break the moment of awkwardness.

“I’m saying, thank you for being you, the person you are. Samantha is very taken by you. It makes our relationship possible but … it also means she feels a desire for her own relationship with you. You’ve said you don’t mind that, but do you really not mind her inserting herself?”

I smiled and squirmed a bit in the chair, not from awkwardness of his comments but feeling his cum still leaking from my asshole. “I like Mrs. C, sir … a lot. It’s not what I expected, true, but I enjoy her.”

He nodded and I took that response as a conclusion to our talk. I got up and stepped closer to the door. I was wrong, though.

“Abby,” he called to me. I turned, holding the hand-towel in my hand which I would take to the shower area and drop in the used towel bin. “I also meant to thank you for the effort you put in with her on her speech.” I asked if he was going to go listen to her. “No, she knows I have a conflict.” Conflict, I thought. That puts the speech in the middle of the afternoon. “I bet I’ve heard it a dozen time, though.” He said it with a prideful smile. “How about you, Abby. She didn’t say anything but I think it would mean a lot to her.”

“You wouldn’t mind, sir, if I took a couple hours off?”

His appearance changed before me, as though some tension had been released. “Take the afternoon off … and don’t claim it. She is very nervous but excited, too.”

* * * *

“Abby!” She exclaimed it loudly enough for several people at the side of the conference room of the hotel to turn around and look. “What a surprise, dear. Why are you here?”

“You, of course.” I looked around at the gathering audience. “I was so impressed by what you were saying in the speech I had to come hear it for real.”

“Impressed … you’re the one who made it impressive.” She grabbed me and hugged me tight. “And, thank you … again.”

“Nonsense. I just played with the words, you had the ideas. Anyway, I thought a cheering section might be nice.” Just then she was called to get ready. I found a seat where she could find me. When she took her place at the podium, I gave a little wave to get her attention and gave her two thumbs-up. She smiled and proceeded to deliver a great, impassioned speech. And, by the applause, very well received.

After, I waited in the wings until well-wishers were finished. It took a while. She was bubbling as she crashed into my open arms. “You were magnificent, ma’am. Did you hear that applause? Of course, you heard the applause. It was wonderful.” She beamed, then pulled me to the elevators and the bar downstairs. We were celebrating.

After several drinks, she leaned into the small table. Her eyes were still lit with excitement but there was now an element of mischievousness, too. “Do that thing.” I looked back at her uncomprehendingly. “That thing … what you did at the club to Joe’s friends.”

Ah, I thought, that thing when I took off my bra and panties and flashed. “Ma’am … that ‘thing’ … I only did that because you wanted me to.”

She nodded as she gazed into my eyes intently. “Tell me something, Abby dear. You told Joe that night you accepted his offer that you’d do anything for him.”

I nodded, very curious where she was going. “Yes, ma’am … anything that I could and wasn’t breaking any laws.”

“Well, not serious laws anyway, right?” I smiled. Flashing could be included in that. “You did that because I asked.” She studied me. “Because I asked or because the boss’s wife asked?”

I studied her in response. This was right to the point Mr. C brought up only hours ago about her inserting herself. Rather than threatened or concerned about the question, though, I smiled. “I liked you from the start, ma’am. Yes, because you are married to the boss is the reason we came to know each other but not really the reason I have responded to you. I could easily have maintained a business approach that night with Mr. C. I found myself responding to you, too. I didn’t feel forced or threatened. It was you I was responding to.” I smiled, “Just this morning, Mr. C asked if I minded you inserting yourself into the work relationship. It was asked in regard to assisting you with the speech but I also knew there was a deeper implication.”

“And, what did you respond?” she asked.

“That I liked you … a lot. It’s not what I expected, true, but I do enjoy being with you. You’re a sexy woman, ma’am. I enjoy experiencing that in a non-office way. I enjoy pleasing women in the office but there is little casual and soft about it there.” I looked down at my fidgeting hands. Suddenly, I was nervous I was divulging too much intimacy. I glanced up, “Maybe I’m saying too much.”

She leaned further into the table, reached across it and took one of my hands. “No, dear. I can’t explain it, either. I’ve talked to Joe about it.” She smiled that way he does. “He and I have no secrets like that.” I nodded. “I feel the same way, did from almost the moment I greeted you. You excite me, Abby. Joe and I have always been passionate and you seem to increase that for both of us.” She hesitated. “I am old enough to be your mother …”

I put my other hand over the one she had on mine. “I don’t feel that way, ma’am.”

She smiled, her entire countenance relaxing. “So … I don’t suppose I can get you to call me Sam or Samantha like everyone else?”

I shook my head. “No, ma’am. No matter what else he and I do together he is still the boss. No matter what else we do together you are still his wife. I don’t want to slip in front of others.” She watched me and seemed to be waiting for something. I thought I knew what it was. I pulled my hands back and discretely unfastened two more buttons of my blouse. I then said, “Excuse me, ma’am.” I pushed my chair back and walked toward the restrooms with my purse. Thankfully, I had brought one large enough.

As I stepped from the small hallway to the restroom and into sight of her, I felt my breasts sway and jiggle with each step in the heels. She put up and a hand and I stopped. She touched her chest. I took in a breath and undid another button … than another before she nodded. My blouse was undone below my sagging nipple line. She pointed toward a group of business-looking men wearing suits at a far table. I walked out of my way toward them. I believed she intended for me to merely walk past them to see their reaction. I decided to give her more to watch. I walked to the far side of their table so she could see everything I did then leaned over the edge of their table to lower my head closer to them and lowered my voice. I asked them if they happened to have attended the charity event upstairs. They replied they hadn’t.

“God, you wicked woman!” She exclaimed it but in a lowered voice as I joined her at our table. “When you leaned over their table, I thought your boobs were going to fall right out.”

“I’m the wicked woman? You’re the one wanting me to do this.” I winked at her and we both laughed.

She gulped the rest of her drink and signaled for the bill. “There’s something else I want you to do.” I was going to follow her home.

I parked outside her side of the garage and followed her into the house from there. She led me straight to the master bedroom where our clothes seemed to fly off our bodies as if we had stepped into a stripping vortex. We pulled back the cover and I had her position herself in the center of the bed. I crawled up between her partially spread legs but spread them much further as I approached her. I leaned over her, my breasts grazing over her body until I could kiss her fully on the lips, our breasts pressed together. I kissed her hungrily until she began moaning and pressing her body up into mine. Then, I began kissing down her body, her neck, shoulders, chest, breasts, and nipples. I focused on her each nipple for some time, licking and sucking them before lightly taking them between my teeth to chew and pull. At the next increase in response from her, I continued my journey down her body over her stomach and abdomen. I splayed her legs widely but avoided her clit and pussy for the moment, instead kissing and licking along the outside of her most sensitive parts.

I bent her legs and pressed them up to expose her anus. I probed it with my tongue, just a touch, and heard her gasp as I touch it before her pussy. When I released her thighs her knees remained bent and splayed to the sides opening herself to me perfectly. I stuck my tongue out flat and licked from the bottom of her pussy to the top in long, slow licks with only slight pressure as it moved over her lips and the clitoral hood.

I listened to her reactions, the gasps, moans, and mutterings. If the sounds diminished I changed, if they remained and increased, I continued. I wasn’t in a hurry. I wanted her to orgasm. She wanted to orgasm. Sometimes, though, a long, steady journey is a deliciously tormenting experience when there is time for it. It was late afternoon and there was no rush.

Her pussy was drooling as I lapped at it and she raised her hips up to meet me as if seeking more contact. Time to change. I formed a small ‘O’ with my lips and encircled her clit. I sucked the clit and hood into my mouth and used my tongue tip on the hooded clit. I wanted to produce sensation and let the stimulation, arousal build before directly attacking the sensitive clitoral nub. When I was ready, when I could feel she was very ready, I used a finger to pull at the skin to expose the nub from under the hood while still inside my lips. My tongue flicked over it and I sucked, again. I heard her moans and gasps increase, broken mutterings flow from her lips. I moved my tongue around the nub, then licked it like a small penis. I could feel it become engorged inside my lips and I continued alternatively sucking. Finally, I let my teeth contact it … softly, teasing … she gasped and her hips rose up off the bed.

This wasn’t our first time. I knew some of the things she liked, what her body responded to but bringing someone pleasure was adding something knew to what consistently brings pleasure.

While still sucking on her clitoris, I slipped a finger into her pussy. She sighed and I slipped a second finger in almost immediately. This was a woman married to a man with a wide 11” cock. Of course she enjoyed her pussy being penetrated. I avoided the temptation of too much stimulation on her clit too soon, so I continued soft licks combined with sucking as a third finger joined the others sliding in and out of her very wet pussy. As her body began thrashing against the stimulation, I used the thumb of my other hand to massage her clit as my lips and tongue moved from pussy to clit, back and forth as my fingers continued moving inside her pussy.

She is a very vocal woman and that brings pleasure to me. I could sense by her body and her sounds that she was rising to an orgasm. With my thumb on her clitoris, I moved my fingers inside her in search of her g-spot, that area inside her pussy that surrounds the urethral area. I curled two fingers inside her up towards the belly button and behind the pubic bone. Using a ‘come here’ motion with the fingers, I stroked over the area and she went rigid, her hips struggling to rise. I used the weight of my arm of the hand stimulating her clit to hold her somewhat in place. I continued the three-prong attack to finish her. The g-spot stimulation is direct access to the root of the clitoris, the portion of the clit inside her. As she climaxes under my mouth, around my fingers, and under my thumb, I slow all the motions but continue just enough to prolong the orgasm through several peaks. The g-spot/clit stimulation is too much for a few women in the office but perfect for Mary, Sara, Ms. Benson, and, very definitely, Mrs. C.

“So, here you are. I would ask how the speech went but it seems immaterial at the moment.” Mr. C’s voice. After her orgasm, we cuddled, caressed, and talked. Eventually, though, she wanted to return the favor to me. She was an eager student to learn more about girl-girl sexual pleasuring. Insisted on a 69, though. Since I was on the bottom, my ability to see or coherently speak was very limited.

I felt Mrs. C’s lips leave my pussy, though her fingers remained inside me. “Joseph … is it that time, already?”

I heard his laugh. “Clearly. I was planning on going out to eat as a celebration, but … will you be long? Maybe I should order somethng in, instead.”

Mrs. C raised her hips and her body and looked down between us. “Will we be long, Abby?”

I chuckled, “Remember the g-spot … you’ll have me there soon enough.”

Mr. C chuckled in return, “No hurry, you two. I’ll order something in a bit.” Then, “Don’t bother dressing for dinner …” We both giggled before our giggles were muffled by pussy.

We went down the stairs holding hands, a warm glow still enveloping our bodies from mutual orgasms. Our heels clicked on the marble tiles of the foyer. They were all we decided to wear … in keeping with Mr. C’s suggestion. We didn’t even bother to wipe our face of cum juice. Something extra for him when we kissed him. Just then the doorbell rang and Mr. C appeared from the dining room. He pointed at me. What? I was naked. I looked to Mrs. C for help but she had slid alongside him, a mischievous smile like his on her face. They were off to the side and would be hidden by the direction the door would open. He stepped forward and handed me three bills, two twenties and a ten. I looked at them and sighed as the doorbell rang, again.

I thought came to me as I stepped to the door and I wondered briefly how these teases came to my mind so readily. I opened the door wide enough to be exposed, gasped and jumped behind it while exclaiming, “OH NO! Sorry … I … I was expecting someone else … you came sooner than I thought.” It was an older teenage boy wearing a ball cap with ‘Great Wall’ embroidered on it. Chinese food, apparently. He stammered a de***********ion of the order and the name. I nodded at hearing ‘Cornell’. I partially stepped around the door so half my body was again expose and tried for a smile that appeared nervous or embarrassed rather than the tease I actually felt. I glanced and found his eyes fixed on the one breast exposed around the side of the door. I handed him the bills but purposely let one slip out of my hand. It fluttered to the floor away from the edge of the door forcing me fully to expose myself. All planned to tease, of course. As I bent over to retrieve the bill, I glimpsed how my breasts hung and swayed, knowing he was fixed on the same view. I stood fully exposed to him as I again handed him the money and took the two bags of food from him. He stepped backward still looking at me and stumbled on the first step, thankfully not falling. I closed the door with my hip and smiled at Mr. and Mrs. C.

“Well, that should ensure eager deliveries from that restaurant.” They both laughed.

Dinner was spent with de***********ion of Mrs. C’s speech and my glowing praise of her performance. Mr. C beamed throughout. My admiration of the man jumped to a new level. Two naked women sitting on either side of him and his full attention was on hearing about his wife’s success. I watched the two of them interact, the looks their eyes sent to each other, the soft touches of fingers on hands. This was the kind of love that might be portrayed in ‘Hallmark’ movies. The kind of love after so many years most people couldn’t consider real. And … somehow … I was welcomed into it.

We left a mess on the dining room table: emptied styrofoam containers and wine bottles. We took him upstairs and ravaged his body for hours bringing him to two climaxes. Mrs. C enjoys watching me take his cock up the ass but I also really enjoy it as she attends to my breasts and pussy. The second time was properly in her pussy after the two of us teased his marvelous cock back to hardness. A work day night. The first such night I spent with them.

* * * CHAPTER 8: THE STAFF MEETING will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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