Just As He Is - Part 7

The sex between the siblings had become daily and obsessive. Even when they intended to be productive and cooperate in platonic activity, spontaneity would happen. Julie would push her brother up against and then down on the kitchen table and start yanking his loose fitting clothes off him. "I am going to rape you." At the orchards over the years, eager-to-do-well offspring of an agricultural mother would be careless in their tasks among fruit trees and would sustain cuts, bruises, and sprains of varying degrees of seriousness. Julie was never able to enroll in gymnastics class although she had the figure and talent for it and excelled in it in regular gym. The older brother could position his sister in a way that he never could with earlier partners. When he would come into the kitchen, she would already have started to pull down her shorts and thong panties. "You need a snack." He would be able to lift her on to the kitchen counter without hardly knocking anything. With her legs wide open and her thighs resting on his upper arms, between the 2 of them, her seat could be lifted so that all the dripping parts between her legs would be at his tongue and mouth for hungry attentions. Even as she lost composure for her shuddering orgasms, she would retain balance so that the moment would not lose its focus on passion.

If the athlete would have his naked sister posit herself on his shoulders from a chair or table as in readying for a chicken fight, she could twist around to his front and lift herself so that her arms would be clinging over his head to his shoulders from behind and his mouth and tongue would be at the opening between her legs. He would be able to breath deep and draw in all the intoxicating aroma of her most intimate girl odors. Sometimes when doing laundry or cleaning up after lunch, Julie would announce "I didn't get enough to eat", or "I need a snack". She would either pull down his sport shorts or reach through his fly and feel the instant rush of warmth to his male parts in automatic stimulation, greedily manipulating them so a straining cock that would be at ready to lick. suck, and push back into her mouth even for some light throating. When he would start leaking the saltiest and most pungent guy juice and the flesh about his organ was spongey tender especially about the slit, she knew he was close and she would clasp her lips about him for the strongest suck of all. The flinching throbs would commence and the organ's owner would vocalize his deep and gritty growl of pleasure. She would be treated to warm flavorful freshly festered streaks of jizz from his flexed pee hole. Such would be the catalyst for shots of warm electric tingles centered in her own sex and then out to extremities.

Whether there would be vaginal penetration by the treasured pulsing cock of the young teen's athletic brother would depend on how recently she had inserted her diaphragm. This is why the brother was inclined to defer to his young teen sister to initiate sex. In time, she would find that it is difficult for her to achieve her teen climaxes when he is positioned on top for the freedom to move his tempestuous tool at his own pace in her honey puss. But it usually didn't matter. Diverted less by the buildup of electric hot tingling rooted in her sex and circulating all over, she could take more notice of all the splendid muscular velvet warmth that moved over varying areas and quantity of her skin surface. A strong back and powerful hips were the engines that drove a stunning sensuality reckoned by an awe struck teen being clung to underneath. His heavy breathing and moans of pleasure were the stuff of empowering ebulliance to a young girl who reveled knowing that she was the source of a youth's unsurpassed ecstacies.

They fucked with one hole or another or otherwise fooled around in every room in the house. Their favorite was their mother's bedroom with her king sized bed which would be available to them on days when Julie was expected to change bed sheets and her mother could expect clean bedding that night. Except immediately in back of the house, they had not diversified their sexual activity to the outdoors. Time was of the essence, for it would be short weeks before the migrant workers arrived. They both agreed that christening the outdoors with their lovemaking would be a special event.

The Saturday evening after Julie lost both her cherries, she was playing cards with her brother. "I tell you what sis, if I beat you in this next round of gin, you will have to do all my laundry for the next 2 weeks, including ironing." This effectively meant that she would be doing his laundry for most of the rest of the summer because when he would start working with the migrants, he would have little time to do laundry for himself.

"And if I win, you have to do that something we talked about. " She flashed him one of her pert pixie smiles. Within just a few minutes into the new round, Julie jubilantly announced "gin!". Sure enough, she had two high scoring sets and one small run, substantially outscoring her brother in the hand. She was beaming where she sat and gloating with a little sing-song, "you have to do it! you have to do it! You have to show me that thing I want to see." Stuie sat shaking his head back and forth,with an expression of genuine disturbed disappointment. She had unseated herself and was scooting around the table to rub her victory in to her brother, wrapping her small arms around his neck.

"Julie, what are you pestering your brother about?"

Stuie had to cover his sister's mouth to keep their mother from hearing her giggle. "Mom, she is just celebrating because she is beating the pants off me at cards, tonight." Beating off much more than that.


But Julie did not feel like physical fun in ensuing days. She told her brother she did not want to shower until after lunch. While they were undressing, she asked him to come into the bathroom with her and then pull down her panties. He did as was told and then jumped back. "Julie, you have started your next period." An unfolded sanitary napkin was sticky stuck to the crotch and some of the front and some of the back of the panties that had been pulled down to her ankles. Swatches of red stain were swirled into the soft fabric of the absorbent pad.

"Well duh! I think I told you my time for this month was due this week. Now, look at all that red flow. I was feeling really messy last month and it looks as though the same thing is happening this time around. I put this thing on only just this morning when we got up. Do you think I should switch to tampons?"

"Julie, I don't know."

She looked at her brother with annoyed disbelief. "I thought you were supposed to know all about girls, their 'G' places and clitorises, and all that. First you don't know squat about diaphragms and then you don't even know anything about what girls do about their periods. You boys talk about all these things you know about, but then you are good for nothing useless about some things that really matter. . . What about all your girlfriends?"

"What about them?"

"Well do they use tampons, and if so, when did they start?"

Stuie was genuinely cowed with embarrassment and shamed ignorance and started to shrug his shoulders when he began to have a faint recollection and opened his mouth hoping he could express something useful under a strange circumstance. "Um, I remember now that when I have showered with at least two of them, they had those cute stringy things hanging out of them. So I guess that is at least two of them."

"BRAVO! Stuartlock Holmes, here. Glad to know someone is paying attention. Let 's take off the rest of our clothes and take that shower."

In the shower they didn't speak a word for the first 10 minutes. "Now this is what I am going to do. I will put on a fresh pad with clean panties when I dress. Tonight, I want you to come with me into the bathroom and see if my flow into it is heavy again."

"Mom will notice we are in here together."

"Mom will be in bed already. If I see a lot or it has felt messy in the meantime, I think it is time to try switching to tampons."

"Julie, hon, don't you think you need to talk to Mom about this."

The teen cast her brother another incredulous look. "You of all people should know how Mom acts about these kinds of things. Anything that is the slightest change, she blows it all out of proportion. Of course I will tell her later. When the tampons seem to be going well, if that is what I decide to do, then I will tell her. But you will be the one who will help me make this change. It 's about time you learned about all these things if you make such a big deal about knowing about girls. You're going to be with me in the bathroom with me and watching very carefully when I push in one of those things in me with the applicator. Hopefully we won't have to go through the whole box of them trying to get one in right."

"Julie, is it just the quantity of discharge? Are you feeling soreness or pain, where you think it might be a good idea to call Dr. Chia?"

She waved off her brother. "Only a little cramping. Are you asking me that question because I am being such a bitch this afternoon?" Stuie demurely could not look the sopping wet teen in the eye. She started to take pity on him and smiled. "Your problem big bro, is that you are too nice. You should not allow your kid sister to talk to you like that. Don't let your girlfriends talk to you like this unless you are going to be a total dumbass."

Stuie felt a little emboldened again. "You know I only want things to work out the best for you, sis, but .., you will be careful. Mom and I would freak if you succumbed to some kind of toxic shock episode."

She hugged him under the running water, now, smiling looking up into his face. "Don't you know, I am counting on you to remind me to change the bloody little things. You will be in the bathroom with me, everytime I change one unless Mom is home."

"But I won't always be here."

"But by the time you leave, I will have gotten used to using them. But, when you have the truck to use later this week, you will have to buy me new boxes at the drug store even if I am not able to be with you. They're the 'pearls'. I'll give you the old box to make sure you buy the right brand."

Actually events transpired quite well. Julie made the decision to switch to tampons. In the morning after when their mother left for work, her brother was with her in the bathroom and watched very carefully and only inches away as she used the applicator to insert herself for the first time. It worked and Julie said she could not feel it was there. Stuie was a little nervous and jumpy about it for the first couple of days. Julie would laugh when he would suggest that it might be time for a change not much more than an hour from her previous insertion. In the event, the teen had a regular work assignment for her student brother. He would be the one who would roll the recently extracted feminine care assistant into a ball of toilet paper for appropriate disposal.

In days after the flow of her cycle ceased the teen told her brother that he was her buddy for notice about any unusual issues relating to her being "on the rag". He made sure that she understood that for anything genuinely serious, she was to call Dr. Chia right away.

A few days later, in the morning Julie noticed there was no fluid marking the used tampon and she felt refreshed for a good night's sleep. Late that moonlit night, she snuck into her usual angel-like slumbering brother's bedroom and did not bother to turn on his bedside table lamp. She briskly tossed aside the bed clothes from all his rugged nudity and clambered right on top of him. He awoke with a startled jump, but realizing who it was, tried to settle back down and rest despite her jumping around on him. "I need your gorgeous sweet cock so bad now, I can hardly stand it."

"That 's nice. Just be quiet." She was successively reaching to his mid section to fondle his male parts. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see she was also fumbling in her attempt to ready her diaphragm for personal installation. Now he woke up in all seriousness. He reached over and turned on his night stand table light. For the first time, he actually used his own large fingers to assist the heated impatient teen in installing the birth control device into her. She reached for the object of her focus, his warm pulsing firm but fleshy tool to impale herself on to. "That thing up your your little puss feels the way it is supposed to, doesn't it, sis?"

She didn't answer directly. She was practically breathless with flushed arousal, desire, and neediness. "I need it!" As she once again rode herself up and down frantically on his excited animating cock in its delicious embrace of female entrapment, Stuie again had to muffle her squeals of passion in their night time frolic by pushing her face into his chest or a pillow. He more than a little smothered her. When they finished their session, the older brother was impressed with the outcome. "Ah sis, I hope you brought more of those handi-wipes with you. I think I just flooded you with a gallon of funky spooge."

"Tomorrow morning is when it is going to happen. Tomorrow is going to be the day when you show me what you have tried before."

"OK, then you are going to need to put that tee shirt back on you, go to the bathroom and clean up, and go back in your room and get plenty of rest. We are both going to need it."


The next morning as the 2 siblings heard their mother drive the truck down the main drive of the orchards down to the main road into town, Julie got out of her seat and started to grab at the baggy clothes off her brother to strip them all off him as was often the case during weekday mornings. "Uh! uh! If I am going to do what you want me to do this morning, I am going to need to get out and limber up while it 's still cool and before the heat of the day settles in. It will be no different as if I am preparing for a wrestling match. Now I will do stretching exercises outdoors, take a fast stroll around the orchards, do some more stretching exercises before I come back in. When I get back in, I will take my clothes off, er you will take my clothes off as the case may be, and I will take just a 2 or 3 minute cool shower."

Stuie started to step into a pair of x-training shoes and lace them up. "Now this is what I want you to do in the meantime. Start to wash the dishes and clean up this kitchen. Make sure there is plenty of cold lemonade on hand by the time I get back. Make sure I have a clean towel to dry off with after my shower. Strip your bed in your bedroom and just replace with a clean fitted bottom sheet, no other bed clothes. Make sure you have some warm soaked face cloths on hand and maybe a couple of clean hand towels. Make sure the fan in your bedroom is working and is blowing in the direction of the bed. This is going to be serious physical exertion. OK! we should be able to get started in about 40 minutes to an hour."

The athletic youth was out the door and the young teen sister watched him from the kitchen window as he started in on some stretching exercises of the upper torso. She mulled over his instructions. "Jeez! you would think the guy is going to have a baby or something."

Still toweling off after the shower in his sister's room, "well what happened to your clothes? This is going to be a solo event, you know."

Julie was not happy with her brother's tone for what by her reckoning was supposed to be an exciting event. "Don't talk to me like I am a dumbass. I know that. I just thought if I wasn't wearing anything either, it would be more relaxing for you. Besides, do you have to be completely naked to do this?"

Stuie was adjusting the bedroom door with the new full length mirror he had just installed on to it, so the reflection would be directly on the bed. The door would be ajar by a couple of feet. They had meant to move the bed so that it would be reflected in the mirror such that the door would be completely closed, but they had not gotten around to it yet. "Clothes can inhibit the ability to set the right posture. Better not to have any on."

He went back to sit on the edge of his sister's bed with an expression on his face that suggested he had more relaxing to do. "Now listen carefully because I will need your help. If I move the wrong way or you adjust my body the wrong way, I could injure myself. The clinical term for what you will have me do this morning is called 'autofellatio'."

Julie suddenly interrupted. "What in plain English is called guys who suck themselves. I will do anything to help you show me something that is as a crazy good show as that, but will keep you from hurting yourself."

"Thank you, but pay attention. First let me explain what I will not do. You may think I have a nice big cock, but I am not that big. I cannot just crouch over and stick the end of my cock or more into my mouth and go to work on it. Some guys can do that, but it is rare."

Julie joked. "Some guys have all the luck."

"Now, in what was once thought of the mysterious east in India, as far back as before the Christian era, the Yoga masters who were very slender, lithe, and limber could stretch themselves into positions that even the best lay Yoga practitioners never could. One of the classic positions of the Yoga masters was to bend themselves so they could wrap their legs and feet behind the backs of their head and cross their feet to lock themselves in place. That is how they could get their erect cocks in their mouths so they could suck themselves to cum into their mouths."

"Cool! That sounds like my kind of religion."

The athletic youth found himself laughing along with his sister. "Pipe down you little brat. I am coming to the most important part. I am going to do what most guys would need to do to accomplish this task. I am going to have to lie back in the bed not far from the front that is resting against the wall of your room as if I had gotten in bed to sleep."

"No way is it that boring. Don't fall asleep on me now."

The brother this time just shot his kid sister a threatening look of daggers and she dropped her impertinent little smile. "I am going to have to raise my legs over me, over my head where they are stretched out over the rest of me. My feet at the head of the bed will be set against the wall of your room to brace myself. It is with my feet against the wall that I can set how much of my lower torso up in the air can be lowered on to my upper torso lying on your bed to allow some of my cock to move into my mouth.

Now listen very carefully. It is not going to be comfortable. Because of the way I will be folded over, there is going to be a lot of pressure on my upper back, my neck, and the back of my head. Not to speak of the fact of how much of my spine will be stretched that I will have to take great care in how I move about. The pressure on my head and neck is going to constrict my ability to move my lower jaw and I am not going to be able to open my mouth but just a little. You can help me by helping me to keep my limbs adjusted. Don't try to work my body against me. Do what you can to keep me as relaxed as possible, so I can have the greatest flexibility."

"But your dick hasn't even started to get hard."

"That is part of what I mean by relaxed. I am going to need you to fondle me down there and caress me in other places to keep me stimulated at least until I am able to be a little oral myself. But because of the constrictions, I will never be able to be orally stimulating enough to myself the way you can to me to reach an orgasm." Stuie was now lying back completely horizontal on his sister's bed.

"Well you never know until you try."

"Then let 's get started then."


The small van with the institutional business logo on each side drove back down the main drive of the orchards to the main road leading back into town. The one passenger was dropped off, a young short oriental girl seemingly about Julie's age wearing what some might think is a tie dyed sort of fushcia short jump suit, but outfitted with a shiny black belt all the same ~ something like from a Hannah Montana episode from hell. The color of toe nail polish revealed from her pastel fashion flip flops was garish for the failed attempt to completely match her outfit. She was carrying 2 shiny sequined shopping bags with what are identified as 'beauty supplies.'

She saw the kitchen door was open, only closed off for the screen door. She knocked on the aluminum portal. "Hello!" Her mother had driven off in the van and she was determined to meet with somebody. She shuffled the bags about to let herself into the kitchen. Again, "hello! Is anybody home? It 's Sue Le. I am here Julie for your 10:00 appointment." With no response, the girl laid her bags on the kitchen table. She heard the drone of an electric appliance coming from what could be the back of the house: perhaps a fan or more than one room air conditioners. She started into the parlor and distinctly heard voices from further back. "I'm here now Julie. Can we get started now?" Still no response but the barely mumbled voices were just as audible, so she started down the hallway and saw a partially open doorway to the right.

The naked athlete had assumed the position he had described to his kid sister. She was gently caressing his propped up ass, thighs, and the back of his nut sac. With her other hand, she was administering little squeezes and strokes to what had become his fully extended stalactite cock, whereby he had been able to insert at least some of the head into his mouth. Julie could see where he is trying to minister some oral attentions thereabouts, but the practitioner was right, he had very constricted ability to move his mouth. "Your problem is that you decided to be a wrestler, bunching up your muscles. Now if you had only worked to become a gymnast. If we can just make a tiny adjustment." Julie was trying to prompt the contorted naked athlete to lower his legs slightly and and raise his ass just with ever so slight greater levitation with the goal of just being able to slide a little more cock into his mouth. He moaned his protest in a tone of grinding gravel.

"What are you doing bro? Everything was going sensational. Do you know how hot you looked doing that?"

The athlete started to tell the young teen that she should not try and prompt him into buckling over any further. It would only hurt more, paralyze his mouth even more, and risk even greater injury. But as he was sorting himself out with the objective of sitting on the bed before trying again, a look of red faced wide-eyed terror came over him and with a desperation the teen sister had never seen from her much older brother, he scrambled to grab at towels and a blanket she had folded at the opposite end of her bed and frantically had himself covered over in what must have been record time. Pointing at the bedroom entrance, "who the hell is she and what the fuck is she doing here?"

When Julie saw her young schoolmate smiling and giggling at the open doorway, she turned white as a ghost with a sickly expression on her pixie face. But she recovered he compsure very quickly. She scuttled out out the room quickly jostling her exposed titties and firmly but gently closed the bedroom door behind her. She tried to show no sense of alarm and greeted her peer cordially. "Oh hey Sue Le. Were we scheduled for this morning? I thought it was next Friday."

"No! Next Friday is the 4th of July."

"Oh I am always getting that stuff mixed up. Well look at me. You can see I am ready. Thank god my period is over. Did you bring your beauty supplies?" But Sue Le's expression showed she had not been provided enough information. "Oh did you see my brother? Isn't he a dreamboat? And so smart, too. He is the best bro' any of us home girls could dream of. I told you we were close. He shows me things I don't think even girls' boyfriends would want them to know about."

Julie's short little peer giggled impetuously. "I wish I had a brother who would show me things like that."

"Oh well, let 's keep this between ourselves. The girls at school need to never know about this. I mean, I would love to tell some of them about the things he teaches me, but you know some of the girls there are not like us." Julie's eyes rolled back in her head for dramatic effect. "Some of them are ssoooooo immature still."

The oriental peer looked at Julie with a note of considered calculation on her girlish face. "Now that I am here, the girls at school do not need to know what your brother shows you, if he shows me too."

"Oh Sue Le that would be so much fun, but I think he is bashful about these things with strangers."

"Then introduce him to me and we will not be strangers anymore. You said he would help me with your hair. Now he does not need to put his clothes back on before we start. He will not have to worry about getting his clothes wet from when we run the sink."

Julie felt cornered and struggled to retain a stance of civility. She signaled the unexpected guest that she would need to return to the bedroom to speak with her brother privately. Again she had difficulty looking her brother directly in the eye. "Stop putting your clothes on. You are going to need to take them all off again. I fucked up something horribly and now we have to work through my trouble. You're going to do that again for the both of us."

"Julie when we get through this, I am going to take you over my knee and take those stupid kid cheeks to spank the living daylight out of you."

The teen tried to ameliorate a nearly impossible situation. "Well did you see how she looked when we caught her looking at the doorway. She is going to think it is hot. She will look cute when she watches you that way."

"I hope you have considered that I could be registered as a criminal for the rest of my life. Even though I will never touch her, I open myself to several charges of indecent exposure. After today, you do what it takes to see that she forever keeps this as a little secret between girlfriends."

Julie had a vaguely far off expression, suddenly. Terry Denominator who is the president of the jr, High math club has made it sort of his business about what goes on in the area. He mentioned that people think that Sue Le's mom is doing something that could cause her to lose her business or beauty license."

"Whatever! Look into it. Now bring that simpering brat in here and let 's get this over with."

"Nice to meet you Sue Le." The naked brother spoke to their unexpected guest in a cordial but curt and condescending tone. He was going to do everything possible to impress his teen sister's peer that it was he who was in control here. "Now since you are such smart and precocious girls, maybe what I am going to show you is something you can do to get your boyfriends to amuse you over time and again for many years. But if you are not grown up enough, you will never find a boyfriend who will fall in love with you enough to try and please you with this kind of demonstration."

In an introduction of such a bizarre nature, the other young teen could not keep from her eyes being trained on the nude athlete's midsection and masculine package, complete with its furry mane of stand out guy bush. "Nice to meet you sexy man. You are right. I will be sexy with a boyfriend and very nice so he will fall in love with me and we can do things to enjoy good sex."

"OK! Good! Sue Le, look at me. The name is Stuie. Now Julie may do things to help me. But I want you to simply watch carefully and learn from what you observe. Do you understand?"

She simply nodded her head up and down. The naked man's sternness seemed to have the desired effect.

"OK! Good! Julie help me get started."

The naked teen sister started to flash her brother an urgent look and silently mouth with emphasis, "you are supposed to get hard." Part way into the communication she reminded herself that it was not so automatic and that this was partly her task. She was on the same page as her brother that the demonstration for this outsider should take on the least lascivious character possible since there was obviously going to be no dignity in it.

The young oriental girl looked on in enraptured fascination as the athlete was assisted in raising his muscled legs over his head. With the wall at the head of the bed, Stuie was able to brace himself with his feet so that his lower torso would be posed over him just as he pleased. As inconspicuosly as possible, Julie tried to stroke hurriedly her brother's dick so that it would blow up to his impressive cock meat, just about enough so that all its head was in his mouth. They both listened intently as he breathed through his nostrils. Breathing was very important for the retention of the position. The young guest was blood-shot glassy eyed with hypnotic wonderment. "Now you see, Sue Le, with his head cramped down this way, he can hardly move his mouth. So this is really as far as he can go."

The teen guest was surprisingly quick on the uptake. "If there is no way he can suck on it to make himself cum, then there is another way. You have to do that that boys ordinarily do to make themselves cum all the time when no one is looking." She smiled amost to the point of giggling again. "You have to rub," she tried to conjure the most appropriate way to put it under the circumstances, "his nice hard penis until he cums into his mouth. You know, jerk it."

Julie didn't argue she was determined to get this done as quickly as possible but as much or little to satisfy their uninvited guest. The intruder watched very carefully, standing inches from the center of activity. Julie stroked up and down the cock shaft with varied pressure until she felt the tell-tale throbs that spasms of his ejaculation had commenced and dollops of his fresh load were spurting on to his tongue and into his mouth.

The contorted practitoner whimpered once unintentionally and his nostrils flared greatly in the heavy breathing of bodily exertion. His heart pounded with 'basso profundo' in all the excitement and although he was neither adverse to eating his own cum or an aficionado of the same, he was determined to swallow all the residual output of the outcome so as any visible residue that might incite the young intruder into any other undesired requests. He did not want her to even experience the odor of ripeness about the male discharge. "Ewwww! watching him do that is gross and sexy at the same time. But thank you Julie and Stuie for the best day I have had in a long time."

The naked practitioner used his tongue to sweep away the last drops of fresh cum from his piss slit and about the top of his cock head. He quickly unwrapped himself, his dick thankfully quickly wilting. He clapped his hands together with robust intention, "OK! let 's start to get to work on Julie. I am sure you are going to do a terrific job Sue Le. She has been so impressed with the work you have done for her other friends. She has been looking forward to you coming over since school let out."

Sue Le was very professional about setting up the bathroom so that working on Julie would be efficient and comfortable especially at the sink. A portable shower hread spray was set up that can work with any sink faucet. For the first 1/2 an hour, things progressed very profesionally. The brother did an expert job of washing his teen sister's hair at the sink as usual. "Sexy man, when you finish college, you go to beauty school. My mother will give you a recommendation for admission. When you get your certificates, you will come to her shop and work for her."

"Well thank you, Sue Le. It was not exactly my chosen career path. But I will take it under advisement as a serious option considering the lousy economy."

But the young teen guest clearly started to get distracted by the brother's comely nudity. "I want to take off my outfit. It is too hot in this bathroom."

"Hey kid. You can see we are all very informal. No need to be uncomfortable." She was in just her sports bra and panties in seconds. She had carefully folded and wrapped her jumpsuit over the parlor sofa. She started to flaunt herself at Stuie. "You want to see my tits?"

"Sue Le, friend, my poor sister is hunched over the sink. She still has 2 more conditioning and combing sessions to go, so if we could give her our undivided attention that would be so appreciated. If you feel more comfortable taking off your bra in the meantime, it will be of no concern to me one way or another." She did not right away. Instead she jumped about snapping the band of her pantie thong. Then she would move in to pull it down for less than a second to try to attract the attention of the nude man by flashing him. He simply ignored her.

Finally she became insistent for attention. "It is too hot. I want to take the rest off like you 2."

"Suit yourself, Sue Le."

Julie flashed her brother a look like to say something that would mollify her. But she spoke herself. "Sue Le, think of the things you have learned here today. Think of the useful things you have taught Stuie today about hair care. Now these are things you could teach your boyfriends one day. But if they were to learn about the strange things that happened here including how you took all your clothes off in front of my brother after he had been nude all day, they might get some not very nice ideas about you."

The other teen evidently thought about what Julie had to say, but within a few minutes decided to peel off her underwear, anyway. She was not pleased that Stuie hardly noticed. Finally, hoping to dampen her disappointment, Stuie decided to turn to her to speak directly. "Sue Le, you are a very pretty young girl with obvious developing charms that will one day attract handsome and appealing young men. Now I need you to turn your attention to completing my sister's hair event. Please!"

"Can I take a shower now?"

"Sue Le, you will be welcome to use our shower forever and all once we are about finished with Julie." Finally, Sue Le gave her undivided attention to the task at hand and the 3 naked people were intent on fulfilling the same goal. As Julie's hair was 3/4 dry, the male among the nude 3 showed Sue Le which bath towel was clean and available on the rack. When she was turning on the faucets, Stuie made certain she had the curtain completely shut. Not 5 minutes into it, they heard girlish squeals of pleasure from within the tub above the din of the hair dryer that had a familiar tone about it. Stuie just flashed his sister an expression with great gesture. "Could she really be doing what it sounds like in there?" `

It was obvious that the other teen in the shower was trying to conceal her high pitched moans by singing a song from a popular boy band, way off key. They turned off the hair dryer to listen and snicker. When she stepped out of the shower to towel off, they both ignored her and turned on the hair dryer again. They were way ahead of her. They gathered up her supplies and brought them to the kitchen table. They prepared a very plain light lunch and cold drinks.

As Julie tried to divert her attention with compliments about her new straightened hair and idle chit-chat about school friends, Stuie did most of the leg work to make lunch available. He did not want to annoy their guest unnecessarily, so he refrained from dressing until the last minute before her mother was scheduled to arrive even though the 2 females had dressed. Sue Le was driven to constantly focus on the naked athlete's exposed dick, nuts, and ass.

Julie thought to herself that all girls will dote on wobbling bouncing dicks in motion if they have the opportunity. Finally the oriental teen was in her mother's van at about 1:30 PM. She smirked to herself that no one had noticed that the young girl had not been paid. When the vehicle was down the drive, she turned to her brother looking directly at him, and doubled over with laughter. "Did YOU see the expression on your face when you saw her standing at the door looking at us? Wooooo Hoooooooo! You'd have thought the devil, Mom, Grammie, and all their female ancestors were looking at you nekkid doin' that."

Stuie was rollicking with laughter. "My expression? What about your expression? You looked just like the time when you were six, you had kicked away your baby doll underpants and Mom caught you squatting on the ground just outside one of the shelters with your legs spread open and happily peeing in your Sunday best. Mom might just as well have been the devil reaching up through the ground to snatch you away by your little girl hootch. White as a ghost, girl."

They laughed almost drunkenly, sucker punching each other. She led him back into the cooler kitchen, and sat him down at the kitchen table and then sat down affectionately in his lap. He knew immediately she wanted something from him. "Stuie, I really am so ashamed for the unforgivable fuck up today, and I owe you, I mean for the rest of my life, I owe you.

Her brother spoke with an actual note of forgiveness in his voice. "Julie, I really ouught to take you stripped naked little girl over my bended knee and fan your girlie cheeks to the point where the red never comes out."

"Yeah, I owe you that too. But, . . . . could you do that again?"

"You got one crazy nerve, kid."

"Wait! We never got to do this for ourselves. That little cunt walked in just as we were getting started. This is the hottest thing I have seen you do."

"Yeah! Did you see the way she was getting turned on while she was looking at me? I thought she was going to rain girl juices through that crazy outfit on to the floor of your room."

Julie smacked her brother half-heartedly across his shoulders and tried to conceal a smirk. "You perverted pig! Now I know for sure that you should do that just for the 2 of us." He let her strip him bare again right at the table. They walked back to her bedroom arms around each others' waists. She still had her clothes on. He was her boy toy. But just at the entrance of the bedroom, he suddenly turned and walked back. "Where are you going, now."

"Sitting by the sink in the bathroom for half the morning, got to do those stretching exercises again." He paused in the kitchen only to put on x-training shoes again. She watched him exit out the kitchen completely naked except his shoes. His dick was stretching to swaying cock as he moved about. This was Julie's idea of men's liberation ~ Masculinism at its best. He shouted back, "remember more lemonade." Even though he could not really see her, she stepped up on to the kitchen table and danced a sort of impromptu strip tease. She diddled herself to a satisfying orgasm at the end.

Back in her bedroom. Stuie finally felt confident for a true performing demonstration. She helped him set himself in position and this time, she massaged him all over including rubbing his feet such that he would not lose his stance. The attentions had better than the effect she hoped for. His toned muscles rippled with alternate stiffening and relaxation. The spectacle of raw masculine muscular function and bodily movement had never been so palpable for a young teen. She thought any girl or woman who loved a man in decent physical condition would have to be mentally unstable not to appreciate his performance in this visage. She listened carefully to the labored breathing through his nostrils. She watched enchanted as his magnificent ass cheeks clenched and relaxed in involuntary rapid succession. Despite the fan on in the room and the fact that she had been rubbing him down, he was building up a thin sheen of sweat resonating that heady light elixir of musky Stuie odor that would trigger shivers all through her.

Last, she watched carefully for the first time, through all his discomfort, the eroticism in the motions of his mouth as he probably moved his tongue over his piss slit and about some of the rest of the top of his cock head. Puckering motions by his lips suggested feeble attempts to apply stimulating suction thereabouts. There is something in an attempt where an objective will never be fulfilled.

When finally he unwound himself, he was complaining, but she thought still satisfied. "I am definitely going to have start working on those abs before the semester starts."

His sister wore a glow of sheer admiration on her face. "Stuie, you are about the most beautiful man your age on the face of the earth."

Stuie reached to give her a hug and a kiss. "I guess it was really worth all the fuss and trouble after all, my little pixie." But he pondered perhaps an actvity that he had long dismissed for ridiculous amusement may have its deep roots in attraction for the opposite sex and should simply not rule it out as a very personal way of cementing bonds of true love and closeness. "Now my little troublemaker, we need to see if we can actually get something constructive done today.

"You need to get to that kitchen and start getting dinner ready."

But the teen stood her ground and continued to look at her brother with that mystical glow. "But Stuie, . . . "

"What is it, kid?"

"Welllllllll, you had said I need a spanking."

The naked brother's expression switched to one of genuine seriousness and earnest intention. He stood up and lifted the petite nude girl off her feet. He sat down , twisting her so that her backside midsection would be facing up and her bare sex would be resting against her knees. He lifted his large right hand up and smacked it hard down on her vulnerable ass cheeks. She gasped with true pain. He did it once more, this time noticing true shock and terror in her face for a strong dominant sibling who would inflict true pain to her. He dropped the intensity of his applicqtions to not much more than playful slaps and would alternate them with tight squeezes of grips on supple rump. He started to hear those familiar playful squeaks and it was not long before she felt her moist sex and her humping his knees and upper thighs.

He was at full staff now and she was either humping directly into his sexual excitement or slamming it from her side in the warm firm flesh just above her left waist. She let out a high-pitched squeal and convulsed and shuddered from the explosions that started deep in her healthy female center. When back to complete consciousness and control she squirmed around to open her mouth and sweep her tongue and mouth over her sibling lover's brimming juicy soaked cock head, sucking hard. The male exposion was fierce now for the geyser of squirts thrust out from the big-as-a-lizard's-eye dilated pee hole, all the result of intense spasms that heatedly wracked her brother everywhere below the belt in the rawest of undiluted pleasures.

They collapsed in her bed in warm sensual relaxation and slept in each others' arms for more than an hour.

That night she insisted he snuggle and cuddle with her in her bed, until he had to get up to pee before the onset of daylight. He had not showered again and she sniffed about and inhaled everywhere for the variants of brain-cell enlivening Stuie funk. It was not a treat everytime, but once in a while reminded her whom she had come to love at his most truthful intimacy - just as he is.


On a Sunday not long after, dinner was over and as far as their mother was concerned the dishes could wait. "OK, I want you 2 to sit with me at the table because we need to have one of our little talks. Now this is going to be a nice talk for the most part. While Stuie was away in college this past winter I have changed my mind about how you 2 wish to relate to each other for being in our family. I am not saying I totally approve. But, first Julie, I don't think you realize how much your brother has loved and been devoted to you all your life."

Julie started to say something but her mother insisted she not be interrupted.

"This is partly my fault. You have been growing up so fast, it is only natural that you seek friends and see if you can find other people who are important to you outside of your own family. I did not see what anxiety you were causing Stuie. More than a year ago I should have sat down with you and told you that you have a caring and sensitive brother and you need to show him some kindness every so often."

She struggled to find the right words to describe an indelicate situation. "Well, last year sometime Stuie found a way of restoring the closeness and fondness you have for each other that many people would not approve."

Now they both wanted to interrupt. "Mind you I am not complaining. Not now. I am no fool. I have seen so much in my life and have seen and known how other families live and relate. Brothers and sisters can fight like cats and dogs. If that had happened in this little house and in our family, we would have lost the farm or lose it this summer. I have prayed and count my blessings. You are both right. The peace in this house is what matters the most. The closeness you have now makes me feel so much better and helps you to work hard, something I am so proud of you both for. "

The mother now assumed that expession that they both interpreted as a warning for exceptional frankness. "I know what goes on. You 2 whisper at night in the hallway when Stuie needs to use the bathroom and insists on the liberty of not wearing anything just as he sleeps every night. You 2 share the bathroom now frequently which has the advantage of saving time for us all. When I am here on weekends and Stuie is shaving, Julie steps out of the tub after her shower to dry herself or walks into the bathroom without clothes on to step into the tub to use the shower. More than once a towel has slipped off her when we have both been present. Especially, you Stuie, are very mature about this and nonchalant.

Now I was not pleased the day Julie's little Chinese friend was here last week to straighten her hair for her new style. You came up to me after I got home and told me Stuie was even more of a help than she was. That is all well and fine, but your mother is not so dumb to know that Julie was naked above the waist if not completely so all the while. I would hope our family familiar ways would be a matter of total discretion."

They both resolved to be silent on a very sensitive issue.

"Now I have not finished. That is not all that important. I can well imagine that when I am away during the day during the week, you two spend part of the day together in familiar nakedness working to get our house straightened out and clean, but don't worry, I am not going to press you on that point. Although I am uncomfortable with the idea, even that is not important, and for the long term may even be for the better. . . Stuie, I would like a glass of sherry now."

Stuie instantly pulled back the chair and promptly and silently fulfilled his mother's wish.

"Stuie, for all your intelligence, I don't think you are completely understanding of the situation of your sister's age or other girls like that. This is precisely the time when a whole new world of emotions and feelings are surfacing for her. You are a young man in the flower of your youth who keeps himself in far better tone than is average. When you are so liberally revealing to a girl at that age, you cannot expect her to respond with complete adult maturity. It is going to go way beyond feelings of safe endearing fondness. Inevitably she is going to become enthralled by you. Yes, even your sister."

They both wanted to communicate to their mother an expression of respectful seriousness without betraying any sense of guilt and they were both wracked by guilt now.

"Now I have noticed the way she looks at you in recent weeks and the excitement in her voice when she speaks of you. The other day when you were in town on your own and returned in the truck, she was positively glowing."

In the mother's note of seriousness and urgency, her tone of voice stiffened and raised a 1/2 an octave.

"You are the adult between the 2 of you and you are mostly responsible for this situation. This is your sister and she has become smitten with you. Where is this going to lead? You both need to sit down and sort this out for yourselves. But Stuie, the burden falls mostly on you. I want you to shift your relationship to a more sensible level. I don't want you to break your sister's heart. I want you to retain the bonds of fondness and closeness you have restored and if that means you keep some of the physical familiarity, then so be it. But the status quo of enchantment and yearnings for physical intimacy that are completely inappropriate between a brother and sister must come to an end right away."

The looks of urgency were directed completely at Stuie now, and he felt so small.

"Now that puts you on a tight rope, my son. You are challenged for being in a bind at least as much as for any of those girls whose hearts you have broken at college. You are going to need to summon all the reserves of kindness and sensitivity I know you can muster to work through this one. You are no longer the happy-go-lucky lad who used to frolic with the migrants at the quarry swimming hole. We need to show a friendly but reserved sense of decorum this summer now that the workers will be returning returning soon. I don't envy you your situation now, but there we are."

Stuie was going to speak, but his kid sister piped up ahead of him, tears streaming down her face. "Oh Mom, you are right about my feelings and all, but I am not so young and simple to not know about what is happening here. A lot of this is my fault. I could never allow myself to fall in love with Stuie. It would ruin his life and probably ours too. No matter what, I promise that by the end of the summer and Stuie goes back to college, we will be happy just the way you want us to be, and the way I think he and I want us to be too."

"Well I am sure I don't know. You 2 do what you have to do to get us all to a better place."

Julie was much less careless from then on in revealing her feelings for her own brother to her mother. She stopped sharing the bathroom with him except late at night and when their mother was not home and they actually arranged little events where she would encounter him nude in the house, but show just a modicum of cordial friendliness or total indifference. Near the end of the summer her mother had become totally relaxed. They actually shared thoughts in conversation about the handsome youth's future and what kind of a girl would make him happy and a good wife.

One time Julie shot her mother a very serious look. "You are always saying how much Stuie does a good job of taking care of himself. One of the side effects of that for a man his age is that his sex drive gets stronger when it is already very powerful. One of the reasons I fell for him so hard when he came back from college for the summer this year is because he confided to me he is heavy with sexual urge. It 's what some of the kids at school would call 'phat with horny'. He is very sensual and he loves women very much. He values his women friends, including those he doesn't want to have sex with, much more than the guys. The woman he marries would have to be more than just sexy, she would have to want to keep up with him ` to want to be kind to him in very physical ways, the way he would be kind to her."

She was surprised the way her mother looked at her with an affectionate smile. Her eyes brightened as she looked her daughter directly in the eye. "Julie, I know all these things about your brother. We can be sure that the girl he wants to marry has just all these qualities to make him very happy without us seeming meddlesome. One day you will make a nice young man very happy, as well."

But the more aloof association between the siblings was a deception. Their bonds of intense physicality strengthened and Julie's dependence on her brother as a teacher of all things pertaining to human sexuality only enhanced measurably. There was an understanding that need not have been spoken that this was their summer. Nothing was going to inhibit the thrilling curiosity and exploration of each others' bodies. They would devote their free time to what it was that gave each other pleasure both sexual and otherwise. At the end of the summer, they would go their seperate ways, enriched by what they learned and with affectionate bonds even at a distance for having shared such an adventure in physical intimacy. But their mother's concerns was a good scare. They became acutely conscious that their bonds of emotion needed boundaries.

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