Resort - Part 1 - Unexpected

“Touch me…”

His mother pleaded in a gentle whisper, her small hand placed softly on his naked, strapping thigh. His stomach was in knots.

“I know, it’s… different… to think about,” reassurance in her voice as she slid closer to him on the bed, pushing her naked body onto her son. He could feel her comforting warmth seducing him, infecting him, playing with his mind. One of her nipples, hard as a stone, ever-so-gently caressed him, it felt as delicate as a leaf blowing across water. The impressively soft bedsheets underneath them pulled tightly as she moved closer, stretching beneath the weight of their naked bodies as they sat on the edge of the bed in their ultra-modern hotel room.

Frozen from anxiety, he couldn’t bring himself to look his mother in the eyes. He fixated his gaze out the hotel suite’s large french doors, over the ocean-view balcony and into the clear blue sky of the horizon. A cool breeze gave him goosebumps as it filled the room, bringing with it the salty smell of the beach.

“Sweetie… sweetie… please…” she called for him, desperately. Her hand moved further up his thigh, stopping painfully short of his manhood. Her touch was electric. In response, his body began to betray him, despite his every effort, as his erection built itself slowly. The warmth of her touch, in a place unexplored by any other woman, couldn’t be ignored.

He spoke, his voice barely audible above the ever distant crashing of the ocean waves, his eyes still glued forward, “… but Mom… you… you tricked me.”

All she could do was bite her lip. He was right.

This vacation had been planned for months as his 18th birthday present. A single mother for most of his life, his mom had always celebrated significant occasions with lavish trips for him and his sister - secluded islands, tropical destinations, you name it. But this trip was just for the two of them, and at the time, he didn’t think anything of it. In fact, he was secretly looking forward to having his mother foot the bill for another exotic vacation, this time having the chance to enjoy himself without his annoying younger sister. But now, just days after discovering she had brought him to a nudist resort, his conscience was in a knot.

The silence between them was deafening - neither knowing what to say.

His goosebumps intensified as she pulled herself closer into him, her left arm now wrapped around his right elbow, her soft breasts straddling his arm, her crossed legs nearly in his lap as she continued leaning over him, keeping her hand on his left thigh. The heat and wetness of her loins softly pushed into his side. She put her lips to his ear, speaking in a sultry whisper:

“Would you have come if I hadn’t?”

Her hot breath tickled his skin. Instinctively, he looked down into his crotch - his full erection staring back at him - and shook his head despondently.

There was no way he would’ve agreed to come had he known their destination. He would’ve looked at her like she had three heads. In fact, he did just that, when they arrived at the resort, as she proceeded to strip down in front of him immediately upon entering their room. He could still see her tan, fit body sliding out of her cream-coloured sundress, revealing a gun-metal-grey lace thong and bra, both shortly destined for the floor. The ravenous look in her eye was unforgettable. Her words brought him back to reality.

“Honey, our family has a way of doing things, and, while it may not seem like it right now, this was the only way to tell you without things getting… you know… weird.”

He had no idea what she was walking about, or how anything could possibly be more weird that having his naked mother draped over his side. His mind raced, trying to comprehend what she was referring to - he thought he had a normal family. All he could do was clench his jaw, unsure what to say, and unsure how to avoid the intoxicating smell of her lavender and citrus perfume.

Finally, as if lured by it, he turned to look at his mother.

She was gorgeous.

After his father died, his mother started a fitness regimen that eventually led to her becoming one of the preeminent personal trainers in North America. She trained celebrities, athletes and politicians. It gave her the physique of a goddess - she was petite, had mocha-coloured skin, sported noticeable - yet feminine - muscle definition, possessed a deadly set of curvaceous hips and thighs, and her chest carried an impressive set of taut, natural C-cup breasts with dark-brown areolas the size of a quarter.

She had seductive, olive-green eyes, pronounced cheekbones, a pointed nose, slender lips and sharp facial features. Her breast-length, feathered brown hair hung effortlessly down her right shoulder, tickling him as it caressed his skin, covering half of her face. Her finger nails were long, pointed, and painted matte grey. If he didn’t know her as mother, he would want to fuck her, and even now he was considering waving that condition.

Finally, words found him. He looked his mother in the eyes.

“But mom… we can’t. I mean, isn’t it wrong?”

His mother flashed him a smile - her typical, everything-is-going-to-be-ok smile - and squeezed his arm harder.

“Yes, my dear, it is… if you listen to what other people say.”

His confusion must have showed, because she gave him a knowing nod and continued. Her voice soft and sweet. The warmth of her hand noticeably closer to his loins.

“You have to understand one thing - family members fuck all the time. Sometimes, it happens by accident, like adopted kids and parents unknowingly meeting and feeling an unexplainable attraction. Sometimes, when we’re younger, we explore sexual things with our cousins, even siblings…” She shot him a knowing glance, as he felt his face turn a deep shade of red, knowing exactly what she was referring to, “… BUT sometimes, more frequently, relatives simply want to fuck and take their relationship to another level. Heck - you’ve probably seen tons of that here on the beaches!”

He saw the logic, but not how it connected to why they were there.

“Our family has fallen into the last category for a very, very long time. My great-grandfather married his cousin. Nearly all of their children, including my grandparents, married a relative. My parents were first-cousins. And…”

He knew why she hesitated, suddenly looking overcome with emotion, but it gave him a sickly feeling in the pit of his stomach.

“And… your father and I. We were brother and sister.”

It was like the floor dropped out from under him. His dad was his uncle? His mom fucked her brother? His brain felt like it was going to explode. He felt weak, slumping backwards onto the soft bed behind them. His mother supported him as he fell back, landing angelically beside him. He was certain that he was pale as a ghost, and that, despite himself, his cock had never been harder.

A small tear escaped his mother’s eye, but she pressed on.

“So, you see, this is our family, this is who we are - what you are born from and into. I’m not saying you need to live this lifestyle, the choice is completely yours - but you needed to know the truth. And the truth is that, at 18, every person in this family is let behind the curtain. At this point, the point you’re at now, everyone is given the same choice: to continue the family tradition, or to live outside of it. It’s simple.”

The room must’ve been spinning, he thought, it certainly felt that way. But somehow he understood - this wasn’t a sick trick. His mind raced as he stared up at the flat white ceiling, as shadows from the palm trees outside danced above him. The more he thought about it, the more everything started to make sense.

Their extended family gatherings always included “alone time” for the adults, the kids left in a separate part of this house for hours at a time, the oldest ones responsible for keeping an eye on them. His mother frequently spending the night at her cousin Bill’s, in the city, or at his grandfather’s house. One time he overheard her yelling into the phone, speaking to someone about potentially being pregnant, and not wanting to be at that time, but only seeing his grandfather’s number in the call history.

He closed his eyes, straining to focus on the sound of the ocean, desperate to calm his nerves. The choice was simple - did he want to fuck his mother, to join their family traditions - or did he want to live normal life?

He felt her pull away from him slightly, perhaps sensing her son’s need for focus. His heart began pounding.

His cock was so hard that it hurt. He was feeling flush, overwhelmed from the weight of this decision. But Christ, he thought, maybe this is what I want?

He thought about all the times he had “noticed” his older female cousins, even fantasized about them, or how he sometimes found himself transfixed on his mother’s promotional images, of her oiled up and wearing nothing but a bikini or lingerie set. Maybe he did want in?

But then he thought about the risks, about being discovered by someone outside the family - would they go to jail? How could they ensure no one would get hurt?

The bedsheets rustled as his mother released him and stood up. The breeze from outside caressed her, fluttering her hair behind her as she pulled away from him, striding seductively into the living room, tossing him a knowing glance over her shoulder. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her well-shaped ass.

“I’ll give you some time, young man - it didn’t come easy for me either.”

With that, she vanished to the living room. He was alone.

Now alone on the bed, he recalled the first day of their trip. He remembered how uncomfortable he was when they first arrived, surrounded by hundreds of people of all shapes and sizes, completely naked, all the time. He had seen naked women in real life before, but only ever glimpses of his mother and sister around the house. He had to admit to himself that, in fact, that did aroused him; especially when he saw his mother, just finished in the shower, scurry from the family's shared bathroom into her room, only a towel wrapped around her hair, her damp body glistening; or when his sister would roam the house in her underwear, leaving little to the imagination. But this, this was completely different.

He recalled sitting in his room on the first afternoon they arrived, fully clothed, looking down on the beach below as the other nudists frolicked, sunbathed and fucked in the beautiful, near-white sands. He remembered how aroused he felt, despite the fact he was here with his mother, knowing he was just steps away from all this sexual energy - all this sex. He had fantasized about coming to one of these places as an adult, and hooking up with random, beautiful women.But he never imagined his mother would take him here, let alone push him to fuck her. He remembered feeling so deeply confused, as if someone was trying to reset his entire moral compass, that his head began pounding.

Regardless, as he sat in the window of their luxurious suite, listening to the echoing sounds of the happy people below, his arousal was undeniable. He was simply overwhelmed with the amount of naked women and open sex laid before him. He fought off anxiety as he tried, desperately to control himself, but couldn't turn away. After what felt like hours of peeping from above, he noticed a couple that looked just a bit older than him, fucking intensely in a clearing of palm trees roughly 50 feet from where he stood. His pants found themselves around his ankles, and his hand firmly around his cock, in mere seconds.

He was in awe of the young woman’s raw beauty, straddling her male lover, powerfully thrusting herself onto him. Her curvaceous body was taut, and flexing hard as she ground her full hips onto the lucky man beneath her, it was like watching a beautiful stallion run - every muscle working, pushing, pulling, grinding, fucking. The man had a hand on her left breast, lustfully squeezing one of two plump and delicious-looking mammaries, the other on her lower back, guiding her motions; hers were placed sensually on her neck and other breast, feeling the eroticism of the moment, all inhibitions gone, touching her salty skin. Her pale face looked flush, draped in shoulder-length, dirty blonde hair which was sweeping sloppily across it as she rode, her head tilted back. Her eyes were closed as she gyrated atop the man, rhythmically working his cock inside her, the muscles in her seat wrinkling from the force of her movements. Her delicate little mouth hung open as she gasped for air.

After a few moments, her mouth opened wider, her legs began quivering, and she threw her hands down onto his chest, digging her fingers into his own pale flesh as she let out a guttural moan - her orgasm was beautiful. As she shook on top of him, the man pulled her close, the small thrusts he was mustering becoming more ragged, a clear sign of his own orgasm.As both their movements came to a gentle, sequential stop, they smiled knowingly at each other and shared a loving embrace.

Standing in the window of his suite, close to his own orgasm, he felt his excitement intensify when an older looking woman approached the couple. She was tall and slender, but had pronounced hips and a full, athletic bum. Her hair was chocolate brown, complimenting her caramel-coloured skin. Her natural, d-cup breasts bounced happily as she strode confidently towards the younger lovers, who were now affectionately holding each other. Her face was square, with a small mouth, average sized nose and two, beautiful brown eyes. She wore just the slightest of bracelets around her left ankle. She grew a devious smile as she neared them.

Her voice was clear through the open windows of his hotel suite:

“Kids - time for supper!”

The older woman began smiling at her daughter, examining the younger woman now walking past her.

“Honey! It looks like your brother did a number inside you - it’s running down your thigh! Make sure you wipe up before sitting on grandpa’s leather chairs!”

He could still feel the power of his orgasm, triggered by the mother’s words, as he stood alone in his room, watching this scene unfold below. He could also still feel the pang of embarrassment that came when he realized the bulk of his load splattered onto the window in front of him.

Alas, he remembered, in that moment, the realization of deep-down how badly he wanted sex. Recognizing where he was, how close sex was, he tore off his remaining clothes. He vowed to spend the rest of their trip nude, hoping to seduce one of the other guests.

Now, still sitting on the bed, his mother waiting on the balcony, he had another choice to make.

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