Janet Goes to the Drive In

I last left you with Kim, John and I at the drive in. The first movie had just begun, Kim and John were in the back seat and I was alone in the front seat. About twenty minutes into the movie I glanced into the rear view mirror and I saw that the two of them were making out passionately.

I should tell you that as I turned 17 that year my body did a whole lot of growing. I was now 5’10”, my body was no longer skinny; my shape was filling out nicely and my blonde hair only got longer. My boobs even started to fill out. Being tall I had the perfect view of them in the rear view mirror of the car to see what Kim and John were doing.

I leaned back into the front seat as I heard them kissing up a storm. I could also see that John had already fished those big tits of Kim’s out from under her shirt. John’s big hands looked small on those big fucking tits as I watched him play with them. My hand slipped down to my own pants as I watched him start to suck and lick at Kim’s tits.

I saw Kim give me a smile in the rear view mirror. I seen her having John raise up a bit and I heard clothes sliding down. I was rubbing my pussy hard through my pants while this was going on. I soon seen Kim’s head go down in the rear view mirror followed by sucking and slurping sounds.

I slipped my hands down the front of my pants. I did not wear any panties that night just in case. My fingers touched my pussy feeling the juices that were already flowing from it. My pussy was still hairless as I kept it that way with shaving when even the tiniest bit of hair would show up.

I slowly and very quietly turned a little in the front seat to get a better view. I ended up turning completely around when I saw that John had his head leaned back into the seat and his eyes were closed. Low moans escaped his mouth as Kim went to town on his cock.

I slipped two fingers up into my wet pussy as I watched her use her hand and her mouth on his cock. John’s cock was everything that Kim had told me about. It was eight hard throbbing inches and nice and fat. I was fingering the hell out of my pussy as I watched Kim’s head bobbing up and down on his cock.

Kim reached under his cock and she started to play with a set of big hanging balls. Kim used her mouth, tongue and her hand on his cock and her other hand she played with those balls. My own juices were flowing freely when I looked at his cock. I had to clamp my mouth tightly shut as I started to orgasm all over my fingers. My eyes went shut as my orgasm rocked through my body.

When I opened my eyes I saw that John had his hand on Kim’s head and he was helping her by pushing it up and down onto his cock. I looked to John and saw he was looking right at me. He must have heard me when I had climaxed with my fingers. He just smiled at me as he started to moan.

“I am going to cum,” John yelled out as he left go of Kim’s head.

Kim took her mouth off of his cock and she pumped at it with her hand. I watched as John’s cock seemed to swell as it throbbed in her hand. John moaned loudly as his cock started to spit out blasts of cum. John’s cum shot out in long thick streams falling back onto Kim’s hand as she pumped on it.

“AHhhhh shit,” I moaned out as I watched his cum shoot from his cock. I dug my two fingers back into my own pussy and had another orgasm myself as I watched his cum flow from his cock. I gave them both that little evil smile of mine before turning back around and sitting back down in the front seat.

“I have to go pee.” “You girls want some food while I am out,” John said reaching up to the front door and stepping from the car. John looked at me with those lovely blues eyes of his as another smile came over his face.

“Get me some pop corn and something to drink,” Kim said from the back seat.

“I want a big hot dog,” I said to him flashing him a sexy little smile back. I watched him walking away with my pussy twitching. I turned to Kim in the back seat and I said, “Dam girl he does have a nice big cock; you sucked him so good too.”

Kim just smiled and replied, “Now remember, Janet that is all you can do is just suck his cock.”
“I know,” I replied as I would be happy with taking his next load into my mouth.

John returned to the car with drinks, popcorn and two hot dogs. He handed them to me through the window. I sort of rubbed my hand against his as I took the tray from him. I could not believe it when he smiled at me and he rubbed his hand against mine when he handed it to me.

John got into the back seat just as the second movie was starting. Kim leaned up and got her drinks, popcorn and John’s hot dog. Kim gave me a wink as she took their food from me. I knew she was up to something.

Kim turned and she started to hand the hot dog to John, but she pulled it away from him and she said, “You can only have this hot dog if Janet can have yours.”

“What?” John replied.

“Janet wants to suck your cock,” Kim said.

“Yeah right and you are going to let her,” John replied questionably.

“It’s OK her sucking your cock is my gift to you for going off to college,” Kim replied. “But that is all you get,” Kim added giving him a stern look.

John looked up at me and he asked, “Are you OK with this as well Janet?”

I just shook my head yes. Kim said, “Hell yeah she is OK with it hell you should see how she plays with her pussy as I tell her what you and I do for fun.”

“KIM!” I yelled out as I turned red. “You did not have to tell him that,” I added.

“Why not it’s the truth, you can’t keep your hand off your pussy when I tell you how he had just fucked me or ate my pussy,” Kim replied.

“You told her about our sex life,” John replied looking at Kim.

“Yes Janet and I have no secrets between us,” Kim replied.

“Well if you girls are OK with it I sure in the hell am not going to pass up a little head,” John said as he smiled looking toward me.

“See what I told you Janet,” Kim replied with a little laugh that made us are laugh.

John and I both ate our hot dogs well Kim really ate most of his. I was lost in the front seat thinking about sucking on that lovely cock of his. I was pretty sure he was going to enjoy what I was going to do to his cock. I know I sure in the hell was going to enjoy it.

“I have to go pee,” Kim said.

“Me too,” I replied.

Kim and I got out of the car and we went to the bathroom. The bathroom was empty so we both went into one stall. Kim closed the door and she pulled her pants down and she sat down. Kim’s pee landed forcibly in the toilet I heard it hitting the water as she left her pee flow.

“Now remember you promised you would not try to fuck him,” Kim said.

“I know and I won’t do anything that you do not say is OK,” I replied. “Hurry up Kim I have to go really bad,” I added doing the pee pee dance.

Kim took some tissue and she wiped herself. She stood up and moved to the side with her pants still down. I pulled my pants down and I no sooner squatted than my pee started to flow out. Kim stuck her hand down between my legs letting my pee run over it.

Kim ran her fingers against my pussy as I peed. I was waiting for her to stick her fingers into my pussy. But when my pee stopped Kim pulled her hand back wet with my pee and she asked, “So you will do anything I say?” “Well lick your pee from my hand,” Kim added shoving her wet hand to my face.

I stuck my tongue out, licking over her fingers. This was nothing new for us as we both had squatted over the other and peed before. We had got the idea from my brother Kevin when he peed on me once when I was taking a shower.

“That’s enough you little slut it’s time for you to suck some real cock,” Kim said pulling her fingers from my face.

We returned to the car and Kim told me to get in the back seat with John. Kim got in the front seat on her hands and knees facing the back seat. John was all the way over on one side of the car with me on the other side.

Kim looked at me and she said, “Go ahead Janet you may kiss him to get into the mood.”

I looked over to John who was looking back at me. I thought to myself well here goes nothing. I leaned toward him and John took me into his arms. Our lips met and we gave each other a quick kiss.

“You can do better than that Janet I have seen you kiss your brother during sex better than that,” Kim said.

“KIM,” I yelled out as I slid all the way over to my own side again getting as far from John as I could.

“Don’t be shy Janet, look at how much bigger his cock got after I said that,” Kim said.

I shyly looked over at the front of John’s jogging pants. Kim was right I could see his hard cock bugling from his pants. But I was still embarrassed by what Kim had told him. I figured he was going to think I was sick or something for having sex with my own brother. I thought he would want nothing to do with me.

I turned red again as I turned away from John just looking out the window of the car. John moved over next to me and he took a hold of my hand. I turned to face him and I looked into those lovely blues eyes of his but I lowered my head in shame.

John said,” Janet there is nothing wrong with you experimenting like that.” “To be truthful with you it does turn me on that you have had fun with your own brother.” John started to rub my hand lightly as he added, “Besides I bet your brother loved it,” “Hell if I had a sister like you and she wanted to do it I sure and the hell would not say no.”

That brought a smile to my face as John brought his hand up to the side of my face. John brushed his hand against my face for a few seconds then he placed his fingers under my chin raising my head and turning it toward him. He leaned in and he kissed me once more.

As our lips touched pure pleasure ran through my body. I could feel my heart start to race as I kissed him back deeply onto to those lovely lips of his. I slipped my tongue into his mouth and he slipped his back into mine.

“Hey I did not say you could French with him Janet,” Kim said from the front seat.

John broke our kiss when he heard her say that. John went back onto his side of the car. I looked at him as he did and he kind of rolled his eyes as he moved over. But then I realized John still had a hold of my hand. He started to rub his fingers lightly into the underside of the palm of my hand. Now in our town when a guy did that it meant that he wanted to fuck you. I did not see that coming at all.

“Touch his cock through his pants Janet,” Kim said.

I reached over and I ran my whole hand all over the front of his jogging pants. John just leaned back into the seat as my hand explored his cock. His cock felt so much bigger and so much harder than that of my brothers. I could feel my pussy start to twitch as I felt his cock up.

“Go ahead Janet squeeze his cock with your hand,” Kim said.

I did as she said, I looked at up at Kim and I could see that she had those big fucking tits out. I could see that she had one arm on top of the seat while her other arm was running down the front of her body. I knew she was playing with that hairy pussy of hers as she told me what to do.

“Janet takes his cock out of his pants,” Kim said with a slight moan.

I pulled his jogging pants down over his cock and over his balls it sprang from them. “Damn that is a lovely big cock,” I said as my hand grabbed it.

“Pump your hand up and down on his cock,” Kim said.

I was just going to do as Kim said when John brought his head off the back seat and he said, “Kim why don’t you just shut up and watch.” “If Janet needs your help I am sure she will ask for it.”

I thought for sure that was the end of that but I heard an “OK” with a slight moan come from the front seat. I looked at Kim she said nothing, she just was rubbing against her arm that was sticking down. I turned my attention back to that lovely big cock I had in my hand.

I pumped at John’s cock with my hand. I ran my fingertips over the head of his cock every time they got to his dick head. I was watching my own hand going up and down on his cock when I felt John’s hand go to under my chin again. John picked my face up and he turned it toward his face.

He leaned down and I leaned up as we once again locked into a kiss. My hand was still pulling at his cock as we kissed deeply. My body was on fire as I shoved my tongue back into his mouth. John’s tongue flicked wildly at mine as it entered his mouth. We French kissed as I jacked his cock with my hand.

I broke our kiss as I wanted my mouth around that cock of his. But as I broke our kiss John wrapped one of his big strong arms around me and he pulled me back up so we were face to face again. I looked into those lovely blues eyes of his.

I swear I saw a spark, a light or something in his eyes as our lips met once again. Our kiss turned into the most passionate deep kiss that I have ever had. Deep warmth filled my body as we kissed. I was like a limp doll just from his kisses when John broke our kiss.

John looked at me and he said, “Please Janet suck on my cock.”

I did not have to be told twice my mouth shot down onto his cock. I took over half of it into my mouth before I raised my mouth from it. I took my tongue and I licked at his dick head, flicking my tongue into his pee hole as I went back down onto his cock. I bobbed my head up and down wildly on his cock.

“OOoh yeah suck it Janet,” John moaned lightly.

I went back to work on his cock, I took just the head of it into my mouth and I sucked on it as I used my hand on the rest of his cock. I could feel his cock throbbing in my hand and in my mouth. I pulled my mouth off his cock pulling a big stream of his pre cum from it as it hung on my lips,

“Aaaaaaahh,” Kim moaned from the front seat.

As I looked up to her his pre cum broke from his cock and landed all over my lips. I used my hand on his cock as I leaned forward giving Kim a deep kiss on her lips. Kim licked at my lips taking his pre cum from them. I left Kim and I returned my mouth to his cock.

I licked from the base of his balls all the way up to his dick head and then back down. I did this about five or six times getting his cock coated with my saliva. I then looked at John and I gave him that sexy evil little grin of mine.

I went back down to his cock and I took it all into my mouth. My mouth was flat against his cock hairs as I started to slowly work my mouth up his cock. I worked my mouth up to his dick head giving a deep hard suck when I got there. I then worked my mouth back down deep onto his cock once again. I did this for about five minutes working my mouth up and down his cock.

“Jesus girl you can suck some dick,” John yelled as I felt his hand go to the back of my head.

John played with my long blonde hair as I worked my mouth up and down his cock. I was soon moving fast and sucking it deep with my mouth. I felt his cock start to throb and it felt like it grew bigger in my mouth. I took my hand and I rubbed his balls while I sucked at that lovely cock of his.

“SHIT Janet I am going to cum,” John yelled out pulling my head from his cock.

I just broke my head free of his hand and I went right back down onto his cock. I ran my mouth up and down his cock as fast as I could while I sucked at the same time. John’s cock gave out a big throb.

“CUMMINnnnnng,” moaned John as his head went into the back seat.

John’s cock twitched and throbbed in my mouth as three to four heavy streams of cum blasted deep into my mouth. I swallowed some of it and the rest just lay in my mouth as I removed my mouth from his cock. I looked up at John who had a big smile on his face.

John once again placed his hand under my chin and he pulled my face up into his. Our lips locked into a deep passionate kiss. John’s tongue shot into mine hungrily lapping at his own cum that filled my mouth. That got me so turned on him doing that. I had an orgasm right then as his tongue was seeking out his cum in my mouth. My own pants became wet with my juices.

I broke our kiss and I looked into those lovely blues eyes that still shined brightly almost as if maybe just maybe John did have some feelings toward me. I licked at my lips as I turned to Kim, she was just breathing hard with her mouth hanging open staring blankly.

“Kim are you OK?” I asked not knowing if she was mad or just lost in her own orgasm.

“Yes but I think I may have peed all over the front seat when I came watching you suck his cock,” Kim replied.

“Dam you girl I have to drive home in that,” John said.

Kim and I both busted up laughing and even John joined us in laughing about it. We all laughed about it for a while before John looked up at Kim and he said, “Thanks for that going away gift.” John turned to me and he put his arm around me once more and he said, “And thank you Janet,” as he once again kissed me deeply on my lips.

“OK you two that’s enough,” Kim said. “Come on Janet trade places with me,” she added.

Kim got into the back seat again with John while I got into the front. Kim was right about getting the front seat all wet. It was soaking wet all over the driver‘s seat. I placed some napkins there hoping it would soak it up or at least dry it some before John had to drive us home.

The second movie ended which was fine with us all as none of us knew just what the hell was going on in it. John got out going to get us get drinks. That gave me some time with Kim. I turned to her in the back seat.

“Thanks Kim I did enjoy that,” “You are so lucky to have John,” I said.

“That’s OK Janet,” “I just hope John did not enjoy it as much as you did,” Kim replied almost with worry on her face.

John soon came back and he got into the back with Kim once more. The last movie started and we all just watched it with out saying anything to each other. I looked up into the rear view mirror and I saw that Kim had fallen fast asleep leaning against John. My eyes found John in the rear view mirror as well but he was not asleep nor was he watching the movie his eyes were on me.

I turned around and John was looking right at me. I could not help but smile at him. John ran his hand to the cheek of my face brushing my hair back and with a big smile as he whispered to me, “Thank you again.”

I turned back around and I sunk down into the front seat feeling so full of joy. I had enjoyed myself tonight but the joy soon left me when I realized the night was about to end as the movie ended. Kim was staying at my house so John drove us home.

John walked us both to the door where he kissed a very sleepy Kim good night. I left Kim in through the door and as I was about to enter myself I felt John’s hand grab mine own. John pulled me back out the door and toward him.

“Not so fast Janet,” John said as he pulled me toward him.

John put one arm around me and with the other he pulled my face toward his once again. He kissed me fully once more on the lips. I threw my arms around his neck as our tongue entered each others mouths. We stood there locked in a deep French kiss. John kissed and hugged me forever it seemed liked but I know it was only a few seconds.

“Good night Janet I had a wonderful time,” John said.

I stood there watching John as he walked to his car and he drove off. I was floating on the night air as I turned back to the door. I entered and I ran smack into my dad who was standing in the door way.

“Was that John I saw kissing you Janet?” My dad asked with a smile.

I looked up at him and I replied giving him that sexy evil smile of mine, “I won’t tell if you don’t daddy.”

I walked by him as he gave a little laugh. I went into my bedroom to find Kim already asleep on my bed. I lie down as thoughts about tonight ran through my mind. I slipped my clothes off and I fingered myself with my eyes closed thinking about how wonderful it was taking John’s cock into my mouth. I made myself wet my bed thinking about fucking that cock of his. I fell asleep thinking about how it seemed like he could not get enough kisses from me.

That’s enough for this story for now but there is more to come. Kim and I are seniors next and John is off to our local college. I will tell you that next I go through a little change of life so to speak before I go back to school. That goofy little girl Janet finally grows up.


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