Barb Takes On Three Guys

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Barb and I have been together for a little over 10 years and married for 9 years. We both have been married before and both of us are in our 50’s and are both in good shape, she is in better shape than I am. She is 5’5”, 115lbs and very sexy looking woman. I’m 5’11”, 170lbs. We have been in the lifestyle for 10. We decided to get into the lifestyle because we have been married before and wanted more out of our relationship and in our previous marriages.

We have experienced playing with other couples and even had some MMF threesomes. I love to watch Barb having sex with other men. Barb is a shy person when it comes to sex with multiple partners, and has said more than once that two men is a lot of work for her. She also does not like to such cocks and swallow. I have been kidding her for years about sucking my cock and swallowing my cum. She always says that she will find someone to do that for me, but she will not. I remember once at a swinger’s party, a guy had her on a table, her legs high in the air; he was giving her all of his 7 inch cock. While she was being fucked by the guy, she was sucking my cock and the sight of the guy fucking her causes me to shoot my load into her mouth. She immediately had the guy stop fucking her; she got up and went into the bathroom to spit out my cum, clean up, came back and resumed getting fucked.

One year I decided to take here away for our birthdays since our birthdays; they are only 3 days apart. I planned on taking her to Myrtle Beach, SC for a nice getaway. When I was setting up this little getaway and because she is turning 55, I asked her if she would like to have a young stud for her birthday and that I would love to watch her. She said no, that she wanted to spend time with me. So, I dropped the subject.

We planned on leaving on Friday night after I got off work and drive part way and then get up the next morning and drive the rest of the way in to Myrtle Beach.

When we arrive on Saturday, we check into our hotel and got settled in. We had a day full of activities planned, swimming, snorkeling, and of course shopping. For the evening, we really didn’t have anything planned, just a great dinner and maybe some dancing at a local place. So, after a day of playing in the sun and shopping we head back to the room to get cleaned up for our dinner and dancing.

I’m not sure about you, but being in the sun all day makes me very horny, so as we are taking on our attire off, I start getting frisky with Barb. We start kissing and fondling each other. As we get deeper into our petting, we fall back on the bed and I start to suck on her 34D tits, which she loves me to do. I kiss one, then the other, back and forth licking and sucking on them as they get harder and bigger. I start to run my hand down her body slowly and lightly letting my fingers just touch the skin making her tingle all over. As I do this, she is stroking my cock, making it grow. I take my fingers and start to run them on the outside of her pussy lips, as I do; she spreads her legs further apart to give me full access to her. She let’s out a low, soft moan of joy and approval that I’m making her feel good. Then, I put a finger on her pussy lips and started to stroke up and down the lips, pushing slightly into the folds of her pussy lips as I moved up and down. I could feel we hot wet pussy wanting more, wanting me to slip my fingers deeper into her. As I continued, I could feel her hips straining for me to enter her. I kept putting pressure on her pussy lips and soon, I found my way deep into her with one finger, then two. As I moved my fingers in and out, she started to moan more and more. At the same time, I used my thumb to massage her clit. I could fill her clit enlarge as I kept moving my fingers in and out. As Barb became more excited, I roll over and spread her legs wide and put my face down into her wet and wanting pussy. I started to lick her pussy and could taste her juices as they flowed freely from her pussy. Then, I moved up to her clit, with long, slow strokes at first, then smaller more rapid strokes of my tongue around and over her clit driving her crazy. As I continued to do this, I could tell that she was ready to climax so I continued with that pace until I felt her legs start to shake harder and harder and as her hips raised higher and higher until she let loose with a very loud “I’m cuming” and then she relaxed on the bed. As she relaxed, she raised her legs and pulled me on top of her. As I moved on top of her, my hard dick slipped easily into her dripping wet pussy. I start riding her hard and can feel my balls slamming into her wet creamy pussy lips each time I ram her. I was so turned on, I was ready to fill her full of my cum. I could feel her having another climax filled her with my cum.

After we were done, we both showered and were ready for dinner and some dancing. She puts own this little summer dress, which means she will not be wearing a bra tonight, which I love. She also loves to wear thong panties. We have dinner at the hotel restaurant and then want to find a place to drink and dance. We take our time at the restaurant, starting with a mixed drink for me and some wine for her. We both had a couple of each and then ordered dinner. With dinner, we have a couple of bottle of wine. Not being familiar with Myrtle Beach, as neither of us had been there before we decide to drive around to find a place that looks cool, as we like to go to places that are busy.

Driving down 17 for a while, enjoying the sights, we see this place, “The Rat Hole”, well; it looks like a happening place so we pull in and find a parking place. It is very busy, not a table in site. We are waking around trying to find a place to sit. I see that we are out of luck and just as we turn around to walk back to the front we see these three guys sitting at a table for 6 says. One guy said to us, if you don’t mind sharing our table, you can sit here. I look at Barb and she said okay. We sit down and introduce ourselves. There was Bob, Tom and Bill. Seems that some other friends were to meet them there but called and said they could not make it. So, that is why they had a big table. We order drinks and start to talk to the guys, explaining that this is our first time to Myrtle Beach. I buy a round for the table because the guys were so nice to let us share their table. During our discussions, I learn that they are all single, policemen from the area.

A song starts that Barb likes so she wants to dance, I take her out and we dance a couple of fast dances and come back to the table. As we get back, Bob asks me if it is okay if he dances with Barb. I said, you have to ask her, as I’m okay with it. He asks her to dance and they head to the dance floor. By the time get there to the dance floor the fast song ends and a slow song begins. Bob holds Barb close as they dance and talk, I see her laughing and enjoying herself, which makes me happy. After the song, she comes back to the table and Bill asks her to dance and this continues until all three have had their turn at dancing with her.

When she sits down again, she whisper to me that she could tell that each one had a hard on as she danced with them. I tell her that of course they would that she is a very sexy lady. Barb excuses herself to go to the bathroom. Once gone, Bill looks over and said that I have a very hot lady and Bob and Tom agree. Well, we order more drinks and Barb returns. It was my turn to go, so I get up to leave just as she goes to sit down. When I return, Bob is on one side of Barb and Bill is on the other side. Bob has his arm around Barb’s shoulder and they are laughing. I sit next to Tom and say to him, looks like she is having fun. He said that she had told them about us being swingers and that she enjoyed it very much. They had asked her if she had every done 3 guys and she said no.

Well, I could tell that Barb had had just a little too much to drink but she seems to be getting into the mood and so I was not going to stop her at this point. As Bill and Bob were talking to her, she puts her left hand on Bob’s leg and her right on Bills. As she is rubbing their legs, they put their hands on each of her legs and start to rub.

As this continues, I can see that Barb is getting excited and that I just might get my wish tonight to see her with multiple men. As they continue to rub her legs, they keep moving higher and higher. I can see that she is starting to get closer and closer to the bulges in their pants. Bob reaches under her dress and begins to play with her, rubbing her belly at the top of her panties. Barb puts her head back and lets out a moan. And Bob slips his hand down into her panties and finds a clean shaven pussy mound. He continues to play with her, rubbing her gently. Bob had moved up to her tities, rubbing the outside of her dress as discreetly as possible. Barb looks at me and says, is this okay with you? I say, HELL YES, but only if you are up for it. She says that she thinks she is up to it and wants to take it back to our hotel room. I ask if the guys want to continue at our hotel and of course they are ready to go. We pay the tab and head for the car.

Knowing Barb, I did not want to drive back to the hotel alone with her, as I knew she might change her mind once in the car. So, I suggest that Tom and Bill ride with me and that Bob bring a car so they will have a ride back. They all agree. So, I put Tom, Barb and Bill into the back seat of our Hummer H3, with Barb in the middle. Bob is going to follow, but I tell him which hotel just in case we get separated.

As we drive off, I position the rearview mirror so that I can watch the action in the back seat and drive slow so I can watch the road and watch the action in the back seat. As we are driving along, Tom has pulled down Barb’s straps on her dress, exposing her beautiful tits and Bill has his hand under her dress. Barb raises her legs and put her feet on the back of the drive and passenger seats giving Bill total access to her dripping wet pussy. Tom starts sucking and rubbing Barb’s tits and Bill is playing with her clit thru her panties and I’m having the time of my life watching it all and trying to drive. Bill move Barb’s panties to one side and starts to rub wet pussy, Barb is moaning and moving around in total pleasure now.

Well, I was watching them play and not watching the road, I had drifted onto the shoulder of the road and swerved quickly to get back onto the road and did not realize a cop was following me. On come the red lights. I pull over and Bill, Tom and Barb stop what they are doing. As the policeman walks up to the drives side very carefully, Bill sees that is his co-worker Jim and rolls down the window. Bill said hi to Jim and said that it was okay, we were just having some fun and that we will be more careful. Jim gives me a warning to keep my eyes on the road and I said that I would and he leaves. Well, we were not far from the hotel so we hurry to the hotel to meet up with Bob.

Once at the hotel we all get on the elevator and start up to our floor and as we are going up, Bill moves behind Barb, moves his hands under her dress massaging her pussy. Keeping her warmed up for what was to come. We arrive at our floor; we go quickly to our room. Once in the room, I ask if anyone wants a drink and all are fine. I get one for myself as I know this is going to be a long night of voyeurism for me. I select the office chair in the room as it is mobile and I can relax in it and enjoy the show.

Barb is standing in the middle three guys 20 years younger than her and they are ready to get the party started with this MILF. Tom and Bob start to undress Barb; they move her straps of her summer dress off her shoulders and start to pull at the bottom of the dress until it falls from her beautiful hips onto the floor. Looking at the guys, Barb said that it is not fair, she is almost naked, but they are not, so she tells them no more playing until she sees them naked. So, Tom drops his pants first, he had an average size cock, about 6 inches and then Bob drops his pants and as Barb is looking, she goes “Oh My”, as his is about 7and a little fatter than Tom’s. Then, as Bill drops his pants, Barb says, there is no way that is going to fit into me. Bill had a cock 9 inches and almost twice as fat as Bill’s. Now that all three were standing in front of her naked, she is trying to decide how she wants work. She then tells them that Tom would be first to fuck her, then Bob and Bill goes last, and that she hoped that by the time it was Bills turn, she would be able to handle him.

They all three get on the bed, Barb in the middle and the guys all around her. She starts to stroke Bills and Bob’s dicks and bends over to suck Toms. She has her ass up in the air as she starts to suck Tom. Bob moves her panties to one side and start to play with her pussy while Bill start playing with her tits. As she strokes Bob and Bills with her hands she is getting excited about being fucked by all three. Her mind is racing and heart is pumping fast knowing that she is going to do something she has never done before. She glances over at me and I have this very big smile on my face and I wink at her and lip the words “I LOVE YOU”.

Bob fingers sliding in and out of her wet, dripping pussy and she is moaning with pleasure. But, she was so into sucking and stroking the guys that she did not realize that Tom was about to cum, but I can. Tom’s butt cheeks tighten up and I hear him moan, then I see the look on Barb’s face as she received a big load of cum into her mouth. As she gags trying to handle Tom’s load, I’m thinking, okay, this will put a damper on things if she has to run to the bathroom and spit it out. But, Barb swallowed it and kept on sucking Tom until he was totally drained. Then, she turned to Bob, and started sucking on him. Barb has a small mouth so it was a little harder for her to suck Bob, but she does it. As she got Bob’s big dick into her mouth, and started sucking on it, she continues to stroke Bill. Bill had lain down and was pulling her towards him. He wanted to eat her pussy while she sucked on Bob’s cock. Barb move over Bill and puts her pussy into Bill’s face so that he can get his tongue working on her pussy. Bill begins to lick her through her panties and as he does, he can taste the juices flowing from her. She is feeling good now, having swallowed Tom’s cum and getting ready to swallow Bob’s. Tom’s cock was getting hard just watching all the action and is ready to get back into the action. Bill moves her panties over and is eating Barb’s pussy, Tom slips under her so he can see her sucking Bob and starts to suck on her tits. Barb is now in heaven, having all of her parts being played with. Just as Barb is really starting to enjoy this situation Bob starts to shake as he is beginning to cum in Barb’s mouth. She is ready this time and sucks in and swallows everything Bob has in to give her. With that, she knows it time for the big guy.

But, Bill is not ready to give up eating her pussy until he has her cum all over his face. He is sucking on her clit and running his tongue in and out of her pussy. Tom is sucking and playing with her tits and she can still taste Bob’s cum in her mouth and this is enough to push her over the edge. She starts to shake and moan and crying out “Suck My Cunt, Suck It Hard and Fast”, “Suck My Tits” “Oh Yeah, I’m cumming, I’m CUMMIIIINNGGGG”. With that she falls forward onto Tom and relaxes for a few minutes trying to regain her composure. She knows that the next cock to be sucked will be a challenge for her. She picks herself up off of Tom and turns to Bill. He is laying with a huge hard on and waiting for his turn. Barb comes over to Bill, takes his cock into her hands and tries to put it into her mouth. Being the size he is, she cannot and says that he will just have to fuck her when it was his time.

Barb get’s off the bed, pulls her thong panties off and starts to rub her pussy. She comes over to me, gives me a great big kiss and says that she is having a great time and hoped that I was enjoying the show. I told her that I was and that I was looking forward to the next round.

Now, Bob and Tom are both ready for the next round and poor Bill is getting blue balls from playing and not getting his chance at a blowjob. But, he understood that he was too big for her mouth. Tom tells Barb to lie on her back and as she does, Bill and Bob get on either side of her. She takes Bill and Bob’s dick into her hands and starts to stroke them and Tom raises her legs and puts the head of his dick at the entrance of her pussy. Well, she is so wet and horny now that she is ready for him to enter her but; he continues to play with her, rubbing the head of his cock on her clit and down the lips of her pussy. As he continues this action, she begins to move her hips up trying to get him into her but, she cannot. Just as he was running his cock up and down the slit of her pussy, she uses her legs and puts her legs around his butt and garbs him pulling his cock into her. As Tom’s cock enters her waiting and wanting pussy she let’s out a load moan. Once inside her he begins to slams into her. She says “Oh, that feels good and keep it going big boy”. Tom starts to pump in and out of her wanting, needing pussy. He pulls it almost all the way out, then pushes it deep into her repeating it again and again at a slow pace at first. As her pleasure builds, so do his, and he picks up the pace. Now slamming her faster and faster, she is begging him to give her all of his cock and to go faster and harder. You can hear his balls slapping against her ass and his mound slapping against hers. She is really into getting fucked now. Tom is bringing her closer and closer to an orgasm with each thrust. Barb begins to roll her head back and forth and trying to keep stroking Bill and Bob as the same time. Just as she reaches her climax, Tom fills her full of hot sticky cum, lots of it. She can feel his cum filling her up. Tom rolls off and is ready for a drink at the mini bar.

Barb still has Bob and Bills cocks in her hand; she pulls Bob around to where he can now take his turn at fucking her. His cock is rock hard from watching her fuck Tom and is ready for his turn. He comes around to get between her legs he can see Tom’s cum seeping from her pussy. He wants her to roll over so he can fuck her while she lies on her belly. She grabs a pillow and places it under her hips so it will keep her ass higher and give Bob total access to her dripping cum soaked pussy. Barb’s not use to having a cock the size of Bob’s and she is a little nervous, but excited because of all of the playing which has made her very horny and wanting more. Bob begins to put is cock into her, she becomes tense and he can only get the head of his cock into her pussy. He tells her to relax; Bill reached under her and started to play with her tits to help her relax. Tom got on the other side and started to rub up and down her back. As she started to relax, Bob pushed gently and soon he has his cock buried deep into her. Once in, he just let his cock rest in her until she was ready. As she becomes accustom to his large cock, she started to move her hips up and down and he started to slowly pump in and out. As they got into a rhythm she started to enjoy his large cock being in her and started to become engrossed in having his cock penetrate her so deeply. As she begin to think about how good it felt, she started to think about Bills even larger cock being in her and that if she was feeling this good with Bob’s cock, she would really enjoy the feeling of Bills cock thrusting in her. As she keeps thinking about Bills cock, she starts to enjoy the feel of Bob’s cock being pulled in and out. As Bob’s cock thrusts in and out it was stimulating Barb’s clit. The more Bob begins to increase his speed, the more stimulation on her clit and all of a sudden, she is screaming to Bob, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, HARDER, HARDER, and as Bob pumps harder, Barb’s cunt being so tight, he started to cum too. Barb starts to shutter and shake and she can feel Bob’s cock fill her already cum soaked pussy with more cum. As Bob finished and was getting off of Barb, Barb had already forgotten about Bob’s cock knowing that Bill’s 9 inches were about to bring her to heights of pleasure she had not known before. Barb looks up and Bill and says, I’m ready for you and your big big cock now. But, please be gentle with me.

Bill starts to grin and says to Barb, how do you want me to give it to you? Barb said I want it while on my back. Bill gets off the bed, comes around and pulls Barb so that her ass is at the very edge of the bed. Tom and Bob get on either side of her so they can play with her tits. Bill grabs his cock and lays it Barb’s belly and she takes her hand and strokes it, smiles at Bill and then at his cock and says, I hope you give me the fucking pleasure that I am expecting. With that Bill grabs his cock and puts the head at Barb’s glory hole. He moves his cock from left to right then up and down. As he does this he starts to put some pressure against her pussy. Because Bob’s cock had stretched her out, and being relaxed now, the head of his cock was able to penetrate her much easier. But, now she was losing control and wanting that big snake in her and wanting it bad. She told him to stop fucking around and give it to her. With that, he pushes his cock deep into her and she let’s out a scream of pain and pleasure that could have woken the dead. We were afraid that hotel security would be called, thinking someone was being killed. Bill had is cock all the way in her and she was moaning and crying and shaking from it’s size. Bill asked her if she wanted him to stop and pull it out. She looked at him and said, NO FUCKING WAY. I WANT IT RIGHT WHERE IT IS. NOW, START FUCKING ME. With that Bill pulled back and pushed it in again. This time, Barb let out a nice low moan of pleasure and Bill felt that she had adjusted well to his cock. I was up on my feet looking at his cock in my wife’s pussy and could not believe that it was fitting and that she was liking it so much.

Bill started to pump her harder and harder and I could tell that every time he did, she was enjoying it more and more. It was an awesome site to watch this big cock pleasing my beautiful wife. Bill continued at a medium pace until she started to moan, twisting and turning her whole body, but she could not move much as she was held down by his big cock. Soon we could all tell that she was cumming over and over again. She looked up at Bill between her legs and said, I want you to fuck me from behind.

Bill pulled his cock out rolls Barb over on her knees; she pulled all of the pillows from the bed to put under her stomach and opened her legs up and yelled to Bill, PUT THAT BIG FUCKING THING IN ME NOW. Bill did as he was told, he got on the bed behind Barb and put the head of his cock at her opening and when she felt his head slip into the lips of her pussy, she said, now FUCK ME, FUCK ME NOW and FUCK ME HARD. Just before Bill rammed his cock into Barb; Tom, Bob and I were all trying to grab her mouth to keep her from screaming like before. Bill pushed hard into Barb’s wanting pussy and she tried to let out another scream, but you could tell that this one of from pure pleasure.

Bill started to pump hard and fast into Barb’s cock craving pussy. She was like a wild woman and she was having so much fun being totally fucked by such a large cock. Soon they were both so lost in pleasure that they did not care about anything except cumming. Barb was yelling FUCK ME, HARDER, FASTER, GIVE ME ALL YOU GOT, YOU MOTHERFUCK and Bill as pumping so hard that Tom had to get in front of Barb to keep her from moving forward. We could all tell that Bill starting to cum because of of his moans and we knew that it just a matter of time and that he was going to fill her pussy with full of his cum. She could feel his cock getting even larger, the head was so large and ready to explode. And then he did explode, filling her pussy with another large load of cum. As he sank to the bed, you could hear his cock coming out of her with a little popping sound. When his cock came out of her, a rush of cum came behind it. Because his cock was so big, the cum had no place to go until his cock exited her swollen pussy.

Bill go up, I gave him a bottle of water to drink and Barb just laid there, not moving, just enjoying the fact that she had been totally fucked to 3 great cocks. She quickly fell asleep in that position. I thanked the guys for a great show and I told them that this was something that Barb would remember for a long time.

They got dressed and headed home. I sat and watched my beautiful wife sleep for several hours, reliving in my mind that night over and over and how my wife became a wanting, needing slut for a BIG DICK. And so, this is the story of Barb’s first Threesome while I watched.

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