20 Questions Part 2

This is the second part of what happened on a recent business trip. It will help if you read the first part. First I will answer a couple of questions/comments left from the first part. Everything I’ve written really happened. It IS a true story. I recall it so well because it was recent and really turned me on, so I’ve played it over in my mind, while on the road. While I haven’t been as fortunate afterward I have tried to replicate the event with a few other women. One thing I have learned is that it is amazing just what strangers will tell you about their intimate life if you just ask the right questions.

If you recall I left off after reminding Rachel she didn’t tell me what was the most erotic thing she had done; after she let the hotel elevator on her floor and she motioned me to follow her.

When I stepped out of the elevator Rachel said she didn’t want to have “that” conversation in the hall. When we got to her room she said, “You said you were happily married and I was safe with you, right?”

“Right, I don’t sleep around on Lisa. I promise I won’t try anything funny.” I put one hand in the air as though taking an oath and crossed my heart with my other hand and Rachel giggled as she opened the door and muttered she couldn’t believe she was doing this.

“Come in. Don’t mind the mess and can you see if the mini-bar has one of those little bottles of wine? I’ll need another drink to tell you. I’ll be right out” And with that she disappeared into the bathroom. I did find a bottle of wine for Rachel and I decided to pour a scotch for me as a nightcap and put the two glasses on the little side table in the room and sat in one of the two chairs.

When she returned she thanked me for pouring the drinks and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Well,” I said “I am all ears. What was the most erotic thing you’ve done?”

“Umm, yes. How should I begin?” Rachel took a drink of her wine. “I really can’t believe I’m telling you this.

OK. I wasn’t kidding when I asked ‘just one’, you know. I don’t think just one thing can turn someone on or can be erotic. I think it changes over time. What was once a big turn on could become passé; particularly if it was the idea of trying something different or daring and then when you try, you take it off your bucket list. You know what I mean?” That was a rhetorical question because she continued, even though I nodded in agreement.

“I once thought threesomes would be really hot and the idea was very erotic. So I tried one with my husband and a guy we met while on vacation. The foreplay was great having four hands on me and two mouths; but the actual sex with the guy was disappointing because he didn’t know my body and what turns me on like my husband does. So something I once would have said was highly erotic turned out not so hot.” Rachel giggled at her pun as she took another sip and continued.

“I think women are generally exhibitionists and guys are voyeurs. Like your sister-in-law or your wife and her friend – Kim was it? They got off by showing.”

“Or you at the strip club?” I interjected.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Rachel continued, “I like looking too but what I find really erotic right now in my life is being the exhibitionist. So that is what I find erotic.” Rachel just stopped the conversation with that simple statement and looked at me as though she had answered the question-challenge and it was my turn to speak.

“Not so fast there,” I admonished her, “I asked what you have DONE that was erotic and turned you on. You can’t stop there because that’s a cop-out.”

Rachel smiled. “Got me. This is embarrassing. Do I really have to say?”

“Yes. I did so you have to.”

Rachel took more of gulp of her wine than a sip and then started.

“Sometimes my husband and I watch adult movies. We used to rent them from the back room of one of the videos stores where we live. When the place closed, we discovered X-rated internet videos had improved in quality, length and number of sites, so we started watching those videos; and in particular homemade videos of real people doing it.

On a business trip a while back I decided I was going to watch some of those videos on my laptop. I can’t really watch the movies on the hotel movie channel because I have to turn in my hotel receipts to my company. I was trying to find the site my husband picks when I came across a site with live webcams. It featured men, women, gays…… and couples too, at home. These are all just people, not actors, with their webcams on, and many even had sound. Since it was free I decided to try a few of them. Some were hot but many were tame or down-right boring. I ended the evening being quite frustrated and disappointed.

The next night I went back to the site and found the webcam of a couple sitting in their bedroom. It didn’t take them long to start into foreplay, then oral sex and then full on sex. When they were done I found another webcam of a guy slowly stroking on cam. Both of these shows were really having an effect on me and I could understand the attraction of cybersex. Except you’re not really having sex, are you?”

“Well that couple was, but I know what you mean, the two people on either end of the computer aren’t having sex themselves,” I said not knowing where she was going with this, because Rachel was a little drunk by now and rambling a bit.

“Right!” Rachel said, “It’s more like watching a porn video while playing with yourself except you are each other’s porn. Me for them and them for me.

I was so turned on…..just like I was at the strip club. So, I screwed up my courage, created an account and turned on the laptop’s camera. I positioned it carefully so my face would be hidden but anyone who wanted to could see all my assets.” Rachel did a Vanna White wave of her hands up and down the length of her body as she said this.

“The way it was placed also allowed me to read the chat box and see how many people chose to open my camera on their computer. Nothing much happened at the beginning but I saw the counter climb to a couple dozen people. Most of the comments were nice and flattering but some were rude and a few just weird, like the guy who wanted to see my feet or the other person who wanted to see me pee.

Anyway I started to caress myself and it was like someone put up an ad or something because I soon had over 200 on the counter. The thought of that many people wanting to watch me touch myself was so erotic. I had a huge toe curling one.” Rachel stopped and sipped her wine finishing off the mini-bar bottle; and it amused me that she was telling me very personal details but couldn’t bring herself to say orgasm, or cum – just ‘one’.

“So?” I questioned, “There must be more.”

“Well,” Rachel said looking into her empty glass, “I guess I’ve become a little addicted to showing myself off because I do it at least once on every trip.”

“Does your husband know?”

“God, no. He doesn’t tell me when or how he gets off without me so I don’t tell him when I do. But he is the recipient of my supercharged libido when I get home. A girl needs at least one secret.” Rachel was looking straight at me when she said that and held my gaze.

The whole conversation this evening had me turned on more than I had been in at least the three weeks I was gone from home, so now it was my turn to screw up my courage and really press my luck.

“Rachel, now that we’ve played a little game of ‘truth’; how about a dare?” Before she could answer I continued, “How would you like to play for me right now rather than for the computer? You’re an exhibitionist and I like watching women climax.”

“Or making them, you said”

“Yeah, but I also told you I don’t cheat on Lisa so I won’t jump you or anything like that. I also promised, remember?” I again crossed my heart with one hand and raised the other. Rachel studied the carpet for a few seconds but it seemed like forever.

“Tell you what,” Rachel said kicking off her shoes and unbuttoning the jacket to her business suit. “I’ll do it if you do too. That way we’ll be each other’s porn.”

Only a fool would turn down an offer like that. The best case alternative would have been to watch Rachel then jack-off back in my room after.

Rachel propped up some pillows on the headboard of the King sized bed and shimmied out of her clothes. She was stunning. There was no evidence of having two kids on her trim body. Her breasts, while not as large as some women I’ve seen naked, were the perfect proportion for her. It was obvious that she took pride in her appearance and body right down to the neatly trimmed landing strip of pubic hair pointing to the cleft of her pussy.

I was taking a little longer to get out of my suit because I was admiring each part of her body as it was revealed before me. I had my shoes, socks, jacket and pants off when Rachel came up to me with a smile and undid my tie and then started unbuttoning my shirt. Once I took off my boxers, allowing my obvious hard on to spring out, Rachel patted the bottom corner of the bed indicating I should sit there.

She then crawled onto the bed bringing one leg to one side of me and allowing the other to hang off the bed. The effect of this was she was now totally open to my view from near the foot of the bed.

“This is going to be fun,” Rachel purred as she first cupped both breasts in her hands before allowing one hand to slide down her body and between her open legs. In the meantime, I had grabbed myself and was slowly stroking determined that I was going to hold out until after Rachel came.

At first she watched me intently but as she moved from rubbing her clit to dipping a finger inside herself she closed her eyes and moaned softly. Just as I was getting into her private show, Rachel stopped moving and opened her eyes to look me in the eye. In a split second I thought she had chickened out and was going to kick me out.

“I’m so sorry,” she said. “Did you need some lotion or something? I have some in the bathroom.”

“No, I’m ok” The pre-cum was all I needed.

“Good because I don’t want you to wander off. I am so turned on and wet I don’t think I’m going to last long. But just to be sure….” Rachel sat up extracting the fingers from her pussy and ran them over the tip of my cock leaving her juices on me. “There. I think that’ll help.”

‘Think?’ I said to myself. Her warm, wet fingers running over the head just about did me in before we/she really got started.

Rachel laid back and started to quickly rub her pussy with one hand while sliding first one then two fingers in and out using the other hand. “That feels so good,” she said as she worked her body. The room smelled of her sex and the sounds of her moans and her fingers working in and out of her added to my own building excitement. Her eyes glazed over as she watched me pick up the pace of my stroking.

When Rachel came her body convulsed, lurching and buckling forward as she expelled the air from her lungs in a series of staccato “UGHs”. Tremors continued through her body like little aftershocks as her hand slowed its rubbing and her fingers were withdrawn from deep inside her. She opened her eyes just as I grunted and streams spurted from me. She smiled again and closed her eyes for a minute.

“Ohh, that was hot,” she said! “Believe it or not, that was the first time I’ve played in front of someone like that. Not even my husband has seen me do that and cum in person.”

She finally used the word!

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