Taught A Lesson

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“You know what you have to do to make all this disappear Kathy,” he repeated, as my mind raced to come up with another solution. I could see his cock bulging through his pants at the mere thought of what he expected of me. He reached for my right hand and placed it right on his crotch. I knew that what I would do next would seal my fate.

Thinking back about the events leading to his blackmailing me, I always knew that the Dean of Fine Arts had the hots for me. He used to look at me every chance he had. As an associate professor at Ryers University, it was hard to avoid Dean Jackson. He held departmental meetings on a regular basis. He was nothing much to look at. Mid 50s I would estimate, salt and pepper hair that was quickly receding and his face was not ugly but not far off from that. Whenever he stared at me, I cringed inside. There was something sleazy in his demeanor. I could tell sick thoughts ran through his mind but I always chose not to think about it.

I enjoyed teaching theatre at Ryers. The university was well respected for the caliber of their plays and this year we would be putting on Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare’s classic tale of star-crossed lovers. Casting was a grueling process. The 2 leads had to be talented performers able to capture the audience’s hearts. It was crucial that when they would watch the performance, they would feel the depth of Romeo and Juliet’s pain.

Auditions were held a few nights a week. It came to the point that if I had heard another poor recital of “Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?” uttered, I would have screamed. Thankfully I chose the two leads and they were both captivating. Playing Romeo would be Ted. He was a freshman with charisma and I knew the audience would love him. Chloe was beautiful and I knew it wouldn’t be difficult to believe that Romeo would die without her.

Rehearsals began but it was off to a slow start. As the weeks progressed, I got to know Chloe and Ted much better. Chloe’s looks were definitely her greatest asset. She had trouble learning her lines and would need lots of practice to be ready for opening night.

Ted was a natural. He delivered his lines with ease and his memory was sharp. There were other rehearsals done with the entire cast present but the leads needed extra readings. On numerous occasions, Ted and I waited for Chloe to arrive at the auditorium so they could run through their lines together. Besides having trouble remembering the words, Chloe had a problem with punctuality. I prayed she would be on time during the run of the show.

Ted and I talked quite a bit while waiting for Chloe to show up for rehearsals. He was 18 and an eager freshman. When he talked about his career plans, his youthful exuberance was contagious. He had his life all mapped out. His father died young due to a congenital heart condition and Ted’s dream was to become a heart surgeon. His mother and 2 sisters were close. He intended to marry by age 35 and have two kids and a house with a picket fence all by that time. Given I was 31 and unwed, unlike my plan to marry by age 25, I knew dreams don’t always become reality. I hoped for his sake that his aspirations would come true.

Ted was handsome, witty, easygoing and intelligent. The time flew by waiting for Chloe’s grand entrances. By opening night, Chloe finally knew her lines well. The show must go on and it did, perfectly. The audience gave a standing ovation. The production was a hit.

There was a party for the cast after the show. I arranged for quite a spread on the stage after the audience all left. Everyone seemed to be having a great time and I congratulated the actors, all except Ted. He was busy getting compliments and hugs all night so I didn’t get the chance to congratulate him. I decided to wait until the crowd left. The next day was a school night so the students started leaving early. Finally, Ted and I were the only ones that remained. I went over to where he stood. “You were wonderful Ted,” I gushed. “That was a great performance.”

Ted’s face was flushed from all the excitement. I was on an emotional high from the success of the show. I could feel the sexual tension in the air. Without thinking, we hungrily reached out to each other and kissed. When his lips touched mine and our tongues swirled in each other’s mouth, in my heart it felt like that is where I belonged. Right or wrong, teacher and student, it didn’t matter. What counted was how much I yearned to be touched by him.

Our lust took over and Ted reached out and started clumsily fiddling with the buttons on my blouse. Finally getting them opened with my help, he reached in and started fondling the outside of my white-laced bra, over both tits. Anxious to have him touch my bare nipples, I unhooked my bra and he quickly helped me out of my top, skirt and undergarments. I was naked as I stood in front of him. Ted swiftly removed his clothes.

“God you are beautiful,” was all he managed before his hand darted to my right breast. Circling my areola with his finger, I let out a soft moan. When his mouth took over and he suckled my growing hardening nipples, my utterances became louder. I thought I was going to cum right then and there. My tight pussy was aroused as 3 of Ted’s fingers found its way into my wet slit. He moved them deep inside me and then out, finger fucking my hot cunt until I came all over his fingers.

My hand slid down to grab his growing member. I stroked it up and down and felt it throb in my hand in response. The overwhelming desire to feel it in my mouth took over and I fell to my knees to worship his prick. Engulfing his thick dick with my stretched mouth, I was determined to give him pleasure beyond anything he had ever experienced. I devoured his immense cock until the point that the sheer size of it made me gag. Determined to get it down whole, I didn’t stop until I deep throated its entire length down my throat.

“Oh fuck baby,” Ted groaned. Skillfully I shifted my mouth to take care of his heavy balls while making sure his prick was far from neglected. One of my hands rubbed the full length of his shaft continuously, moving upward and then down. My other hand moved to Ted’s asshole and I inserted a finger inside.

I continued sucking his balls and finger fucking his tight asshole while my other hand shifted to his swollen cockhead. My finger slowly circled his hole and it didn’t take long before Ted screamed out, “Oh God, I am going to cum.” I opened my mouth and released his balls. He sprayed all over my face, giving me a cum facial with more white creamy semen than any man I had ever been with.

Ted’s salty cum tasted great and I savored every drop of it that my tongue was able to retrieve. Ted suddenly got up. I watched him go to the buffet table and return with something behind his back. I couldn’t fathom what. Getting on his knees, he told me to lie down on my back and spread my legs wide. “I want to eat your cunt,” he said, and with that he started licking up my right inner thigh until his face reached my soaked pussy.

The hand he had hidden was brought to the forefront and there were strawberries in them. He quickly inserted all but one of them into my wet slit and starting eating them out. They were covered with my pussy juices. His finger entered my hole as he kept busy enjoying the fruits of his labor.

He savored my ripened cunt lips and sucked on my swollen clit until I unleashed a tidal wave of cum into his mouth. He guzzled it thirstily until he licked me dry, just in time for my third cum of the night. It was quickly followed by several more shuddering orgasms. My body shook with each one. My muscles contracted and my waves of pleasure were intense as each orgasm took hold.

Ted took the strawberry he had set aside and stuck it inside my cum-filled cunt. He fed me the dripping fruit and I tasted my pussy juices as I ate it.

“Fuck me, Ted,” I begged. “I need to feel your cock buried inside my pussy.” He quickly got up and lifted me from the floor. He carried me near to one of the chairs left onstage from the party and sat down on it.

“I have a better idea. Fuck me, Kathy. Ride my cock.” I rubbed his rock hard prick and positioned my juicy cunt right over it. My drenched twat easily slid down all 9 inches of his thick hard throbbing cock. I rode his dick while my tits bounced in his face. His teeth took my long left nipple in his mouth. He sucked on it until my pussy juices draped his cock and he shot a huge load of his hot, sticky cum in my cunt. Afterwards we went back to the floor and lay in each other’s arms and talked.

We both knew this night could never be repeated. Besides the age difference that would be embarrassing, there was more at stake here. I was his teacher and that would be grounds for dismissal. I wasn’t prepared to lose my career even for Ted, who I cared about. He understood my predicament and only offered to be there if I needed him. We parted for the evening and we knew from then on it would be back to me being Ms. Turner. I went to bed that night with a smile on my face, reliving the feel of him inside me.

Dean Jackson called me into his office the following day and made sure to lock the door. He took out his cell phone and played back a video of Ted and I in all our glory. It turned out Ben, he said I should now call him, came into the auditorium unseen by us. Ben was working late and thought he heard something. We were preoccupied having sex and he took advantage of the situation and taped us.

My upbringing had been rather conservative. I had a couple of long-term relationships that failed to culminate in marriage. In fact, fucking Ted was the only time I let my emotions take over my body. Now I had to face what our night of bliss would cost me.

Ben’s cock was pulling at his pants to come out. “Kathy, what’s it going to be?” I couldn’t think of a way out of it. I couldn’t lose my job. I had no husband to support me and teaching was what I had always wanted to do. I wasn’t about to give it all up so I did what had to be done. I unzipped his pants. Ben knew he had won. He smiled like a Cheshire cat. “Not here slut,” he said. I was about to get to know the real Ben in all his crudeness.

“Suck me from under the table.” He moved behind his desk and turned his chair. He wanted to ensure that I could suck him sight unseen, from anyone who should happen to look into the window of his office. “Pull out my dick, whore and give me a great blowjob.” I did as he ordered. His puny prick was a far cry from Ted’s huge instrument and it was almost as ugly to me as Ben’s face.

“Look up at me as you wrap your lips around my cock,” he dictated and I obeyed. Looking at his face, added to the displeasure of putting his prick in my mouth. “Tell me how much you like sucking it Kathy.” I didn’t say a word. “Tell me you love sucking it, bitch.”

“I love sucking your cock,” I spat out. I managed to lie through my teeth and finished doing the task at hand. Ben’s load of cum was the last thing I wanted to taste but Ben had other ideas.

“Swallow every drop of my seed, you cunt,” and so I did. I thought I was going to throw up. “From now on Kathy, Tuesday and Thursday nights are reserved for me. Got it?” I nodded. “We’ll meet up at my office at 6pm sharp on those nights. Don’t keep me waiting.” He knew I wouldn’t be late. I wouldn’t take the chance.

We met for a few months every Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm, like clockwork. Ben usually rented a hotel room and once inside he treated my body as if he owned it. In many ways, he did. Several times he brought cuffs and a blindfold and did whatever he wanted to me, including golden showers. Feeling his hot urine drip down my body sickened me. He didn’t care. It had no bearing on him whatsoever. He paddled my ass, put clothespins on my nipples and abused me. The more I screamed out in pain, the wilder he became. I learned to stifle my outbursts so as not to elicit more of what he considered foreplay.

Sucking his cock was a ritual I dreaded performing but it was pleasurable compared to having him fuck me. At first, his favorite position was ramming his cock in my tight asshole without lubrication. I guess he loved it the most since it made me scream out more than when he shoved his prick in my pussy. As my ass was fucked regularly, it slowly opened up, which lost some of its appeal for Ben. I just wasn’t screaming anymore and that didn’t turn him on. He was always rough and grunted like an animal when he came. I despised him.

Ben often talked about how he wanted me gangbanged but never arranged one. I was relieved and surprised he hadn’t done so. One Thursday night I found out why.
We headed out to his car and he drove outside of city limits. He had never done that before. Stopping at a truck stop along the road, he got out of the car and went to his trunk. He handed me a package that was there and told me to go to the washroom and change clothes. “DON’T wear any panties or bra,” he bellowed.

I looked at the mirror and saw my reflection when I was done. I looked like a first class slut. My long shapely legs had fishnet thigh highs on it. I was wearing a red mini skirt that didn’t do much to hide my pussy. The black see-through blouse was low cut and without my bra on, I might as well have wore nothing. The 6-inch high heels were black with lace. Nothing was left to the imagination in this outfit.

I returned to the car where Ben was waiting. “That’s it my slut,” Ben said. “Now you are ready for our big night out.” He added, “I couldn’t do this in town since too many people know me. I couldn’t risk my wife finding out.” I could feel my tension rising. “Get into the car and suck my dick until we get to the pool hall,” he commanded. I did as I was told, as always. He pulled out his dick and drove while I bent over and sucked his cock. When he shot his load in my mouth, some of it dripped down my chin. I was about to wipe it off when Ben said, “Don’t take that cum off. I want everyone to see what a whore you are.” The sperm remained on my chin.

When we arrived at the dingy establishment, we went inside. Rowdy men and women were drinking and shouting and playing pool. I thought we were going to go sit down but that wasn’t what Ben had in mind. Lifting me on the one unused pool table, he lifted my skirt. My smooth shaved cunt was exposed to the crowd. “Who wants a hole in one?” Ben said, with obvious pride at his feeble attempt at a joke. With all the noise in the room there were no takers. I was relieved but then Ben repeated the question, louder this time. Those in the room took notice.

Before I knew it, there were at least 15 men and even a few women, ready to accept that offer. I knew that no matter how humiliating, I still had no choice. If I didn’t go through with this, my career would be over. “Smile bitch,” Ben said to me. “A donation would be welcome, he hinted to the crowd. Donate what you feel she’s worth.” I smiled the best I could.

I could see Ben taking out his cell phone and he began taping the event. I had nothing more to lose so I didn’t dare fight him on it. The first guy in line handed Ben a $10 bill and pulled out his dick. “If you want your prick sucked, that’s another donation,” Ben shouted. Another $10 was given. Ben was going to enjoy this evening and make a bundle on it to boot. “Take care of your first customer, whore. Give him what he paid for.”

I closed my eyes and sucked cock after cock. Some men shot in my mouth. Some men came all over my face or tits. Others waited for my cunt or ass. I could feel each prick enter my pussy or when requested, I bent over and they fucked my ass. I heard the moans and felt hot cum fill me up. Double or triple penetration was available for a larger “donation” Ben advised. All 3 holes were filled up at once, many times over.

Women had me lick their cunts out. I had never been with a woman before and tasting the cum they shot in my mouth both disgusted and excited me. My pussy was licked that night by all takers who wanted to. God help me but I even came several times myself. I hated my body for letting this experience arouse it.

Ben came over to me when he finished raking in the loot for the evening. “Did you like those 18 cocks inside you slut?” Ben asked, obviously keeping count. I was covered in cum and nodded. I felt sick inside. “It’s my turn now whore,” and with that Ben ended the night with another bang. He shot his sperm inside me. Ben lifted me from the pool table and we left that wretched place. He took me back to the school and as always, we parted ways for the evening.

The following Tuesday I reported to Ben’s office at 6pm, as usual. His door was locked so I knocked. I didn’t want him to say I was late. Instead of being ready to leave, he was drinking some whiskey and was on the verge of being drunk. Disheveled he came and opened it up and I walked in. “We won’t be having any more meetings,” he told me.

“I did everything you asked of me. You can’t go public. You just can’t,” I pleaded.
Ben’s words were partially slurred but he managed to convey what had happened.

“My wife knows everything. She… she…had a private investigator follow me. He was there the night at the pool hall. He even fucked you, the bastard. My wife searched my belongings,” Ben continued. “She found the copies I made of the videos of you having sex that night on the stage and the one I took at the pool hall. She figured everything out. Could you believe it? The bitch is blackmailing ME. She said she’d ruin me at work and show our kids the videos if I don’t grant her a divorce. I am being forced into giving her the house and car, all our savings and YOU a raise. I am ruined… ruined.”

Tears of joy ran down my face. My nightmare was finally over. I guess it’s really true what they say, I thought to myself. What goes around comes around.

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