I Fucked Another Girl Cause My GF Thought I Should

So me and my bitch (oops, I mean ex gf) were having a bit of a fight. Apparently, it’s not cool to cum all over her while she’s sleeping and put the pics up the internet. Who knew.

She was pretty mad and she cut me off of sex for a few days. Then suddenly, she stood in front of my door, next to an adorably cute blonde girl, whom I had never seen in my life. My ex, Jaimee, stepped through the door, and the girl followed her. I was obviously fairly surprised. Who was this girl? Why was she in my apartment? Why does the world spin clockwise? (No, I didn’t ask myself that last question at that time, but why does it? o.O).

Jaimee sat down on my couch and looked at me as if I was to be the one explaining the whole thing. I looked back, then looked at the girl, then back at Jaimee again. If question marks existed in real life, they would be all over my head. Luckily, Jaimee was about to explain stuff.

“This is Vicky,” she said, pointing at the girl. “I just found her.”

Yes, my bitch was very bad at explaining things.

“And what am I supposed to do with her?” I asked, hoping to get things going.

“Fuck her,” Jaimee said.

I was like whut. No, but really, I was startled. I even held my head slightly bent to the left to show my startledness.

The girl didn’t move a muscle, she just stood close to Jaimee and did nothing. I looked at her, and I enjoyed it. She was tiny, even tinier than Jaimee, but her boobs were bigger. I say that now, because I didn’t dare to say it while I was there, since Jaimee would in fact have killed me. It was, however, true.

“Sorry,” I said, “I thought you said something funny. What was that?”

Jaimee stood up and pushed the girl towards me. She really was tiny, her head barely reached my chest. I reckoned I could pick her up with one hand and have enough power left to throw her a couple of yards. I didn’t have the time to try, though, because Jaimee grabbed her by the hair and held her in front of me. That poor girl, I thought, being handled so roughly by another chick. Oh well.

“I want you to fuck her,” Jaimee said.

I have to admit, the bitch didn’t do half measures. Then again, if she thought she was getting back at me by making me bang a hot blonde girl, she was wrongo.

“Fine by me,” I replied, and grabbed the girl by the hips. I kissed her, with tongue, right in front of Jaimee, who had let go of the girl and was clearly annoyed.
I looked at the girl.

“If I am to fuck her,” I said slowly, “she should be naked.”

Jaimee snapped her fingers, and the girl started to undress. I slowly walked around her, looking at her curves, smelling her in a more or less non-creepy way. As she came to her underwear, she hesitated for a second, but she eventually dropped her panties and put them with the rest of her clothes. I realized I was standing in a room with a clothed girl I banged on a regular basis and a naked girl I was about to bang for the first time. I also realized every person that would walk by my house would be able to see a naked girl standing in the middle of the living room. It sounded like a good idea to pack up the party and move to my bedroom. And so we did.

Jaimee put the girl down in front of me, fooled around with the button of my jeans for a bit and sat down next to Vicky. She took my dick out of my shorts and rubbed the tip between her and Vicky’s lips. As far as Jaimee was concerned, this was the first time my dick was touching someone else since we had started dating. N'awww ignorance is bliss.

The first one to take me in her mouth was Jaimee, but I was happy to see she didn’t mind sharing. Both of them took turns sucking on my dick, trying to make each turn sloppier than the last one. After a while, Jaimee got bored and took Vicky towards the bed.

I had always wondered what Jaimee would look like eating another girl out, and I finally got to see it. Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed at all. While Jaimee prepared the girl for what was about to come, I started to peel away her jeans. It took a notable amount of force to get them over her butt, but eventually it happened, and the view was nothing less than amazing. Have you ever looked at your girlfriend’s butt while her face is buried in another girls lap, her thong and jeans lowered down to just above her knees, and her hands cupping the girl’s boobs? It’s beyond hot, I tell ya.

I was going to take my dick in my hand and rub Jaimee’s pussy lips with it, but the second she felt the tip against her butt cheek, she rolled over, leaving Vicky for the taking.

“Go on,” Jaimee said, “what are you waiting for?”

Nothing geez! I sat down on the bed, put my knees under Vicky’s legs and slid my cock all the way inside her. She started to moan, but Jaimee woulndn’t let her, covering her mouth with the palm of her hand. It was teamwork at its best: me fucking the girl harder and harder, Jaimee trying to keep her at least a little silent. The buckle of my belt slammed into her body with every thrust, the bed made sounds I didn’t even know existed.

I took off my shirt and gave it a little more, feeling my balls bounce against Vicky’s butt. Jaimee had given up on keeping the girl quiet and was now trying to get rid of my pants without making me have to stop. She grabbed my dick and rubbed it every time I was sliding out of Vicky, who was now moaning like bananas.

The moment I started to wonder how long I would be able to keep going on like this, Jaimee came up with a change of plans.

“New hole!” she yelled.

I figured she meant her own, but instead of giving herself to me, she turned Vicky around and laid her down on her belly. She licked Vicky’s juices off of me and brought my dick close to Vicky’s butt.

“Wait,” she whispered.

She threw her leg over Vicky’s head and pushed her head in her lap. Vicky was licking Jaimee, and I was about to join the party. I spread Vicky’s butt cheeks, aimed, and forced at least three quarters of my dick in her ass. She screamed, but Jaimee silenced her by pressing her face against her pussy. I went in deeper with every trust, until all seven inches were hidden inside her. I heard her muffled voice, I felt her ass tighten around my dick.

I looked for eye contact with Jaimee, but she had thrown her head back and was either looking at the ceiling or at her own eyelids. That was quite unfortunate, cause the tightness of Vicky’s butt and the amazing view made it pretty much impossible to last long.

“Jaimee,” I said.

Nothing happened.

“Jaimee?” I said a little louder, in between Vicky’s moans.

Again, nothing happened.

“Jaimee!” I shouted.


“I’m cumming!”

To the guys (and girls) who have never had the pleasure of orgasming inside a girl’s ass: it’s freaking Heaven. The moment you feel the first jet of cum shooting out of your dick, you realize it’s going to be an enormous mess. There simply isn’t enough room in there for you and your load. I felt myself covering my own dick in cum. I slowly got a little less hard and waited for my dick to slip out on itself.

Jaimee stepped in and gave me a hand with that. She used to give me plenty of time to recover from an orgasm like this, but this time, she did no such thing. She let Vicky be and took me in her mouth, licking it clean and swallowing what was left on it. But she didn’t stop there. She kept sucking until she felt it grow in her mouth again, and then sat down on top of me. I wasn’t even half hard, but somehow, she managed to put it inside her. Her wiggling body made me grow bigger by the second.

As I grew fully hard once more, I got Vicky to sit down on my face. I heard her and Jaimee making out high above me, while my tongue started to circle around Vicky’s clit. I pressed my nose between her pussy lips and grabbed her ass. Jaimee was bouncing up and down my dick, moaning like she always tended to do. She shouted naughty phrases to me, Vicky, and herself. A horny Jaimee is a dirty Jaimee.

We used each other like that for a few minutes. Then, as if it was planned out perfectly, the three of us went through an entire orgasmic sequence.

Vicky was the first one to break. She didn’t say it with so many words, but it was obvious that she was going to explode. She leaned forward, pressing her clit harder against my tongue and lips. Her heavy breathing stopped for a brief moment, before a loud moan started off her orgasm. Her body was trembling, I could barely keep her from falling off. Eventually, she finally eased down a little…. But it wasn’t over just yet.

Apparently, Jaimee figured it was her turn now. She had some tell-tale signs that made it pretty easy to recognize she was about to blow. For starters, she would put her hands on my belly and scratch off bits and pieces of skin with her fingernails. Secondly, she would stop jumping up and down and move in a more back-and-forth kind of motion, maximizing the pressure. Oh, and thirdly, she’d scream “Fuck me, damn it, I’m cumming!”.

Until this day, I have never been able to fuck all the way through one of Jaimee’s orgasms without having one myself. The way she grabbed my dick with her pussy and squeezed it inside her was just too much to handle. About halfway through her climax, I collapsed. Every last drip of cum that hadn’t been shot inside Vicky’s ass now found its way out. Jaimee screamed and I’m pretty sure she slapped Vicky in the face, but I had something else on my mind.

I made Jaimee move until I was fully done, then rolled her off of me. We laid on the bed, Jaimee on her left side, me on my right, with Vicky on her back in between.

I’ve never seen the girl again, and I don’t think Jaimee has either. I still have no idea why Jaimee thought this would be some kind of punishment. Maybe she secretly liked her pictures all over the internet and this was her way of saying thank you. I don’t know, she’s done sillier stuff. But more on that later.

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