Sara's Protective Dad part 6

Author's notes: Those of you who enjoyed this I say. “You're welcome.” I do my best to make something that is enjoyable. I have tried to improve my spelling and grammar to make it easier for you to read. Although this slows down my writing, I’m not putting out stories as quickly. I hope they're more enjoyable.

I decided to keep up my wicked ways, and continue using Jewels like I always have. There are several reasons that I used Jewels. First Jewels is very uncommon less likely to be a real person with the same name. I try to avoid that. You can find the name on so no, it's not misspelled.

Not that anything I write should be associated with reality this is fiction. Having read some of the comments some people may have missed the category, thinking it was a true-story, this is not. For those who can't get over a few misspelled or misused words. You get what you pay for. Lighten up; you’re not causing me any stress. Why are you stressing over it? If you don't enjoy it, you don't have to read it. You could go back to writing your own.

I'm glad I made you thank, more than a few of you must've checked out producers and what they do, it being the first search on Google. By the way the executive producer chooses where his name appears.

A New Life Style

Next morning I awake not with Jewels on my chest but one of our twins. Jewels is beside me Sara on the other side and one of the twins beside Sara. How to get out of here without waking everyone up, a full bladder makes it imperative that I go to the restroom. I wake up the twin who is sleeping on my chest, turns out its Morgan who took her mother’s place during the night.

“Morgan, can you help me up?” She is not ready to wake up but does so to help me out, but slowly.

“I got first dibs for the toilet because you woke me up.” She still helps me to stand on the bed.

She steps gracefully across the bed, her light steps barely moving the bed. I do my best not to shake everyone else needless to say it took me much longer to cross the bed. Entering the restroom she had finished and was washing her hands, playfully she placed her wet hands on my chest. “Hey, let me use the toilet first then I will be happy to be your hand warmer.” I step to the toilet and relieve myself quickly; her wet hands have increased the need ten times over.

Morgan watches me because she has never seen a man pee before. “Oh that’s how guys do that.”

After I finish, flash, and wash my hands, I step back beside Morgan, who wrinkles her pretty little nose. “Daddy you smell like sex, and it’s making me horny again. You don’t want us to lie, right?” She has a lustful look in her blue eyes.

“We may have to do something about that.” I say playfully pulling her into a hug. I playfully run my wet hands over Morgan’s chest.

“Morgan you smell like sex and it’s made me horny.” To that she giggles and points the shower I nod an enthusiastic yes. We adjust the water to a comfortable temperature step in together. The initial spray rehydrates the dried bodily fluids making the smell of sex very strong. Morgan inhales deeply, turns and jumps on me, wrapping her legs around my hips. We begin to kiss passionately.

Sleepily stretching Jewels walks in to the restroom, seeing us in the shower she comments. “Oh I see how it is.”

Morgan comes back with. “The early pussy gets the cock.” With a playfully giggling and shaking of her pretty ass.

“Smells like you been at it for hours now.” Jewels comments.

“We all smell like that. It’s just stronger because we’re wet.” I smirk. Knowing full well the aroma will have the same effect on her. She walks over to the toilet and pees. Morgan has come back to kissing me. But Jewels instead of leaving jumps in the shower with us.

Morgan groans. “Mom, what are you doing?”

Jewels has her hands under Morgan’s body touching her cunt to check if her pussy is wet enough for me. “Oh, yeah baby girl you’re more than ready. Now raise her up so I can get you two aligned.”

I raise Morgan about nine inches higher, latching ahold of one of her nipples as I have her at just the right height. Morgan moans “Oh yes Daddy suck my tit.”

Jewels has my cock in her hand and running it along Morgan’s inter lips, and then holds it at her entrance. ”Okay Bobby let her down slow.” I complied letting Morgan down about an inch slowly I feel my head enter her body she’s wet, tight, and warm. The feeling is awesome with Jewels still holding my cock as our daughter slowly is impaled upon it. Morgan moans. “Yes Daddy Fuck your baby girl.”

I hear giggling and turn to see Little Bobby and Sara setting on the bathroom vanity watching the three of us. I smile and Little Bobby cheers. “Yeah Bobby Fuck her brains out. Fuck your baby girl.” Sara joins in on the cheer. “Yeah Bobby Fuck her brains out. Fuck your baby girl.” Now both girls continue repeating the cheer in unison. “Yeah Bobby Fuck her brains out. Fuck your baby girl.”

By this time Morgan is almost totally impaled and Jewels says. “Bounce Morgan, Bounce on that big cock of your father’s.”

Morgan immediately begins to bounce first up and back down till I’m totally within her, my pelvis makes contact with her clit causing her to moan softly each bounce. “Oh, oh.”

The girls still cheering knowing Morgan is enjoying our morning romp. She moans louder as our speed increases her head now thrown back. Her nipples are hard as rocks and rub against me with each bounce. She’s not going to last much longer but neither am I as I meet each downward thrust with one upward from me. Jewels takes hold of my balls and massages them feeling them tense she calls. “He’s going to blow. Morgan, Cum for Mommy.” Hearing this both me and Morgan climax. Morgan drops down hard and I thrust up catching her. I’m holding Morgan tightly as both our bodies’ spasm in pleasure. I’m throwing rope after rope of my hot semen deep in Morgan. Morgan screams. “FUCK YES DADDY; FILL ME UP WITH YOUR CUM.”

My knees nearly give way but I control my dissent to the shower floor and both me and Morgan are setting up, with Morgan still fully impaled. We’re both breeding very heavily as we are in the afterglow of orgasmic bliss.

Little Bobby and Sarah both giggle and exclaimed. “That was so fucking hot!”

Jewels bends over and kisses me then kisses Morgan. “Good job baby girl you made your father cum hard.”

Sara laughs saying. “Now I know what yesterday morning looked like. Good job Bobby I cumed just from watching you two.”

Morgan asks. “Daddy can I have your babies when I’m older?”

I’m not at all sure how to answer my daughter. So I simply kiss her passionately making eye contact with Jewels. She simply smiles back then nods. I take this to mean yes. After breaking the kiss I simply say. “It will be up to you when the time comes.” I still am looking at Jewels, holding eye contact. “We are all family and families should make decisions together about important things like babies. I wouldn’t want all for of you to deliver at the same time.”

Jewels agrees. “That could be really nerve-racking if all of us went into labor within a few hours of each other.”

“It may be even dangerous due to someone being left alone, but let’s make sure that at least only one or two deliver near each other’s time.” Saying this everyone head nods.

Sara says. “As soon as I’m eighteen I want a baby.” The other girls laugh and say that is fine with all of them. Jewels rubs her belly saying. “Sorry Bobby but I think I just may be pregnant after last night.”

My face goes pale, making the girls laugh. “Oh my God burgers and chocolate makes twins.”

Jewels is laughing and still rubbing her belly. “It did last time.”

Sara steps into the shower, hugs her sister and says. “I hope so, if that makes you happy.”

Jewels holds onto Sara and says. “Yes sister it would make me very happy to carry Bobby’s baby again. I love him and you for sharing this man with us.”

Sara giggles and points out. “It was a matter of self-preservation; I was fucked so much I thought my cunt was going to fall off.”

Morgan looks up at Sara lovingly sends her thanks. “Sara I love you too.”

Sara giggles. “You love everybody right now in the state you’re in.”

Morgan giggles back. “Yeah but I love you more for being you.”

Little Bobby giggles “I love you too Sara, or do I call you Aunt Sara, or sis because Daddy raised you like his daughter, and you scream Daddy when he is fucking you.”

“How about just Sara.” She was blushing as she said this.

Morgan is now recovered her breathing normal, my cock still pressed into her although no longer very hard. Little Bobby is coming over and tells her sister get up so I can have a turn too. Morgan extends her hand for her sister to help her stand. As she rises my cock is pulled with a pop from her cunt. Jewels takes Morgan to the vanity and props her up with her ass barely on the edge, spreads her legs and dives into her creamy cunt. Jewels is licking and sucking cum out of Morgan’s hot little body causing her to moan. “Yes Mommy gets all of daddy’s delicious cum from your little girl.”

I’m watching this with my mouth hanging open as my daughter gets eaten out by her mother, I can’t help but feel excited and little disgusted at the same instant. But my body reacts to the stimulus by becoming excited and in a few moments I am fully erect.

Little Bobby seeing me hard and setting on the floor simply lowers herself, guiding my erect penis directly into her pussy. I turn back just in time to see the first few inches disappear.

Sara is watching as Little Bobby slides down my hard cock and cheers me on. “All right, Daddy gets a second piece of his daughters’ pussy.” I look at Sara, she has two fingers shoved into her hot little cunt and playing with her clit. Seeing me watch her she says. “I’ll be ready for you when you finish with Little Bobby.”

I’m wondering if I should buy a stock of Viagra. Not that I need it to get up I think I’ll need it to stay that way. Now that is a real recreational drug.

Little Bobby ask. “Can we do it standing up like you did Morgan that was so hot?”’

I get my legs under me. And rise up carrying Little Bobby still fully impaled upon my harden cock, using the momentum of the rise to begin the bounce. On the vanity top Morgan is crying out as she is in orgasm. Jewels continues her assault on our baby’s pussy. Morgan shakes as spasms run through her body. I turn back to Little Bobby telling her. “Look at what your Mommy’s doing to your sister. I’m going to fill your cunt up so Mommy can have seconds.”

Little Bobby speeds are rhythm up immediately I feel like she’s only seconds from orgasm herself. Just having finish, I will take a lot longer to feel my other daughter’s pussy full of my incestuous cum, but I’m not going to stop until I do. This new freedom to do to these girls want they want regardless of conventionality feels wonderful. Morgan now reclines against the mirror eyes closed and limp. Jewels has moved between Sara’s legs and obviously giving Sara the same treatment she gave Morgan. Sara is beginning an orgasm as Little Bobby his bouncing herself into one as well with all the sex happening around me I can help but go into climax as well. I can’t believe I’m going to cum this quickly.


Hearing Little Bobby I am pushed over the edge. “YES LITTLE BOBBY I’M GOING TO FILL YOUR CUNT FULL OF YOUR DADDY’S SPERM.”


I carry Little Bobby over to the vanity still full of my cock; my last rope has just filled her hot little womb. “Here Jewels more hot cream just for you.” As I set Little Bobby down on the vanity top. Jewels seems more than ready to claim my sperm from our daughter’s cunt.

I grab Sara lift her onto my still hard cock and slide her down to its base, causing Sara to moan with pleasure. “Yes Daddy Fuck all your daughters, fill us all up.”

I start her to bounce immediately and do to the fact she just had and orgasm from Jewels, she almost goes straight into another. But it’s going to be 20 or 25 min. before I blow another load. Sara is in heaven with multiple orgasms screaming her pleasure with each orgasm. “OH GOD DADDY I'M CUMMING AGAIN YES!” I continue on but into the 22nd minute I feel that urge to cum. I finally blow my load deep into my love, triggering her last orgasm as I do.

Morgan says. “Next time I go last.” Her statement gets a laugh from everyone, but Sara who is completely out of it. Jewels and the girls help Sara and me to the bed where we will sleep for a few more hours. I cuddle next to Sara as sleep takes the world.

It’s early afternoon and lunch is ready as Sara shakes me awake. Come on Bobby get your pretty ass up. Not even her still nude body is enough to bring me to an erection. But I do really need a piss. Trotting off to the restroom followed by Sara, I release my full bladder as Sara again watches. “Sara Love, what have we gotten ourselves into?”

She takes a second before answering. “I would share you before I lost you. You didn’t know if you still loved Jewels or not. So I didn’t take the chance. Besides you were making me old with your continuous fucking, so I figured I’ll share and not have to take the entire load.” She says with a devilish grin.

I pull her into a hug and whisper into her ear. “If ever you change your mind and you want me all to yourself, I will understand and we’ll work something out.”

She giggles and whispers back. “Don’t think it’s going to be a problem I kind of like this. It’s hot watching you fuck someone else, especially since there family too. I’ve always wanted family with me, now I have a hot sister and two hot nieces.”

I finish my shower with Sara’s help, joining everyone at lunch, not surprising everyone is nude. I kiss Sara as I help her into her seat. I go around the table kissing everyone until I take my seat. We eat and talk about what we are doing. We are laughing, giggling and we are extremely happy.

Near the end of lunch Sara says who is going to sleep with Bobby tonight? They all thought confused at this question assuming Sara would be. Jewels grins I had enough last night. So Sara points to the twins and says which one wants to share Bobby’s bed for tonight? Both girls want to, I now know both girls are bisexual so I suggest. “Why not both of them?” The twins’ eyes light up at my suggestion taking it seriously. Originally I thought of it as a joke but come to think of it, might be more fun they have them both. Now all I have to do is to conserve my strength for the two of them. It’s going to be a long night.

Thankfully both girls complain about being sore from the sex, three times, including losing their cherries is more than they can take. I totally understand so it falls back to Sara if she wants. “I’ll never turn down the opportunity to sleep with you, Bobby.”

The girls have gone out to lie in the sun and play in the pool later. I go over to talk to Jewels the girls have left and are splashing in the shallow part of the pool. I have some reasonable privacy to speak with her. “Jewels, I love you. But I never knew you were bisexual. Although I think it’s hot watching you eat out our daughter’s like that.”

“Bobby actually that was the first time. I have never tried anything like that before. But seeing her pussy dripping with your cum, I couldn’t help myself. I think I like it especially when you filled her pussy with such sweet cum. But I like being with you better. The twins were definitely lesbian before I talk them into letting you pop their cherries. I’m happier now that they like fucking you. At least we’ll, well, I will have some grandkids.”

“Oh speaking of kids do you really think you may be?” I half want it to be true. But it would be more fun if it took a while for her to get pregnant.

“Don’t know for sure but I’m not on any birth control so you may have. But do you want kids with me?”

“Oh God yes.” I respond so fast it brings a broad smile to her pretty face.

“What about you and Sara getting married? I don’t want to hurt her.” Jewels states with concern.

“She is fine with the idea of us being lovers and parents. If you’re okay with me marrying Sara, it still can happen. Sara probably would do anything to keep us all together, even becoming bisexual to please the twins. And share me with the three of you. I love her so much, Jewels. But I’m afraid this all may blow up in my face, both of the twins are under age. Sara’s sixteenth birthday is a few more days away, but the Twins sixteenth Birthday is over a year away. If things go wrong we all could be in a world of shit. Who knows what your ex-husband is planning.”

Don’t worry Bobby, will get your lawyers to file my divorce. He doesn’t have any legal claim to the twins. We will get him for taking the money from Sara’s trust.”

“Hell I’ll give him another 300,000 if he gives you a divorce as fast as possible. I can make that back in less than a day.”

Jewels laughs. “Like how much you make a year then?”

“Not bragging Jewels, I made over 750 million last year.” Jewels knows I would rather tell the truth then make up anything.

“Yes sweetheart, you are fucking rich, and I am very fucking rich. The girls’ trust fund makes them worth about 2.4 billion for now. So the girls are very fucking rich as well. Poor Sara only has about 10 million in the trust her mom left her, but she’ll get anything, just like you, that you’re ever want.”

Jewels is looking at me, she is absolutely stunned, just coming to realize I didn’t exaggerate in the least. All sudden her eyes roll back and she falls limp to the chair she is in. She has fainted. I’ll go get us a couple drinks and some smelling salts, if she doesn’t wake up on her own in the meantime.

When I return she still out but the girls are around her trying to rouse her out of her shock. I break the capsule and wave it in front of Jewels nostrils she jerks awake. The first thing out of her mouth is. ”My God we’re fucking rich.”

The twins are confused by her statement. I turn to them and say. “I invested money your mother gave to me 15 years ago and built it into a little over $238 million.”

The girls jump up and down excitedly, screaming. “Oh my God, oh God we’re rich.”

I chuckled to myself wondering if I brought enough smelling salts when I tell the girls that there dad is a billionaire and tell them anything they want is theirs.

“Girls please set down. I have something very important to tell you as well. Your mother is definitely a millionaire, but your father is a billionaire, and you two are worth over 2.4 billion each. And sure enough each girl faints.”

Jewels and Sara giggles. “I know how we looked.”

I run the smelling salts by each girl bring them back to reality. “All you have to do is be my family.”

“Bobby is the kids’ money independent from yours?” Jewels ask.

“Yes it is, I never wanted to take away from them if I ever messed up really bad and lost a large portion. So every dollar I made I split into two trust funds. The first I control. The second I also control, but it’s to be divided equally among my heirs.”

“So you still want kids, which means I have more heirs to split the money with you?”

All four instantaneously say. “Yes we want to have your babies.”

This makes me smile, knowing that they want children more than the money. “Good now I can retire and still have more money than the five of us will ever spend. I have all the time to spend on you.”

I’m tackled by a mass of nude female bodies being pressed down into my chair. I feel kisses all over my body. After a few minutes they let me up for air, looking around I have four very happy women.

All three of the young women ask. “When can I have a car?”

“Yes of course, you have to be 16 and after you get your driver’s license.”

Sara’s eyes light up realizing her 16th birthday is only three days away. She jumps onto my lap and says. “Daddy can I have your old Jaguar. You hardly ever drive it, please Daddy.”

“I don’t know Sara. I really like that car and it’s not your color. You may not be happy with it.”

Sara’s face shows her disappointment. “Well I have to get my license first wouldn’t I?”

“Fortunately for you I checked and you can get your learner’s permit on the week of your birthday. After we see the lawyers Monday we’ll go to DMV to get a learner’s permit.” Sara doesn’t realize that I’ve been looking forward to this birthday for over a year. I had planned out about everything for that day. But my plans haven’t included Jewels and the Twins, but that can be quickly adjusted. With a little help from Jewels I’m sure her day will be perfect. Considering I have already received an e-mail stating Sara’s new Jaguar XJL is ready to be picked up at any time. May be Jewels will take out Sara and our Twins so I can get it delivered without her knowing it’s here.

“Jewels, you and the girls are millionaires maybe you should start dressing the part.” I give Jewels a wink to tell her there’s more to it than just getting her to go shopping.

Jewels spreading her arms and slowly turning around giving her ass a little wiggle and says. “What’s wrong with what I’m wearing now?”

“Nothing you’re absolutely gorgeous, magnificent and stunning.” Is not and exaggeration of her nude body, I’m a very lucky man to have her in my life again. I guess that shows on my face. “May not be the best thing to show up wearing to court though.”

Jewels giggles. “You better not forget that, especially when I am eight months along. I guess you’re right about court.”

“May be you and the girls can go Tuesday spend all day shopping to get a wardrobe to match your beauty. You know before Sara’s birthday.” I give Jewels a wink; she picks up on and winks back.

Sara and the twins go back to playing in the pool leaving Jewels and myself to talk. After a minute or so I explained to Jewels why I need her out of the house on Tuesday. “Jewels on Tuesday I’m going to have a new car delivered for Sara’s birthday present. Sara never goes into the garage except for when I have her get something from there. It will be safe to hide a new car there.” Still checking to see if the girls are occupied I then continued. “I need about five hours so the car can be delivered without Sara being here, it should be safe for a day.”

Jewels giggles. “Knowing you it’s going to be a very good birthday for Sara. Bobby you know you missed a few of my birthdays.”

“Jewels, I know I really regret the time lost to us. So which birthday are you coming up on now again?” I know full well that her thirtieth birthday is the day before the twins fifteenth birthday in about three months. I have a lot of planning to do for her and the twins. This will be the first time in fifteen years I get to spend with jewels on her birthday. I’m looking for to making it an occasion she will remember in to her senior years. “And what would I get a multi-millionaire?”

Jewels giggles again mischievously looking at me. “Well I have not gotten a birthday present for my sixteenth birthday, or my twenty first or even twenty fifth birthdays, I could use something to drive, your SUV is good, but it’s yours I haven’t ever had a new car. Even though surely could buy one right now. It would be more fun to be given one by the man I love.”

Mischievously I look around and say. “Where is this guy you’re talking about?” I don’t want to tell Jewels that every birthday she mentioned I cried for her. Those were some of the hardest days of my life. Now every day seems like bliss having the four women in my life. Although it’s only been two days sense I’ve known for sure that Jewels is truly alive and well and now back in my arms.

Jewels playfully punches me in the shoulder. “Bobby you can see that…” I cut her off with a loving kiss.

Once we break I look deeply into her beautiful eyes. “Jewels as soon as we get out of the lawyers offices tomorrow will stop at any car dealer that you want and give you your belated sixteenth birthday present. We should see what you need for your license at the DMV, when Sara gets her learners.”

“Really Bobby I was just joking with you. You really don’t have to.” Jewels is almost stunned.

“Sure as long as it’s fourteen years old that way it would have been new on your sixteenth birthday.” I tell her jokingly, and get another punch in the shoulder. “You’re right; a car that old in good condition would cost more than a brand-new one. You got any idea of what you want.”

She has a mischievous look on her face. “Well I don’t know may be a Cadillac Escalade.”

I look at her and say that is a great choice. “One Cadillac Escalade fully loaded in your favorite color. All I will need to know is your favorite color of Escalade?”

Jewels stammers. “Red, I like red.”

I go to my office find the iPad and bring up the Cadillac website, go through build your own option. That I was in luck found one not more than 5 miles from my lawyers’ office. I send e-mail to the dealership for Vehicle test drive tomorrow. I carry the iPad back to show Jewels her new SUV.

“Bobby, that SUV costs as much is a small house.”

“Its okay Jewels only the best for my girls.” I smile lovingly and then give her a kiss on her forehead.

“Okay Bobby you win I’ll take the SUV.” She gives me a devilish smile just like she did when she was thirteen cheating at chess.

“Okay I’ll order it right away.” I scheduled test drive by the Internet for Monday afternoon. It’s funny I may have just won, very costly over 80 thousand dollars, gives the impression I lost after all. But that’s how Jewels plays games, making you believe you’re winning but all the time you’re getting the shaft. It’s a good thing she doesn’t have the poker face to go with it. I take the iPad back to the office and leave it there.

Jewels calls me back over has something she needs to tell me. “Bobby I can’t let you spend that much on me.”

“Jewels I don’t want you to be jealous but Sara’s Jaguar is 10K more than that SUV, but you said that’s what you wanted. I am all about getting you exactly what you want because all I want to do is make Jewels very happy.” I knew she would do this she likes to play games but never really wants to bring harm to anyone. She truly is a good person at heart.

Jewels rolls her eyes. “Well if you’re going to be that way about it. I’ll take the SUV.”

“We’re scheduled for a test drive on Monday afternoon, if you like it I will pick it up then, if not will find one you like.” I do want to give Jewels anything she wants just to make her happy.

Jewels giggles and says. “Bobby there is only one thing you can give me that money cannot buy, I got a lot of that thanks to you.” Jewels has a devilish grin and gently rubbing her belly. “If I’m not now I want you to get me pregnant.”

I jokingly tell her. “Oh no another mouth to feed, I don’t know if I can afford it.” To which she punches my shoulder.

I act like it really hurt. “Okay I give, anything you want you know, if I have any way to do it I most certainly will.” That is not a lie, Jewels very well knows that.

Jewels playfully says. “Bobby, are you agreeing to fuck me?”

“Yes! I most certainly am, and as many times as it takes to satisfy you.” The smile on my face is one of pure joy.

“From the way you look, someone may think you love me. By the way it may be years before I get satisfied if ever.” Jewels has a look of pure joy as well a good bit of playfulness.

“Well that someone would be right. I love you Jewels.” I don’t have to wait long for her response.

“Bobby I love you too. I’ve missed you so much.” With this she pulls me into a long passionate kiss.

“Monday Jewels McDevitt is officially no longer a missing person. Jill Carter-Maris officially becomes Jewels McDavitt single mother of two. Soon to be mother of three or four, or so many children she doesn’t know what to do.” I smile at my own joke.

Jewels giggles and comes back with. “Three or four is okay, but not more than that.”

With a horny grin I say. “Want to go work on that.” Really hoping she says yes as my cock is rock hard for her now.

Jewels giggles. “I see that you’re as ready as I am, but be gentle you got me a little sore last night.”

I pick Jewels up from the lounge chair she sitting in, she throws her arms around my neck to carry her into my bedroom. As Jewels and I are kissing and nuzzling, Sara calls out. “Go get a room you two.” Then our Twins giggle watching as I carry their mother into the house.

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