Lust for nephew

Editor’s note: This is not my story, please understand that I did not write this story so I don’t take any credit.

I had to translate this story into English so I apologize before hand if the story is hard to read, I did the best I could to translate it without any errors.

It’s not a story about some mature woman fucking some young guy (there isn’t any sex in it), it’s rather a confession of a 40-something woman who has thoughts about his nephew and goes on to explain why she believes incest is OK which I found arousing.. This story turned me on a lot even though it really isn’t all that hot but maybe it’s the way she comes out that really turned me on which is why I decided to translate it and share it here.

Is it real? I don’t know but some things are best left to your imagination.

End note.

Lust for my nephew

My name is Pilar, I am 47 years old, and I have to tell you that this sex stories website has fulfilled my empty sexual lifestyle. Since the first time I’ve come to know this website, I have visited it in search of stories of all sorts so they can help me in my sexual fantasies or so that they arouse me at the time of keeping my extended sessions of self pleasure which masturbation has always provided for me personally.

But I was burn out of all of that, I couldn’t take it anymore, I needed something “hotter” that I could put in my mouth. I needed the touch of a man holding me with his hands, surrounding me with his arms, petting my hair, kissing my cheek I assure you that I was absolutely desperate, alone and needy in that aspect.

One of my most frequent sexual fantasies; and the one which I have enjoyed the most when masturbating has always been imagining myself having sex with a kid much younger than me, with a hot and horny teenager who could cool down the fire of my body at anytime, an energetic kid who could get a hold of me so much that he would make me over-strain of pleasure, but at the same time I’ve always liked the shy and reserved guys, those who you look in the eyes and you couldn’t even tell they were incredible studs when it came to sex. What I’ve also liked when I masturbated, besides being held by a young teenager, was to think that thanks to my feminine gifts, to be capable of attracting one of these shy and quiet kids, then they would change into the the powerful stallion who could make my most desired pleasures. Those were masturbatory sessions since I turned 40 and after my divorce.

Which is why, and because I live alone with my son, that in order to widely pleasure myself I had to way to be alone in my room, that my son would be in school or that it was his turn to go with his dad. In those moments of peace and solitude, was when your narrator would get comfortable and fancy some or other over-the-top movie which the Internet could provide (and have it bookmarked in those lustful moments). I started touching and enjoying myself with my delicate fingers touching my body while I fantasized about my fetishes. It was then when I logged in to my computer one Friday night, in one of those horny moments, when I found out about this particular web page of sex stories. I can almost say it was by coincidence, because I was watching the news on the TV and they told of something about sex being such percentage of services offered on the Internet, or something like that I don’t know, one of those serious topics, I’m not sure.

I finished my dinner, washing dishes and when my son had finally left to go over to his dad it’s not that I don’t love him, it’s just that it’s a hassle having to deal with the darn kid, his dad should keep him all week and “pass” him to me Friday so that I could take him out Saturday and Sunday showing him “how good of a person I am” and that come Monday it would be his dad that would have to deal with him the rest of the week and that it would be him who would have to deal with all his childish crap and be the “bad guy”, I would like to pass him the child support each month and forget about food, clothes, making his bed, ironing his shirts, washing all his clothes. Fuck! His dad lives the good life! Well anyway, after I calm myself a bit I will tell you that that night I found myself alone in a well deserved session of relaxation.

Having remembered what I had heard on the news I told myself “Fuck it!” Let’s find out what’s this about ‘sex on the Internet’, that which everyone seems to be talking about, that besides thinking about my fantasies I could also add some pictures in my mind, it couldn’t be bad at all. I turned on my computer and I surfed the web starting to search all types of sex pictures about the fetishes which I’ve have told you made me really horny. There, sitting in front of the computer I started finding out topics similar to mine that I found this particular webpage of stories and pictures.

That’s how my quest for pleasure proceeded nevertheless: naked in front of the computer during the days in which I was alone and caressing my body softly while I read stories of other people or while I saw the free pictures they put up. Then happened what had to happen: I was hot with such pleasure and lust, appetite and passion and searching for a theme of young boys with mature women, or of shy kids and I told myself:

“Let’s read the stories labeled ‘incest’ because it is there where I will find what I’m looking for.”

But of course, at the beginning you always go in there sort of “I’m just going to see how it is” or “I’m just curious” but you never admit that you’re going in there looking to read stories about women who make love with their sons or sisters that crave the members of their brothers, etc., because those themes are not widely accepted.

For instance, before going into that website, still not looking at it neither disturbing nor depraved, I would’ve never thought about anything of that sort. If you stop and think about it, and study about the topic of incest, you can appreciate that on the contrary what you think about incest is not; and has never been as taboo as it seems, instead its been a much more common practice than you think and some cultures have developed it into a teaching and evolutionary custom. I don’t say this to justify myself, but because it really has been been like that forever and you can appreciate it in many writings.

Anyway, I started reading or rather say ‘devour’ systematically any story in which a mature woman, character who I can relate to in my fantasies, would have sex with a much younger kid than her. I love the stories where they explain those escapades which awesome mothers do to satisfy the libido of their teenage boys.

I love reading how those mothers in very graphic detail tell their sexual practices with their own sons, how they suck their cocks, how they open themselves to be penetrated by them, how they get turned on wearing sexy clothes and letting out their goodies with short cleavages or skirts that mold their figures I enjoy reading how these young boys tell us of the feelings they have when they pierce and hump in and out of their mothers filling up their pussies with their organ, sucking their breasts, touching their nipples, stimulating their clits, strongly holding their mothers by their ass while the moms are on top, insert themselves inside the hard penises of their boys

Reading and enjoying these types of stories is something that drives me crazy. I love it when boys write them, but I like them more when their mothers write it, their aunts, etc. because it’s them which I can relate to the most. I also get turned on when I read those stories about mature women who turn on the spark in shy kids that are still unaware of the world of sex, those women who teach the kids a world full of new feelings, wetness and pleasure and let them inside the sweetest and wildest sexual experiences.

I love relating myself to those lucky women that enjoy their animated and capable young boys of 20 or 20-something years old whom have never had any type of sexual relationships because they are so reserved, they look so fragile at the beginning but then; thanks to the introductory feminine intervention in the ‘first push’ to the world of sex, the become uninhibited, they take the initiative by themselves and they really enjoy of sexual relationships at the same time that they pleasure those women who are also in need of some ‘attention’.

Whenever I read those type of stories, being alone in my house and naked in front of the computer is what I’ve been wishing for and that’s what helps me find pleasure and climax. I dream of being the woman who will one day open the eyes of some shy kid, energetic, intelligent, but a bit pushy boy and that he will remember forever how one person that treated him so kindly and initiated him in the world of sex and that that person gave him the confidence needed to start having pleasurable sexual encounters.

I think us women have the responsibility to teach our kids how love should be made to us. Where will these kids learn these things better than in our own homes or with women who truly love them? Who’s going to treat them better or who’s going to love them more than the women who have watched them grow up like their mothers, aunts or neighbors? And what if we avoid unnecessary risks that they go out with sluts who go riding dick to dick just because they were gifted sexy bodies and that could have any disease for being the sluts that they are, if it turns out that our kids are shy, they’re not going to be compassionate of him, delicate or tender any of those whores who will gossip their other whore-friends, that because he was nervous or because he hadn't done it before “came before time and was a piece of shit” or that “he’s terrible and doesn’t know how to do it” or any of those things that occurs to those whores.

We have to avoid those things and protect our kids of those unintelligent, uneducated, rude and hateful tramps that the only thing they have going for themselves is a body that is more or less provocative. Also we have to act like teachers. The same way you’re taught to grow, that this is good but that is bad, there’s also things that should be taught not to do like not crossing the street when there’s cars or teach them good manners, we must also teach them sexual relations with the same fashion and dedication. If they’re hurting we heal them and if in their adolescence they need to discover their bodies and blow off the steam with them, then we must be with them to teach them and help them.

What evil is it that you lead a son or a nephew to ecstasy, to let him cum with you and fill your hands with semen? What capital punishment could there be in that an adult kid and his mother have consensual sex? What beastly thing is it for a woman to reaches orgasm thanks that her son or her nephew or her neighbor penetrates and stimulates her sexually? Why is it a bad thing that a woman pleasures her son, masturbates him or offers her body to him? Why can’t a mother teach her son -if she teaches him everything else- how to use his and her own body to obtain pleasure and that then he will be ready to come out to the world without looking like an amateur?

These things can only be avoided showing the young boys what they need in order to have confidence in themselves, so that they know that we like it and that before fucking someone out there that they know how to properly do it? Those lessons can be taught at home perfectly. What’s a better place? Home is the ideal place: it’s a clean environment, there are no drugs, you can both be alone, there’s communication, you don’t have to break the ice talking about trivial or stupid stuff because they already know each other and get to the point. It’s really simple. One thing to keep in mind is that it has to be a mutual thing, if one of the parties doesn’t want to then you won’t. Grown up people will understand and move own, without accusing the other of being a pervert and such.

For example, I would like to one day have my son use his penis for the first time with a trustworthy mature and polite woman who is going to treat him right. I don’t care if it’s my sister, his aunt who will initiate him in sex and who will offer him her body. When some time has passed I will mention it to him to see if will accept it and he’s OK with it, that way we will release himself with his aunt, who is a responsible and educated person who will treat him well. If my sister doesn’t want to then my son won’t care, it will be me who will take that responsibility and and offer myself to him and all my knowledge about sex so he can have me at his will. Why should I hide it and keep it from him? Why should I neglect my son the pleasure of my body? If in his adolescence he needs a tit, touch it, experiment with it.. Why shouldn’t I show him mine? What’s wrong with showing him my tits? What’s so bad about him sucking my tits so he can give himself and myself pleasure?

If I have legs, an ass, a pussy and tits and my son in his teenage years wants to know how to use them for sexual pleasure. Why am not going to allow him to touch me, kiss me or that he has sexual relations with me? Is it bad that my son and myself feel pleasure with each other? Is it bad that my son cums because I jerk him off? Why? Why do we get disgusted if our sons have porn magazines or if they watch sex scenes in movies? We should be more worried if they watched movies where some guy will come in and kill a whole regiment with a shotgun or a chainsaw. That, I believe is wrong for them to watch, not sex and the pleasure of seeing a man and a woman enjoying their bodies. That’s why after overcoming those taboos I have decided to go for one of my nephews, a son of one of my brothers. I’m not going to tell his name, but I’ve had a such a crush on him since ever. He is a smart, handsome prudent kid and because he is so shy and timid like no other; unlike those shameless kids who go here and there without any manners or respect for others. My nephew is not like that, he is calm, a good student and has a well built body. I will have to take the lead and offer myself to him, every time I read more story about stories of sex with aunts and nephews I think more of him and this summer I will

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