Where there's smoke ...

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I slip from under my covers this morning as I always do to do my daily hygine routine . My fluffy puppy face slippers was not where they normally be . So I had to conduct a search for them . I sigh deeply when I found them . They was some where I wouldn't have never guessed.. Some where parked somewhat disorderly one apart from the other against my tub! "Well good morning".. The deep male voice with the nice smile said to me. I shook my blond head like a bobble head and bat my still made up sleepy eyes! I know your never suppose to go to sleep in that day mask we call make-up but shit after partying almost till three in the morning none stop? Who in the world would think of their make -up when their weed high body was screaming for the sheets! But that wasn't the thing bothering me right now . Right now all I could think about was the delima facing me! And that was that very tall rugged looking after hours slight shadowed bearded thirty-something year old gift of a man.. that was now standing facing me soapy soppy wet in MY shower!.."The waters are nice and warm" ..My day dream man said .. " All its missing darling.. is you" . My ideal dream man spoke reaching out for me and his lit joint at the same time that had been resting on my nearby face basin . He pulled a long hit off it and my body went weak because it felt like he had suckled on one of my nice perked up rashberry nipples!.. His knowing eyes was disturbing.. I mean it didn't take a genius to see that the man was definately having an effect on me!.. Damn it!.. And now he was taking my loofa and helping the soap suds it was making slide down his private parts to wash clean the area my sex starved hungry eyes had been watching and had now become fixcated on! .. I felt my right foot give way and leave the floor before my left one did as he helped me climb into the deep tub pajama's and all!.. They was getting wet ..Good I thought a bit angrily!.. That was their punishment! .. Because my silky yellow panties was now also soaked from wanting him!..His smile spread out as I heard his breath catch.. And his hands was deft on my person moving from one shoulder to another undressing me feverishly with his hands and eyes and kissing where the clothes slipped away.. He didn't stop until all my clothes held water and floated along nicely beside us in the tub that was now filled half way before he turned the shower head offStill I wanted to be the huntress in all this!.. But instead I became the hunted by this skilled warrior! .. Tall.. tanned lithe..Shit Arnold Swarhenegger had nothing on this Brad Pitt!.. As both his hands started ca-rusing up my inner thighs without stopping until it reached its lusty focal point!.. The slick soft soaking wet mat opening to my pussy cove with his mouth coming down on my vigina.."Your so ripe"he tasted grunting uncontrolablly biting softly along my hairline.."No"..over ripe. juicy!..The words was muffled but I understood them..But you see the trouble with all this was me!.. And my wierd sense of thinking that some how all this..had happened before? .. And everything he was doing to me now was no more then a refresher course of all the things he had done to me then!.. Because I was more then sure that we had had intercourse before!..Over and over and over again matter a fact!.. Because the next act wasn't new!.. His stretching my fat pussy lips as wide open as he could get it to accomadate his long skillful tongue wasn't new!..And my ..my buckling down into those warm waters to stop the excruciating sweetness he had caused welling up between my inner thighs wasn't new!..And goodness gracious what the hell he was doing to me now ahh..ahhh!.. that defianately wasn't.. new!.. ..He fucked me long and hard in that water until I cried out!.. While sliding that loafa down my back to my buttocks driving me insane..Talk about gettin' buck wild early in the morning! .. "Baby let me feel ya cum!".. He hollar at me!..Cum for me!..We humped up and down slipping in and out .. moving to and fro ..bumping hard and sure until!..AHHHHHUHhhh.. My head falls back tossing my loose damp hair all about and all around my head from his overwhelming and powerful dizzing effect! I went dazed from his taunting satisfaction with a hint of his still firey- crazed need! ..But more so from the joint we both hit afterwards! :P..
What's your name and why is you in my bathroom? I asked breathlessly puffing off the joint he lit and reached to me..
" I'm your wake dream baby"..he said ..And I'm everything you've always wanted and then some".. "And that's all you need to know"..He say reaching for his joint..smiling wickedly .

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