Tahir stepped onto the sidewalk as he started his walk to work. His head was pounding from all the drinking he had done last night. The neighbor's dog was in rare form barking his fucking little head off. Damnit you little mutt shit the hell up my head feels like it is going to explode. Just as suddenly, as quick as it started, the dog was quiet. Looking back the dog was laying down acting almost afraid of him.

Damn that's weird, that little shit was never quiet when he went by. Continuing on he was about half way to work when a car ran off the road straight at him. Almost in a panic he put his hand out on instinct and screamed "No STOP!" closing his eyes his head was pounding harder when he heard the crushing and crunching of metal but no pain from the car having hit him. Tentatively he opened his opened his eyes, then they opened even wider, the front of the car was crushed almost as if a giant had squeezed it, stopping it cold.

Tahir just stood there in shock as the driver jumped out of his car and ran to him asking if he was alright. All he knew at that moment was that his head hurt and he just wanted to be alone. There was a whoosh amd he was on a hill overlooking the city. What the hell?! he knew where he was, it was a camping ground he had visited last year, at least 20 miles from where he was. Damnit his head was hurting but the quiet here was so good. He just hoped that the people that had seen him there didn't remember that they had seen him.
"Ah fuck I just want to go home I'll call in but how to get home?"
Suddenly there was another whoosh and he was at home in his bedroom. Ok this was starting to get weird.

Laying down he grabbed the phone and called work he knew they would probably fire him, he didn't see why, since he felt he was important to them so as he dialed he hoped that they didn't and would tell him that they wanted to be careful and be back soon, as he was important to them. Tahir's mouth dropped agape what the hell? They had never shown the concern for him that they just had.

Thinking back he couldn't seem to remember the party last night, going there yes, walking in yes, but that was the last thing he remembered after he had taken that first drink that his doctor friend had handed him. Turning on the t.v. he decided to watch the news,
"Our top story this am, a driver sustained major damage to his car today when he ran off the road uptown. Though no one was hurt and no pedestrians were nearby, the extent of the damage is an oddity as the driver hit nothing solid and sustained any injuries either."
"I was driving along when I lost control, I thought I was going to kill someone when I ran over the sidewalk, but thank god that noone was walking there at that time."

Tahir's mouth dropped agape again for the second time in just 10 minutes. What the hell was going on? I was there, huh? He remembered that he had wanted noone to remember that he had been there but it had just been an idle thought. Then of course, there was the fact that he had disappeared in the first place and ended up at the park he had visited last year. This day was getting stranger and stranger. Watching t.v. for an hour his head finally down to a dull ache he fell asleep. The dream he had was the strangest of all, in it he was at the party after taking a drink he had passed out and had been taken to the back of the doctor's house.

Once they were there the doctor had undressed him and did a full examination of him and then bathed his entire body in a strange light. After that he had been dressed and taken home by the doctor's young female assisstant and put in his bed. She had undone his pants and pulled his obviously hard cock out of his pants and proceeded to give him a blow job. Licking her lips she looked at him "chto lakomyy kusochek (what a tasty morsel) huh? That was Russian! how in the hell did he know that?

Waking with a start he looked around and felt something was different almost as if he was being watched. Reaching out to the feeling, he suddenly saw a woman who was concentrating very hard, he reached out and felt her break her concentration with a worried look on her face as he told her to sleep, and never look at him again with her mind. The woman's eyes grew wide, then suddenly she closed those same blue eyes. Just as she lost consciousness and the vision began to fade he heard someone call out natasha! then it was gone. Tahir wasn't sure but he thought it was the doctor's voice that he heard as she had passed out.

Getting out of bed he started to the kitchen as his phone rang. "Hello Tahir," he started.
"Hey doc, what's up?" he replied puzzled at the call.
"Have you had any strange dreams or other things happen to you today and how is your head?" he asked
Even more puzzled he looked at the phone and suddenly saw the doctor standing in a lab with the phone to his ear. "Ok doc what is going on?"
"Ah I see you have discovered the far sight, you have developed faster than I thought you would, could you come here to me? I know you have the far travel also, just think it and you'll be here at my house"
Tahir thought, what the hell, he didn't have anything to loose, thinking of the house he was there in a few seconds.

"Back here Tahir" he heard as he walked to the back of the house. Entering the lab Tahir's mouth dropped open as he saw the woman asleep on the floor. "I am sure you have a lot of questions, but first could you let Natasha up please, I need her to continue and you have put her to sleep for god knows how long."
"That's the problem Doc I don't know how I did." he said shaken at the turn of events.
"Like I said before just think of it and it will happen just don't try to push it unless nothing happens at first." he said as he eyed Tahir.
"Ok I'll try." he looked at the woman and thought ok you can wake up now.

Stirring she looked at the doctor but when she looked over at Tahir her eyes dropped and looked at the floor. "kakogo cherta ty sdelal so mnoy? (what the hell did you do to me?) Startled he once again understood her. Chert , ya znayu, chto vy mozhete ponyat' menya! (Damnit I know you can understand me!)
Startled again he opened his mouth and was speaking russian! "YA skazal vam bol'she nikogda ne smotret' na menya s uma (I told you to never again look at me with your mind)" Growling, no matter how she tried she couldn't look up at him "Otpusti menya seychas ili v drugom meste! (Release me now or else!)" "Ili chto ? Vy, ochevidno, slabym po sravneniyu so mnoy . (Or else what? You are obviously weak compared to me.)

The doctor thought these two would make a damn good team if he could get them to get friendly. Closing his eyes he spoke to them both, < I want this to stop now!> they both grabbed their heads and looked at the doctor.<Release her from not looking at you but you may keep the not looking at you with her powers>
that she could look at him but not use her powers to see him. Natasha looked up at him and almost hissed at him. "Yesli vy ne byli tak vazhny, chto zakonchu vas (if you weren't so important I would end you)" as Tahir laughed.
"Vy mozhete poluchit' shans v odin prekrasnyy den', no seychas ty moya (you may get the chance one day but for now you are mine)" as he stared at her and she started to undress a look of terror in her eyes. "Niet, niet no delay etogo (No, no don't do this)" Tahir thought for only a second then she started to button up her shirt again, breathing a sigh she looked angerly at him then her eyes softened somewhat, "Ya proshu proshcheniya za to, chto proizoshlo vchera ya vzval, chto ya sdelal, ne sprashivaya vas teper' ponimayu, pochemu vy tak zol ( I apologise for what happened yesterday, I took what I did without asking you, I understand now why you are so angry.)
Tahir smiled at her as he nodded and looked at the doctor "Ok doc what is going on and why am I able to understand other languages and do the things that you mention? What did you do to me last night when you knocked me out with that drink?" The doctor's mouth dropped open "you saw that? Oh my god you have the sight too, you are far more advanced than I thought no wonder you overrode Natasha's powers, I am surprised that my powers affected you"

Tahir nodded and waited for the doctor to explain further, "I started to notice that certain patients were showing" he sighed here "abilities that weren't explainable in the regular medical sense. So I started to examine them closer and noticed that many were showing latent psychic abilities, after that Natasha volunteered for the experiments, to see why they were latent."
Tahir nodded at this, "so you noticed this ability in me?
"Yes, you had the highest amount that I have seen in years, anyway after a few years Natasha and I developed the gamata energy that you were bathed in."
"What gave you the right to do this to me?" Tahir shouted at the doctor. "You did when you signed the release almost everyone reads the forms at my office and if they don't want to, then they don't sign and complain, a whole lot." The doctor just sighed as Tahir started to calm down thinking that yes, that there was that one day that he didn't look at the forms thinking that they were just the standard forms. Sighing he had to admit it was his fault .
"So doc what is this about?" Tahir wasn't sure he wanted to know. The doctor took a deep breath and started what he hoped was a good speech, "when I started this I saw that the world was going down quickly, I saw the good Natasha and myself were doing saving a few here doing amazing things and other people taking the credit for it, we didn't care we were just trying to right everything and bring the balance back to the world." Tahir was thinking the whole time that the doc had a good idea but he himself wasn't about to take orders from anyone. "Doc your idea has a alot of merit but I am not about to be told who I can and can not save, bad or good almost everyone should have a right to choose" (unless they were an idiot like he was that day he signed that damn form).

The Doctor was taken aback he was sure that Tahir would have wanted to join the group actually they needed him with the abilities he had the others were mere children compared to him. "I wish you would reconcider we could use you and do so much good" The doctor sighed as he reached out and only met a wall, What the hell? "Uh, uh, uh, doc, I know what you can do now, you have one ability I can't overcome, other than that you can't hold me, I can be gone before you start to use it." Pushing the doc against the wall he reached out to Natasha and smiled as her breathing became faster and her legs spead wide. Natasha's eyes went wide as the crotch of her pants began to get wetter and wetter.

Tahir was enjoying fucking Natasha with his mind, he had formed a huge invisible penis and pushed deep into her, stimulating all her pleasure centers he felt her getting closer and closer to her release he smiled at her as she closed her eyes and started to orgasm over and over. Leaning over and whispering in her ear, "Zhal', eto ne real'no , ya dumayu, Vam on tozhe ponravitsya real'nuyu veshch' boleye" (too bad it isn't real I think you would enjoy the real thing more)" he thought of home and was there faster than ever before.
Thinking of a shield that would hide him from any that would seek to find him he thought he was safe. Hmmmm that wouldn't really do he didn't want to be found, he thought about getting transfered by the company with a promotion and a raise. A few minutes later the company called telling him that he was now in charge of production out west and was to move as soon as he could when he got there they would be expecting him. Thinking of where he wanted to be in that city, free of charge with everything he wanted and with the few things that he wanted to take with him.

Destroying everything that he knew they could trace him with, he thought of where he wanted to be and vanished. Moments later a van pulled up in front of his home, breaking in the agents started to sift through everything but found nothing. The doctor walked in a moment later and scanned the room.
"Damnit to hell! Keep searching there has to be something here to find him" Natasha walked in and saw the huge note on the wall. Touching the doctor he too could see as he read the note.
'I suggest you don't try to find me, I want to be left alone if you can do this and allow me to come to terms with what is happening to me, I might just might join you under MY conditions I know what the energy was that you used on me I also know that you didn't give me as big a dose as you did the others. Know that my powers are growing and I will know if you come after me. Natasha I hope you enjoyed the going away gift, you might say it was pay back for what you did to me. we are even now.'

Natasha blushed a brilliant red as she released the doctor's arm and went out the door. What the hell was that about? This man was a pure mystery to him, from the profile they had done on him they didn't have him reacting this way at all. Thinking harder on it the doctor cursed as a hole appeared in the wall from a silent sonic boom. Growling, he thought we have to get him back he is the key to the whole plan. This was most unexpected, the leader wasn't going to be pleased at all, shit, that meant another tongue lashing. Ugh the leaders tongue was so slimy, as he shivered and walked out to the van as Natasha touched her self between the legs remembering the orgasms he had given her and smiled as the wet spot there began to grow. We aren't even yet, she thought, now I owe you, you gave alot more than I did. With a wide happy smile she turned and also headed to the van.

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