New Beginnings - Pt 1 Ch 5

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The Adventures of Béla, the Vampire Girl
Book 5: New Beginnings
Part 1
Chapter 5 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Author's note: Please understand that I do not believe that women should be treated the way that Frank treats Tanya in the beginning of this chapter, despite the fact that she loves it! And it's damned exciting to write it. I hope you have fun reading it, and receive it in the 'tongue-in-cheek' manner in which it is intended.

Chapter 5

Tanya looked up at her manacled wrists as she leaned back against the concrete wall.

“Looks pretty secure, Hon,” she said. “This’ll do fine.”

She smiled at her husband as he picked a knife out of several lying on the table next to him. He turned toward her, arm raised and ready to throw. Tanya felt her heart skip a beat in her excitement. Then the knife was buried to the hilt in her soft stomach.

“Gnuugh!” she grunted as the impact shook her.

She gasped as the hot blade burned just below her rib cage. Her body began to tingle excitedly as the sharp agony dissipated up and down her nervous system.

Breathing heavily, she gazed up at Frank, her eyes blazing with sexual excitement. “Yeah! Do it again!”

She tried to shove her pelvis forward, hoping to give him an idea of where she wanted it next as she watched him raise his arm back and throw. She yelped as it easily sliced into her torso right next to her jutted out hipbone and added its fiery agony to the symphony of jangling sensation that flooded her nervous system. Every nerve in her body was singing and sparkling, making her incredibly aroused.

“Yeah! Oh, God!” she yelled. “Holy shit, that’s so good!”

Frank grinned as he watched his gorgeous blond wife writhe against the wall. As with the bullwhip, it usually took 3 hits to make her come. He picked up another knife and threw it at her.

“Offkk!” Tanya grunted as his third blade thumped right into her belly button. “Oh, God! I’m commiiinnnnggguh!”

The slashing hot pain in the exact center of her body spread up into her breasts and flooded down into her pelvis. Her body spasmed uncontrollably as she began to orgasm.

Frank walked toward his undulating wife as she thrashed against the wall, hoarse and screaming, totally absorbed in her orgasmic sensory overload. Tanya yelled even louder as he pulled the first knife out from under her ribcage. Then she was gazing at him, breathing heavily through her open, drooling mouth.

“Ready?” he asked, gazing into her pale blue eyes.

Comprehension slowly returned as she noticed the bloody stiletto in her darling husband’s hand. She nodded.

He stuck the bloody point of the knife up against the lower part of her right breast and slowly pushed up as the weight of her breast settled on the knifepoint. She whimpered as her breast suddenly dropped, the tender flesh on the underside of her breast parted by the sharp blade as it slid into soft tissue.

She trembled and whimpered as the blade traveled up through the middle of her breast and watched, fascinated, as the tip pushed out of her soft flesh and reappeared, piercing her breast completely through from bottom to top.

“Fuck,” she whispered, her body trembling from nerve overload, “this is better than being shot.”

Then she grunted as Frank yanked the knife out from next to her hipbone. He did the same thing to her left breast. Frank stood back to watch her for a moment, always awed by his wife’s eagerness to be mutilated for the fun of it.

“You want whipped?” he asked, noticing that she hadn’t come when he shoved those stilettos up through her breasts.

Still trembling, Tanya looked up at him and grinned. “I want more knives in me,” she gasped, her voice unsteady and shaking.

Frank shook his head, knowing that she really did want more torture. He got the wheeled table-saw that he had modified with a cat-o-nine-tails and pushed it up against the wall while Tanya, still hanging by her wrists, spread her legs so that Frank could push the table directly below her. She sighed with relief as she was able to rest her knees on the tabletop.

Frank turned the motor on and stood back to watch as the cat-o-nine-tails began twirling around.

Tanya started whimpering, crying and writhing around, letting the small leather whips lash her inner thighs and her pussy lips. She spread her legs as wide as she could and tried to ‘walk’ her knees up the table so that the little knots on the end of each leather strip could also strike against her anus. She wasn’t quite able to stretch that far, but now, at least, the damned knots were getting inside her cunt lips and also slashing against her clit as the electric saw motor slowly spun the leather strands around.

After a few seconds of that she cried out with another orgasm, then collapsed back against the wall, out of range of the little spinning whip, gasping, her breasts heaving as she recovered. Blood flowed freely down her trembling thighs and pooled on the saw table. Then she whined a protest as one of the knives slipped out of her left breast and clattered down against the table and then to the floor, her soft breast tissue unable to hold its weight any longer. As Frank moved the saw table out of the way, the other knife fell out, as well.

“More knives?” Tanya asked hopefully in her ‘Tootsie’ voice.

Frank grinned, knowing she still wanted more and wouldn’t be satisfied until he mutilated her so much she passed out. He picked up the two knives that had fallen and unceremoniously shoved them both into her sweet, soft belly.

“Gaaugh! Yes!” Tanya grunted, as she came again.

The third knife was halfway out of her belly button, having been worked back by her undulating stomach muscles as she was whipped to orgasm by that wicked table saw. Noticing that she was about to lose it, he pulled the knife loose and touched it up against her pussy lips.

Tanya stared down at his hand, her body quivering in anticipation. She looked at Frank. He was gazing into her eyes. The slight smile on her face was what he was waiting for. He shoved the knife into the soft girl-flesh between her legs as far as it would go.

“Aaiiieee!” Tanya screamed and bucked wildly, radiating her orgasm right through Frank.

His raging cock had had enough of watching Tanya’s torment. He lowered her until her toes were just touching the floor, yanked the knife out and shoved his dick into her bloody cunt where he’d just sliced her open down there.

Tanya yowled as her slashed pussy was ripped apart even more by Frank’s thick cock. As she got used to the fresh, new pain, she began humping him back, grunting with each thrust.

All too soon he was pumping his cum up inside her. Tanya screamed as the salty spray agonized the half-healed wounds inside her pussy, then she was coming again, too.

After taking a moment and leaning against Tanya, kissing her tenderly while he recovered from his orgasm, he pushed the button to lower her restraints and held her upright while she slid out of them. Her wrists free, she collapsed against Franks strong shoulders, her trembling legs completely unable to support her.

Frank carried her to the bench in the workout room (Tanya’s new sanctuary) and lay her down. Looking around quickly, he noticed that the last two knives he’d shoved into her had evidently fallen back out while they were fucking. He went back, picked up all three, and washed them clean in the utility sink. After that, he dampened a towel and, kneeling down almost worshipfully at the bench where his wife lay, began to clean her off.

As he finished, Frank felt a hand caress the back of his head.

“I love you,” Tanya whispered. “You… are the most perfect guy a girl like me could have.”

“A girl like you?” Frank asked, grinning. “What kind of girl are you?”

Tanya smirked. “You know what I mean. You never deny me anything – even when you’re sure it’ll kill me.”

Frank sat back on the floor, just watching his wife’s magnificent body move as she sat up.

“Especially if you think it might kill…” Tanya playfully glared down at him. “Are you trying to get rid of me?”

Frank laughed at the very idea. “Uh-oh! I’ve been found out!”

Now that the blood was cleaned off, it was hard to tell she’d ever been wounded. Her flesh was only slightly pinker where the cuts and slash marks had been.

He stood up, then helped her up. They hugged and kissed, then both got dressed and headed down toward the food line, a block away.

As Tanya finished her second plateful of white beans ladled over cornbread, Lisa suddenly appeared beside her. She looked upset.

“Hi, Hon,” Tanya said, noticing the little phoenix’s face. “What’s the matter?”

Lisa looked at Tanya for a moment, her mind tightly sealed. “Have you been keeping track of Alicia?”

“Well, yeah,” Tanya said, starting to worry a little. “Every once in a while, I ask the Praetor where she is and how she’s doing. She's been gone for more than twenty years, now. She’ll come back when she’s ready.”

“No, she won’t,” Lisa said, her voice trembling with emotion.

Tears started running down Lisa’s face. Tanya suddenly realized that Lisa was feeling sorry for her – grieving for what Tanya was going to feel when she told her…

‘Praetor!’ Tanya screamed in her mind. ‘Where’s my daughter?’

‘Unknown,’ the Praetor responded.

‘What do you mean – Unknown!?’ Tanya asked, definitely scared, now. ‘Locate her body monitor, now!’

“What’s going on? Frank asked the two girls.

He recognized that look on his wife’s face. The last time he’d seen it was when they had met Tabatha.

Lisa looked down at him sharply, silencing him with her look. He sat and waited.

‘Alicia died three days ago,’ the Praetor said in Tanya’s mind.

‘And you didn’t tell me?’ Tanya screamed. ‘She didn’t ask for help?’

‘She had no authority to ask for assistance,’ the Praetor replied.

“Oh my God!” Tanya cried. She looked up at Lisa. “Take me to her!”

Frank, still not understanding, watched the two girls pop out of existence.

‘I’d better go find Béla,’ Frank thought to himself, anxiously rising. ‘She’ll know what to do…’


Lisa stood off to one side while Tanya knelt on the ground and cried out in anguish. Her daughter had been hung, a stake run right through her body and out above her breastbone. From there, it had been forced through beneath her chin and back out through her mouth to hold her head up. From the amount of dried blood on her body, it had taken Alicia a long time to die.

There was a sign around her emaciated neck:


Suddenly, Tanya looked up, searching for Lisa.

“I’m here,” Lisa said, noting her urgency.

“Take me back!” Tanya demanded, her voice hoarse and unnaturally tense. “Take me back to when she was alive!”

“It’s not safe,” Lisa replied. “You could be hurt, or captured and hung like she was.”

“Lisa…” Tanya said threateningly. Then she stopped. “Alright, then. Teach me how to time-walk! I’ll go get her myself.”

“Let’s go back,” Lisa said quietly. “I’ll teach you what I know. But I want you to dream-walk first so you can check out where you’re going and make a decent plan. Alright? I don’t want you getting killed again! You get killed too often and I don’t like seeing you die all the time, even when I know I can always go back and get you.

“And you never appreciate it, either,” Lisa said, still quietly ranting. “All you do is complain about your precious missed opportunities to experience new sensations.”

Everything went black for a second, then Tanya found herself in Lisa and Mac’s house. Mac was gone, probably working on some project. Lisa led her into the bedroom.

“Lie down,” Lisa said, “It’ll be easier just to show you.”

Tanya and Lisa lay down on the bed and appeared to go to sleep. Lisa didn’t need to, but she didn’t mind.

‘Okay, this is how it works.’ Lisa showed her an image of when she had walked from one time into another.

‘How is this different from teleporting?’ Tanya asked. ‘It looks the same – push yourself into the ‘zone’, then push yourself into the image you create!’

‘The ‘push’ is different,’ Lisa replied, then showed her. There was a distinct feeling of motion inside the teleportation zone. Tanya had never felt that before.

‘Wow!’ she exclaimed. ‘That’s different all right. Let me try one…’

‘Wait!’ Lisa exclaimed, viewing the image that Tanya was aiming for. ‘Are you sure you want to go there?’

‘I need to,’ Tanya said, her voice quiet and steady.

Dreamwalking, she created the image, then stepped into it. She watched the guards carry the pole out to the main road coming into town, dragging Alicia, beaten, bloody, bound and gagged, behind them.

Tanya forced herself to watch as the uniformed men threw her daughter down to the ground and then, grabbing her by her legs, forced her torso over the tapered end of the pole. Tanya turned away and threw up in her dream image as she listened to Alicia’s muffled shrieks, unable to watch her daughter being murdered in the most cruel and vile way that a woman could be killed.

In her dream, Tanya knelt on the ground and allowed the image of her daughter’s staking to fade, then recreated the image of the murderous group as they approached, again. Concentrating hard, she forced the image backward, following them to where Alicia had been locked up and repeatedly raped and beaten before she was dragged away to her cruel execution.

Dissolving all the images of her dream walk, Tanya awoke and sat up on the bed. Lisa, not having needed to be asleep, sat up beside her. But she did need to shield to protect herself from the hate and the rage that Tanya was broadcasting.

Tanya got up off the bed and turned toward Lisa with the most serene smile that Lisa had ever seen.

“Thank you for teaching me how to do that,” Tanya said, smiling very serenely. “I have to go get my daughter now and bring her home, where she belongs.”

Staring wide-eyed, Lisa lowered her mental shield a little. Tanya was still broadcasting that same completely evil flow. She watched as Tanya opened the bedroom door and walked out. Then she felt Tanya vanish from the hallway.

‘She's going to kill them all!’ Lisa realized with a leap of excitement in her breast. ‘Think I’ll go watch!’

She lay back down, forgetting about her body for awhile. Dreamwalking, she watched Tanya seek out and teleport into an armory near where her daughter was being held captive. Picking up a single grenade, Tanya timewalked back to where the human animals were starting to rape her daughter.

Lisa watched, chewing on her lips in excitement as Tanya teleported right into the middle of the cell and locked them all in.

‘Wow! What gumption for a human!’ Lisa thought admiringly as she watched Tanya avoid her would-be captors so easily. She continued to watch as Tanya sat down as though she was simply visiting a friend, greet her darling daughter, then vanish, teleporting her daughter back home.

The grenade went off and Lisa stayed to watch the fun. If anyone ever deserved to die, it was those men locked in the cell. One of them, more observant than the rest, and the closest one to the door, grabbed one of the other guards and used the guard’s body to shield himself from most of the blast. The only injuries he received were a few cuts and burns from shrapnel pieces bouncing off the concrete walls.

Lisa’s watched as the shallow wounds slowly close as they healed. She gazed at the officer’s face in consternation, trying to understand. There was no beard on his chin, now, but the chiseled features of his face and jaws were unmistakably familiar. A name came up from the far, distant past and covered her with goosebumps as she recognized…


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