The first Ride along

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It all started when Aden asked if he could ride one night, ya see I was a police officer in a small town and pretty much nothing happened, it was not unusual for people to come out and do ride-along on night shift. Aden wanted to ride and I said of course no problem he was a nice guy and I know his dad who was an officer for the county. Aden was 18 and I was 21 just old enough to be an officer of the law. Our night so far had been very un-eventful so we stopped at the convenience store for a drink and to check on the store clerk, we begin talking to the store clerk (who was a young mid 20’s guy) and looking at the porn magazines, we decided we wanted to buy one and check it out further in the car later so I bought one of the magazines and we went back to our riding around checking out businesses in town.

Around midnight the conversation in the car turned towards sex, he began telling me about his last couple of girlfriends and how they couldn’t take all of his manhood and they would not even try giving him a blow job because it was so big. In the back of my mind I was thinking wow he really thinks he is huge in the manhood area. A thought crossed my mind as to weather he was telling the truth and how I could find out so about 2 am I decided it was time to put my plan in action and start trying to actually see this monster in his jeans. We were in the part of town where the schools were and several neighborhoods I decided to find a place and park the car so we could look closer at the porn magazine we bought.

I backed the car in a dark wooded area where no one could come up around us and see what we were doing, I pulled out the magazine and began looking at the pictures of all the hot women as we were making comments about the different things we were seeing I noticed he had to shift in the seat a little, I didn’t say anything I just continued looking through the book and soon he kind of shifted again, I ask if he was having a problem he said he was trying to adjust because his sac was being pinched we laughed and kept looking at the magazine. I pointed out that the guy in the picture had a big dick and he said yea mines bigger, we laughed again and I said well since its so big you should be proud and show it off , he kind of looked at me and said why you want to see it in a joking way.

It was time to make another drive around town and check businesses, so the magazine was put down we pulled out again and checked on the store clerks once again. He started up a conversation that caught me off guard, he ask me had I ever done any thing with a guy, I quickly answered no, have you, he said no but would like to have a guy suck his dick just to see what it was like how good or bad it felt. I pull thru the store parking lot at the traffic light the clerk is ok and we drive on in silence for a while, then I ask him if he really wanted to let a guy suck him, he said yea, so I drove back to our little hide out and backed in.

I began to tell him I was kind of attracted to him and wanted to see his dick and suck if he would let me, he grabbed the magazine and said let it get hard and then you can do both. After about ten minutes he just unsnapped and unzipped his pants but didn’t say anything just kept look thru the magazine, I just reached over and rubbed his crotch on the out side of his pants. WOW !! Is all I can think of to say it was the biggest dick I had ever felt (and I had felt a few) he just laughed at me and said what? Did it scare you ,I said no it didn’t but it is pretty big for some one you size. I kept rubbing on it and he kept looking at the magazine and then he slid his hand in and pulled it out the top of his boxer briefs, it had the big mushroom head and it was beginning to turn purple he said its about as hard as it gets and its building pressure we laughed. I stroked it for a few minutes and then helped him pull his pants to his knees, as I leaned over and grabbed it with my hand he put his hand on my head and guided my mouth to he cock, I slowly began sucking on the head swirling my tongue around the head, he moaned and I knew I was doing good. I started taking in more and more and I felt the head hit the back of my throat I sucked harder and then slid off slowly then i just started sucking it like it was the last one on earth, he was breathing heavy and pushing my head down in rhythm with my sucking I could feel his cock get bigger in my mouth and he nuts get tighter I knew he was about to explode when he said look out im Cumming. It was the biggest load I had ever had in my mouth I tried to swallow it all but I couldn’t some of it dripped out my mouth and on his nuts so after I cleaned his dick I slurped up what was on his balls and then looked at him, he was still recovering from what appeared to be a huge orgasm he said that’s the best blow job I have ever had. We cleaned up and left our hiding spot and made another round and talked about what we had just done and about other things he wanted to try which led later to another stop in the hiding spot.

It was about 4 am and we were back in the hiding spot and he gave me a great blow job and then set up and kissed me making me taste my own cum. With him being hard again and the intense making out we had been doing for the last 15 minutes I wanted him in me so bad I ask him to put that big dick in me, we made out as I lost my pants and he began sliding his finger in my hole and stretching it little by little and then he told me to relax as he slid the head of his big dick to my opening and I felt the pressure, then he pulled back and spit on the head of his dick and slid back to the opening of my hole the pressure was back and suddenly it happened I felt the head pop in then he slowly worked it in till all of his eight and a half inches was all the way in, I was in so much pain I wanted him to pull out but he just kissed me and calmed me, and then started to ease in and out it hurt but he started moving a little faster and the pain begin to ease a little, and before I knew it I was moaning because it felt so good, he was starting to pound me so hard and my dick was so hard he just put his hand on it and I shot all over both of us, he worked my hole for a while, then he got this look on his face and he started this low grunt and he pulled out and shot all over my stomach and some on my face. After that we decided that was enough for this ride along.

I hope you like my story, some of this story is true and parts are made up. He became my best friend untill he was killed . The memories of him will last a life time . Thanks for reading

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