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Ok, its time for the second instalment but first lets recap.
I am a 53 year old busness man living in a college town. I had met Dave in a bar and we are at his apartment in the shower. Now for part two.
As Dave got into the shower and we started washing each other he grabbed a bar of soap and said "Turn around and I will wash your back."
He started at my head and went down to my ass then he went and washed my asshole and was fingering it, it felt really good. Now it was my turn and I did the same fingering his asshole I could tell he liked it. He turned around and started playing with my cock, dam it felt good to have another man stroking my cock. He got down and started sucking my cock, deeped and deeped he went , god I was in heaven, no girl had ever taken my cock all the way down. I told him he had better stop or I was going to cum, so he did and stood up, I grabbed hid cock and it was getting bigger by the second, Dave said "Want to try it" I wanted to but hesatated he said "Go on." I got down on my knees with his cock just inches from my face I just stroked it and Dave said "It wont bite you, may spit on you but it wont bite you."
I saw what I thought was a drop of water on his cock and decided to lick it off but soon found out it was precum, "Not bad." I thought. I soon got brave and took his cock into my mouth, I was surprised how soft and smooth it felt even though he was hard. As I sucked his cock it got bigger, now at this time in life I was thirty years old but allready had false teeth. Bad teeth as a kid, and I was wrong about his cock it was not just big it was huge I thought " About ten inches I bet." All I knew at the time is that there was not enought room in my mouth for my teeth and that huge cock so the teeth had to go. I sucked his cock for some time, it really felt good in my mouth, I was thinking "Why did you wait so long this is great."
Dave stopped me because he was about ready to cum so we played some more and he went down on me again and started sucking me, taking it deep into his mouth, I started fucking his face and told him " I am going to cum if you dont stop, but he keep sucking deeper and while sucked he was fingering my ass hole and when I cum he put his finger up my ass and I think I must have shot a gallon. When it was over he ask "How was that." "The best I have ever had" I said. He looked at me and smiled and said "Next" on my knees I went and took his cock into my mouth and started sucking as hard as I could, I tryed to take all of his cock but he was just to huge about 4 to 5 inches is all I could get into my mouth but it was a great 5 inches, soon I felt him stiffen up and I started fingering his ass as he did mine, when I felt the first squirt hit the back of my mouth I took his cock out of my mouth and a couple squirts hit me in the face, when I decovered that it tasted pretty good I took him back into my mouth and finished him off swolling every drop. When I thought he was done I milked his cock and got every drop I could. "Man this is great." I thought. Dave stood up and licked his cum off my face and give me a big hug
When he finished licking we got out of the shower and dryed off, since no one was home but us we did not bother getting dressed. Dave ask "Want to watch some more porn. I said "You bet lets go." We went into the front room and turned on the TV and watched these guys do each other as we played some more.
Pretty soon we were both rock hard again. I ask Dave "How big is that thing." He said 10 1/2 inches how big is yours. " 7 1/2 and I thought I was big but I look like a little boy next to you." He smiled and said "Some times I wish it was smaller a lot of people cant take a cock this big. " " I know I tryed to take it all and about half is all I can get into my mouth." We kept playing and watching guys geting fucked an Dave said "Let's go into the bedroom."
We went into the bedroom and before you know it we were in a 69 position and I had his cock in my mouth again and he had mine, As I was licking his balls I saw it, his asshole now I have licked some girls asses before and thought it cant be any diffrent so I started tunging his asshole I knew it was clean because I washed it myself, I was licking his ass and getting even more turned on when he said "Stop I have a treat for you. " I stopped and he took a rubber out of the drawer and put it on me, he lubed his asshole and my cock. "Go ahead fuck me." he rased his legs over his head and I slid my cock into his ass. Just the head at first and he said "Go on fuck me." So all the way in I went and started fucking him, I thought "This is better than any pussy I have ever fucked." after some time i shot another huge load and when I finished and took my cock out of his ass he took the rubber off and cleaned me up with his mouth. He ask "Want to give it a try. " I said "Ok but I have never done this before you will have to take it easy. " So he put some lube on his fingers and one at a time put them in my asshole and loosened me up when he thought I was ready I put a rubber on him and lubed his cock and he slid in the head, dam that hurt, he waited a bit and tryed to go deeper but he was just too big I could not take him up my ass so I made him stop and went down and sucked him off and we went to sleep.
We never got dressed the whole time I was there, we sucked and fucked all week end but I was never able to take all of his cock into my mouth or my ass.
Monday morning we got out of bed and I went home and got ready to go out of town again.
About two weeks later I was driving by the bar and saw his car and stopped. When I went inside he was setting next to a young man that he introduced as his room mate "This is Doug." he said I said "Hi glad to meet you." I found out Doug was 18 and the first year of college. He had a fake I. D. and I think the bartender knew but did not care.
Dave said "want to go up to my place." I said "Sure but what about Doug." Dave said "I will ride with you and leave my car for him." so we left
AT Daves place as I had his cock in my mouth I thought "Wonder how big Doug's cock is." But that is another story stay tuned

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