My Sister's Hot Friends: Amy (Edited)

This was my first story, I've been through it and found a few spelling mistakes (But it is in English English!) and put some line breaks in to make it more readable. Enjoy!

I grew up in a big family, as the oldest of 4 I was always being annoyed one of my younger sibling. My sister Becky is 2 years my junior, but as I got older I found her less annoying as her friends started to get hotter. By the time she was 16 I was 18 and some of her friends were just stunning- all heights and shapes but every night I would lie in bed thinking of one (or more) of them. I used to trawl their Facebooks and MySpaces to find pictures of them, especially in the summer when the bikini pictures used to appear. Every now and again I would be “persuaded” to drive some of these hot girls somewhere and of course, living near the sea, the beach was a favourite.

The summer of 2007 I was preparing to go to University, and so when my family went off on holiday I opted to stay at home and work so I had a little bit more money to get me through my first year. I was at home one evening when my phone rang, I looked at the screen and saw it wasn't a number I recognised, curious I answered;


“James? It's Amy.”

Amy was one of my sister's hot friends. She probably wants a lift I thought;

“Hello Amy. What can I do for you? Do you want Becky 'cos she is on holiday.”

“No, it was you I wanted to talk to. You see my parents are away and the power in my house has just gone off. I know you are good with things like that and I wondered if you could come down and try and fix it.”

I had been working on building sites for a few summers and was known as a good handy man, so phone calls like this weren't uncommon from friends but the thought of going to Amy's house when her parents weren't there excited me. If nothing else it would mean next time I had a wank I could imagine her bedroom.

“Um” I paused, as I thought about all the things that might, but certainly wouldn't happen. “Sorry, I was miles away. I'll grab a few things and be down in a few minutes.”

“Great thanks”

“See you then!”

I ran round the house grabbing a few tools and then jumped into my car to drive the mile to Amy's house. Amy was then a curvaceous 16 year old, her arse wasn't small and tight but it was a fantastic shape and moved hypnotically as she moved. From the few times I had seen her on the beach I knew she had a little belly podge, but a fantastic set of boobs and some lovely long legs too. Her eyes were a pale blue grey and she had long glossy brown hair. The thoughts of her body filled my mind as I parked my car and walked to the front door but I knew that they would remain thoughts.
I reached towards the door bell and hesitated. I reached down and tucked my hard on into my waist band in the hope it would be a little less obvious!

I pressed the button, but then realised that the doorbell wouldn't work 'cos the power was off.

“Rat-at-tat-tat” I rapped on the door. A few seconds later it swung inwards, and I was presented with Amy. I forced myself to look her in the eyes (women, for some reason, don't like you staring at their tits).

“Hello. I assume its still off?” I said

“Yes, I have no idea what to do but Emma is coming over soon and I would like to be able to turn the lights on.” Amy was about 5”9 and curvy with it. Emma was 6” and slim, with a tight arse and dancer's body. She still had a lovely pair of boobs that weren't small either. My mind kicked into a higher gear as I dreamed of the possibilities

I snapped myself back to reality.

“Right, where is the fuse box? Or is that a silly question?”

“I don't know” Amy responded.

“Ok, I'll have a look in the cupboard under the stairs.”

Amy turned and I followed her into the hall, my eyes resting on her beautiful behind for the few steps it took to get to the cupboard. I open the door, and sure enough the fuse box was there. I look in and realised that this would be easy. I pressed the reset button and pushed the RCD switch back up to on. All the lights in the house came on.

“Wow” Amy exclaimed “That was fast, what can I do to thank you” A few ideas came to mind.

“Would you like a beer?” She asked.


Few a few minutes we stood in her kitchen chatting, and I realised just how much I fancied Amy. She was dressed in a red strap top with a lacy top, and was clearly wearing a similar bra underneath. Her sexy legs were bare, and her bum was barely covered by a short blue denim skirt and when she had bent down to get a beer out of the fridge I had spotted red french knickers underneath it. As we chatted I was imagining her stood in front of me without the top or skirt and so of course I had a raging hard on. I suddenly realised that Amy's eyes kept glancing down towards my crotch, I blushed and so did she.

“Its a shame Emma is coming over” I said, “We could have gone out for a drink”

“James, are you asking me out?” She asked grinning. I took this as a positive sign;

“Well you are absolutely gorgeous.” I paused, for effect “Yes I am.”

“There is a problem with that” My heart sank “You see, my parents won't let me go out with boys my own age, they would never let me out of the house if the thought I had an older boyfriend”
Amy's phone rang in her pocket, which was a relief as I could foresee an awkward silence coming.

“Hello? Oh hi Em Are you sure? Ok well lets meet up later in the week then Sure. Friday?. Great I'll see you on Friday then Bye.”

I decided to seize the moment.

“I assume from what I heard that Emma isn't coming?”

“No, she isn't. Something about a family barbecue.”

“Well then, what about that drink?”

“But my parents” I cut in;

“Are on holiday for the next ten days. Anyway I'm not just some random older guy. But lets worry about that when we get there!” This evening was going almost as well as I could dream. Sure I wasn't having a threesome with Amy and Emma, but I was about to go on a sort of date with one of my sister's hottest friends.

“Oh all right then”

We walked around the corner to the nearest bar, and I bought a few drinks. After two rum and cokes Amy was a little bit wobbly and the bartender suddenly realised that he hadn't see any proof she was old enough so I decided it was time to walk Amy home. All evening I had been trying not to stare down the front of her top, but at times the temptation was too great but I don't think she saw me.

When we got to her front door, I put my arms around her and kissed her on the lips. I was surprised when I felt her tongue slide between my lips, but I responded and for a few moments our tongues danced. She pulled away;

“We shouldn't do this here. I don't want the neighbours talking to Dad.” She gave me a very hot look “Come in for a few moments.” She turned and unlocked the front door. I followed her into the house, and she walked straight up the stairs.

“I like where this is going” I thought. I followed me, again taking the opportunity to stare at her bottom.

“Are you staring at my arse again James?” I knew I had been caught.

“How did you know?” I was glad she was still walking away from me so she couldn't see me blush.

“Because you have stared at my arse at every opportunity for the last 3 years.”


“I know. Its a fantastic arse isn't it? My room is through that door.” She pointed to one that said 'Amy' on it “I'm just going to the toilet.”

I went in and sat on the end of the bed. After a few minutes of waiting I heard the door of the toilet open and a hand came round the door frame and dimmed the lights. Then Amy walked into the room. I blinked.

She was only wearing her bra and knickers. Between her boobs was a silver heart, hanging on a fine silver chain. The bra was red and lacy, her boobs at least a C probably bigger. Her stomach wasn't flat, but the gentle rolling shape was somehow sexier than the perfection. She had a wonderful all over golden tan and as she walked towards me she span around.

“See anything you like?” The sight of her bum, encased in red lace brought my already hard knob to full attention.

“A few things” I retorted, trying to sound cool and nonchalant.

She pushed me back onto the bed and lay down beside me. With in seconds our tongues had resumed their dance, only this time my hands weren't appropriately place on her back. They were tucked down the back of her pants on her bum. Amy's hands were roaming all over my back under my shirt. She pulled back and started to unbutton my shirt;

“I always loved it when you came to the beach. When you don't have a shirt on I always fancied you so much”

I couldn't think of anything to say so I elected to stay quiet. Instead I placed my hands around her neck and pulled her towards me for another long kiss. Amy got up off the bed and stood with one hand on her hips.

“Come here” She said. I came here, standing. Expecting a kiss, I was surprised when her hands dropped down to my crotch. The feeling of her hands rubbing me through my trouser ran up my body like an electric shock. She looked into my eyes and then back down. Her hands fumbled momentarily with my fly before my trousers fell to the floor.
“Oh. I love skin tight boxers. Mmmmm You look great.”

“Well I'm not the only one. You look practically edible. In fact, give me half a chance I will eat you.”

“Maybe later. Right now I want you to go and sit on my bed”

I sat on her bed with my back against the headboard and she came and straddled me. Again we kissed, the feeling of our skin in contact was fantastic, every new experience was turning me on more, and despite my experience with women I was turned on more now than ever.

As we kissed she ground her pussy against me. I could feel the warmth through my boxers, the feeling of this girl I had fancied for so long here with me was almost overwhelming. I concentrated on making sure I didn't cum too soon. Our bodies were hot and sticky, we were both softly groaning and we got more and more turned on. The feeling of her soft pussy massaging my cock through two layers of cloth was incredible.

I reached behind Amy and undid the clasp of her bra. Her boobs swung free and I caught a glimpse of the label of her garment. 34D. Her large pink nipples were hard, and because she was sat on my lap they were almost in my face. I pulled her towards me and started to kiss her boobs, starting in the valley and spiralling upwards. When I reached her nipples I playfully nibbled them. Her moan instantly doubled in volume. I bit a little harder, turned on my her noises and the increasingly frenetic pace of her grinding. Amy suddenly started pushing harder against me, her moans turning into cries;

“Oh God. Oh yes. James” Amy slowed down again, leaning towards me a kissed me. “I have never done anything like this. I've only ever had orgasms on my own before” She gave a wolfish grin. “I want to taste your cum James”

“OK then.” I grinned back. Not believing my luck as she climbed off me. I got off the bed, stood up and started to take off my boxers.

“I wanted to do that” Amy complained. I stopped and she knelt down in front of me. She ran her hands over the bulge in my boxers making me tingle all over, and then slid them onto my hips where the waist band was. She slid them down with her face just inches from my cock. As my boxers slid down it sprang free and hit her in the face, leaving a ring of precum on her check. My underwear reached my ankles and I stepped out of them.

“I've never seen a penis before. Its a good job Emma told me what to do.” She said with a very sexy giggle.

Amy ran a finger the length of my hard knob, and then leant in and licked my end.
“Mmmmmm” we moaned in synchronisation.

Her lips parted and she swallowed me. I groaned again, and she reached up and gently fondled my balls. I knew I wouldn't last long, and then Amy looked up into my eyes when sucking my cock. It was unbelievably sexy, her blue grey eyes wide and yet piercing.

She moaned, and the vibrations of her voice added to the experience and sending another shiver through my body. Amy started to slide her mouth up and down me, her fingers gently tickling my bollocks.

“Oh God Amy. You are going to make me cum”

She moaned with excitement, and the vibrations tipped me over the edge. My body tensed as I let fly, Amy took my load in her mouth and swallowed. She reached up and milked my knob for every drop.

“Mmmmm” She moaned. Amy pulled back “That tasted good.”

“Well we have got all night, so I am sure I can fine you some more.”

“We will definitely have to revisit this, but there are several things that I want to do. And you did promise to eat me.”

She gave me another smoking look, and stood up. As Amy stood she dragged her hands over my flaccid member and then pressed herself against me and kissed me. I already felt my knob becoming hard again, and I ran my hands down her back and onto her bum again. I massaged her behind as she returned the favour. Our bodies sweaty and sticky, grinding against each other. I slid down and kissed the front of her knickers, the scent of her pussy filling my nose. I pulled down her pants and pushed Amy back onto the bed. Her arse was on the edge of the bed and I placed my head between her legs and smelt her.

“You smell so tasty. I can't wait to taste you.” I leant forward and ran my tongue the length of her. I felt Amy shudder and her legs closed around my head.

“Oooohhhh” She called out. She tasted incredible, the unmistakable flavour of pussy. I slid my tongue into her and she groaned again. Amy wrapped her legs around the back of my head and pulled me into her. My nose ground into her moist pussy and my tongue slid deeper. I flicked the tip of my tongue up over her clit and Amy shrieked. I continued to lick her clit and slid two fingers inside her wet tasty pussy.

“James. Oh God” She started to push against me and buck as she got more and more close to climax. I could feel her pussy tightening around my fingers as my tongue continued to dart over her clitoris.

“Yeeeaaassss!” She called out as she reached her second orgasm of the night. I pulled my fingers from her and licked them clean.

“Do I really taste that good?” Amy asked.

“Oh yes.” I grinned at her.

“I want to taste.” I ran my fingers across her clit and into her pussy, being rewarded with a shiver. I stood up and lay next to her on the bed, presenting my fingers to her, she gripped my wrist and started to very sexily lick my fingers. Once she was certain that they were clean, I pulled her close to me and kissed her again. Amy pushed me onto my back a lay on top of me, grinding against me as our tongues linked. The feeling of her pussy against my cock was incredible, the wet warmth of her was making me very randy.

“Oh God I want you so much” I said.

“Me too. Will it hurt?”

“We'll take it easy. You set the pace. I am all yours.” Amy's eyes lit up.

“All mine?”

“All yours. I'll do anything.”

She sat up, still straddling me, my cock resting under her hot and sticky pussy. She rose up, and wrapped one hand around the base of my shaft, then slowly settle onto me. Amy's pussy was so tight. It was like putting my knob into a hot wet vise.

“Oh Amy” I groaned.

“James” she replied. “Ohhhh” She cried out as she came to rest on my hips. She bit her lip, and fixed me with another incredible look. Her pupils were like saucers and she had never looked sexier.
“Wow James. I have NEVER felt like this.” She started to bounce up and down on me. I was sliding in and out of her. As she fucked me I could see her wonderful chest bouncing and swinging. I reached up and placed one hand on each tit. I played with her hard nipples as we both started to moan.

“Oh God” She cried out. I started to feel the waves of tightening that told me that Amy was close to her first real orgasm. The waves flowing in her pussy brought me closed to cuming again too. It was then I realised what was happening.

I was fucking my sister's hot friend. A girl I had been wanking over for 3 years. These thoughts almost made me cum. I concentrated. I wanted to cum with her. To make Amy's first time everything it could be.

“James, I think I am going to cum”

“Me too Amy”

Amy started to bounce harder on my hips. I returned the thrusts, pushing deeper and deeper into her.
“Oh God.” She cried. The clenchings in her getting stronger.

I thrust harder and came inside her, pumping my hips in and out, delivering another jet with each push.

We both screamed in mutual orgasm and then slid down next to each other. Satiated for a while, satisfied, locked in each others arms enjoying the post coital glow.

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