Mutual Masterbation

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Masturbation has become the center of my sex life. It doesn’t matter if it’s mutual masturbation with my partner, or enjoying solo masturbation by myself or the woman I’m watching. It has become an obsessive focal point of my sexual arousal.
The first time I remember pleasing myself was when I was 5 or 6. I loved playing with my cock and sticking it in the soap bottles I played with in the tub. My favorite pleasure was wrapping a warm soapy washcloth around it and using my hands to squeeze and massage it.
As I grew older, I became bolder and would often go behind a tree to stroke myself under the guise of taking a pee when I found myself aroused. I look back on those days and embarrassingly realize I was most likely not fooling my older sister and her friends who’s tiny bathing suits and budding breasts were the cause of my excitement. Another problem was also developing – my penis was growing very large. In time I would learn to appreciate this, but when I was 12 and constantly aroused, it was an obvious problem. Masturbation was my only relief. That summer my cock began growing like a shoot of bamboo and I began to notice that I was ejaculating after my release. This was a whole new nightmare. The beginning of nightly wet dreams and pungent pre-cum coating my penis from morning to night.
Luckily, when I turned 13 I found my first girlfriend and was thrilled to find out she sincerely enjoyed the fact that I masturbated several times a day, and insisted that I let her watch. I would sneak to Stacy’s window at night and she would open up her robe and I would pull out my cock and we would watch each other pleasure ourselves through the window. Because she was 2 years younger than me and extremely petite, I was never fully able to penetrate her and our sexual experimentation consisted mainly of oral. How I loved to bury my face between her tight little ass cheeks, as I slid my tongue from her pink little ass to deep in to her moist smooth pussy, stopping only to suck her tiny clit in to my mouth. Sadly, that summer her parents separated and she moved across the country with her Mom. I will always think of her as the perfect one that got away.
Stacy was the start of my infatuation with watching girls masturbate, and masturbating for them.
I was sad to loose my sexual adventures with Stacy, but not long after I met Michelle. She was in her late twenties and the older sister of one of my 15 year old sister’s best friends. Because she was so much older than her sister, we all treated her as one of the adults. She was an authority figure and was often responsible for watching over us at the many pool parties they threw for members of the marching band we all belonged to. She was a very pretty blonde with a great figure and the guys would constantly comment on her big tits.
One summer day I attended a swim party with my sister at her friends house. Needless to say I was an annoying tag-along to the older girls and was barely tolerated, but I couldn’t get enough of their hot little bodies and small firm tits topped with nipples poking out from their tiny 2-piece suits. I was in heaven but my throbbing cock would guarantee me an embarrassing teasing if I were to leave the pool to relieve it. I waited for the perfect time and with a quick readjustment, I made a splashy exit from the pool towards the game room that had the pool bathroom, covering my bulging erection with a towel. With no one in the game room I decided to leer at the girls in their bikinis from behind the blinds. My hand reached up the leg of my trunks and I slowly started to stroke myself while I watched these beautiful girls run around the pool like nymphs in a dream. I was stroking my swollen cock up and down with my head back and my eyes closed when I heard a gasp
It was Michelle. She had come down the stairs from the main house and was standing on the staircase not 15 feet from me in all my glory. I frantically tried to shove my engorged 9 inch penis back in to my shorts but with no luck. It stood out proudly and at a hilarious angle. I was so ashamed I was near tears as Michelle walked up to me and placed her hand on my shoulder and quickly guided me toward on of the rooms off the game room. I started to babble about not telling my parentsor the girlsI didn’t know what to say.
She brought me in to the room and closed the door and sat us both on the edge of a futon. She looked me in my tearing eyes and said in a quiet voice “I want you to finish for me”. I was confused and still rather embarrassed when she suddenly lifted off her cotton top and undid her bathing suit, letting her full breasts free, swaying inches from my face. She then stood up and slid down her shorts, followed by a pair of lacy white panties. She slowly ran her hands across her rigid cherry red nipples and down her flat, tanned stomach, then sliding down to the golden hair covering her pussy. I watched in awe as her fingers parted her pubic hair, finally slipping between the folds of her swollen pussy. She rubbed herself gently and slowly spread her legs out wide. She looked down at my cock and said “touch it”. I reached my hand around my cock and looked in to her eyes as I stroked it slowly for her. She sat back down and began to unlace my swim trunks to help release my cock fully from it’s restraints and soon my balls and cock were out and free for her to see, I squeezed and caressed them, thrilled that she was watching. She in turn began to massage her breasts and pinch her nipples between her thumb and middle finger, pulling them outward with a twist. Her other hand was already guiding two fingers deep in to her moist pussy. The sight of this beautiful older woman naked before me and exploring her most private parts for our mutual enjoyment brought me to a climax like no other before. My sperm exploded in several strong bursts and splayed across both our bodies in a thick warm trail. She laughed and I laughed and we rushed to clean up before anyone came in to the gameroom looking for us. She leaned over and softly placed her mouth around my swollen cock, using her tongue to clean up every drop of my cum. One last shudder of my orgasm shook through me.
I spent the next three months eagerly anticipating our secret meetings. Usually mutual masturbation sessions in her bedroom, followed by a little oral pleasure if we had the time. I quickly learned to pace myself and refused to let myself cum until Linda was in the throws of a powerful orgasm. It wasn’t easy. Watching her masturbate was such a turn on. Slow strokes with her wet fingers occasionally sliding up to rub her juices against her swollen clit, finally progressing to more rapid, deep thrusts. Her back would arch and shudder and both her hands would be required to pleasure herself – one vigorously rubbing her clit from side to side and the other plunging her fingers deep inside, curling up against her g-spot. Her orgasm would be proceeded by a sultry moan and while arching her ample chest suggestively toward me, whispering in a sexy little girl voice “I’m so naughty letting you watch me fuck myself”. She would soon gasp several times and shudder powerfully then slowly reduce her thrusts, occasionally pulsing her hips with secondary waves of pleasure. By now I had shot my warm load all over her tits and neck and was squeezing every drop out of my swollen cock. Her hand would slide up to my mouth and insert her moist fingers past my waiting lips, letting me taste her beautiful nectar. I was in heaven.
She eventually went back to college and I was broken hearted.
For the next three years or so I was in sexual agony. My shyness prevented me from getting a real girlfriend and my sexual appetite was out of control. I was constantly horny, addicted to porn and jacked off four to five times a day. My fantasy life was fueled by memories from the past and new images of sexy young women masturbating in magazines and porn movies. I was obsessed with masturbating. I dreamed of ways to let girls see me stroke my cock. I even let my sister walk in on me at our vacation cabin while I was laid back on the bed stroking myself with both hands. I heard her gasp and turn back and she has never mentioned it since.
It didn’t help that my best friend was hot as hell. Annie, someone I had failed to convince to be my girlfriend, gave me the “just friends” line and I was stupid enough to stick around and torture myself. She was a horrible tease. She was a very slender 5’2” dirty blonde and weighed no more than 100 pounds I would guess. Her breasts were tiny but very well shaped and her nipples were firm and surrounded by puffy areolas that were so pronounced you could see them through her blouse. I also new that she shaved her pussy hair and the pink lips around her pussy hung low like butterfly wings. How do I know this? The bitch constantly changed her cloths and walked around naked in front of me, even letting me sit on the toilet and talk with her while she took a bath. I think she got a kick out of seeing me walk around with my stiff cock tucked down my leg, bulging against my jeans. It happened so often, I didn’t even care.
It was agony, but in a funny way I found that I enjoyed being teased.
Just after I turned 17 I met my dream girl Julie. We started dating after meeting at a party. She was very easy to talk with and let me know right away that she was attracted to me. She said she liked tall guys and I qualified at just over 6’ 2”. I loved how relaxed she was and how easy it was for her to talk about sex, her feelings, and life in general. She made me feel relaxed about myself and by the end of our first date she knew more about me than anyone else I knew.
Julie was two years younger than me and a stunner at only 4’ 11” tall. She weighed no more than 85 lbs. and her tanned legs were long, thin and shapely. Her petite little butt was firm and well defined. Julie’s waist seemed so thin I thought I could put my hands completely around it. She has this cute and sexy tummy pout that when framed by the valley from her protruding hip bones directed your eyes to her lower abdomen, prompting thoughts of what beauty hid just inches behind her low cut shorts. And her pussy was beautiful. Her clean shaven mound surrounded a perfectly shaped set of pussy lips with a pink button of flesh covering her rather large clitoris sitting above a soft pink inner labia that hung down below her outer lips. She had straight light brown hair that hung down to the middle of her back and the most perfect little milky white tits that I have ever seen. Just the way I like them. Small and firm A cups with just the right amount of slope. Her nipples were light brown and thick, sitting on a bed of soft areola that just begged to be sucked.
Our sex life was fantastic. Julie liked to try everything. It took over a month before I was able to fully penetrate her vaginally so we had lots of opportunities to explore ways to satisfy each other. When Julie prompted me to tell her my deepest fantasy I told her about my masturbation experiences and desires. She loved hearing about how Michelle had seduced me when I was 13 and told me it had always been a fantasy of hers to seduce the young boy who lived next door to her. We often masturbated together talking in great detail about our fantasies and Julie was incredible at making it all so real and erotic! She was also the wettest girl I had ever experienced. When she got excited her juices would literally run down her leg. After a little playing around, I would slip my hand down her pants and as I parted her swollen pussy lips, a flood of musky juices would be released. I loved how it felt, smelled and best of all, tasted. My favorite “position” was to lie on my back and have Julie straddle my face so I could tongue her ass and vagina while she fingered herself to orgasm.
One of our favorite fantasies together was to imagine another girl joining us and letting her watch me stroke my cock while I watched the two of them make love to each other and play with themselves for me. We discussed letting one of her friends come over and play some drinking games and see where that lead. Julie said she had just the girl in mind and it would be a suprise for me. I couldn’t wait. All week I tried to get clues from her, but she wouldn’t reveal a thing. I had to work a shift after school, so I arrived at my home around 10:30 as planned. My parents were in Mexico and I knew we had the house to ourselves. As I walked through the door Julie met me with a kiss, dressed in a sexy baby doll nighty with skimpy panties underneath. She reached up to my face and placed a blindfold across my eyes and I protested, but she insisted that it would be required for at least a little while. I agreed to her request and she took my hand and led me to my bedroom.
She helped me undress and then layed me down on the bed, sliding her soft hands against my chest and kissing me passionately. She then took a warm rag and washed me down, then dried me sensuously. She told me that our guest hadn’t arrived but that she wanted a few minutes with me before she did. I asked her why the blindfold and she said she didn’t want me to see the room yet. I heard her open some lotion and apply it to my semi erect cock. With a few strokes of her practiced hand I was fully erect and wanting more. I slid my hands down and grabbed my cock hard with both hands and began to stroke myself vigerously, sliding my lower hand down to massage my balls now slick from the lotion. I asked Julie to bring her pussy to my mouth but she hesitated and then said “maybe you should see this first”.
With that she removed my blindfold and I saw directly in front of me at the bottom of my bed, two young girls sitting on barstools dressed in similar baby doll nighties with tiny panties barely covering their young pussies. Their eyes were all glued to my thick, glistening 9” cock and swollen balls. I immediately recognized one of the girls as Julie’s 12 year old sister Janie and another as her next door neighbor who I would guess to be around 10. They seemed a little nervouse so I told them they both looked beautiful as I shifted around to face Julie. It was obviouse she had a plan and she explained to me that she had shown the girls a picture she had taken of my semi hard cock while I was sleeping and they worked out a deal so the girls could see it and touch it first hand. In exchange they would help us fulfil one of Julies secret fantasies. Julie planted a senssual kiss on my lips and then proceeded to to kneel in front of 10 year old Tammy who was the twin sister of the boy Julie had fantacised about seducing. She gracefully reached in and untied the straps of her panties and untied the front of the teddy. With a nod, Julie indicated for Janie to join her in helping Tammy out of her clothes. The two sisters stroked her naked body gently and kissed her lightly on the face and breasts, slowly making their way to her naked young pussy. They took turns gently running their fingers across her little pussy lips until Tammy slowly spread out her legs. A little at first, then wider as wet fingers found her hole and began to explore deeper inside her wet pussy. I stood up and picked up Tammy and laid her on my bed next to me. Julie and Janie continued were thery left off and soon had Tammy wiggling and moaning in pleasure. I laid on my side and stroked my cock just inches from her and I could see her eyes rarely strayed from the sight of my hand sliding up and down my throbbing cock. I was facinated and staring at her just budding breasts with her light colored nipples just beginning to make themselves shown. To my shock and surprise Tammy extended her hand out shyly and proceeded to wrap the head of my dick with her tiny hand. She squeezed it litely and then stroked it a few time, looked in to my eyes and then placed her hand on her breasts and proceeded to stroke her nipples, looking at me for my approval. I loved it and I let her know with a soft kiss to her forehead. Within minutes, thanks to Julie and Janie, Tammy had several very powerful orgasms and soon after, she rolled her tiny naked body against me snugly and layed her head against my chest and closed her eyes. I stroked her hair until she fell asleep.
I looked over at the two sisters sitting in just their panties on the bottom edge of my California King bed and asked them what was next. With a grin I pointed to my cock sticking straight up and asked if there were any volunteers who could ease my suffering. Julie stood up and went over to my dresser and produced a mirror with 6 fat lines of coke. She handed it to me and went back to the dresser to make me a rum and coke. I did a couple of lines and Janie grabbed it from my hands and did two of her own. I knew what this meant. Coke made me horney as hell, and not just horney, nasty horney! With the rum and cocain combination I was on my way to an all night sex fest with little restraint, in a room full of naked underage girls. This could get interesting.
Aside from that, I was really enjoying seeing Janie’s naked young body. At 12, she was almost three years younger than Julie but it was already clear that Janie was quickly going to pass Julie in height. Her body was very thin like a bean pole with little hip defenition. Her torso, arms and legs were extremely thin and the result was that the small breasts mounted high on her chest looked bigger than they really were. I found it to be a very sexy look in a taboo sort of way. Considering she was dresed in only micro silk panties, I guess it’s easy to see why. I decided I wanted to devouer this young ladies pussy and teach Jamie some roll play, namely her new roll of naughty bad girl who likes to do nasty things to please her daddy.
When Julie returned from the dresser she carried our box of sex toys, lotions and porn. I guess she did have a plan, maybe it was the same as mine. I smiled at her and asked if our little girl was ready to be a nughty little slut for daddy? Julie grinned back at me and said “sounds fun let’s ask her how she feels about it.”

To be continued

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