Dad spoils me and my best friend, then her sister!

I hope that I remembered the majority of what happened, as it's been a few months.

My name is Erin, and this is the one experience that forever changed my life. I was 15 years old and visiting my dad's house for the weekend along with a girl friend from high school. Her name is Nicole and she was also 15. Nicole comes from a low income family and didn"t really have much. She mostly wore hand me down or second hand clothes most of the time. Upon Nicole's request, I asked my Dad if we could go to the mall and kill some time shopping. He agreed and off we went. He told the both of us that we could pick out whatever we wanted and he would pay for it. We agreed on a meeting place and time as he handed us each $100.00 as we quickly found ourselves totally elated to be on our way, not to mention we felt like we owned the store with that kind of money in our possession!

We decided that we would get matching outfits so to mess with everyone the next day at school. We also decided that we would both get matching v-strings, something I had never before considered. I felt kind of odd at first not knowing what my dad would say or think, but what the hell the worst that could happen would be he would make me take it back. We also picked out the lowest ride blue jeans we could find. Oh my god, these were hot! To top it off, we found some belly shirts. After we had almost all of our money spent, we decided it was too close to the meeting time and headed back to meet up with dad. He was already waiting for us and invited us to have lunch with him. After lunch, we drove back to our house.

Nicole was very happy that my dad did her such a nice thing and decided she was going to get dressed in her newly purchsed clothes. We went to my bedroom and proceeded to change. The next event was more than I could ever imagine Nicole doing. She went right to my dad"s business room where he was busy working on a project for his work. She enetered and started to tear up that someone was so nice for buying her clothes and she wanted to say thanks. She walked over to hug him and as they embraced, she kissed my dad on the mouth! I was standing out in the hallway just out of site and almost passed out seeing this. My dad couldn"t see and in shock he asked Nicole "Are you sure you be doing that?" In amazement, my dad sat back down and Nicole sat on his lap and they started making out. My dad began to massage Nicole"s back and shoulders and she began to moan. My dad the asked her if she knew where i was and she just shrugged her shoulders. By this time, she had already started playing with his cock through his pants. My jaw almost hit the floor. I played stupid, went back to my bedroom and hollared out to find out where she was. She yelled back that she wanted me to come down to where she and my dad were. So I reluctantly decided to go in and play along.

She was still sitting on my dad's lap and told me to watch. I could tell at first my dad was uncomfortable with me in the room watching him getting kissed by my best friend but he mellowed out after a few minutes. I mentioned I probably should leave and my dad said "No you can stay if you'd like." Nicole had already had sex at least on one occassion, but I had not taken the plunge as of yet. Checking to see he was rock hard, she got down on her knees and started taking my dad's pants off. My dad at this point did not resist. This was the first time I had ever seen a grown man with an erection. My dad's cock must be 7 to 8" and I must say I got pretty wet pretty quick just standing there. Nicole started giving my dad a blow job and my dad just sat there and moaned a few times from the pleasure he was receiving. Nicole then stood back and started removing her clothes one thing at a time. She took everything but her v-string. She then asked my dad if he minded if I get undressed to. I didn"t even wait for his answer and started shedding off almost everything I had on, although I decided to keep my bra and v-string on. Nicole finally removed her v-string and to my surprise she had shaved her pubic hair while she was in the bathroom. It kind of felt different being nearly nude in front of my dad as he was checking us both out.

Nicole then laid on her back on my dad's bed and wanted me to lay beside her. I joined her upon her request. My dad was standing there in amazment when Nicole commanded him fuck the both of us. I couldn"t believe my ears. My dad didn"t waste any time getting started with performing oral on Nicole. He asked me if i was sure i wanted to go through with this. I was so horny by now i couldn't say no if i wanted to. He then moved over and started oral on me. My dad was licking my pussy! Nicole then started playing with my breasts and the wave of pleasure was taking over my normal thought process and I probably orgasamed three or four times in the matter a few minutes. Nicole was about to get the biggest cock she"d ever had up until then when my dad hiked her legs up over his shoulders and within a few strokes had the head in and she was crying in ecstasy. He then proceeded to plow her for about 10 minutes with everything he had. He then pulled out and Nicole pointed towards me. My dad looked at me nervously and asked if i was ready. i shyly nodded yes. He told he had fantasized about having sex with Nicole before quite a few times, but not me, but also said it was never out of the question.

His cocked glisened with Nicole"s juices as he positioned himself in front of me. As he started to penetrate my virgin pussy, i thought he was going to split my pelvis! It was awesome when he broke my cherry and started slowly working to the rythym of my sex. By this time, my entire body was in a magical state of relexation. I cried a few tears from the pleasure of pain as Nicole stated kissing me on the lips. I was totally high on the new feelings that I was experiencing. Within five minues of steady fucking, I had already lost track of how many orgasams I had. Nicole wanted some more. She laid on her stomach with her legs hanging over the bed so my dad could take another shot at her. Then dad motioned me to lay on top of Nicole. OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! What happened next was dad would fuck Nicole then me doggy style then her without getting out of the position we were in. We kissed as dad had his way with us. Then he asked Nicole who was going to get the motherload. Since Nicole and I were both on the pill, she said I should get it because it was my first lay. My pussy already hurt form being just broken in, but gladly accepted by rolling back over onto my back for what was to be the final showdown. My dad was an amzzing performer as he feverously hammered me for around another 20 minutes and when he let go with his orgasam, I screamed at the top my lungs "HOLY SHIIIIIIT DAD!" My heart was pounding as he slowly wound down. It took a few minutes to catch my breath. My legs were numb and my belly felt warm. Nicole to my surprise got down and started going down on me. I think I had another orgasam. That night, we both slept with my dad.

We all showered together the next morning having more of each other. Before she left to go home, Nicole asked my dad when we could go shopping again. He said "Whenever you want to!"

Part II - A few days later

Nicole called me Monday morning while we were getting ready for school and wanted to thank me again for what she called "The most awesome night of her life." I didn't bother telling her that I had slept with dad every night since and it was difficult for to try and pick what night was better than any of the others! Of course, there had only been three nights that this had happened and I was quite content in having it continue.

After school let out that day, Nicole and I walked to her house, as it was only a few blocks away. When we arrived, Nicole's younger sister Samantha was already there. The questions began being asked why we had matching clothes, where we got them, and at least ten others. Nicole told her sister pretty much the truth, at least as far as the shopping trip went. Then Samantha dropped the bomb. She asked me if she could go shopping with us. Nicole and I just looked at each other not knowing really how to answer that one. While Samantha was only 2 years younger than we were, I'm sure Nicole didn't know how to explain to her baby sister about what happened after we got back from shopping. Nicole was thinking though, as I could tell she was plotting something. She asked Samantha if she had ever had sex yet, which to me wouldn't been that big of a surprise if she answered yes, but she said she hadn't yet. Nicole then asked her if she ever thought about doing it with a boy. Samantha looked at both of us and said in a timid voice that she might but depended on who it was. Nicole told Samantha that everything that we were discussing had to remain a secret if we were to continue. Samantha agreed. Nicole went to her dresser and took out the v-string that she had bought and handed it to her sister. She said to change into it. Samantha went to the bed and changed in front of us. It fit nicely around her waist and to be honest I was turned on by seeing her standing ther with it on. She said a few girls in her class already wear them and that she thought how nice it would be to have one. She put her jeans on and started picking at her butt saying it felt like a major weggie. Nicole said "Get used to it, or else change back!" She said she would wear it so we then told her it was time to go to my house.

The three of us then headed for my house, which was just another four streets away. Samantha asked many more questions along the way. Nicole did most of the answering while only allowing me to nod my head once in a while. When we arrived, my dad was surprised to see that we brought Samantha with us. I asked dad if I could speak to him alone. We went into the den. No sooner did we get there and he wanted a kiss from his girl, which was never a problem. He then inquired what we were up to. I told him that "We wanted to go shopping" and winked. He then asked how old Nicole's sister was. When I told him, he almost stopped breathing. He said he wasn't sure where I was headed, but said what had already happened was bad enough. I told my dad to relax and hollored for the girls to come down stairs.
Nicole went over and gave my dad a big hug and kissed him. Samantha's eyes about popped out of her head as she reacted to that. Nicole went over to her sister and said you can stay or go but just remember you can't tell anyone, OK? Samantha had a puzzled look on her face but agreed to stay. Nicole and I started to undress and told Samantha she could too if she wanted to, but it was up to her. I could tell Samantha felt very uneasy with my dad in the same room. By this time, Nicole was already down to her panties and bra. I continued to undress, only I went completely nude in just a few seconds.

Nicole said to Samantha "Watch and learn." She went over to dad and started to unbutton his pants. Samantha was curious now and stepped closer to where her sister was. Nicole pulled out dad's cock which was already for whatever Nicole had in mind. Nicole then layed down on the carpet and motioned my dad to put his cock inside of her. She was already quite wet as dad pulled her panties down her legs. As dad penetrated her, Nicole was motioning me to kiss her, which I was happy to agree to. After kissing Nicole about five or six times, I got up and went over to Samantha. I told her this is what we did after returning from the shopping spree. I asked her if I could kiss her, and she said "I guess." As I touched her face, she was starting to quiver. We kissed, and although it wasn't much of a kiss for her I was really turned on by it.

When Samantha and I turned around, Nicole was moaning and whimpering at a much louder level than the previous weekend. Samantha turned to me and asked if her sister was hurt or something. I said "No Samantha, that's the awesome reaction that you get while having sex! Do you want to give it a try?" Samantha just nodded her head to motion yes. We had her lay down on the carpet while my dad was scoping her body out. Dad said "I don't know if I want to do this or not." Samantha by now was very sexually turned on and sat up. She motioned my dad to take a step closer as she touched his cock. She quivered the same way she did when I kissed her. Dad put it up to her mouth and told told her to kiss it. She looked away and motioned no with a nod. She surprisingly laid back and spread her legs.

Dad unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them off. Her panties never had a chance of being noticed as they slid off with her jeans. Smantha continued by removing her tee shirt. Her breasts were about average for a girl her age and the peach fuzz on her pussy was also probably average if I remember right. Her juices were flowing as dad began working her pussy with his index finger while commenting how wet she was. As dad got into position, Samantha tensed up and asked how much pain would she have putting that inside of her. I told her to just relax and that it was only going to hurt for a minute or so.

Dad put the head of his cock up to her pussy while Nicole and I stood in amazement. Samantha's pussy was very small in diameter compared to dad's cock. As he tried a few times to penetrate, he was having quite a difficult time. He backed away, turned and layed on his back. He motioned for Samantha to stand over him. For her first time, she was pretty quick to catch on to what dad wanted. She positioned herself above him and slowly worked the head in. Dad told her to either work it a little more at a time or to just drop. By now, Samantha was very turned on with all of this attention and said "What the fuck I'll drop because I know what has to happen first!" She grabbed her knees and in a single motion pulled her legs towards her and proceeded to break her cherry and put about half of dad's cock in at the same time. She then locked her elbows and held her position pushing her hands into my dad's chest to steady herself. Her head was bobbing and her eyes had watered up All she could squeek out was "Oh Shit!" My dad lay there not moving. He finally reached up around her petite frame and began centering her. He started rocking Samantha. She told dad she wanted to stop for a minute or two and got off. Nicole didn't wast anytime by taking her place on my dad. Samantha by this point was no longer as scared and was very attentive to the way her sister did things. I told Samantha to play with her pussy a little to get wetter so dad could finish what he started. She giggled back at me and was already masturbating while watching her older sister fuck my dad.

Nicole by this time was experienced enough to know dad was close to cumming. She got off and pulled her sister over by the hand and had her lay down on the couch. Dad wasted no time working his cock back into Samantha. Once dad got all the way in, Samantha began whimpering really load while saying "Oh my GOD Oh my GOD that stings!" Dad was being nice for a few minutes but really picked up the pace. Samantha was sweating really bad by now. After about ten minutes of pounding on her tight pussy, dad pulled back, hesitated and pile drove Samantha while letting go a huge load inside of her. (Samantha told us later that she almost passed out!). Nicole said we should all take a shower before her and her sister went home which they did. Before they left, my dad asked Samantha and Nicole if they would take a rain check to go shopping. I don't Samantha was too worried about it at that point.. she could hardly walk straight!

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